Hanzawa Naoki (2013) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

Hanzawa Naoki, Loan Section Chief at Osaka
Nishi Branch Office of Tokyo Chuo Bank,
followed Branch Manager Asano's orders, and
secured a loan agreement of
500 million yen for Nishi Osaka Steel.
However, Nishi Osaka Steel, which
appeared to be a solid company,
was actually window dressing its
finances to hide massive debts.
Immediately after getting the
loan, it filed bankruptcy.
Hanzawa and the bank were cheated
out of 500-million yen.
Manager Asano schemed to
shift responsibility to Hanzawa.
However, Hanzawa confronted them head on,
vowing to recover the 500 million yen
and clear his name.
That was the only way for Hanzawa
to survive as a banker.
- Four hours after the hearing -
What do you think you're doing, Hanzawa?
I heard you said that
you weren't responsible
for the loan mishap!
Folks at Headquarters were obviously
trying to pin the responsibility of the
500-million yen debt on us,
Osaka Nishi Branch.
I told them in no uncertain terms
such was not the case.
Our responsibility?!
I merely stated the truth.
There was a loss of 500 million because
of your fault as Loan Section Chief.
- Branch Manager Asano -
- Assistant Branch Manager Ejima -
The truth is nothing more, nothing less!
Ejima-kun. He must have his own ideas.
However, after this incident,
I could not say Headquarters
has a good opinion of you.
You better hurry if you
want to clear your name.
Otherwise, I don't know much longer
I can keep on sticking up for you.
Of course, I don't intend to let
them unload all responsibility
on our Branch without putting up a fight.
Put your mind at ease,
Manager Asano.
I never knew Nishi Osaka Steel
was such bad shape.
They deceived us well.
It's hard even for us bankers to understand
- President of bankrupt Takeshita Kogyo -
the flow of money with just three
years worth of off-balance sheets.
Would you mind comparing
them to your books?
That's no problem.
Is the situation that bad?
- What's the matter?
- This is odd.
We didn't make all this money.
Our proceeds from Nishi Osaka Steel
were 500 million.
But it says they paid
- 700 million.
- 200 million disappeared.
Show me you books please!
- Higashida's mistress
Fujisawa Miki -
- Nishi Osaka Steel President -
- Higashida Mitsuru -
Everything went as planned?
As far as I can see, Higashida
padded his books for three years.
In other words, he built a
stash over the past 3 years and
made preparations.
- Preparations?
- More likely, Nishi Osaka Steel's bankruptcy
was intentional.
If that's so, the fact they
went bankrupt as if planned
to deceive us out of
500 million yen, and
the fact that Taxation Bureau is
on the move, makes sense.
Higashida was thinking
about profit. Not by
rebuilding his company, but by
intentionally bankrupting his company.
What does that mean?
Are you saying Higashida used me
to commit intentional fraud?
On top of that, he even made
my company go belly up
Does that mean the money he cheated from me
is in his pocket?
I ain't an educated man.
Was it my fault for being stupid
that I was deceived?
It's the deceiver's fault.
That goes without saying,
Let me ask you again.
Let's find Higashida and
recover the money.
I'm the one
counting on your help.
- I have a favor to ask.
- Yes?
Will you stop talking in that
weird Osaka dialect?
- Hanzawa's wife Hana -
Present from Tokyo I asked you to get.
Terra Saison's rusks.
I already said I'd bring them to
the tea party tomorrow.
Hana-chan. Hana-chan
Delicious! Hana-chan,
this is amazingly good!
These cheap ones won't do.
I need tp buy something else
first thing tomorrow morning.
For the Assistant Manager's wife, right?
Don't worry too much.
I have to!
That's the rule around here.
Aren't you curious?
How my hearing went.
You did it again, didn't you?
I can tell by the look on your face.
That's why I'm trying to suck up
to Mrs Assistant Manager.
Since you're the way you are, Naoki,
I do what I can to cover for you.
It's not a problem that can be
resolved by something like that.
I know.
But this is about the only thing I can do.
Because other than that, it's all on you
I don't understand the difficult stuff, but
whatever you do, don't lose!
I don't want you dragging me
with you any farther than here.
Dragging with me
I shouldn't have married
a hard-headed banker.
Transferred all the time, moving
all the time. Nothing good happens.
- Osaka Regional Taxation Bureau -
Higashida's whereabouts are still unknown.
Currently, we're checking the
- address of his mistress, Fujisawa Miki.
- Anything on the hidden stash?
One thing caught my attention.
- What?
- Last year on July 3rd,
50 million yen for unaccounted
expenditure was withdrawn
from Nishi Osaka Steel's account
at their main bank.
50 million?
That's a bit much for spending money.
Do a thorough investigation and
find out what is was used for!
Chief, can you take a look at this?
Yamamura at Foreign Exchange found it.
- Higashida Mitsuru?!
- Yes.
Dated nearly a year ago.
- Payee is Higashi Asia Resort in the amount of
- 50 million?!
It appears money was transferred
from his private account at our bank.
He had a private account with us
when we weren't his main bank?
It's closed now.
This Higashi Asia Resort
is a company that deals with real estate
investment properties abroad.
Real estate investment?
Does that mean Higashida
acquired a 50-million yen
real estate overseas somewhere?
If we can seize that real estate,
it will be a big step toward
recovering our 500 million.
I'm going to go talk to this
Higashi Asia Resort.
Put this together in a report
for the Branch Managers' meeting
by day after tomorrow.
It's an order from Manager Asano.
Going after 500 million is fine, but
you can't slack off from
your normal duties.
- Let me do it.
- Nakanishi.
If you have time to worry about others,
get a contract for a big loan instead.
Assistant Manager.
You guys too. Visit clients or something.
Subordinates are like their section chief.
At the next personnel change, we
might reshuffle the whole section.
Why are they doing that
If Chief recovers 500 million,
it's not a bad thing for our branch.
- How can they interfere
- Listen.
Manager presumes recovery
is impossible, and,
to put it badly, he made a big deal at
Headquarters that Chief was to blame.
Think what'll happen if Chief recovers
the 500 million despite that
and he's exonerated.
They'll ask what all
that fuss was about and
- may hold the Manager accountable.
- No way.
I suggest you keep a low profile for now.
If you assert yourself without thinking,
you'll get dragged into the mess You too.
- Hello.
- Hanzawa-han.
I found one. Just one, though.
Got it. I'll be right there.
Where's this place?
In order to get an idea of how much
money Higashida stashed away,
Takeshita checked Nishi Osaka
Steel's subcontractors
one by one to see if there were any
other companies like Takeshita Kinzoku
whose payments were padded.
The company of a subcontractor
called Awaji Kozai
whose bankruptcy was caused
by Nishi Osaka Steel.
Hanzawa-han. Over here.
I was shocked when Takeshita-san
showed me the books.
I can't believe he cheated 300 million
from us over three years.
- Akashi Bridge -
I went to a few other places too, but
Itabashi-han and I, who had a long-standing
business relationship with him,
were the only ones Higashida
blatantly cheated.
He took advantage of our weakness and
beat our costs down.
Despite that, we managed to hang on,
- Awaji Kozai President
Itabashi Heigo -
but then they suddenly went bankrupt.
I can let that much go.
To think they were doing dishonest
things behind our backs.
I understand how you feel, Itabashi-han.
I feel the same.
Let's join forces and
get back what we can from Higashida.
You've got everything to gain,
nothing to lose.
All right.
- I'll do what little I can do to cooperate.
- Itabashi-han.
If I can get money back from
Higashida, I'll do anything.
- Thank you.
- We're heartened to hear that.
Let's get started right away.
Can you take a look at this?
Apparently, Higashida invested in
real estate abroad for 50 million.
50 million?!
Have you heard anything
about it from Higashida?
A vacation home abroad?
No, that's news to me.
I see. If we only knew where it is,
we can seize it immediately.
After deliberately going bankrupt,
he planned to live abroad in leisure?
That little shit Higashida!
No, I won't let him.
I'll track him down no matter what and
even if it's 50 million,
I'll recover it without fail.
Malaysia, eh? Someplace like
Cairns would be nice, too.
- East Asia Resort Development -
They're both very popular.
Excuse me for asking, but how
much do you plan to spend?
About 50 million.
In that case, you have a choice
of several nice properties.
Incidentally, are you here on
a referral from someone?
Yes. Nishi Osaka Steel's
President Higashida.
- I see.
- Speaking of which,
where did Higashida-san
buy his real estate?
Are you one of his creditors?
Ever since Nishi Osaka Steel
went bankrupt,
we get an endless flow of
creditors asking about Higashida.
- No, I
- No matter who you are,
we cannot divulge our client's
personal information.
It would reflect badly on our
company's reputation. Please leave.
- Did he show up?
- Yes.
Did you turn him away?
He just left.
Higashida-san, please don't bring
too much trouble for me.
You're being compensated, aren't you!
I expect the value of my
real estate to go up.
No way I'm gonna let the bank take it.
Keep up the good work.
She said Hanzawa was there.
Just as you said.
Seriously, I panicked when
Takeshita and Hanzawa came.
When they confronted me out of the blue
with intentional bankruptcy
and even that vacation home.
That was quick thinking when
you said you'd cooperate.
Now we can spy on their every move.
While you're at it,
the documents related to us,
find a chance to rip 'em off
and destroy 'em.
The off-balance sheets?
You never know when something
like those might trip us up.
Besides, if the bank learns he took
out valuable documents and lost them,
he's finished.
Guys like him piss me off.
I'm gonna choke the life
outta him, I swear!
In regards to Higashida's unaccounted
50-million yen expenditure,
it apparently flowed somewhere
through Tokyo Chuo Bank.
- Tokyo Chuo Bank?
- Yes.
Around that time, Higashida
had a personal account
at Osaka Nishi Branch
Why was this overlooked last time?
I'm sorry.
Since the account was already closed,
- it went unnoticed
- If you mess up again
I'll crush you.
- Tokyo Chuo Bank Main Office -
- Director Owada, Director Owada! -
Why do I have to leave the bank?
What is this, Kurashima-kun.
This is rude.
I heard HR planned to ship me out.
Send security to the
hallway in the old wing.
- Nakanowatari Faction member,
Kurashima -
I can't leave my mother
behind, who needs care,
and get transferred to the countryside.
Please, Director.
Please withdraw the transfer.
Please! Please! Please!
- Hey, enough
- Stop it.
I understand your predicament.
See if you can reconsider the transfer.
Thank you!
Are you sure you're okay making
a promise like that?
Withdrawing a personnel move
that's been decided is
Besides, Kurashima is
- a key figure in Nakanowatari Faction.
- Kishikawa-kun.
Why does something like this occur,
where security has to be called?
I apologize.
He's getting moved because
he caused a problem.
These things happen because he
doesn't realize his responsibility.
Please be thorough in the proper
execution of your duties.
- Director Kishikawa Shingo -
- Deputy Manager, Human Resources
Ogiso Tadao -
I will handle it immediately.
- Executive Director
Owada Akira -
Well, but still
see if you can work something out
so he doesn't get transferred
to the country.
Taking care of the sick is difficult.
Ogiso-kun, what is it
you wanted to talk about?
I want to talk about the 500-million yen
loan mishap at Osaka Nishi Branch.
At the hearing the other day, I heard
you were outdone by Chief Hanzawa.
I apologize.
I was hoping you could put in a word
with Personnel as to his
disciplinary measure.
I left that matter in
Manager Asano's hands.
I don't think I should meddle in that.
But Directorthis Hanzawa is
an extremely irrational fellow.
According to his peers,
he goes around saying
he wants to be Chairman.
I don't know if he realizes his place.
Well, once a person becomes a banker,
aiming to be Chairman
is only natural, yes?
Good morning.
Here's the original I got from
Odagiri Sangyo this morning.
- See if the seals match.
- Will do.
"Get this done by today."
Chief, how did it go yesterday? Did you
learn anything about his real estate?
I was kicked out as soon as I mentioned
Higashida's name. The client's personal
The Tax Bureau again.
They just arrived.
Excuse us.
Move please.
Excuse us.
Well, well. Thank you for your
hard work the other day.
There's additional data we want to look at.
Please cooperate again.
- This way please.
- Not necessary Sagami!
I will tell you the documents
we want you to provide.
Personal Account Nos.
2658300 through 2658370.
2658300 through 370.
- These guys must've realized too.
- Then the Taxation Bureau will take
Does Yamamura have the original?
It's in the vault.
Surely you're not
- You're progressing well.
- Thank you.
Now then, General Affairs
and Loan Sections
Never mind!
It's a waste of time. We'll get them
ourselves. Where are they?
Please wait. Two years' worth
of records is quite a load.
- Can we get them for you?
- Don't mind us.
Or is this inconvenient for you?
- No.
- Hey, Nakanishi.
- Show them to the vault immediately!
- Yes.
- Kakiuchi, the personal account records!
- Yes.
The vault is in the back.
It's faster to take the hallway downstairs.
It may be bothersome, but please
go down again. This way please.
Hey, why go down
Let them go.
They want to go themselves.
Let them take the longest route.
This way please.
Kakiuchi, I have a favor to ask.
Completely translated and timed by subie06
We're going this way.
Does anyone need to use the restroom?
- Just show us the way!
- Yes.
Where is it?
The one furthest in the back.
Hurry up and unlock it.
You stay here.
- Is it here?
- Yes.
Doing that behind Taxation Bureau's back,
if they find out, you'll be in deep trouble.
In any case, it's sink or swim for me.
What happened here.
One invoice number here is missing.
- Hey, Yamamura.
- That's impossible
- Such careless control is unacceptable!
- Sorry.
Forget it.
Where's the account records?
Well, apparently, there's been a
system error since morning,
we were told it will take a while to restore.
Why, at an important time like this.
You guys,
what are you trying to hide?
We would never hide anything from you.
Where's the Loan Section Chief?
He went out on a business call.
- This is his desk, isn't it?
- What are you doing!
This is part of the investigation too!
Excuse me, but did Hanzawa do something
I'll make an exception and tell you.
What we're pursuing is Nishi Osaka Steel and
Higashida's enormous tax evasion.
It's a secret.
Submit the account records today.
If you don't, I'll report this matter to
the Financial Services Agency.
- Regional Taxation Bureau?
- That's why we don't have much time.
If we don't track down Higashida's property,
- the Taxation Bureau will take it.
- Can't you do something about it?
Banks cannot defy the Taxation Bureau.
Are there new leads?
Everyone's on their guard.
As soon as I mention his name,
they clam up.
It seems Higashida's forestalling us.
Can you let me see the documents
concerning Higashida?
There may be a clue leading to
the vacation home abroad.
Give it our best shot, even if
the possibility is remote.
You're right.
I'll return and ask my former employees
if they know anything about Higashida.
All right. Let's meet here again at 5:00 PM.
See you later.
It will be tough if we only have today.
Hanzawa-han, do you have other leads?
What? The Taxation Bureau is aware?
They will make their move soon.
If they do, that vacation
home will be confiscated!
Quit whining. Don't worry.
You agreed to hand me that vacation home
if I cooperated with you.
You told me I could live in comfort abroad.
That's why
I went along with padding the books
and intentional bankruptcy.
Calm down now. That aside,
did you get rid of the documents
those guys have?
I get them at 5:00 PM at Takeshita's place.
5:00 PM. Get rid of them ASAP.
The vacation home
You sure it's safe?
Of course.
Are you alive?
Hanzawa-kun on the edge.
Sorry, but I don't have time to talk.
I'm hanging up.
Hey, did something happen?
Somewhere abroad? A piece of
real estate in Higashida's name?
Get hold of that property.
You make it sound easy. There's nothing
I can do if I don't know where it is.
Listen. After you went
crazy at the hearing,
there were talks of what to do with you.
- Headquarters Loan Section
Tomari Shinobu -
Osugi and his cohorts
were in a huff and demanded your
immediate transfer, but
but there was someone who stopped that.
Who was it?
Director Owada.
He's a man with spine,
this Hanzawa-kun.
Along with his ambition
to rise in the world,
he has the combination of skill,
brains, and grit to easily defeat you.
Whether he can actually recover
the 500 million or not,
I'm personally looking forward to it.
Don't you guys don't feel that way?
This tailwind is your golden opportunity.
Think about it,
the top gun of us bankers from the
old Sangyo Chuo stood up for you.
Hey, do you realize?
If you can recover even 50 million,
Director Owada might help you.
I'm not so sure. Tailwind often
changes to headwind in a moment.
Exactly. That's why you must hurry.
Do whatever it takes to show results while
Director Owada's interested in you.
- Are you listening?
- Say,
how's Kondo doing?
Is he all right?
He's temporarily at HR.
His place of transfer will be decided soon.
"Cell, as it's commonly called"
A room where employees are
confined while awaiting disciplinary measures.
Day after day, he's
confined to the cell,
and makes meaningless rosters.
I swear, they have no shame.
Hanzawa, you're in no position
to worry about others.
You're aiming for the top, aren't you?
Then don't think about anything else.
You have to survive for Kondo.
Of course, that's what I intend to do.
Indeed, Director Owada's
whims are very annoying.
In any case, it's impossible for Hanzawa
to recover the 500 million, but
it wouldn't do to delay
his disciplinary action.
And so, Ogiso-kun,
what do you think about conducting
an on-site inspection in the near future?
On-site inspection I see.
Here's Nishi Osaka Steel's file and a
copy of detailed transactions.
Sorry to trouble you.
It's a hassle if Manager finds out.
Chief, we're submitting Higashida's records
to the Tax Bureau by 8 o'clock.
Four more hours.
That's the limit for stalling them.
Got it.
Kakiuchi. If someone asks you about this,
Tell them I'm to blame.
Thank you.
However, I don't believe those rumors.
This is a bank, after all.
Supervisor takes credit for
subordinate's hard work.
Subordinate takes blame
for supervisor's blunder.
You know that best.
That's for sure.
that's not how I want to be.
This is everything we have on
Higashida and Nishi Osaka Steel.
I'll take a look.
There are important documents. We must
return them to the Tax Bureau by 8 o'clock.
- Can you go through them immediately?
- Will do.
I'll take a look over there.
We have little time left.
It pisses me off, but we may have to
hand it to the Tax Bureau this time.
We just have to hope that Higashida
has more stashed away elsewhere.
What happened!
Hey, are you okay?
Was it one of Higashida's men?
I'm going to the bank now and
deal with the Taxation Bureau.
The license plate number of the bike.
Please give it to the police.
All right.
I'm really sorry.
Our opponent was one step
ahead of us. That's all.
- Hanzawa-han
- If you'll excuse me now.
You idiot!
Didn't I tell you to come at 5:15?
You were ten minutes early.
And pushing me with all your strength.
I needed three stitches!
- Sorry.
- Here.
Get outta my sight.
What are you burning, Itabashi-san?
- Why are you here?
- We're asking what you're burning!
Nothing. Just personal stuff.
You expect us to believe that?
That's stretching it, you traitor.
First time I felt something was wrong
was when you presumed
Higashida's real estate
was a vacation home.
Apparently, Higashida invested in
real estate abroad for 50 million.
A vacation home abroad
Even though I only said
real estate abroad,
what you said wasn't golf course
or property, but vacation home.
Isn't because you knew about
that piece of real estate?
Just coincidence.
- Next, the taxi.
- Taxi?
Earlier that day, you took a taxi home
from Takeshita's plant, didn't you?
How much was the fare?
Probably more than 10,000 yen.
I find it hard to believe that someone
whose company went bankrupt and
has debts would waste money like that.
Old habits die hard.
I did it without thinking.
You have an account
in your son's name at our
Sannomiya Branch, don't you?
An amount much too large
for a grade school child
was deposited on May 16th.
Nishi Osaka steel deposited the money
immediately before it went bankrupt.
That proves you're connected to Higashida.
Now then, Itabashi,
fess up to everything you know.
First, where did Higashida
buy his vacation home?
And where is he now?
Who knows.
What can a mere banker do at this time?
Those valuable documents
have burned to ashes.
You, as a banker,
are finished.
Were you talking about these documents?
Pretty sneaky of you, Hanzawa-han.
I was fooled too.
I never guessed those documents
you gave him were fake.
That can't be
Does your family know about this, Itabashi?
True, about the only thing a mere banker
can do is trace the money.
That's why I will thoroughly investigate
the flow of your filthy money, and
tell your family everything.
- Wait, please.
- Of course,
I'll tell your employees who worked
here, unaware of you.
When they find out you
lined your own pockets
while they lost their jobs,
I'm sure they'll be thrilled.
Because now they have a reason to live.
Called revenge.
After that, I'll report you to the police.
With irrefutible evidence.
Okay, I get it, please stop.
Everything, I'll tell you everything.
Higashida bought his vacation home
on the Hawaiian island of Oahu.
The exact location and the
address are written here.
Where's Higashida now?
I really don't know.
After the company went bankrupt,
we only met outside or
kept in touch by phone.
Call him right now and
find out where he is.
If you can't find out by morning,
I will expose everything you did.
Sir! We just received Higashida's
account records from Tokyo Chuo.
What took so long!
Here it is 50 million.
So this is the loot the bank
was trying to hide, huh?
Tomari, there's something I want
you to work on right away.
Did you find out the location of
Higashida's real estate?
Hawaii? Give me more details.
I'll e-mail you the specifics.
All right. I know the chief of
the Legal Department well.
Let's see, time difference with
Hawaii is 19 hours, right?
He might still be there. I'll go look.
Thanks. The Taxation Bureau
will be on the move too.
Do whatever you can to seize it first.
I'm getting hungry, aren't you?
I'm not so sure about you anymore.
I'm thinking that maybe
you're actually an evil guy.
Just kidding.
It doesn't matter if you are.
No one in this world is
totally righteous, yes?
Listen, Naoki.
The most important thing is
people to people relationship.
You can't work like a robot, you hear?
- Osaka Regional Taxation Bureau -
We'd like to ask you some questions.
Don't move!
Sir! Higashida's property
is in Hawaii on Oahu!
Contact the local authorities immediately!
- How did it go?
- We seized it.
You did it, Hanzawa.
- 50 million will be recovered.
- We'll recover it.
The Legal Department Chief is working
out the details with local authorities.
You escaped by the skin of your teeth.
- I owe it to you.
- Don't mention it. Treat me next time.
I'll rent out the whole place.
Sorry, I got another call.
Did you say they beat us to it?
Check this out on the double!
- This is
- Hurry!
We tracked down Higashida.
2-3-11 Suma Kaigan, Kobe.
It's the huge house by the beach.
You'll know when you get there.
All right, let's all meet there.
Got it. I'm on my way.
We found out where Higashida is.
I'll be back.
Where do you think you're going?
We found out where Higashida's staying.
I'm going to get him.
No matter how you flounder,
it's too late already.
More importantly, did you
finish what I asked you to do?
More importantly?
I told you these were materials for
today's Branch Managers' meeting.
Are they done or not?
Which is it?
I'm sorry.
The meeting starts this afternoon.
Get started right now.
- However, it's
- This is an order!
Please check the material for the
Branch Managers' meeting today.
Mine too. The profit progress
data you asked for.
Please check it over.
I put yesterday's files together as well.
Assistant Manager, there's
no problem now, is there?
Chief, weren't you scheduled
to visit clients today?
Please go.
Get out.
It's Itabashi.
Is the front door opened?
Good thing I dumped them.
Both that house and Itabashi.
I almost got tracked down.
What awful people.
This house is a little smaller, though.
Glad I listened to your advice.
Hanzawa-han. No one's upstairs.
Looks like he got away again.
Seriously, you keep flitting around here and there,
here and there, here and there.
You're an eyesore,
Loan Section Chief Hanzawa-san.
Because of your meddling,
he escaped again.
How are you going to make up for this?
You got here first, didn't you?
Wasn't there a problem with the way
you carried out your business?
Shut your mouth!
Ours is an honorable job protecting
the taxpayers' precious money.
We have no reason to be
criticized by bankers
who collect money solely for self-interest.
You folks are nothing more than
filthy money lenders.
Please, please wait.
Please give me some time.
You're absolutely right.
However, until I recover
500 million from Higashida,
I have no intention of backing down.
I wonder how long you can
maintain such confidence.
- What's up?
- Hanzawa, I'm sorry.
The property in Hawaii got seized
by the Taxation Bureau.
What happened?
That bastard Kurosaki threatened the Legal
Department Chief with a hold he had on him.
- Legal Department Chief Ohta?
- Yes.
The restaurant operated by your son
There's a rumor it has a large amount
of undeclared income.
- What?
- You understand, don't you?
Hawaii. Hand it over to me!
Don't resent me.
This is our job.
I don't resent you.
I'll double the payback
and return it to you.
If you screw me, I'll screw you back.
Double payback!
That's my way of doing things.
Completely translated and timed by subie06
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