Hanna (2019) s01e08 Episode Script


The lockdown will continue until further notice.
All trainees should remain in their rooms.
For your own security, keep away from the windows of your room.
You will be informed when lockdown is over.
Something went wrong at the motel.
We have men down.
- Sawyer's disappeared.
- You tried his phone? I can't get him.
And I have no news on Heller or the girl.
What the hell is going on? Your people are keeping well clear.
No one's coming to your aid, Jerome.
And that wound is gonna get infected sooner or later, so you are going to have to talk to me.
Did you hear me? Let me go, you fucking bitch.
Ah, see, that was a mistake.
Ordering my execution was also a mistake.
What did Erik Heller find out? What exactly are you doing in that place? Doing what you failed to do.
Finishing the job.
What were you thinking? Kill yourself to save me? I was trying to give you a normal life.
But I'm not normal, am I? You could be.
With a new family.
They're not my family.
- He's your father.
- No.
He's not.
He had sex with my mother, and I was born.
It's not the same thing.
I have to show you something.
I found it in Berlin.
Who are they? Utrax started up its program again.
And it looks like they finished it this time.
- When? - Not long after.
They're all girls.
Where are they? The same place you were born.
Near here? We have to help them.
I don't know if we can.
If you hadn't taken me from that place, I would have been one of them.
We're getting them out of there.
Come on.
Eat up, and then we go.
The trainees can't be left in there any longer.
- It's not safe.
- I thought they had developed - 100% obedience to our orders.
- Yes.
But they've never been kept in their rooms for this length of time.
I need to release them.
I need to medicate them.
I can't do that, sir.
You people Y-You have no idea what you're playing with.
242? Can you hear me? It's 249.
Something's gone wrong.
Don't you want to know what? Talking is not permitted in emergency lockdown mode.
You going to tell on me? There's no one outside.
Everyone's in their rooms.
For the first time in our lives, something has happened.
I can feel it.
They're not in control anymore.
Are you all right? Yeah.
Just a bit sore.
I took all of the bullet out.
Hanna, before we do this, I want to take you somewhere.
Where? Marissa Wiegler said it was here somewhere.
Come on.
Let's go.
Now? Okay.
Time to leave.
Sir? Yeah, this is me.
What happened out there, sir? Heller escaped with the girl.
I think he's heading your way.
I'm coming back now.
You want me to contact Colorado? No.
We sort this ourselves.
If Heller comes, kill him.
But I want the girl alive.
You hear me? We lost a lot of men out there, sir.
We're undermanned here.
What does that girl mean to you? Why do you care what happens to her? When we get them, where will we take them? They won't be safe near here.
We take them far away.
Okay, turn here.
Turn here.
This is it.
They'll be waiting for us.
You know that, right? I know.
There'll be more of them.
Many more.
When I was with Emil and his family, I had this feeling that somewhere in the world I had a family, too.
But they weren't it.
I think they're here.
Let's go.
How do you know Heller will go back there? He's atoning for the sins of the past.
I guess that's something you wouldn't understand.
It's not a question of sin.
I obey orders.
Holy mantra of military command.
Obedience is not a mantra.
It's a duty.
One you failed.
I put dead babies in a furnace for you.
But you couldn't kill the girl.
Could you? Listen.
I have children back home.
I have a wife.
I don't give a fuck about this thing.
I'm just doing my job.
Dump me at the side of the road.
I won't get in your way.
No, you won't.
They must have put this fence in.
It wasn't here before.
You hear something? Someone's there.
Where? In the trees.
I don't see anyone.
It's okay.
Shh Good boy.
That's it.
Nothing here at present.
All right.
Keep your eyes open.
- That's ours.
- What's it doing? Jesus Christ.
Get men out there.
- We don't have enough.
- Just do it! Let's go! Go, go, go.
Look out your window.
They're taking guns with them.
Someone's here.
Where are they? It's too quiet.
This way.
He's shoot to kill.
The girl we want alive.
What is it? This is where I found you.
It's okay, baby.
It's okay.
Let's go.
Who is in there? - There's someone in there.
- Are you sure? They've locked them in.
Who's in there?! Why don't they answer? Why don't they answer? Who is in there? - Open the door.
- I can't.
Who are you? I'm Trainee 249.
Who are you? What are you doing here? My name is Hanna.
I'm going to get you out of here.
Open the door, please.
The door's in automatic lockdown.
I can't open it.
- How do we get you out? - There's a procedure, but I don't know it.
Why are you talking to me, and nobody else? They have been told to stay silent.
They will not disobey.
And you? I'm different.
So am I.
I'm going to find a way to open the doors, okay? Okay.
What? Guards.
Eight of them, coming from the west entrance.
Surrender your weapons.
Go! Go! No! Shit! Hanna.
Hanna? I need to use your phone.
Telephone? Don't shoot.
I know you.
You're Erik Heller.
You stole the baby girl.
Is that her? Who is he? I brought you into this world all those years ago.
How many guards are there? Normally more than 30, but most have been sent to the hills to find you.
Open the doors.
You can't release them unsupervised.
Why not? They need medication, regular monitoring.
They've-they've known nothing else but this facility their whole lives.
Just open the fucking doors.
Get back in your room.
This will all be over soon.
ETA Utrax facility 1600 hours, sir.
The door is open.
You can come out.
The release order has not been issued by security control.
There's no one here.
They're all dead.
How can they issue anything? Close the door, please.
You want to? You close it.
Was it you? Outside my door? What are you doing here? I want to get you out of here.
Out where? What is your name? I'm known as 249.
But what is your name? I don't have a name.
Your name is Clara.
Who is Samira Mahan? She's your mother.
Hello? Can you hear me? The doors are all unlocked.
You can come out now.
It's safe.
Please come out.
My name is Hanna.
I was born here.
Like you.
The guards are all gone.
You don't have to stay anymore.
You're free.
Come with us.
It's okay.
I'm here to help you.
Erik, what's wrong with them? I don't know.
They don't want to leave.
This is a code 97A order for immediate response.
All trainees are to collect at the front reception for military evacuation.
Any trainee confronted by intruders should take all measures necessary.
Repeat: anyone attempting to prevent your evacuation - should be eliminated.
- No.
It's okay.
- I'm on your side.
- You shouldn't be here.
They're going to attack.
Where are they go? Where are you going?! No.
Come back! - Come with us! - Come on.
We have to go.
- But - Both of you, come on.
We have to go now.
This way.
Erik, what's wrong with you? Nothing.
Just keep going.
All units proceed.
We have time-limited code 73: shoot on sight.
Trainee 249 broke with the order.
She has betrayed us.
Get them out of here.
Everyone in, now! - I must have the med files.
- Let's go.
- I need those files! - Let's go! Move! Destroy everything! Get 'em out of here.
What? Take cover.
All trainees are in transit, sir.
Heller and the girl are in the shooting range; no exit.
Come on.
It's okay.
Erik?! Erik? Did they get you? Where are you shot? It's inside.
From Berlin.
Listen I can't come with you.
You have to leave me here.
You have to go without me.
Come on.
You're not listening to me.
And you're being stupid.
Don't move.
Why the hell did you bring her here? Let her go.
Just take me.
Too late for that.
Who is she? I'm a friend.
You can't be found here.
I'll take care of this.
You should go.
Keep going.
Who is this? This is Marissa Wiegler.
I'm at the Utrax facility.
Jerome Sawyer's dead.
I'm wounded.
Erik Heller shot me.
I need assistance.
Where is Heller? He's gone.
He's badly injured.
He won't survive.
And the girl? She, uh she got away.
We're taking you to a hospital.
Stay awake, okay? Just keep breathing, okay? Leave me with her.
- What did he say? - He said leave him with her.
Who's he talking about? Stay awake.
Wake up.
On arrival at airbase 910, all trainees are to gather for immediate registration, medical examination and debrief before transportation to the Wilberforce facility.
After arrival, your preoperational training will continue as normal.
It's beautiful.
I know.