Hanzawa Naoki (2013) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

It's been my dream to work
here at Sangyo Chuo Bank.
However, we're not the
only bank around, are we?
No, but
it has to be this bank.
My family runs a small business.
When I was in middle school,
our client company went bankrupt, and
my family's company was
on the verge of bankruptcy too.
The scene of my father
begging and pleading,
saying, "I'll figure out a
way, I'll figure out a way,"
is still etched in my mind.
A few days later,
my father collapsed from
exhaustion and passed away.
After my father's death,
our local bank
wasted no time withdrawing
the loan, and
tormented my mother and employees.
At that time, the one who saved us
was the bank with whom we
only had a casual relationship.
Sangyo Chuo Bank.
Your bank foresaw the potential
of my father's industrial parts
and saved us by giving us a loan.
My mother took over my
father's factory, and
she has managed to keep it
operating to this day.
That is the reason I want
to join this bank
and repay that debt.
I see. This concludes the interview.
If you don't hear from us
by midnight tomorrow,
please understand it
wasn't meant to be.
I understand.
- Sangyo Chuo Bank
Job Interview Testing Center -
Next person please.
- 1992 -
Sangyo Chuo Bank Initiation Ceremony
Just as I thought.
I knew you'd be hired.
I'm Tomari Shinobu.
You guys are athletes from Keio, right?
Same here. Economics at Keio.
I'm Kondo Naosuke
with the kendo team.
You're Hanzawa Naoki, right?
I remember you from the interview.
Pleased to meet you.
You too.
- Keio University, Dept of Economics
Tomari Shinobu -
I hope to get into Project Finance.
Now that I'm a banker,
I'd like to move billions of yen and
get involved in big projects that
will impact the future.
What about you?
- Keio University, Business School
Kondo Naosuke -
As long as I can serve
the society as a banker.
it doesn't matter where I go.
Wow, admirable.
How about you, Hanzawa?
Where do you want to go?
I intend to climb higher.
After getting to the top,
there's something I have to do.
- The present -
Tokyo Chuo Bank, Osaka Nishi Branch Office
Do you realize?
That's 500 million. 500 million!
Hanzawa, we incurred
the loss because of you.
What's that look for?
Don't stand there.
Get down on your knees and apologize!
Hurry up, apologize!
That's not what you said.
- That time, you said all
- Forget it.
Now is not the time to cast
blame on each other.
I'll get down on my knees all you
want if that makes you happy.
However, I believe our first priority is
to get to the bottom of the situation
and recover the 500 million
as soon as possible.
- Are you getting defiant on us?
- You're absolutely right, Chief Hanzawa.
Please do whatever you can
to recover the 500 million.
If you can't
After the collapse of the bubble economy,
Sangyo Chuo Bank was left with
massive bad loans (2.9 trillion yen).
In order to survive, they merged
with Tokyo Daiichi Bank in 2002.
As a result, the No. 3
mega-bank in the world,
Tokyo Chuo Bank was born.
In the Kansai area, there are
approximately 50 branch offices.
Among those, this
Osaka Nishi Branch Office,
along with Osaka Main Branch,
Namba Branch, and Semba Branch,
is one of the Big 4 Branch Offices.
Now, two years after Hanzawa Naoki's
arrival, Osaka Nishi Branch was about to
face its most dire predicament to date.
Three months before the
500-million yen loan mishap
Ibata Kogyo, one of our major
customers, went bankrupt, and
figuring it was a matter
of time for us as well,
- Osaka, Fukushima Ward
Makino Seiki -
our main bank, Kansai City,
refused to finance us.
It's not so bad if that's all.
Yet the 50 million we borrowed
last time was seized.
At this rate, it's certain we'll
issue a bad check this month.
- Please, please, help us out.
- President Makino.
This endoscope socket.
- Have you applied for a patent?
- Yes.
Here it is.
Yes. This is it.
The Patent Office approved it yesterday.
Please let me take a look at
the manufacturing site.
Go ahead.
Most of the work is
done by hand, isn't it?
This is where we make prototypes.
Once we get a big order, we put
some of it on the assembly line.
But if you're making each one
meticulously by hand,
the labor cost is enormous.
I make it a point to do it this way.
With our products, the
sensory perception you can't get
without touching, seeing, and
hearing the sound. It's important.
Makino-san, if I told you we'll give you
a loan if you automate production,
what would you do?
I'll have to look for another bank.
This is my policy.
That's one thing I won't compromise!
Is this a titanium engine valve?
We made it specially for
an overseas Formula-1 team.
They wanted one as strong
and as light as possible.
I see.
I've never seen the skill to cut titanium
with such precision by hand.
You have wonderful skilled workers here.
There's a limit to what computers can do.
Please cherish that policy of yours.
As a banker, I cannot
make any promises right now.
Until the request is approved.
However, I will do my best.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
However, I have one condition.
This patent is much too lax.
The substance nomenclature
and use are too restrictive.
With minor changes, the
same effect can be easily stolen.
Let's get this revised immediately.
Thank you.
A 30 million yen loan to Makino Seiki?
- Tokyo Chuo Bank
Osaka Nishi Branch Regular Meeting -
It's a matter of time before they go under.
Are you planning to pour
30 million down the drain?
No. I disagree.
Those people developed a titanium endoscope
socket with their unique skills.
That would greatly reduce
the burden on patients.
The production of ultra light
endoscope camera is also possible.
They've already acquired the patent for it.
Makino Seiki will turn things
around in the near future.
You don't get it, do you?
We don't care about the future.
There's only one week left until
end of the term. One week.
In order to reach the sales target of
10 billion yen established by Headquarters,
we're still short 500 million.
A measly loan of 30 million
- is just a drop in the bucket!
- Measly?
That's a self-serving rationale
on the evil bank's part.
To the party getting the loan,
it's a matter of survival
In my opinion, we've come this
close to the target amount
thanks in large part to your
effort as the Loan Section Chief.
That's precisely why we need your
help to make this last push.
If we can reach the sales
target of 10 billion yen,
our Osaka Nishi Branch
will be sure to capture
the prestigious crown as Best Branch.
We can then live up to our reputation
as the top branch in Kansai.
It will have a great impact
on the assessment
of all the employees
working here as well.
To do that, we need another
500 million in sales.
Am I wrong?
Nishi Osaka Steel
just happens to need a
large amount of cash.
Go talk to them, finalize the deal.
Did you actually see President Higashida?
- Yes.
- No matter how many times
- we went, he wouldn't see us.
- Is that right?
- That wasn't the case with me.
- Manager.
Forgive me for underestimating
your abilities.
I think we can put
Nakanishi-kun in charge now.
Manager, this is only
Nakanishi's second year.
- Don't you think it's too much for him?
- I don't think so.
To the contrary, a major
first-class company like that
Loan Section
will be a better learning experience
for him than a small business.
Chief Hanzawa, please back him up.
It's part of your job to nurture
your subordinates, too.
- Nishi Osaka Steel -
Excuse me.
We're from Tokyo Chuo Bank.
Is President Higashida
Park there.
The office is to the left.
We've been waiting 20 minutes already.
Thank you for waiting.
Please follow me to the President's office.
I'm Hanzawa with Tokyo Chuo Bank.
- Nishi Osaka Steel President
Higashida Mitsuru -
I'm Nakanishi.
Pleased to meet you.
Bankers' business cards.
All they do is pile up.
So, what do you want today?
Well, our branch manageruh
We heard from our Manager Asano
you were interested in getting a loan.
Ah, you mean operating capital.
He insisted so much, I said I'd listen
to what you guys have to say.
I haven't decided yet.
We've dealt exclusively with
our main bank, Kansai City Bank.
If you suddenly want to
do business with us,
you need to show some good faith.
If you don't mind, please tell us.
How much do you need?
- I'd say about 500 or 600 million.
- 600 million
Please, sir.
That operating capital, let us
By all means, won't you
let us review it?
Did you say review?
Don't be ridiculous.
You guys are the ones insisting
on giving me the loan.
Now you say review?
If that's the way you feel, I'll
take my business to Kansai City.
You're okay with that, right?
Please let us review it.
Why didn't you get the loan?
I can't possibly see
Nishi Osaka Steel's
corporate culture as that
of a blue-chip firm.
What do you mean?
President Higashida was utterly
unapproachable until now.
Isn't there a reason why he
volunteered information about
his capital requirements all of a sudden?
- Let me check this out a little further.
- There's no need for that.
Earlier, I talked to
President Higashida directly
and told him we're
proceeding with the loan.
It's a 500 million, five year,
fixed rate, unsecured loan.
Nakanishi-kun, you're coming with me
to get the necessary paperwork.
Please submit the request for
approval by tomorrow morning.
Wait a minute.
- By tomorrow morning is impossible
- We don't have much time left.
Whether we can be the best
branch or not depends on
whether this loan goes through.
This is the turning point for our branch.
Nakanishi, you can do it, can't you?
I'll have them get the car ready.
Nakanishi, get ready.
You can't come home?
What do you mean you can't come home?
I can't dump everything on Nakanishi
and go home first, can I?
Sure you can.
Today's our wedding anniversary.
Make them give you special treatment.
Don't be unreasonable.
Do you know how hard it was to
get a reservation at this restaurant?
- Hanzawa's wife, Hana -
Sorry. I'm really sorry.
It's not your fault at all.
That's why it pisses me off even more.
That request document or whatever,
why don't you have that manager
who wants the credit write it himself?
I already took Takahiro to my aunt's.
It'd be humiliating to
pick him up now.
I'm sorry.
I promise I'll make it up to you soon.
When's soon?
It better be before our next anniversary.
- How's it coming along?
- I still have a ways to go.
I'm sorry.
I'm making you stay, too.
Don't worry about it. I've
got work to catch up on.
Thanks for the drink.
You really don't want to
take over the factory?
You don't want to make
these little screws, huh?
But you know, Naoki
this small, light, yet strong screw
is what's supporting Japan.
It is?
Yes, it is.
You may not understand what
I'm talking about now, but
there will come a time
when you surely will.
Listen, Naoki.
You can do whatever you want.
remember, the most thing is
people to people relationship.
You can't work like a robot, you hear?
Don't ever forget that.
Just as I thought, it's too soft.
"Pre-Lending Agreement"
We had the inexperienced Nakanishi
write it up in just one night.
I guess it can't be helped.
How is it?
Yes, you did well.
I'll go over it so bring me all
the documents you got from them.
Hey, we're starting the meeting.
I'll be right there.
Nakanishi, leave it right here.
After that's done, go
get some rest in the back.
Thank you.
Neither the manager nor
the assistant manager
can attend today due
to other business.
They said to proceed by ourselves.
Apparently, they had business to
attend to first thing this morning.
Excuse me.
Is something the matter?
That request for approval
hasn't been reviewed yet.
You're too late. Manager told you
first thing in the morning.
Can you return it to me once?
We just sent it
electronically to Headquarters.
I'll talk it over with the
Loan Dept then. I said
this was an urgent request for approval.
Don't worry. I reviewed it and determined
that there was no problem.
- However
- I!
will take all responsibility, I said.
For the sake of all employees
of Osaka Nishi Branch,
please ensure that this
request is approved.
Don't you think that's your duty as
the head of the Loan Section?
If you insist that strongly.
Completely translated and timed by subie06
- Tokyo -
- Tokyo Chuo Bank Main Office -
This will be a strategic
plan that will impact
not only our branch, but all
the Kansai branches as well.
A blue-chip firm with annual sales of 5
billion that was unapproachable for years.
- Loan Headquarters -
We were finally able to make
inroads into Nishi Osaka Steel.
If you understand that.
Have a seat.
Advisor Kawahara
There are numerous iron and steel
companies in the Osaka-Kobe area.
I beg your pardon, but do
you know what our share is?
- Associate Advisor in Charge
Kawahara Toshio -
- About 30 percent?
- No.
- It's 5 percent.
- 5 percent?
Nishi Osaka Steel's main bank,
Kansai City Bank's share is
approximately 40 percent.
It's no exaggeration to say this is our
chance to cut into their stronghold.
If we take over as their
main bank with this loan,
the difference between the two banks
will decrease to 20 percent.
20 percent?
Banking on future prospects, I'd like
you to think that it's worth the risk.
Of course, if Headquarters decides
it's too risky, we will back out.
I ask you for the right decision.
All right.
Are they here?
- I'll go talk to the top immediately.
- Thank you.
I give up.
So, what happened this time.
Whenever you beat up on me,
something's happened without fail.
- Osaka Main Office Systems Section
Kondo Naosuke -
Did they make you do something
you don't agree with again?
Are you all right?
It's not that big of a deal.
Okay, if you say so.
Oh, that's right.
Tomari's coming to Kyoto next week.
He said let's get together for a change.
Anyway, you gotta vent.
Don't hold it in.
Otherwise, before you know it
I know.
That's why I called you.
Back then, I should've swung
this around mindlessly too.
- Birthday party?
- Yes.
- Tokyo Chuo Bank Company Housing -
Assistant Manager Ejima's wife.
I wonder what should I get her.
- How much should I spend?
- It doesn't matter, does it?
- It's the thought.
- No, it isn't.
Little things like that determine
your status at company housing.
If I mess up, it could
affect your career too.
Status and career have nothing
to do with company housing.
They do too. They definitely do.
They still think of me as part of
the Tokyo outsider faction.
Faction Give me a break, Hana.
I get enough of that crap at the bank.
Then buy me a house.
I don't enjoy going to
birthday parties either.
But as long as we live in company
housing, I have no choice.
Manager Asano bought
a house for his wife in Tokyo
and she stayed behind with
their children, didn't she?
Ah. I wish I could've done that too.
Sure, when you're branch manager,
it might be time to buy a house.
Oh really? Then what about Kondo
who started the same time you did?
I saw Yukiko the other day.
She looked extremely happy.
I heard he built a lovely home in Kobe.
That's your peer, Kondo.
They always go to a nice restaurant
on their wedding anniversary.
That's your peer, Kondo.
They always take a trip abroad once a year!
That's your peer
Okay, okay, I got it.
I'll try to follow the example of
my peer, Kondo-san!
Geez, that guy's amazing.
See, you can be loud too.
Announcement from Accounting.
At 17:05, calculations checked.
Thank you very much.
Yes. Yes. All right.
Advisor Kawahara.
Thank you for your help.
It's been approved.
All right!
The loan to Nishi Osaka Steel
in the full amount of 500 million yen
was approved by Headquarters.
The Best Branch Office is
Osaka Nishi Branch Office.
Branch Manager Asano Tadasu,
Assistant Branch Manager Ejima Hiroshi,
to center stage please.
- Chairman
Nakanowatari Ken -
Congratulations on being selected
as the Best Branch Office.
Thank you.
- Executive Director
Owada Akira -
- Director
Kishikawa Shingo -
Now, the road to ]executive level
is wide open for Manager Asano.
He's an elite who's been at Headquarters,
moreover, in Personnel,
all this time, right?
The only criteria he lacked to be
a director was field experience.
That's probably why he wanted
the title of Branch Manager of
the Best Branch Office at all cost,
don't you think?
Now Asano-san's
set to return to
Headquarters with the
next personnel rotation.
After a year, he's sure to get
promoted to an executive post.
Of course, that's if he still has that
guy's support in the background.
- That guy?
- Director Owada, of course.
Not only is he the most successful
guy from old Sangyo Chuo,
he's also the youngest and fastest to climb
all the way to the position of Director.
Director Owada and Asano-san
are connected by a fat pipe.
I can imagine how pleased
Director Owada is to get the best of
Chairman Nakanowatari and
the folks from the old Tokyo
Daiichi this time around.
But rumor has it that most
of the credit goes to you
that Osaka Nishi Branch came this far.
You're guaranteed a post
at Headquarters now.
I don't know about that.
Congratulations, Hanzawa-kun.
You're another step closer to your dream.
What's that?
You said you wanted be Chairman.
At the entrance ceremony, remember?
I intend to aim higher,
or something like that.
Please remember us when you
get up there, Chairman Hanzawa.
You misunderstood.
That's not what I meant.
Hey, Hanzawa. When you get up there,
don't you be like those idiot supervisors.
In spite of the merger,
old Sangyo Chuo and old Tokyo
Daiichi kept dragging each other down.
Unless those outdated
factions are eliminated,
we won't improve in the
true sense of the word!
- Did I say something weird again?
- No.
You are absolutely right.
He appears to be doing okay.
If only he didn't get that disorder,
he had the ability to get ahead.
Three years ago,
Kondo became the first among his peers
to be promoted to Deputy Section Chief
- Akiharaba Higashiguchi Branch -
and put in charge of new accounts
at the Akihabara Higashiguchi Branch.
T-time deposit, investment trust
Kondo arrived with fanfare
as extremely capable, but
he had trouble getting results
and was tormented.
To matters worse,
everyone's expectation of him
resulted in the branch manager's
ill feelings towards him.
The designated products
haven't been selling at all!
What about the loan amount?
What the hell is this?
I swear, the promising hotshot.
How useless can you be!
Why are you sitting down
when I'm on my feet?
Go on home. It doesn't matter
whether you're here or not.
Go. Go on. Go.
Go. Go.
Go. Go. Go on.
Go. Go on.
Go. Go. Go.
Kondo was diagnosed with
stress-related schizophrenia, and
was ordered to take a
six month leave of absence.
- But he's doing well now, right?
- Yes.
He said it's unlikely he'll ever go back to
a managerial position at Headquarters,
and he built a house in Kobe.
He's hanging in there.
Oh, I got some personnel news.
Valuable information 3 days before
it's announced from my spy in personnel.
You sure like those personnel news.
Of course I do.
Personnel movement's everything at a bank.
Hey, another one of our peers
is getting shipped out.
Kyoto Branch, Section Chief Saito.
Kishitani Securities,
post of Sales Department Chief.
He's getting loaned out, huh?
Loaned out sounds good, but
actually, he's getting shipped
out with a one-way ticket.
He can never return to the bank again.
If you screw up even once,
you get shipped out.
That's the reality of working for a bank.
Let's be careful, huh?
Two months later,
what Tomari feared
became a reality for Hanzawa.
Negative balance? The
last financial statements
forecasted a positive
balance of 100 million.
- How can it go red in just 2 months?
- I don't know.
I've been trying to call
Accounting Section
Chief Namino to verify,
but I can't reach him.
Credit file.
Did you photocopy these
financial statements?
When I asked for financial statements,
this is what they gave me.
Did you see the original?
- Did you see the original of these copies?
- No, I didn't.
Window dressing
That can't be.
Then, that 500-million yen loan
Let's go.
Window dressing refers to the manipulation
of a company's financial statements
to improve the appearance of
its performance or liquidity.
The intent is to raise stock value, or
mislead the bank in order to borrow
money it is unable to pay back.
Oh please, what window dressing?
Then how do you explain
this financial deficit?
Well I'll look into it.
I'll look into it.
Please show me your general ledger.
I'll add it up.
It's at our accountant's office right now.
I see. Well then, please show me
the receipt for your corporate tax.
I'd like to compare it to the
copy that was provided to us.
Is that at the accountant's office as well?
- Let me meet with the President.
- The President is currently out.
- What time will he be back?
- I'm not sure.
Nakanishi, bring me a change
of clothes from my house.
I'll stay until I see him.
- That's absurd. You're distressing me!
- We're the ones who are distressed!
Namino-san, you're the
Accounting Section Chief, aren't you?
Saying you know nothing
isn't going to cut it.
Is the President there?
He has a call from Iida Scrap.
Sir, President Iida is on line three.
Wait a minute. I'm telling
you, the President isn't here.
You can't go in there!
I thought you were here.
Seeing you guys' face makes me wanna puke.
That's why I was hiding.
President, depending on the
circumstances, you may have to
return the 500 million we loaned you.
Banks sure are high-handed.
I only got the loan because
you guys insisted.
It's a different story if
window dressing was involved.
Supposingsupposing, mind you,
for argument's sake,
let's say we did window dress.
That would make you guys
a bunch of boneheads who couldn't
even spot that and
loaned me the money.
You can leave now.
One month later,
Nishi Osaka Steel bounced a big check
and went bankrupt almost too easily.
What are the chances of
recovering the 500 million?
Both the company building
and the residence
have Kansai City's foreclosure notice
stuck all over the place.
I'm not sure if there are
any other assets in reserve.
What's President Higashida saying?
Ever since his check bounced this morning,
his whereabouts are unknown.
The fact that the window dressing was
overlooked is at the root of this.
Why couldn't you spot simple
window dressing like that?
You know very well we weren't given
time to do that, Assistant Manager.
That's just an excuse!
Do you realize?
That's 500 million. 500 million!
We incurred the loss because of you.
What's that look for?
Don't just stand there.
Get down on your knees and apologize!
Hurry up and apologize!
That's not what you said.
At that time, you said you'd take all
- That time, you said all
- Forget it.
Now is not the time to cast
blame on each other.
I'll get down on my knees all you want
if that will make you happy.
However, I believe our first priority is
to get to the bottom of the situation
and recover the 500 million
as soon as possible.
- Are you getting defiant on us?
- You're absolutely right, Chief Hanzawa.
Please do whatever you can
to recover the 500 million.
If you can't
- Best Branch Office
Osaka Nishi Branch Office -
- A few days later -
On July 14th, Osaka Chuo Branch,
Namba Branch, Tennoji Branch, and
Osaka Nishi Branch will be
having a joint barbecue party.
Company Housing Monthly Tea Party
Osaka Nishi Branch Group
The assignment of tasks are as follows.
Loan Section will get the foodstuff
- Assistant Manager Ejima Residence -
You're still young, you've
got to be more attentive.
Your husband may be one of the more
high-ranking managers in here, but
that doesn't mean you're high-ranking.
Besides, if you consider his current
situation, you wouldn't
dare arrive late like this.
So, why were you late?
What's the reason?
I wanted you to have this, so
I went to Minami this morning,
but it took longer than I expected.
Oh my, a Soemoncho Roll.
Thank you also for the scarf
you gave me for my birthday.
Not at all. Don't mention it.
But I'm sorry.
- Ejima's wife,
Sanae -
My husband said it was
too somber for me, so
I gave it to Yoshie-san.
You don't mind, do you?
Not at all. Please don't worry about it.
For you too, I set aside
one of my spare scarves
to give it to you.
- Kakuta's wife,
Mitsuko -
- Kakiuchi's wife,
Yoshie -
Look. So lovely.
What a wonderful choice
as always, Sanae-san.
It suits you well, Hana-san.
Your husband will fall in
love with you all over again.
Thank you very much.
Speaking of your husband
Loan Section Chief,
is he doing all right?
What does naked mean?
What do they mean you were
robbed of 500 million stark naked?
What is this, as soon as I get home?
The assistant manager's wife
told me such things.
She asked me if my husband
was doing all right.
Naked refers to
an unsecured loan given by
the bank based on good faith.
It means our bank provided a
loan of 500 Nishi Osaka Steel
and they pulled a fast one on us.
- That's what it means.
- Do you really get it?
If that's the case, why do you
have to take responsibility?
No matter how you look at it, it seems
the problem is Manager Asano.
As things turned out, I'm responsible
too since I followed his orders.
Why did you follow such an order?
It's not like you to do what your boss says.
Salarymen follow their
supervisor's order.
If this loan was successful, I may have
had a chance to return to Headquarters.
You wanted to go back to Tokyo, right?
- Are you saying it's my fault?
- That's not what I'm saying.
The reason you want to get
to the top is because
of what happened in
the past, isn't it?
About your father.
You always clam up when we
start talking about this.
I'm going out.
I can stand still for
something like this.
I just happened to be
in Okayama on business.
I wasn't planning to
come this way, but
I was concerned.
- Sorry for causing you concern.
- That's okay, don't worry about it.
More importantly, what are the chances
of recovering the 500 million?
To be honest, we still don't know,
whether Higashida has hidden
assets to pay us back.
Even if we ascertain that,
Higashida is hiding
and we don't know where he is.
Did you really look for him?
I mean, seriously.
Hanzawa, look for him even
if you have to hire a detective.
Is something going on?
Lately, your Branch Manager Asano's been
in frequent contact with Headquarters.
The other day, he even
made a one-day trip.
Do you know why?
To lay the groundwork.
Asano claims that you're solely
responsible for the loan blunder.
Listen. The cause of this loss
lies in your incompetence
as Loan Section Chief
because you overlooked
the window dressing which
naturally would've been spotted
under normal circumstances.
That's Asano's story.
That's what he told Director Owada,
and he's maneuvering behind the scene.
I hate to say this, right now
you're the lizard's tail.
At this rate, they will place all
responsibility on you and cut you off.
You must recover it, Hanzawa.
Find Higashida and
do whatever it takes to
squeeze 500 million out of him.
Most likely, you'll be called to
Headquarters within a week.
They call it a hearing, but
it's an inquiry commission.
What's more, the members
are all Asano supporters.
They plan to force you
to admit the mistake and
act as Asano's scapegoat.
You know what lies ahead?
One way ticket to no man's land.
The time limit is one week at the most.
Before that, do whatever you gotta
do to scrape up 500 million!
You got that, Hanzawa?
That's the only way
I can't survive anymore.
What you're saying is the loss of
500 million yen was caused by
Loan Section Chief
Hanzawa who went
forward at his own discretion.
I am extremely inconvenienced
by this as well.
I'm sorry for causing so much worry.
I'm not worried.
I took you under my wing.
You would never make such a mistake.
I leave everything to you.
Thank you. I will deal
with this immediately.
that Best Branch Award.
Some thought it should be forfeited, but
I dodged the issue, so don't worry.
Thank you again.
If you'll excuse me now.
Make sure
he takes full responsibility.
Problems like this can
come back to haunt you.
Yes, sir.
Bankers who are given
a one-way exit ticket,
after about three years,
find their salaries cut down to
that of the company they're sent to.
They suffer a huge blow financially.
Above all else,
their pride as a banker is torn asunder.
With one week left
and no new leads to find Higashida
or to recover the 500 million,
Hanzawa stood at the
crossroad of his life.
Kobe, Nada-ku Kondo's new house
I'm home.
Welcome home~. Ho-ney.
Just kidding.
Give me a break. I really thought
I came to the wrong house.
I'm not too used to this house either.
I'm sorry.
But I really wanted to do that once.
At a lovely house of my own.
I'm so jealous of you, Yukiko-san.
It's so comfy here, I overstayed
my welcome, I know.
If Hanzawa puts his
mind to it, he could
No way, no way.
He doesn't have that
kind of resourcefulness.
If you'd like,
visit us anytime.
It'll keep Yukiko occupied too.
Have you had enough beer already?
I have to be at work early tomorrow.
The Manager wants to talk
to me about something.
You look kinda happy.
Could it be a promotion?
- Is it?
- I don't know yet.
According to rumors, it could be.
What's this picture of a happy story?
It's not for sure yet.
I'm so envious,
I feel a nosebleed coming.
Excuse me while I use your bathroom.
I hope the rumor's true.
I'm sure it is.
You've work hard
since you came here.
I owe it all to your support.
I have to make up for the
time when I was sick.
I just arrived.
I told you not to worry.
I'm just a little tired.
Are Saori and Reo already
Sorry, I'll call you back.
What brings you here at this hour?
The boss takes credit for
his subordinate's good deed.
The subordinate takes blame
for his boss's blunder.
When I first joined the bank,
I heard cynical remarks
like that all the time.
- What are you trying to say?
- Manager Asano.
Who do you think ought to be
responsible for this loan blunder?
You're quite abrupt.
Naturally, everyone
involved, including me
I'm wholly responsible.
That's what I hear you've been telling
Director Owada and other
Headquarters personnel.
That's a mistake.
Who's saying that?
I confirmed it with my peers.
Am I
the lizard's tail?
Please answer me.
I'm sorry, Hanzawa-kun.
Someone has to take the blame.
If I do,
the entire Osaka Nishi
Branch will be scarred.
Please endure it now for everyone's sake.
You also said it was for
everyone's sake when
you ordered me to get
the loan approved.
Are you telling me to get
shipped out for everyone's sake?
I promise I'll bring you back
in two years. Rest assured.
I've been in the personnel field
ever since I joined the bank.
I can help you.
Trust me. Please.
"I will take all responsibility."
I clearly heard you say that.
Was that a lie?
I don't trust
anything you say.
What do you want me to do then?
You've been talking all this time
like you did no wrong, but
the fact is, you couldn't
spot the window dressing.
That's your responsibility
as Loan Section Chief.
How dare you attack your superior
after causing a 500-million yen loss.
I'm the one who's inconvenienced.
Good bye.
You'll be happy if I recover
the 500 million, right?
Please do so.
I look forward to it,
Chief Hanzawa.
If I succeed in getting it back,
at that time,
I expect you to apologize on your knees.
Is that a deal?
If you can do such a thing.
You're pathetic, Hanzawa.
The next day, Hanzawa,
while looking for Higashida,
gambled on a ray of hope
and paid a visit to Takeshita Kinzoku,
a company that went bankrupt
due to fallout from Osaka Steel.
Excuse me. Is anyone here?
- Let go! I have no other choice.
- Please calm down!
What is it? At this hour.
- Komada Kogyo went bankrupt.
- What?
They probably couldn't raise the money.
Their check is sure to bounce tomorrow.
Half of our profit comes from
Komada Kogyo, you know.
You said you'll give us new work
so we turned down other jobs
and set aside a production line.
It's the same for us too. What
will you do, Hanzawa-san?
Hanzawa-san, can you make
the payment on time?
Don't worry. I'll figure something out.
I won't cause any trouble for you.
I'll talk to the bank tomorrow.
I promise,
I won't cause you any trouble.
Please wait.
- I'll go find new customers. Please.
- At any rate,
if you can't make the
payment by due date,
this property we have as
collateral will be sold.
Please don't do that.
Take a look at this please.
This screw is made of resin.
It's light, weighs only 1 gram.
It has a safety holding
value of 1,470 newtons.
There's no other screw like this.
I can get back on my feet with this.
That's not what we agreed on.
You said if I mortgaged the property
you'd continue to finance us.
That's what you said!
Please let go.
Please, I beg you.
I don't care about us, but
all the related factories and
suppliers will go under too. I beg you.
Sangyo Chuo Bank-san,
please spare them at least!
Please, I beg you. I beg you!
Hanzawa-san! Are you here?
I'm Ida from Uchimi Credit Union.
I'm here to discuss the plastic screw
you were talking about. Hanzawa-san!
- Dad.
- Hello.
Someone from Uchimi Credit Union's here.
Dad Dad Dad!
Seven years later
- You're working for a bank?
- I got an unofficial offer earlier.
Why bank of all places?
Uchimi Credit Union's a respectable bank
that saved you and me, right?
I already decided.
I'm going then.
I have a night bus to catch.
Night bus?
Uchimi's headquarters' located
in Kanazawa, isn't it?
I'm going to Sangyo Chuo Bank.
Why are you going to that bank?
Dad might as well have been
killed by Sangyo Chuo Bank.
Why did you apply to that bank?
- Did you forget about Dad?
- How can I forget?
That's why I'm going.
Are you okay?
Seriously. Why would you, who
only stepped in to stop me, faint?
- Takeshita Kinzoku Kogyo
President Takeshita Kiyohiko -
With you here, I can't
die even if I wanted to.
- I'm sorry.
- So, who are you?
You got business with me?
I'm Hanzawa from
Tokyo Chuo Bank.
I thought you might know the
whereabouts of President Higashida.
Are you nuts? If I knew that, I would've
gone there and beat him to a pulp.
Yes, I'm sure.
Is that all you want to ask me?
If you're done here, leave
and go about your business.
President Takeshita.
We're both victims of Nishi Osaka Steel.
Why don't we join forces
and look for Higashida?
You idiot!
Don't be ridiculous.
It's true we went bankrupt
because of Higashida.
But before that happened,
I went to countless banks and pleaded.
I went to your bank too.
Yet everywhere I went,
I was refused at the door.
Banks are just as bad as Higashida!
Get out.
I said get out!
- Grab your stuff and get outta here!
- Takeshita-san.
Even if you died,
Higashida won't feel any pain.
I'll find that guy no matter what.
I'll make him suffer more pain
than what you and I had to endure.
I believe in people's good will, but
if they screw me, I'll screw them back.
Double payback.
That's my style
If there's anything I can do,
please call me anytime.
How did it go at Takeshita Kinzoku?
At any rate, I'm planning to go
check out other places today.
They're Regional Taxation Bureau.
I'm Kurosaki, Supervisor of Investigation
Department, Regional Taxation Bureau.
Who's branch manager?
I'm Asano, branch manager.
We're conducting an inspection.
Your cooperation, please.
Assistant Manager,
I'm going to let you handle this.
Certainly. First, let me take you upstairs.
Please watch your step.
To a bank, there's nothing more bothersome
than the Taxation Bureau's inspection.
They burst in without warning,
wield their state power, and
demand massive documents.
Write down the documents
we want you to provide.
Savings account Nos. 2622375
through 2622875, and the past year's
I'm sorry. Can you repeat that please.
Don't make me say it more than once.
It's a waste of time.
However, the majority
of these inspections are
a front to hide who and what
they're really investigating.
Who they're actually investigating
is just one company or
individual out of that pool.
- And a copier too.
- You can make copies over there.
It's too much trouble going back and forth
every time. Just bring it in.
Hey, you guys
We will be happy to cooperate as long as it
doesn't interfere with our normal duties.
That's right.
You do have normal duties, don't you?
Then let's bring down
the shutters, shall we?
- Be careful with that guy Kurosaki.
- Do you know something about him?
He's loaned out to the
Taxation Bureau now, but
previously, he was an auditor at
Financial Services Agency.
- Financial Services Agency?
- He's the guy who did the audit
a year ago that drove
Daido Bank to bankruptcy.
Some said he went overboard, and
he was sent to the Taxation Bureau
until the heat dies down.
So he's got animosity towards banks?
But isn't it odd?
Look at the timing.
The accounting period just ended.
In spite of that, they
made a move this fast.
There must be a reason.
For example,
to investigate a company
that went bankrupt.
- You mean Nishi Osaka Steel?
- I can't prove it, but
there's no way they'll tell us the
subject of their investigation.
Is there a way we can find out?
Get Matsushita-san from General Affairs.
Where's the copier?
Haven't you guys noticed?!
Hey, where's the copier!
The copier. You're slow as a snail.
- I'm sorry. We're not used to doing this.
- Hurry up and bring it in.
Seriously, bankers don't have any
physical strength. They're useless.
- This is fine here.
- No, let us
I said this is fine here.
Or do you enjoy peeping?
Well then, we'll leave it here.
Get it in here, quick!
Thank you for your hard work.
I'll leave the clean-up to you.
- Did you erase all the data?
- Completely.
Okay. All right, then.
A lot of copiers these days
can save data internally.
We have to take precautions.
I bet those guys did this on purpose.
- Chief.
- Matsushita-san, please.
I sure hope they didn't find it.
Still here. They didn't find it.
The data in the machine
is gone, as expected.
We have to hope the data's still
on this external hard drive.
We're counting on you, former technician.
It's here. It's up.
- Bingo.
- There's a ray of hope now.
- What does this mean?
- Nakanishi.
Normally, Taxation
Bureau won't bother
investigating a bankrupt
company with debts.
Investigating on a large
scale like this means
- I see.
- It means there may be
enough money left somewhere
that we can get a hold of.
I can never beat you.
It was a good match today.
But it's unusual for you to call me out.
Did something happen?
Naw. I just thought you
might be feeling down.
I figured I'd get you fired up a little.
I see.
Thanks to you, I feel energized.
Actually, I just overhear something.
In regards to Nishi Osaka Steel.
- Are you sure?
- Yeah.
A vendor I know who used to
frequent Nishi Osaka Steel
happened to see him.
That guy's sure to be there.
Toritani Zosen
Namino-san. Namino-san~.
Your application for insurance.
I need your signature immediately.
Can you bring it here?
- Sorry to trouble you.
- That's okay.
I finally found you, Namino-san.
I swear, I knew nothing
about window dressing.
Higashida did it.
There's no way you,
Nishi Osaka Steel's accountant,
wouldn't know, is there?
May I see the off balance sheet?
- I don't have it. I got rid of everything.
- No, I'm sure you still have it.
You never know when President Higashida
might turn the tables on you.
He's that kind of a guy.
To use it as a trump card if that happened,
you kept the real books
with you at all times.
Please show me the books
from the past three years.
There, happy now?
Take this and leave.
Where's Higashida now?
I don't know. We haven't been in contact
after the company went bankrupt.
I'll change my question then.
Where is Higashida hiding his money?
No way. Why would
Window dressing wasn't the only
thing you folks were doing.
Weren't you also evading taxes?
If that's the case, there's a good
chance there's money hidden.
Tell me the whole truth.
- How much and where is the money?
- I really don't know.
Come on, give me a break!
I just want to forget about it~.
Quit saying whatever suits you.
Because of you guys, do you realize
how many people were driven to the brink
I won't let you forget so easily!
Tokyo Chuo Bank plans to file
a damage report with the police.
If that happens, it won't
be just Higashida.
You're an accomplice, too.
I swear, I don't know anything
in regards to the money.
In regards to the money?
Higashida's probably
with a woman called Miki
Room 806 of a luxury condo in Maiko.
That's all I know
Namino. Medication?
What did you do to him? He's prone
to attacks from his chronic disease.
Listen, Naoki.
You do whatever you want.
Remember, the most thing is
people to people relationship.
You can't work like a robot, you hear?
Don't ever forget that.
I'm a filthy money lender.
- Hello.
- Hey, Hanzawa.
Didn't Kondo tell you anything?
But it's unusual for you to call me out.
Did something happen?
You guys go on ahead.
Hanzawa, you didn't have
to come all this way.
- Why didn't you tell me?
- You were going through a tough time.
I didn't want to give you
unnecessary worries.
Which is a lie.
Actually, I couldn't bring
myself to tell you.
I was being shipped out.
I know full well I won't
return to the bank anymore.
If you screw up even once in
the past, you never recover.
That's how banks operate.
But I'm glad I was able to
help you in the end.
I don't want you crushed by this.
Hang in there, Hanzawa.
You too, Kondo.
The train will be leaving.
The doors are closing.
I see. So the top folks at HR cut off
Kondo who was carrying a
bomb with his disorder. Damn.
You know, Hanzawa.
You can't just worry about Kondo.
It sounds like your hearing is
in the next couple of days.
How are things going?
- Maiko, Hyogo Prefecture -
I tracked down Higashida's hideout.
I'm staking out at his
girlfriend's condo right now.
All right. We can figure something
out if you can snag Higashida.
- Don't let him get away.
- Yes.
Fukushima Delivery Service.
- You're Miki-san, right?
- Who are you?
Is President Higashida
in your room right now?
Higashida? I don't know.
It's no use playing dumb.
I know you and Higashida
I'll be right back.
Bring the car back around.
- Well, well, if it isn't Tokyo Chuo Bank's
- Hanzawa.
President Higashida. Please pay back
the 500 million we loaned you immediately.
That's asking the impossible.
You're well aware the company
went bankrupt, aren't you?
Wasn't it your intent from
the start to deceive
That's not a very
nice thing to say.
Your bank begged me to get a loan, so
- so I got a loan as a favor to them.
- At any rate,
please come to the bank with me.
I refuse.
You bastard!
Hey, you ever heard this saying?
"Banks lend an umbrella on a clear day,"
"and take it away on a rainy day."
You guys make money by
taking money from the weak.
Who are you to act so righteous!
Try saying something!
Please come with me.
Miki, let's go.
Taxi! Come, hurry.
Quit messing around with
that pocket change. Hurry!
Move it.
I'm sorry. We lost them.
They probably won't go back
to that condo anymore.
This banker
sure is an eyesore.
"Banks lend an umbrella on a clear day,"
"and take it away on a rainy day."
This is Nakanishi.
We just got the call.
Tomorrow, 9:00 AM, at the
Main Branch Conference Room,
the hearing investigation will be held.
All right.
Is this the end of the road for me?
Here, wear this.
Naoki's fighting tie.
- This one will do for today.
- Oh, come on.
Just take it with you.
We're having all you can eat
homemade gyoza tonight.
Don't drown your disgust in alcohol,
come straight home.
- What about the gyoza skins?
- Homemade, of course.
I'm off then.
I'll see you later.
They're going all out.
Taking the trouble to reserve
the conference room at the Main Branch
with its undisguised air of intimidation.
According to our investigation,
Chief Hanzawa
hardly looked at the
document you prepared,
and forwarded it to the Loan Department.
Is that true?
Uh no, that's
Nakanishi-kun, right?
Your desire to cover up for your
superior is admirable, however,
depending on your answer, the
way we deal with you will change.
Answer carefully, now.
Listen, Hanzawa. Don't say
more than you have to.
Even if it's not the truth,
just say "Yes," "I'm sorry."
Other than that, don't say anything.
If this is a losing battle anyway,
damage control is all we can do.
This guy Ogiso from HR,
in charge of the hearing,
is the sly old fox who drove
Kondo until he got sick.
If you make lame excuses
and add fuel to fire,
you'll follow in Kondo's footsteps.
In this situation, it's
smarter to quietly let it go.
If everything goes well,
you can start over. Okay?
Start over?
Start what over?
You guys make money by
taking money from the weak.
Who are you to act so righteous!
Banks are just as bad as Higashida!
Remember, the most thing is
people to people relationship.
Don't work like a robot, you hear?
Loan Section Chief Hanzawa,
please have a seat.
- Thank you, but this is fine.
- Suit yourself.
I'm sure you know, the
reason we asked here today
is in regards to the loan you
made to Nishi Osaka Steel.
According to your report, the
loss of 500 million was due to
the company's financial statements
were window dressed.
However, in our opinion,
the fact that window dressing
was overlooked in the early stage
indicates a far bigger problem.
Please tell us why such
an oversight occurred.
I was told it was an urgent request.
I did not have enough
time to examine it.
You mean you sent it up
without examining it carefully?
- Current Deputy Manager,
Human Resources Ogiso Tadao -
I can't believe you're
the Loan Section Chief.
Even if it's not the truth,
just say "Yes," "I'm sorry."
Other than that,
don't say anything.
In spite of not doing a
thorough examination,
I understand you
strongly pressed Advisor Kawahara
to approve the loan.
I heard you coerced him.
Because of your irresponsible examination,
we incurred a loss of 500 million.
What's your thought on that?
Don't just stand there.
Say something!
First of all, isn't an apology in order?
apologize deeply.
Loan Headquarters
Sadaoka Takayuki
In regards to this loan,
I'm partially responsible,
and for that, I apologize.
- Partially?
- However,
I object to the fact that I alone
am being held accountable
for this whole matter.
In regards to the request for approval,
I merely followed my superior's order.
The document was snatched away
prior to my examination, and
was sent on to Headquarters.
At that time, Manager Asano
clearly stated that
he would take all responsibility.
Are you shifting responsibility
to your manager?
We talked to both Manager Asano and
Assistant Manager Ejima beforehand.
Both of them said that was never stated.
I'm simply telling you the truth.
That was the Manager's agenda item.
You're aware of that too, aren't you?
- What does that mean?
- There's no deep meaning.
Manager Asano's former subordinates,
Sadaoka-san, Ogiso-san.
You seem to feel no remorse whatsoever.
If being amiable can bring back
500 million, I will do so, but
that's a waste of time.
Can you please quickly
end this senseless farce?
Watch your mouth!
You disgraced those of us from
the old Sangyo Chuo Bank!
The old Sangyo Chuo.
The old Tokyo Daiichi.
That is of no concern to me!
Enough is enough! No matter what,
you, Loan Section Chief, are
responsible for overlooking
the window dressing!
Yes, absolutely.
But by the same token, Headquarters'
Examining Division is equally guilty.
- Say what?
- I provided the same material to you.
The Loan Department spent
three days approving the loan,
yet they couldn't spot the window dressing.
That's because you coerced them into it!
Will the Loan Department approve
any loan if they're coerced?
In that the case, I'll coerce them
every time from now on.
If that's all it takes to get approval,
that makes life a lot easier for us.
Our policy is to let the
field handle its business.
We respect the field's
decision above all else.
That implies final responsibility
lies with the field office.
If that's the case, why do we need you?
What's the use in having a
Headquarters Examination
Division if it can't
be held accountable?
A Loan Department like that is worthless.
Do away with it!
Don't be writing everything
that suits you, record keeper!
Take down what I'm about to say.
I'll recover the 500
million no matter what.
I'd appreciate it if you
don't interfere again.
Hey, you talked big, but can you
really collect the 500 million?
You made an enemy of your manager.
What can you do by yourself?
Yes, Hanzawa speaking.
This is Takeshita at Tsutenkaku.
Do you remember me?
Of course I do. What's going on?
I want to knock the socks off
that little shit Higashida too.
I heard you loaned 30 million
to Makino Seiki
and saved them, huh?
This is my policy.
That's one thing I won't compromise.
Please cherish that policy of yours.
I've known President Makino
a long time. He was real grateful.
He said he's glad you
were the one in charge.
I don't trust banks, but
I trust you, Hanzawa.
Let's do it.
If they screw you, you gotta
screw them back, right?
Double payback.
Yes. Yes. I should be back in
Osaka this afternoon.
I swear, that's so like him.
Hey, don't try to be like him.
There's something I want to ask you too.
I'm not sure what time I'll be there, but
I look forward to talking with you.
- If my memory serves me right, he's
- Do you know him?
Osaka Nishi Branch's
Loan Section Chief Hanzawa, right?
I hear he's extremely capable.
However, Chairman, he is currently
being held accountable for the
500 million yen loan mishap.
Is that right?
Are you getting rid of him?
I left that decision to the branch manager.
What is your opinion, Chairman?
Is he worth more than 500 million?
Owada-kun, people's value
cannot be monetized.
That's what I believe.
Us bankers are given the power to
move enormous amounts of money.
If we feel so inclined,
it's a power that can
make or break one person's life.
That's precisely why bankers
should be looking at
people, not money.
That's what I believe.
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