Happiness (2021) s01e04 Episode Script

The Spread

(All characters, locations,
organizations, religions, )
and groups in this drama are fictional.)
Sang Hee.
Oh Ju Hyung, you're under arrest
for murdering your wife Park Min Ji.
- Let me have a word.
- Take your time.
How could you kill your wife?
Face-reading is a science.
Thank you for cooperating.
I believed him when he
said he'd get a divorce.
But look at what happened.
Come to the police station
and give a witness statement.
You just have to tell us what you saw.
Right now,
it's a bit too much.
I'll get my stuff and then leave.
You do that.
(Sae Bom)
Hi, Sae Bom. Where are you?
I'm locked inside.
Don't try to fight your way in.
If my mom calls you, tell her I'm fine.
What are you talking
about? Where are you?
I will protect
the apartment.
Sae Bom. Explain that to
me again. What do you
Darn it.
I was going to tell you once I knew
I thought I was all alone.
Sae Bom, I have to catch him.
It's all right. No one can get out now.
Who's there?
Hi. Your rice cakes are here.
Here. Enjoy it and order more again.
Are you a policeman too?
How'd you know?
Oh, you saw this?
I'm not a weird guy.
I'm your neighbor's friend.
Oh. You have two jobs?
Why do you have your gun, then?
It's so I can catch bad
guys and take them away.
People need to see
this to know what I am.
Can I see it up close?
No, you can't. It's dangerous.
To be honest with you,
I've never used it in my life.
I just carry it around.
It looks good, doesn't it?
I'm home.
Are you dead?
I got back,
and you won't even look at me?
Here's your hamburger.
What? Oh, dear.
You're getting up only
because I brought you food?
- Gosh.
- Thank you.
You said it was a hamburger.
It's the same thing with
bread. What's the problem?
If you don't want it, don't bother.
Honey, I didn't say I wouldn't eat it.
Your skin's cracking again?
My gosh.
You're old. Use hand cream and lotion.
No, it's not because of that.
I fell yesterday and sprained my wrist.
That's nothing, then.
Honey, if someone says they got hurt,
don't you even want to know why?
Fine. Did something happen to you?
Yes. Yesterday,
on the sixth floor. You know
Mom! I have a meeting!
Why didn't you wake me?
Hey. How would we know you had plans?
Are we telepathic?
Dong Hyun, do you want a sandwich?
You eat all you want and live long lives.
Hey, this is
He's such an obnoxious kid.
My goodness
(I Made Money on YouTube!)
My gosh.
I have over 1,000 subscribers.
I will turn a profit at this rate.
Just cover the initial cost.
Don't you trust me?
Okay, fine. I'll be right there.
Who parked like this? Mister.
What's going on?
Darn it. What's going on?
Why are the shutters down?
Why aren't you moving?
What is the matter? I'm dead busy.
My schedule's messed up.
Oh, come on!
The small room's pretty big too.
It is.
(SY Home Cleaning)
Gosh, what lovely weather.
You can't smoke indoors.
Hey. This is called vaping.
Happy now? Yes?
All good?
Come on.
Gosh. That jerk
Can we hire someone else?
He's so weird.
Just put up with him. Okay?
He's a gem. He's not even
asking for minimum wage.
Even his name is weird.
Seriously? Does he think he's
Andrew from "My Secret Identity"?
Come on. Goodness.
The sirens have been
going off all morning.
Is there a fire?
Then we would have heard about it by now.
Well, I know this firsthand.
You can't tell there's
a fire without the smell.
There was a fire in your house?
I kept hearing the sirens from outside.
And there was a line of
firefight trucks on the main road.
I wanted to find out where the fire was.
So I opened the window and looked around.
A guy in the apartment building
across from mine yelled at me.
- What did he say?
- "Hey, miss! Get out!"
"There's a fire in your apartment!"
There was a fire at the top
unit in my apartment building.
It might be really easy
to see it from outside.
But you won't know if you're inside.
No way.
Yes. This is Attorney Kook Hae Seong.
I live in Unit 601 across the hall.
I urgently need a consult.
I see. Hello. Gosh.
You must be worried about your wife.
I'm at home right now. Are you home now?
Should I visit you at your house?
No. I'm outside right now.
I see. Okay.
Then go ahead. What's this about?
The cops arrested me without a warrant.
Isn't arresting someone
without an arrest warrant illegal?
What are they charging you with?
So you fled after I arrested you. Right?
I need help! Help me!
I live in Building 101.
I'm a doctor!
- Please!
- And I'm a cop!
- Go ahead.
- Miss.
Wait. You're too old to be called that.
Anyway, he's your husband. Right?
I'm going to report you to the
Human Rights Commission.
Don't just stand there.
Beat him up without making it obvious.
Let's just go.
- Okay.
- And put on your shoes.
They blocked everywhere.
- It's all blocked?
- My goodness.
- I can't believe this.
- What's this?
- This is really happening?
- I can't believe this.
What are we going to do?
This is absurd.
I'm so disappointed.
Hey, I'm your only brother.
You can't lend me 150,000 dollars?
I have no money.
See? I know that's just a lie.
You know how much this apartment costs.
You hit the jackpot.
Are they doing construction outside?
Or should we just move in here?
It would be great if my kids
could study in a house like this.
Hey, you have a lot of rooms
here. My kids can take a room each.
And let's be honest. Living
alone will be lonely for you.
You've heard how some people die alone,
That's why I have a
newspaper subscription.
So everyone will know once I'm dead!
Be honest with me. You lived
here with the deposit from Dad.
And thanks to that, you won this unit.
You got your inheritance too!
You got cash and land!
I got mine ten years ago.
- Don't you know about inflation?
- Be quiet.
Hello, residents of Building 101.
This is the resident
representative from Unit 1202.
I'm sure you are confused about
the noise around the apartment.
Our apartment is completely
sealed off from the outside.
- What?
- The authorities have something
to tell us regarding the
mad person disease.
There will be a resident meeting
in the basement gym at 5pm.
The authorities have acknowledged
the existence of the mad person disease.
Along with three nursing homes
and two homeless shelters,
an apartment complex in Seyang
were put into quarantine as well
due to the infection of
the mad person disease.
- Was it like that on your way in?
- As of now, the number
- Yes.
- Of quarantined facilities
- has reached six.
- I thought it was construction.
To prevent any additional
spread of the disease,
it was inevitable to make this decision.
The government assured the
public that they would hold
diagnostic tests and devise a plan
to stop the disease from spreading.
I'm sure I can get out.
This place is nice.
My mom is inside.
Let me just pop in for a second.
- Please?
- You cannot.
Your mother must be worried too.
I'm sure she'll call you very soon.
- Mom.
- Are you all right, Seo Yoon?
Is everything okay inside?
I'm at Unit 501.
I'm in front of the apartment.
I'll do whatever it takes to
get in. Hang in there. Okay?
They won't let people come out.
But they won't stop me from going in.
Can you put her on if she's next to you?
I'm so glad that you are with her.
Thank you so much.
I'll be there shortly.
Please watch her for a bit longer.
Don't worry.
I like spending time with
Seo Yoon too. It's fun.
Seo Yoon
has a bad heart.
She has mitral valve regurgitation.
Blood tends to pool in her heart.
She cannot exercise rigorously.
And she cannot bleed.
Just the other day, she hurt her nail.
She had to get admitted to
the hospital and get antibiotics.
I'll keep a close eye on her.
I left her alone. For what? For
some money? I should've stayed.
I couldn't pick up the phone
when she called earlier.
I'll try to see if there's a
way to get her out of here.
Thank you so much.
Gosh. It's not your fault.
Don't worry too much.
I'll take good care of her.
Can I eat the rice cakes?
(Ms. Kim Bok Nam)
Yes, Mom?
You said you were fine. What happened?
Your apartment complex
got cordoned off. Right?
They are taking action
to prevent the spread.
So don't worry.
I heard a lot of people
got infected. So stay home.
Don't do anything.
I would like that too, but
But we can just do nothing.
- What?
- I'm busy. I'll call you later.
(Lieutenant Colonel Han Tae Seok)
Mr. Han?
Let's meet.
When do you think?
As soon as possible.
You knew that Ms. Park Min
Ji was taking the drug, right?
Did you take the same drug too?
Was that
because of the drug?
Well, you can't run now.
Just stay here.
If you want to consult with a lawyer,
go for it.
Do I have to stay here too?
But I don't live here.
No one can get in or out.
But you're a cop. Can you find me a way?
Even I can't get out of here.
There's a resident meeting.
You can attend it with me.
Everyone must have heard
what happened by now.
What would they think of me?
Then you're going to stay
here with Mr. Oh Ju Hyung?
Hold on.
What is it this time?
I'm worried about Ms. Woo.
I'll uncuff you later, so take a nap.
What are you doing right now?
Why are you doing this to me?
What about the bathroom?
How am I
Should I just go in my room?
Don't miss.
Darn it!
Darn it!
You're really going to stay?
Of course, I want to go.
But you know how sensitive I am.
With mad person disease going around,
if I go to places with a lot of people,
I can't be at 100 percent.
Then what about me? Do
you think I'm not scared?
That's why I trust in you wholeheartedly.
On days like today,
clients will line up to talk to me.
This lockdown can
cause a lot of legal issues.
I get it. I'll try to bring in
as much business as I can.
- So Yoon.
- Yes?
Good luck!
I heard you arrested the
man who lives across the hall.
Where is he right now?
He's in his apartment.
Because of the lockdown.
He has been handcuffed, so if your
husband was to give him a consult,
tell him he can go in.
Do you
have evidence of murder?
You should ask Oh Ju Hyung yourself.
But if I were you guys,
I wouldn't represent him.
Sang Hee, are you outside?
Sang Hee, let's talk. Please.
You and I are on the same boat right now!
Hey. Do you think you'd be
able to live happily without me?
Everyone knows I had an affair with you,
and you won't even be able to
leave since you're stuck here.
You don't have any money,
and you'll get fired from the clinic.
The only person who can understand you
is me, Sang Hee.
You know me.
Sang Hee. I'll give you money. Okay?
Sang Hee?
How much are you willing to give me?
(Congratulations on your move!)
I live in Building 602,
and I'm Attorney Kook Hae Seong's wife.
If any of you have any legal issues,
please call us at this number.
They don't know anything about drugs.
He got angry at me and said
he doesn't take steroids.
Is our building the only
ones coming here today?
Just Units 1 and 2 on each floor.
I think everyone else
is meeting separately.
Dear respected residents of
Seyang Forest Le Ciel Apartment.
Because of the possibility
of additional infections,
we have decided on
cohort isolation for a week.
Excuse me, miss!
I don't even live here.
Am I still stuck here?
We will be sure to reimburse you
for any losses you have suffered
for being unable to leave
while we work on doing
a complete enumeration.
That's not the problem.
We will make sure to provide
you with everything that you need
including meals.
Please be patient with us.
If there is anything
you need in the future,
please discuss it among yourselves
and let us know. That is all.
- No, that won't do. Excuse me!
- What?
- That's
- Is she serious?
- Miss! Wait!
- We are stuck here?
You must all be surprised,
but I believe the residents of
Seyang Forest Le Ciel Apartment
can overcome this trial calmly.
- That's not the issue here!
- Calmly?
Please. If you all talk over each other,
I can't hear you.
I'll give you each a turn to speak.
Is this because someone
was infected here yesterday?
Then they should quarantine the
people who had contact with her.
I've never even seen that woman.
Your wife
bumped into the lady
from Unit 601 and fell.
She didn't tell you?
I guess you guys don't
talk to each other a lot.
If this is a contagious disease,
isn't it bad for us to be
gathered around like this?
Didn't you see it on TV?
It isn't spread through the air,
so don't worry about it.
- What should we
- But
what if one of us is infected
and suddenly attacks
and tries to bite us?
Since we're all in this
small space together,
we'll all end up tearing
- each other apart.
- My head hurts.
To be honest, I don't think
anyone else here is infected.
Everyone here is sophisticated.
we have some detectives here too.
Don't look at me. It's
suffocating. You should go up.
Some unique behaviors are
present before the disease develops.
They get extremely thirsty,
and the irises of their eyes get small,
- and their eyes turn white.
- What?
They also partake in
compulsive behaviors such as
knocking on the walls when they're alone.
When you meet someone,
try to meet in groups of two or more.
Always keep your doors
open when you interact.
If you see suspicious behavior,
ask for help right away.
I live alone,
so how can be in a group of two or more?
- Hold on.
- It's a week.
You just need to be patient
for one week.
You did the lockdown
when kids were at school,
and you stopped the
school buses from coming in.
You wanted to do the lockdown
without any kids here, right?
That looks better.
There's a kid who
didn't go to school today.
Let her go out.
You can do that, can't you?
Park Seo Yoon.
Her parents are getting tested.
There's a high chance
that they've been infected.
Are you sure?
Delivering packages is hard,
so he probably took the drug
to help wake himself up.
They called their kid and said,
"I love you. I miss you." Am I right?
It's all meaningless.
You don't know
how a person will transform
when they're pressed for time.
Lieutenant Colonel Han.
You can talk about your negative
ideas on family during blind dates.
What do you want me to do?
I'm saying she's safer
here with a good guardian.
You don't know
how things will change outside.
Excuse me, officer.
The walls outside
If someone tried hard enough,
they might be able to get over it.
If someone were to get over it,
will they be punished?
I don't know about that,
but the reporters outside
would have a field day with it.
If you're lucky, you might even
make it on the 9 o'clock news.
- I see.
- What about food?
Should we all eat by ourselves?
We'll give you meals
starting tomorrow morning.
You have food for dinner tonight, right?
Where is everyone from
the management office?
The apartment went
into lockdown at 9:30am,
but nobody came into work before then.
The person on duty is at
another building's meeting.
It's ridiculous.
So the other buildings are
having a meeting without us?
They're afraid of us because
our building had the first case.
They have failed to fulfill their duties.
So nobody from the management
office is here right now?
No, I guess not.
Something we cannot
overlook has happened.
There's someone outside.
My husband and I
were living in the States,
and we were impressed by Korea's
disease prevention and came back.
Excuse me, ma'am.
Someone from the
management office is right outside.
Aside from this, there is a lot
of corruption in our apartment.
Did you know that
they secretly fixed the elevators
when there was an inspection?
They only collect the
recycling once a week.
Did you know they're spending
more money on maintaining the trees?
If you trust and follow me,
I will become the representative
for the entire apartment,
and I will actively resolve
all the issues of our apartments.
Let the rental units use the gym too.
My husband studied theology in Kentucky.
- I want to work out.
- Because we're on lockdown,
many of you must be
wondering how to attend church.
- The Lord is always with you.
- Amen.
You who believe
can come to me.
If you have any difficulties
calculating your losses,
or if you need any legal advice,
you can come to me.
We offer high-quality legal services.
Come to Unit 602.
Let's go.
Come along.
How annoying.
I heard you're something
like a police officer.
I need you to cooperate
and keep things in order.
I'm in a different field.
I only learned how to fight terrorism.
If you need cooperation, talk to me.
Do I get paid extra?
I doubt it.
I'm sure it'll help me get promoted.
I didn't come here
knowing what would happen.
I want to go home and
help deliver rice cakes.
What is going on here?
You need to tell me if
I'm to tell you anything.
- Why lock
- Let me ask you something.
Do you know this guy well?
Ju Heon?
No. I work every other day,
so I almost never see him.
He missed the last few days of work,
so I've been filling in.
You're drinking way too much water.
Do you feel thirsty all the time?
I usually drink lots of water.
Can you open this?
I'm SOU.
Take a look.
The guy you worked with
sold drugs here.
The government thinks
that drug causes mad person disease.
You know the symptoms, right?
Extreme thirst.
Tell the truth.
Did you take any?
No. I really didn't take
anything other than supplements.
You know who bought them though, right?
If you don't tell us now,
you could be charged
with distribution too.
I really don't know anything.
Lying won't get you anywhere.
Do you even know you people
are the reason for the lockdown?
It's not like that!
Well, you two kept cornering me,
making me look like the bad guy.
I really did not take such drugs.
It's true.
We have a full schedule for the week.
Do you think you can help us out?
Sir, I came here totally unplanned,
and I'm stuck too.
They said they would
compensate for any losses,
so let's wait and see.
Do you two
have a place to stay?
No, we don't.
We even have a child at home.
How old is your child?
Oh, 17
I'll see if they'll let you sleep in
the unit you were cleaning.
Is that person with you?
Oh, well, he's our employee.
- He
- What's your name?
I'm Andrew.
Excuse me. Just a moment.
That kid is a bit slow,
but he's sweet.
He hurt his face as a
kid and has a huge scar.
He stayed at home all the time,
but these days,
people don't mind if you wear a mask,
so he plucked up the courage to work.
Do you all have your ID cards?
- Yes.
- Let's see them.
They need a list of the people inside.
(Ahn Guk Jin)
Oh, I scratched it out.
Ahn Guk Jin.
Why did you say your name is Andrew?
I wish I had superpowers.
There was a drama about that.
(Ahn Guk Jin)
No, it's
Who were you talking to
that you hung up so hurriedly?
I was just talking to a friend.
- Shall we tie him up?
- We're not sure yet.
We won't tie you up.
Just stay here, okay?
Mr. Kim.
If we catch you outside,
then we'll assume you're infected.
Let's see
if you can go without water all night.
(Do not enter. Risk of infection!)
You'll get thirsty if you're awake.
Put your phone down and sleep.
(Unit 601 Park Min Ji,
Unit 1202, Unit 602)
Still, I'm glad
they didn't let everyone use the gym.
A suspected victim died.
You really are
a cop.
You bet.
I did go to the gym a few times,
but other than that, I stayed at home.
I won't leave until
lockdown's called off,
so don't mind me.
I'm here for something else.
The people downstairs need something.
You have army supplies, don't you?
I can bring you the T-shirt tomorrow.
Thank you.
(Article 1003,
Order of spouse's inheritance)
You know I live beneath you, right?
If you make any more noise,
I will make you pay.
What'll you do to me, then?
No one will care if I said
you died trying to escape.
Lots of people will care.
This is illegal confinement too.
Your name isn't on
the list of gym members.
Do you not exercise?
I breathe.
And play golf sometimes.
My wife went to the gym sometimes.
The mad person disease.
Did it start in the gym?
Try not to think too much.
If you have the time for that,
show remorse for what you did.
If you're a human being.
Ms. Woo.
We got you a change of clothes
and a bed on the fifth floor.
Come with me.
I'll stay here.
I lied because I was angry.
I actually didn't see or
hear anything that day.
Sorry, Detective.
Sang Hee fell for your tricks
and actually thought
that I'd done something.
I explained to her
that Min Ji's death was just an accident.
(Lieutenant Colonel Han Tae Seok)
- What is it?
- Someone from Unit 302 is
live-streaming from the apartment.
Make that stop now.
If you don't,
I'll cut off cable and the Internet.
Hey, can you get up for a second?
Gosh. Why?
Did you see
the infected woman yesterday?
Did you just find out?
Did she scratch you?
No, she didn't.
I bet she did.
No. My goodness.
What are you doing?
I told you she didn't.
Goodness. You never
bought me any medicine.
Oh, boy. That's nothing.
This is what's turning you
into a couch potato? Gosh.
Come and drink some soju.
It won't hurt once you drink.
Who is it?
Is your son home?
I saw him go out earlier.
Do you know where he is?
He must be somewhere in the apartment.
Anyway, he's not here.
I know where he is.
I told you, didn't I? I'm not
talking about stocks today.
Why? Because I'll show
you something real today.
Goodness. It's nice to see you.
You're such a generous
viewer. It's great to see you.
All right. Everyone,
do you know where I am?
This is the unit where
the first infected lived.
(The apartment price will
plummet with that now.)
I hear that her family still lives here.
I plan to meet with them and talk.
Should I ring the bell? Yes?
Should I ring it or not?
Ring it or not?
Should I ring it or not?
Do it? Or don't do it?
Should I punch him or not?
Should I? Or should I not?
Should I or not?
I hit the jackpot.
I'll turn this off. Just wash
up and go to sleep now.
How do I turn this off?
- Peace out.
- What was that?
Thank you.
Why is he thanking us?
- I got 500 dollars.
- This is crazy.
- Gosh.
- Why did you do that?
Hey, come here.
Gosh. This was another long day.
What about the manager
from the dermatology clinic?
She's siding with Oh Ju Hyung.
She's going to stay with him there.
I see.
Should I go upstairs and
try to persuade her again?
No, don't. She's a grown woman.
She has to make her own decisions.
I doubt that Oh Ju Hyung will do
anything stupid now of all times.
Let's just check up on her
to see if she's doing okay.
I'm beat.
Let's do that.
What about our sleeping arrangement?
Where will we
Where will I sleep?
Hey. Smile.
All right. In 1, 2.
What are you doing?
My wife wants me to send her some photos.
She asked if I went fishing.
She never believes anything I say.
I can't believe this either.
That I have to sleep here with you.
Gosh. Things were going well today.
We just have to keep
this up for a few days.
Pretend that you're chilling
at a vacation house. Okay?
Are you praying?
I prayed for something else today.
I prayed that there would be
no more lockdown tomorrow.
Okay. I'll pray for that too.
- Sweet dreams.
- Okay.
Yi Hyun.
I have a bad back.
All of a sudden?
Gosh. You can sleep on the sofa.
This is mine. Take yours.
Okay. Thanks.
I had a quack for my
Korean medicine doctor.
(Ms. Kim Bok Nam)
(You must have a lot on your
mind. Sorry for constantly calling you.)
(Congratulations on your
marriage. Everything will be great.)
(Don't worry too much.
And take care of your health.)
(Don't live like me.)
(I hope you can be happy.)
(You too, Mom. Live a happy life too.)
("We'll Make the Best
Medicine for Viral Pneumonia")
(Han Tae Seok, Shadow of Atum
Therapeutics, Assaults Chairman)
(Han Tae Seok gets indicted for
assaulting Chairman Choi Seok Ju.)
Jung Guk.
I know you're not sleeping.
- What?
- Han Tae Seok's assault case.
What happened to the chairman
of the pharmaceutical company?
What are you talking about?
It was an assault case,
so he couldn't have died.
I'm just wondering what
he's been up to afterward.
(Report on Trends)
You seem much better, sir.
You acknowledged the
mad person disease
and sealed off the apartment.
The international
press is all over this too.
New articles will be published tomorrow.
And they'll close the borders tomorrow.
You said you could
take care of this quietly.
So I made a recommendation
to the higher-ups.
They must all be very disappointed.
Someone had been distributing Next.
Hence, our failed attempt.
You, sir.
You were the one
who took out all the
drugs in the storage. Right?
I didn't buy them.
Someone told me where the storage was
and to take all of the drugs in there.
Why would I do that?
More people must get infected
for the medicine to get developed faster.
And you would rather
want the world to collapse
than you dying from this disease.
Tae Seok.
Your wife's life depends
on this project too.
She's still pregnant with the child,
isn't she?
Two lives are at stake here.
Did you know that your
wife's blood tasted the best?
It must be hard
to quench your thirst.
Lieutenant Colonel Han.
It's okay.
The old man was behind the distribution.
I'll make a list of all his close
acquaintances, so look into it.
We have to block off all
channels to the infection.
Can we leave him like that?
What should we do then?
We should quarantine
him like the other patients.
He's too powerful for us to do that.
Once we come up with a cure,
we're going to stop him first.
Even if he gets cured,
he might still attack people.
He got a taste of blood
and realized nothing bad has happened.
That's more reason to
The cure is most important.
How we'll survive after
is a whole different subject.
Nothing has changed.
This afternoon,
government authorities have put
two more nursing
hospitals in cohort isolation.
As a result, one apartment complex,
three nursing hospitals,
and two homeless shelters
have been locked down.
That makes it a total of 8 areas
in lockdown in a matter of 2 days.
People suspect that mad person
disease has spread abroad as well.
Russia has closed its borders
due to the infectious disease.
Not only do they
Did you sleep well?
Of course.
Did you sleep well too?
- Let's go.
- Where?
Our meals are here.
- Oh, right.
- Good morning.
- You're up already?
- Yes.
- Hello.
- Did you sleep well?
Sae Bom,
you're in a good mood today.
Yi Hyun tossed and turned all night.
What are you talking about?
become happy when they have
something to get excited over.
What are you talking about?
Aren't you curious about
the food they'll give us?
I am.
I paid money to buy an apartment here,
so why can't I leave?
Open the door.
You're in a rental apartment.
You moved in with my taxes.
Am I not a resident
because I live in a rental?
Why you little
It's the management office employee
and the other building residents.
What do they want?
They said we couldn't leave anymore.
The other buildings voted on it.
Lock it up.
What are you doing?
All of this is because someone
from this building was infected.
I heard that
you guys locked someone
who was infected in the gym.
How did you know that?
We can see everything
from the management office.
So are you saying you
were watching our building?
For the sake of our entire apartment,
the people in Units 1 and 2
should stay at home for a week
No, just don't leave your apartments.
What about our meals?
We'll bring you the necessities.
We're all struggling,
so don't be like this.
It's not like it's an airborne disease.
Units 1 and 2 of this building
have the most rentals, right?
I believe so.
What does that matter?
I'm saying this is unfair for us!
If the price of our apartment falls
because more people get infected,
- we end up suffering the most!
- That's right.
You are doing this on purpose
since you can live here for ten years
and then buy it for cheap!
Jung Guk. Can you help us out?
I can't even stand up to my wife.
If they don't want us to leave,
let's not leave.
Not that. Let me borrow your gun.
Should I shoot this door open,
or do you want to open it for us?
Unlock it.
Seo Yoon. Don't learn that
kind of behavior from her.
She's so cool.
I'm getting more disappointed
in humanity every day.
You just need to bear
with it for six more days.
Time is passing by slower
than when we were training.
You're being too harsh.
We tried to put extra
care in the meals instead.
There's a lot of protein.
(Infectious Disease
Emergency Relief Goods)
What about the other
buildings? Is this everything?
They want to get theirs later.
After the people in
Units 1 and 2 go inside.
At times they're courageous,
and at times they're cowards.
Humans are so hard to understand.
Did you prepare a lot?
We'll take this inside.
Go wait inside.
Let's go, Seo Yoon.
Do you need anything else?
How about a T-shirt? A men's large.
Something that looks special.
One with the Special Forces mark on it.
You don't have SOU T-shirts, right?
Are you the only one here?
Yes. The lockdown happened when
my boss and his wife went to get stock.
You don't have much of anything.
The other buildings came and
bought out everything last night.
A few people from
Building 101 came by too.
This is a bad situation,
but you seem pretty calm.
I agreed to get paid
three times my hourly pay.
I'm working 12 hours a day
and with the holiday pay,
it's a lot of money.
Aren't you scared to be alone?
They probably go crazy at home.
They wouldn't come to the supermarket.
If we run out of goods,
I could just lock up.
You didn't bring any packages?
I have a package that I need today.
Have a good day.
I don't eat meat.
You don't have a vegetarian meal?
- Oh, vegetarian?
- Yes.
Just eat what they give you.
This is authentic.
I know someone who works there.
I'll get you an SOU T-shirt
as soon as the lockdown ends.
I like it.
Have you
been to the roof?
- Isn't it nice to come outside?
- Yes.
I feel a bit better being
out in an open area.
It feels like we're on a trip.
It does.
Let's stay like this for a bit.
This looks good.
Thank you for the food.
- Thank you for the food.
- Thank you for the food.
Eat up, Seo Yoon.
This is pretty good for
emergency relief goods.
- It really is.
- Right.
Have some more.
Thank you.
- Have some of this.
- Thanks.
Seo Yoon. Eat up too.
We have three packed meals left.
Are you sure everyone got one?
Yes. Even the cleaning lady took hers.
Oh, right.
The gym guy.
I'm really sorry, Mr. Kim.
You could've called if you're hungry
He must've gotten out.
(Congratulations on moving in.)
- Hello?
- The gym guy.
A suspected carrier got out.
Put out a broadcast
telling people to go home.
I meant to call to tell you this.
The management office
people aren't picking up.
I think they're upset about earlier.
They're holding another
meeting without us.
I'll call them, then.
Hello? I
Does this punk think he's above me?
He's just a ninth-grade civil servant.
(Emergency Network)
(Congratulations on moving in.)
Where are you going?
They're not picking up.
Where are you going?
He has to be hiding here.
Invalid card.
Let's go.
What's that?
It's blood.
Let's go.
- Let's see what's going on.
- Sae Bom.
I don't want to be scared
when I don't know anything.
Mister! Get out of there!
Shouldn't we go?
Get out unless you want to die!
- Try again.
- Why won't it work?
Try again.
Thank you.
What's this about?
I only went out to my car.
I really didn't drink any water.
Then why did you run?
Because you two were running.
Will you let go of me?
Come on.
My gosh.
Do you see anything?
See what? Is there something out there?
What a mess.
Let's go upstairs.
Help me! Please help me.
My gosh.
Ma'am! Are you all right?
I'm fine but that couple
Mom. I'm doing well.
(I love you, Seo Yoon.)
This is our opportunity.
Hyun Kyung will have
a lot on her mind too.
Let's be strong, okay?
We have just two
months to find a new place.
We can't live in a studio
apartment with the kids.
It's too cramped.
You can't go outside.
Stay back.
Stay here. Don't run off again.
What are you doing?
Is something wrong?
Be quiet.
(Lieutenant Colonel Han Tae Seok)
Ms. Yoon, are you all right?
Now do you see why
we had to block you in?
What What is
The other buildings are overrun.
I see that.
Don't hesitate to shoot
if you're in danger.
Don't open the door. Block it.
That makes no sense.
How can they all be infected already?
What if this doesn't get
resolved even after a week?
We need as much food as possible.
This is crazy.
We just have to keep the
couple from downstairs
from talking.
Are you thirsty?
You can't let them pity the infected.
Instill fear, so they want to stay away.
Open the door!
If you're a decent human being,
at least feel somewhat responsible.
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