Hanzawa Naoki (2013) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

Hanzawa Naoki, Loan Section Chief at
Osaka Nishi Branch of Tokyo Chuo Bank,
believed Branch Manager Asano
would take full responsibility, and
secured a loan agreement of 500 million
yen from Nishi Osaka Steel. However
Negative balance? The
last financial statements
forecast a positive
balance of 100 million.
How did it go red in two months?
Window dressing
Hanzawa and the bank was cheated
out of 500-million yen.
Manager Asano schemed to
shift responsibility
to Hanzawa alone.
However, Hanzawa confronted them head on,
vowing to recover the 500 million yen
and clear his name.
Don't write everything
that suits you, record keeper!
I'll recover the 500
million no matter what.
I'd appreciate it if you
don't interfere again!
Hanzawa, got hold of Nishi
Osaka Steel's off-balance sheets,
checked them against
Takeshita Kinzoku's books
to trace the flow of Higashida's money.
200 million disappeared.
More than likely, Nishi Osaka
Steel's bankruptcy was intentional.
Let's find Higashida and recover the money.
Around that time, he got word that
Higashida owned a 50-million yen
vacation home in Hawaii.
If we seize that
real estate, it will be a
big step in recovering
the 500 million.
Even if it's 50 million,
I'll recover it without fail.
However, it was intercepted
by Osaka Regional Tax
Bureau Investigation
Supervisor Kurosaki, and
the recovery ended in failure.
Don't resent me.
This is our job.
I don't resent you.
However, If you screw me,
I'll screw you back.
Double payback.
Hanzawa, was about to lose
his foothold as a banker
if he didn't recover the
500 million yen loss.
He was in a tight corner.
You outdid yourself this time,
Section Chief Hanzawa.
What do you mean?
He means your attempt to
seize Higashida's property.
I wasn't notified, nor did I
give approval for such a thing.
I apologize for not notifying you,
it was a race against time.
Since it was snatched away
by the Taxation Bureau,
it was for naught.
Hanzawa-kun, if you insist on
doing whatever you please,
I suggest you transfer to a small
company out in the sticks.
Once there, you can freely
do whatever.
I appreciate the offer,
but I intend to stay
at this bank for the
rest of my career.
That's not for you to decide.
We'll see what happens at
the on-site inspection
On-site inspection?
What are you talking about?
Wake up, Hanzawa.
I told you about the
discretionary on-site
inspection day after
tomorrow, yes?
I wasn't told. Furthermore,
the day after tomorrow?
We usually get a week's notice
before inspections.
- I believe I told you some time ago.
- Wasn't there a mistake?
You're the one who's mistaken!
Blaming others for your own mistake
is not commendable,
Loan Section Chief Hanzawa.
What the heck is that sai
- sairyou hanten? -
Hanten is a Chinese restaurant.
This is rinten.
Sairyou rinten (discretionary
on-site inspection).
- Sairyou Rinten -
Inspection conducted by HQ
to ensure proper decisions.
Inspectors from
Headquarters come to see if
we're making correct
credit judgments.
Something like a pop quiz.
- Why now, of all times.
- That's precisely why.
Most likely, their target is me.
I'm sure supporters of Manager
Asano are among the inspectors.
They plan to find any fault
they can and ship me away.
That's why I wasn't told of the
inspection until today.
How low is that?
If possible, I want to find Higashida
before that and get this settled.
Did you get a chance to
check on that matter?
The condo Higashida was hiding
at, this is the owner.
Komura Takehiko?
I've heard that name
I would think so.
He was the Chairman of
Komura Construction
whose name was widely
known in the Kansai area
ten years ago.
Ah, as I recall, he was
removed when suspicion
of illegal political
contribution surfaced.
- That's right.
- Why would Higashida be at a condo
belonging to someone like that?
How are they connected?
Higashida's ex-wife is a
distant relative of Komura.
It's not surprising if
they knew each other.
I see.
In that case,
there's a good chance
Higashida's still hiding out
in one of Komura's properties.
That's what I thought, so I asked
a real estate agent I know
and got a list of properties Komura owns.
All this
More than 30 if you include
the smaller ones.
What do you think?
Want me to check all of them?
Hey, don't worry about me.
I can go without sleep and search
with this long-range camera.
I appreciate your thought, but
there's no time for that.
We'll have to go see
Komura Takehiko directly
and ask him for Higashida's whereabouts.
Well, yeah, but
- Now you know.
- I see.
May I ask who you are?
I'm from Tokyo Chuo Bank.
Is it possible to see Komura-san
for just a few minutes?
- Not now. He needs complete rest.
- 5 minutes, no, 1 minute is all I need
- to ask him something.
- No means no! That's the rule.
Nothing we can do. We'll
have to come again.
Komura-san, you've got to stay in bed.
I know my own body better than anyone else.
- Komura-san!
- Quit nagging, woman. Get lost.
What does the bank want with me?
What do you think?
This ain't bad either.
It's great, but won't they find us again?
I'll deal with that when it happens.
But you know what?
Those guys won't be able
to mess with me soon.
- Higashida's mistress
Fujisawa Miki -
- Nishi Steel President
Higashida Mitsuru -
I've got several plans in mind.
About your shop too.
So the great Tokyo Chuo was duped
by Higashida acting all alone.
What's so funny?
Do you have any idea what we've
been going through because of him?
Actually, I do sympathize with you.
But not you.
I don't know how many times
I've been burned by banks.
- Former Chairman Komura Construction
Komura Takehiko -
No matter how bad the bank hurts,
I only got one thing to say.
Serves you right!
Komura-san, I don't know
what the situation is
between you and the banks. However,
what Higashida did this time
cannot be forgiven.
Can you give us a clue?
It can be anything.
It's been a year since I last saw him.
At first, he came offering to
help me when I became bedridden.
As soon as I let him manage
my properties, he stopped coming.
Obviously after your fortune.
Yes, that's right.
But you know,
people like him were the
only ones who approached me.
He wasn't alone.
It doesn't matter anymore.
I don't have long to live.
I don't give a damn what happens to others.
Grandpa, I'm here!
Come here, Kenta.
Grandpa's room is over there.
I'm sorry, my son came to the wrong room.
Come on, hurry up.
Excuse us.
End of discussion. You can leave now.
He's hopeless.
Grouchy old geezer to the core.
So, Hanzawa-han, what're you gonna do?
Can you ride out this on-site whatever?
I have to ride it out,
no matter what it takes.
- What's that?
- Stuff from the bank.
You didn't get fired, did you?
No, I didn't. I'm evacuating.
We're getting an inspection so I'm
storing these here for a while.
I have no idea what you're talking about.
In short, what you're doing is hiding
documents that you don't want
- inspectors to see?
- Exactly.
Isn't that considered a crime?
No, it isn't.
It's a measure to avoid a negative
review at the internal inspection.
This discretionary
inspection was set up by
Manager Asano to force me into a corner.
If I leave myself open
to attacks, I'm dead.
Do you even have a chance
against your branch manager?
Your car is ready, Sir.
All right.
- Main Office
Executive Director's Office (Tokyo) -
The discretionary inspection will be
conducted at Osaka Nishi
Branch tomorrow.
- Executive Director
Owada Akira -
Is this about Hanzawa-kun again?
- Director
Kishikawa Shingo -
Yes. Since Manager Asano and
Ogiso-kun are handling it,
there's no need to be concerned.
Those two will stop at nothing
once they decide to.
Watching them run around to
discipline just one employee
is quite ridiculous.
I'll let them know they need to get
this settled once and for all.
Aren't you misunderstanding?
I told you before, but
that guy may be able to
recover the 500 million.
If he can, it would be
beneficial to our bank.
It's a very good thing for us.
However, if that happens,
Manager Asano will be driven
into a tight corner instead.
So what?
If that happens to
Asano-kun, who is
under your wing, your position will
My position will weaken because
of something like that?
Are you belittling me?
No, Sir. That wasn't my intention.
If anything, I'm excited by the
emergence of a capable man.
On top of that, he's from old Sangyo Chuo.
What more can we ask for?
Ex-excuse me then.
I'll have them cancel the
inspection immediately.
All right.
Ah, wait.
tell them to show no mercy.
Let's see how he rises
to the occasion.
If he can't, he can't.
That's all there was to him.
If that happens, we'll have him
shipped out immediately.
- Discretionary
On-site Inspection Day 1 -
- Before Business Hours 8:45 -
Okay, and let them in.
Well, well, Deputy Manager Ogiso.
Glad to see to you.
We have a room ready for you upstairs.
Allow me to show you the way.
This is the Loan Section floor.
You heard about the discretionary
inspection, Hanzawa?
- Eight hours earlier -
Yes. Although I was only
told yesterday.
You probably already know,
but Manager Asano's
directing this inspection
in the background.
- HQ Loan Section - Haida Masaki
HR Deputy - Ogiso Tadao -
Asano's minion,
Ogiso, heads the team.
Also, this guy Haida is
Ogiso's flunky, so be cautious.
- HQ Loan Section - Kano Masaaki
HQ Loan Section - Terauchi Kentaro -
Kano-san and Terauchi-san are neutral, but
they will also do whatever Ogiso says.
And one more person.
The original member had an
emergency and can't go.
So I was called up as
the pinch hitter, but
I wonder if this wasn't
their plan all along.
What do you mean?
By including me, who's close to you,
they hope to catch you off
guard and disrupt the pace.
- That's likely their intention.
- They went through a lot of trouble.
That shows how serious they are.
Listen, Hanzawa.
Don't hold back.
Whether I'm there or not,
say what you want to say.
I'm sorry, but I can't
back you up this time.
As long as I'm there as an
inspector, I must act accordingly.
Yes, I'm well aware.
Thank you for all you did in
Tokyo, Loan Section Chief Hanzawa.
I'm honored that you, deputy manager
of Human Resources, took time to
participate in the inspection
conducted by the Loan Department.
Of course I would. This is one of
our most important branch offices.
Precisely why
we have to detect a malignant
tumor early and remove it.
I hope the doctor in
charge isn't a quack.
Impertinent patients die young.
Come to think of it, last time
you made a big deal about
recovering 500 million yen.
- Is that going well, Hanzawa-kun?
- Hanzawa.
Deputy Manager Ogiso is asking
out of concern for you.
You should be grateful.
Thank you for your concern.
Now then, this way please.
Completely translated and timed by subie06
- Bank Opens for Business 9:00 -
about the list of companies the
inspection team wants to review
The 3-day discretionary inspection,
due to time and personnel constraints,
is bound by regulation to randomly select
a few dozen companies.
However, the companies they selected
were all clients with problems
and were under-performing.
It's obvious they were chosen on purpose.
Asano or Ejima's must have
leaked information.
Chief, it's going to be a
tough fact-finding meeting.
When we see many deficit-ridden
companies in the random pool,
- After Business Hours Discretionary -
- Inspection Fact-Finding
Meeting Day 1 -
we have to corrent your
over-optimistic outlook.
You need to come up with
a corrective action plan.
- But you selected those by design
- Do you have objections?
No, we understand.
We will work on it immediately.
That's all I have.
Don't make enemies if you don't have to.
Next one's the problem.
Will you stop whispering to each other?
Do you have something to hide?
No, I was just instructing
him on the corrective action.
Hanzawa, do that later.
You're rude.
Sorry. Please carry on.
Who's in charge of Hayashimoto Kogyo?
I am.
What kind of client is this company?
They're in the iron and steel
wholesale business
That's not what I asked.
Their deficit should raise a red flag.
If this rookie, who's barely older
than a student, is in charge,
it's not surprising this company's
performance doesn't improve.
Why don't you take immediate action
to collect this high risk loan?
How are you instructing him, Chief?
- To maintain the status quo.
- That's what I'm saying is wrong with you.
Do you plan to keep
on financing
companies that
perform poorly?
Hayashimoto Kogyo is currently in
the process of reducing personnel.
Last term they were in the red due
to payout of severance allowance.
This term, they should recover
enough to break even.
Where's the proof of that?
- Where's the concrete basis?
- The trial balance should be there.
Trial balance?
I don't see it here.
Your irresponsible
comments won't help.
Aren't you being irresponsible,
Chief Hanzawa?
Or do you plan to blame your
subordinate for this?
I apologize.
I ended up humiliating the Chief.
I'm sorry.
You'd better do some soul searching.
A credit file without a trial balance
is beyond absurd. Plus
Kakiuchi! Enough.
Nakanishi, don't let it bother you.
It's not just your fault.
We didn't have enough time to prepare.
My clients' files aren't
in perfect order either.
Usually we get a week to get ready,
get our files in order.
On top of that, when
they keep picking on
under-performing clients,
even Chief won't have any excuses.
Yet it's hard for me to
accept that inspection team.
They're using the
inspection as an excuse to
bring down Chief and drive
him against the wall.
We've got to somehow track
down Higashida and show
them it's possible to
recover the 500 million.
Otherwise, Chief would
You again?
How many times must I tell you
It's okay. He's the only visitor I get.
- You're sure a persistent fella.
- That's my only virtue.
Let me warn you. If it's about Higashida,
even if I knew anything, I have no
intention of helping the bank.
You ought to leave before
you waste more time.
Why do you hate the bank so much?
Won't you tell me?
Do you know what I went
through a long time ago?
I heard you made illegal contributions
and were kicked out of your company.
That's right.
The one who leaked info to
the Prosecutors' Office
was the bank I had dealings
with for a long time.
The bank wouldn't handle me anymore, so
they egged on my subordinates and
booted me from the company
I started from scratch.
Until then, they had me doing
all kinds of things behind the scenes
that bordered on illegal.
They had the nerve to
shift all blame on me.
The bank sold me out!
thanks to properties I had in my name,
I didn't want for money.
How I envy you.
I almost want to borrow
500 million if I could.
No matter how much money you have,
you can't have what you really want.
Keep that in mind.
Because of what happened in the
past, other than money, I
Other than money, I lost everything
What's the matter?
Komura-san, are you all right?
I'm all right.
Is something the matter?
He is having difficulty breathing.
I'll be right there.
That sure felt good today.
Thanks to you for suggesting
this inspection.
It's not over yet, Ogiso-kun.
I'm going to thoroughly
enjoy it for two more days.
I've given orders to
Haida to show no mercy.
Excuse me.
That's right. Tomorrow, isn't it?
When you're coming.
I've been invited by Ejima-san's
wife and other wives.
All right. I'll call you if it looks
like I can get some free time.
Don't overexert yourself.
You're busy lately, aren't you?
I'm fine. You're not
overexerting yourself, are you?
I'm sorry, always
leaving the kids to you.
- Don't worry about us
- Mom!
Are you talking to Dad?
Dad. Can you take any time off from work?
There's a place I want to go with you.
I'm sorry. I'm really busy right now.
But to make up for it, I'll take you
anywhere you like on my next day off.
Until then, listen to
Mom and be a good girl.
Okay. Good luck with work too, Dad.
You're Hanzawa Naoki-san
with Tokyo Chuo, right?
Pardon me for stopping you.
My card.
Freelance writer?
Actually, I'm writing an article on the
Nishi Osaka Steel bankruptcy.
Let me get to the point.
How much loss did Tokyo Chuo
incur because of that?
- What are you talking about?
- Is 500 million a correct amount?
Since you're not answering,
can I take that as a yes?
I can't talk about internal matters.
Please don't make assumptions.
Were you able to get information
on Higashida from Komura-san?
You couldn't, right?
I'd like to find Higashida and
talk to him directly too.
Even with the power of
mass media, I can't track
down his whereabouts.
I'm at a standstill.
- Hanzawa-san, would you happen to know?
- I'd like to know too.
- I see.
- Kisugi-san.
The so-called power of mass media.
Is there any way I can borrow some of that?
- Discretionary On-Site -
- Inspection Fact-Finding
Meeting Day 2 -
It's not here.
The Certificate of Historical
Matters is missing?
How many times is this?
Please look again.
I'm sure it's there.
I can't find what's not here.
You take a look.
On Day 2 of the discretionary
on-site inspection,
Inspector Haida's relentless
questions continued.
More than Day 1, lack of
documentation came to light.
The situation was such that Hanzawa,
Loan Section Chief, could no
longer avoid the responsibility.
Well? Did you find it?
It's not here.
Since yesterday, you've said
this and that can't be found.
Chief Hanzawa, what
kind of leadership
do you give your subordinates?
- I'm sorry. I'm responsible for all this.
- I'm tired of hearing that.
I hate to say this in front
of Manager Asano, but
I've never seen such low
standards in a loan section.
Don't you agree?
It's certainly appalling.
I can understand Asano-san's difficulty
with a Section Chief like him.
Can you at least explain yourself?
What a pathetic guy.
Now then, as you wish,
allow me to explain.
I can understand Asano-san's difficulty
with a Section Chief like him.
Can't you at least explain yourself?
What a pathetic guy.
Now then, as you wish,
allow me to explain.
Of all companies Osaka Nishi
Branch's Loan Section is financing,
approximately 70 percent are stable,
profitable companies in good standing.
However, the subjects
of this inspection are,
for some reason, the remaining 30 percent.
It appears only the clients with
bad performance were selected.
What are you trying to say?
I'm dismayed with my unlucky fate.
If this is in fact the result
of random selection
with no special intent
in mind, that is.
Do you say we deliberately
selected the accounts to be inspected?
That's just my personal presumption,
please don't let it bother you.
However, I can't help
feeling malicious
intent from the beginning.
Your attitude, shutting your
eyes to your own faults.
That's why you think nothing
of losing 500 million yen.
That has nothing to do with this.
- Forget it. This is it for today!
- Wait a minute.
- Hanzawa.
- Before we get started on loans,
looks like we need to
examine whether you're
even qualified to be a banker.
I was stopping by to say hello, but
it appears I made you go through
all this trouble instead.
No trouble at all. We don't
get to see you too often.
This is the least we can do, right?
Please help yourself.
They look delicious.
- Branch Manager Asano's
wife Asano Rie -
Did all of you make all this?
Sanae-san made all this by herself.
Wow, that's amazing.
You have my respect!
- Kakiuchi's wife
Yoshie -
You're from the Kanto area,
so I tried to be a little creative.
- Thank you.
- Please help yourself.
I hope it suits your palate.
Yes, delicious.
That makes me so happy.
I'm really glad you like it.
Rie-san, I hope you can
think of my husband and me as friends.
Yes, most definitely.
Excuse me, my husband too.
Hana-san, I told you this is the
time to bring out the soup.
- Stop daydreaming.
- I'm sorry.
I don't know how you have the
gall to shame me like that.
I'm very sorry.
However, in spite of your harsh words,
you don't appear to be too infuriated.
I'm beyond infuriated.
I've given up on you.
Isn't this exactly what you expected?
Do you still think I gave
Ogiso-kun and the team
information on
deficit-ridden companies?
Did you?
Heck if I know.
In any case, the inspection
concludes tomorrow.
Results will be reported to
upper management immediately.
This time you're
Mrs Branch Manager!
Hanzawa-san, was it?
Pardon me for holding you
back when you're busy.
That's quite all right.
What did you wish to discuss?
- It's about my husband.
- Chief Hanzawa?
Yes. Let me pour you some tea. I'm
sorry I didn't realize sooner.
Oh, may I have water instead?
Could it be because of
the food you had earlier?
It is, isn't it?
- It was too salty, wasn't it?
- No, no. It's not that.
I apologize for making you
eat something like that.
Just between you and me, Sanae-san
didn't make any of that.
She had us make everything, and
just tasted it at the end.
"Ladies, you know who you're making
this for. This is the flavor?"
"You're serving this to
someone from Kanto.
Kanto people favor bold flavors.
That's common knowledge."
Saying nonsense like that, she
threw in salt and soy sauce.
On top of all that, even honey
to bring out the flavor, she said.
That's how that horrid
concoction was created.
They were all very delicious
at first, you know.
You see people
like her everywhere.
They can't cook, but have
selective odd knowledge.
They don't move their hands,
but they talk up a storm.
What's more, their sense
of taste is messed up.
I'm sorry for laughing.
When you're concerned for me.
But it's a nuisance, isn't it?
Just so she can socialize with
the branch manager's wife.
I'm sorry
Everyone expects that from me
and tries to cater to me, but
to be honest, I'm totally
clueless about my husband's job.
I'm sorry.
I mean, that wasn't specifically
my intention you know?
Well, I might be lying
if I said it wasn't
My husband's father was a banker too.
They were constantly moving,
apparently he had few friends.
He said that's why he didn't want our
kids to go through what he did.
My husband lived in Osaka during his
middle and high school years,
he told me he was used to the area.
So he moved here alone for this assignment.
I know I should be more
involved in supporting him
as the branch manager's wife, but
where I'm lacking,
people working for him and their
families fill in for me, right?
Not at all.
Thank you for your support.
- Osaka Nishi
Branch Staff Cafeteria -
Do you prefer Western food?
Or Japanese food?
Japanese food.
anpan (bun filled with red bean paste).
Eat something sweet when you're tired.
Thank you.
Chief, where have you been?
I stepped out to buy bread.
Oh, Kakiuchi.
Do you prefer Western food?
Or Japanese food?
I'm sure it was there.
Tsumura Sekkou's Certificate
of Historical
Matters that they said
was missing today.
It was definitely in the file one week ago.
I looked at it when I
did the security review.
After he told me that, I
tried to remember, and
realized they said the trial balance
I'm sure I wrote was missing.
At first, I thought it got
misplaced, but
don't you think it rather odd?
Nakanishi, can you think of anything?
- No
- Do you know something?
No, I'm not aware of anything.
If you'll excuse me.
- Hey.
- Kakiuchi.
- 2:30 AM -
- Sorry. Did I wake you up?
- No.
- Shall I make you something?
- That's okay.
That's okay. I'll make something.
What happened? You're being awfully nice.
The branch manager's wife was here today.
- Asano's wife?
- Yes.
She didn't take any of the
evacuated documents, did she?
It's fine, it's fine.
Or rather, I don't think
she's that kind of a person.
I don't think she even
knew there's friction
between you and the
branch manager.
Although she looked a little
sad that she didn't know.
But she looked like she trusts her
husband and holds up the household.
She's a nice lady.
Sorry. Would you prefer I
didn't talk about these things?
I wish you guys could get along.
But it's not that we were just socializing.
I got all kinds of branch manager info too.
- Like what?
- Like
he's very sweet at home.
Sounds like backhanded
sarcasm towards me again.
Also, Manager Asano was
originally from Osaka.
He attended a middle school near here.
Why that reaction?
Are you trying to say this is
worthless information?
No, that's not true.
for making you worry about
things like this.
That's okay.
After all, I'm a banker's wife.
- Discretionary On-Site
Inspection Final Day -
- Before Business Hours 08:30 -
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
Good morning.
Kawamura-san, please check Tsugawa
Unyu's balance on their current account.
- After Business Hours 16:30 -
The fact-finding meeting is about to start.
You'll get chewed out again if you're late.
Let's ride out today's fact-finding
meeting no matter what.
Don't worry.
I can protect my own self.
You can tell me what happened
after everything is over
as a funny anecdote.
- Kakiuchi.
- Here you go.
Hey, Nakanishi.
This is
All right.
It's time.
- Discretionary On-Site Inspection -
- Final Fact-Finding Meeting -
I heard you persisted until
quite late last night.
We just struggled in vain.
Hasty stopgap measures won't fool us.
Please go easy on us.
At the final fact-finding meeting
of the investigation,
unless the Loan Section
of Osaka Nishi Branch
redeemed itself for its
errors of the past two days,
its chief, Hanzawa, would get shipped out.
In order to prevent that,
they prepared thoroughly.
However, Hanzawa's attitude
yesterday acted as a trigger, and
the atmosphere in the meeting
leaned completely in
favor of Ogiso and Haida.
Well, I guess I'm next.
Who's in charge of Takaishi Tekkou?
- I am.
- The Loan Section Chief himself?
As you see, the loan
amount is large,
so we take more precaution.
This company with
extra precaution
has been deficit-ridden
for four years in a row.
No need for concern.
Their past three years'
effort are expected to
see them in the black this term.
- Is that an arbitrary decision again?
- It isn't arbitrary.
It's a decision based on
frequent meetings and
taking into account the earnings
forecast and personnel reduction.
Meetings. Then where are the minutes?
They should be in the file.
- I don't see them anywhere.
- No, that can't be true.
Again? Chief Hanzawa.
Please stop this nonsense.
I definitely had
them filed in there.
If they're not in here,
they're not in here.
- Please look carefully again.
- I told you they're not here!
If you insist, look for them yourself.
Let's move it!
You're wasting our time!
They're not here.
- Stop messing with us!
- This is strange, isn't it?!
They were here this morning.
Hey, what about this morning?
It seemed to us a number of
documents went missing from day 1.
Therefore, we summarized
which file contained
what documents.
It took us until 1:00 AM.
So what does that
This list proves that
Takaishi Tekkou's minutes
do indeed exist.
Yet, they're not here now.
I'd like to know what kind of
control this panel is practicing?
- Are you saying we lost them?
- That's inexcusable.
I've never been so insulted.
There's no way we should
be subjected to this.
This Loan Section Chief
has too many issues.
Hanzawa-kun, stop
bringing further disgrace
to our branch with your
disgusting behavior!
Do you hear, Hanzawa?!
it's time you acknowledge
your mistakes.
There's no way a random list like
that can be considered reliable!
That's what I thought you'd say.
Just to make sure, we copied
these early this morning.
You can clearly see the
missing minutes.
This is infallible evidence
that those documents
definitely existed until this morning.
Even so, how can you suspect us?
Yes, you're right. I would like
to believe this panel.
So, right here and now,
please allow us to examine
your belongings.
What are you blabbering about?
If you do that and nothing
shows up, you'll pay for this!
I shall face the consequences.
This is extremely unpleasant.
I do not intend
to submit to your
unreasonable demand!
What kind of a false accusation!
Enough is enough, Hanzawa.
Tomari-kun's absolutely right.
I won't stay quiet after
being insulted!
Gentlemen, if only to
prove our innocence,
let's show him the contents of our bags.
There's no problem whatsoever
if we have nothing to hide.
Prepare to face the consequence, Hanzawa!
Fine, bring it on.
Well then, let's take a look
one at a time, shall we?
- Nothing here.
- Nothing here.
- Thank you.
- Pardon me.
Inspector Haida, please.
Excuse us.
What's the matter?
- Kakuta-san.
- Excuse me.
Looks like he was enjoying himself.
I would've never thought
you were reading
material like this during
an official inspection.
You have a fine hobby there.
Nothing here.
But put your mind at ease.
Your innocence has been proven.
Now, the only one remaining is
Deputy Manager Ogiso, I'd like
you to show us your bag.
- No, this is
- Excuse me.
Show him to prove your innocence.
- Okay? Ogiso-san.
- You bastard
Here. Take a look.
Excuse me.
Newspaper, paperback,
cigarettes, cell phone.
Hayashimoto Kogyo, Tsumura Sekkou,
minutes of meetings at Takaishi Tekkou.
Let's hear your explanation
about this.
Stop playing cheap tricks on me.
Who put these in my bag?
Was it you? Or you?
Did you do it during break?
Was it during break?
You guys plotted together
to frame me, didn't you?
If you insist on faulting me,
show some evidence. Evidence!
Don't think you can get away
with a sorry excuse like that.
I said show me the evidence.
If it's evidence you want
I have it.
On the first day of inspection,
I caught Deputy Manager Ogiso taking
documents from the file.
What are you doing?
Deputy Manager
You're Nakanishi-kun, right?
Can you pretend you never saw it?
If you do as I ask, you won't be sorry.
Yet if you're planning to tell someone,
I'll make you take responsibility for
the 500-million yen loan mishap, too.
Where would you like to get shipped out to?
What are you saying?
I'm the Deputy Manager of Human Resources.
That's a piece of cake for me.
- This Morning 8:20 -
Excuse me.
You wished to see me?
You haven't told anyone, have you?
Deputy Manager Ogiso, I
can't continue to
Stop pretending to
be a man of justice.
Don't forget, you're my
accomplice already.
From the time you didn't stop me
from taking out the document.
Don't worry. If you remain silent,
I promise you won't be sorry.
I know nothing about that.
He made that up.
He's imagining things.
A statement like that can't
be used as evidence.
How many times do I have say it?
Show us the evidence that would
convince everyone. Evidence!
Deputy Manager Ogiso, I
can't continue to
Stop pretending to
be a man of justice.
Don't forget, you're my
accomplice already.
From the time you didn't stop me
from taking out the document.
Don't worry. If you remain silent,
I promise you won't be sorry.
I didn't say anything to you.
I apologize for that!
Thank you for telling us.
Do you have anything more to add?
Deputy Manager Ogiso.
Looks like you're not a
good judge of character
even though you're
in Human Resources.
This means my subordinate
wasn't weak enough
to be bullied by you.
He's not like others around here.
Inspector Haida.
How much did you know?
I knew nothing
Don't think you're off the hook
saying you knew nothing.
You were at Ogiso's beck and call,
and conducted
this inspection with
predetermined results. How do
you, as Loan Department,
plan to take responsibility?
Let's have you apologize for all the
abusive comments you heaped
on us over the past 3 days.
- That will be done in writing
- Do it right now, right here!
I'm sorry.
Can't you at least explain yourself?
What a pathetic guy.
This concludes the inspection.
- I'll take care of this matter.
- No, that's not going to happen.
Why was this absurd
inspection conducted?
Who should be held responsible?
I intend to pursue the matter until I get
answers. Is that okay with you?
- Manager Asano.
- More importantly,
shouldn't you try to
recover the 500 million?
do as you please.
Grandpa, I'm here.
Mama, hurry, hurry.
Don't keep coming to the wrong room.
Your grandpa's next door.
Isn't this man my grandpa?
He's grandpa, Takeshi.
Grandpa's the one who named you Takeshi.
Isn't that right? Father.
Why didn't you call me sooner?
I'm not qualified to be a father.
- How could I dare to see you after
- Don't decide that on your own!
Even if you did something bad,
even if you're someone I hate,
I can still look after you.
Let me look after you.
After all, I'm your only daughter.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry
But how did you find this place?
Did my lawyer tell you?
No. I got a call from a man named Hanzawa.
He said he was an acquaintance of yours.
Who's he to say he's my acquaintance.
He's just a meddlesome banker.
Ah, Kisugi-san. This is Hanzawa.
Thank you. I appreciate you
looking that up for me.
No need to thank me.
You accepted my condition too.
Still, why would you go
this far for Komura?
Well, I guess it's of no concern to me.
This will be a good article,
thanks to you.
- One Week Later -
- The truth behind Nishi Osaka
Steel's Bankruptcy -
- Tokyo Chuo Bank Pathetically
Deceived out of 500 Million! -
- Osaka Nishi Branch, which took the loss,
is a branch following the tradition -
- of old Sangyo Chuo Bank before the merger.
Problems exist in the outdated structure -
Sumiyoshi-ku, Higashi Tezuka-yama
All right. Thank you.
I'll call you again.
What, you're sure here a lot.
Did you get transferred out?
Yeah, right. I have to wrap things up.
Since I'm the underling of the bunch.
Past 40 and still errand boy, huh?
By the way, I thought I'd let you know.
Ogiso's getting transferred out.
Another banker bites the dust?
In his case, he brought it upon himself.
But you know, Hanzawa,
this isn't the time
to laugh at other
people's misfortune.
Because of this recent incident,
your reputation that you
failed on the 500-million
yen loan caught upper
management's attention.
Moreover, because of this
article, not only Ogiso but
you arere the target of a
disciplinary action, also.
Who's the idiot that leaked
information for that article?
Don't tell me you?
Why?! You're playing right
into Asano's hands.
What are you planning to do?
In the first place, you haven't even
found Higashida's hideout yet.
- Actually, I know already.
- See? That's why I always said
- Five Hours earlier -
Hanzawa is on his way.
That person there is Hanzawa.
This is from my father.
As short as it was, we were able
to be a family at the end.
We owe it to Hanzawa-san.
Thank you.
This is a token of my
appreciation for providing
me something that can't
be bought with money.
You're a fool and a first-class banker.
You're a fool indeed.
Cutting your own throat by
leaking information on
the 500-million loan in exchange.
That's so like you.
I did it to track down
Higashida's whereabouts.
- That's all there is to it.
- I know.
Hanzawa-han. That address was right on.
He was there.
Steak tonight?
Is that right?
But that Higashida,
he's hanging out with an odd fellow.
An odd fellow?
This is just my gut feeling,
but I think he's someone in financing.
Could he possibly be someone
connected to his hidden account?
I took his picture so I'm sending it.
Hey, who's that guy?
Completely translated and timed by subie06
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