Hanzawa Naoki (2013) s01e08 Episode Script

Episode 8

Tokyo Chuo Bank gave Iseshima
Hotel, one of its major customers,
a loan of 20 billion yen.
Subsequently, it was discovered
they had incurred a loss of
12 billion yen due to poor
stock investments.
Right around that time, there
was a phone call from FSA.
An FSA inspection?
If Iseshima Hotel, which has lost
12 billion yen, is determined to be
effectively bankrupt,
the bank will have to come up with
an enormous loan loss provision
in excess of 150 billion yen.
The problem is the loan loss provision.
If we end up having to come
up with the loan loss provision,
the operation of our bank
itself could be shaken.
Hanzawa was ordered by the Chairman
to save the bank from that crisis.
Hanzawa had but one mission.
To prevent Iseshima Hotel from
being classified by FSA as an
effectively bankrupt borrower.
However, he discovered behind
Iseshima Hotel's investment failure
was a cover-up in order to obtain a loan,
and a handful of people from
the bank conspired with the hotel
in executing a fraudulent loan.
Hanzawa got on the move to
save the bank and the hotel.
But in the midst of the FSA inspection
The company that Iseshima Hotel
employed to develop an IT system
- Nalusen Engineering.
- You know, this Nalusen
is going bankrupt.
To verify the truth of that, Hanzawa
headed to Iseshima Hotel
to see President Yuasa, but
who should appear but
Director Hane, who had her eyes
on the President's seat, and
Executive Director Owada, who
had joined forces with her.
In light of what's happened to Nalusen,
we won't be able to get
through the FSA inspection.
Do you have any breakthrough solution?
I do.
We'd like you to change
the managerial structure.
Actually, I've already
approached FSA's Chief
Inspector Kurosaki
regarding this.
If you abandon the current
family management
and explore new possibilities,
he agreed to postpone his decision
on the classification for one year.
- Are you telling me to step down
- Please wait, Executive Director.
The person who knows this hotel
better than anyone else,
Managing Director Hane, will
take over as successor.
Come on. Show me your resolve.
Please give me a little more time.
I beg you.
We'll talk again Let's go.
Iseshima Hotel President
If this will allow me
to remain on this job,
- getting down on my knees is nothing.
- Hanzawa-san.
Right now, we have to do something
about the Nalusen situation.
President Yuasa, do you think Nalusen is
really guilty of patent infringement?
I don't know. I've been trying to get
in touch the Nalusen's president, but
- haven't had any luck.
- That's not good.
Director Hane may have anticipated
this from the beginning.
She was the one who recommended Nalusen.
I should have known better.
Your faith in me
touched my heart.
Thank you.
I merely said
the right thing as a banker.
- Hanzawa-san.
- President Yuasa.
This is where the real fight begins.
Upon further review, this restructuring
plan was very well written.
But it's a pity Nalusen bit the dust.
What do you plan to do?
You don't have time to
develop a new system, do you?
In the first place, how much has
Iseshima Hotel invested in Nalusen?
Operations Dept 2 Manager
Operations Department 2
- Approximately 11 billion
- 11 billion 304 million, 500 thousand.
Be precise with numbers.
If Nalusen goes bankrupt, the entire
11 billion 304 million, 500 thousand
investment goes down the drain.
How are you going to make it
up, Deputy Manager Hanzawa?
It hasn't been determined yet
that Nalusen will go bankrupt.
We'll need to verify if patent
infringement was actually
It's the same. Whether they're
guilty of patent infringement or not,
if the case goes to
court, Nalusen will lose
social credibility and
will go bankrupt for sure.
If that happens, reviving Iseshima
Hotel will be impossible.
Classification determined. Am I wrong?
I cannot draw a conclusion until I see
Nalusen go bankrupt with my own eyes.
Buying time, eh?
We're not buying time as a stopgap.
If a major corporation like
Nalusen goes bankrupt,
it's imperative that we, as
a bank, verify the facts.
Can you please spare us some time?
Fine. If you insist,
I'll wait until Nalusen's
situation becomes definite.
It won't be that long anyway.
who knows if you'll still
be around by then.
Replace him? Are you saying you're
removing Hanzawa from Iseshima?
That's to be expected.
Do you seriously think
we can entrust the FSA
inspection to him and
hope to get through it?
Hanzawa was ordered to be the
banker in charge by the Chairman.
- What is the Chairman saying?
- Nothing.
Don't you think the Chairman's
given up on him?
It probably means he fell
short of his expectations.
Executive Director Owada, are
you of the same opinion?
This time around, I'd like
to honor everyone's opinion.
Gentlemen, are you in favor
of replacing Hanzawa?
I don't think we have a choice.
Naito-san, I understand your
concern for your subordinate.
But will that sympathy
enable you to take responsibility for
the 150 billion loan loss provision?
This is all for the bank's sake.
Please understand.
However, I understand Hanzawa
has President Yuasa's trust.
- It goes against logic to remove him.
- Logic?!
Isn't it logical to ask our employees
to comply with personnel orders?
Let me say this at the
risk of sounding rude.
To me, this is obviously
an undeserved punishment.
Do not misunderstand, Manager Naito.
We're informing you of our decision,
not asking you for your opinion.
Now, now.
I understand very well the concern both of
you have for the bank and your subordinate.
Why don't we do this?
Why don't we evaluate whether
Manager Hanzawa
is qualified to handle
Iseshima Hotel or not?
- What do you mean by evaluate?
- Anticipating the next FSA inspection,
we're going to simulate the inspection.
Why don't we decide on his disciplinary
action based on that outcome?
So it was Executive Director Owada after
all who was connected to Director Hane.
But it's not quite clear to me.
Why is he going that far
to back up Director Hane?
- I have no idea why he's doing this.
- I can think of one reason.
But that's why our bank's
getting scrutinized by FSA
At this rate, we have to come up with a
loan loss provision of 150 billion, and
on top of that, the Chairman will be
Is that it?
Was it Executive Director Owada's objective
to drive the bank into a corner by FSA?
So that he can make Chairman
Nakanowatari take responsibility,
causing his downfall.
With the way things are going, it would
be difficult to pass the FSA inspection.
If Executive Director Owada comes
forth at that moment as a savior
and manages to pass the inspection,
support within the bank would sway in
favor of Owada's party in an instant.
At that point, he'll give
Nakanowatari the coup de grace, and
he'll sit in the chairman's seat.
Is that it?
At the same time, Iseshima Hotel will
force President Yuasa to step down, and
Director Hane will take over as President.
Executive Director Owada and Director Hane
are plotting to stand at the top, effecting
an inversion of social order.
If that's the case,
it means you, who was
designated as the banker
in charge by the Chairman
and President Yuasa,
are the biggest obstacle to
Executive Director Owada.
Actually, I heard something
that's been troubling me.
Do you know Fukuyama Keijiro
in Loan Department?
Yeah, I've met him 2-3
times at conferences.
Like us, he's from Sangyo Chuo and he has
the backing of Director Owada.
I hate to admit it, but he's sharp.
So what about this Fukuyama?
Apparently, Director Owada and
Director Kishikawa are meeting Fukuyama
frequently these days.
More than likely, he's the
candidate to replace you.
Got a minute?
A mock FSA inspection?
If you can't give satisfactory
answers to their questions,
you'll be removed from Iseshima.
I'm sorry. I had no
choice but to accept the
Director's proposal under
that circumstance.
Not at all. Thank you
for trying to protect me.
On their side,
they're bringing in as interviewers
Director Kishikawa and
Deputy Manager Fukuyama
from the Loan Department.
On the face of it, he's
supposedly an interviewer, but
basically, it's a one-on-one
battle of Hanzawa vs Fukuyama.
If I lose, the Chairman will be
replaced, and Iseshima too
President Hane will be born. And
both you and I will
get a one-way ticket to no man's land.
We'll get transferred out.
You'll officially be put in charge of
Iseshima Hotel in the near future.
- Are you prepared?
- Please rest assured.
I've apprehended most of the
numbers pertaining to Iseshima.
Do the numbers support the
removal of President Yuasa?
Yes. In the years after President
Yuasa took over, Iseshima Hotel's earnings
Loan Dept Deputy
declined considerably.
It's apparent he lacks
managerial skills.
Director Hane, who you're
recommending, is a
suitable successor as
the next president.
I'm counting on you.
Manager Hanzawa, the current banker
in charge, has no common sense.
He goes around saying absurd things like
"If you screw me, it's double payback."
- He refuses to follow orders.
- That's ridiculous.
If you screw me, it's double payback?
Is this a fight between children?
If you do a thorough job,
you won't get screwed.
Consequently, there's no need for payback.
In short, the guy who gets
screwed is incompetent.
I have high hopes for you,
Director Kishikawa's Residence
Excuse me. Hello.
Oh, Hana-san.
Director Kishikawa's Wife
You're here again?
I made ohagi that I
promised the other day.
Please help yourself.
("Rice cake covered with red bean jam)
They look delicious.
But what a pity
We were just now treating
ourselves to the fruit tart
that Mrs. Fukuyama made for us.
Deputy Manager Fukuyama's Wife
Fukuyama-san is an outstanding cook.
Her husband is a very capable man too.
We hear he's slated to
to be in charge of Iseshima
Hotel for the FSA inspection.
- In place of your husband.
- Is that right?
Please make yourself at home.
Although you don't have any place to sit.
Please don't mind me.
I swear, they really piss me off.
What's with the fruit tart?
Japanese people should eat
Japanese sweets, right?
- This is delicious.
- Are you listening to me?
I told you, you don't have
to go if you don't want to.
I only go because I want to help
improve your position at work.
I heard you're getting replaced for
the FSA inspection. What's going on?
- That's not for sure yet.
- You've done enough already, haven't you?
It wasn't going well anyway, right?
You should
just let Fukuyama-san's
husband handle it.
You know I can't do that.
- We might still have time to take
a summer vacation. - Hana
I'm just kidding.
But can't you take at least one day off?
You haven't had a day
off in nearly 3 months.
- At this rate, you're going to collapse.
- Thanks for dinner.
If you want, as much as I hate to,
should I ask Mrs. Kishikawa if
she can do something about it?
Don't worry about it.
She's close to Executive
Director Owada's wife
I said don't worry about it.
It's been bothering me for some time.
After you got transferred to Tokyo,
you get this real scary look on your face.
Does it have anything
to do with your father?
That has nothing to do with it.
Then why are you carrying
around that screw all the time?
There's something you
still can't tell me.
I told you, it's nothing like that.
Do me a favor and let me relax
when I'm at home at least.
- I'm just worried for you.
- There's nothing for you to worry about.
I'll go take a bath.
Good morning.
Noda-san. Did you open this
ledger when I wasn't around?
No. Why do you ask?
A document I slipped in
there was on the floor.
You keep that drawer locked, don't you?
You've worked here long enough.
You can easily make a spare key.
That's what you did to me, isn't it?
Noda-san, did you replace a page?
I don't know what you're talking about.
Please answer me, Noda-san.
- I'm having pescatora.
- I think I'll have meat sauce.
Go ahead. I'll be right behind.
Hey, Kondo.
I heard you were able to keep the
loan going for Tamiya Electric.
Yeah, thanks.
What? Did something happen?
A page of the ledger got replaced?
- That's what I think.
- Why do you think so?
After the window dressing came to light,
I've been safeguarding the ledger, but
there were signs that
someone tampered with it.
When I looked over it, there
was one page missing.
They don't learn, do they?
Are they still hiding something?
I wonder if there's any
way I can find out what
company was on the page
that was replaced.
Even if you asked him, President
Tamiya probably won't tell you, huh?
- Is there any other way to
- There is.
There's a copy of the
page that was replaced.
- The tax accountant.
- I'd forgotten about.
I'll give them a try.
Thanks. Hanzawa, Tomari.
Long time no see, Deputy Manager Fukuyama.
Completely translated and timed by subie06
Long time no see, Deputy Manager Fukuyama.
Well, well, if it isn't
Deputy Manager Hanzawa.
It appears we're ending
up having to go through
this odd thing called a
mock FSA investigation.
- Please go easy on me.
- That goes for me too.
Deputy Manager Hanzawa Naoki.
Joined the bank in 1992.
Worked at Osaka Nishi Branch
from 2011 as Loan Section Chief.
Increased annual profit by 4 percent.
You revived the poorly performing
branch in 2 years, didn't you?
You recovered the 500 million yen
loan mishap caused by
the branch manager,
and were promoted to Headquarters
Operations Department 2. Subsequently,
you steadily continued to
have successful transactions
with clients like Nogawa
Shoken and Teikoku Juukou,
amounting to a profit
of 4.5 billion so far.
That's quite a feat. However,
you tend to take too much time
before you get results,
the way you do business.
21 months on the average.
I don't mean to disprove your
method of taking your time
with each and every client.
However, if it was me,
I'd be able to increase
profit more efficiently
in a shorter time.
Which of us does Iseshima
Hotel need right now?
Excuse me. I have another
engagement to attend to.
Guys like that are rationalism personified.
He's number one when it comes to
gathering data and analyzing them.
They call him Fukuyama,
Master of Research.
Does it look like you can win?
Noda-san, do you have a minute?
- What is it?
- Lafite.
You know, don't you?
No, I don't know of any
company by that name.
I never said it was a company.
How did you
I got a copy made at the office of
Kanda Sensei, our tax accountant.
Did Kanda Sensei show you this?
At first, he said I needed you or President
Tamiya's permissionand was hesitant, but
when I said I was telling the
bank about his involvement
with the window dressing, he
showed it to me right away.
It's this account of Lafite that was on the
original ledger that I have, isn't it?
Why did you swap it?
- I told you, I don't know.
- What kind of a company is Lafite?
Why are we lending them 30 million yen?
Who knows.
What do you plan to do?
Back then, we were having
financial difficulties. Nevertheless,
how did we scrape up 30 million
to lend to another company?
You'd better not pry any further into this
matter if you know what's good for you.
What do you mean?
Is it subleased loan?
Did we redirect the 30 million we
borrowed from Tokyo Chuo to Lafite?
Answer me.
I don't know.
Subleased Loan Redirecting borrowed
money to a third party without permission
Subleasing a loan goes against the rule.
What kind of a company is Lafite
that we went to that extreme
to lend them money?
I know nothing.
Go ask the President.
In other words, President
Tamiya is aware of it.
Tamiya Electric Company Housing
Kondo, who was prepared to spend the
rest of his career at Tamiya Electric,
chose to live in Tamiya Electric's
company housing, which was noticeably
older and smaller than Tokyo
Chuo Bank's company housing.
Hello. I'm sorry to bother
you when you're busy.
I'm calling in regards to that 30 million.
The banker who's on loan to us
is starting to make noises.
Yes, I think we'd better deal
with him as soon as possible.
- Cram school?
- That's right.
All his friends are going,
and Yosuke wants to go too.
It's a supplementary prep school.
What do you think?
- What do you mean?
- It costs quite a bit.
Hey, why not.
If he wants to study, let him go.
- Can we manage?
- I'll figure out something.
I'm finally getting settled
in at the company too.
I'm glad. I'll let Yosuke know tomorrow.
I'm sure he'll be thrilled.
Takahiro and I are going to
visit your mother in Kanazawa.
Don't worry. We'll be back in 2-3 days.
I'm not worried, but why
Mom's all of a sudden?
Takahiro wanted to see Grandma, plus
I felt bad for not taking him
anywhere during summer vacation.
Naoki. You shouldn't make Hana unhappy
- thinking about work all the time.
- But I'm not.
I'm having Hana-san take it
easy for a while over here.
- Bye now.
- Hello hello?
What the heck was that?
I see. So that's what's
going on with Nalusen.
I sure had a tough time.
Because of who they are, no one
wanted to talk about them.
- Does FSA know about this?
- Probably not.
This type of information can't
be obtained by regular means.
I see. I appreciate you going
through the trouble. Thank you.
About returning the favor,
can you give it to me in the form of
information as you did
with Nishi Osaka Steel?
Certainly. Please wait a little longer.
I think I can give you a big scoop.
I'll be looking forward to it.
The biggest major hotel chain in America.
One of the top hotels in
Japan with social status.
Subleasing their loan?
Yeah, although I don't
have any proof yet.
The 30 million yen loan Tamiya
Electric got from Tokyo Chuo 5 years ago,
it appears, was diverted
directly to Lafite.
What's does this Lafite do?
Tomari gathered data from
their credit record for me.
Here it is.
Apparel industry, huh?
Could it be that this Tanahashi Takako, the
president, is President Tamiya's mistress?
Mistress? You've got to be kidding!
Window dressing, I can force myself to
forgive, as much as I don't hate to.
I can understand falling to temptation
in order to save the company
But redirecting a loan to his
mistress's company is inexcusable.
There's a limit as to how far he can go
appropriating company funds
for his personal use!
If that's true, I'll
fight to the bitter end!
Thanks, Shinnosuke.
Excuse me I don't understand
these matters too well, but
please hang in there and don't let
corruption get the better of you.
He's a good subordinate, isn't he?
So, what are you gonna do now?
Pay a visit to this Lafite.
If it looks like there might be
trouble, come talk to us.
I'm sorry. You're going through
a tough time too right now.
That's right, Hanzawa.
I hope you've thought of a way to get
through tomorrow's mock FSA inspection.
Any chance Nalusen and Foster
may settle out of court?
That's not gonna happen.
Not gonna happen?
I went through a source in Osaka and
thoroughly checked out Nalusen.
They have connections to antisocial
forces in their background.
Organized crime, huh?
FSA isn't aware of it yet,
but we've got to cut
ties with them before it
blows up in our face.
The 11.3 billion that Iseshima
invested goes down the drain, huh?
This isn't a matter of money.
There's no other way but to reexamine the
restructuring plan from the very beginning.
Can you come up with a plan by
tomorrow's mock inspection?
Can I tell you my idea?
You'll be surprised.
Actually, I have an idea too.
It's probably the same as yours.
I trust there won't be
any problems tomorrow.
I'm thoroughly prepared.
If we can produce results here,
Director Owada will be very pleased.
On the other hand, it means
failure is not an option.
You understand that, don't you?
Of course.
Do you still have some
business with the President?
Director Owada told me we
won't be seeing you soon.
- That isn't for sure yet.
- You shouldn't exert yourself too much.
Why don't you just leave the rest
to the new banker in charge?
- New banker in charge?
- Yes.
Besides, President Yuasa will
be stepping down soon too.
That, too, hasn't been decided yet.
A man who doesn't know
when to quit is pathetic.
Deputy Manager Hanzawa.
Subleasing a loan? Of course there's no way
- we're subleasing our loan.
- You're saying you're didn't?
It's just that the time frame
we got the loan from the bank
and the time frame we loaned money
to Lafite happened to coincide.
- Isn't that right, Noda-kun?
- You're absolutely right.
Then for what purpose did
you lend that 30 million?
That's a matter I took on
myself as the president.
You have no say in this matter.
However, there's something
- I need to tell you as well.
- What is it?
In the near future, you'll be
loaned out to another company.
I got a call from the bank earlier.
You can consider this an unofficial notice.
Did you push for that to happen?
You don't think I have the
clout to have any say in
the mighty Tokyo Chuo Bank's
personnel matters, do you?
It's unfortunate after all
you've done for our company, but
I wish you the best of luck
in your new environment.
More than likely, this time,
you may be going somewhere
slightly farther away.
Heat is applied to the resin, and after
going through various processes,
this screw is manufactured, right?
I think I finally understand
just a little bit of the
true meaning of what
Naoki-san was talking about in the past.
A tiny screw like this is supporting Japan.
We import the materials,
manufacture these light, yet strong
screws, and export them back.
It's the same thing with automobiles.
A country like Japan with
no natural resources
came to be known as a
great economic power
thanks to the skill and
technique of our craftsmen.
Packed in this one screw is the
skill and passion of craftsmen.
That's right. Naoki and the bank are
putting up money for
their skill and passion.
This time, I ended up barging
in on you all of a sudden, but
I'm glad I came.
Because until now, how
you and Father lived, or
or how Naoki-san was raised,
I didn't know anything.
Mock FSA Inspection
We will now begin the preliminary
question and answer session
in preparation for the FSA inspection.
Hanzawa-kun, I'm sure you're aware, but
this is a rehearsal for the FSA inspection.
In the event you people can't
give satisfactory answers,
we're going to have Deputy
Manager Fukuyama take
over as the banker in
charge of Iseshima Hotel.
You may begin.
Executive Director Owada. Thank
you for taking the time to come.
Of course I should be here. It
wouldn't be an exaggeration to say
that this is important mock trial
may impact the future of our bank.
I'll make sure I watch carefully.
They got us this time.
He showed up at the last
minute on purpose and
turned the table on us.
- They have the home field advantage now.
- Calm down.
This was a set-up
from the beginning.
We'll just have to do what we can
What are you whispering about?
Please begin.
Let me start with our
assessment of Iseshima Hotel's
data which we gathered for the upcoming
hearing investigation. First
The forecasted profit for
the period after this
term is as stated on the
attachment to the handout,
and we believe it is more than sufficient
to recover the trust of our bank
May I ask what's so funny?
You're talking about
consecutive terms of deficit.
Aren't you being too
optimistic with your forecast?
Do you mind telling us specifically
what's optimistic about it?
Can't you tell without being told?
You don't have any
alternative solution to the
fact that Nalusen's system
can no longer be used.
Furthermore, if Nalusen
declares bankruptcy,
how do you propose to make up the 11.3
billion that's been invested so far?
We are in the process of exploring
a solution to that problem.
Oh ho, exploring a solution, eh?
Do tell us.
What kind of a solution
do you have in mind?
We can't tell you as of yet.
- How come?
- Because it's a secret.
- You're funny, Hanzawa-kun.
- That was not intended to be a joke.
If you don't have a plan, just
say so, Deputy Manager Hanza
We do have a solution. However, we are
not at a stage where it can be divulged.
We've had enough of your childish tricks.
Do you think you can fool
FSA with such nonsense?
There's nothing we can do if you
insist on making blind assumptions.
In the first place, isn't a
drastic change necessary
to revive Iseshima Hotel?
Which means?
Quality of management
depends on the manager.
As long as one incompetent
manager remains in power,
things won't change no matter how
many times the hotel is restructured.
In the end, it's people who make or
break a business. Do you understand?
You mean remove President Yuasa?
If it was me, I wouldn't
hesitate to do so.
Unless they break away
from family management,
there's no future for Iseshima Hotel.
I see. Since you're so convinced,
you must be extremely knowledgeable
about Iseshima Hotel.
That goes without saying.
At Iseshima,
after 2010 when President Yuasa
took over the management,
customer attraction rate was down 7%,
repeat customer rate was a measly 0.2%
Vacancy rate is more than 20%
on weekends and major holidays.
As a result, it's indisputable that
sales for the hotel in general
have dropped 27.3 percent. What is
the problem in replacing the manager
in order to improve that situation?
Then who do you propose to replace
President Yuasa with after you dismiss him?
- Director Hane is the suitable person.
- On what basis?
Director Hane has been in charge of
finance since the preceding president,
and has been supporting Iseshima
Hotel for more than 25 years.
By placing Director Hane,
who's knowledgeable in
financial affairs, at the top
and cutting down costs
I hope you're not saying
that cutting down costs
will lead to increased profits.
That's nothing but the delusion of a banker who
doesn't know what it's like in the field.
Cutting down costs at Iseshima
is already in full swing.
Labor costs, check. Facility
investment, check. Further cuts
would only serve to lower
the employees' morale.
What you're saying is
nothing more than an
empty armchair no,
make that tablet theory.
The course of action President Yuasa
is trying to take is not mistaken.
He is definitely not an
incompetent manager.
On the contrary, he's an
extremely capable man.
The problem lies with
the people around him.
At the top of that
list is Director Hane.
Do you think FSA will
believe a story like that?
He's allowed the hotel to
bleed red all this time.
At this rate, they'll fall behind
in IT development as well.
Do you think Kurosaki will
recognize a leader like him?
He'll have to recognize him.
Are you stupid or what? I told you
earlier, but let me tell you again.
In order to get through
this inspection, it's
imperative we come up
with drastic measures.
Placing Director Hane at the
top is the centerpiece of
those drastic measures.
Do you understand now, Hanzawa?
You and President Yuasa's method
won't revive the hotel, let alone
get us through the FSA inspection.
From this point forward, Deputy Manager
Fukuyama will be in charge of Iseshima
Let me ask you one last question.
Deputy Manager Fukuyama.
Have you ever met Director Hane?
What's the matter?
I'm talking about Director Hane,
who you recommended
as the most suitable person
to be the next president.
- That's
- Naturally, you've met her, haven't you?
Have you or haven't you met her.
Answer me!
Unfortunately, I haven't had
the pleasure of meeting her.
You've never met her?
Are you recommending someone you
never met to be the president?
How can you tell that she's
suitable if you never met her?
That's because I heard about Hane-san's
philosophy and her character from
Director Kishikawa.
I have no doubt they're accurate.
Just because I never personally met her,
is there a problem if I recommend
Director Hane for president?
If you're saying that seriously,
you're the real big idiot!
You said it yourself, didn't you?
People make or break a business.
Placing Director Hane
at the top based solely
on preconceptions obtained
through blind faith
in other people's opinion without
actually meeting the person,
is a complete self-contradiction, isn't it?
The very person who caused Iseshima
Hotel to incur a loss of 12 billion is
Director Hane, you know.
That's something President
Yuasa ordered her to
No, he didn't.
That's only what she's saying.
Only a handful of people
know about this, but
that loss was caused by something
Director Hane did on her own.
Although perhaps it
won't be surprising if
upper management at the
bank was aware of it.
Didn't you tell him?
D-did you know about this?
Of course not. That's just Deputy
Manager Hanzawa talking nonsense.
You would've known if I'm
talking nonsense or not
if you took the trouble to get
yourself to Iseshima Hotel even once
and sat down and talked
with President Yuasa.
But Fukuyama-san, not only did
you not meet Director Hane,
you never even met President Yuasa.
A restructuring plan made by someone
like that has no power of persuasion.
Because it's completely
void of human touch.
All you look at is numbers and data.
You don't even try to look at
real live people before your eyes.
I can't entrust Iseshima
Hotel to someone like that.
If you have any objection, let's hear it.
Look at me!
That's what I'm saying, Fukuyama.
Listen up. Make sure you add
what I'm about to say to that
data that you love so much.
There's someone in this bank who covered
up the loss Director Hane incurred
and processed the illegal
loan of 20 billion yen.
Hanzawa, do you have
proof to back that up?
Of course I do.
There was a whistleblower
at Iseshima Hotel
However, that tipoff was
- suppressed by the Kyobashi Branch.
- Stop talking nonsense!
Whether it's nonsense or not, and also
who and why someone gave the
order to Kyobashi Branch,
I plan to reveal the answers
without fail in the future.
Please look forward to it.
Executive Director Owada.
Sure. I look forward to it.
Let me make one thing clear.
More than anyone else at
this bank, we are the
ones who sincerely want
to revive Iseshima Hotel
and make every effort to get
through the FSA inspection
There's no one in this
bank but us who are more
qualified to be in charge
of Iseshima Hotel
If you insist on continuing to stand in our
way, I'm ready to fight, no holds barred.
If I get screwed, it's double payback.
Please remember that.
I'm working at home today.
If anything happens,
route it to me there.
- You managed to do it.
- Yes, somehow.
Did you know Fukuyama
never met Director Hane?
No matter what, Director Hane
is a first-class hotel person.
I had heard from President
Yuasa that she never forgets
the face and name of
someone she's met once.
But yesterday
Why don't you leave the rest
to the new banker in charge?
I was convinced they never
met by the way she talked.
I see. It's because you always meet
face to face on a regular basis
that you noticed that.
I don't know about Naoki.
How can he work for the bank that might
as well have killed his own father.
What's more, the guy who was in
charge at that time is a big shot now
and he's at the same headquarters.
To think that his father's
enemy is right by him.
Who is it? This enemy you're talking about?
This guy called Owada.
Hana-san. The real reason you came
here was to ask me about that, right?
- What's up, Kondo?
- Actually,
I just tracked down the residence of
Lafite's woman president.
As I recall, her name's Tanahashi.
The thing is, on the nameplate
Why's that name popping up?
Owada's involved in
Tamiya Electric's illegal practice too.
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