Hanna (2019) s01e07 Episode Script


1 AUTOMATED VOICE: Good morning, trainees.
Your breakfast today will be at 0700 hours as normal.
Medication and physical checks will be at 0900 hours followed by phys ed and cultural studies.
Please refer to your liaison officer for further details and enjoy your day.
I didn't feel safe with her.
She tell you where you were going? No.
She told me I was part of a program, and that I would meet the people behind it.
Did she tell you what they were doing? No.
They experimented.
Explored how certain mutations might affect a newborn child, to gain advantage.
What mutations? They didn't tell me about the science.
I just worked in recruitment.
And you recruited my mother.
'Cause she didn't want me.
Hanna, your mother was very young.
She had a lot of problems.
That's why she gave you up.
The moment she saw you, she changed her mind.
She was pleading with me to get you out of that place.
She died trying to save you.
She loved you, Hanna.
So what now? Well, I want to give you the life you deserve.
But it it can't be with me.
They'll always find us.
So where do I go? You have a real father.
You know my real father? I haven't met him, but Johanna gave me his name.
I talked to him.
He's still in Romania.
He wants to meet you.
Would you want to live with him if you could? A normal life? Is that possible? I'll make it possible.
I owe you that much.
And what if he doesn't like me? [IMITATES GUNFIRE] But we had a deal.
I would be back leading this operation.
SAWYER: Thing is, you didn't deliver the girl, did you? MARISSA: And you think that's my fault? You let Erik go.
You lined up a shot when she was in the helicopter.
You didn't take it.
You want to tell me why? Why don't you want me back on this case? What are you hiding from me? Listen to me.
You stay in Paris, you live your life and you don't come near me again.
[LAUGHS SOFTLY] [ENGINE STARTS] Patience, shadow How many countries must we go through? ERIK: Three.
But they are open borders, so we won't be checked.
What do you know about him? Your father? He's married, with children.
- How many? - Three.
How old are they? They are younger than you.
Darkened key, little shadow My mother and him, they weren't together, were they? No.
It was An accident.
Will you follow me? OFFICER: We've checked with the crash site, sir.
- Nothing yet.
- And Wiegler? - Still at her home.
She's not moved.
- She so much as walks out the door, I want to know.
And find me Erik Heller.
NORRIS [OVER PHONE]: This is Norris.
We have no news as yet, ma'am.
One of your computers was hacked into in Berlin.
Someone gained access to the Utrax Regenesis file.
We think it was Erik Heller.
We think he's going back to Utrax.
I have to see someone, on the way.
Who? What are you doing? Just remembering.
Who lives here? Erik.
No more secrets.
[QUIETLY]: Erik? Hello, mother.
[BEADS RUSTLING] I'm just, uh, finishing up here.
Wait in the car.
We are already late.
No, let's stay.
I'd like that.
TRAINEES: Alabama.
We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
[MONITOR BEEPING] Where is your father now? He died.
Heart attack.
He was a wonderful man.
We were so happy.
Was this your room? Yes, but she redecorated.
No brothers or sisters? Don't listen to my mother.
They weren't happy together.
Why not? I don't think my father ever loved her.
He was [CHUCKLES] He was a rebel.
He was always fighting the system, and she hated him for it.
She refused to support him.
Said his only duty was to To protect those he loved.
[VIBRATING] Marissa Wiegler.
[LAUGHTER] He left three hours ago.
And he took guns? He said he was going hunting in the East.
Did he say where in the East he was going? No.
Do you think he might hurt her? Is this him? He was always trouble, - right from the start.
- [CAR APPROACHING] - Is there a back way? - No.
Go, go, go, go.
HANNA: You didn't sleep at all last night, did you? Why don't you take a rest and let me drive for a while.
MAN: There seems to be no sign of him.
Take tire prints.
Get an I.
of the car they're driving.
You don't get the message, do you? Why is Erik Heller heading east? What aren't you telling me? Take her out.
[ENGINE STARTS] NORRIS [OVER PHONE]: Yes? You were right, ma'am, he knows.
I think he's going there.
- 249, you're late.
- I forgot.
You must learn to be more disciplined.
Take a seat.
[BIRDS CHIRPING] AUTOMATED VOICE: All trainees are to return to their rooms immediately and await further instructions.
Everyone back to their rooms.
AUTOMATED VOICE: There is to be no talking during lockdown.
For your own security, keep away from the windows of your room.
You will be informed when lockdown is over.
Will we get there before dark? It's too far.
We'll spend the night in the hills.
See him in the morning.
- I'd like room 12, please.
- Okay.
Where are we going? Taking you to your plane.
Airfield's just through here.
Plane will take you back to Paris.
Get out, please.
- Where's the airfield? - It's through those trees.
[GRUNTING] [GROANS] [BIRDS CHIRPING] You can put the heater on if you want.
- You hungry? - A little.
We'll get food in a minute.
It's good here At least, used to be.
Have you been here before? Yeah.
The night before your mother died.
We brought you here when we were trying to escape.
- In this room? - Yeah.
We set you at the end of the bed, just there.
You slept all night.
We couldn't sleep at all, we were so scared.
Scared of what? Scared they'd come.
Scared you'd scream, wake everyone.
Scared you wouldn't scream.
Scared you'd die on us.
Your mother she sang you a song.
Sitting at the end of the bed, just there.
I loved her.
Very deeply.
I know.
? Thank you.
Let him through.
- No sign of Heller? - No, sir.
SAWYER: All right.
We wait.
Make sure the perimeters are manned.
KUNEK: Excuse me.
I'm Dr.
Roland Kunek.
I run the science here.
- What is going on? - We have a security issue which we're currently resolving.
Get back to your meds, make sure those kids don't blow a fuse in there.
I beg your pardon? You can't talk to me like that.
- I run this program.
- No.
You don't.
MAN [OVER COMM]: Guards stationed at all corners of the compound.
We have 360 eyeball.
MAN [OVER RADIO]: All cars, search for silver Saab with Belgian plates, registration Golf, Four, Seven, Two, November, Victor, Foxtrot.
Where are you? I can't believe you did this again.
Not even a message? I'm sorry.
I had no choice.
That's not good enough.
I asked you a question.
Where the hell are you? You okay? Yes, I'll be okay.
HANNA: In there? [ENGINE STOPS] Fourth floor.
It's a nice building.
Stay one night.
If you don't like him, you never have to see him again.
What about you? What happens to you? Don't worry about me.
I'll be fine.
Hanna, you deserve a life not running.
I can't guarantee that.
Maybe he can.
Let's go.
We are looking for Emil Prodna, apartment 402.
Is he expecting you? Tell him his daughter is here.
His daughters are already home.
This one isn't.
This is Hanna.
I wasn't expecting you - this early.
- Yes, my schedule moved up, so we have to do it now.
[SPEAKING ROMANIAN] Is that her? Come in.
[LADLE CLINKING] I'm sorry we-we don't have more.
We weren't expecting It's it's my fault.
My business meeting moved earlier, so Oh.
Andrea wants to know where you live.
ERIK: Um Hanna went to a very good school there.
And now that she's older, she wants to meet her other father.
ERIK: Yeah, she, um She can't be with us.
Kids, you should go to bed.
We'll talk more in the morning.
Yeah, I should go, too.
Yes, for the night, so we can all get to know each other.
ERIK: Yes, I-I'll be back tomorrow morning.
We can discuss everything.
Hanna, you want to come get your things? Where are you going? Nowhere.
Just giving you some space.
You're planning something.
What aren't you telling me? Nothing.
You had guns in that blanket that you took from your mother's, and then you put them in the hotel.
Why must you always keep secrets from me? Listen.
You're safe here.
He's a good man.
Please let me go.
Why can't I stay with you? I have to do this.
Promise me you'll come back.
I promise.
Heller's stolen car has just been spotted in the Brasov hills, - about 30 miles away from here.
- Is he with the girl? - Not sure, sir.
- Get cars out there now.
MAN [OVER RADIO]: I want all cars to Brasov hills.
Subject seen driving west near the village of Dorohoi.
So, what business does your adopted father do? He's in pharmaceuticals.
Good job.
You have a nice house? So tell me the truth.
Does he not want you in his life anymore? I don't know.
Well we'll work it out.
We'll talk about all that tomorrow morning.
I'm glad you're here.
- Are you alone? - Yes.
She's your daughter.
You know it, right? [EMIL SIGHS] Yes.
I know it.
ERIK: Good.
Because I'm not coming back.
I'm meeting my husband here.
He's with a girl, about 15.
Have they arrived yet? There is a man staying with his daughter, yes.
- In room 12? - Yes.
Are they in? No.
Then I will take room 11 while I wait.
- Who was that on the phone? - It was just a friend.
Let me help you with the sheet.
It's just for tonight.
Then we'll sort something else out.
Maybe you can have a room of your own.
Erik is coming back tomorrow, so Was that he who called you? What did he say? He's not coming back, is he? It's okay.
He told me everything.
That-that he's in trouble.
That I have to keep you for a while.
Maybe change the way you look.
- Your name.
- Where is he? And where is he going? Where is he going? - You stupid - Hey, c-come back.
Okay, you can't stay out here.
Come back in.
We'll call him.
I'll ask him to come back.
I can't call him.
I don't have his number.
What do you mean? Of course you have his number.
I don't! I don't have his number! - Do you have a car? - What? Where is it? What are you talking about? He's gonna do something stupid.
Just come back in, okay? Where's your car? See something on the northwest wall.
I can't see anything.
It's not going through.
KUNEK: The trainees have been kept inside - for too long.
- Shut the fuck up.
It's not safe for them to be held in restricted areas for more than a few hours.
Until they receive socialization training, I need to constantly medicate them.
I need to monitor Did you not hear me? I said shut up.
Sir? We have a satellite location on Heller's car.
It's a small motel two miles west of Dorohoi.
Don't put down the phone.
You're going to Utrax, aren't you? Where are you? Your mother told us where you were going.
Sawyer's waiting for you at the facility.
He has men with him.
Why are you telling me this? Because they lied to me and tried to kill me.
I don't believe you.
If I was still working with them, why would I call you now? I know you're in the motel room.
Why wouldn't I just execute you? Why give you the chance? Why are you going back to Utrax? What did you find out? I need to know.
You've started the program again.
What do you mean? The Utrax program.
I have a file.
Teenage children.
If that's true, they did it without me.
Sure, they did.
No, don't-don't hang up.
Listen to me.
Last time when it was destroyed, they assured me that what we did would never happen again.
They promised me.
You always lie so well, Marissa.
Erik, I'm not in on this.
What do you want? Where's Hanna? You're trying to make her safe, aren't you? Kill me.
Kill Sawyer.
Kill everyone who knows.
Keep her out of it.
It's not gonna happen.
They're waiting for you.
You're walking into a trap.
You'll never get out of there alive.
Maybe I don't intend to.
Is this a suicide mission? Blow the place up, expose the program, get it closed down? And then what? You think she can just disappear? Even if you kill everyone in that place, you think it ends there? It never ends.
There's people behind Sawyer, people that you don't even know about.
They'll find Hanna.
And with you dead, who will protect her? I can help you, can make her safe.
ERIK: How? MARISSA: New identity.
New appearance, new documents, whole new personality.
I do it all the time.
They'd never know.
Why would you do it? You won't understand.
Try me.
All right.
Because she's my responsibility.
[SCOFFS] Hanna isn't your Yes, she is.
Yours and mine.
But we made her.
[BUZZING RESUMES] So, how exactly are you going to do it? We work together.
Together we make her safe.
[WOMAN MOANS] [MAN AND WOMAN SCREAM] [INDISTINCT SHOUTING] If you shoot me, Hanna won't make it.
They'll find her.
Doesn't matter what you do.
We're her only chance.
I'm telling you the truth.
Please trust me.
No, Erik.
- I should have known.
- No.
- I didn't know.
- [GROANS] [WOMAN SCREAMING] Hold your fire.
[PHONE RINGS] SAWYER: You're surrounded, Heller.
Come out.
Don't think so.
This doesn't need to end the way you think.
- Take him out.
- Fire! Choke, choke Choke, choke, choke, choke, choke, choke Don't tell me to fix her Choke, don't tell me to fix her Don't tell me to fix her Just take a bite No hanging no picture Both thighs squeeze tight Choke, choke, choke, choke, choke, choke Choke, choke, choke, choke, choke, choke, choke, choke - Hanna, no.
- Let's go.
I'll cover you.
Hanna, you can't do this.
I had a good teacher.
I'll set it off Both thighs squeeze tight Choke, choke, choke Choke, choke, choke, choke, choke Choke, choke, choke Drive.
[SIGHS] Buying out the fight Gonna walk on water Gonna catch the kids dry Gonna bend my finger Buying out my fight We're sweating in the winter Both thighs squeeze tight Choke, choke, choke, choke Choke, choke, choke, choke, choke, choke Choke, choke, choke I'll set you, I'll set it off I'll set you I'll set it off I'll set you, I'll set it off I'll set you I'll set it off Buying out the fight Gonna walk on water Gonna catch the kids dry Gonna bend my finger Buying out my fight We're sweating in the winter Both thighs squeeze tight Both thighs squeeze tight.