Hanzawa Naoki (2013) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

Director Kunimatsu of Financial
Services is on the line.
I'll take the call.
Hello. This is Nakanowatari.
How have you been, Director?
FSA inspection
did you say?
Almost a year had passed since Hanzawa
was promoted from Tokyo Chuo Bank,
Osaka Nishi Branch to Operations
Department 2, the nucleus of Headquarters,
otherwise known as the elite unit
where the cream of the crop gathers.
At one time, Hanzawa was blamed for
the 500-million yen loan mishap
and was about to lose
his future as a banker.
However, he cleared his
name brilliantly and
earned his current position.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
All right. We'll aim for 10
minutes as usual. Let us begin.
Hanzawa delivered
outstanding results, and
his presence was known at the bank.
Everything appeared to be
going smoothly, however
Hanzawa, do you have a minute?
It's him again.
Your fan, Executive
Director Owada, sent
word that he'd like to
have dinner with you.
I'm aware you dislike socializing.
But this is the third time he's asked.
I'm running out of excuses.
I hate to ask, but do it this
time as a favor to me.
Deep inside Hanzawa's heart,
black embers of hatred smoldered.
I tell you, there's no other
screw like this anywhere.
With this screw, we can get
back on our feet again.
You're the one who said you'd
continue to finance us!
Please let go!
From the beginning of next month,
an FSA inspection will be
conducted at our bank.
Financial Services Agency
(FSA) Inspection
is an examination conducted
by inspectors from FSA
to ensure the bank conducts
its business properly
and that there are no problems
with the loan customers.
If a significant problem should
come to light at that time,
the bank would receive stern orders
to improve operations.
If that happens, the bank
would lose credibility
and the infrastructure of the
business could be shaken.
The problem is the loan loss provision.
If we end up having to come
up with the loan loss provision,
the operation of our bank
itself could be shaken.
To ensure that there was no mistake in
our credit judgment of our borrowers,
I want you to investigate
thoroughly once more.
With only two weeks
to prepare for the
inspection, I don't know
how much we can do.
Can you ask them for more time?
At this rate, our normal duties will
Complaining about what's already
been decided won't resolve this.
This is precisely the time we need to unite
and overcome this crisis.
Rest assured, Chairman Nakanowatari.
Looks like upper management
was in quite a stir
at the emergency board
of directors' meeting.
Is it something that
affects the whole bank?
Hey, Hanzawa. Are you listening?
At any rate, no matter what happens at the
top, we can only work on the job we have.
You're the ace of
Operations Department 2.
You think differently from us commoners.
I better get going. I've been
called over to Iseshima Hotel.
Oh my, the white hope of Corporate
Finance is quite busy, huh?
Corporate Finance Dept.
Assistant Manager
Tokieda Takahiro
Hanzawa, don't run out
of steam going too fast.
You too, Tokieda.
By the way, have you seen Kondo lately?
No, not since we celebrated
when I first got here.
He looked pretty busy.
Kondo's New Workplace Tamiya
Electric Accounting Dept.
I hear he's struggling
at Tamiya Electric.
Is that right?
What do you think about asking
him out for a drink tonight?
I'm afraid I have a minor
business to attend to tonight.
Oh, really?
Hanzawa, what are your thoughts
on the current state of our bank?
To be honest, I fear for it.
The merger of 12 years ago was
a joint merger outwardly.
However, once you look inside,
people from the former
Tokyo Daiichi Bank
accounts for practically
all the major positions.
It was a bitter pill to swallow for
us from the former Sangyo Chuo.
But Sir, you're up there.
I'm a mere Executive Director.
As long as Nakanowatari-san
sits in the Chairman's seat,
we won't see the light of day.
Won't you aim for the top with me?
Let's regain the prestigious days of
the Sangyo Chuo with our hands.
There's no other sake like Tobihime.
It's brewed in Kanazawa.
Have you ever tried it?
Ever since I first had it
when I was assigned to
Kanazawa Branch, this is
the only sake I drink.
As I recall, you're originally
from Kanazawa, aren't you?
Really? That's quite a coincidence.
You mean you and I were
destined to meet?
My family in Kanazawa
operates a small factory
called Hanzawa Screws.
Is that so?
Well, times are hard now.
Operating a factory must be tough.
But I'm sure your parents are
heartened by the fact that
you've become a respected banker.
My father
passed away 25 years ago.
Oh, is that right?
You were still a child?
I was in my second year of middle school.
You must've endured a lot of hardship.
Hanzawa-kun, if there's
anything I can do to help,
feel free to ask.
Let's work together to
make Tokyo Chuo Bank a better bank.
12 billion?!
Loss from investment failure
has been confirmed.
You mean Iseshima Hotel?
Didn't we give them a loan of
20 billion just the other day?
Investment Failure
to incur loss from
investments, (eg: stocks)
Torieda, who handled this
loan, is your peer, right?
Yes, though he's originally
from Tokyo Daiichi Bank.
Unfortunately, he's been
removed from this case.
Operations Dept 2 Manager
I want you to take charge.
Come up with measures to
cover the loss of 12 billion
as well as a restructuring plan for
the hotel as soon as possible.
Wait a minute please.
In that case, it's
more fitting for the
Investigation Department to take over.
Why me?
- It's an order.
- Order?
Whose order? Yours?
The Chairman.
Why the Chairman?
I have no idea. Perhaps
he thinks highly of you
for brilliantly recovering the loss
of 500 million at Osaka Nishi Branch
which was thought to be impossible.
There's a two-digit difference between
500 million and 12 billion.
Even so, we need you to do it.
We're getting an FSA inspection in 2 weeks.
They willl target
Iseshima Hotel for sure.
Surely you're not telling me to
Consequently, you'll take the
lead in the FSA inspection.
If they determine
there's a concern
collecting the loan from the
troubled Iseshima Hotel,
our bank will have to
come up with an enormous
amount of money to
compensate for that.
Loan loss provision
would amount to more than 100 billion.
If that happens, our bank
would collapse, and
the Chairman will be fired.
There's only two weeks left
until the FSA inspection.
Come up with a plan to
cover the 12 billion-yen
and a restructuring
plan for the hotel.
You'll take it on, won't you?
Deputy Manager Hanzawa from
Operations Department 2 is here.
Come in.
I'm counting on you.
In the event FSA determines that
Iseshima Hotel, which sustained an
investment failure of 12 billion yen,
- Financial Services Agency (FSA)
- Tokyo Chuo Bank Loan
- Iseshima Hotel
- Troubled Borrower
- Classifies as
Bankrupt Borrower -
is a troubled borrower,
the so-called effectively
bankrupt borrower,
in its investigation,
Tokyo Chuo Bank will be notified by FSA
to set aside an enormous
amount of money as reserve
in case that borrower goes bankrupt.
This is called a loan loss provision.
The entire amount of the
loan loss provision
Loan Loss Provision
= 150 Billion Yen
Loan Loss
150 Billion Yen
will be appropriated to expenses.
Suppose the loan
loss provision for Iseshima
Hotel is 150 billion,
if Tokyo Chuo Bank
was anticipating an
annual earning of 300
billion yen this year,
earnings would be
cut in half instantly,
causing its stock value to plummet.
Shaking the very foundation
of its operation.
Iseshima Hotel's
Classifies as a
"Bankrupt Borrower
Fall of Tokyo Chuo Bank
that's what it means.
With only two weeks remaining
until the FSA inspection,
coming up with the most effect plan to
Restructure Iseshima Hotel
Cover the loss of 12 Billion Yen
That was the mission assigned to Hanzawa.
The future of Tokyo Chuo Bank
weighed heavily on
Hanzawa's shoulders.
Iseshima Hotel
Main Office Building
Hanzawa-san and Onodera-san.
Tokyo Chuo constantly
changes our banker.
Iseshima Hotel
Managing Director
I have a hard time
remembering everyone's name.
I apologize for that.
However, from now on,
the Operations Department
2 will do our best
to support you in
reviving your business.
You make it sound like
we're going bankrupt.
There's a good chance you will.
Your investment failure of 12
billion cannot be overlooked.
Your hotel will be in the red
for two consecutive terms.
At this rate, FSA will classify
the hotel as a troubled borrower,
and we may be unable to
continue the financing.
- If that happens
- It's your job to ensure
- that doesn't happen?
- We will do what we can.
However, in order to do
that, it's imperative
you reconsider your business plan.
You're overreacting.
There's no need to be that worried.
The investment failure was
due to investment in stocks.
Operations Department 2
It has nothing to do
with your hotel business.
But that won't get us
through an FSA inspection.
That's your problem, isn't it?
We're not running a business for
the convenience of the bank.
In that case, we'd like you
to return the 20 billion
we loaned you the other
day for the time being.
The condition of the loan was that
your business be in the black.
It's a different story if
it's running in the red.
What you're saying makes no sense.
Our financial condition was
disclosed in our paperwork.
We never tried to hide the investment.
It's your fault for not
detecting the loss, isn't it?
But now, you want us to return
it for your own convenience.
You're just like a yakuza.
I can't believe what I'm hearing.
I understand where you're coming from.
However, we'd also like to hear
what President Yuasa has to say.
Can we possibly see him?
Unfortunately, he's abroad
on a business trip.
Besides, I've been put in
charge of this matter.
If you insist on getting the money back,
Get a consensus from the bank.
Fine. We will work with that in mind.
Iseshima Hotel is a family
business that's been
ruled by the Yuasa
Family for generations.
In particular, Yuasa Koudou, the previous
president, was quite the autocrat.
Even after his son, Yuasa
Takeshi, took over as president,
the fact that they've been unable
to shake the old management style
is the root of their poor performance.
Taking advantage of that
situation, Managing Director Hane
tried to make a name for herself.
She must've figured she could
push aside the Yuasa Family
and step in as president
if she could post a profit
As a result, they incurred
a loss of 12 billion.
Director Hane is laying the groundwork
that she was ordered by President Yuasa
and had no choice, but
I believe she actually did it on her own.
But we couldn't see that and ended
up giving them a 20-billion yen loan.
It couldn't be helped.
It's only been 3 months
since you were assigned
to Iseshima, right?
No matter what the circumstance,
it's my fault for not detecting it!
Besides, their sub-bank Hakusui Bank
held up on a 10-billion yen loan that was
in the works fairly early in the game.
Hakusui held up?
Are you saying that Hakusui had
detected the investment failure?
If I had been more careful when it was
handed over to me from Kyobashi Branch,
I may have been able to stop the loan.
Didn't the handing over go well?
They only gave me
perfunctory information.
Kyobashi Branch is where the current
Branch Manager Kaise, and prior to him,
Manager Kishikawa and Executive
Director Owada, three members in a row
from the former Sangyo
Chuo were branch managers.
It's a stronghold for those
from Sangyo Chuo, so to speak.
So when a big client like Iseshima
Hotel was snatched away by
the Corporate Finance
Department, where a lot of
us from the former Tokyo
Daiichi is gathered,
I'm sure they weren't happy.
That's ridiculous. Pulling each
other's leg within the same bank.
Kaise, branch manager, is all about
looking good and maintaining pride.
Plus, his subordinate, Kozato,
is quite a cunning devil himself.
They're much better informed
than me in regards to Iseshima.
If you want more information,
talk to those two.
I'll do that.
I apologize.
For passing the buck to you.
That's for sure. You
better treat me sometime.
I'd love to, but
that won't be possible for a while.
Don't tell me you
I've been transferred to
an affiliate in Nagoya.
Take that! In a director's position even.
Fight it, Tokieda!
- This didn't happen just because of you.
- It's a waste of time.
The decision's been made already.
That's how banks operate.
You should know better than anyone.
I'm glad you're the one
taking this over.
I'll leave the rest to you.
You mean Hakusui detected
the investment failure?
How was Hakusui able to detect it when
a capable man like Tokieda couldn't?
Not only that. We're also
a markedly better bank.
There's no way they had
more information than us.
Something's going on.
Do you have any connection to
Hakusui's main Loan Department?
Main Loan Department?
- Abu, Abu, Abu
- You okay?
There's Abu. Remember?
He played rugby.
Yes, Aburayama.
We were in the same seminar.
You know him, don't you?
We used to drink at Torisei
in Hiyoura all the time.
He's the deputy manager of the
Loan Department at Hakusui.
Tokyo Chuo Bank Kyobashi Branch
Deputy Manager, as I already said,
I have nothing to do with that anymore.
If it's about Iseshima,
I've passed everything to Tokieda-san.
Kyobashi Branch Deputy Manager
Please ask him.
I heard from Tokieda the
handing over didn't go too well.
Surely you're not saying
it was our fault the
investment failure
went unnoticed, are you?
Certainly not.
But apparently, Hakusui noticed it.
Do you have any idea how they knew?
How am I supposed to
know about other banks.
At any rate, I've passed
on everything I know.
Excuse me.
It's time for my next engagement.
Please give me a break.
Excuse me.
Kyobashi Branch Manager
- Is he gone?
- Yes.
He was asking about
Iseshima Hotel.
Troublesome matters should be
You know what to do, right?
Yes, sir.
Hanzawa's Peer
- Are you here for business?
- Yeah.
To ask for this term's loan.
Sorry, I haven't been able
to ask you out for a drink.
I've been pretty busy myself.
That makes two of us.
Are things going well?
I'm getting by.
Oh, shoot. I gotta go.
- Let's have a drink soon.
- Sure.
See you.
That's why I'm asking where
you got these numbers.
How many times do I have to say it?
From discussions with the
president and sales manager.
Under the present situation,
we can't project any further.
In the first place, you don't even
have a written mid-term plan.
The President and I are
currently writing one up.
I'm sure we can have it
ready by next meeting.
If you can give us a
loan based on this
This won't work. Do it over.
Please wait. If we can't get a
loan by the end of the month,
we won't be able to keep going.
I'll fix whatever it is
that needs to be fixed.
Can't you please give us a
loan based on this? I beg you.
Are you sure you're a former banker?
You're a disgrace.
601 601 601…
40 40 140 140 140…
075 075 125 125…
1214 1001
1214 1001 1214…
What are you planning to do, Kondo-san!
I'm sorry. President,
have you had a chance to think
about the mid-term business plan?
Business plan?
Even without anything like that,
we had no problem getting a loan until now.
Tamiya Electric President
Are you sure you're not
the cause of the problem?
It doesn't have to be detailed at all.
Do you know what Mozart said?
When he was pestered for
his composition, he said,
"Don't worry. It's already composed."
"The composition is
in here."
Even if we don't submit a
business plan every time,
a company of our size
should have no problem.
- However
- Anyway,
please use your head a little.
Like asking your acquaintance at
the bank to pull some strings.
There's plenty of ways to
get it done, isn't there?
You're here precisely for that reason.
Use whatever connections you have.
City banks, local banks,
credit unions.
Whatever you can get
by the end of the month.
Or else we'll be in deep trouble.
Don't rely on Tokyo Chuo anymore.
We have to find the money on our own.
Be prepared to stay out there until you
have a loan in your hand. Got that?
Can't even finalize a continuation of the
loan, and yet, he's department manager.
Must be nice to be an ex-banker.
Ogawa! It's rude to talk like that
to Mr Ex-Banker.
Tamiya Electric Accounting Chief
Oh, but I suppose that's why you're here,
Mr Ex-Banker.
I find it hard to believe the paperwork
Kondo prepared was inadequate.
I can only think this Kozato
guy doesn't have discerning eyes.
But Hanzawa, this isn't the
time to worry about others.
Concentrate on Iseshima Hotel.
How's the restructuring plan coming?
What's there to come along
when President Yuasa's
gone overseas and I
can't talk to him.
All Director Hane does is persist
that the bank is at fault too.
She won't even listen to us.
Are you going to be okay?
Hanzawa. Tomari.
Hakusui Loan Department Deputy
- Abu, how you been?
- Good.
Looks like you gained some weight.
Not just some, quite a bit.
I still go to Ramen Jiro's once a week.
Big Double Yasai Karakara me?
Extra ramen noodles
I'm too old now. I have to
settle for a small double.
So, what's up?
- Actually, it's about
- Iseshima Hotel.
You got it.
Deputy Manager Hanzawa's wife is
joining us for the first time today.
Director Kishikawa's Residence
As wives of husbands who started
out at the former Sangyo Chuo,
I hope we can keep our
acquaintance a long time.
Of course. I'm honored to
be included in your group.
Speaking of Deputy Manager Hanzawa, he's
the ace of Operations Department 2,
which is considered a superstar
even within the bank.
We're the ones who
are honored to make
acquaintance with the wife
of someone like that.
No, not at all. He isn't that great
There's no need for you to be so modest.
He's been entrusted with a critical mission
for this next FSA inspection, hasn't he?
So, if this FSA inspection
doesn't go well,
- Company Housing in Tokyo -
you to have to
take responsibility again
and might get transferred out?
- It may come to that.
- What do you mean it may come to that?
I'm not moving. It's only been
a year since we came back.
There's no way
I'm moving again.
I'll do my best so that
it doesn't come to that.
Why did you accept such
a difficult challenge?
What can I do? It's the Chairman's order.
I couldn't say no.
The Chairman's order?
That's awesome. How cool is that~
- You think that's cool?
- Heck yeah.
But why did he choose you?
Have you ever restructured a hotel before?
Just once, a long time ago.
Deputy Manager Hanzawa, who is
in charge of Iseshima Hotel,
would like your consensus to request
immediate repayment of
the 20 billion-yen loan.
Please give it your
What is the Operations
Department's opinion?
We request immediate repayment.
I am of the same opinion.
I believe it's wiser to close
an open wound when you can.
Will Iseshima be all right if
we pull out the 20 billion?
Deputy Manager Hanzawa is of the
opinion that we should pull out
the entire amount for now, and give
them a loan after a re-evaluation.
I see.
- Well then
- One moment please.
A short while ago, we received a call
from Director Hane at Iseshima Hotel.
From Hane-san?
Iseshima Hotel's loan from its sub-bank,
Hakusui Bank, was discontinued,
and they also incurred a loss of 12
billion from investment failure.
If, at this point, we take away
20 billion yen from them,
she stated that their
business foundation
itself will be shaken,
causing a major crisis.
Director Kishikawa,
the Chairman personally appointed Deputy
Manager Hanzawa as Iseshima Hotel's banker.
Are you implying that he
erred in his judgment?
That is certainly not what I meant.
Wait a minute.
If we were to force them
to repay the 20 billion
and if, as a result, Iseshima
itself went bankrupt,
we're putting the
cart before the horse.
Chairman. In this regard,
we ask for your careful judgment.
In other words, we won't ask Iseshima
Hotel to repay the 20 billion.
- Is that right?
- That's right.
But I'm still supposed to find a way
to get through the FSA inspection?
Fine. If that's the opinion
of the Board of Directors,
let's wait and see for a while.
However, that decision is wrong.
No matter what the circumstances are,
we should not depart from
the bank's principles.
We should not be lending money
that can't be recovered.
I understand what you're saying.
this decision was approved
by the Chairman.
Why is Iseshima Hotel refusing
to return the 20 billion?
From Iseshima's perspective,
if we're forced
into providing a loan
loss provision by FSA,
it would be more of a blow to
their future funding.
In spite of that, they're not only
refusing to return the loan, but
they're not cooperating with our plans
to deal with the FSA inspection.
Something's not right.
For the time being, everything's
going according to our plan.
But that Hanzawa banker
is sniffing around.
Not that he'd be able to do
anything before the FSA inspection.
I'd like to continue a
good business relationship
with your bank for
a very long time.
Even after I become
president of Iseshima.
You're in charge of
accounting at Iseshima Hotel,
Togoshi Shigenori-san, right?
Who the hell are you?
My name is Hanzawa.
I'm with Tokyo Chuo Bank.
There's something I'd like to ask.
I have nothing to say to you.
I heard about you from
Hakusui Bank's Aburayama.
Iseshima Hotel, while incurring a loss
of 12 billion due to investment failure,
tried to cover that up.
You gave a tip-off to
Hakusui Bank, didn't you?
Thanks to you, Hakusui was
able to hold back on the loan.
What if I did?
why did you tell Hakusui and not us?
Under normal circumstances,
wouldn't you consider telling
the main bank first?
You're a hopeless fool, aren't you?
You know nothing.
Don't tell me did you
inform our bank as well?
But it was hushed up.
Yeah. What's more, you guys at Tokyo Chuo
snitched on me to Iseshima instead.
In the end, I could no longer
work at the hotel, and
was picked up by this company.
I'm like waste material myself.
Who at our bank did you talk to?
Our banker at the time, who else!
Now that you know, get out of my sight.
If you don't, I might beat you up.
for what Tokyo Chuo Bank did to you,
I apologize on behalf of the bank.
I'm terribly sorry.
Cut it out. What difference
does it make now!
Aburayama told me, thanks to you,
they weren't deceived out of a loan,
That he's grateful to you.
I, too, stand by the
courageous action you took.
Won't you lend me a hand one
more time to track down the man
- who suppressed the information you gave?
- You've got to be kidding!
You don't expect me to
trust you guys, do you?
Don't you ever show you
face in front of me again.
Where in the world did you come up
with this talk about a tip-off.
Weren't you told of the
12-billion yen investment failure
by Iseshima Hotel's Accounting
Section Chief Togoshi?
- That's news to me.
- No, you knew about it.
Togoshi-san said he told you.
That's just nonsense
spoken out of unjustified
resentment by the man who
was fired by the hotel.
It's foolish to believe
everything he says.
If you want to speak the
truth, now's the time.
I've had enough already.
Don't let it get to your head just because
you made deputy manager at your age.
If you insist on making false
accusations against me,
I can contact upper
management at Headquarters
and make an issue out of the
way you do things, you know?
I dare you to do it if you can.
However, when your misconduct
is exposed in due time,
I'll show no mercy.
Double payback!
Remember that.
This guy is hiding something.
Why did he hush up the tipoff?
Did Director Hane, who
wanted the loan,
ask their banker, Kozato?
No, Kozato's a wimp. He doesn't have
the guts to take such a big risk
that could get him fired
should he get found out.
It's hard to believe that
Director Hane will deal with him.
Is there some big shadow
moving in the background?
Unless I can track that down, we won't
get through the FSA inspection.
President Yuasa.
I just returned to Japan a short while ago.
I thought I should see
you as soon as possible.
When I tried to contact you,
I was told you were here.
Pleased to meet you.
I'm Tokyo Chuo Bank's
Hanzawa Naoki.
I asked Chairman Nakanowatari
to assign you as our banker.
Iseshima Hotel President
I met you once a long time ago.
Do you remember the
conference on measures to
support the restructuring
of Dai-Tokyo Hotel?
What are you afraid of?!
If you're prepared to reform
your management policies,
Sangyo Chuo Bank will do
everything we can to support you.
You were there?
I had just graduated school and
was in training at that hotel.
Is that so?
When the main bank and most
other banks were pulling out,
you, alone, aggressively
looked for ways to support us,
and even attended our
management meetings and
made every effort to revive the hotel.
I've come in contact with
many bankers to date, but
I never met a person like
you before or since.
What made you go that far?
If there's even a slight
chance a patient can be
saved, no doctor will sit
back and do nothing.
It's the same thing.
I believed that I could
save Dai-Tokyo Hotel.
That's why I gave them my assistance.
That's all.
To those discerning,
accurate eyes of yours,
how does the current Iseshima Hotel appear?
It's a mortally wounded goliath.
But it's not dead yet.
There's got to be a way to save it.
I did what I could to come up
with a new restructuring plan.
We've been focusing on domestic and
Western clientele until now, but
I'm thinking about gaining
customers mainly from Asia.
I already signed contracts with major
travel agencies in Shanghai and Singapore.
That's why you went abroad?
I've also commissioned Nalusen
to develop the latest IT system.
You mean Nalusen, that IT venture?
By the end of the year,
overseas customers will be able
make reservations directly
through our new system.
In addition, I'm planning to
invite experts from outside
and hold meetings to discuss innovation.
In short, are you getting rid of
the bad tradition that
tied down your business?
Bidding farewell to your father,
the autocratic manager.
Can I take it to mean that?
If you're prepared to do that,
I'm sure you will be able
to revive your company.
Thank you.
But first, the FSA inspection.
If we don't get through that, your hotel
and the bank will both go bankrupt.
For both the 12 billion
investment failure and
failing to report that sooner,
I apologize deeply.
Didn't Director Hane do
everything on her own?
Even if she did,
it's my fault for allowing her to do it.
All right.
Then, President, if you can
finalize the restructuring plan and
look for ways to cover the
12 billion as soon as possible.
- Got it.
- And
I have one more favor to ask.
Completely translated and timed by subie06
I, too, would like to pass the loan through
for Tamiya Electric if at all possible.
Thank you very much.
Are you taking me for a fool? Huh?
Just because you want a loan badly,
how dare you bring in an unrealistic
fake business plan like this.
FakeSurely you can't mean that
- What.
- Nothing
Won't you tell me specifically
what's wrong with it?
So that I can fix it.
I'm telling you that it's
your job to find the answer.
Can't you even understand
a simple thing like that!
No wonder you got kicked out of the bank.
Come back with more realistic numbers.
Otherwise, I ain't giving you
a loan even if it kills me.
426000 426000…
336000 336000…
2121 210…
1214 1001
1214 1001
1214 1001…
Are you sure you're a former banker?
You're a disgrace.
If you can't do anything, what was the
point in getting you from the bank.
It's rude to talk like
that to Mr Ex-Banker.
Come with me for a bit.
Think back of our college days.
- Nothing.
- Got banged up on your head too much?
Hello. How have you been, Togoshi?
You're late.
I don't appreciate getting
called out suddenly like this.
I'm busy too what with the
coming FSA inspection.
Give me a draft.
Give me one more.
Sounds like Iseshima's getting singled
out for the FSA inspection, huh?
You're well informed.
But that's none of your business.
Since you don't belong to Iseshima anymore.
- Whose fault is it that I'm like this
- Isn't it your own fault?
I told you there was going
to be a loss of 12 billion.
- Why did you ignore it?
- That again?
And to think I took time out of my
busy schedule to meet with you.
That's all over already.
- Nothing's over for me yet.
- No, it's over.
You're to blame for everything.
It's because you did something
outrageous like blowing the whistle.
But you hushed it up and snitched
on me to Director Hane, didn't you?
I told you that's a misunderstanding. I
told my boss like I was supposed to.
It wasn't me that covered it
up, but someone above me.
- Who was it?
- That's none of your business.
If you're gonna keep on talking
nonsense, I'm leaving.
No, you need to stay and talk.
Although it's not with me.
Some bankers these days are idiots.
You never know who's sitting
at the next table, but
here he is, loudly babbling insider
information without a care.
That's for sure.
So you knew a loss was going to be
sustained, but you didn't report it.
That could get you in trouble, huh?
- You guys
- Okay, let's hear
- what really happened.
- I don't know what you're talking about.
We recorded your earlier
conversation in its entirety.
Giving lame excuses at this point
in time would only be unsightly.
Kozato, from Togoshi-san's tip-off,
you knew that Iseshima was
going to have a huge deficit.
In spite of that, you covered it
up, and proceeded with the loan.
Why did you do that?
Remember what I told you. If the truth
becomes known, I'll show no mercy.
Answer me, Kozato!
I'm sorry.
But believe me. I
did report it to Manager Kaise.
But I was told to wait and see
how goes it goes for a while
You did everything on
Manager Kaise's order?
- I don't believe you.
- I'm not lying.
- Please believe me.
- Where's the proof?
- Proof?
- I'm talking about the proof
you reported the tip-off
to the branch manager.
You didn't just tell him verbally, did you?
There should be a written report.
There is, but it's among the
files to be moved temporarily.
Where are those files now?
In the Kyobashi Branch vault.
But before the FSA inspection starts,
the Branch Manager's supposed
to take them to his residence.
- His residence would be tricky.
- When's he transporting them?
Tonight, 10:00 PM. By car.
9:15 PM
We're gonna get it right now.
Are you serious? It's too late already.
Do you think I can leave a dangerous
thing like that with you guys?
Just think what would happen
if FSA gets a hold of it.
We'll get orders to improve
business operations at once.
And Tokyo Chuo Bank will lose credibility.
I'll take it before the
FSA inspection starts.
But that's impossible.
Only the section chief in charge
can enter the vault.
Try first before you say
it's impossible.
Anyway, let's go.
If I cooperate, you'll
overlook what I did?
Why would I do that?
You'll just get a less severe
disciplinary action, that's all.
But if you don't cooperate,
I'll broadcast
your earlier conversation
throughout the bank.
If that happens, you're
fired without severance.
Kyobashi Branch
Employees Only Passageway
In order to open the door
of a vault at the bank,
an 8-digit pass code must be entered.
Next, the key is used
to unlock the door, but
that key is stored in the key box, and
- Key Box -
to open that key box,
yet another pass code is required.
These pass codes are
controlled by a different section
chief in charge every week,
even the branch manager
does not have access to them.
It's already 9:30.
At 10:00, the Branch Manager
and Section Chief in
Charge will be here.
Where's the desk of the Section Chief?
Over there, in the back.
- Where's he from?
- Was it Nagoya?
Are you stupid! I'm asking which he's from.
Tokyo Daiichi or Sangyo Chuo.
- He's from Sangyo Chuo.
- How old is he?
- Maybe 42, 43?
- All right. Then
What are you going to do?
Hey, what the heck are you doing?
Found it.
The pass code has 8 digits.
Just in case you forget it, taping
it under the desk like this
is the bad tradition of a group of us that
entered Sangyo Chuo during the Bubble Era.
But the key. There's a different
pass code for the key box.
The last four digits never change. 1001.
Thanks to you, I came here numerous times
and was terrorized by you every time.
To escape from reality, I
memorized these numbers.
All right!
There they are! Those two boxes.
They're here.
Give it up!
Hey Hanzawa, we'd better stop here
- We're dead. They're almost here.
- Close the door.
- What?
- Just close the door for now.
Oh, good evening, Manager.
What are you doing here, Kozato?
I thought I'd help you bring the files.
- Really? Thanks.
- Not at all.
Chief Haide, if you can
get to work at once.
What're you doing? Give him a hand.
Bring them out.
Hey, what're you doing? Hurry up!
Kozato, do something.
If they close the door now,
we're stuck here till tomorror.
Why the hell are you standing still.
Move it!
I'm terribly sorry.
I'll bring it out right away, so can
you go ahead and take that one first?
You'd better hurry.
Let's go.
That's why I told you it was impossible.
You're wrong.
Where there's a will, there's a way.
This matter to be discussed at a later date
Banker in Charge
Branch Manager
Manager Kaise
will have a lot of
explaining to do later on.
You're a lifesaver, Kondo.
If you weren't there, we wouldn't
have been able to open the vault.
No, I'm the one who should thank you.
About the loan
Kozato! I'm telling you one more thing.
I hear you're balking to approve
Tamiya Electric's request for loan.
That's because, uhthe
required information is
While it's true parts
of President Tamiya's
vision in the mid-term
plan is hard to grasp,
but even you take away that part,
it's realistic and well-written.
- What's wrong with it? Tell me.
- That's uh
The Branch Manager told me not to easily
approve loans before the FSA inspection
Is everything someone else's fault?!
Guys like you aren't qualified
to make credit decisions.
Approve it tomorrow! You got that?
I knew it, but still, you're amazing.
You haven't changed a bit.
When I'm with you, I feel as if I
can go back to being the old me.
You haven't changed a bit either.
You're in there fighting
for Tamiya Electric.
Your title or where you're at may
change, but you're still you.
Togoshi-san, thank you.
Thanks to your cooperation,
we're starting to see what's going on.
You don't have to thank me for anything.
In the first place, I wanted
to give Kozato hell too.
And I'm going back to
work for Iseshima Hotel.
Is that right? I'm happy for you.
You put in a word for me, didn't you?
To President Yuasa.
I have one more favor to ask
It's about Togoshi-san,
who once worked for you.
President Yuasa called me
personally and apologized.
He said you told him what happened.
I just told him the truth.
In all honesty, my distrust for
Tokyo Chuo Bank won't go away.
as slight as you are,
you're like a wild boar.
The fact that you're our banker
is my only ray of hope.
Please save Iseshima Hotel.
I'm counting on you.
As your banker, I will do my utmost best.
That report you got.
Whose signature was on it?
Branch Manager Kaise's.
If I say this, all the
effort you put into it
may have been for naught, but
the relationship between
the previous Kyobashi
Branch Manager and Iseshima
is shrouded in darkness.
The previous branch manager?
Kaise is merely the
entrance to that darkness.
He's the lizard's tail.
Instead, it's someone higher up
Executive Director Owada
would like to see you.
He's the one at the center of the darkness.
Look for evidence against him.
Good morning.
Everyone, I have something to say.
I got a call from Tokyo Chuo Bank.
The loan has been approved.
It's about time. It sure took a long time.
Considering you're Mr Ex-Banker.
I apologize for my lack of ability.
From now on,
I'll work harder to serve this company.
Please give me your cooperation.
There's no need to push yourself. We'll
just keep on doing what we've been doing.
Right, Chief?
That's right.
To get straight to the point,
I'd like to write up a
detailed plan for the future.
Can you get me the financial
statements through the last term?
How many times do I have to tell you?
I'll take care of everything.
Please leave well enough alone.
you just worry about getting
money from the bank.
You're Mr Ex-Banker after all.
Okay, let's get back to work.
Think back of our college days. Kondo!
Where there's a will, there's a way.
Guys like you aren't qualified
to make credit decisions.
Approve it tomorrow!
Your title or where you're at may
change, but you're still you.
Please bring me the financial statements.
Stop pestering me.
I told you to stay out it.
I said bring me the financial statements.
Let me tell you one thing.
Right now, I'm
the Accounting Department
Manager at Tamiya Electric.
Don't you ever
call me Mr Ex-Banker again.
Answer me!
That goes for you too.
What is it that you wanted to ask?
I heard a rumor that
you're investigating
some kind of misconduct
at Kyobashi Branch.
Is that true?
Yes. It's true.
That doesn't sound good.
With the FSA inspection
right around the corner,
as Executive Director, I can't very
well disregard rumors of misconduct.
Tell me the details, if you don't mind.
What's wrong, Hanzawa?
Tell us everything you know.
All right.
The truth is, there was an individual
who tipped off the bank that
Iseshima Hotel incurred
a loss of 12 billion.
Branch Manager Kaise and Deputy
Manager Kozato at Kyobashi Branch
suppressed that tipoff and
although they knew we'd sustain a loss,
they worked around it so that Iseshima's
20-billion loan was approved.
Kaise-kun and Kozato-kun did that?!
Do you have proof?
I do.
What kind of proof? Let's see it.
- I can't show it to you right now.
- How come?
I'm safeguarding it as the most
important temporarily moved file.
What's more,
behind this misconduct,
there's a possibility someone else
gave orders to Manager Kaise.
Until it becomes clear as to who that is,
I believe it best to refrain
from disclosure too soon.
I see.
Then, if it's someone who
gave orders to Manager Kaise
First, the previous branch manager at
Kyobashi Branch. Manager Kishikawa.
Was it you?!
- You must be joking.
- Oh, it's not you.
If it's not you,
the branch manager at Kyobashi
Branch before you, me.
Before me, it was Ito-san
who went to Teikoku Jukou.
- Before that was
- Unfortunately,
the branch managers prior to you
have all retired.
Those who were previous branch
managers and still active
are just you two.
That's not good.
At this rate,
we're going to be turned into suspects.
That's our Hanzawa.
Even his jokes are top-notch.
I didn't intend for it to be a joke.
As Iseshima's banker,
I think it's only natural
that I suspect you two.
In any case, Kyobashi Branch is
the root of corruption at Iseshima.
- That's what I suspect.
- That's my point.
When I was the branch manager there,
there were absolutely no problems.
This problem arose as soon
as the responsibility
was transferred to
Corporate Finance.
Corporate Finance Department, which
is lead by former Tokyo Daiichi,
is precisely the root of corruption.
That's what I believe.
The loan to Iseshima was already approved
prior to the transfer to Corporate Finance.
In spite of that, you
pushed responsibility to Tokieda, who
was only assigned there for 3 months,
and transferred him out, didn't you?
Personnel management is
everything at a bank
That must be how you've been
getting rid of people who get in the
way, people who become unnecessary.
Please tell me one thing.
What kind of a bank is it that Executive
Director Owada is aiming for?
- What is this, out of the blue?
- That's all right.
Why, of course
the best mega-bank in the world that
supports this country's economy.
Our mega-bank cannot collapse.
That, we have to defend to the end.
If we should collapse,
do you know how many millions of
people will be out in the cold?
In order for the bank, this
Japanese economy, to survive,
sacrifice is inevitable.
I'm being realistic here.
- Don't you think so? Hanzawa-kun.
- No.
That's not what I think.
Banks are nothing more than money
lenders, Executive Director.
We're here to lend money and
make money off interest.
That's all.
Isn't that precisely why
we need to ascertain who we lend
money to with sharp eyes,
and bear responsibility for
those people's future?
Refusing to lose out to
competition, rivalry
between factions. That's
all fine and dandy.
But there's one thing we must not forget.
That's the fact that we, bankers,
aren't working to protect the bank,
but to protect the working
people of this country.
Citizens don't exist for the bank, but
banks exist for the citizens.
We must not forget that belief.
We are not
working for our superiors
or the organization.
No matter how small the business is,
as long as they're working earnestly,
we don't have the right to
trample on their livelihood.
Sure, I understand.
But you know,
we're both basically saying the same thing.
It's just a difference in perspective.
You understand, don't you?
Let's get back to the subject.
What were we talking about?
Somebody suppressed the tipoff
regarding Iseshima Hotel.
Who that somebody is,
and why he did that,
I don't know yet.
But it's a fact that
Iseshima Hotel sustained a big
damage because of this issue.
as their banker, will do everything
I can to protect Iseshima Hotel.
Even if I have to grovel in the ground,
even if I have to get down on my knees,
I'll revive Iseshima.
In order to do that,
no matter who my opponent is,
I'm prepared to fight
with everything I have.
Please remember that.
Get down on your knees?
That's just a worthless show
for people who want sympathy.
It means nothing.
It's true, I've had many
folks cling on to my legs.
But it didn't make sense to me.
The folks who did that, every one of them,
they were incompetent people.
You probably wouldn't understand.
The people who get down on their knees
their desperation,
their frustration
Executive Director Owada.
If I'm unable to save Iseshima Hotel,
for all the disrespectful
things I said to you,
I will get down on my knees and apologize.
if you're the one who ordered the cover up,
please get down your on
knees and apologize.
Don't push your luck, Hanzawa!
I'm talking to the Executive Director.
I'd appreciate it
if you didn't interrupt conversation.
If you can do such a thing, that is.
Go ahead, give it a try.
Financial Services Agency,
Inspection Bureau.
I'm Chief Inspector Kurosaki.
We will now conduct the FSA inspection.
Nice to meet you.
Long time no see.
Completely translated and timed by subie06
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