Hanzawa Naoki (2013) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

For causing a 500-million yen loan mishap,
Osaka Nishi Branch of Tokyo Chuo Bank
was subjected to a discretionary
inspection by Headquarters.
However, that was a
scheme plotted by
Manager Asano in order to shift
responsibility to Hanzawa.
Hanzawa saw through the tactics
the inspector Ogiso,
and managed to overcome
the on-site inspection.
In exchange for leaking
the information on
the loan mishap to the media,
Hanzawa finally discovered
Higashida's hideout.
However, who should appear there but
Sounds like a good piece of
real estate but it's pricey.
Beat them down as much as you can.
Do it right. I'm counting on you.
Sounds like your new venture in
Vietnam's progressing smoothly.
There's an ever-increasing
demand for specialty steel.
Although I can't do it openly in view of
the Taxation Bureau and
the personal bankruptcy.
I intend to make it big again.
Why don't you join me, Ta-chan?
I'll pay more than you're getting now.
I'm still on track for an
elite career at a mega-bank.
I have no intention of
abandoning my career.
Then you'd better watch out.
For that Hanzawa dude.
Don't worry.
Now that this article's out,
the top won't remain silent.
At the next board of directors' meeting,
an official decision will be
made on Hanzawa.
There's no way he can get out of this
I got beat up by that guy too.
This is Asano's personal history that
was in the bank's personnel file.
And this is President Higashida's
personal history that's been made public.
Umeda Daiichi Middle School.
Umeda Daiichi Middle SchoolYou're right!
They attended the same middle school.
But how did you know Asano lived
here during his middle school years?
There's a very capable
detective in our family.
Manager Asano's
originally from Osaka.
He attended a middle school near here.
What's more, they were
in the same grade.
Which means they knew each
other since middle school
and they're connected in the background.
If you think of it that way,
everything falls into place.
Why Nishi Osaka Steel suddenly decided to
do business with us, why Asano tried to
force through the 500-million yen loan.
Perhaps the window dressing
and intentional bankruptcy
weren't Higashida's idea, but
something Asano put him up to.
Asano knew that we were getting
deceived out of 500 million
from the very start.
- Headquarters Loan Section
Tomari Shinobu -
And he had already decided
to put that blame on you.
- But, Tomaru-han.
- It's Tomari.
Why would he take
such a risk for a classmate?
More than likely, to
receive a kickback.
Asano took the risk.
But there's no proof.
That picture alone isn't enough.
If he says he just got together with an
classmate, that's the end of story.
That's right. Hanzawa-han,
what shall we do?
Until now, I felt
responsible as a banker for
failing to recognize window dressing.
So after doing everything in my power,
I prepared to accept
any punishment.
But not anymore.
Asano crossed the line as a banker.
I won't let him get away with it.
I'll find the evidence
and drag the bastard down.
If they screw you, they get
double payback right?
It's ten times the payback.
We determined that 100
million is the appropriate
amount for Hagimoto
Unyu's new loan.
Fine. Submit the request for approval.
However, for the foreseeable
future, Ejima-kun
will have concurrent duties
as Loan Section Chief.
Hanzawa-kun, as far as new loans go,
please step aside for a while.
What do you mean?
While it's true there was misconduct on
Ogiso-kun's part at the
last on-site inspection,
I understand upper
management is deliberating
if the problem doesn't
lie with you too
for bringing on the situation.
Pray tell what my problem is.
Don't you understand
something like that?
What's more, because some trashy
magazine found out about it,
our branch is being viewed
with critical eyes by the public.
There's no way I can
continue to trust you,
the very cause of the
problem, with any work.
As far as this loan is concerned,
I don't recall doing anything
to warrant a punishment.
That attitude is the problem!
It's obvious I'm wasting my breath on you.
Assistant Manager,
next agenda topic, please.
Next, Kakuta. The additional loan
of 50 million to Sakaishi Kogyo.
Sakaishi Kogyo is in the process of
You two look close. How much kickback
did you get for the 500 million? Hana
Is something wrong, Manager?
No it's nothing.
What's the outlook for collecting the loan?
Wakaike Shoji, whom we've
been doing business
for a long time, is a
company in good standing,
and Sakaishi Kogyou's
performance is rising steadily.
We foresee no problems.
All right. Next
We were photographed together?
Yes, looks like someone snuck a
camera shot of us yesterday.
Any idea who Hana is?
No idea, probably an alias.
However, being she
has my e-mail address,
my guess is someone
relatively close to me
Are you sure it isn't Hanzawa?
Even if it was him,
you just keep your head held high.
What's the problem with two
classmates meeting, I say.
If you run scared, you'll trip up!
I know.
What's wrong?
Well, I'm surprised
you found me here.
We followed you from your place.
- My place?
- Komura-san was kind enough to tell us.
- That old geezer
- Higashida.
- How much have you stashed away?
- I don't know what you're talking about.
Inflating payments, tax evasion,
500 million from our bank.
Rough estimate, more than 1 billion?
Looks like I nailed it.
- The hiding place of your hidden assets
- Stop right there!
If you don't stop jabbering,
I'm gonna report you to the police.
You're the one who's getting reported.
Attorney Katayama Hironori
I'm pleased to tell you
I applied to declare bankruptcy.
Persistent attempts to collect
from me in the future
will be considered illegal.
You better watch out.
You've got tons of money. There's no
way they'd recognize your bankruptcy!
I'm protected by the law.
Don't ever show that sleazy face
in front of me again!
- What did you say? Hey!
- Takeshita.
Declared himself bankrupt?
The impertinence!
But now
the bank can't openly interfere.
Don't we have the permission to search yet?
We need more conclusive evidence,
otherwise we may get sued
Every one of you,
will you quit shrinking in fear!
Ah, damn.
You're not planning to
drop the matter, are you?
- What the heck are you doing?
- Takeshita.
- Have you ever seen this logo?
- What is this?
It was on the box of tissues
in Higashida's car.
Might be the logo of a financial
institution, do you think?
Like those promotions banks
pass out to customers?
Yes. I'd recognize it right away if it
was a regional or city bank, but
I've never seen this logo before.
Maybe it's a credit union.
Wait a minute.
Why would
Higashida do business
with a place like that?
That may be where he has
his hidden account.
- What?!
- Yet I have no proof.
- Just a gut feeling.
- No.
It's not just a gut feeling.
It's your gut feeling as a banker.
Okay, leave that to me.
- I'll go check them out one by one.
- Thanks.
I'll try to find out what kind of a
kickback Asano got from Higashida.
Hanzawa, this is a
critical point for us.
I'm working on a side job from tomorrow.
- Side job?
- That's right.
It's only for a week, but my senpai who
lives here asked me if I wanted to do it.
- Floral design?
- No, it isn't.
It's clerical work.
They're shorthanded.
Why? Do you need the money?
Not especially, but
Why not?
I mean,
I can understand if it's floral
design work you enjoy, but
if it's not, I don't see
why you need to work.
Can't a housewife work
if there's no reason?
That's why bankers are hopeless.
Women assigned to main career
track positions at the bank
are still less than 1
percent of men, right?
Deciding who does or doesn't get the
loan for the convenience of men.
Do you really understand
how working women feel?
What do you mean, for
the convenience of men?
Don't worry, I'll do the
housework as always.
It's just a side job.
Let me do as I please.
Fix your own dinner.
Why is she so mad?
"Higashida and I were
classmates in middle school."
"Beyond that, we don't
have any association."
"I don't know who you are, but you seem
to misunderstand something."
If you send me any more
false unwanted e-mail,
I'll report you to the police.
I knew you'd say that.
- Main Building
Great Conference Room -
The Chairman was called to
the Financial Services Agency on
short notice and will not attend.
What is the situation with
this matter, Kishikawa?
- Director
Kishikawa Shingo -
I've received reports that
responsibility lies with Loan Section
Chief Hanzawa Naoki's arbitrary decision,
we're currently selecting
his place of transfer.
- Former Tokyo Daiichi Director Takagi -
Chairman Nakanowatari
is concerned too.
It will be trouble if we get marked
by the Financial Services Agency.
Remedy the situation posthaste.
Is that all right with you,
Executive Director Owada?
- Executive Director
Owada Akira -
That branch has many employees
from the old Sangyo Chuo.
I figured you must be
very distressed with the
misconduct of your junior.
It's crying. This room, that is.
Since 1902
when the former Sangyo
Chuo Bank was founded,
the Board of Directors' meeting has
traditionally been held in this room.
Even after the merger,
the tradition carries on.
Whenever I come to this room,
I feel motivated and inspired.
this room, which carried the
Japanese economy on its shoulders,
is about to be sucked into
this worthless conflict
between the Sangyo Chuo faction
and the Tokyo Daiichi faction.
Don't you think that's sad,
Managing Director Takagi?
You're the one who should be punished.
Was that you, Hanzawa?
Are you Hanzawa?
I'm appalled.
I've been working here a long time, but
I've never felt more disgusted than today.
But this by itself can't be the
trump card to corner Asano.
I want proof that Asano got
kickbacks from Higashida.
Can you guys lend a hand?
Please tell me if there's
anything I can do.
I can't sit still after being
taken for a fool like this.
Please let me do everything
in my power too.
Thank you. I appreciate it.
As for me,
please know that I didn't hear any of this.
I'm sorry.
If you'll excuse me.
Actually, Kakiuchi was
warned by the Manager.
If he's too cooperative with you, that
What is it?
After you get transferred out,
he's next.
I want you to observe
Chief Hanzawa's behavior.
With him, if it's not one
problem, it's another.
In particular, I want you to note
the times when he's texting.
- Osaka Nishi Branch Hankyu
Umeda Office Underground Parking Garage -
Kakuta, what are you doing?
- I'm Loan Section Chief Hanzawa.
- I know.
You're the celebrity of our bank right now.
I have no excuse.
Can we talk to you about Manager Asano?
Where is this?
The Manager often had me park the car here
while he conducted business.
What business?
Don't tell me
- Is that where he goes?
- Yes.
Since about 6 months ago, the Manager
has been using Kansai City Bank frequently.
Do you know what he does
with his bank book?
He keeps it with him at all times.
He makes sure he puts it
away in his brief case.
It's true he carries it with
him whenever he goes out.
When he doesn't go out,
he keeps the brief case
locked up in his desk.
He's very cautious indeed.
What to do
Hana-chan, bring them up front
and start with the white ones.
Hana, why don't you join
us and work with me?
I had decided to do it just this one time.
But you know, it's such
a waste of your talent.
Why did you quit? Because you got married?
Your husband?
No, my husband encouraged me to
continue after we got married, but
it's me who couldn't do it. I knew I'd
get wrapped up in my work
and household matters would
end up on the back burner.
I told my husband I got
tired of it and quit.
If I didn't say that,
he would've persuaded me to continue.
It's hard for me to comprehend.
Is your husband that important?
More than this work?
I told you not to get
involved with new loans.
I don't recall agreeing to it.
This is a Branch Manager's order.
It's not for you to agree or disagree!
Do you ignore me? I don't see
sign of repentance. Hana
- That wasn't you?
- Excuse me?
As punishment, I'm faxing
the attached photo
to the teller window
on the first floor.
I wonder what the female employee
who sees this will say. Hana
What's wrong?
- I doctored it up real good.
- Let's get this over with quickly.
Here's the duplicate key.
He sure has a nice brief case,
that son of a gun Asano.
It's not here
It's not here.
You there. Uh
Did you get like a weird fax
Oh, that. We got it a little while ago.
Oh, that's
how do I say, just a prank.
This is it, right?
"Asano-chan. Good job!"
- I don't see it,
- Let's look elsewhere too.
Hey, are you done yet?
- He'll be back any minute.
- This isn't working. We can't find it.
Chief, it's impossible.
Let's pull out for now.
"Science Fair Season"?
As I recall, this book was released
Right around the time the loan was made.
This is where it was.
Fujisawa Miki
50 million yen!
Damn, he's back.
If we step out now, he'll find out.
Completely translated and timed by subie06
There's something I'd like to talk
to you in regards to Chief Hanzawa.
Can you come this way for a minute?
Is Hanzawa scheming something again?
Manager, I can't
betray Chief Hanzawa after all.
Please allow me to excuse myself
from observing the Chief.
You'll be sorry.
Are you saying that knowing
I'm from the personnel field?
Excuse me.
I swear, that guy's subordinates,
they're all fools!
I imagine you don't have any.
Foolish subordinates like us.
Being kept useless on the
payroll by a guy like that
is worse than getting shipped out.
That's what I thought.
I feel the same way.
You found the bank book, right?
Don't let him beat you, Chief.
It's begun.
50 million, huh?
March 29th
is the day after we executed the
500 million yen loan to Nishi Osaka Steel.
In other words, 10 percent of 500 million,
or 50 million, was Asano's compensation.
Moreover, 48 million of that was
transferred to Goyo Securities
before the day was over.
Asano probably took a loss on stock
credit transactions or something and
- needed the money.
- But how stupid can he be,
walking around with such
a precious bank book?
He probably thought it was safer
than storing it somewhere.
Typical of him who doesn't
trust anyone but himself.
The problem is this Fujisawa Miki, huh?
"Miki" is that Miki, right?
Higashida's woman.
Higashida transferred money to Asano
through an account in her name.
This isn't enough to prove the
connection between Higashida and Asano.
This really pisses me off.
He's a cagey dude.
Locating Higashida's hidden account and
revealing the flow of money
to Miki and Asano's accounts
is the only thing we can do.
Did you find out anything about that logo?
Oh, that.
I went around all over the place and
checked out more than 50 logos,
but I couldn't find the same one.
- It might not be a bank logo.
- I see.
I'll go stake out Higashida now and
see if I can find out anything.
Where is Higashida now?
Most likely, he's at
a club called "Artemis"
where Miki works, alongside
the Dotonbori canal.
He practically lives there these days.
Even after declaring
bankruptcy, he has no shame.
You lost the bank book?
Yes. By the time I realized,
it was nowhere to be found.
- Are you sure it wasn't Hanzawa?
- I don't know.
I wouldn't think so, but
Get a hold of yourself, Ta-chan.
If Hanzawa did take it,
kill him.
You gotta get him before he gets you.
I mean as a banker, that is.
I know.
If you screw up now, you
will lose everything.
You're walking the career
path of a mega bank, right?
Get a hold of yourself.
- Are you all right?
- Shut up!
Even if someone saw
Asano's bank book,
I have it so it can't be traced back to me.
- That's a relief.
- You sure you mean that?
You're just worried about
your shop, aren't you?
That's not true.
I worry about you the most.
So that shop,
did you find a good place for it?
- Yes.
- I see.
Go make a tentative offer on it.
Really? Are you sure?
I'm so happy.
Without you,
I can't do anything.
Go ahead and put all of these in there.
All right.
Heck, no one's showing up.
Well? Do you have any idea?
It seems I've seen this
somewhere or maybe not
- Try to remember right now!
- Ouch, don't be unreasonable.
- Actually, I just thought wrong.
- You're worthless.
Worthless? Isn't that a bit harsh?
After I came here out of concern for
you using business trip as an excuse.
You just wanted to see the
bank book, didn't you?
Yes, you're absolutely right.
But Hanzawa, don't get caught off guard.
You never know what the
cornered tiger will do.
The Board of Directors is making a
move to officially transferring you.
There's no time to spare.
- New York
- What?
- It's New York Harbor Trust Bank.
- A foreign bank?!
They only have the Tokyo Branch
in Japan, and none in Kansai.
They change their logo every
time they have a merger.
The logo you saw is
the one before they
merged with Duke Brothers
six months ago.
- No wonder we couldn't find it.
- Hey, Hanzawa.
This bank's potential
client for private banking
must have financial assets
of at least 1 billion.
If Higashida has hidden accounts there,
he has more than 1 billion in his stash.
Just as I thought.
You can do it, Hanzawa.
Recover that 500 million no matter what.
What? What's wrong?
I just wondered how you recognized
the logo of a foreign bank.
Huh? I just happened to
recognize it, that's all.
Were you thinking about changing jobs?
If I stay here,
I feel as if I might forget
why I became a banker.
I'm hoping to get into Project Finance.
Now that I'm a banker, I'd like
to move billions of yen and
get involved in big projects that
have an impact on the future.
If I went to a foreign
bank, I thought maybe
As you see, I'm still tied
down to Tokyo Chuo.
Sorry. That was nosy of me.
Yes, that's for sure.
In the first place, is this the
time to worry about me?
A box of tissues in the car
doesn't provide proof
whether Higashida has an
account there or anything.
What the heck. It's just the phone.
Takeshita, I was about to call you.
I found out what that logo is.
Really. Before the merger
So that's what it was.
As a matter of fact, I found
something interesting too.
Something interesting?
Good day.
Nail salon.
Nice location.
The best district in Dotonbori.
It's a great place to do business.
- How did you
- Oh, also
we took the liberty to
look up a few things.
You're a scary woman.
Looks like you got
financial assistance,
not only from Higashida,
but from Itabashi as well.
I wonder what Higashida
would say if he saw this.
What are you scheming?
We'd like to ask you to
do something for us.
New York Harbor Trust Bank
That's where Higashida
has his hidden account.
Isn't that right?
Damn, did we get it right?
So what if he does?
I want a breakdown of
his assets deposited there
and transaction records.
In addition,
your bank book from Kansai City Bank
that shows the 50-million
transfer to Asano.
You bring me all that,
I'll keep quiet about Itabashi.
Higashida has important
documents hidden away.
I have no idea where he keeps them.
Same goes for the bank book in my name.
It's impossible
to sneak that out.
I see.
In that case, I guess I'll just have
to send this photo to Higashida.
I bet he'll be mad.
He might even kill you.
In any case,
if he dumps you, you'll
just have to give up
your nail salon.
You're disgusting.
If you want to open your salon,
do as I say and bring the stuff.
However, I'll tell you one thing.
Whether it's a nail salon or whatever,
even if you start a business with
money you cajoled out of men,
it'll go under right away.
Don't take running a business lightly!
What would a mere banker know.
I know because I'm a banker.
Go ahead and send that
picture if you want.
I can make any number of excuses!
I don't think we can
count on her after all.
What happened to your lips?
It's just
Did you finally have it out
with the Branch Manager?
No, nothing like that.
I smell something fishy.
I smell something fishy with you.
What are you hiding?
Here! For you.
Hurry up and open it.
The one you're using now is
getting all raggedy, right?
Are you sure? This is
expensive, isn't it?
Did you perhaps work to buy this
Don't mention it.
If I was going to buy one,
rather than using the money you bring home,
I wanted to buy it with
money I earned myself.
That way, you'd be more
appreciative, right?
There's something I realized after
working for the first time in a while.
Like your mother's desire to protect
yur father's company,
like senpai's dream to someday
be a leading flower designer,
like my desire to buy
Naoki a new brief case.
That women, too, are working,
not just for money, but
for many different reasons.
Banks better respect the feeling
of those women, you hear?
You'll just have to give up
opening your nail salon.
Don't take running a business lightly!
Hey, what is this?
Thank you, Hana.
What's come over you?
You're Fujisawa Miki, right?
I'm Wakiya with the
Regional Taxation Bureau.
Do you have some time right now?
I told you, I don't know
anything about a hidden account.
Both you and the bank are real pests.
I don't know what the bank told you, but
if you're willing to tell me about
Higashida's hidden account,
I'm willing to close my eyes to
the funding source of your business and
your other illegal activities up to now.
The bank.
A smart girl would know who
to cooperate with, right?
Manager went to Tokyo again.
How many times is this?
Support System - Business Start-up
No doubt he's laying the
groundwork to
kick Chief out of here.
Chief, I think we should
use that bank book and rattle Asano.
No, he'll just feign ignorance.
But if we don't do something
Chief, what have you been doing there?
Banker's work.
At the Board of Directors' meeting earlier,
it was officially decided to
transfer Hanzawa.
Thank you, sir.
Consider this matter closed.
I apologize for bothering you.
I didn't do anything in particular.
You may leave.
If you'll excuse me.
Oh, come to think of it,
there was a similar
occurrence long time ago.
There was a man who was
on the fast track to an
elite career from the
time he joined the bank.
His performance at
Headquarters was outstanding.
However, he lacked
field experience.
That's an absolute necessity to sit
on the board of directors, right?
And so he volunteered and became
manager of a major branch.
He struggled there for 3 years,
but finally got the
Best Branch Office Award.
However, you never know what
life has in store for you.
Because of one loan mishap due
to undetected window dressing,
his career was in jeopardy.
What do you think he did?
I don't know.
Of all things, he shifted the
responsibility to his subordinate
who had opposed the
loan from the start, and
evaded the issue claiming
he was blameless.
The boss takes credit
for his subordinate's good deed.
The subordinate takes
blame for his boss's blunder.
This quote that's been
passed down at the bank,
there was a guy who used
that quote to a tee.
You're not hiding anything
else from me, are you?
- Definitely not.
- I see.
I'm placing my trust in you.
You're a real pest.
But I have no intention of
submitting to your threats.
That was a pretty good
idea to open a shop there.
There's a good chance hostesses will
stop by there before going to work.
What are you saying?
Are you trying to be nice
to win me over to your side now?
I won't be deceived.
You're gonna seize Higashida's
money in the end anyway, yes?
When that happens,
I'll have to give up my dream.
Isn't that right?
Not necessarily.
You can borrow money from the bank.
Do you know what you're saying?
If I could do that, I
wouldn't have approached
a man like Higashida
in the first place.
A man like Higashida
I'm talking to you as a banker.
If you have any other ideas,
I'd like to hear about it.
I summarized the conditions you
need to meet to get a loan.
How much do you have in savings?
5 million.
There's this thing called
business start-up loan.
If you use that 5 million for a
down payment and apply for a loan,
it's possible to get a loan
of up to 15 million yen.
I'll help you with the paperwork.
Are you serious?
If you truly want to start a
business, if you have a dream,
you shouldn't depend on
someone like Higashida.
Borrow openly from the bank.
That's why there are banks in this world.
If you're serious,
I'll give you advice seriously too.
Just as you took advantage of Higashida,
take advantage of me and the bank.
You seem like a changed person.
That's because I have a new brief case.
What's that supposed to mean?
Do you think
I can start all over again?
Say what you want, but I
won't be deceived by a bank.
I was slapped twice by you.
Women with inner fortitude like that
are suited to be business owners.
You can do it.
As a banker,
that's what I think.
You're a real fool, aren't you?
Are you sure you haven't fallen for me?
All right.
Let me take advantage of you.
I just got some personnel news.
- Is it me?
- Yup.
They decided where you'll be going.
You should get official
word tomorrow.
I see.
How's it going there?
My fate is in Fujisawa Miki's hands.
Miki? Higashida's woman?
Will that be all right?
“Do your best and let the heavens
do the rest,” as the saying goes.
Tomorrow's the critical point here too.
Oh yeah?
Say, Hanzawa. Do you still want
to repay the debt to this bank?
You know, at the job interview
That is the reason I want to join your bank
and repay that debt.
But after watching you all these years,
I find it hard to believe that
was your true intention.
Hey, what's your real reason for
wanting to climb to the top?
You said if I mortgaged the property,
you'd continue to finance us.
That's what you said!
Sangyo Chuo Bank-san,
please spare them at least! I beg you!
I'll tell you one of these days.
If I can survive as a banker.
Sorry, I have another call.
- Hello.
- Hanzawa. We're screwed.
That woman, of all people,
jumped ship to the Taxation Bureau!
Completely translated and timed by subie06
srt reduction ~ Vultural
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