Happiness (2021) s01e02 Episode Script

Thirsty Patients

(All characters, locations,
organizations, religions, )
and groups in this drama are fictional.)
- What happened?
- It's a mess, I heard.
- What's that?
- Dead bodies?
- What's going on?
- I wish I knew.
No one knows. They won't say.
- My gosh.
- How can so many die?
When you starve,
or when a plague is among my people,
if those who live in my
name depart from evil
and willingly bow and pray
to me and ask to see my face,
I will hear from heaven,
and I will cleanse their
sins and heal their sickness.
I will lift my eyes and listen to
the prayers you offer me
because I have selected you
to stand apart from the rest
A member had pneumonia,
and they gave that pill.
It was donated,
and they didn't know of the side effect.
(To the bright world amid the tough life)
Reports are coming in
from all over the world
about people biting others'
necks and sucking blood.
Authorities drew the line saying
nothing has been confirmed yet,
but similar cases have
occurred within the country.
At a homeless shelter in Daeyang,
over ten people staying there
were killed or wounded in an incident.
Authorities said a fight
broke out in the shelter,
leading to some being killed and injured.
In case of sanitation
(Suspected infectious
disease and not a fight)
Just greens again?
Sae Bom. Are you all right.
Yes. I got tested and took some time off.
What on earth is going on?
Do you know training was suspended?
The training area Lee Jong Tae
freaked out in was closed down.
Look at this. It's him, isn't it?
Yes. Wow, he does have some clout.
What if something bad happens?
If people suddenly start to go mad
There is a cure, isn't there?
I don't know.
I think they're trying to make one.
A reporter called me.
He offered to pay me if I told him
what happened here.
Me too.
Wow. He must've called the whole team.
Hey. Don't talk to those people.
We signed a secrecy declaration,
Are you back on duty?
No. I'm on paid leave. Six months.
I packed my stuff
and dropped by to say hi.
You're leaving the dorm?
You worked so hard to decorate it.
It's fine.
I got a new place.
An apartment.
- With a loan?
- No.
Do you remember the
evaluation thing I mentioned?
- The public rental for police.
- I remember.
They pick candidates based on a score.
I got the highest mark,
but that still wasn't enough, so
I decided to get the newlywed bonus.
So You mean You
were behind on points,
so you'll get married?
With whom?
There's this guy who
asked me out in high school.
I turned him down then.
But I asked him if
he was still interested.
It's not because I
think that little of you.
My dream
was to have a place of my own.
That's why.
Oh, gosh.
It's for the clothes I burned.
Thank you.
I feel we're that much closer.
Maybe not.
You lack points?
Yes, but
I asked because I'm interested in you.
You're easy on the eyes,
and you're a survivor.
I'm not as bad as you think.
I graduated from high school late,
but that's nothing.
It's a new apartment too.
Miss out and you'll regret it forever.
Hey. I'm a real decent person.
There aren't that many left.
Okay, then.
I'm asking you
to marry me.
I get it.
And I say yes.
He said yes.
Oh Okay So
He said yes.
Congratulations, I guess?
- When do you move in?
- Today.
Lee Jong Tae scratched me. It won't heal.
It didn't fester?
It's fine. They want a blood
sample every two weeks.
Are you okay?
Yes. I'm fine.
(I'm His Lifesaver)
Will you take it?
Excuse me.
(The SOU serves to keep our nation safe)
I'm heading over there now.
I'll unpack your stuff.
You can take your time.
- Okay.
- Bye.
You're so sweet.
(The SOU serves to keep our nation safe)
(Seyang Special Operation Unit)
Officer. Did you think about it?
How much can you pay me?
I talked about it with my chief.
If you have a video and
give us the exclusive,
I think I can give you the maximum.
Get in the car.
Let's chat in comfort.
Hang in there. Okay?
You'll be okay.
Seung Young, what are you doing?
- Thanks.
- Gosh.
How can you remember a
photo from 12 years ago?
You know, I almost died that day.
congratulations on making it happen
although this wasn't how
I pictured it would happen.
- Move.
- What? What is it?
That's a present from me.
My wife started a small gig on the side.
Don't worry. She's
fine. She's healthy now.
The store delivers and
takes pick-up orders.
So give them out and
promote the business.
That would be a lot
of work for your wife.
You should go and help
her make rice cakes too.
you asked me to look into Han Tae Seok.
I'll do my best to promote
the business. Tell me.
He's a doctor and specializes
in infectious diseases.
There's this education program
that sends a few students
from the military academy and
puts them through med school.
He passed the board through the program,
worked as a military doctor,
and got discharged.
After his discharge,
he worked at a pharmaceutical company.
He was the team leader of
Enhanced Competitiveness
or something like that.
One more thing.
It was taken when he stood trial
for assaulting the CEO of
the pharmaceutical company.
I didn't think he'd be
the aggressive type.
The calm ones are
scarier when they lose it.
Anyway, all of a sudden,
he was found innocent
and got reinstated
at the Central Disaster
Countermeasures Headquarters.
That's odd.
Anyway, try not to get
mixed up with this guy. Okay?
If you stay next to a sharp stone,
you'll get hurt.
I got it.
- Bye.
- Okay.
Tell me if you need more rice cakes.
- Okay.
- Bye.
I don't want to get mixed up either.
But I think I'll be seeing him around.
(Seyang Forest Le Ciel Apartment)
I can't stop thinking
about that recruit I treated.
What about him?
He's not doing well.
Just like Lee Jong Tae.
His family can't even visit him.
I asked officers who got
dispatched at CDCH about him.
But once you go in there,
you can't come out alive.
I did.
Only you did.
Only you.
Do you think they will be okay?
What if everyone dies in there?
Becoming happy
is hard.
You startled me.
I'm sorry. You should be careful.
- I'm sorry.
- I'm sorry too.
He startled me.
Fifth floor. Thank you.
Please put on a mask indoors.
Okay. I'm sorry.
Your outfit
Where did you buy your clothes?
They look genuine, not fake.
I work in the SOU.
Really? You're in the SOU?
You're a counterterrorism expert?
Can you get me
a T-shirt of your unit?
The one that says SOU
in the front and the back.
Large, please.
I'll look into that. Was it large?
Yes. Please get it for me.
I live on the 15th floor.
He's a bit of an oddball.
You're home early.
We moved today. We should
have jjajangmyeon and tangsuyuk.
I knew you would say that,
so I already looked up restaurants.
Hey, you had a photo of us?
Jung Guk had a file of the photo.
So I printed it out.
You don't like it?
It's not that.
this wasn't a happy
memory for you. Was it?
Do you like this?
Face over here.
I'll take a photo.
In 1, 2, 3.
When things get tough,
look at this photo and work hard.
All right.
Well, you said that someone
from the borough office might visit
to see if we're really married.
This photo
should be enough to explain our marriage.
This is a big reason behind our marriage.
That's right. It looks like
we have a lot of history.
I like that I have the handcuffs on.
When would I have the
chance to wear handcuffs again?
Are you giving out rice cakes?
This is Jung Guk's side business.
He wants me to help
him promote the business.
- I won't be long.
- No.
I'll do it.
You can clean up the house.
And order jjajangmyeon.
I want mine extra large.
Hey, be careful.
Who is it?
I moved across the hall. Are
there any adults in the house?
Thank you.
It won't open.
All the floors below from
this floor are rental units.
And the units on the floors
above were general sales.
They blocked the door so
other tenants couldn't come up.
You seem to know a lot.
I know everything.
They call me dirt poor at school.
How do they come downstairs?
They use the elevator.
I see.
Are you going downstairs?
One apartment is empty,
and a girl lives alone in the other one,
but she's not home yet.
You're very smart.
Now that's much better.
My gosh.
Is this okay?
What? Blocking emergency fire
exits is against the Fire Services Act.
If they say something about it,
we can report them to the police.
I see.
I'll see you next time.
The headquarters always
says it's 5-5 responsibility.
Keep a safe distance. Keep
your eyes forward. Right?
Don't worry about what the
parrots are just repeating.
I saw the video,
and you can definitely
get it down to 9-1.
- Yes?
- I'm from Unit 501.
I just moved in,
so I'm giving out rice cakes.
Excuse me a second, sir.
You're my neighbor,
so I'll do consultations for free.
You're welcome to come
up anytime and talk to me.
Yes, sir. You can go ahead with that.
(Attorney Kook Hae Seong)
(Attorney Kook Hae Seong will
appear like a comet in times of crisis.)
"Attorney Kook Hae Seong will appear"
"Like a comet in times of crisis."
That's a separate matter. Yes.
You can call me after you find out.
I think that's a separate matter.
Of course. Give me a call anytime.
Thank you.
(It's a hit-and-run.)
- Who was that?
- The downstairs neighbor.
She just moved in.
So? You're going to throw out food?
You started as the
secretary for a lawyer,
and now you're my wife.
How can you be so naive?
We shouldn't eat food
given to us by strangers.
So are you suggesting that
our downstairs neighbor
gave us poisoned rice cakes to kill us?
Honey, there's something
seriously wrong with you.
So Yoon. I was a public defender once.
I became aware of how
evil people are early in life.
Okay. Go do a consultation like
the former public defender you are.
He seems to need a lawyer.
My goodness.
(Will he get caught if he
doesn't turn himself in?)
Of course, you'd get caught.
The police are probably headed
towards your house right now.
(You need to find out if the
accident was reported first.)
What's this?
(Could I talk to your
friend? As soon as possible.)
Who are you?
I moved in downstairs,
and I'm here to give you rice cakes.
I don't like wheat products.
Rice cakes are made from rice.
(Myungwon Rice Cake)
It's nice to meet you too.
Welcome home.
Why didn't you come out
when the doorbell rang?
I was washing my hair.
Is the door lock broken?
Why did you ring the doorbell?
I didn't press it.
She said she lived downstairs.
My gosh.
The apartment is small as it is,
but the security is terrible too.
Hey, Min Ji. Wash your hands first.
You should wash your hands for
20 seconds when you get home.
Are you going to take your meds? Hold on.
Here's some water.
I had five complaints come in today.
All they're getting are some fillers,
so I don't know why they expect so much.
This is why I didn't want to open
a chain of dermatology clinics.
I'm sorry.
You ended up doing something
annoying because of me.
I'll make you a delicious
glass of your favorite
tangerine highball.
Gosh. Look at this. Your
legs are completely swollen.
I'm going to massage
them for you tonight.
Stop it.
Do you want some
tangerine highball first?
You're so kind today.
(Collect coupons!)
Let's eat here 20 times
and get a small tangsuyuk.
Oh, right.
And this.
What is it?
A contract that states that we'll
put the house in both our names
when we purchase the house in ten years.
You understand the 6-4 split, right?
I brought more into getting the place.
Of course. You even saved my life.
- Right?
- Yes.
I wanted to change the
floors to a herringbone pattern,
but it doesn't feel right
to take apart new floors.
But this is nice and neat too.
I can't believe it.
Our own house.
For the curtains,
I was thinking a neutral color
like white or beige.
- Sure.
- Do we need to put up blinds?
I think the lighting is perfect.
I'm thinking we could get
some lights to decorate.
We should buy some workout
equipment for this room.
Sounds good.
Stainless steel is best
for the sink counter,
but this is completely new too.
We could always change it later.
Should we change the faucets
for the bathroom and the kitchen?
We need to make a lot of money.
But this is nice. It gives
us a reason to make money.
Right. I'll work hard too.
We can do it!
I heard that the borough
office could come by.
Should I change it? Do
you want me to move it?
No, this is good.
A person should always
pay close attention to details.
When I was young, we had a house.
I don't know what happened,
but we kept moving to a smaller place,
and eventually,
we moved into a half-basement home.
It only had one room.
In high school?
Even if I was out all day,
I had to sleep at night.
I would push off going home
until the last moment possible,
and all of us
would lay side by side
in that room and sleep.
My parents would fight every single day.
I would try to ignore
it the best I could,
and when I couldn't,
I took my dad's car key and came out.
I can't live like this anymore!
You always do what you want,
so what are we supposed to live off of?
Do we have to keep living like this?
I always wanted my own space.
A space that was completely mine.
I'm almost there.
The world can't collapse now.
Sleep well.
You will end up like this too.
What's wrong?
What are they doing
at this time of night?
Do you want me to go upstairs?
I'm startled, that's all.
Right now?
- Who was it?
- What?
A guy I know. It's about a case.
Go back to sleep. You're on holiday.
Why must you draw her blood
when she's been through enough?
We don't take much.
Don't complain when I'm
the one who got you married.
What does that have to do with
you? It was purely down to my skill.
If I hadn't gotten her the extra points,
would she have asked you to marry her?
You managed to sneak into our building.
Did you see the news
about the homeless shelter?
- I did.
- This afternoon,
a report will go out that the
people there were given Next.
In case there are any side effects,
all supplies in the
market will be recalled,
and those caught selling
them will be severely punished.
That's the government's plan.
Why are you telling me that?
Because we must work on this together.
We sent your office a
letter requesting your help.
I'm a bit busy.
As you see, I'm
Hello, sir.
Must I do this?
Yes, it must be me. Who else?
what's next?
It's Lee Jong Tae's phone.
We unlocked it.
Pretend to be him,
meet the dealer, and arrest him.
Is he working with us?
Something like that.
Do you know
why narcotics cases are so tough?
These punks are dead suspicious,
but they're greedy too.
They won't agree to meet
unless I pay half up front.
It's not like us cops have funds.
It's not that I don't want to help.
We won't make progress
Here are your funds.
Bring back receipts if possible,
and return the rest.
I heard you worked at a
pharmaceutical company.
Something about
increasing competitiveness.
Enhanced Competitiveness.
It's a team that steals
rival companies' products.
I couldn't make anything,
but I was pretty good at stealing.
And beating people up.
Call me when you have the dealer.
I'll be there as an observer.
How much is this exactly?
You won't lie about the amount later,
will you?
Corporal Jung Yi Hyun.
Also known as "the sleuth".
You always use logic to solve cases.
Colleagues call me a
bulldozer or that I'm just lucky.
That I get weird ideas
that just happen to fit.
People assume that athletes aren't smart.
Why don't you
prove that you're smart and fit?
I really hate that guy.
(Ms. Kim Bok Nam)
What, Mom?
You moved into an apartment yesterday?
How could you not tell me?
My goodness.
Must I hear about you from Yi Hyun?
I'm exhausted, Mom.
I was tested for an infectious disease.
I got the darn COVID-19
test more than five times.
Not that.
You know the biting disease
people are talking about.
The mad person disease?
It has a name?
Yes. It was coined
from "mad dog disease".
They say people can get rabies too.
My gosh.
Dog owners are having
a terrible time nowadays.
Yes, anyway, that thing.
I got tested for that,
and now I'm in quarantine.
I dreamed of biting someone last night.
Did you?
Is Yi Hyun okay being around you?
We're so much in love.
I'll get well soon,
and invite you to our wedding.
I got the coughs. I have to go.
We need groceries.
(Registering for the gym)
(Operating hours)
(Weekdays: 6am to 10pm,
Weekend: 6am to 9pm)
- Hello.
- Hello.
What's that? Are you
challenging me to a fight?
Let me see.
(Thank you for the rice
cake. It was delicious.)
How nice of you.
Thank you.
The store also delivers. You know that,
Yes. Myungwon Rice Cake.
Right. If you want rice cakes,
tell your family you
want their rice cakes.
By the way,
are you really a police officer?
Yes, I am.
Look at this.
This is better than
just a police officer.
I want to be just like
you when I get healthy.
Are you sick now?
Just a bit.
A long time ago, I was very sick too.
So I couldn't go to school for two years.
- Really?
- Yes.
But I'm perfectly fine now.
You'll be much stronger than me.
So you have nothing to
worry about. I'm serious.
Thanks for this.
Where are you going?
To fight.
Why are you here?
I live downstairs. And you
were loud since last night.
Are you doing construction?
I'm sorry. We're moving some furniture.
In the middle of the night?
I'm very good at taking initiatives.
I have to do something
when I fixate on something.
Sorry about that.
That's not taking
initiatives. It's a disorder.
It will never happen again.
Please be careful.
Oh, right. Thank you for the rice cakes.
How did you know it came from me?
- I don't think we've met.
- I heard about you.
She looks pretty. Your
daughter takes after you.
You're pretty.
Have you met him before?
We took the elevator
together a few times.
But I guess he's not
interested in other people.
He and his wife are both doctors.
But he just stays at home.
My mom told me that
there was a legal problem.
I see. Or he might just like
staying at home and doing nothing.
- Go home.
- What about you?
Me? I'm going to exercise.
Are you alone at home?
My dad delivers parcels.
And my mom helps him
sort them out in the morning.
What about school?
I'm having a work-study day at home.
As long as we tell our
teachers in advance,
we can skip 19 days every year.
I see.
Come with me.
Let's exercise today.
That will be your work-study day.
I see. There it is.
(A welcome event for residents)
(Safe and clean zone)
Gosh. This is nice.
(Seyang Forest Le Ciel Apartment)
- Hello.
- Hello.
I live here. I read that I can
use this gym whenever I want.
I see. Hold on.
You need to bring your own
pair of indoor shoes and towels.
Can you write down your
building and unit number?
Are you going to exercise too?
- Here.
- Thank you.
(Yoon Sae Bom, Building 101, Unit 501)
tenants from the public
rental units cannot enter.
Why not? Is it because
of the maintenance fee?
Well, that's one reason.
But it's because of
workout equipment prices.
The residents from general
sales bought the machines.
But some people say
that letting the people from
rental units wouldn't be fair.
I see. Fine. I'll work out at home.
- Let's go.
- Wait.
But if you take training
sessions from me,
I can let you use the facility.
I'll work out at home.
Did you know about this?
Why didn't you tell me then?
I thought you could fix it.
Do you know any laws that can fix this?
It will be hard to fix this
once money is involved.
But there's a way.
- One.
- One.
- Two.
- Two.
- Three.
- Three.
Slowly. Four.
You're doing great. Five.
Let's move onto the next one.
What do they teach you at your gym class?
- We run.
- Are you a good runner?
I'm a super good runner.
(You have 21 missed calls from Wife)
You should rest up after a workout.
She's cute.
- Hey.
- Sae Bom.
I need your help.
got scratched from that recruit.
I couldn't tell anyone
because I was scared.
But the wound won't heal.
Where are you now?
I'll be there now.
You'll be fine.
Look at me. I'm fine.
Just go get tested today.
And you'll be fine
once you get some rest.
I'll tell your wife that
you're not having an affair.
I'm scared now that I think I might die.
You're not going to die.
You weren't bitten.
Look at me.
This is nothing.
Hey, just go get tested today.
And get the result. That's it.
I'll ask him if you can
get extra points too.
You're not thirsty, right?
There's one more patient.
Let me look at your wound.
Are you sure you were scratched?
It looks like a knife cut.
And recently too.
I wish that was the case.
Even my wound won't heal quickly.
From the looks of it,
this might not be serious.
I'll run some tests.
Does it look different
if there's a problem?
The color.
The area around the
cut turns reddish black.
Stay here until the tests are done.
Aren't you going to undo these?
Is this enough for you to move around?
Tell me if you're thirsty.
Ms. Yoon. Come with me.
I told you.
Everything will be okay.
I'll be back after I get
some blood drawn.
It's okay.
Nothing's going to happen.
I'm just going to make some money and go.
It'll be okay.
If something like this happens again,
tell me in advance.
I don't want to be surprised.
Can you open my bag?
(Myungwon Rice Cake)
I'm being nice to someone I don't like.
Our recruit
The one that was bitten by Lee Jong Tae.
I heard he wasn't doing well.
Even his family's requests
for visitations were rejected.
When you've been bitten,
you get infected no matter what.
Your condition worsens,
and you'll spend less
time in a lucid state.
You never know when they'll
feel thirsty and go after humans,
so they can't have any visitors.
What about a treatment?
There aren't any right now.
When it gets worse,
they're always thirsty.
They lose their mind and attack
whenever they see humans.
The only thing we can do right now
is slow down the process
before they reach that point.
So it's true that nobody
has left here alive.
very lucky.
If nothing happens,
Mr. Lee will end up like that too.
Aren't you bored? Want something to eat?
Where are you?
I have a family.
If I end up dead here,
they'll keep it a secret.
Sae Bom.
There's a way to stay
safe and make money.
Hello? Hey, Lee Seung Young!
The call you have made
cannot be connected
Do you think they will be okay?
What if everyone dies in there?
A reporter called me.
He offered to pay me if I told him
what happened here.
He escaped wearing a quarantine suit.
They thought he was moving chairs.
Where are the critical patients?
Where are there?
They're quarantined in the
refrigerated storage room
where we kept the food,
but the numbers kept going up,
so we had to move them.
So where were they moved to?
The refrigerated truck.
Darn it!
(One large check for an exclusive video.)
(Added bonus for high ratings.)
(Reporter Trash)
Wire me the money first.
Then I'll send the video right away.
I'm recording our conversation.
Don't try to con me later.
Wire me at least half, then!
Call me when it's done.
This is
a huge scoop.
(Seyang Dream Car Wash)
Why not go in if he's in there?
I'm waiting for someone.
Who? Did you call backup?
Here he is.
What? Oh, my gosh.
Lieutenant Colonel Han Tae Seok?
Why grace us with your presence?
The dealer.
Would you mind if Corporal
Jung and I meet him?
Of course not. I'll just wait here.
- You
- I know.
Stand guard.
I hate his guts.
Why are you really here?
The manufacturer had stored
the rest of the Next supply.
I want to find out who released it.
The news says this disease
is spreading overseas too.
Is Next available worldwide?
I said I was poor at manufacturing,
but good at stealing, didn't I?
I stole it from a foreign company.
In my Enhanced Competitiveness days.
There are three of them.
Turn off the lights.
Did you bring the rest?
Where's Lee Jong Tae?
Jong Tae that punk.
I can't reach him.
There are two of them.
There are three.
The pills.
In the trunk.
Handcuff them.
You punks are dead.
What's that?
A Glock. You've never seen one?
Why do you even have that?
What are you doing?
Just being careful.
You shot a human in front of a cop?
Do you think this is a human?
Hands up!
Hands up!
It's over.
Is it? My gosh.
Hey! How many shots did you fire?
You could be disciplined for this.
Did you do this?
Wait! Stop!
When did he turn?
I don't know.
I went in to get paid,
and he was like that.
He'd bitten his family.
He was banging his
head on the bloody floor.
Did he take Next?
Lots of it.
He lost his mind and stayed that way.
And you used him like that?
What else is he good for?
He's the best guard dog
that doesn't need feeding.
You took the pills too, didn't you?
You'll end up like him soon.
- Darn you.
- Yes?
Mr. Jung. There's a
problem at the dormitory.
So what?
Ms. Yoon is there.
What is she doing there?
They're not human.
What isn't?
All of them.
Open this truck.
No, don't open it!
Be honest.
You think they're monsters.
They want the case dropped.
The mad person disease
is spreading in the complex.
Take that and you get mad person disease,
Bad rumors do nothing for housing prices.
Block them in as planned.
Are you locking us up
and waiting for us to die?
The woman upstairs is
definitely up to something.
What is happening
inside the apartment?
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