Happiness (2021) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

(All characters, locations,
organizations, religions, )
and groups in this drama are fictional.)
(Episode 1)
(The pride of Seyang High, Jung Yi Hyun)
(Bad knee! Totally ruined)
(Bad knee! Totally ruined)
- Hurry up!
- Get it done quick!
Give me that.
Jung Yi Hyun!
I played baseball as a kid too,
and I know how you feel!
Come down here so we can talk!
Talk from down there.
- What's he saying?
- What was that?
Give him a megaphone too, then.
I'll come up there. Give me a moment.
Let's talk up there.
Where's the staircase?
He just won't come down.
Focus on your book.
If you're focused, you can't even hear
a bomb go off next to you.
Class is over, so why are you still here?
It's not like you make us want to study.
If you all were to rush out,
would Yi Hyun appreciate it?
He's already stressed out and upset.
If he were to see you and
suddenly decides to jump,
you would really want to study then,
wouldn't you?
Can we leave if he comes down?
Yes. You can go straight home.
The police are negotiating with him.
Don't irritate me and go back to sleep.
You've been here longer than most.
It must be stressful for you too.
I need to go to the toilet.
I told you not to irritate
Well, as long as you're quiet.
Focus, everyone. Focus.
Concentrate and ignore the bomb.
My gosh.
Hey, kid. I promise to make
sure you make a full recovery.
If not, I'll make you a cop.
Trust me and come down from there.
I don't want to be a cop.
Okay, wait!
I'm a friend and was told to
come over and help negotiate.
I will talk from here.
I won't go up to you.
Try to relax.
Yoon Sae Bom?
Hey, you!
Hey! You there! Don't you go
Who are you? Are you his girlfriend?
No. Hey, I can't go home because of you.
I'll talk to him,
Mister. You stay right there.
What's wrong with the students here?
(Seyang High School)
Are you upset you can't play baseball?
It's not that.
I came up for some air,
and suddenly police cars
and an ambulance rushed in.
What idiot called them?
I'm just watching to
see how far they'll go.
I have nothing better to do.
Is baseball the only thing you can do?
Yes. It's all I've ever done.
And I was pretty good at it, too.
Would you be okay if
this happened to you?
I've never done anything
my whole life and I was okay.
It's easier if you've
never done anything.
I was in a hospital for a long time,
and once it's over,
it becomes a fond memory.
I can never play baseball again.
My future, my life is ruined.
I don't know what to do
What about you, then? What will you do?
Until last week, I wanted to be a nurse.
Now I might be a civil servant.
I need a stable income
to live independently,
but I keep changing my mind.
See? You can't decide yourself,
just because you're two years behind.
I'm saying our future
comes with so many options.
It's fine. Just take the plunge.
You have nothing to lose.
My gosh.
Like me.
Help him out!
Help him.
Help him!
- Are you okay?
- Be careful.
It's not like that.
I purposely pushed him
so that he would land on the cushion.
Let's talk over there.
Jung Yi Hyun.
Tell that man that you don't
want me to get punished.
They're going to arrest me.
Hey, Yoon Sae Bom.
Do you want to be my girlfriend?
(12 years later)
What are you doing? Treat him!
Where did he get hurt?
He got shot in the chest,
and he can't breathe.
He has a pneumothorax.
Air is leaking from the gunshot
wound and putting pressure on the
Don't give me a diagnosis. Treat him!
Should I really do it?
Don't think and do as you were taught.
You're going to break my ribs, you punk.
This is the clavicle, you idiot.
Recruit Lee Jong Tae.
You just killed a team member.
You lose points in your TMP training.
(Training for tactical
emergency medical care)
(TMP Training)
Gosh, your acting was good today.
- Was it?
- Yes.
Put your gloves on.
That way you won't slip.
Keep up the good work.
Are you really going to deduct points?
Yes. He's slow to make a decision,
and he scares easily.
If you look at everyone
from your standard,
the entire world is slow, Sae Bom.
(SOU, Recruit Yoon Sae Bom)
He got a gunshot wound and can't breathe.
What should we do in times like this?
What the
What is she doing?
Hey, you!
Yoon Sae Bom!
What are you doing?
They made this because of you.
Because you stabbed him
in the chest without thinking.
Then Captain Choi got
transferred to a patrol station.
He called recently and said he
found his calling at the patrol station.
He even sent me a gift certificate.
What about me?
Why didn't he send me one?
I'm sure there's a reason
why he didn't send you one.
Gosh, I'm hungry.
Let's go eat.
(Intestines, Pharmacy, Karaoke)
This is the front desk.
Yes, I hear it too.
On the second floor?
Yes, I'll tell them.
What are they doing
first thing in the morning?
If you break any motel property,
you must reimburse us.
Sir, do you want to get beaten up?
It's harder to endure the warmer days,
but isn't it nice to be able
to breathe in fresh air
without wearing a mask?
The world is a bit different from
how it was before COVID-19,
but thanks to that we learned how
precious an ordinary day can be.
Dear listeners.
Smile when you see people's
faces without masks on
and take in a deep breath as
you look up at the blue skies.
I hope your afternoon
is filled with happiness.
I hope you enjoy the rest of your day,
and I'll see you tomorrow at this
(You never know when another
infectious disease might appear.)
(Jung Yi Hyun)
How can you still play baseball
when your knee is like that?
If I play as a proxy, they give me money.
- What's the case?
- A murder.
You didn't know what kind of
case we were investigating?
I came because you told me to come.
I gave up my day off
and a game to come here.
- You should be grateful.
- Goodness, I am.
So I looked
The people next door called it in.
- I heard screaming, so I came out.
- Excuse me.
- Who died?
- The employee at the counter.
Let's go.
- You just need to testify properly.
- What is going on?
What do you think he did to his neck?
I'm not sure.
It looks like he was
cut with a dull knife.
Was he trying to kill him painfully?
What about the suspect?
The person who stayed in this room.
There were a lot of complaints
about how he was noisy.
Who covered him like this?
Did you guys touch the scene?
No, sir. We left it as is!
- Any witnesses?
- We haven't found any.
It was like this when they got here.
Did they check the CCTV footage?
Oh, the CCTV
Darn it.
What about the CCTV footage?
They're looking at it right now.
They can't find the suspect leaving.
They covered the
deceased's face and ran away,
but there's no footage
of him leaving the place?
He must've signed in
electronically before his stay.
CDCH would never show us that.
It's a breach of the Personal
Information Protection Act.
Murders don't get to have human rights!
We should integrate all of
their information and catch them.
I don't understand.
Not you.
Nobody looked in here, right?
(Jung Yi Hyun)
I know that you don't follow protocol
and just want to get lucky
when you investigate, but
When it comes to following protocol,
I'm not that bad.
I know someone who's even worse than
Come on out.
Are you kidding me?
If you're pulling my leg again,
you're dead meat today.
Come on!
Damn it. I looked into his eyes.
Gosh. We got the culprit. Don't come in.
You can come in later.
(ID card, Sung Woo Je)
Did you do this, Mr. Sung?
I don't know.
Did you put a blanket over him
because you were scared to look at him?
Then why did you kill him?
You don't remember that either?
I had something like a dream.
Did you kill him in that dream?
You couldn't run away seeing
how you're covered in blood.
Your mind was scattered,
but the cops started flooding in.
That's why you probably hid.
Where's the murder weapon?
How did you kill him in your dream?
Right. Wait.
Without the murder weapon,
the court can't find you guilty.
I was very thirsty for some reason.
Did you bite him?
Give me one more.
(Limited to one piece per
person for main dishes)
Do you work as a handyman or something?
Why are you eating so much rice?
I'm kind of hurt, so don't talk to me.
Talk to me if you need to.
(Public Rental Unit Notice
for Police at Le Ciel Apartment)
- What are you reading so intently?
- The new location
where the Police Agency
building moved to
is getting developed now.
Aren't they building apartments there?
They decided to give
out three special units
for people in the police force.
Really? What are the conditions?
My wife's dream is to get a
unit in a newly built apartment.
They score every
applicant based on seniority,
the size of the family,
marital status, and so on.
But the number of arrests and
evaluations matter the most.
Gosh. If I get picked for that,
I'll win the unit for sure.
That would be hitting the jackpot.
Who could we arrest? What? Terrorists?
You never know.
Who knows? What if I
were to prove to them today?
Prove what?
I'm thinking.
Go easy at your game.
Don't get injured again.
(I'm His Lifesaver)
Sae Bom,
did you pick up on a new religion?
He's a friend.
I'm his lifesaver.
Your names came up
during an investigation.
You're training new recruits. Right?
He bought some drugs
from a new recruit for SOU.
I was told this drug
was 100 percent legal.
Your dealer just thought
you would never get caught.
Do you have any leftover?
I got about 3 to 4 pills.
But I took all of them.
What's the name of the new recruit?
Lee Jong Tae.
Lee Jong Tae?
(Recruit Lee Jong Tae)
You'll be getting a notice soon. Anyway,
it's just a heads-up.
Good job.
If I were to uncover the
organization behind it,
that would be my arrest. Right?
What are you talking about now?
I just wanted you to know.
I'll be back very quickly.
So watch my food.
It's important than your food?
Gosh. That's not like her.
Don't worry. I warned everyone
that they would be dead
meat if they eat your pork cutlet.
What are they doing?
No way. Are they doing it here?
Those punks.
Recruit Lee Jong Tae.
Recruit Lee Jong Tae!
Help me!
What's wrong with him?
Lee Jong Tae, stop right there.
Seung Young, get him out of here.
I'm going after your pelvis next.
What's wrong with him?
Who knows?
I'll stay here. You should
take him and get him treated.
Hold on.
An officer down! Is anyone out here?
It's not a drill, guys!
Call an ambulance, please.
Bring me the medicine cart.
Be careful not to get bitten.
(I'm His Lifesaver)
- Yes?
- You should've told me
this was dangerous! I almost died!
What are you talking
about? Why would you die?
How could he not feel any
pain even after getting shot?
Who shot whom? Hey, are you all right?
Of course, I'm all right.
But how did you catch him without a gun?
I just convinced him. I talked to him.
How is that possible?
Could he be reasoned with?
Hey, tell me exactly what happened.
Did you see Lee Jong Tae?
Did he try to bite you?
So you know.
Gosh. What on earth is happening
Hey, Sae Bom.
Are you all right?
Hey, answer me.
Why won't you answer? You're scaring me.
Corporal Yoon?
This is the women's toilet.
The man you shot.
He could have an infectious disease.
What infectious disease?
We're looking into that.
Sae Bom, who are you talking to?
(I'm His Lifesaver)
CDCH Crisis Management Center's
Lieutenant Colonel Han Tae Seok.
Corporal Yoon will call you back.
Hand me your weapon
and cooperate with the investigation.
Who are you people?
Have my pork cutlet.
Sae Bom.
The National Police Agency
will issue instructions soon,
but officially,
what just happened was an accident.
Remember to stay silent.
We're taking Corporal Yoon
because she could be infected.
(I'm His Lifesaver)
- Yes?
- Lieutenant Colonel Han?
No, don't hang up.
I'm Corporal Jung from
Seyang Police Station.
Can you please tell me what's going on?
Corporal Yoon Sae Bom
will be tested as she had
contact with an infected recruit.
So she's okay right now?
She's an essential worker,
so she got two doses of the vaccine.
What infection are you talking about?
We must find out.
- Goodbye.
- It was Lee Jong Tae, wasn't it?
The infected recruit.
We arrested a murder suspect
who was in contact with him.
Did you just say murder?
He bit a man's neck.
Is that related to the infection?
Seyang Police Station,
right? I'll come over.
Just a moment.
Should those who were
in contact be quarantined?
If they were bitten or scratched.
(The SOU serves to keep our nation safe)
(Seyang Police Station)
It's fine if you weren't
bitten or scratched.
You're Han Tae Seok, right?
Where is Sae Bom?
She's being tested somewhere safe.
(3rd Wonjung University
Anti-Redevelopment Protest)
(Wonjung University Engineering Building)
(Central Disaster
Countermeasures Headquarters)
(Han Tae Seok)
You're a soldier but you
work in the private sector.
During disasters,
civilians, the army,
and the government must cooperate.
You mean to say
the infectious disease
makes people bite others?
We believe it's a variant
virus that affects the brain.
When bitten, you die of blood loss
or you're infected.
My gosh.
Airborne droplets weren't enough,
and now they bite to infect?
The infection route's limited,
so don't worry.
You can get back to your duties.
Just a moment.
We don't have to be quarantined, do we?
Just sign a secrecy declaration.
The suspect said he took a pill.
He said he got it from your recruit.
Do you have
that pill?
Could it be
a hallucinatory side effect instead?
That's impossible,
but it could've had an effect.
Call me if you find the pills.
Corporal Jung Yi Hyun?
Are you playing baseball again?
I had high hopes for you in high school.
I can't
run at full speed anymore.
Too bad.
He must really love
baseball if he knows you too.
Did you request a drug panel?
Yes, I handed over his hair sample.
I'll give you a number.
Can you ping the location for me?
Where are you going?
To find the pills.
Jung Guk.
I found it.
I called so you don't waste your time.
I just got the results back.
He's clean.
Are you sure?
Yes. I guess he was infected.
I'm not sure if I should go home tonight.
If I bare my teeth to my wife,
- But
- She'll kick them all out.
Then what did I just find?
A cold remedy, painkiller, multivitamin.
It could be anything.
Quit fooling around and
go home and go to bed.
(Super Rookie Baseball Academy)
Hey, Il Ho.
Why didn't you play today?
Come with me.
Either call or take your calls.
I got told off from both sides.
Will you let it go?
Forget about that.
Take a look at this.
What's that?
It's a kind of drug. Do you recognize it?
Why give me a drug?
Don't get me wrong. Hear me out first.
You got kicked out because of drugs.
I thought it was an herbal
tonic. It was a mistake
My gosh. How can you
call yourself a friend?
Stop lying. It was so you
could play baseball better.
I know how that feels.
Stop bringing that up.
It was a long time ago.
Yes, it was a long time ago.
You turned over a new
leaf and studied hard.
You studied sport
physiology and computers.
This is really important to me.
This isn't a narcotic.
How do you know?
Do you see the serial number?
Who would invest so much
effort into making a narcotic?
Are they making a brand?
This was made at a
pharmaceutical company.
You can find out what it is if
you go through the drug database.
- Can you look into it?
- Me? When do you need it by?
Right now.
Wake me up when you're done.
Open up.
Are you going to take my blood too?
What is this place?
It doesn't look like a
hospital. Is it a school?
Someone who's been
in contact with a disease
that makes you rip
people's throats out
should be away from people.
Will I end up like Recruit Lee Jong Tae?
I'm just kidding.
I'm not going to bite.
- You'll end up getting hurt.
- Right,
so can you give me an answer?
I thought you were going
to put some ointment on me.
What should I do until
the results come in?
Tell me about what happened today.
I saw Recruit Lee Jong
Tae attack a colleague,
and I tried to stop him.
How did Lee Jong Tae look?
He didn't look well.
Can you be more specific?
Both his eyes were cloudy
as though they had cataracts,
and he acted like a beast
as he tried to bite me.
I shot him twice,
but it seemed like
he didn't feel any pain.
Is this
similar to rabies?
It is.
A detective friend of mine
said he might've been on drugs.
When someone goes crazy and bites people,
the police will believe
that it's because of drugs.
Interpreting it like that
makes things easier.
And from your perspective,
an infectious disease is better.
People will see things
as they want to believe.
Aren't you a police officer too?
We're counter-terrorism experts.
We just get paid through
the National Police Agency.
Will Recruit Lee Jong Tae
be okay?
He's recuperating miraculously.
I'll prepare a place for you to
rest until the test results come out.
Wait. Aren't you going to
give me back my phone?
I'll bring a phone to your room.
(Unidentified Caller)
This is all your fault!
Yoon Sae Bom? Are you okay?
Yes. It's cleaner than the
civil servants apartments.
That place was built over 50 years ago.
The roof leaks when it rains,
and the pipes freeze in the winter.
How can they put 3 people in
1 house because they're single?
Gosh, it's cold.
Will the electricity bill be okay?
How do you feel? Did you get tested?
Yes. Everything but an endoscopy.
Goodness. I got my
health check for the year.
They want me to stay here
until the test results come out.
I talked to your mom.
You couldn't wait half a day?
Hey. No news is good news.
Don't worry.
I told her that you won't be
reachable because of training.
Right. You're tactful enough.
I'm looking into
what all this is about
Where are you?
No idea. It looks like
a school dormitory.
It's not like they're going to kill me.
I'm not feeling sick,
so I can just catch up on some
rest while I wait for the test results.
The drug test results
for our suspect came out,
and he's clean.
Is it really an infectious disease?
I think it's drugs.
You're definitely a police officer.
What do you mean?
It's nothing.
In any case, I'll
catch the culprit so that
you can get peace of mind.
So just get some rest there. Okay?
Okay. I'll be waiting.
It's late. Go to bed.
(Wonjung University Student Dormitories)
(Lytta Virus)
(Result: Upper
respiratory tract specimen)
(Test Result: No virus found.
No lacerations in affected area.)
(No abnormal symptoms. May
have found the first antibody.)
(Not infected but requires
continued observation.)
(Personnel Record)
(Graduated high school 2 years
late due to an accident in 2nd grade.)
(Extremely calm in all situations,
Smart with good survival instincts)
(Being overly curious is a problem)
(Super Rookie Baseball Academy)
Hey, wake up. I found it.
You found it? Let me see.
What is it?
Oral pneumonia medication.
They did a lot of anti-viral
research during COVID-19.
This drug was made then.
It has a lot of side effects,
so it was taken off the market quickly.
Side effects?
Addiction, hallucinations, mood swings
Oh, and there's increase
in concentration too.
So there's a good one too?
Why isn't it traceable in drug tests?
Not every drug that gets
you high is an illegal narcotic.
The government has to
distinguish it as an illegal narcotic.
Hey, Il Ho.
What if this drug
made people act like they had rabies?
It would be chaotic. This
was widely distributed.
But it's not possible.
Why not?
Nothing had happened all this
time. Why would it be a problem now?
(Kind and trustworthy Seyang
Police are here to serve)
Did you track the number I gave you?
Hold on.
It's at a university.
Is this a student?
Hey, isn't that a low-tier college?
I guess your friend didn't study a lot.
- Thanks.
- Hey.
Was I too harsh?
No one is here to wake me up.
And I don't have to
go to work. This is nice.
I'm so cold.
Ms. Yoon Sae Bom, you can come out.
Gosh. When did you come in?
Did you get the test result?
We have to run the test again.
Give me a heads-up before
you take a piece of my skin today.
You're going to hurt my feelings.
Are there other patients too?
Lee Jong Tae?
I just want to talk to him for a bit.
You can't.
Ms. Yoon.
Ms. Yoon.
It will only take a moment.
Are you all right?
I'm a bit cold.
But I'm okay.
Do you remember how I shot you?
And how you bit your
colleague and came after me?
I don't know.
You do remember it.
Ms. Yoon. Step back.
He could be dangerous.
I'm all right.
He seems fine now.
Did you go crazy after taking drugs?
Where did you get the drugs?
I don't follow you.
Your friend you gave
drugs to already got arrested.
You know that you'll get a heavier
sentence since you're a cop. Right?
Do you see that?
You scratched me.
People here tell me that
there's an infectious disease,
but I'm not sure about that.
I need to know
if this happened
because of the infectious disease
or the drugs, Jong Tae.
That way,
I'll be relaxed when I take the test.
Can I have some water?
I'm so thirsty.
She said no.
I'm thirsty.
Hey. What are you doing?
Open your eyes. I'm
not done talking to you.
Lee Jong Tae.
Get away from me.
Get away
Lieutenant Colonel Han.
You're watching, right?
You will be near the destination shortly.
(We Are Against
Redevelopment Without a Plan)
You have arrived at the destination.
The GPS guidance is complete.
What's the purpose of your visit?
Isn't this Wonjung University?
It lost its accreditation for
its poor-quality education.
the military is using the property.
I'm from the police.
Can I see your supervisor?
This is a secret military
base. So that won't be possible.
can you tell Lieutenant
Colonel Han Tae Seok
that I brought the drug
we talked about before?
Let him in.
You wanted me to see Lee Jong Tae, right?
You even installed a camera there.
I wanted to know when
he would get thirsty.
Once infected, people lose their
sanity and start biting people off.
They start to feel
this insatiable thirst.
And water won't do the job.
Even if they return to their normal self,
they repeatedly feel
thirsty and go crazy again.
And I'm trying to figure
out when they get thirsty.
So I was curious
how Lee Jong Tae would
behave when he saw you.
You wanted to know how he would behave
when he saw the person who shot him.
He recognizes his family.
I was wondering if
he'd recognize you too.
That wasn't everything.
His heart beats slower.
And he seems to feel less pain.
His wounds heal faster.
As long as we can control it,
it will be very helpful.
So you must be
researching this in secret.
It's not as infectious as other diseases,
but it will scare people.
People are already fatigued
regarding infectious diseases.
There's no need to alarm the public.
Then why do you keep
the air conditioner running?
Low temperature can
delay the rate of spread.
Is this a test too?
To see if I'm thirsty or not?
You really tested negative.
I'm not that lucky usually.
Why don't you take a break?
Wherever you wish to be.
Do you mean that? That's possible?
Say you served your country
and was hurt mentally and
physically in the process.
We must draw your blood every two weeks.
You don't yet have symptoms.
It could be that you have antibodies.
(Temporary Pass, Important)
I guess I'm pretty important.
Do me one more thing.
You said I did well to serve my country.
Give me the highest
evaluation for this year's work.
Seyang's public rental apartment.
The police force gets three units.
They grade us with a point system.
The size of the family, marital status,
seniority, evaluations.
All that's added up.
You have that much influence, don't you?
I think I can do that.
You do have a pretty good record.
I'm the best.
I was born to fight terrorism.
I'm glad you're easy to talk to.
We don't shake hands anymore.
My phone.
Don't you even serve breakfast?
Thank you. I'll make it
last when I get home.
Do you have a boyfriend?
It's not that I dislike you,
but the age gap is too big.
Even the best evaluation
won't get you enough points.
You'll need more.
I'm asking if you plan to marry soon.
Plans? I can start making them.
Aren't you worried at all?
I will get an apartment.
You needn't worry about me.
I mean about what you
saw yesterday and today.
If things go wrong,
the world we know could change.
What difference will worrying make?
The world might not change.
Where are my clothes?
We burned them.
Should I wear this to go home?
Sae Bom? Hey.
Are you all right? Let's see.
You still don't trust me.
That's so upsetting.
I'm fine. I can go home.
Sorry for getting you into this.
You look gaunt.
I do? I didn't get any breakfast.
How did you get in here?
Did they bring you in? Were you bitten?
No. I came to save you.
Wait here. I need to
go in and have a chat.
Not bad.
You could play baseball again.
Is this
that pill?
Yes. It's a failed pneumonia cure.
Way too many people have taken it so far.
It can't have caused the madness,
but I promised, so here it is.
Just because it was fine yesterday
doesn't mean it'll be fine today.
Let's go. I'll take you home.
Yes. He was next to me all along.
Yi Hyun.
Are you seeing someone?
What a random question.
- Are you?
- No.
Do you snore or grind your teeth?
I don't think so.
Shall we get married?
Jung Yi Hyun.
Tell that man that you don't
want me to get punished.
They're going to arrest me.
Hey, Yoon Sae Bom.
Do you want to be my girlfriend?
I told you that day that I was kidding.
I'm not kidding.
I mean it.
If people suddenly start to go mad
You asked me to look into Han Tae Seok.
I really hate that guy.
I got a new apartment.
It's locked. This floor and
below is public rental housing.
The higher floors are general sales.
A reporter called me.
There's a way
- to make money and stay safe.
- Lee Seung Young!
There's a problem at the dormitory.
Where are the critically ill patients?
Aren't they living people?
More will get hurt if we stall.
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