Hanzawa Naoki (2013) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

In order to recover the
500-million yen loan defrauded by
Nishi Osaka Steel President Higashida,
Hanzawa probed into the
existence of a hidden account.
He discovered that Asano,
his superior, was connected to Higashida.
Asano was the one pulling
the strings in the background.
To find proof and recover
the 500 million,
Hanzawa approached
Higashida's mistress, Miki,
and asked for her cooperation.
Hanzawa-han. We're screwed.
That woman jumped ship
to the Taxation Bureau!
You're sure there's proof of
the hidden account somewhere in that house?
If push comes to shove, he
said he'd hand them to me
and told me to escape with them.
Contact the enforcement team!
We will search
his house first thing
in the morning!
Keep your promise to let me slide.
It appears you coaxed quite
a bit of money from Higashida.
Higashida's footing the
20 million start-up fund
for your new business too, isn't he?
I'll let the start-up fund slide.
Understand, this is a special case,
That's a promise.
Where is she?
It's been an hour since
she went in there.
She must be giving the scoop
on Higashida, huh?
Damn. What are we gonna do, Hanzawa?
Even if we find the
hidden account, the
Taxation Bureau will
snatch everything away.
We've done everything we could.
Now that we're here,
we must leave the rest to fate.
The official announcement
will be made tomorrow.
Hanzawa will be transferred to a
small front in Southeast Asia.
Once that happens, he's out of
the loop no matter what he says.
Great news.
What about those e-mails and the bank book?
They stopped when I ignored them.
Must've been a meaningless
prank by the media.
That's a relief. That means everything
will go according to plan now.
Yes, indeed.
Hanzawa's life as a banker
ends in a day.
- Fortune-telling?
- They say it really comes true.
Mrs Ejima's fortune-telling.
No matter how many times I do it,
there's an allusion to a move.
- In your future.
- Move?
Maybe your husband's getting transferred.
Please don't take it to heart.
It's just a prediction, after all.
She's just harassing you.
That's right. She's harassing me.
I heard Mrs Ejima always invites the wife
of the banker about to get transferred
and does her fortune telling,
just for malicious fun.
- That's sick.
- So doesn't that mean
you're getting transferred, too?
You'll wake up Takahiro.
Takahiro's at a sleepover.
He's not here.
Oh, that's right.
You know, Takahiro
uncharacteristically got
into a fight the other day.
Seems the kids in the company
housing made fun of him saying
his dad is a no-good banker.
He couldn't endure it and
fought back, he said.
Seriously, he's just like you.
The one who's fighting
isn't just you, you know.
In spite of how we appear
to you, Takahiro and I are
always behind you and want to help you,
But don't worry.
There's nothing for you to worry about.
Don't lie to me. Tell me the truth.
Are you getting transferred out?
You wanna go out for little bit?
I never knew a place like this existed.
In the old days, we used to
talk about all kinds of things
while looking at the night
view of Tokyo, didn't we?
Come to think of it, we used
to argue a lot back then too.
"Why do you want to succeed
so badly at the bank?"
- You asked me that before, remember?
-Yes. But you didn't give me an answer.
I couldn't tell you.
My father died from exhaustion.
That's what I've always told you, right?
That was a lie.
Running the factory became
increasingly difficult after
the bank withdrew financing
and left us in the lurch.
Dad committed suicide.
I'm sorry.
For not telling you.
Which bank withdrew the financing?
It was Sangyo Chuo Bank. That is,
Tokyo Chuo Bank where I now work.
What does that mean?
You knowingly went to work for the
bank that was your father's nemesis?
You said if I mortgaged the property
you'd continue to finance us.
- That's what you said!
- Please let go.
Please, I beg you.
I don't care about us, but
the related factories and suppliers
will go under too. I beg you.
Sangyo Chuo Bank-san,
please spare them at least!
I'm here to discuss the plastic screw
you were talking about. Hanzawa-san!
Someone from Uchimi Credit Union's here.
Dad! Dad!
To take revenge?
I can't deny I didn't have that feeling.
But that's not the only reason.
If it was a bank that killed Dad,
it was a bank that saved our factory too.
A small local credit union
saved my mom and me.
They sensed the potential
in a single screw.
Dad told me all the time.
This screw is what's supporting Japan.
- It is?
- Yeah, that's right.
You may not understand what
I'm talking about now, but
there will surely come
a time when you will.
A tiny screw like this is supporting Japan.
Inside each of those tiny
lights, there are people.
want to be a banker who
can help those people.
I finally understand what Dad meant
when he told me not to be like a robot.
For someone to die
because of money
is wrong.
Do you want to change the bank?
That's the only thing I can
do for my dad right now.
But in order to do that,
I'll have to survive as a banker.
whether I'll be transferred out or not,
everything will be decided.
Thank you for telling me.
Don't worry about me. I'm prepared.
But it better not be
somewhere too far away.
Especially someplace cold.
Oh, but someplace too hot is a problem too.
Why the heck did I ever marry a banker?
- Higashida's Hideout -
Hey, Miki! The Taxation Bureau's here!
Higashida-san. We're from Osaka
Regional Taxation Bureau.
Please open the door.
- I would've never guessed
- Hey, Miki!
Take these and get out.
Listen. Hide at a hotel or somewhere
until you hear from me.
- What do you want so early in the morning?
- Higashida Mitsuru.
You're suspected of violating
the Income Tax Law.
We're conducting a
search of your home.
Who said you can come in!
This ain't good.
- We will now begin our regular meeting
- Hold it.
Hanzawa-kun. Why are you here?
What do you mean by why?
Isn't there something
else you should be doing?
- What, may I ask, should I be doing?
- Packing up your stuff.
Don't make me say more than I have to.
I'm speaking out of concern for you.
I appreciate your thoughtfulness,
however, I haven't
the slightest idea what
you're talking about.
This is a waste of time.
Please begin the meeting.
I'm talking about your transfer!
I told you, you won't find anything.
You guys
get your thrills from
bullying poor folks?
- Excuse me.
- We're not finding anything.
You can pull out whenever.
Our prey is over here.
Damn that broad.
Good job.
Did you say transfer? I don't
recall receiving such an order.
Even if that's forthcoming,
until that time,
I'm committed to fulfilling
my duties as a banker.
An admirable resolution.
Fine. In that case,
I can't pass through a
half-hearted request like this.
Is there a problem with it?
It's this start-up plan for a nail salon.
Such an unrealistic plan
is out of the question
I've attached the projected
profit trend after page 5.
Even with a tight
forecast, in 6 months
Excuses, excuses.
Are you bent on making
the same mistake again?
What do you mean, same mistake?
I'm talking about the
500 million, of course.
What's more, you won't admit it,
there's not a word of apology.
That rebellious attitude of yours
has become an issue at Headquarters,
and brought about this transfer.
You damaged the credibility
of this entire branch.
Don't you feel sorry?
Isn't it you
who damaged the credibility?
Let Chief Hanzawa pick them up!
Take that and get out of here now.
You should be getting orders from
Headquarters by the end of the day.
You will no longer be a banker.
Are you going to let it go like this?
The Taxation Bureau is
searching Higashida's home.
In any case, if we can't recover
Higashida's money, we should at least
use that bank book to corner Asano.
- Hanzawa speaking.
- It's me.
A little while ago, that woman
approached the Taxation Bureau.
She handed over a bunch
of bank books and stuff.
Hanzawa, there's nothing
more that can be done here.
I see. Thank you.
Bike delivery here. I have a
package for Hanzawa Naoki-san.
That's me!
I need your signature.
Thank you.
Fujisawa Miki
What is that?
Completely translated and timed by subie06
Fujisawa Miki
What is that?
Thank you.
Stop the car!
What's going on! Even if you add all
this, it only amounts to a few million.
Where is the hidden account!
I don't know what to say.
You mean that woman switching sides
was all a part of your plan too?
Well, yes.
I want to help you out, but
I really don't know where
Higashida hid the proof of
- that hidden account.
- In that case,
I want you to inform the Taxation Bureau.
Once they went for the search,
there was a good chance Higashida would
entrust her with his valuable documents.
After that, I asked her to
call me with a meeting place
to hand me the documents.
I had no idea she'd send
them via bike delivery.
So everything went
according to your plan?
Because of the time constraint,
this was the only way.
The Taxation Bureau isn't dumb.
I'm sure they gave her a
good term for exchange.
There was a chance she would
sway towards the Taxation Bureau.
But she chose you.
She must've decided to run her
business fair and square.
- Yes.
- She sure pissed me off, but
- she rocks.
- I agree.
Now that you've disclosed the
trick, let's see what's in there .
Look at this.
1.2 billion?!
How dare that twerp stash all this
away using us as stepping stones.
First, from Higashida's
account at New York Harbor,
50 million was transferred to
Miki-san's account at Kansai City Bank.
On the same day, that money
was transferred to Asano's account.
You're right.
This proves that Asano received
compensation from Higashida.
Those guys are finished now.
No, I won't let them off
the hook so easily.
I'm going to torture them
and give them more suffering
than the suffering
they caused with their crime.
Here's a list of those
recommended for transfer.
I'll take a look later.
- Executive Director
Owada Akira -
- Director
Kishikawa Shingo -
He's on that list too.
Hanzawa Naoki
Reyes Machinery Manila Central Plant
If he could've overcome this,
he would've been the real deal.
He was so close!
Today, I got an unofficial
notice to transfer.
Oh yeah?
I guess Mrs Ejima's prediction
came true after all.
So where are we going?
- Hokkaido? Or
- Okinawa?
- Manila.
In Southeast Asia?
Oh well. Living abroad isn't a bad idea.
I like that idea.
Don't worry.
The official announcement
hasn't come out yet.
I'm going to remain at
the bank no matter what.
Isn't it a done deal if you
already got unofficial notice?
So in the end, you and the
Manager will part in anger.
This weekend,
Asano-san's taking his
family to the aquarium.
His wife and children are
looking forward to it.
Why do you tell me this?
There may be things going on at work, but
Asano-san's seems an affectionate man,
devoted to his family, don't you think?
If you two can resolve
your misunderstanding,
don't you think you can get along?
I have no intention of forgiving Asano.
What he did until now,
I'll make sure he atones.
But then, Rie-san would be saddened?
In the end, one family or
the other will be hurt.
So you got 50 million, didn't you?
- Is something wrong?
- No, it's about work.
Sorry. Go on without me.
Is it you again?
What in the world are you talking about?
I'm talking about the
50 million that was
deposited in your account
at Kansai City Bank
on March 29th from
Higashida's account at New
York Harbor Trust Bank
via an account in
Fujisawa Miki's name at Kansai City Bank.
There seems to be a misunderstanding.
Who are you?
Let's meet and discuss.
Is that right?
Then I'll have the
police investigate
whether it's really
a misunderstanding.
Also, I shall send the
transaction record of
the accounts to the bank
and the media as well.
W-wait. Wait.
It gives me pleasure just imagining
what your life in prison will be.
I can hardly wait to
see your wife and
children surrounded
by the mass media.
- Papa.
- What is it, Saori?
Here. For you.
Papa, I love you.
Good luck with your job.
I can hardly wait
to see your wife and
children surrounded
by the mass media.
Please, anything but that, I beg you.
Please spare my family.
Then there's only one thing you can do.
Admit what you did to the
bank and your subordinate
and atone for your crime.
Your subordinate will
decide what to do with you.
Nakanishi what's the matter?
It's your day off today.
I felt sort of restless at home too.
- Here.
- Oh, thank you.
Is there anything I can do to help?
No, this is plenty.
I can't express myself, but
I don't think you're mistaken, Chief.
Those guys, I swear.
I've been thinking how we can teach
a lesson to that twerp Higashida.
We're here.
In front of the all them women
he was showing off to until now,
I'm gonna make him bare everything.
Let's go.
I tell ya, there's nothing more annoying
than incompetent government officials.
After thoroughly tearing the house apart,
"We didn't find anything,"
is all they can say.
What a joke.
- Welcome.
- This way please.
We're gonna drink tonight.
Bring me the most expensive liquor.
We're celebrating today.
We're gonna party.
What's up with poor folks?
Won big at the racetracks or something?
You shouldn't waste your money.
It's okay.
Today's the anniversary.
What anniversary?
It's the anniversary of
your bankruptcy, Higashida.
You had me curious for a minute.
I told you I've already
filed for bankruptcy.
What did you say it was, Hanzawa?
- Something Trust Bank
- New York Harbor Trust Bank.
That's it. Some idiot had tons
of money stashed there.
Yes, about 1.2 billion. However, the entire
amount was seized a short while ago.
Well, well. If it isn't the
folks from the Taxation Bureau.
If you have the time to come to
banks acting like big shots,
why don't you do a better
job investigating?
We seized Higashida's hidden assets.
Please tell Supervisor
Kurosaki when you get back.
That he should come apologize
if he wants to claim a share.
You're lying. There's no way that true.
I won't be deceived.
What kind of a trap is this!
Find out on your own.
What's going on
I'm grateful to you.
But all you gave me was money.
How much do you think I lavished on you?
You're nothing more than a mistress.
Cut out the high-sounding talk!
- Hey, wait a minute.
- Just as I promised,
I collected the 500 million.
You should get notice from
the Court early next week.
The funding for the business
you tried to start in Vietnam
was seized as well.
- That's a bunch of crap!
- Please stop!
You bastard.
- Don't do it.
- Let go of me!
Give it back. Give back my money!
You're finished, Higashida.
You can't even pay the tab here.
As a banker who's seen many
companies, I'll tell you one thing.
If you think you can do
anything as long as you
have money, you've got
another thing coming.
People won't be faithful to you.
You're not
cut out to own a business.
Hanzawa !
He was a sorry sight, wasn't he?
That Higashida.
He looked so wretched,
it made me feel sad.
Asano's next, huh? Hanzawa-han.
- What are you planning to do?
- I'll show no mercy, of course.
It's 10 times the payback.
Excuse me. I confirmed
with Headquarters.
There's no mistake.
Hanzawa recovered the 500 million yen.
How on earth did he
The Manager would like to see you.
I'll go get this matter settled.
The 500 million.
I heard you recovered it.
- Where did you collect it from?
- I'll leave that to your imagination.
Or is there a reason for wanting to know?
Is there anything else
you'd like to say to me?
- Was that you?
- What is this about?
If there's nothing else,
please excuse me.
I'm sorry.
What are you talking about?
About Nishi Osaka Steel.
I want to apologize to you.
That 500 million yen
wasn't your fault.
It was my mistake for
rushing the credit check.
Mistake did you say?
Please say it one more time.
I stand corrected.
I betrayed the bank,
this Tokyo Chuo Bank.
As branch manager, no, as a banker,
it was improper behavior.
I'm sorry.
I beg you. Please forgive me.
My answer to that is
I'm filing criminal charges against you.
I'm going to denounce you
thoroughly, so brace yourself.
Please, anything but that.
Anything but that, I beg you.
I'll do anything within my power.
That's right. Is there a department
you'd like to get reassigned to?
I may be able to fulfill your wish
if I put in a word with HR.
So please, anything but criminal charges.
I don't think you understand.
You've lost everything.
Your future as a banker,
your trustworthiness as a father.
Please stop, I beg you.
Please forgive me.
The Branch Manager's wife is here.
- Rie, what are you doing here?
- I'm sorry for dropping in without notice.
Didn't you go back to Tokyo?
I thought I'd bring in some
snacks before I left.
It's not much, but please
share it with everyone.
- This gentleman is?
- He's Hanzawa-kun, Loan Section Chief.
It's you
I've heard a lot about you from Hana-san.
Thank you for all the help
you've given my husband.
Please be of help to my husband.
You're done now? We're in the
middle of an important discussion.
I'm counting on you.
He's the way he is, but really, please,
please help him out.
Stop that.
I'm sorry for bothering you at work.
I apologize for her.
Why are you apologizing?
She's truly concerned about you.
She's a good wife.
But you betrayed that family of yours.
I lost in the stock market.
At first, I started casually, hoping
to gain spending money.
Only I got greedy.
If I keep this up, I can pay off
the condo mortgage faster, and
there will be more to leave
behind for the children.
I was blinded by those thoughts.
Once I started losing money,
losses kept snowballing.
Before I knew it, I was
in debt 50 million.
That's why I needed money desperately.
- That's how I got into this mess.
- I don't care about the reasons.
I know that. But my wife,
my family, I don't want to hurt them.
So please,
please don't file criminal charges.
I beg you, please.
Don't even think about getting sympathy.
Do you think you're the
only one who has a family?
In the name of self-preservation,
how many people have you wronged.
Think carefully.
I won't forgive you.
Spend the rest of your life
regretting what you've done.
He's the way he is, but really, please,
please help him out.
Don't worry. I'm prepared.
Operations Department No. 2.
Get me reassigned to
Operations Department No.
2 at Headquarters.
It doesn't matter which group.
The position is Deputy Manager.
If you can do that, I'll let it slide.
Operations Department No. 2
But that's
The keystone of our bank.
It's an elite unit where the
best and brightest gather.
You, yourself, have openly
criticizing me all this time.
It won't be easy getting me in there.
Even so, do it.
If you can't get it done, you'll
end up in the slammer.
Also, give all the members of
the Loan Section
a position of their choice.
You got that?
I got it.
Now then
- let's have you keep your promise.
- Promise?
If I recovered the 500
million, you were going to
get down on your knees and
apologize, weren't you?
If I succeed in getting it back,
at that time,
I expect you to apologize on your knees.
If you can do such a thing.
I'm sorry for everything.
I arranged the matter of Hanzawa's
reassignment to Headquarters.
Thank you.
I've put you through a lot of trouble.
- I'm truly very .
- There's no need to thank me.
He's an outstanding
person who did a
brilliant job recovering
the 500 million.
To welcome a man like that at
Headquarters is a great pleasure
as his senpai from the old Sangyo Chuo.
Isn't that right, Asano-kun?
- Y-yes indeed
- However,
it was not easy to cancel his transfer
that was practically a done deal,
let alone recommend him
as a deputy manager at
Operations Department No. 2, even for me.
I'm sorry.
I have to find someone
to replace him. Right?
How good is your English?
Loan Section - Hanzawa Naoki
Branch Manager Asano Tadasu
What the heck. You mean you're not
filing charges against Asano?
- Yes.
- You're a good guy after all.
I just used him to climb to the top.
No I was saved by you.
With the money I recovered from Higashida,
I'll make sure I rebuild the company.
- Thanks.
- Thank you too.
Thanks to your help, I was
able to come this far.
Thank you.
What do you say we party tonight?
My treat.
That's fine with me, but are you sure?
What? Are you worried about my finances?
For you, I'd even borrow
money from the bank.
If so, your main bank
will be happy to oblige.
You can't tell who's treating who then.
You know, Hanzawa-han,
with times being bad, I thought
nothing good would happen to
a hopeless old guy like me, but
justice does prevail sometimes.
Congratulations on your husband's
promotion to Headquarters, Hana-san.
- It's not much, but please take this.
- Thank you.
Thanks to you, we're going to be moving.
It's amazing how your prediction came true.
Well, ladies. Take care.
Oba-chan, good luck.
- Let's go.
- Oba-chan?
Well, we'd better get going.
I'm sorry things turned out like this.
I've put you guys through
a lot of trouble too.
I'm really sorry.
Don't get mad, okay?
I'm rather happy.
Because things turned out like this,
we can all live together again.
So what if you caused us trouble?
We're family.
Some day,
let's apologize properly to Hanzawa-san.
Ultimately, Branch Manager Asano was
transferred to Southeast
Asia in place of Hanzawa.
But he kept his last promise to
get Hanzawa and members of the Loan Section
reassigned to departments of their choice.
Kakiuchi's long-cherished desire to
work at the New York Branch was fulfilled.
Nakanishi went to Kansai Division's
largest Namba Branch
in a supervisory position.
Kakuta remained at
Osaka Nishi Branch, and
took over Hanzawa's position
as new Loan Section Chief.
Assistant Manager Ejima was convinced
he'd be the branch manager, but
a new branch manager was assigned,
and his hopes were dashed.
And Hanzawa
Oh, have you arrived?
Operations Department No.
2's Deputy Manager Hanzawa.
What kind of magic did you use?
They must've recognized
my good track record.
Yeah, right. Come on by
since you're here anyway.
I'm dying to hear all the details.
All right.
That's not what we agreed on.
You said if I mortgaged the property
you'd continue to finance us.
That's what you said!
Please let go.
Please, I beg you.
I don't care about us, but
all the related factories and
suppliers will go under too. I beg you.
Please, I beg you.
Completely translated and timed by subie06
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