Happiness (2021) s01e03 Episode Script

Locked In

(All characters, locations,
organizations, religions, )
and groups in this drama are fictional.)
What is this place? Is it an army base?
Why are we here?
This is where Sae Bom is.
Then you should've
dropped me off earlier!
I have rice cakes to hand out.
Darn it.
Should I get one for you?
I'll take that.
(Wonjung University Student Dormitories)
No, don't open it!
Make sure all the other
vehicles are locked.
And check
- I need to get Seung Young out.
- What?
He was fine a few minutes ago.
Seung Young!
Close it!
Are you okay?
Yi Hyun.
How did you get here?
I'm glad
I made it in time.
Open your mouth.
I'm sorry.
I don't even understand why I did that.
I guess I wanted to do something
because just dying sounded unfair.
Did something happen inside?
When I went in,
all of them
were totally crazy.
I saw them too.
Sae Bom.
What if I become one of them?
My wife
and my kids
I'm disappointed in you.
Ms. Yoon.
Five of my colleagues got infected,
trying to take care of them.
What more can we do?
How did you know a
flash grenade would work?
The soldiers wouldn't carry
them unless they worked.
They are here to surveil the infected,
not to stop terrorist attacks.
A number of the infected
tried to escape the facility once.
That's when we found out.
So you're just locking them up
there and waiting for them to die?
What else could we do then?
They are not rational. They
are only looking for fresh blood.
Should we give them living
humans for every meal?
But they are still alive.
We must hold out somehow.
We are holding out now.
We are protecting patients
who show mild symptoms.
And we're isolating patients
who show severe symptoms.
Look, Mr. Han.
What if your family was in there?
Let's be honest.
You consider them monsters.
You have no problem shooting
them if they come at you.
Do you know what we
learned from COVID-19?
The importance of washing hands?
Getting by is more important than
a few people biting
and killing each other.
I'm trying my best to survive this,
so I can protect my family.
How much longer will you keep
running this operation in secret?
Disclose everything to the public.
And we need to discuss and
decide on how to treat the infected.
We will.
The press already got wind of this.
Do it quickly.
Or I'll expose you.
Let's not cross paths if we can help it.
Oh, right.
They are still holding out too.
With everything they got.
(Please use your QR
code to check in and pay!)
I can finally breathe again.
I've been saving up dollars
in a separate account.
And I already planned
my itinerary for my trip.
I can't believe this.
Give me your hand.
Hey, it's almost healed.
This will sting.
Is it okay that I'm the only
one who's getting better?
Hey, it's a relief that
you're getting better at least.
I'm sure they'll develop medicine
and vaccines for this soon.
And I'm sure
we'll be able to get through this too.
So don't you worry.
Can those people
come back too?
I hope so.
Did you look into the T-shirt?
The large T-shirt.
I was busy today.
I'll bring it next time.
Sae Bom! Mom, she's the SOU
officer who lives across the hall.
Hello. Seo Yoon told me
how you took care of her.
Thank you.
That place was nice, wasn't it?
Is he your husband?
He's handsome.
(2021 Seyang High School
Baseball Team's 50th Anniversary)
I found it.
Are you okay?
It's nothing
It feels a bit strange to go
back to our lives so easily.
Should we do this later?
No, we're doing this so that
we can get back to our lives.
Let's do it.
do you think she'd believe
that we're getting married?
Of course. She'll think
that we're madly in love,
so don't worry.
Here. Chamomile tea.
It'll warm you up.
Do I look okay?
Look at me and then answer.
Okay. Let me see.
You look pretty.
Who would think we got
married because of an apartment?
Of course,
they'd think we like each other.
- You're so
- Sae Bom.
Hello, Mother.
I knew you guys would end up
together from the moment I saw you.
I went to school, and you guys
were sitting in the ambulance together,
and you looked great together.
Oh, that photo is from that day.
We didn't want to
forget where we started.
Sae Bom,
there's something I wanted to tell you.
Yes, what is it?
Son, can you excuse yourself? I
have to say something to Sae Bom.
Just tell me later. I'll
relay the message to her.
Are your upstairs neighbors noisy?
That'll end up causing problems.
Go tell them to be quiet.
What do you want to tell me?
Sae Bom. Thank you so much.
I think Yi Hyun is living a
normal life thanks to you.
Mother, Yi Hyun has always been okay.
He's a good kid,
but he gets emotional sometimes.
After he had to quit playing baseball,
he started hanging out
with the wrong crowd.
That's why I was planning
on immigrating to the US,
but he said he didn't want to go
because he couldn't speak English.
I think he likes being a detective.
He can catch bad guys.
It's late, but I was wondering
if something happened.
- I'm sorry.
- I didn't come to get an apology.
I'm really worried. Are you okay?
I live downstairs, and it's a bit noisy.
I'm sorry.
I couldn't say anything yesterday,
but my wife is sick.
She keeps throwing things and screaming.
Who is she?
She's a manager at my
wife's dermatology clinic.
She came here to help as she was worried.
She took some sleeping
pills and went to bed,
so it'll be okay soon.
Does she bite or scratch?
No, she doesn't. It just
seems like she's sensitive.
We won't be loud again. I'm sorry.
What's wrong?
the name of the dermatology clinic?
I feel like we should have a wedding.
Who should officiate it?
Jung Guk?
I guess that makes sense.
But is he good at
speaking in front of people?
We could just forgo the officiator.
We could just say, "We'll be happy."
That sounds good.
Seung Young is a great singer.
It would be nice if
he got better by then.
Do we need to go on a honeymoon?
Where do you want to go?
Anywhere you've always wanted to go.
What are you going to do if I
say I want to go on a buffet tour?
We can't leave until you
have at least ten plates a place.
Excuse me. I'm a former baseball player.
I eat an alarming amount of food.
Thinking about food is making me hungry.
Let's go to sleep.
Okay. Good night.
- You too.
- Okay.
The number of patients suffering
from mad person disease
where you bite and suck the
blood of others is increasing.
However, the government is
saying they have not verified
the nature of this disease
- and is wary of making statements.
- Honey.
- Meanwhile
- Honey.
We don't have that kind of money.
Are we going to just live like this?
What if she ends up collapsing?
Why would you say something so unlucky?
She didn't have any problems until now.
She'll be fine if we
help her manage it well.
She already gets discriminated
against for living in a rentel.
What if they find out she's sick?
I'm going to visit Sae Bom.
We could say it was to study
the language and go quietly.
Nobody will know.
Where can I get the money for that?
Sae Bom. It's me, Seo Yoon.
Hello! I have some leftover
rice cakes. Want some?
Can I eat some?
Love can face a crisis too.
It must've been a serious crisis.
Where's your husband?
At work.
He had orders from the higher-ups.
(Skin and Hair Dermatology Clinic)
(Park Min Ji, Chief of Dermatology)
- Hello?
- Hello.
Is Dr. Park Min Ji in?
right. Dr. Park has taken the week off.
She can take appointments
starting next week.
Did the manager take off too?
The manager? Which
manager are you talking about?
She has long hair down to
her waist and double eyelids.
Ms. Woo Sang Hee. She took the day off.
There she is. Hold on.
What is this?
Are you going to get a facial?
It's because of the people
who live upstairs from us.
Oh, are they noisy?
That could drive people crazy.
Hey. By the way, that car wash?
They want us to stop investigating.
Another team is going to take care of it,
so they want us to stop.
Han Tae Seok?
Are you sure things will be okay?
Are you sure it's not
a dangerous disease?
(Ms. Kim Bok Nam)
Hi, Mom.
Are you all right?
You got tested for the
mad person disease.
I'm fine.
But I have to be quarantined.
Turn on the TV.
There's a huge fuss.
someone there?
They're not human.
None of them are.
The clip you just saw
was sent exclusively to us.
I will repeat.
Our station is the only
one to get a copy of this.
An anonymous informant
infiltrated a government facility,
took this with his phone,
and sent it to us.
- The government
- Are you seeing this?
Didn't admit it existed,
and this disease only existed in rumors.
This so-called "mad person
disease" actually exists,
causing the infected to bite
humans and drink their blood.
The government covered this up
I'll call you back.
This is the only evidence we have.
The informant sent us
this video from their phone,
but we've since lost touch.
Our staff is doing all
they can to find out
what happened to the informant.
Darn it.
What's this?
Will the government ban public
gatherings when I just opened?
I want to bite everyone.
Send me to a hospital.
You just said you
thought it was COVID-19.
It's mad person disease!
Get him off me.
Don't say such dangerous things.
Play nice.
Are you all right now?
Where are you going?
We need to get tested.
I'm going to a hospital.
Darn you
Then the investigation
will get pushed back.
- Have a taste.
- Okay.
Do you want one?
Do I leave this here?
Are you going camping?
They sent out a warning
text and no one's hoarding?
We get them all the time now.
We can't react to every single one.
If a few people die and
thousands get infected, then maybe.
Do you need this delivered?
- Just the rice and bottled water.
- Okay.
(Please cooperate)
(A resident kicked open a door.)
This is me.
What's the matter?
I'm the resident representative.
I live in Unit 1202.
I blurred your face for privacy's sake.
From now on,
I'd like you to be more careful.
What if a fire broke out
and that door was locked?
That door is called
a firewall and is meant to block flames.
It's to make sure the
fire doesn't spread.
What would happen if it were kept open?
The fire would spread.
You can keep the door shut
but not blocked or locked.
Then no one can evacuate either.
The decision was
made by the fire marshal.
Excuse me.
The fire marshal is someone who
works for the company we hired.
Do you mean to say you're
following their opinion?
Who are you?
I'm in Unit 401.
Public rental
You know the doctor in Unit 601,
don't you?
She says random visitors
are giving her a hard time.
Her husband says
she's so sick and stressed out,
she can't even see patients.
They said that?
After making loud
banging noises at night?
You can't pinpoint the origin of
a sound when it's through walls.
What I'm saying is that you can't
be sure who's making the noise.
Stop fighting
and come to church.
The Lord knows everything.
(How much does Jesus love you?)
The lady from Unit 601
must be having a hard time.
She could get a lot of peace if
she were to believe in the Lord.
She has her husband,
so I'm sure she'll be fine.
You damaged the steel door,
but I'll make sure you're
not held responsible.
I am so grateful.
- This is a lot of stuff.
- Thank you.
Is your boss still sick?
Yes. She's taking a break for a while
and told me to get some stuff.
She must be quitting.
You packed all her personal belongings.
What are you doing?
I'm a detective.
I'll ask a few questions. Think
carefully before answering.
What is happening
in that apartment?
Are you sure your wife's okay?
Yes. I'll have her admitted today.
Will you bear with us?
What is this?
Were you bitten?
Did she bite you?
What are you doing?
You can't barge into my house.
Housebreaking is against the law.
Report me, then.
I'm from downstairs.
- Are you okay?
- Don't do that.
Don't knock.
How long has she been like this?
For two days.
She lunges at people.
I was going to
call a psychiatrist friend of mine.
And her eyes?
The pupils turned white.
They're not like this all the time.
She's quiet.
She could be normal now.
It's okay.
You can get better.
Your husband is worried about you.
If you come out
Calm down.
Emergency services?
I think my wife has mad person disease.
My downstairs neighbor
could be in danger.
- Do you want to get out?
- Come to Seyang
I will
- open
- It's Unit 601 in Building 101.
The door.
No. It's Unit 601 in Building 101.
You're frustrating me. It's Building 101,
not Building 102.
Send them over now.
I'm serious. It's an emergency.
You have to hurry!
Someone could be dead!
Please hurry. You have to come here now.
Come on. It's an emergency.
Hurry. Gosh.
What Min Ji.
Min Ji!
- Sae Bom.
- What?
Don't go upstairs. Even if you
hear any sounds, ignore them.
I'm already upstairs.
I'm all right. But that couple
Sir! No one is home.
Seo Yoon, hurry!
Please help!
Are you okay?
I think so.
That lady
What's wrong with her?
She's just very angry. You're all right.
Her husband is over there.
You live downstairs from us. Right?
Is everyone all right?
Are you all right?
You're lucky I punched you.
You would've been dead
if Sae Bom punched you.
Over here.
He must be in shock
to see his wife like that.
You have to see her yourself.
We need a weapon.
No. Not a gas gun. Something stronger.
You're just leaving?
Is that all you're going to do?
We'll disinfect the building as well.
Avoid leaving the house.
And follow the guidelines
set by the government.
- Let's go.
- We should hurry too.
(Water, toilet paper, shampoo,
eggs, rice, marinated beef ribs)
(Apple juice, orange juice,
and raspberry juice)
(Notice for delayed delivery)
Honey. Do you know what happened?
You didn't even feed me.
Where were you all day?
- Everyone.
- Hey, Dong Hyun.
I assure you that when the
stock prices start to go up,
- that means they've been rigged.
- Dong Hyun.
You can't start buying
only stocks of bio-enterprises
because of the mad person disease.
Promise me.
Dong Hyun, you know,
I was on the sixth floor today.
Mom, can't you see that
I'm on my show right now?
Let's talk later.
- Gosh. Hey.
- My mom can be dense sometimes.
(The briefing will begin shortly.)
I will share our information
on the mad person disease.
The authorities have confirmed
that there were patients
who began biting people
at the nursing homes
and homeless shelters.
And while conducting a
thorough analysis on the patients,
we have confirmed that
the mad person disease
is indeed real.
According to our analysis,
it is a variant of the virus.
Once infected,
they only attack other people
and try to bite their necks.
And we have confirmed
that they experience extreme thirst
right before their symptoms show up.
(Call 1639 when symptoms appear.)
When you feel any of these symptoms
or find anyone with these symptoms,
please call
the Central Disaster Countermeasures
Headquarters immediately.
(Call 1639 when symptoms appear.)
He's made it to the big
league. He's on TV now.
He didn't talk about how they
were going to isolate the infected.
The mad person disease alone is shocking.
They'll criticize the government
for not developing the medicine
and ask when it'll be
ready for the time being.
They'll focus on that first.
That's not important right now.
Don't go into other
people's houses alone.
Tell me before you do that.
I was going to.
I was just going to check if it
was the mad person disease
and call 911 then.
But the lady upstairs
only went after her husband.
I'm sure there's something going on.
Pushing me wasn't a mistake either.
I'll look into it, and if there's
a problem, I'll arrest him.
It's nice to have a detective friend.
Of course.
Want to go for a walk?
We haven't left the house
together since we moved in.
Are you guys going out?
Is something wrong?
I wanted to ask that you keep
what happened today a secret.
Don't post it up anywhere
and don't tell people about it.
A lot of people saw the incident though.
They all live in our apartment.
It's hard for outsiders to get in here.
It'll be okay as long as we are
in agreement to keep quiet
and brush it off as nothing.
You must think that it'll
make everything go away then.
Bad rumors don't help
the price of our apartment.
Are you thinking about the
price of our apartment now?
Aren't you planning on living
here for at least the next ten years?
Wouldn't it be better for you to live
in an expensive apartment?
The resident representative is right.
The world is turned upside-down,
but this place is so peaceful.
I would want to enjoy the pleasures of
high apartment prices
and happiness.
Even if that means erasing those
who have been infected if necessary.
Thank you for your kind
gesture earlier today.
It really hit the spot.
Did they tell you to go home?
My tests results came out so clean
that they told me to go
home and self-quarantine.
Be understanding if
it's a bit noisy at night.
You'll be quarantined in prison soon.
Don't worry too much.
When I'm done quarantining,
you'll be the first person
I file a complaint against.
You messed with the wrong person.
I'm amazing at filing complaints
and suing people. I'm the king of it!
I found this in the home of a
person who's been infected.
It seems like you took care of
the dealers in the car wash too.
You get mad person disease
if you take that pill, right?
I doubt you came
all the way here just to ask me that.
Park Min Ji is here, isn't she?
I'd like to meet her.
Be careful.
Ms. Park?
Shouldn't she be back to normal?
She should
be dead already.
The disease developed
right before she died,
and she's alive right
now thanks to the virus.
So when she comes back to normal
She'll probably die.
The inside of her head is a mess.
It seems like she knows this
as she's continuously in that state.
It could be because
she feels like it's unfair.
She wants to tell the
world who killed her.
Ms. Park.
Don't worry.
I will catch
the person who did this to you.
Darn it.
I know I'm late.
I had a lot to take care of.
Where am I?
If I were to borrow your words,
this is where we keep our guard dogs.
Your friends are behind you,
so be careful not to wake them.
An ordinary woman living in
an ordinary apartment complex
developed the disease,
but we found this in her home.
Did you sell this to the people
at Seyang Forest Le Ciel?
Will you let me go
if I tell you?
Why do you think you're here?
If you promise to let me live,
I'll tell you everything.
If there's something
that you really want,
you don't surrender until you get it.
think about
what you really want.
Aren't you going to cook?
How long are you going to lay down for?
I don't have energy
after being so surprised yesterday.
You're so weak.
- I'm going to go out and eat.
- Honey.
I want a hamburger.
You should eat rice!
Bread isn't as good as rice!
My gosh.
Ms. Park just passed away.
In the end,
she didn't even try to come at people.
She just laid there in a daze.
Thank you for telling me.
This is the report from the NFS.
Let's go.
Right now? Will it be okay?
We're not even sure yet.
Don't worry. I know
someone who can help us.
Hey, be careful.
If you fail to catch him after this,
it'll only cause more trouble!
We're the police.
Excuse us.
Why are you shoving
your way into my house?
How can you both be so rude?
Ms. Park Min Ji.
She's dead.
My wife
She had a tough life.
Hey. What are you after?
Gosh. You cleaned up in the meantime.
I didn't like the smell of blood,
and I feared the germs too.
That's why. So what?
By the way,
did you wipe your golf clubs too?
Your wife's skull was smashed in.
Exactly where you hit
her with your golf club.
It was self-defense.
She was trying to bite me.
What else could I have done?
If not for the mad person disease,
you'd have gotten your way.
- Right?
- What?
She should've died
when you hit her with the club.
But then she got infected
and just wouldn't die.
If not for that,
you'd have managed to discard her body
and commit a perfect crime.
A perfect crime? What
are you talking about?
This is the NFS report on the
blood found on the golf club.
"A swing that requires the
full power of a grown man."
"Shards of the occipital bone
and brain tissue were found."
"The weapon was
swung with intent to kill."
I told you. I was scared.
Her eyes were white,
and she rushed at me to bite me.
If you were me, would you
just let your wife bite you to death?
Do you love her that much?
That's why I checked
your court files too.
I was quite impressed.
Illegal medical practices
and a revoked license.
You even filed for bankruptcy.
You handed over your clinic to your wife.
You must've thought that
you could make a comeback if she died.
So what? What are you trying to say?
Dozens of people saw my wife
walking around completely normal.
How on earth will you prove
that I
killed my wife?
We have a witness.
Sang Hee.
Oh Ju Hyung, you're under arrest
for murdering your wife Park Min Ji.
Cordon off as planned.
Delay it, and more will get sick.
(Orange juice)
Can you
Excuse me.
I decided to get the surgery.
You made up your mind?
Mom's worried about it,
but she's also worried the
disease will spread here.
My wounds take a while to heal.
I use antibiotics too.
I said we should pack up now
and leave quietly for surgery.
When do you leave?
Mom will take me to get
tested once she's back.
That's the guy I saw on TV.
Is he your friend?
No. He's just someone I know.
Why are you here?
The mad person disease is
spreading in your complex.
There was one positive case.
Are there more?
I grilled the dealer.
He sold the pills in the basement gym.
He said they would improve
concentration and weight loss.
The buyers
included Park Min Ji from Unit 601.
- Hello.
- Hello.
Thank you.
Oh, hello. How are you?
I'm good. You?
Me too.
- Take care.
- Thank you.
Have a nice day.
(Beom, Senior Personal Trainer)
(Heon, Senior Personal Trainer)
There will be many others like her.
Some will live alone,
hiding the fact that they're infected.
Cases will increase,
then come into the open at once.
Then why are you here?
You need to start investigating.
Would that help
when there's no cure or vaccine?
Where can we keep all these people,
not knowing when they'll show symptoms?
We can't kill them off either
like pigs with swine flu.
What will you do, then?
Do you have another option?
There is
an option.
What are you doing?
What is going on?
Why are you walling us in?
What's all this?
What are they putting up?
Will you do something?
Are we dying?
Fortunately for us,
only residents are
allowed to use the gym,
and only half the complex is occupied.
The preschool on the grounds
isn't open yet either.
You'll cordon off the whole complex?
Until we can secure
a place and the manpower
to handle everyone.
You should inform the residents.
So they can be prepared.
They won't prepare themselves.
They'll escape and spread the disease.
You can leave.
Situations like this always
require decisive people.
It's my fault.
When I found out what you
were doing in that dormitory,
I should've gone to all
the papers and TV stations.
That wouldn't have changed anything.
We must prioritize.
Who is more needed,
and what is more useful.
Am I someone you need?
I decided to live here,
and this is my home.
Whether it's noise pollution
or mad person disease,
running away
isn't my style.
Good luck.
Hey, I'm in front of your house.
How can I go back? I
came all the way here.
I live in this apartment.
Is there something wrong?
If you enter now,
you cannot come back out.
What on earth is he talking about?
Hey, which floor are you on?
I'll go in now.
Yi Hyun.
I'm locked inside.
Don't try to fight your way in.
If my mom calls you, tell her I'm fine.
What are you talking about?
Where are you?
I will protect
the apartment.
Sae Bom.
Explain that to me again. What do you
Darn it.
I was going to tell you once I knew
I thought I was all alone.
Sae Bom, I have to catch him.
It's all right.
No one can get out now.
Let me get out.
It's very likely that
you two were infected.
We don't know
how things will change out here.
Did you take the drug too?
You know whom you sold them to, right?
No one knows how people will
change when they are cornered.
What are you doing?
We can't get out now.
The other buildings took a vote.
Sae Bom, are you all right?
It's blood.
- Come out unless you want to die!
- Help me!
It will be over in 72 hours.
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