Happiness (2021) s01e05 Episode Script

The Outsiders

(All characters, locations, organizations, religions,)
(incidents, and groups in this drama are fictional.)
Seo Yoon. It's me.
Your mom?
The receiver cannot
Is something going on outside?
Oh, this?
It's in case people try to bite me.
I can't reach my mom.
We just texted each other.
(No service)
The cell tower must be down.
I'm sure you can reach her later.
Even if someone knocks, don't ever open the door.
I'll be right back. Watch TV, okay?
The TV's not working either.
(Announcement: Stay where you are. Wait for rescue.)
(Announcement: Stay where you are. Wait for rescue.)
Stop that and come here.
We need to barricade this.
You saw them too.
Sit down and rest.
Jung Guk. Keep an eye on him.
Hey, you. Don't look at me.
Turn and face the wall.
What is it?
The infected are outside.
It's too quiet.
Hey, you. Face the wall.
What is all this?
Mister. What are you doing?
What is this?
Why won't it work?
I had over 1,000 viewers.
- Dong Hyun. - What?
Symptoms of the mad person disease.
Do they include a racing heartbeat,
and an itchy wound where you were scratched
that feels warm?
That's just old age.
Aren't these people doing their jobs?
What building is the management office in?
Which was it?
It's next to the children's library.
Whatever. I'll find it.
Dong Hyun, wait.
It's just old age.
It's true. Don't you believe me?
Even less on this topic.
It's true. Everyone from the other buildings is sick.
They roll their eyeballs
and walk like this. I swear.
Darn it.
What are you doing?
My kids.
Will they be okay?
They'll be safer than us here.
My gosh.
Hey, you, lady. Aren't you Unit 401?
Is your internet down too?
Don't talk to me like I'm married.
The Internet and phone are all down.
Residents from the other buildings are infected. Have you heard?
For real?
That's crazy.
Who said that? The news?
He did. Ask him about it.
It's true.
It's true.
What's all this?
Hey, people.
Excuse me. Don't crowd this place.
Go to the gym, okay?
That's where everyone else is.
Everyone else who?
The residents.
Do you see this?
Is this real blood?
Would it be ketchup?
I'm not the only witness.
I saw it too.
Mr. Lee from the management office was sick
and his eyes were white.
He was like this.
I don't get it.
This morning, they caused a fuss about locking us in our building.
How could they all be infected already?
Is that real blood? Whose blood is it?
- No. - Put that phone down.
Can we have a word?
This is blood?
- What's outside? - Stay away from there.
- Stay clear. - This is real blood.
Are you doing this to scare me?
Isn't this a first?
What do you mean?
Aren't you trying to
replaced me as resident representative?
- The kids are pranking us. - Look.
Ms. Oh.
How do you open this door?
Dong Hyun, do you know how to open it?
I'm not interested in representing anyone.
Don't mind me.
Get away from the door.
It's dangerous outside.
- Well - Don't go outside.
- Just for a moment. - Step back.
- I think someone walked by. - Don't you see this?
Do you know what's outside?
I'm curious.
- Calm down. - The kids are fooling around.
- Let's have a look. - The air is stuffy.
- Put down your phone! - Come on.
- Calm down. - Wait.
- Back away. - Sir.
Where are you going?
They want to open the door. You saw the monster too.
Then say something instead of running away.
- Don't push. - Let's see.
I'm glad you're here. Tell them what's outside.
My gosh.
Yes, good. The door is open.
Those who want to can go.
Not like this.
Go on.
Well No.
The air is stuffy in the basement.
It wouldn't be right to smoke down here, would it?
How can you back down just like that?
Okay, then.
I'll trust you two for once.
I don't have to worry, do I?
We must inform the other residents.
We must discuss rations
and about the non-residents who are stuck here.
We can't broadcast without the management office,
and the Internet's down too, so how will we alert them all?
We talk to them in person.
What about your gun?
I gave it to Jung Guk.
What did the man from downstairs say when he put the cuffs on you?
Our Constitution protects our bodily integrity.
It's one of the major rights we have.
He can't do that without any due process.
Actually, I don't remember it clearly.
But he didn't say anything about that.
He didn't tell me about my rights when he arrested me.
Then do the police have evidence?
Don't tell me
you actually think that I killed my wife
or something.
My opinion here doesn't matter.
That's the court's decision.
You know,
I really loved my wife, Min Ji.
I still have a hard time believing
that she's gone.
Then our defense strategy will be that you are innocent
and this was an illegal arrest.
the dermatology clinic is under my wife's name.
I'd like to know more
about the management or inheritance of the clinic.
To be honest, I'm curious about that process too.
Well, okay.
The first thing is
clearing your name for this murder charge.
Excuse me.
You have to go down to the gym.
I'll go out first. Cover me.
Let's switch. I'm better at handling the bat than you.
You were a pitcher.
If I didn't have the leg injury,
I would've played in the Major League.
Here we go.
Where did they all go?
They probably went back home.
The infected
return to normal after a while.
What would go through their heads once they saw what they did?
They would regret it
and wouldn't be able to accept what they did.
They would want to go home and wash up.
The bloodstain at the entrance.
It looked like someone tried to wipe it off.
They wanted to erase what they had done.
Like wanting to drink people's blood
and wanting to hide their thirst.
I didn't do it.
I just watched.
(Lieutenant Colonel Han Tae Seok)
I should've asked for a walkie-talkie.
What do you think is happening outside?
It's highly likely to be chaotic due to a flood of infected people.
- Or - Or what?
they gave up on this place.
We were planning to round up the Next dealers in one go.
But they knew we were coming,
so they locked the door from the inside.
- How many people are in there? - About 50 people.
They threw a member-only party.
We can open it in five minutes.
Turn off the music.
Turn off the power for the club.
Don't open the door and block it.
And evacuate everyone from other floors.
Seal off the building.
Go upstairs and put out a sign.
If you need money,
take some from there too.
You're suddenly in a good mood.
Everyone outside our building got infected.
Is that good news?
I won't be going to prison.
I just need to look for a chance to clear my name.
It sounds like you have a plan.
I just need the couple from downstairs to keep quiet.
Once the blockade is lifted, they'll start bothering me.
I should persuade them before that happens.
Whatever happens,
you are on my side. Right?
Do I really have to go too?
You have to attend the meeting at times like this
to attract potential clients.
Honey, they said that our building was safe.
No. It's not because I'm scared or anything.
I just don't believe that people outside our building got infected.
You sound pretty scared.
Are you attending the meeting?
I'm not really scared of the infected.
The residents in our building might not be happy to see you.
A lot of people probably think that our building was sealed off
because of you.
I told you that I was innocent, didn't I?
What about Ms. Woo?
Ms. Woo
cares about what people think
just like your husband.
(Under maintenance)
Darn it.
Did you see something outside?
You fell pretty hard that day.
Did you go to the hospital?
I'm all right.
- Are you all right? - Yes.
That's the old lady that bumped into our neighbor, right?
Yes. She lives in Unit 302.
Don't stay close to her.
You can get infected too.
No, I won't.
What are you doing?
Darn it. Those jerks.
Come on. Someone should go outside and see what's going on
even if it's dangerous out there.
Are you just going to stay in here?
The Internet is down too.
Come here.
- But - Sir.
I told you it's dangerous outside.
Everyone from other buildings except for ours got infected.
Goodness. Darn it.
This is so frustrating. Gosh.
Why did you come down here? You said you were out of energy.
Mom, are you sick?
No, I'm not.
I'm just a bit tired.
Well, I saw the bloodstains.
Are you sure there are patients outside?
Multiple people witnessed the scene.
Did you read that?
It says we should stay where we are.
Who are these witnesses?
Who on earth saw this flood of infected people outside?
Me. I saw them.
Are there any residents from the upper floors?
Other than the public rental units?
I'm only asking because there might be
people who can make sound judgment about this situation.
- Wait. - Hey.
Who are you to question my brother's judgment?
You might think he's a nobody, but he works at a company.
He's a senior manager.
Sure. I'm a lawyer.
My job is to evaluate if their statement bears
any merit as evidence.
You run your business at home without an office. Correct?
I saw your ad in the elevator.
It's not just a business. The clients come to me for help.
Don't you speak Korean?
I'm a novelist.
What did you write? What's your most famous piece?
- "Love Is Joint Property". - Calm down.
- "I'll Be Working Out". - Calm down!
Okay. Great.
I know you guys are all sensitive right now,
but we shouldn't fight amongst ourselves.
I didn't see any infected people either,
but since you guys are all saying the same thing
I'll give you money.
To anyone who can figure out
what's going on outside
It's not much, but I'll give you
200 dollars each.
If there are infected people outside,
we should stay inside.
We can divide up the food amongst ourselves.
- Until we can be sure - Right.
If you don't want to go outside, I understand.
I'll give you 6 bills. That's 300 dollars in cash.
No way.
Did you look everywhere?
This building is safe.
Can we turn on the elevators again?
Sure, go ahead.
But, ma'am?
If I were you, I wouldn't get on the elevator.
If you're up against someone infected,
there's no place to escape.
I'm pretty sure I told you to stay at home.
When someone is arrested without a warrant,
they're usually released after 48 hours.
Does everyone know that Oh Ju Hyung is a murderer?
You're making a huge mistake.
Do you have proof?
Did anyone see my wife
wandering around out front?
I called an ambulance
and brought her outside.
I admit that I wasn't able to protect my wife until the end.
I'm in the most pain right now.
Is it such a huge crime to be unable to protect my wife until the end?
You're also innocent until proven guilty.
You're lucky that our apartment was locked down.
Don't worry. I'll stay in the apartment.
This place is no different than a detention center.
Hey, mister. You have something on your shirt.
Don't you dare think about laying a hand on the woman you're with.
I'll kill you.
What are you saying? You're so uncultured.
How annoying.
Let's go.
Be with all the families who are suffering right now.
Please let them find peace
- in you, My Lord. - Hey. You're back.
- In the Lord's name. Amen. - Amen.
Oh Ju Hyung got people to volunteer to go outside.
Is anyone willing to go outside?
When he offered them 300 dollars each, they volunteered.
Honestly, I considered it too.
I'll give you 300 dollars each.
I said it was dangerous to go out at night,
so I managed to get it pushed back to tomorrow morning.
Then what about today?
The people who came in today need food and a place to sleep.
For everyone who came in from outside,
come to Unit 401 if you need food.
I'll give you some ramyeon and water.
Me too. I'm in Unit 602.
Do you have clothes to change into?
Everyone decided to pitch in and help them.
People are still generous.
What about Oh Ju Hyung?
Don't even bring him up.
He said he had nothing to eat at home, so he had nothing to spare.
I don't know why I even bothered to ask.
You can come by again.
But why won't you go outside?
It doesn't seem like you believe
that there are infected people outside,
so you should go out and find out for yourselves.
I have a specialized profession.
I can't go out for that kind of money.
How about 1,000 dollars without withholding tax?
What do you say?
Oh Ju Hyung. Stop teasing people with money.
Let's go.
Okay. Go on in and get some rest.
What does that punk take me for?
Darn it!
Why did you stop me? I was about to kill him.
Honey. What's the point of getting involved with that lunatic?
Should we refuse to help him?
The dermatology clinic is under my wife's name.
I'd like to know more
That jerk
If he gets to be too much, we'll just send him to prison.
We just need to make money.
(I'm okay, so if you see this, don't worry.)
- Oh, my. - Here.
I don't know if this is enough. It's heavy.
Right. Thank you so much.
We'll clean your apartment before we leave.
No, it's okay. I live alone, so it's clean.
Don't worry about me and get some rest.
- Right. Thank you so much. - You're welcome.
- Thank you for the food. - Goodbye.
Why did you do that earlier?
You took my side.
I'm the only one who can curse you out.
It would make me mad to hear someone else do it.
Right? We are family after all.
Yes, but even still, I refuse to give you my apartment.
She's so cold.
(I'm okay, so if you see this, don't worry.)
(I'm with Hyun Kyung. Let's get a dog if we live here.)
Where were you going to go?
I'm sure you knew you couldn't leave the apartment.
I told you.
I really left something in my car.
- Did you take the drug? - Did you drink water?
I didn't.
I really don't know anything about that.
Oh, my.
You're avoiding my eyes,
so you must be hiding something.
If I'm being completely honest,
I am hiding something.
But it has nothing to do with the two of you.
You did drink water.
How can a human survive
without drinking any water?
Cut your nails. I'm going to check tomorrow.
If you tell me who bought drugs from you,
I'll find a way for you to be more comfortable.
When I get out of here,
I'm going to report you guys.
I'm serious.
If you get out of here safely,
you're free to do whatever you want.
Think about it carefully.
There we go.
Check the expiration date. It could be expired.
My goodness. What's up with you?
Why would expired food be in someone's home?
Do you keep that on even when you eat?
Stop being like that.
Who is it?
- What? - Who is it?
Oh, hello.
I'm sorry, but can she stay with you for the time being?
The cleaning ladies' quarters are in the basement garage,
and she's too scared to go down there.
Oh, right. Of course.
That's good.
Thank you.
- Have a good night. - Thank you.
- Have a seat. - Come on in.
We were just about to have some ramyeon.
Here. Have some.
Thank you.
Oh, my.
Slow down. It's hot.
It's been such a long day.
How will we get through tomorrow?
Shouldn't we stop them from leaving?
Block the entrance and don't let them through?
Then they'll leave through the basement.
We can't stop them alone.
It might be better to stay indoors for a week.
We have food,
and it's not like the infected can come through the windows.
What if things don't get better in a week?
Then we eat less.
Don't tell Seo Yoon.
Scaring her won't help.
Sae Bom. Is it true that the infected are everywhere?
that's another building, not ours.
It's just our complex. The rest of the world is fine.
Was it meant to be a secret?
- You should've said so. - Jung Guk.
We must talk. Come here.
I just
When communications are back up,
you can talk to your mom again.
Let's stay indoors until then.
We can leave when help comes.
We'll all get better once a vaccine is developed.
Let's wait, okay?
I'm fine.
I'm not hurt,
and it's better outside than in here.
My mom and dad will be okay.
That's right.
- Good girl. - Seo Yoon.
(Message not sent)
The mad person virus,
also called the Lytta Virus
is a neurotropic virus similar to rabies.
It travels via the central nerves and affects the brain.
Infection is caused when the virus directly enters the bloodstream,
and the sick show no symptoms until it reaches the brain.
We believe the infected target necks to reduce
the time the virus takes to reach the brain.
Are we okay as long as we aren't bitten?
Currently, we're aware of three methods of infection.
You're bitten, scratched,
or you take Next.
We believe the infection originated from Next takers.
How about a cure?
The problem is,
the brain is the most important organ,
and it's protected
by something called BBB, the Blood Brain Barrier.
Even if we develop a cure,
it cannot get through the barrier to reach the brain.
there is no cure?
With a lab-grown live attenuated virus,
we're developing antibodies that'll work directly on the brain.
We'll have an answer within a month.
Can we hold out until then?
As of right now, we believe so.
if we give up on active cohort isolation,
and the infected reach a certain number,
within 72 hours, one week at the most,
we will all be infected.
(Confirmed Lytta Virus Cases in Korea)
(Lytta Virus Cases: 1,721,699)
You must be aware we can't grow anything in a lab.
All our test subjects died without forming antibodies.
Should I have said a cure was impossible?
If you say we need a little more time and funds
Then they'd have said we should kill all those infected.
If confirmed cases increase with no hope for a cure,
slaughtering is the only option.
I thought
you didn't think the infected were human.
If they bite and kill someone,
they must be responsible.
Don't you think?
We must buy more time.
Cordon off a larger area if we must.
To save more people, right now,
that's the only way.
While we do that,
we hope we find an answer.
(Personnel File: Yoon Sae Bom)
It's not working.
(Ms. Kim Bok Nam)
(Mom, you be happy too.)
I even said I should do something.
Yi Hyun.
What's that?
A catcher's protective gear.
Is Seo Yoon still asleep?
I'm a detective.
I can't sit and do nothing.
We're in quarantine ourselves.
We aren't here because we're cops.
And you won't get paid extra for doing this.
No, but
There must be healthy people in the other buildings.
We should see if we can help them.
Try to help yourself first.
You can't run fast because of your bad knee.
Still, I'm faster than middle-aged men.
I won't be long.
- Are you serious? - You'll wake her.
Did you sleep well?
Seo Yoon. Stay in bed.
You won't grow tall if you get right out of bed.
Go back to bed.
Good morning.
You're not coming?
I avoid dangerous places because it's dangerous.
I see.
Walk over me first.
Is it me or the residents?
Will you stop it?
There's nothing out there.
They're all mistaken.
How many times must I tell you?
- Think of our kid. - My gosh.
We don't get a payout even if we're hurt at work.
Remember this.
Safety first, okay?
I heard your wife died.
I offer my condolences.
Thank you.
Pay us too.
You said there was infected people.
As a civil servant, I must do my part.
I hope the government pays you well.
His pay too.
Do you want cash?
Forget it.
I don't like you much today.
But it's illegal to take handouts.
Will you put this on?
I will lead you.
Once you're outside, keep quiet.
Hey. Why should we listen to you?
Because I'm sure you don't want to die.
Dear Lord.
Protect those who are
concerned about the disease and are saddened by it.
Please cure the sick.
Please comfort the families in sorrow.
- Please help them - Amen.
find peace.
Gosh. Be quiet. That's enough.
Don't touch me.
- Lord. - What?
- What did you just say? - Please
Don't touch me!
- Gosh. - Has she gone mad?
Hey, where are you going now?
Hey! That punk.
Goodness. What a messed-up family this is.
Be careful.
There's really nobody here.
What if they all left?
(SY Home Cleaning)
I want to help too.
So you can upload the video?
Gosh, no. I'll get your permission before I upload it.
I promise. Okay?
Let's make this quick.
Follow me.
Are you all right?
I heard you were infected.
There was an internal problem.
There was a suspected carrier during the meeting.
So the suspected carrier is locked up in the children's library.
Wasn't there an infected person in your building as well?
Is she all right?
Did her condition get worse or something?
Don't you remember me?
Of course, I do.
You pointed your gun at me yesterday morning.
No, after that
are people from other buildings safe other than the suspected carrier?
Yes. I told them to stay at home.
A few of us are in charge of communicating with the outside.
Excuse me. What are you filming?
Then you didn't get the boxed meals?
We've been waiting, but we haven't gotten them yet.
Maybe, something is going on outside too.
Hey! Is anyone there?
- Honey. - Gosh.
Are you going to stay here?
We should.
Go ahead.
We'll get going then.
What are they doing there?
They want to leave
because they are scared in case their symptoms come back.
And if they can't suppress their thirst,
they'll find other victims.
What do we do now?
The supermarket.
We need as much food as we can get.
Are you really infected?
Do you really have the mad person disease?
No, I don't.
When you were in the States, you smoked pot.
You're still doing drugs here?
I really didn't do drugs!
You punk.
I got you a job here, so you can get close to the residents.
But you did drugs here? You jerk.
Yeon Ok.
From this point on, we never knew each other.
Is it really dangerous outside?
If I were you,
I would never leave.
Everyone is useless here. Darn it.
If I were you, I wouldn't get on the elevator.
If you're up against someone infected,
there's no place to escape.
No way.
There's no way people can possibly turn into
Ma'am! Open up.
There are patients in other buildings.
- Really? - Yes. Hurry.
I have some news from outside too.
It's chaotic there.
By the way, are you hurt?
Your neck.
I got scratched.
Open up now.
Darn it.
Some unique behaviors are present before the disease develops.
They get extremely thirsty
They also partake in compulsive behaviors such as
knocking on the walls when they're alone.
Are you
By the way, those people seemed a bit off.
But they didn't seem infected.
Shouldn't we
have waited for the boxed meals as well?
You can go back there and wait with them.
- Let's get some food first. - Okay.
Wait. You should get more water than food.
How should we pay for this?
You are a way more honest than I give you credit for.
No, I'm not.
Of course, you are.
I'm just doing my best to follow the rules.
Once I cross the line, my line might get really blurry.
I see. Mr. Honest.
Gosh. You are so honest.
What are you? A saint?
I better watch myself around you.
It's okay. Calm down.
Calm down.
No. Over there.
No, that one.
Ice cream.
Get water.
- Over here! - Okay.
It's so heavy.
What are you doing?
What is it?
Oh, no.
Hold on.
Let's go.
Dong Destroyers.
It's Dong Hyun.
I'm in the supermarket,
and there's a trail of blood in here.
My goodness.
I'm putting myself in danger for you guys.
I will film something really interesting for you all.
I love you guys.
Miss. What are you doing in there?
Be quiet.
Here, they use the verbal phrase "Take a look".
This phrase
People suddenly rushed in here.
All of their eyes looked weird.
I was so scared, so I hid in here.
What about the infected?
Did they leave?
I don't know.
Let's go.
Oh, my.
Hurry. Let's go.
blood inside there.
We should go. What about the others?
I don't know.
- Why not? - There are people inside.
We can't just leave them here!
Let's go together.
Over here! Hurry!
Darn it!
What are you doing? Let's go!
Go to the first floor.
Sae Bom said if they weren't back by 10 o'clock,
we should go downstairs.
You really saw it?
I'm telling you I did.
Why did they go out when it's so dangerous?
What if they all get infected?
If I can't be sure that it's safe,
I can't open this door.
Go ahead.
That lady
is just like me.
Open the door!
What are you doing? Open the door!
Was anyone infected?
Open the door!
Each of you come close so that I can get a look at you.
Hurry up and open the door!
Why do you have blood on your face?
Did you get bitten?
Open the door! Hurry!
No, I can't!
Hurry up and open the door. Open it!
Did you get bitten?
Open the door!
We're all okay! Hurry up and open the door!
Open the door.
Open the door, mister!
- Open the door. Hurry. - No.
Open the door!
Hurry up and open it! Please.
Do you want me to break it open?
Open it.
What's that sound?
- Open the door. - The sound that Min Ji made.
- Hey, lady! - What are you doing with that?
Hurry up and open the door.
Didn't I tell you?
We just needed to convince the couple downstairs.
- Dead people can't talk. - Open the door!
Corpses can't speak.
Hurry up and open the door.
Open the door right now.
The infected can't get inside!
Open the door!
Hurry up and open it!
I won't!
Let us in!
What the heck.
- Move! - Open the door!
- Don't! - Darn you.
- Shoot. - Hey!
Turn it off.
Let's go, honey.
- Open the door! - Let us in.
Open the door now.
Let us in.
Open it now!
- Let us in. - Open the door!
Sae Bom, hurry!
Open the door.
Darn you!
- How could you? - Don't.
Calm down and move fast.
- Get in, quick! - You first.
Let's move it.
- Get off me! - Darn you.
Get your hands off me!
You could've killed us all.
- Darn you. - Stop it!
Will you stop it?
- Come at me! - Please, stop!
Turn this off!
Will you please calm down?
Get off her!
It was Oh Ju Hyung.
What a pity.
It was a great opportunity.
Too bad.
What's with the long face?
I didn't do anything.
I did nothing wrong.
Oh Ju Hyung!
Did you bring my phone with you?
What's going on?
Darn you.
What are the charges this time?
Are you crazy?
This is blood from the outside.
Now you're scared?
Are you afraid now?
You scumbag!
Yi Hyun, stop it.
Once the Internet's back up, I will become famous.
Darn it.
I got carried away.
If not for you,
everyone with us would've gotten infected.
Good job, Yi Hyun.
The mayor must apologize!
- Apologize! - Apologize!
Cancel the quarantine!
- Cancel! - Cancel!
Protect our livelihoods!
- Protect! - Protect!
We demand compensation!
Sir. An infected individual got out of the complex.
He's showing symptoms.
Shall I bring him in?
(We didn't agree to this!)
Let him loose.
Let him go as if he got away so that the protesters see him.
Just make sure no one's hurt.
The infected must not be pitied.
They must be feared and avoided.
That's how we buy time until we develop antibodies.
The residents
are all highly strung.
I want to buy those pills.
Yes, that's it.
Change the way you think and there are endless options.
The situation will get even worse.
We must make them leave.
That's how we'll survive.
- The buyer. - The 15th floor.
We wait for the infected to die off?
If you hurt Sae Bom
I will kill you.
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