Hanzawa Naoki (2013) s01e09 Episode Script

Episode 9

FSA Inspection
Final Hearing -
the day before
Hanzawa and his team were
on their way to the site
of the final hearing
of the FSA inspection, or what can
be called the final showdown.
To determine the fate of
Tokyo Chuo Bank and Iseshima Hotel.
Up to this point, Hanzawa had found
out that behind the 12 billion loss
Iseshima Hotel incurred
and the fraudulent loan,
Director Hane, who had her eyes
on the President's seat, and
Director Owada, who was eying
the Chairman's seat, had joined forces.
Due to Owada's scheming,
Hanzawa was almost removed from
Iseshima Hotel as banker in charge.
However, he managed to overcome the
mock inspection and escape removal.
There's no one in this
bank but us who's more
qualified to be in charge
of Iseshima Hotel.
If you insist on continuing to stand in our
way, I'll fight, no holds barred.
If I get screwed, I'll screw you back.
Double payback!
Faced with the impending final showdown at
the FSA inspection's final hearing,
Hanzawa believed there
was only one way to save
Tokyo Chuo Bank and Iseshima Hotel.
What, then, was that secret plan
We will now begin the final hearing
investigation in regards to
the credit judgment of Iseshima Hotel.
42 Hours Earlier
What's up, Kondo?
I just tracked down the residence of
Lafite's woman president.
- As I recall, her name's Tanahashi
- The thing is, on the nameplate
Owada's involved in
Tamiya Electric's illegal practice too.
I could hardly believe it myself.
Who'd have thought Executive Director Owada
was involved in our company's problems.
In other words
the 30 million Kyobashi Branch
loaned to Tamiya Electric 5 years ago
was immediately diverted to an
apparel company called Lafite.
The president of that
company, Tanahashi Takako,
is Executive Director Owada's wife.
Was it an indirect loan?
An indirect loan is
a fraudulent act of making a
loan through its normal customer
to a third party, who would not
normally qualify for a bank loan.
Moreover, the Kyobashi
Branch Manager who approved
the loan at the time was
Director Kishikawa.
It stands to reason that Owada
gave orders to do it.
That means he used Tamiya
Electric to divert funds to
- his wife's deficit-ridden company.
- If true,
this could be a crucial piece of
information to bring Owada down.
Evidence. We need conclusive
evidence, Hanzawa.
I know. There's no way
Executive Director Owada
would carelessly leave
behind any evidence, right?
Besides, the first thing
you guys need
right now is get through
the FSA inspection.
If you make unnecessary noise now,
you're liable to get tripped up.
Kondo. Do you think you can get
President Tamiya to testify?
Tamiya Electric was asked by Owada, and
was saddled with a meaningless
debt of 30 million yen.
I'm sure President Tamiya
isn't too pleased about it.
We can use his testimony
to bring Owada down.
I'll give it a try.
I was planning to
persist until President Tamiya
gave me a clear answer anyway.
I'm counting on you.
But first, we've got to get through
the FSA inspection, Hanzawa.
In order for us to revive Iseshima Hotel
and pass the FSA inspection,
only one method is left for us.
Mind you, this is a huge project
that should be undertaken
by a department like
Corporate Finance under
normal circumstances.
But that's not possible now.
If Owada gets wind of this,
he'll crush it.
We'll have to do it ourselves, secretly.
The biggest hurdle is persuading
President Yuasa, right?
Okay. Hanzawa.
I'll assume complete
responsibility for Foster.
Don't worry.
I wanted to be a banker
so that I could work on
big projects like this
with foreign companies.
Now, finally
I can fulfill that dream.
It's for my best buddy.
I'll do anything.
We didn't become bankers to clean up
after the mess of the folks at the top
who did whatever they pleased
during the bubble era.
If we let them kick us out now,
all our efforts will remain unrewarded.
Let's do it, man.
The perseverance of the last
of the bubble era hires,
let's show them what that is.
President Yuasa.
I found the one and only
way to save your hotel.
What I'm about to tell you
may be far more difficult to
take than what Owada and
Director Hane proposed to you.
President Yuasa.
Please accept Foster's financing offer.
Are you telling me to sell this hotel?
What's more, to Foster of all people!
They're the very people who
ruined our restructuring plan!
I put myself in your position
and thought it over thoroughly.
What I can do?
What I ought to do?
And this is only answer I came up with.
Actually, Foster had already been searching
for a company to merge and acquire
as a foothold to enter the Japanese market.
This proposal is a godsend to them as well.
It's an attractive proposition.
Right now, my colleague
is working to negotiate
a merger on equal terms with Foster.
We'll make sure they agree to
let you retain your position
as a condition of the merger.
Once you tie up with them, the
global reservation system
owned by the biggest hotel chain in
America will be available for your use.
You will have access to their staff,
know-how, and everything else.
Not only will you be able to overcome
this difficult situation, but
it's the best solution
to enable Iseshima Hotel
to make even greater
strides in the future.
That's what I believe.
Of course, the other party
is the goliath, Foster.
There's always the possibility that
they might take over completely.
However, President Yuasa
I know you can survive.
You can protect the name of Iseshima Hotel.
I've come to that conclusion as a banker.
Let me think about it for a while.
Of course.
However, the day after tomorrow is
the final day of the FSA inspection.
Please give me your answer by then.
So I only have a little more
than a day to decide the fate of
this hotel that's been in operation
for more than a century.
I'm sorry.
I didn't think I'd be seeing you again.
You're very persistent, aren't you?
I don't know what you've
been told by Owada, but
I have no intention of stepping
down as the banker in charge.
I'm touched that you're
so concerned about us.
But rest assured.
I will protect this hotel.
I find it hard to believe you can.
I would think I'm better than
the president who was chosen
based on a foolish tradition of
family-controlled management.
However, President Yuasa has
something that you don't.
What can that be?
When operating a hospitality
industry like hotels,
I believe that's the most important thing.
Do you really think this hotel lasted
for 100 years because
of something like that?
The problems that arose because of the
autocratic ways of the previous president,
do you want me to tell you about them?
You see that clock there? Once a day,
it has to be wound, or it stops.
It was the first job the previous president
gave me after I started working here.
Since then, I've wound this clock
every single day without fail.
The person who kept
Iseshima Hotel moving
is me.
A banker who just recently
came to be in charge
has no right to criticize me.
Here, take this.
Clean the bathroom.
Huh? I'm actually pretty tired.
I was only gone for a few days,
but the house is a pig sty.
I'm sorry about that.
So, how was Kanazawa?
Who is it? This enemy you're talking about?
This guy called Owada.
It was fun.
Takahiro got your mother to
play with him a lot, and
- he had a grand ole time.
- Oh yeah?
How about you?
- Is the FSA inspection over yet?
- It'll be over soon.
You'd better not lose to those
sickening FSA officials, you hear?
Are those files safe?
They're safe. I've got them
hidden where they can't be found.
That's what you say, but what if something
like the time before happens again?
That really worries me.
Why don't you just send
them off to Kanazawa?
Jiro Ame!
Candy from oldest candy shop in Kanazawa
Looks yummy.
Can I eat this?
FSA Inspection
Final Hearing -
the day before
Haven't you tracked down the hiding
place of the removed files yet?
Sorry. We're currently conducting a
thorough search of their whereabouts
after they left Hanzawa's
wife's parents' home.
Any indication that a
safe-deposit box was used?
None so far.
I don't care if it's a
safe-deposit box or what.
As long as we know where they're at, I can
think of any reason and ask for disclosure.
Use any means to find them today!
Of the 1,535 customers reviewed,
1,490 were found to be sound customers.
After making a few minor adjustments prior
to the final hearing investigation,
the remaining 44 should not be classified
as effectively bankrupt borrowers either.
Excluding one Iseshima Hotel, that is.
That's the biggest problem, isn't it?
What does Iseshima Hotel
have to say about this?
Actually, I got a proposal from
Director Hane the other day
to break away from
family-controlled management
and completely revamp their
management policies.
Does that mean President
Yuasa will be removed?
I already approached FSA's Chief Inspector
Kurosaki in regards to this matter.
If that was to materialize,
he agreed to postpone his
decision to classify
Iseshima Hotel as effectively
bankrupt for 1 year.
I see. Then why don't we
proceed with that plan?
Is there a problem?
Deputy Manager Hanzawa, who
is in charge, opposes that plan.
Kishikawa-kun, stop it.
There's no need to hold back.
If there's something you
want to say, go ahead.
This is not the time to
curry favor with me.
Well then, with your
permission, I shall continue.
We ask that you remove
Deputy Manager Hanzawa
as the banker in charge.
Frankly, with Deputy
Manager Hanzawa in charge,
we won't pass the FSA inspection.
- Kishikawa, enough!
- However
The Chairman, himself, appointed
Deputy Manager Hanzawa!
Shut your mouth!
The Chairman is well aware of that!
But he still appointed
Deputy Manager Hanzawa.
He must have a very good
reason for doing so.
Of course
if he fails,
you'll take complete responsibility.
You're prepared to face the
consequence, aren't you?
That goes without saying.
I understand very clearly now.
He's heading your way now.
Please confirm.
Teikoku Juukou
Aerospace Headquarters
What's he doing?
Leisurely eating katsudon.
Hey, Hanzawa.
What? What is it?
He went up!
- What the heck was that?
- They've watched me all morning.
Probably trying to find where
the removed files are.
That's what I meant to talk to you about.
That Kurosaki
got hold of your personal data
and is searching anyone he can,
from acquaintances to relatives.
You sure they're safe?
They're safe.
- They won't be able to find them.
- Where the hell did you hide them?
The darkest place is under the
candlestick, as they say.
Onodera-san, this was routed to
us from the Loan Department.
It's a file on Iseshima that could cause
problems and they want it hidden.
It's certainly in the gray area.
Okay, I'll take care of it.
What darkest place under the candlestick?
Don't tell me
The files are here at this bank.
Hey, hey.
This is the floor plan our General
Affairs Department submitted to FSA.
This floor plan doesn't show
a room that should be there.
I don't get it.
The machine room on Basement Level 2.
You don't see it, but there's
definitely a door here.
Apparently, General Affairs
didn't note the rooms
that weren't necessary
for the inspection.
I see. If he doesn't even
know the room exists,
there's no way Kurosaki and
his people can look there.
You got it.
- That aside, how's it going with Foster?
- The feeling I get is not bad.
They appear to be agreeable
to retaining President Yuasa.
I see.
The only thing that remains
It all depends on what
President Yuasa decides?
Completely translated and timed by subie06
Report? What are you
planning to do with that?
I'm submitting it to the bank, what else?
Please stop this nonsense!
You're leaving this company soon anyway!
Don't stir things up any
more than you already have!
There's no one who's as
knowledgeable as you
when it comes to numbers
concerning this company.
Why didn't you stop President
Tamiya before it came to this?
If you want to start all
over, now's the time.
What do you know?
I'm the nail that's been
driven into a pillar.
The calendar from where it hangs
gets replaced every year.
I'll remain there, unable to move
until I rust and get discarded.
Can you imagine what that life is like?
To the President, that's all I'm worth!
Even if I wanted to improve the
company and said something,
he never once listened to me.
Is that why you became a yes man?
compared to no, it's
much easier to say yes.
But you know,
once we, the salary men,
start saying only yes,
our job becomes merely a process.
A process can be performed by robots.
We can't allow ourselves
to become robots.
That's something I learned
from my colleague.
- Has President Yuasa called yet?
- No, not yet. How's it going with you?
Actually, I'm meeting
with Foster's Far East
Area Manager and working
out some details.
If possible, she'd like
to meet you, the person
who initiated this proposal,
before she leaves.
Where shall I go?
- The front entrance of the main building.
- Got it. I'll be right there.
I'm going to the main building.
Please don't!
That screw
I don't want you to pick it up.
Don't you recognize this?
I didn't think you would.
You're that kind of a person.
But one of these days, you'll come to
recognize it, whether you want to or not.
This screw is made of resin.
It's extremely light.
If we have this, the business
will recover for sure!
Please let go!
That's too bad.
You may not have enough time left
to be talking about one of these days.
Are you transferring me out?
If you can't produce results
at the FSA inspection,
that's the expected outcome, isn't it?
Executive Director,
I may only be a lizard's tail to you.
However, the tail that's been
cut off runs amok for a while.
You never know what it may do.
You'd better watch out.
Sorry about that. After I called you out.
- It was Owada, right?
- Exactly. I saw him coming.
I figured it might not be a good idea
to be seen with someone from Foster.
- How was it?
- Negotiations are going smoothly.
But as expected, it's hard for
them to make a decision on
the final agreement without knowing
President Yuasa's true intentions.
- I see their point.
- I do too. So what's he gonna do?
President Yuasa.
- Kondo.
- Hey.
How's it going with President Yuasa?
He seems to be racking his
brains in his own way, but
I imagine he'll decide
to withdraw by tomorrow.
That's the only way he can save the hotel.
That's right.
Although I don't think it's likely,
Deputy Hanzawa wouldn't
happen to have a trump card
to revive the hotel, would he?
There's no way.
Aren't you actually
scared of him somewhere deep inside?
You can't be serious.
There's not much time left.
You gonna make it?
I don't know. Will I?
What do you mean you don't know?
The fate of Iseshima Hotel and
our bank is in your hands.
You're wrong there, Tomari.
It's the owner who has to decide what
to do with his company, not the bank.
If Iseshima Hotel can be saved,
President Yuasa is the only
person who can do so.
Ultimately, we bankers can
only put our faith in the owner.
You may be right about that.
I'm planning to get a statement
from President Tamiya tomorrow.
Whether Tamiya Electric can revert
back to a decent company or not
is up to President Tamiya too.
That's not all.
If you can get his testimony,
we can bring Owada down.
We're counting on you, Kondo.
You guys too. Do whatever it takes
to get through the FSA inspection.
Of course, that's what we plan to do.
Right? Hanzawa-kun.
No matter what the outcome,
I'm glad you guys are my colleagues.
That's how I feel.
Can you say that once more?
I'm saving it as a keepsake.
- I said it seriously, you know.
- You're being dramatic.
As if this was our last
meeting in this world.
I shouldn't have
said anything.
Last meeting in this world
is pretty dramatic too.
Is this a period drama?
Sorry for the mess.
Last time it happened so suddenly,
things got pretty hectic.
I thought I'd get a head start this time.
- I'm really sorry.
- It's okay.
But I think it was a bit
of a shock to Yosuke.
He has to part with the friends
he finally made here again.
Don't worry about it. He
loves his father very much.
I'm sure he'll understand.
I smell something fishy.
What do you mean?
Whose phone call have you been
waiting for all this time?
It's about work. What else is there?
If you're so worried about it, why
don't you make the call first?
all I can do is wait.
It's not an easy decision to make.
Depending on the answer I
get on this phone call,
we may end up leaving Tokyo.
That's what I thought.
I can tell just by looking at you.
I'm sorry.
Promise you won't get mad?
I've been thinking it might be better
if you got away from the bank.
It's not a bad idea to
take it easy somewhere
out in the countryside,
don't you think?
The world doesn't revolve
around the bank, you know.
But let me hang in there
a little bit longer.
There's something I still have to do.
But don't get too reckless, okay?
FSA Inspection
Day of Final Hearing
Good morning.
Good morning.
- Good morning.
- Decisions like this
are hard to make until
the very last minute.
We still have 30 minutes.
I'm sure
Yuasa-san will make the decision.
- Hello.
- Hanzawa, the information leaked out.
Those guys from FSA have completely
sealed Basement Level 2 since morning.
The hiding place has been found.
Is it all over? Without a plan
for reviving Iseshima Hotel,
and if they get a hold
of those files to boot,
there's no way we can explain
ourselves out of this.
We might as well prepare
ourselves for the worst.
Yeah. Sorry. I can't do
anything for you anymore.
Here they come. Gotta go.
Good luck.
FSA Inspection
Final Hearing
We will now begin
the final hearing investigation in regards
to the credit judgment of Iseshima Hotel.
I apologize for being late.
Look at all the spectators we have today.
I'm getting all excited.
You may begin.
I will be speaking in regards
to the credit judgment
on Iseshima Hotel, including the
sequence of events up to now.
What is it that you want
to talk to me about?
- It's about the subleased loan to Lafite.
- That again?
You'll be gone shortly.
It's none of your business.
We're paying back Tokyo
Chuo the 30 million yen
loan we diverted to the
third party, aren't we?
Are you sure Lafite is
going to pay us back?
I'm not expecting them to
pay us back immediately.
Don't we need that 30 million now at
this time of our financial crisis?
There are circumstances
you don't know about!
There's nothing we can do if
they won't pay us back.
You don't know anything about it.
No. I do know.
What do you know?
That 30 million.
You were told by Executive
Director Owada to lend it, right?
Accordingly, as indicated by the
vacancy rate from the past 3 months
That's enough!
Nothing's changed since last time.
I can only think of it
as a stopgap measure.
Frankly speaking,
I find it hard to
believe this kind of
restructuring plan would
actually materialize.
Isn't it obvious from
looking at how much of
its past management plans
Iseshima actually accomplished?
Sales, profit, everything's too optimistic!
In regards to this year's
business at least,
it should be proceeding
according to the plan.
Do you assert it won't work this
time because it didn't last time?
To twist it around to conform to your basis
to classify it as effectively bankrupt?
Twist it around?
If you're saying the
plan lacks feasibility,
please point out what
specifically is wrong with it.
Let me tell you.
In the first place, the
basis for the sales
forecast is vague
That basis was explained
at the prior hearing.
Performance is recovering smoothly.
- The targeted profit
- After cutting down costs extensively,
- profit rate is increasing considerably.
- What about the issue with Nalusen!
Now that the latest reservation
system isn't available,
there's no indication
of any alternate plan!
In the first place, in order to
develop that system, Iseshima
poured in 11 billion 304
million, 500 thousand!
What do you intend to do about that loss?
Unless President Yuasa steps down and
the management policies are revamped,
classification of Iseshima Hotel as
effectively bankrupt is to be expected.
If you can dispute that, go ahead.
No, I have no intention of disputing that.
As Inspector Kurosaki said,
as long as we're unable to resolve the
problem brought on by Nalusen's bankruptcy,
classification as effectively
bankrupt cannot be helped.
T-that's right.
If that's the case, I think
it's best for the bank
to have President Yuasa step down.
In fact, this is Executive
Director Owada's proposal.
No, we cannot agree to that.
What are you talking about?!
In that case,
you'll have to come up with a loan
loss provision of 150 billion.
Is that what you want?
We cannot consent to either
one of those options!
- What's with that self-serving answer?
- The problem of Nalusen
that you pointed out earlier
has already been resolved.
What do you mean?
Iseshima Hotel will become
affiliated with Foster,
the biggest hotel chain in America!
I just now received President
Yuasa's ready consent.
This is the proof!
Iseshima Hotel has decided
to accept Foster's offer.
Do you expect me to believe
you with just that e-mail?
What's Foster saying?
Am I to assume you have
Foster's consent too?
Excuse me.
Kurosaki-san, if you're concerned about
Foster, please put you mind at ease.
Just now, I got their
consent over the phone.
Hanzawa, they agreed to
all of our conditions.
Negotiations successfully completed!
That's impossible. Yuasa's an
autocratic family-controlled manager!
How can he agree to be bought out
President Yuasa isn't an autocrat.
He's a clever owner who can foresee
the future of Iseshima Hotel.
According to our condition, President Yuasa
will continue to retain his position, and
at the same time, Director
Hane, who incurred a loss
due to poor investments, will be removed.
By accepting financing from Foster, the
initial capital gain will be 20 billion.
Furthermore, Iseshima Hotel will share
Foster's reservation system as part of
the cooperative business agreement.
Rather than starting from scratch,
they obtained a system
that's much more
trustworthy and have the
ability to attract customers.
If they have the backing of the capital
of Foster who has an AA rating,
not only is Iseshima Hotel
no longer in jeopardy, but
they can be expected to rapidly
increase their sales revenue.
I appreciate your numerous
suggestions, however,
they no longer have any problems
that would cause them to be
classified as effectively bankrupt,
so please put your mind at ease.
Any other questions?
Then you don't have any other
information on Iseshima Hotel
that we were not informed about, right?
Of course.
Then perhaps you can accompany us.
To Basement Level 2.
Come on. Let's go.
Let's all go together.
I'm coming too.
Hey, Kishikawa. What's going on!
I don't know either!
Executive Director Owada
asked you, and
Manager Kishikawa carried it out.
Am I wrong?
5 Years Ago
If you cooperate with Owada-san,
you can't go wrong, President.
The borrowed money will be
paid back immediately, but
I'd like a long-lasting business
relationship with you from now on too.
I understand. In that case,
I'd be happy to cooperate.
However, keep in mind that
I'm in no way involved with this.
I've told my colleagues at
the bank about this too.
It will be a big issue soon.
However, Owada will say that
you did it on your own, and
and try to save himself.
That can't be
Ultimately, you were just
used, President Tamiya.
Wait here a minute.
Hello. This is Tamiya.
You're putting me on the spot, calling
so often, President Tamiya.
Is it true that matter
is about to get exposed?
Who told you that?
Kondo from our office.
He'll be gone soon.
There's no problem
Are you sure?
He's saying he already told
his colleagues at the bank.
The money when will you give it back?
I'm sorry, but I'm tied up at the moment.
Let's talk about this later, maybe tonight.
Didn't you say then you'd
pay me back right away?
I also said this. Keep in mind
I'm in no way involved with this.
Good bye.
Go ahead, laugh if you want.
I'm not in a situation where
I can laugh at others.
Just one last request.
Won't you join forces with me
to recover the 30 million yen?
Easy. All you have to do is tell
me everything that happened.
I'll write up the report,
have you sign and seal it,
and submit it to the bank.
Then what?
That would be the trump
card to get Owada removed.
Then the circumstances
come to light,
you should get the 30 million
back in some shape or form.
If that happens,
maybe your transfer will
get canceled too?
Frankly, I don't think that'll happen.
In an organization, it would take
an act of Congress to overturn
a personnel move that's been decided.
why are you doing this?
What other reason is there?
It's for this company's sake, of course.
I feel bad making the Chairman
accompany us all the way down here.
Please don't mind me. It's my duty as
chairman to see this
through until the end.
That's quite admirable of you.
What in the world is in here?
Why don't you ask Deputy Manager
Hanzawa what's in here?
All righty now. Please open the door.
Deputy Manager Hanzawa.
I know that you have the
key for whatever reason.
There's nothing here that's
worth showing to you.
Shut your mouth.
I don't care, just open the door.
Oh, look!
What are these strange boxes I see here?
What can be in these boxes?
I'm asking you what's in here.
Can't answer me, can you?
Then I'll answer for you.
These boxes contain
hidden files on Iseshima Hotel, don't they!
What's this?
What the heck is this? Hey!
What the ?!
They're props we use at banquets.
Is something wrong with that?
Kurosaki-san, what are you trying to do?
I thought they might get in the way of the
inspection, so I had them stored here.
Does the FSA inspection include
things like banquet props too?
There should've been hidden files here.
what did you do with them?
Bring them out!
There's no such thing anywhere.
Kurosaki-san, this is the reality.
Are you still going to insist on
your illusion that doesn't exist?
Tokyo Chuo Bank will be
reporting you for libel to FSA.
Is that all right with you?
It seems Inspector Kurosaki
misunderstood something.
But these things happen all the time.
Let's pretend this never happened.
Are you all right with that?
Thank you for your concern.
You really did it this time.
I'm not sure what you mean.
Inspector Kurosaki.
For your hard work during
this extended FSA inspection,
I thank you.
I won't forgive you for this until I die!
Did you use magic?
Was it magic?
Tell me how you did it.
- How did you switch them around?
- I didn't switch them around.
I figured something like this might happen,
so I had them ready from the beginning.
- You mean you deceived me too?
- I did not deceive you.
Didn't I tell you?
It's always darkest under the candlestick.
I get it now.
So those boxes were dummies.
I was afraid they might find these here,
I was breaking out in cold sweats.
I believe it. I can imagine!
- It's Kondo.
How did the FSA inspection go?
We managed to get through it.
How's it going with you?
President Tamiya testified.
I'm going to write up a
report and bring it with me.
Let's meet tonight.
I see. Good job, Kondo!
You have one new message.
This is Tamiya.
Owada-san I'm sorry, but
I told everything to Kondo-san.
Anyway, that's all I have to say.
I will not allow you to sell
Iseshima Hotel to Foster!
- Please retract it immediately!
- It's been decided already.
Even if we're bought out by Foster,
as president, I'll keep on
protecting this hotel, the staff,
and our guests who love this hotel.
Using my own methods, not yours.
You're just like your father after all.
It's because of autocratic presidents
like you, doing whatever you please,
that this hotel was ruined.
Will you be able to change that?
I will change it.
Executive Director, did you wish to see me?
What happened here
Don't mind that.
More importantly, something
bothersome has occurred.
Hello, Kondo speaking.
My name is Kumai with Tokyo Chuo
Bank's Secretarial Division.
Secretarial Division?
We'd like to confirm a
few things in regards to
Deputy Manager Hanzawa in
Operations Division 2.
In regards to Hanzawa?
Now then, here's to the
successful FSA inspection.
All this was possible because you
got Foster to make the move.
- Thanks, Tomari.
- You owe me big time.
Hurry up and climb to the top
and pull Kondo and me up, too.
Now that Kondo got President Tamiya to
testify, we can finally get to Owada.
At any rate, Kondo did well, didn't he?
He can get things done when he has to.
Excuse me.
The other party has arrived.
Kondo-kun, sorry for
calling you out suddenly.
I'm not sure what's going on here.
I was called out by Kumai-san
from the Secretarial Division.
I really wanted to talk to you, so
I asked him to call you for me.
I have another engagement after this.
I'd appreciate it if you keep it short.
I'm sorry about that.
Let me be frank.
I wanted to talk about
your personnel matters.
I understand you're getting
transferred out shortly.
Nemuro, was it?
City on eastern tip of Hokkaido
That sure is a long way from here.
It must be tough for your
family to move out there.
What are you trying to say?
That transfer
I can
call it off.
But to do that,
there's a condition.
The report you have in your possession.
I don't want you to disclose it.
That's all there is to it.
It's a simple matter.
Even if I don't submit
it, I've already told
a number of people about
the indirect loan.
That can be dealt with easily.
As long as
they don't have President
Tamiya's testimony.
Are you saying that if I destroy that
report, I can remain at Tamiya Electric?
- Is that what you're trying to tell me?
- No, no, no
You're misunderstanding.
I'm saying that I'll
bring you back to the bank.
Where would you like to go?
Main bank, branch, Loan Department,
Investigation Department.
As I recall, you were
hoping to get in the Public
Relations Department when
you first joined the bank.
If you like, I can work
something out along that line.
It is really possible?
- For you to do that.
- It is.
If you hand me that report.
This is a great opportunity for you.
I'm sure your family will
be thrilled as well.
Right here and now,
I want your answer.
Why don't you try going back?
To being a banker.
If it looks like there might be
trouble, come talk to us right way.
Your title or where you're at may
change, but you're still you.
No matter what the outcome,
I'm glad you guys are my colleagues.
It's a supplementary prep school.
What do you think?
- What do you mean?
- It costs quite a bit.
He has to part with the friends
he finally made here again.
I'd be grateful
for your help.
Completely translated and timed by subie06
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