Hanzawa Naoki (2013) s01e10 Episode Script

Episode 10

How's the report coming along?
Is it going to work?
Once we add President Tamiya's testimonial
that Kondo's bringing, it'll be complete.
So, when do you plan to submit it?
I'm supposed to let the Chairman
look at it tomorrow
before it gets brought up at
the board meeting.
You will finally have it out
with Owada once and for all?
But still, isn't Kondo kinda late?
I'm saying I'll bring
you back to the bank.
It is really possible?
- For you to do that?
- It is.
If you hand me that report.
Why don't you try going back?
To being a banker.
I'd be grateful
for your help.
What happened?
It's unusual to see you looking
so happy when you get home.
Are you ready for this?
I'm going back to the bank.
Yes, it's been formally decided.
But why all of a sudden?
Well things happened.
Then what about the transfer?
Naturally, it's called off.
Yosuke. Yosuke. Papa
If this is true,
the bank will have to do something
about Executive Director Owada.
What is this attached document?
It's the testimonial by President
Tamiya of Tamiya Electric.
He talks about the 30 million yen loan
Kyobashi Branch gave to Tamiya Electric
that was sub-loaned to Executive
Director Owada's wife, Tanahashi Takako.
In short, President Tamiya
was coerced into
cooperating with Executive Director Owada.
Due to a slight mix-up, it's not here yet.
I will make sure it's attached
before the board meeting.
Hanzawa, since you're
taking the matter this far,
if you can't win,
you know you have a lot to lose.
I'm prepared for that.
All right.
I acknowledge receipt of this report.
I promise to bring it up
and discuss it at the
board meeting that
comes up in 3 days.
Thank you.
Are you sure? There's no mistake?
Yes. The Department Chief stamped
his seal of approval this morning.
I just heard an inside scoop on HR.
There hasn't
been an unofficial announcement yet.
- What is it?
- Kondo's coming back to the bank.
What's more, to the PR Department.
What the hell's going on?
I'm sorry, but Chief Kondo
has taken a day off today.
I see. I'll try to reach him on his cell.
Thank you.
This is Hanzawa. Kondo, I'll be
waiting for you at the usual place.
I'll wait until you come.
I've been waiting, Kondo.
Hurry up, go change.
Staying alive
is tough, isn't it?
Sometimes I wonder
why I ever became a banker.
Quota's hard to meet, and
whenever we talk with colleagues,
it's always about money or personnel moves.
Relocation comes with the territory, and
with every move, family suffers.
If you make just one blunder, you
get transferred out immediately.
When you get inflicted with a disorder
like you through no fault of your own,
there isn't a single word of apology
from those guys around you.
As if to say it's your own
fault for getting sick.
They hand you a one way
ticket to no man's land.
But you
came back on your own.
The PR Department was
your dream, wasn't it?
You fulfilled that dream.
Let's just leave it at that.
But I,
in order to do that
betrayed you guys.
I'm not sure why, but
I don't feel betrayed.
You worked desperately to
rebuild Tamiya Electric.
As a result, you were able
to persuade President Tamiya
and get his testimonial.
Then it's up to you to
decide how it's used.
You used that to return to the bank.
That's proof of your capability.
If I were you,
I think I would've done the same thing.
Things like money and dreams,
everyone needs them to go on living.
You simply made the natural
choice as a banker.
Don't worry about the report either.
I got you involved in what I myself
should have done to begin with.
You haven't done anything wrong.
I'm happy for you.
You get to return to the bank.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry
Forgiving Kondo means you're
going to be up the creek.
Without President Tamiya's testimonial,
that report's worth diddly-squat.
In fact, you'd just look stupid condemning
Executive Director Owada for no reason.
You don't suppose we can get President
Tamiya to testify again, do you?
If we do that, Kondo's deal with
Owada would be exposed too.
So we end up sacrificing
Kondo? Damn.
Did Owada have that figured out?
That bastard, taking
advantage of our weakness.
Hey, isn't there a way?
A way to conclusively prove
Owada's wrongdoings.
What do you think about
confronting Kaise again with the
document that covered up the tip-off
and threaten him to testify?
Or, somehow get Director
Hane on our side
What I'm doing is no different than Owada.
When you get right down to it,
perhaps Owada and I are
like two peas in a pod.
No, you're not.
Owada is the kind of person who
discards people for his
own self-preservation.
But you
you've always worked first and
foremost for other people.
President Takeshita and
Fujisawa Miki in Osaka.
President Yuasa and Togoshi-san
at Iseshima. Even Kondo.
Many people were saved by you.
You're not like Owada.
- You're totally different.
- Tomari
So there's no way we can lose, right?
Owada's desperate to
protect himself too.
He's bent on finding any flaw
to send you packing
A letter addressed
to the Chairman was
delivered from the
Financial Services Agency.
- A letter?
- They're claiming that
there was a problem with your attitude
towards them at the recent inspection.
Must be Kurosaki.
Director Kishikawa's losing
no time in bringing up
your disciplinary action
at the next board meeting.
He's awfully well prepared, isn't he?
This might've been set up
to get you transferred.
Do whatever you can do to get over this!
You got that, Hanzawa?
I'll do what I can too.
Thank you.
You know what you call this situation?
No way out.
What is it, Hana?
It's okay. Just come with me.
It's Hana-chan's homemade chiffon cake.
Deputy Manager Hanzawa,
thank you for your hard
work on the long battle
during the FSA inspection.
You won't get transferred out now, right?
Takahiro has one more week of summer break.
Going abroad isn't possible now, but
we can go anywhere in the country.
Where shall we go?
This one's for Okinawa.
I'm sorry. I don't know
what may happen yet.
They may decide to transfer me
at the next board meeting.
How come? You saved Iseshima Hotel and got
through the FSA inspection too, didn't you?
I'm sorry.
That's how things are.
Where did you get this?
Last time I went to Kanazawa,
I asked if I could make one.
Keep this with you, together
with your father's screw.
Like a good luck charm.
You don't intend to keep quiet
and get shafted, do you?
By Owada.
Your mother told me everything.
I'm sorry. For not telling you.
You probably have all
kinds of thoughts, but
I'm sure your father is
very proud of Naoki,
who worked so hard to get this far for him.
When you told me you
wanted to change the bank,
I was really moved, and
I wanted to support you.
respect you as a human being.
what does it matter if you lose this time.
From your perspective, the
bank may be this big, but
in society's eyes, it's
only about this big.
If you get transferred out,
you can see the bank from
an outsider's perspective.
It would be a good experience to change
the bank in the future, wouldn't it?
Don't let the thought
of getting transferred
out stop you from
being a banker!
With that spirit,
go confront Owada head on.
Completely translated and timed by subie06
I see. So you lost the testimonial
that was conclusive evidence.
What is your opinion in regards
to the content of this report?
I'd say he's guilty.
What's written here is probably true.
However, if you can't prove it,
it's just wastepaper.
What do you think is the most
important quality for a banker?
It's the ability to judge people.
Making money is secondary.
I judged you as a man, and
entrusted Iseshima Hotel to you.
And we survived.
Hanzawa, what do you see in
Executive Director Owada?
Take away his title of executive
director of a mega bank,
and that man is just another
bank employee like you,
perhaps just another weak human being.
If you overlook that,
you won't be able to beat him.
Maybe we were just looking
at Owada as a banker.
Why did Owada resort to a risky
method like an indirect loan
to get a 30 million yen loan
for his wife's company?
Being an executive at a
mega bank, he certainly
could have arranged
the loan himself.
But he didn't do that.
Maybe he couldn't.
I see All right, I'll
use every network I have
and strip Owada naked.
Thanks. I'll ask Kondo to check on Lafite.
I realized once again
what a good guy you are.
Both you and Kondo are
my precious friends for life.
I'll leave those matters to you guys.
There's someone I need to go talk to.
Okay. I'll try to get hold
of Kondo right away.
Actually he's already here.
What're you doing there, Kondo?
Get your butt over here.
We only have 24 hours left.
Time for a strategy meeting.
Welcome back, Kondo.
Welcome back.
It's good to be back.
The first investment loss of
12 billion that you incurred.
Was that simply a failed
investment, or was it
What difference does it make now?
I'd like to add your
testimony to a document
I'm preparing to report Executive
Director Owada's wrongdoings.
You look as if you want to
say justice is on your side.
To ensure that Iseshima never
encounters the same problem again,
we have to make people like
Owada take full responsibility.
In order to do that,
I need your testimony.
That loss was definitely
an investment failure.
Executive Director Owada
took advantage of that.
You'd better be very careful.
Of Executive Director Owada.
I'm terribly sorry.
If you're going back to the bank,
why don't I give you a ride?
Thank you for the offer, but
I'm afraid I must decline.
Kondo-kun accepted my offer
gratefully, you know.
Then send me the cleaning bill at least.
Unless you like being
soggy with mud, that is.
That day was also a rainy day like this.
That was 25 years ago in Kanazawa.
That day too, you were holding
an umbrella like that.
My father was all wet from the rain,
and groveling in the mud.
You said you'd continue
to give us the loan!
Please let go.
Sir, please spare them at least.
You've risen in the ranks
quite a bit since then.
Have you forgotten what
happened in the past?
It's true I was in Kanazawa
a long time ago, but
I can't seem to remember you at all.
But I do vaguely recall a
pathetic screw factory that was
obsessed with quality and went under.
He was an admirable craftsman
who refused to take my advice
to automate and cut costs,
no matter how much I tried.
If had only listened to me,
he wouldn't have commited suicide.
That craftsman
trusted the bank and
mortgaged his property.
But he was forsaken and lost everything.
my father was
virtually killed by the bank.
25 Years Ago
We escaped by the skin of our teeth.
That was brilliant of you
to talk Hanzawa Screw into
mortgaging their property
without telling them when
we discovered Komada Kogyo
was about to go under.
Thanks to that, we avoided a loss.
I only did what any banker would've done.
We can't have the bank go under, can we?
You can look forward to
your next evaluation.
Thank you.
I'm getting hungry, aren't you?
Let's grab something to eat.
Sushi please, if you don't mind.
Your treat.
I swear, with guys like you around,
Sangyo Chuo's still safe and sound.
Say whatever you want, but
there's nothing I can do about
something that happened 25 years ago.
There's no statute of
limitations for banks.
Whether you remember or not,
I'll have you take full
responsibility for what you did.
I believe in people's good will, but
if I get screwed, I'll screw you back.
Double payback.
That's my way of doing things.
As you guessed, Owada's full of it.
How's it going with Kondo?
I should get something
from him by tonight.
That's circumstantial evidence.
Unless we find conclusive
evidence to get Owada cornered,
it's only a matter of
time before they use
FSA's demand for improvement
as an excuse to
- get you transferred out.
- I know.
Kurosaki sure pulled
a dirty trick on us.
You know, Tomari, something's
been bothering me for a while.
Kurosaki accepted Owada's proposal to
remove President Yuasa and appoint
Director Hane as president
way too easily.
You find it strange for a guy who
hates banks as much as he does?
Yes, but I could
understand if Director Owada
and Kurosaki were connected.
If that's the case, the one
who leaked the hiding place
of the files to Kurosaki was Owada?
That's one thing I don't think Owada did.
I know. If those incriminating
files get exposed in front of FSA,
even Owada won't get away with it.
I can't believe he'd leak
that kind of information.
Then how did Kurosaki
track down the machine room which
wasn't even on the floor plan?
Excuse me About that,
something that comes to mind.
The day before the FSA inspection, we got
a document from the Loan Department
to file with the rest
of the removed files.
That document
I took it to the machine
room on Basement Level 2.
It's possible you were followed.
Who from the Loan Department brought it?
- A guy by the name of Yokoyama.
- Young guy, still in his third year.
It's hard to believe that
guy's connected to Kurosaki.
I'll ask Yokoyama who told him to do it.
As planned, we will decide on
Deputy Manager Hanzawa's disciplinary
action at the board meeting.
With that in mind, he will be given
immediate transfer orders.
Oh, all right.
So where's he going?
Tokyo Central Securities
agreed to take him in.
Tokyo Central
Ah, one of our subsidiaries, huh?
That's a good one.
They're small too.
I'm sure Hanzawa-kun will fit right in.
However, Hanzawa also
plans to bring up
a report that talks about our supposed
wrongdoings at the board meeting.
As you wished, I filed a demand for
improvement against Deputy Manager Hanzawa.
Oh, yeah? At the next board meeting?
Make sure you make him mend
that impertinent attitude of his.
You're the one who had
Yokoyama deliver the
additional document to be
hidden away, aren't you?
I don't know what you're talking about.
Yokoyama kindly told us.
This is the additional
document you gave Yokoyama.
Take a good look at it.
Notes on Iseshima Hotel's
loss of 12 billion.
But when we checked, this
document didn't exist.
You made it up, didn't you?
You don't have the right
to remain silent here!
If you like, I can make it known that you
faked the document and tried
to bring down the bank.
Then you'll turn the entire
Tokyo Chuo against you, and
you'll be dismissed on
disciplinary grounds for sure.
Where's the evidence I did it?
Let's see it if you have the evidence.
Show me the evidence!
I found it.
In Fukuyama-san's tablet,
Notes - Iseshima Hotel's
12 Million Yen Loss
- there's data the document was faked.
- Give that back!
Kiss your job good bye now.
I just followed orders from the top.
Orders from the top?
Who was it?
Tell me!
You know there's no way I can.
I'm passing this out all over the bank.
Who was it!
Was it Owada?
It was, wasn't it!
So it was Kishikawa, huh?
But that means Owada gave
him the orders, right?
Why would he leak information on the
files, which is like suicide for him?
Did he have a deal in place with
Kurosaki to protect himself?
No. This is Kishikawa's
betrayal against Owada.
That time, on the day of the
last day of the FSA inspection,
Owada probably didn't know
where those files were hidden.
Come on. Let's go.
Let's all go together.
Hey, Kishikawa. What's going on!
I don't know either!
I finally understand what that meant.
Yeah, but Kishikawa has much more to gain
by siding with Owada rather than Kurosaki.
If Owada becomes chairman,
Kishikawa's assured of the Executive
Director's post. Why betray Owada?
Either Kurosaki's got something on him,
or they have some special connection.
In any case, if we get proof Kishikawa
and Kurosaki communicated secretly,
there's a chance we can get
to Owada from that angle.
- But unless we get it by today
- There's no way for me to survive.
Did you find out anything
about Kurosaki and Kishikawa?
Hometown, home address, high school,
college, junior high school.
Absolutely nothing in common.
- I see.
- You know, Hanzawa,
one last time
This is quite a comfortable chair.
More so than I expected.
What can I do for you?
A lot of things happened between us, but
I thought I'd give you
one last chance.
- Chance?
- Why don't you reconsider
submitting the report?
Of course, I did nothing wrong.
But it's inefficient
use of time discussing
something when the outcome
is already known.
It's also bothersome to have
to justify every little thing.
If you agree to withdraw the report,
I'll close my eyes to
your disciplinary action.
- Don't you think it's a good deal?
- I'm afraid I must decline.
I still have work to do.
Please step aside.
That's unfortunate.
That's right.
It seems you don't have
conclusive evidence yet, so
shall I tell you of one good method?
It's easy. Okay?
All you have to do is cast away Kondo-kun.
He agreed to my deal and suppressed
President Tamiya's testimonial.
So if you get President
Tamiya to testify again,
both Kondo-kun and I will be finished.
Good idea, huh?
Go ahead make my day.
Executive Director.
The double payback I spoke
about earlier today,
I take it back.
If I get screwed, I'll screw you back.
For you,
it's one hundred times payback!
Please keep that in mind.
Whether you multiply zero by 2,
or by 100,
the answer is still zero,
I see. So you couldn't do it after all.
If I had a little more
time, I could manage, but
we're talking about a
well-known person at FSA.
It takes time to get to him.
I'm sorry for putting you
through the trouble.
Not at all. At any rate, I'll keep
digging until the last minute.
Thank you. Good-bye.
Hello. What's up?
You gave me a scare by showing up suddenly.
Here. Bento made by your loving wife.
You're working late again
anyway, aren't you?
Thank you, Hana-chan.
I was about to pass out from hunger.
And here. The spy note.
Spy note?
I infiltrated into the wives' meeting
I never wanted to attend,
and listened endlessly to
stories I never wanted to hear.
- You better appreciate it.
- Why?
I told you I wanted to support you.
I thought I might be able
to get information on Owada
Like his weakness, but
I couldn't get anything worthwhile.
- Sorry.
- That's okay.
It may be useful for something. Thanks.
Mrs. Owada is unfriendly
and doesn't say much,
so I figured Mrs. Kishikawa
might know something
and tried to draw out
information from her, but
she seemed really distressed.
About her daughter's marriage.
Marriage? Director Kishikawa's daughter?
She's having a small family
wedding in Hawaii soon, but
there's a slight issue, and I
haven't told very many people.
What's the issue
Actually, she told me in secret.
Apparently, the guy she's
marrying works for FSA.
Isn't that the pits?
They're the bank's enemy.
Mrs. Kishikawa was worried that
it's actually not a good thing
for an FSA official and a bank
executive's daughter to marry, but
- is that true?
- Sorry, I gotta go.
Where are you going?
Thanks, Hana!
Don't you think it's rude
to come at this hour?
I apologize. There's an important matter
I had to discuss with you tonight.
Important matter?
- I wanted to confirm one thing.
- Confirm what?
Your intention.
Have you had a chance to
take a look at this report?
Report on "The Indirect
Loan to Lafite Incident"
"The Iseshima Hotel
Insider's Tip-Off Incident"
I'd like to confirm whether
you'll acknowledge
the contents of this report or not.
So that's what this is about.
You expect me to acknowledge that?
What's written there is unfounded.
Accused of a 30 million yen indirect loan
and suppressing an insider's tip-off
without any grounds. Frankly, Executive
Director Owada and I are both
quite upset over it.
Director Kishikawa. If you have
any conscience left as a banker,
you must regret what you've done.
Please testify that
you acknowledge the
contents of this report
at the board meeting.
Redeem yourself as a banker.
I can't acknowledge
something that's not true.
Besides, speak for yourself.
Who's under fire by FSA
as a problem manager.
Don't get high and mighty with me!
Sorry, but I'm expecting
a visitor soon.
Please leave now.
All right.
Before I go, allow me to
extend my congratulations.
Congratulations on the upcoming
wedding of your daughter.
But as a father, you must have
some mixed feelings about it.
Why, she's marrying FSA's
How did you know that?
Your wife seems very worried.
She told my wife everything
and confided in her.
She's not sure if your
daughter really loves him, or
whether you're forcing her
into a marriage of convenience
in order to take advantage of his power.
That's not true! He's the one
who brought up the marriage.
Contrary to how he appears,
Kurosaki-san's actually
Don't tell me
So your daughter's marriage partner
was Kurosaki-san after all.
Did you just trick me?
Are you okay with that, Director Kishikawa?
If that's the case, Kurosaki's
recent conduct is a major problem.
He hid the fact that he had a personal
relationship with our bank and
came to conduct the FSA inspection
as the chief inspector.
- The top won't let it go if they find out.
- That's a misunderstanding.
Yes indeed, I misunderstood.
All this time,
I thought it was Executive Director
Owada who was connected to Kurosaki.
So you were the direct point of contact.
Executive Director Owada also
found out about the marriage,
and you had no choice but
to become his puppet.
Am I wrong?
You must've gotten really
fed up with that situation.
You betrayed Owada at that FSA inspection.
You leaked the hidden location
of the files to Kurosaki.
Hey, Kishikawa. What's going on!
I don't know either!
If all upper management goes away,
the next chairman's position
isn't out of reach.
Is that what Kurosaki told you?
I can understand you favoring
your future son-in-law.
However, secretly conspiring with FSA to
put the bank in a disadvantageous position
is a serious crime, Director Kishikawa.
I'm sure your daughter will
be terribly disappointed.
What was supposed to be an eagerly
anticipated marriage to an FSA elite
is about to disappear
before her very eyes.
Please, wait a minute.
I'm afraid I can't wait.
I'm circulating
this information to the media.
If that happens, your daughter
will suffer the most.
Stop it! I did it all on my own.
My daughter knows nothing
about the bank or FSA.
She has nothing to do with this.
You and Kurosaki dragged your
unknowing daughter into this mess.
I beg you, Hanzawa-kun. Please
please keep this matter to yourself.
Please don't destroy my
daughter's happiness.
I'm begging you, please!
If you're that concerned for your daughter,
you're still a decent human being.
You should be able to judge
what's the right thing to do.
No one's going to protect you anymore.
What is it that you should do as a banker.
Think about it very
carefully, Director Kishitani.
What a surprise!
Who would've thought we'd meet here.
I was surprised myself.
That you're getting married.
- Looks like you found out, huh?
- What are you scheming to do?
Are you planning to crush the bank
from the inside by using Kishikawa?
That's not a bad idea. But
I really fell in love with her.
What can I do?
Never mind.
Truly, I find you offensive.
You keep on getting in my way
from one thing to the next.
Please don't obstruct
my marriage, at least.
That all depends on Director Kishikawa.
If Daddy Kishitani gets punished and
gets kicked out of the bank,
that may work out nicely too.
I won't hold anything back.
The FSA inspection.
You'd better brace yourself.
Oh, you're home already?
Say can you lend me about
a million yen again?
I'm going to Milan next week to stock up.
I'm counting on you.
Day of Board of Directors' Meeting
Public Relations Office
I'm Kondo. I've been assigned
here effective today.
I'll do my best to become
an immediate asset.
I look forward to working with you.
Operations Department 2,
Deputy Manager Hanzawa.
Come in.
Now then, Deputy Manager Hanzawa.
Give us an explanation of your report.
With your permission, I will do so.
First of all, in regards to
the 20 billion yen loan provided
to Iseshima Hotel last month.
Branch Manager Kaise and Deputy
Manager Kozato of Kyobashi Branch
were aware of the 12
billion yen loss due to
an insider's tip-off from Iseshima Hotel.
Nevertheless, they suppressed
that tip-off, and
proceeded with the 20 billion yen
loan, pretending they knew nothing.
I'm sure you all know that
as a result, our bank was
compelled to undergo severe
hardship during the FSA inspection.
Manager Kaise states he only
followed orders from the top.
The individual who gave those
orders is as noted in the report.
Executive Director Owada.
You gave the orders, didn't you?
I don't understand why you think so.
That cannot possibly be the truth.
In the first place, what do I
have to gain from doing that?
Taking advantage of the 12 billion yen
loss that Director Hane incurred,
didn't you scheme the
downfall of the Chairman
by making him take
responsibility for
the mess up during the FSA inspection?
Oh my goodness, that's not
like you, Hanzawa-kun.
The downfall of the Chairman?
First of all, that's being
disrespectful to the Chairman.
It's completely groundless.
Or rather, there are no
grounds to begin with.
Because, you see, it's not true.
I haven't done a single
thing to be ashamed of.
Then let me ask you in
regards to the other matter.
It's about the 30 million yen that was
loaned to Tamiya Electric 5 years ago.
This money was sub-loaned immediately from
Tamiya Electric to a company called Lafite.
The sub-loan is a problem in itself, but
the bigger problem is the fact that
this Lafite is owned by Executive
Director Owada's wife.
Isn't this obviously an indirect loan
that you ordered Director Kishitani,
who was the Kyobashi Branch Manager
at the time, to carry out?
This state of affair violates
compliance, as well as
the fair and equitable principle of a
financial institution executive, and
can cause serious damage to our
bank's social credibility.
I respectfully request the board's
decision in response to this report.
Owada-kun, let's hear what you have to say.
I don't know what to say.
All this tedious talk he's been giving,
I can only say they're all
erroneous assumption of the facts.
Deputy Manager Hanzawa, since
you insist so strongly,
I presume you've confirmed the
fact with President Tamiya.
Well, did you?
I'm assuming you have his testimony.
Unfortunately, I was unable to
obtain President Tamiya's testimony.
Yes, of course not.
Because there's no such truth.
Deputy Manager Hanzawa, are you saying
that I took part in an indirect loan
based on a one-sided
investigation like that?
That's terrible.
Gentlemen. I can only think
that this report itself
was written with malicious intent
in which the truth was distorted.
Deputy Manager Hanzawa.
Do you, by any chance,
bear a grudge against me?
Upon confirmation, I found out that
my wife had, in fact, known
President Tamiya for some time, and
and that she had been consulting
with him about a loan.
In this situation,
the timing of the loan
to Tamiya Electric and
that to my wife's company
happened to coincide,
and as a result, this
misunderstanding occurred.
According to my wife, she's planning
to either ask Tamiya Electric to
convert the 30 million she
borrowed to an investment
since it's been a while,
or pay it back once.
Although this was an
unanticipated occurrence,
for causing undue concern to all of you,
I offer my deepest apology.
I'm terribly sorry.
That is all I have to say.
Gentlemen, what do you think?
Obviously, the conclusion as been reached.
Next, we have the demand for improvement
filed against Deputy Manager Hanzawa
Please wait.
You say you didn't know because it's
something your wife did on her own?
Executive Director Owada,
since when did you start making up
lame excuses like politicians?
You're making a big mistake if you think
we'd fall for such childish excuses.
In the first place, all this talk about
paying back and converting to an investment
lacks any sense of reality.
It wasn't me. That's what my wife said.
Tamiya Electric is having
financial difficulties.
Converting to investment is like
pouring 30 million yen down the drain.
How is your wife's company
planning to pay back 30 million
when it's significantly in the red?
Please tell us the repayment source.
I've been told there's someone who's
interested in investing
in my wife's company.
What company is that?
Or is it an individual?
- Please give specifics.
- How am I supposed to know all that?
She hasn't told you, correct?
Then please call your wife now,
right here, and ask her.
You're being rude!
While I'm being rude, let
me say one more thing.
I don't mean to speak
badly of your wife, but
does she really have what
it takes to run a business?
About the only thing we bankers can
do is follow the flow of money.
My partner was kind enough
to thoroughly investigate
how you and your wife's money
flowed in the past 5 years.
5 years ago, Lafite was in
extreme financial difficulty,
and it incurred a debt
of some 10 million yen.
However, even after that,
business didn't recover, and
debts gradually piled up.
Afterward, your wife turned to loan sharks.
You drag out something that happened
a long time ago.
Then you exaggerate.
That may have happened to
tide over a crisis, but
those debts were paid back,
and she has no debts now!
Hakusui Bank, Tokyo Chuo Credit Union,
Daido Loan. Trust Finance,
Dot Money.
As a result of continuously
rolling over debts
from numerous financial
institutions and loan sharks,
by the time you realized,
your wife was saddled with a
debt of over 100 million.
That's why you carried out the
indirect loan of 30 million
- as a stopgap measure
- That's stretching it!
I took the liberty of checking
your personal account as well.
The account of Tokyo Chuo Bank's
executive director, of all people,
had a negative balance.
Your home is mortgaged
to the hilt, and
your remaining debt is in
excess of 50 million
Stop jabbering, Hanzawa!
Wasn't it that attitude of yours
that was determined to be a problem by FSA!
The one who should be
judged at this board meeting is you.
Make no mistake about it!
I don't mind you getting carried away after
overcoming the inspection
on Iseshima Hotel, but
because you, you alone
lack the common sense,
the morality of our entire
bank is being questioned!
Do such things like morals
still exist in this bank?
What I'm saying, and what
Executive Direct Owada is saying.
Who is right, and who is wrong.
Anyone who can think would know.
However, Gentlemen,
until now, at this table, you've
all been turning into white
what you believed to be black by fallacy.
The result of that is this Tokyo Chuo Bank.
Executive Director Owada, do
you remember what you told me?
You said mega banks support
the economy of this country.
We can never go under, no matter what.
Just as you said, banks
should never go under.
But by getting too fixated on
that, haven't we turned into
a group that only thinks about
ourselves without realizing it?
We cast away the weak, and
think nothing of forcing our
self-serving ideas onto others.
Problems get postponed, not one
person takes responsibility.
Clinging to foolish faction rivalry,
constantly checking each other out.
Subordinates constantly gauge
their superiors' feelings, and
won't speak up and say
what they think is right.
A bank like that
might as well go under!
In this world,
there are lots of people and businesses
who really need the bank's help.
If we continue betraying them,
we might as well not exist.
Let's not
go on fooling ourselves anymore.
Black is black, and white is white.
Don't you think so?
Director Kishikawa.
Director Kishikawa,
you were named in the
report too, weren't you?
Let's hear what you have to say too.
In regards to this report,
is there anything you wish to say?
In regards to the contents
of this report, I
There's no need to hold
back, Director Kishikawa.
Speak your mind honestly.
Not a single thing in this report
- do I recall
- Kishikawa-san.
What were you going to say?
Director Kishikawa.
The contents of this report are
Chairman, Director Kishikawa
seems to be under the weather
Kishikawa-san's talking now.
Shut up and listen!
Watch your mouth!
I'm executive director.
Executive director, you hear!
I'm sorry, Executive Director Owada.
- I
- Hey, stop it, Kishikawa. Kishikawa?
In regards to what's
written in this report
- Shut your mouth, Kishikawa!
- I acknowledge it!
5 years ago, when I was
at the Kyobashi Branch,
I processed a 30 million yen
loan to Tamiya Electric.
However, that was
actually a sub-loan to save
Executive Director Owada's wife's company.
Executive Director Owada
made a request to
President Tamiya and they
reached an agreement.
Kishikawa! What is your problem?
I knew nothing about that.
I knew nothing!
- What about Iseshima Hotel?
- That too.
Because there was an insider's
tip-off from Iseshima Hotel,
both Executive Director Owada and I
were aware they were going to
incur a loss of 12 billion. However,
we concealed the truth and
set it up so that the 20 billion
yen loan got processed.
- That's something you did on your own!
- No it isn't!
I followed Executive
Director Owada's orders, and
- and I carried everything out.
- Kishikawa!
Shut up!
I didn't want to turn out like this either.
Not like this
Director Kishikawa is
just talking nonsense.
There isn't a single evidence! Why would
I do a thing like indirect loan
You're embarrassing yourself,
Executive Director Owada.
This is retribution for what
you've done in the past.
How do you feel getting
betrayed by your
subordinate who you took
advantage of thoroughly.
I think that's quite enough.
Executive Director Owada.
You will be notified of your
disciplinary action at a later date.
All right?
Does anyone have any objection?
- Then, with this
- We're not finished yet.
Executive Director Owada.
The promise you made me,
you remember, don't you?
You promised to get down on
your knees and apologize
if you turned out to be the one who
ordered the Iseshima cover-up.
I won't let you tell me you don't remember.
Come on now. Let's have you do it.
You, the executive director of all people,
aren't intending to break
your promise, are you?
Getting down on your knees
is just a performance.
I'll do it all you want.
Isn't that what you said?
Let's see it!
Hanzawa, I think that's enough.
Chief, this is between Executive
Director Owada and me.
Please don't stop me.
Please get down on your knees.
If you're a leader at all, show us
you can accept defeat like a man.
What's the matter?
My pride as an executive
director won't allow
me to concede defeat
to a subordinate.
If that's what you're thinking,
you're making a big mistake.
You're not apologizing to me.
You're apologizing to all
the people and companies
from whom you took away their
umbrellas on a rainy day and
and cut them off like a lizard's tail.
Please get down on your knees.
Executive Director Owada
- Hanzawa, that's enough.
- No.
I can't let it end here.
All the people who clung to
you, groveling in the dirt,
verbally abused, treated with contempt,
but still, in order to protect
their family, their company
to desperately protect
what's important to them,
they kept on kneeling before you.
Their pain, their anger,
their bitter frustration,
I'll have you experience that too.
Please get down on your knees.
Do it! Owada!
A Few Days Later
Executive Director Owada is here.
Come in.
Sorry for troubling you, Owada-kun.
Not at all. Please don't worry about me.
Where am I going?
Is it Kano Lumber in Hokkaido?
Or somewhere like Komiyama
Shipbuilding in Sasebo
I will now
pronounce the disciplinary
action against you.
Owada Akira.
Effective today, I hereby
remove you from the
position of executive
managing director,
and order your demotion to board member.
That's all.
You may leave.
I'm in no position to complain even
if I was given a disciplinary dismissal.
Are you sure this is how you
want this matter settled?
People's worth cannot
be surmised with money.
Bankers should be looking at people,
not money.
That's what I think.
respected you as a banker.
- Demotion?!
- That's right.
Is that all? Isn't he
getting shipped out?
Apparently not.
So Director Kishikawa,
who was shipped out, was
forced to bear the sole
responsibility, huh?
Yes. The lizard's tail.
At any rate, he's really something else.
He's not a chairman for nothing.
- What do you mean?
- It's easy to transfer Owada out.
Yet if he does that, there's a
possibility a second or third Owada
would come forth and factional
strife would continue.
- That's true.
- So it means the Chairman,
by winning over Owada who's the
top of the former Sangyo Chuo,
took control of his power too.
Now Owada can't go against Chairman
Nakanowatari for the rest of his life.
He's probably planning to move
into a conciliatory policy.
The person who changed black
into white was the Chairman.
Is that really okay with you?
Are you really okay with that?
You should be getting
unofficial notice today, huh?
You'll be even busier when you become
Deputy Department Chief, won't you?
- I'm not sure.
- Before that happens, why don't you
take 2, 3 days off and
us three go to Kanazawa?
Kanazawa? Yeah, that's fine.
You should go see your
mother once in a while.
Besides, there's something you should
report to your father too, right?
I guess so.
Then it's decided.
Make you sure get your leave approved.
Deputy Department Chief Hanzawa.
You did great.
The Chairman would like to see you.
Go to the Chairman's Office right away.
Since the Chairman's personally
giving him the notice,
it won't be surprising if it's
a unexpected personnel move.
What's that supposed to mean?
You're kidding. Promotion
to Department Chief?
If you think about Hanzawa's
achievements until now,
don't you think that's a possibility?
Looking back, the recovery of 500 million
yen back in the Osaka Nishi Branch days,
the revival of Iseshima Hotel,
averting the FSA inspection crisis.
Add to those, finding Owada
guilty of his wrongdoings.
With those accomplishments to his name,
it won't be surprising if he was
specially promoted two ranks.
Hanzawa right now is like the trusty
sword to Chairman Nakanowatari.
He undoubtedly is on track as a
candidate for the next chairman.
There might come a day when he
really becomes the chairman.
Really, huh?
Operations Department 2, Deputy
Manager Hanzawa is here.
Come in.
You did a great job this time around.
I give you my thanks as Chairman.
I must say you crossed the
line at the end there.
Think about what you did.
Yes. I apologize for that.
I will now
deliver your letter of appointment.
I do hope you'll accept it.
Deputy Manager Hanzawa Naoki.
I hereby order your transfer to
Tokyo Central Securities
as Department Chief
of Marketing Department!
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