Hanzawa Naoki (2013) s01e07 Episode Script

Episode 7

Iseshima Hotel, one of Tokyo
Chuo Bank's major customers,
incurred a loss of 12 billion yen
due to poor stock investment.
In accordance with the
Chairman's order, Hanzawa
was entrusted with reviving the hotel.
If Iseshima Hotel should be
classified as a troubled borrower
by the upcoming FSA inspection,
then the bank will have to come up with
an enormous loan loss provision
amounting to over 100 billion yen.
However, Hanzawa found out
behind the investment failure
of Iseshima Hotel, there was
actually a conspiracy
in order to qualify for the loan.
It was imperative that Hanzawa
resolved Iseshima Hotel's problem
at all costs, in order to
protect the bank. However,
who should appear before him but
We will now conduct the FSA inspection.
Nice to meet you.
Long time no see.
At precisely the same time on
the same day, FSA inspections
were being carried out at all the major
branches of Tokyo Chuo Bank.
With the existence of Tokyo Chuo Bank
at stake, this was unquestionably
FSA Inspection
First Hearing Investigation
the beginning of a battle with
the Financial Services Agency.
Do you believe in fate?
I do.
I got to meet you again.
I see you're back with the Financial
Services Agency. Congratulations.
I see you've risen in the ranks as well.
FSA Chief Inspector
Using that branch manager
as stepping stone.
Mind you, Iseshima Hotel is the most
important issue this time.
- Be forewarned.
- Inspector Kurosaki,
Kishikawa Shingo
please take it easy on us.
Now then, without further
ado, let's hear it.
I will give you the credit
details of Iseshima Hotel.
- As you can see in the handout
- Start out with
an explanation for the
12 billion yen loss.
- Well, that is
- I can't hear you!
That was an unexpected loss due
to poor stock investments.
We'll start out by giving
you the details of its
performance in its primary
business of hotel management.
Operations Dept 2 Manager
Operations Department 2
let me start over.
Iseshima Hotel has performed
poorly in the past several years, and
last term, it had a deficit for
the first time in 20 years.
To counter that problem,
the hotel is targeting
clientele from abroad,
particularly Asia
Be more specific!
What did it do with what?
Business partnerships with
major travel agencies in
Shanghai and Singapore
have already been settled.
To go along with that,
it's moving ahead with
plans to integrate an
IT system to include
- a unique online reservation system.
- As I recall,
the company it employed
to develop the system
is Nalusen Engineering, isn't it?
Yes. Nalusen is one of the top five
IT-related companies in the country.
Iseshima Hotel is
investing heavily, giving
high priority to developing
its facility, and
it is one of the critical factors
of the hotel restructuring plan.
Oh well, fine.
But the crucial thing is the
huge loss of 12 billion.
How do you propose to make up the deficit?
It can manage to raise funds
to keep going for a while by
selling the employee
dormitory in the city, along
with stocks it holds in
affiliated businesses.
would amount to maybe 5 billion.
That's not even close!
If its real business of hotel
management became profitable,
the rest will made up in a few years
I'm not interested in "what if" stories.
In the first place, you guys
gave Iseshima Hotel a loan
of 20 billion based on
speculation that it would
end up in the black.
Nevertheless, a
12-billion yen investment
failure came to light
immediately afterward.
What's more, it's my understanding that
Hakusui foresaw that and
held up on their loan.
Yet, you guys couldn't foresee that.
I wonder why?
Is it because you're incompetent?
So even if you incompetent folks
told me Iseshima Hotel will
move into the black in the future,
there's no way I believe that.
If, by the next hearing investigation,
you can't show me a sound
compensation plan for 12 billion,
Iseshima Hotel will be classified
as a troubled borrower.
If that happens, estimating roughly,
a loan loss provision of 152
billion, zero, zero, 8.6 million yen
must be supplied by your bank.
Did you get that? I'll say it again.
That's 152 billion, zero,
zero, 8.6 million yen.
It's impossible. I can't see how
Iseshima Hotel currently
has enough surplus assets
to compensate for the
loss of 12 billion yen.
Even so, we have no
choice but to find them.
Onodera, review Iseshima
Hotel's assets one more time.
I'm counting on you Hanzawa.
You got Kurosaki, of all people, huh?
He must really like you.
Give me a break. My compatibility
with him is nonexistent.
So he said Hakusui foresaw
it, but we couldn't.
He sure knows how to hit where
it hurts, that Kurosaki
There's no way we can confess we got a
tipoff but our employees suppressed it.
The report that guy Kozato wrote,
do you have it safely hidden?
It's at home with other
temporarily moved files.
- Wouldn't it be safer to destroy it?
- No.
That's material evidence
to prove that Kyobashi
Branch and Iseshima Hotel
covered up the truth.
Once the FSA inspection is done, I'll
have them take full responsibility.
- I can't destroy it until then.
- That's what I thought you'd say.
Make sure they don't find it. Just think
what'll happen if that document is exposed.
It's not just Iseshima.
Our bank will blow up as well.
- I know.
- But still, why did Manager Kaise
Kyobashi Branch Manager
suppress Iseshima's tipoff?
- That's what I intend to find out.
- Find out how?
How else?
I'm gonna ask Kaise.
At the same time,
Kondo's work behavior
at Tamiya Electric
where he was assigned
Hanzawa's Peer
had transformed so much he
was hardly recognizable.
- The draft was well-written.
- Thank you.
Nakajima. Thanks for your
hard work negotiating.
I'm sure you're tired,
but I'd appreciate it
if you could submit your
report by tomorrow.
- Will do.
- Thanks.
- What happened?
- I don't know.
I hope he doesn't get too pumped
up and starts causing trouble.
Tamiya Electric Accounting Chief
A way to make up Iseshima
Hotel's 12-billion yen loss?
I don't know what to tell you.
You're the banker in charge
of Iseshima Hotel now.
I have nothing to do with it anymore.
What do you mean you have
nothing to do with it.
If you had held up on the
20-billion yen loan,
the damage could've been minimized.
When we processed that loan,
who would've thought Iseshima
would incur a loss of 12 billion?
An unfortunate mishap.
Was that really the case?
What are you trying to say?
You've seen this before, haven't you?
I'm safeguarding the original, along
with other temporarily moved files.
This is
This is your note and your seal.
Where did you
Watch it. You'd better
keep your voice low.
All hell would break loose if
someone from FSA hears you.
You knew that Iseshima
incurred a loss of 12 billion.
Nevertheless, you suppressed that tip
so the 20-billion yen loan
would get approved.
- That's wrong. I just
- Just what?
You just followed orders from the top.
Am I wrong?
That's it, isn't it?
Whose order was it?
Kaise-san. If this document was
submitted to the board of directors,
you're finished.
But if you were ordered, your
disciplinary measure may get reduced.
Wouldn't it be to your
benefit to tell us honestly?
Even if I discloses that person's
name, there is no evidence.
- But if you testified, the evidence
- My testimony
can be easily overturned by that person.
You guys
don't have a chance either.
I suggest you stop digging into this
if you know what's good for you.
That guy's at the center of the darkness.
Look for evidence against him.
Executive Director Owada.
The person who ordered the whole thing
was Executive Director Owada, right?
That's right.
If I said that,
will you destroy that report?
No. I can't do that.
Even if you were ordered by the top,
you'd have to take a certain
amount of responsibility too.
In that case, I have nothing more to say.
Are you sure? We will reveal
this document to Headquarters.
Go ahead, do it if you can.
If you do that now, FSA will find out
and the bank will be in big trouble.
If you have the interest of the bank
at heart, I advise you to stay silent.
Are you turning on us?
It's true we should keep
this matter hidden until
the FSA inspection is finished.
But after that, I will show no mercy.
You'd better prepare yourself.
If you make it through
the FSA inspection unscathed, that is.
That bastard dared to use
our weakness against us.
Hanzawa, suppose it's Executive
Director Owada in the background.
Do you really plan to
lock horns with him?
Of course.
I figured as much.
But it's still not quite clear to me.
Why did Executive
Director Owada go to that
length to carry out the
20-billion yen loan?
What's in it for him to take the risk
to force through a fraudulent loan?
Was he getting a kickback
from Director Hane?
- Deputy Manager.
- What is it?
We found them. Enough surplus assets
to cover the 12-billion yen loss.
- You found them, huh?
- Good job, Onodera.
They're there, that's for sure.
However, whether they can be sold or not
What do you mean?
Apparently, these assets are regarded
as Iseshima Hotel's sacred territory.
Sacred territory?
This won't do, Mr Banker
from Tokyo Chuo Bank.
Iseshima Hotel Main Office Lobby
I'm your point of contact, you know.
Iseshima Hotel Managing Director
If you were coming here,
you should have said so.
I apologize.
Or are you having a secret
conversation you don't want me hear?
I told him he didn't have to tell you.
Sorry about that, Hane-san.
I have personal matters to
discuss with him today.
I see.
In that case, it's none of my business.
Hanzawa, we'll talk in my office.
So, what is it you wanted to talk about?
To tell you the truth,
we're being told by FSA to
make up the entire amount
of the 12-billion loss.
The entire amount?! But that was
Iseshima Hotel President
an unexpected loss due to
poor stock investments.
To reimburse all that
at once is impossible.
The inspector from FSA,
named Kurosaki,
is not a man who'd listen
to what we have to say.
Then, what do you suggest
I heard there's a sacred
territory at Iseshima Hotel.
The art collection owned
by the Chairman, plus
property he acquired
to build an art museum.
If we can sell that,
an extraordinary income of
over 10 billion can be gained.
Is it true?
Yes, it's true.
But my father probably won't
allow me to sell them.
Why not? The existence of the
hotel itself is in jeopardy.
At this late stage, an art museum
is the least of his worries.
The construction of Iseshima Art Museum
is my father last dream
no it's always been his dream.
I, too, want to fulfill that
dream if at all possible.
I see. I can see why it's
considered sacred.
I understand how you feel, but
at this rate, we won't be able to
pass the FSA inspection.
President Yuasa. There
are choices you can make
precisely at this time of financial crisis.
If you don't step into
that sacred territory,
your predecessor's spell
that torments this hotel
will never be broken, don't you think?
All right.
I'll do what I can to persuade my father.
Please. Other than that,
there's no way for us to survive.
Hello. This is Kaise.
Just as you said, Hanzawa came.
Oh, really. So?
Of course, I told him I knew
nothing, and feigned ignorance.
Kaise-kun, I'm not sure
what you're talking about.
I don't know what you did, but
it's something you did on your own.
Isn't that right? Kaise-kun.
I did it on my own.
It had absolutely nothing to do with you.
All right.
I'm counting on your continued
support, Manager Kaise.
I'm blessed with good subordinates.
In comparison, Hanzawa
is nothing but trouble.
He's certainly an eyesore.
I'm sorry that our banker
causes you to worry.
Why don't you do your usual thing
and have him removed?
Well, there's no need to rush it.
"The one who makes the first move loses,"
as they often say in, was it sports?
Let's sit back and look forward to
what kind of a fight
he's got planned for us.
How long are you keeping these here?
I told you, until the
FSA inspection's over.
One wrong move, and I might've died
You're overreacting. The boxes just
collapsed a little, that's all, yes?
I might have this scar
for the rest of my life.
What's more important, me
or the FSA inspection?
Hana, listen seriously.
If these files are discovered
by FSA inspectors,
I'll be dismissed on
disciplinary grounds.
If that happens, I won't be
able to provide for you guys.
This is the safest place for them.
Bear with it for a while.
What's safe about them!
As I recall
Here it is.
Somebody suppressed the tip
regarding Iseshima Hotel.
I, as their banker,
will do everything I can
to protect Iseshima Hotel.
Even if I have to grovel in the ground,
even if I have to get down on my knees,
I'll revive Iseshima.
In order to do that, no
matter who my opponent is,
I'll fight with everything I have.
If you're the one who ordered the cover up,
please get down your on
knees and apologize.
If you can do such a thing, that is.
Go ahead, give it a try.
Deputy Manager!
This is pretty lame for a
deputy manager's chair.
- Is there something we can do for you?
- Of course.
That's why we're here.
I believe the hearing
investigation is tomorrow.
We're here on a different matter.
Actually, we'd like to pay
a visit to your residence.
- What is this about?
- We received a tip that
you're keeping files
relating to Iseshima Hotel
- at your residence.
- A tip?
Of course, I never even imagined
you'd have something like that
hidden away, but
now that we got the tipoff,
we have no choice but to verify that.
I hope you understand.
I already have my people standing
by in front of your residence.
We also confirmed
your wife is there.
Can you call her immediately and
tell her to let us inspect the rooms?
You can use the video chat on this
laptop and verify the video, so
there's nothing to worry about.
Please, hurry up and call your wife.
Or is there something
you don't want us to see?
Completely translated and timed by subie06
- You mean now as in right now?
- Sorry. Try to fake it somehow.
But it's so sudden, I
don't know what to do
Hanzawa-san. Are you there? Hanzawa-san.
I'm Yamada with FSA. We'd
like to take a look inside.
Excuse me.
Hey, what are you doing?
We have nothing to hide.
We'll be done shortly, so
don't let us bother you.
Of course I'm bothered.
Shimada, don't forget the storage space
above the closet and under the floor too.
- Well?
- There's nothing.
Hey, what is this?
What's this room?
The bedroom.
I'll check it. Excuse me.
Will you please stop it
Jeez, what is this?
It's not here.
Haven't you looked enough already?
If it isn't here, it isn't here.
What is that there?
- This is just a walk-in closet.
- Open it.
We're taking a look inside.
Excuse me.
It isn't here.
- Did you look all the way in the back too?
- I did.
Never mind. Pull out of there!
Will do.
Hey, you guys.
Are you planning to leave without a word
after messing up my home like this?
- Sorry to bother you.
- Is that all?
There's a certain amount of
etiquette you need to observe
if you come trampling
into a private residence.
This is an inspection conducted by
FSA with your husband's permission.
What do I care about that?
This may be my husband's house, but
at the same time, it's mine as well.
My husband may not have
any say in the matter
because of his position
as a banker, but
I'm an average citizen, so let me tell you.
You government officials'
behavior may be acceptable at
cabinet ministry offices, but they
are unacceptable in the real world.
It's government officials like you who lack
common sense that muck up this country.
Say something!
We apologize for troubling you.
Don't you dare take a
banker's wife lightly.
You have a very lovely wife.
Yes, she's my pride and joy.
Inspector Kurosaki.
I don't know who gave you the tipoff, but
please make sure you tell that person
that there was nothing in my house.
Provided that there
really was a tipoff.
This isn't the end yet.
How will the loss of 12 billion be covered?
You have to demonstrate
that clearly tomorrow.
If you can't, Iseshima
Hotel will be
classified as a troubled borrower.
But I'm amazed those
files didn't get found.
This is one time I felt hopeless
and I braced myself.
- How did you hide it?
- Well
Oh, those things.
They kept getting in the
way, so I sent them off
to my parents' house.
They don't have to be kept in this
small company house, right?
As long as they don't get found,
they can be kept anywhere.
You owe Hana-chan big time, huh?
- She already told me to buy her a dress.
- Buy her 100 or 200.
The bank was saved by Hana-chan.
That's for sure.
at this rate, that's only until tomorrow.
No word yet?
Deputy Manager.
President Yuasa's on Line 2.
- Here it is.
- Thanks for waiting. This is Hanzawa.
- I'm sorry for the delay.
- How did it go?
As I expected,
I was unable to persuade my father.
I see.
At any rate, I'll keep trying
until the very last minute.
All right.
If it's not one thing, it's another.
Looks like it was impossible after all.
- To persuade the Chairman.
- Hane-san.
What did you tell my father?
He absolutely refused to listen to me.
He told me he already heard
the details from you.
I just told him that you were
being deceived by the bank.
- That's all I told him.
- Deceived?
Yes. I told him the bank was just
trying to sell off his art objects
to gain immediate profit in order
to get through the FSA inspection.
That's not true.
Deputy Manager Hanzawa is thinking in
earnest about saving Iseshima Hotel.
I don't know about that.
If FSA classifies us as
a troubled borrower,
future financing from Tokyo
Chuo Bank will be stopped.
If that happens, we won't survive.
Are you saying you're okay with that?
How can I be okay with that?
I've devoted myself to this hotel
since before you were born.
The one who loves this hotel
more than anyone else
isn't you or that banker Hanzawa.
It's me.
Do you have any means to help us?
I will protect Iseshima Hotel.
According to a home delivery
service, they got a
early call from the Hanzawa household,
and picked up three cardboard boxes.
Is that right?
As I suspected, Hanzawa had the
files on Iseshima after all.
Where were they sent?
Looks like his wife
Hana's parents' house.
Head there at once.
- How's it going, Shinnosuke?
- Deputy Manager. I retrieved the boxes.
- I'm heading out now.
- Thanks.
How did it go?
We were one step behind. It appears
Hanzawa's subordinate took the boxes.
I see. All right.
I'm sorry.
Well, whatever.
It was worth the effort learning
that Hanzawa has the files
Finding them
is just a matter of time.
19 Hours until 2nd Hearing
Tomorrow at 1:00 PM,
the 2nd hearing investigation
by FSA will be conducted.
If the bank can't demonstrate
a compensation plan to
cover the 12-billion yen loss,
Iseshima Hotel will be classified
as a troubled borrower,
and they will have to come up with a
loan loss provision of 150 billion.
With 19 hours to go,
while holding out a faint hope for
President Yuasa to persuade the Chairman,
Hanzawa and others searched
with a fine tooth comb
for other surplus assets.
We can search all we want,
but we're not going to
find surplus assets worth
12 billion anywhere.
If the Chairman can't be
persuaded, it's game over.
If you have time to talk, get to work.
We still have time. We have
to keep on searching.
- I'll help!
- Me too!
Why do we have two identical ledgers?
More to the point, the numbers differ.
If these numbers are correct,
in the 5 years we were
supposedly in the black,
we were actually 40 million in the red.
Which ledger is correct, Noda-san?
- Where did you find that
- You know where I got it.
Inside that cabinet.
But that cabinet's locked
I'm not stupid. I know you
keep a spare key in your desk.
Now, now, Kondo-san.
There must be some mistake.
Tamiya Electric President
I'll look into this, so
leave this matter to me.
- You knew about this too, didn't you?
- Don't be ridiculous.
- I know nothing
- You signed off that you reviewed it.
This is unquestionably
illegal accounting.
Since five years earlier,
Tamiya Electric hid its deficit,
window dressed its accounts, and
acquired loans illegally, didn't it?
What if we did?
Are you going to tell the bank?
That goes without saying.
Unless you're honest with them,
there won't be a resolution.
To the contrary, if we do that, won't
the bank cut off ties with us?
What happens next is up to you,
President Tamiya.
Instead of resorting to
petty tricks like this,
are you seriously prepared to
rebuild your company?
If you are,
I'll do everything I can
to persuade the bank.
As this company's Accounting
Department Manager.
- Can we sell this warehouse in Shin-Kiba?
- It's being looked at.
16 Hours until 2nd Hearing
The golf course by the sea.
Users are decreasing.
This can go, right?
13 Hours until 2nd Hearing
We've scraped together about 5
billion with the small assets.
We'll just have to push our
way through with what we got.
Thank you.
I'll explain the situation
to the Chairman now.
If you get a call from President Yuasa,
give me a call no matter what time it is.
Will do.
11 Hours until the 2nd Investigation
I'm starving.
Hey. Are you still alive?
I bet you haven't had anything to eat.
Beef bowl for you.
12 billion by tomorrow, huh?
That's a tough order to fill.
Sorry for making you help out.
If I find 12 billionyen
worth of surplus
assets, you'd better
treat me to a beef bowl.
I'll treat you to a year's worth.
Iseshima's problem's one thing, but
I can't believe your company's
been window dressing too.
Aren't there any decent
companies around anymore?
What do you plan to do, Kondo?
First of all, I'll disclose
everything to the bank.
After that, all I can do is beg
them to continue our loan.
- Has President Tamiya agreed to that?
- Even if he doesn't,
I don't think there's any other
way to truly save that company.
I've been a thorn in their
side to begin with anyway.
I have no intention of
playing the good-natured
accounting department chief
at this stage of the game.
You might be able to talk HR into
reassigning you to a different
company, don't you think?
But even if it's a company like that,
the place where I belong right
now is Tamiya Electric.
I really want to make it a better company.
I can't just walk away from it.
Even if I have to fight it
out with the president,
I'm going to change Tamiya Electric.
I decided to stop trying to curry
favor with whoever I'm dealing with.
That's what it means to seriously
face the challenge, isn't it?
- What's the matter?
- He may still be there.
I'll going to see President Yuasa.
You're absolutely right, Kondo.
Hey, Hanzawa
- Do you really mean it?
- Yes.
That I should oust the
Company Chairman, my father.
If he won't allow us to sell the paintings,
we have no choice but to take
away the Chairman's power.
That's not something I can do on my own.
It has to be submitted to the Board
and has to get the majority vote.
I can't imagine Hane-san's
supporters agreeing to it.
Even so, you've got to do it.
Even if you have to threaten
them with your power as
employer, you have
to make them agree to it.
You, as president,
should be able to do it.
Are you telling me to threaten
- my employees in order to oust my father?
- Exactly.
If you want to get rid of the bad
tradition left by your predecessor,
you should take away this Iseshima Hotel
from the Chairman with your own hands.
- a horrible person.
- President Yuasa.
Remember what you told me?
You wanted to erase the
bad traditions, and
establish a new Iseshima Hotel.
Your vision is not flawed.
All that remains now is
whether you have the
conviction to carry that through.
If there's even a one percent
chance to save Iseshima Hotel,
I can turn into an ogre or the devil.
FSA Inspection
Second Hearing Investigation
Let's begin, shall we?
What about the plan to cover
the 12 billion yen loss?
Apparently, you were trying to sell
the Chairman's collection of paintings
and the property for an art museum.
Were you able to persuade the Chairman?
We were unable to persuade him.
I see. In that case, Iseshima Hotel
will be classified as a troubled borrower.
We couldn't persuade him, so
we decided to oust the Chairman,
seize all the paintings, and sell them.
- Ousted him?!
- Shinnosuke.
Pass out the handouts.
This morning, I seized the
proprietary rights to
the paintings from my father.
7 Hours until 2nd Hearing
Thank you so much, Yuasa-san.
I apologize for making you
take on the painful role.
Actually, when I told him
we were going to oust him,
my father began laughing
and said do you as please.
Perhaps this is what he was hoping for.
I felt we had a heart-to-heart
talk for the first time.
Hanzawa-san, did you know
this would happen?
Of course not.
Your determination made this happen.
As noted on your handout,
107 paintings, along with
the property for an art museum,
has already been sold.
Purchase agreements are in process for
the remaining 41 paintings as well.
- Estimating roughly
- 11 billion 603 million 200 thousand.
In addition, if other assets
we mentioned earlier, such as
employee dormitory, are included,
we believe we should have more than enough
to cover the loss of 12 billion.
What do you think?
Inspector Kurosaki.
Surely not that spoiled rich boy.
He even ousted the Chairman
to sell the artworks?!
Frankly, I didn't expect this.
At this rate, our plan will
Even if Hanzawa succeeded somehow
to come up with 12 billion,
it's to be expected.
Isn't it?
Yes, it was.
Just about now,
is when the time bomb will explode.
I suppose we should get moving too.
I'll concede that you made
up the 12 billion yen loss.
Nicely done.
He conceded rather easily, didn't he?
Now then, let's move on to the
careful examination of the restructuring
plan that we've been putting off.
- First then, Iseshima Hotel
- Before you start,
what you folks talked about the
last time, the latest IT system?
If that doesn't get completed,
what will happen?
You there. Answer me!
More than likely, it would be
impossible to revive the business.
That's right. Very good.
- What are you trying to say?
- The company that
Iseshima Hotel employed to
develop that IT system,
- what was it called
- Nalusen Engineering.
That's right, Nalusen.
You know, this Nalusen
is going bankrupt.
The IT-related company
which ranks 5th in the nation
in sales, Nalusen Engineering
was sued by Foster Group, the
biggest hotel chain the U.S.,
for patent infringement.
Should Nalusen lose this lawsuit,
it will have to pay an
enormous amount for damages
We're in trouble. Nalusen's IT system is
the key to the revival of Iseshima Hotel.
If that's gone
I'm going to Iseshima.
Hanzawa-san, what's wrong?
You look shaken.
- Did you see the news on Nalusen?
- Of course.
We were getting ready to have a talk
with Yuasa regarding that matter.
Perfect timing, Hanzawa-kun.
You should sit in too.
As the banker in charge of Iseshima Hotel.
Executive Director Owada.
Pardon me for not keeping in touch.
That goes for me too.
I'm sorry it's been so long.
I should have rushed over sooner
and tried to save your hotel
from this crisis, but
when you're the executive director, it's
hard to deal with inflexible schedules.
I'm sorry for causing you trouble
with this current matter.
You know us better than that.
I'm here today in regards to that matter.
To be honest,
it's difficult with the way things are.
In light of what's happened to Nalusen,
we won't be able to get
through the FSA inspection.
Do you have any breakthrough solution?
Do you have any?
I do.
Yuasa-san. Let me be frank with you.
We'd like you to change
the managerial structure.
Actually, I've already
approached FSA's Chief
Inspector Kurosaki
in regards to this.
If you abandon the current
family management
and explore new possibilities, he
agreed to postpone his decision
on classification for one year.
- Are you telling me to step down
- Please wait, Executive Director.
There's no need to be concerned, President.
The person who knows this hotel
better than anyone else,
Managing Director Hane, will
take over as successor.
For me, who's been serving this
hotel since the previous president,
to take over under these circumstances
is very painful.
However, I'm doing this to protect
the reputation of Iseshima.
You'll agree to it, won't you?
I'm the banker in charge of Iseshima.
- I haven't been told of any of this.
- Don't worry.
That's not a problem, Hanzawa.
You've been removed from this
assignment effective today.
Thank you for your hard work until now.
You can rest easy, leaving
it in my good hands.
I can't go along with that.
I'm against President Yuasa stepping down.
Then, other than my proposal,
do you know of any other way
you can save Iseshima Hotel?
If all you can do is talk, both
Iseshima and our bank will go bankrupt.
Please give me a little more time.
I will take responsibility
to find a way to revive
Iseshima Hotel without fail.
President Yuasa has exerted
more effort and energy
than anyone else for the
revival of Iseshima Hotel.
He voluntarily strived to break
from the bad practices
of family management.
As a banker, I firmly believe
that President Yuasa
is precisely the person who's necessary to
Iseshima Hotel of the future.
All right.
you wanna get down on your knees?
You were saying before, remember?
Even if you had to grovel in the ground,
even if you had to get on your knees,
that you'd revive Iseshima Hotel.
Come on. Show me your resolve.
Can't do it?
Dad! Dad!
Dad! Dad! Dad!
Hanzawa-san. Please stop it.
Please give me a little more time.
I beg you.
Completely translated and timed by subie06
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