Happiness (2021) s01e06 Episode Script

One Man's Life

(All characters, locations, organizations, religions,)
(incidents, and groups in this drama are fictional.)
I saw a sign for half-priced baby goods.
I bought what I thought would suit our Wriggly perfectly.
We don't know if it'll be a boy or a girl.
It'll be a girl that looks like you.
That's what I say every day as I pat my tummy.
No girl should ever look like me.
The chairman's here.
I'm nearly there.
- See you soon. - Okay, bye.
- Hello, sir. - Hi.
So, the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety made the decision?
Yes. It'll be announced before noon tomorrow.
Under the condition, it's prescribed only to adult ADHD patients.
Once it's proved to be effective, they will expand the age group.
Good job.
All the Next pills we have in storage.
I was wondering if I should take them all.
Thanks to you, I'm about to become richer.
It's a failed pneumonia cure,
but I believe it'll help treat adult ADHD.
Yes. Word is already getting around
that it helps you focus.
Lots of people I know are taking it.
- Is that Next? - Yes.
- Have you taken it? - No.
You should when you don't feel too well.
It makes you feel alive.
It's great.
Hello. I'm Park Young In.
I heard a lot about you. Please, sit.
- Thank you. - Sit.
- Is this it? - Brace yourself for it.
So, are you expecting a prince or a princess?
Our Wriggly? I think it's a girl.
Oh, that's great.
They say that a daughter is worth ten sons these days.
So they say.
- Excuse me for a moment. - Sure.
When will we get to meet your princess?
I'm 12 weeks along,
so I guess in about six months?
He bites?
Is he taking something else?
They'll announce their approval tomorrow.
Have him admitted and silence the staff.
Word cannot get out.
He's not dead, so who cares?
Offer compensation and full treatment, then.
I'll call you back.
The Prime Minister called.
Where are they headed?
To a landfill.
There's not enough room to house mild cases.
Do you still not get
what I'm doing?
I do, sir.
I made a choice.
On how many losses we can stand to take.
The time will come
when you must decide how much blood you should shed.
How about the cure?
We selected a few options
and administered them to the infected.
They all died.
Try again. Do it until it works.
I'll buy us time.
(Episode 6)
Then what do we do?
There are infected people outside.
But we won't be getting any help from the authorities.
We have to force our way out of this apartment complex.
They even installed barricades at every wall.
Even if we force our way out of here,
where are we going to go next?
We can get out of here first
and get into the most expensive apartment complex.
What are they going to do then?
Will they seal off that apartment too?
All the rich people probably all live there.
They can do whatever they want with us
because our apartment isn't that expensive.
Are you sure there are infected people outside?
The resident representative and Mr. Oh aren't here.
This is about the public rental units again?
All I'm pointing out is that the people who went outside
didn't attend this meeting. That's all.
If you want to leave, go ahead.
I can't guarantee that you will be able to come back.
Then I'll assume that we're all on the same page.
We brought some stuff and food from the supermarket.
We left them in Unit 201. So if you need anything, go there.
But they will probably need more stuff.
So you can exchange what you have with what they have.
Hey, what if the infected people break into the building
when their symptoms get worse?
If they crash the door with a car, the door will break.
They will probably look for an easier way to break in.
That's how crimes all begin.
"I went in because the door was open."
"There was no lock on the bicycle. So I took it."
Breaking the door because they are thirsty for blood
Getting that kind of determination isn't common.
So we don't have to give them a reason to break in.
We already locked all the doors.
What is it?
The rooftop.
I'm the only one here.
Do you think they heard us?
Let's hope not.
You never get startled, Andrew.
You were calm outside and here too.
I'm happy that people don't treat me like a weirdo.
You two should be careful.
You too, Andrew.
Let's get some fresh air before we head back down.
Gosh. I'm exhausted.
Standing here reminds me of that day.
You mean, that day?
Gosh. I really wondered if I could fly for a split second.
You did fly.
I did.
If I could fly, I would go visit my mom in the nursing home.
I felt uncomfortable to see her, so I kept pushing it off.
And look what happened now.
What do you think happened to those infected people?
Are they hiding somewhere
and enduring their thirst?
They must be scared
that they might bite someone closest to them
and become a complete monster.
But they'll keep fighting until they cave into their thirst.
Everyone is okay. Right?
Of course.
We have to make sure we don't get hurt.
That way, we can see them again.
Exactly. Don't you ever do something like that again.
Why did you touch that blood?
For all I know, it could've been dangerous.
So you're fine with me rubbing it on Oh Ju Hyung's face?
You didn't make him lick it.
I doubt that he'd lick that blood.
Gosh. It looked like he really cared a lot about his health.
Seeing how he didn't come to the meeting,
he must feel somewhat intimidated.
And the resident representative didn't come down either.
Are you all right?
Of course, not.
Look at this.
I must have been really stressed.
Darn it.
Given what happened, perhaps, it's best to give up.
Looking at the current situation, it'll be difficult to make money
even if you become the representative.
And if we leave?
If we leave, we won't get a penny for this apartment.
So your plan is to leave this apartment after losing money
and start over at a different apartment?
Well, we don't have many options.
You said that Seung Beom might have been infected too.
You went to the gym every day.
What did you do there?
You should've kept an eye on him.
Who knew he would do drugs?
Once the lockdown is over,
we'll have to repair the entire apartment complex.
We should replace the elevator interior
and clean the outer walls too.
The lockdown was easier because of the walls.
Let's suggest planting trees around the complex.
You said you knew a landscaper. Right?
And we can even get the entire complex to be disinfected
since there are infected people.
Yes. That's it.
If we just change the way we think,
we have so many ways to make money off this.
By the way, do you think you can be
the apartment representative?
I should win over some residents that seem to have sway over people.
My father had schizophrenia.
He passed away two years ago.
So I easily get shocked when I see people with similar disorders.
Sae Bom isn't home.
Darn it.
You're the girl from Unit 502.
Then are you alone at home?
Where are the adults?
Can you open the door?
The adults are here.
You startled me.
I apologize
for my action this afternoon.
By the way,
you should have clearly told me that you were not infected.
Anyone would get the wrong idea when they see blood.
Don't you agree?
It must be tough for you too.
But you are lucky that people are here to look after you. Right?
I'm so lucky.
I'm so glad that we live on the lower floor.
You must be disappointed
that you cannot enjoy your honeymoon phase
because of the disease.
My husband and I started
from the first floor of a small apartment.
And there was a flood when we were living on the first floor.
Gosh. Those were such hard days.
How did you two meet?
You guys have a long history.
You can take a seat there.
I can't trust that lady.
Same here.
Then why did you invite her in?
Keep your friends close.
But keep your enemies closer.
Hey, what about Sae Bom?
She's talking to Ms. Oh.
She said she came to apologize.
I bet even her apology is annoying.
It's because she's not sorry.
By the way,
she asked me if I wanted to be the apartment representative.
She's eyeing that position then.
That's such a hassle. Why?
She made it sound like it came with a lot of money.
Hey, they make all the decisions about hiring security guards
and outsourcing all the services during the representative meetings.
Elevators, outer wall, roof, garage, electricity, and landscaping.
All of it. That's all money.
All of it?
Do you have any more?
I'm an athlete you know.
Can you give me another gimbap?
- Gimbap? - Yes.
Are you going to put handcuffs on me again?
I'm losing the circulation in my wrists.
- Kim Seung Beom. - Yes?
The residents here are on high alert right now.
Up until now, nobody was able to tell, so they let it go.
But soon enough, they'll become suspicious of you.
I'm telling you to be careful
so that people don't get scared.
I can't do anything about the handcuffs tonight.
But if you're okay for the next few days,
I'll let you roam around in the gym freely.
You're not threatening me today.
I truly hope that you don't have this disease.
Because you're not the only problem
in this apartment complex.
My gosh!
Darn it!
I'm going to kill them.
Just wait and see.
Why are you looking at me like that? I'm fine.
See? Look. Isn't it clean?
Are you sure you're not scared?
You nearly scraped off your skin washing your face.
What are you eating?
(Hangover Medicine)
I thought you were eating something weird that's bad for you.
Pour me a drink.
Have you
ever seen Min Ji take medicine at the hospital?
Like vitamins or supplements.
She took something whenever she was tired.
What kind of medicine?
I don't know. It was a pill.
She said it was a supplement she got from the gym.
The gym?
Your name wasn't on the access list to the gym.
My wife was the one who went to the gym.
Did the mad person disease spread from the gym?
Why? Is it important?
Don't drink too much. You don't want to get sick.
Where are you going?
Somewhere. Don't worry about it.
(Authorized Personnel Only)
(No food allowed, Fitness)
(Community Center)
- Go home first. - Why?
I left my wallet.
Why did you bring your wallet?
I'll be right back. Go wait at home.
(Community Center)
Who are you?
Someone really was here.
Hey Mister.
Are you stuck here?
Yes, well I guess I am.
The officer on the fifth floor locked me in here.
Hey, mister.
Can you help me?
I really don't have any problems.
I'm really clean,
but the officer upstairs
- The officer - Did you sell drugs
to my wife?
The doctor on the sixth floor,
The one who died from mad person disease.
I'm not here to blackmail you.
Nor am I here to get revenge.
I'm grateful to you.
Hey, mister.
I want to buy some of that drug.
I really don't know anything about it.
- You don't? - I really don't.
- You don't know? - I don't.
- You don't? - I don't.
My gosh.
You're really annoying me.
Should I kick you out of this place saying you're sick? You lunatic!
My gosh.
Hold on.
- Hold on. - You don't know anything.
Why are you doing this?
You don't know anything?
I really don't.
Mister. Hold on.
I don't know anything. Okay?
- Hey, mister. - What don't you know?
- Stop. Please stop! - Get over here.
Yes, are you Attorney Kook Hae Seong?
Yes, I am.
I live in Building 102,
and I'm here because I saw your ad on the elevator.
I heard there are a lot of patients outside.
It's not true. There were a few,
but we locked them up in the children's library.
Building 101 is being sensitive and limiting entrance.
So are you saying it's not that serious right now?
Right. Can we meet for a second
and talk? It's about my grandfather's grave site.
Where are you right now?
Basement Level 1.
Can we meet and talk?
The Internet works down here.
It'll be easier for me to show you a map too.
Stay right there. I'll be right down.
Weren't you talking to someone?
I don't know. It sounded like someone outside.
I'm going to step out for a second.
Where are you going?
I'm feeling stuffy in here.
I'm going to cool off by taking a walk.
(Working from home)
(Search Visitors)
(We are looking it up. Please wait a moment.)
Yes, are you Attorney Kook Hae Seong?
What's wrong?
- Hello. - Hi.
My husband went out to meet someone from another building.
I remember hearing
there were a lot of mad person disease patients outside.
Excuse me.
Where is he?
No! Help me!
I was hoping he didn't have it.
Hey! Help me!
- Do something about this lunatic! - Why should I?
The world would be a better place without you in it.
Hey! Help me!
Hello, sir.
We're all stuck inside,
so I couldn't go out to get a consultation.
Okay. Hold on.
(You're not connected to a network.)
The Internet isn't working.
You have to come out over here.
Over here.
How do I unlock the door?
You're lucky.
If it weren't for Sae Bom, you'd be dead.
Do you see that camera?
If you tell anyone about this guy,
I'll send everyone a video of him grabbing you.
People will think you're infected. Do you get what I'm saying?
stay at home and just breathe.
Why are you hiding the fact
that he's sick?
Because he's a person.
Mr. Kim.
Calm down.
You can become normal again.
The complex is under lockdown.
Go home
and get some sleep.
What was that about? You startled me.
Stay still.
We don't want him to break in.
I told you earlier that you shouldn't go outside.
He was a client!
He wanted to discuss his grandfather's land.
Didn't you see he was just fine?
I just saved you from getting buried.
You just lost me a client. What are you on about?
Are you jinxing me?
Are you all right?
Are you hurt?
- Did you tell her? - What?
Why did you do that?
Darn it.
You just won't stand down, will you?
I should toss you to him and get you infected.
- Guess what? - What?
I am
lucky, you see.
Take this.
That's disgusting.
There is
someone outside, okay?
There you are.
Your husband's out of his mind!
Did you touch him?
What is wrong with you people?
Your husband
hit my face while I was wearing my glasses.
Attempted murder
No. He tried to kill me.
Come here.
He tried to
get that monster to kill me.
What's that?
- What is that? - Are you okay?
Kim Seung Beom's infected.
It's dangerous. Stay back.
I will kill you.
I will kill you all.
Did you know we had a patient inside?
Then you should've told us!
The trainer in the basement gym.
I think he's sick.
There's someone down there?
How is he?
At around 10:45 or 10:46pm,
he stopped banging his head.
You go upstairs.
I'll check things out.
Be careful.
You're awake, aren't you?
You're awake.
The people upstairs
will be talking about throwing you out.
Darn it.
I only took the pill twice.
They said it was a good pick-me-up when you're tired.
Why did you go to your car?
To get the rest of my pills.
I can focus better on them.
You thought of taking a pill in that situation?
I really only took it twice.
Do you remember what happened when you turned?
A bit.
The guy from the sixth floor came in and said something.
I tried to hold back,
but he kept talking.
It would be best if you hold back from now on.
The more often you turn,
the harder it becomes to come back.
I told that guy about the pills.
That they're in the gym's van.
I'll deal with that.
Was it fun?
Do you enjoy yourself when you have a fit?
Is it exciting and thrilling?
Is it?
Then you can't hold back for long.
It's cold at night. Wear something warm.
How's the gym guy?
He's back to normal now.
He turns for about 15 minutes,
then switches back.
We'll vote tomorrow.
- On what? - Kim Seung Beom.
Whether he should stay or go.
The sixth-floor lawyer said
we were a democracy, so we should vote to decide
To be honest, I thought I was nasty.
But here, I have nothing on the other guys.
Didn't the resident representative complain?
All she cares about is being the apartment representative.
If we side with her,
she'll cancel our management fees.
Jung Guk was right, then.
what Oh Ju Hyung said.
It's a lie, isn't it?
What is?
That I tried to kill him?
That's not true. He
He was threatening the gym guy,
- so I threatened him back. - Right?
It got to me a bit.
You know how I can't keep things to myself and stew on them.
I know that.
Sae Bom.
- The good cop, bad cop strategy. - What's that?
When one plays the bad cop and gets angry and scares people,
the other uses nice words to persuade them.
Carrot and stick.
- What about it? - I'll play the bad cop.
You play the good cop.
- No. - What?
You already played the bad cop an awful lot. I'll be the bad cop.
I'll beat up anyone I find annoying.
So you have to be nice. Okay?
Be nice.
I don't want you to get hurt
because that's what happens
to bad cops.
We must release him. Only then we can survive.
Is he the only one? Is everyone else okay?
Did anyone get bitten?
We don't know that yet.
But we must release him once his symptoms show.
Can you share this video with me?
You'll agree to releasing him. Right?
Of course. I already saw a bunch of infected people outside.
- Gosh. - Hey. I was watching that.
- Why did you take it from me? - Please vote with me.
Things are getting serious. You agree, don't you?
This is it. I was so scared after seeing that.
You understand why I behaved that way, right?
Is that what's important now?
Hey, look at his eyes.
Where's Mr. Oh Ju Hyung?
He's constantly washing himself.
If you want,
I can let you take an empty room in my house.
You can stay with us too.
I appreciate you looking out for me.
Do you have to make house calls?
Of course. Imagine I opened the door earlier.
That guy from the next building would have killed me off instantly.
He talked about the grave site and tried to kill me.
What if we get infected too?
Why would we?
We didn't do anything wrong.
You don't get sick because you do something wrong.
Anyway, I'm not leaving my house until the lockdown is lifted.
It will only take five minutes.
You can save a man with those five minutes.
Are you sure they are even human?
I'm talking about the infected people.
Of course. You can talk to him if you go down to the gym.
A man might die because
you won't leave your house.
Please think about this.
Please think about it.
What are you doing here?
I was waiting for you.
Where did you go?
To the 15th floor. I asked him to come down for the vote tomorrow.
Have you ever regretted something in your life?
I have.
When something happens,
but it ends before I get to give it my all,
it leaves me a lot of regrets.
I still remember stuff like that even after years pass by.
That makes me feel guilty.
So you don't want any regrets this time?
This time I'll face it head-on.
(Monthly gym membership, 30 dollars)
Let's go.
Mom, let me borrow your phone.
I'll give it back after I take a video.
I lost mine.
Where did you lose your phone?
I thought you had a new phone.
Mom, you don't use it except for making calls. Right?
What's the passcode? It's not locked.
Thank you.
Return it right back once you're done taking photos.
Okay, I will. Goodness.
- Let's go. - Go.
Thank you all for coming during your busy days.
Article 22 of our Penal Code states
a regulation regarding emergency evacuations.
Let me read that for you.
"An act performed to avoid"
"impending danger against one's own or other person's legal interest"
"shall not be punishable when there are reasonable grounds."
"The provisions of the preceding paragraph shall not apply"
"to a person who cannot avoid the danger."
Let me put it in layman's terms. The law allows us
to kick him out for the safety of the group.
I doubt that you guys want
to get infected like the other buildings. Correct?
Let me play this for you.
It's very scary. Take a look.
Oh, Lord.
Who here has had COVID-19?
Why are you bringing up COVID-19 now?
No one?
I did catch it once. Why?
Let me ask you something.
Sir, did you catch COVID-19 because you did something wrong?
That's ridiculous!
I didn't do anything wrong.
I wouldn't have gotten it if my friends invited me out
for a meal.
Right. Diseases
don't pick who gets them or not.
Do you remember how it was during the COVID-19 outbreak?
Some people dug up
personal information of infected people and criticized them.
But other people were worried about the infected people
and wished them to recover.
The infected people shouldn't be kicked out without a chance
to get treated.
This is not COVID-19.
It's different.
They are violent and try to bite other people.
I understand that you are all scared and anxious. I feel the same way.
But what if this happened to you
or your family?
Who will we kick out next after Trainer Kim Seung Beom?
Mr. Oh Ju Hyung from the sixth floor?
Or you since you had contact with Mr. Oh?
Should we play musical chairs
until there's only one of us left?
Whatever. Let's vote.
Raise your hands if you vote for releasing him.
Look. We don't have to release him.
I just want to isolate him from other healthy people.
We can put him on the rooftop and isolate him completely.
That way, it will be safe for all of us.
- Don't you agree? - Well
Don't be timid. Just voice your opinions.
Why won't you speak up?
Hurry. Raise your hands.
Raise your hands now.
Come on.
Go ahead.
Ms. Oh! How could you do this to me?
How? You made me come here!
I was nice to him. So I guess he feels betrayed.
So eight people voted for it.
So Yoon, what are you doing? Raise your hand now.
Then who is against it?
One, two,
We're tied. What should we do now?
Should we take another vote?
I don't think we need to.
I vote
that we don't kick him out.
Ten votes. We're done.
That's good.
I wasn't comfortable with the idea
of kicking someone in our apartment out.
You know I don't have any personal feelings towards you, right?
Okay, then.
Let's discuss how we'll keep an eye on Mr. Kim from now on?
It's too hard for me, my husband,
and Detective Kim Jung Guk to watch him on our own.
Let's break up into groups of two
and take turns checking on him.
Who wants to start?
Should we be democratic
and vote on it?
We'll go first.
Hurry up and open the barricades!
How frustrating.
Hurry up!
- What are you doing? - Come on!
- Open it up! - Open it!
- Let us through! - Come on!
- Let us through! - Come on!
How long are you going to keep us here?
We have to get through!
- How long are you going to keep us? - Let us go through!
I heard you told the prime minister's office
that the areas with the most infection must be controlled first.
I told them that once the number of the infected goes up,
there's nothing we can do to stop it.
Makes sense.
You don't have a cure.
The best you can do is keep them cool
and stall with some sedatives and sleeping pills.
You don't have much time left, right?
You have about a month.
The same goes for your wife.
Didn't she get infected around the same time?
I thought that was why you said you'd come up
with a cure in a month.
I understand that you're in a hurry.
I'm going to give up
on the current restricted areas.
You barely supported us until now.
Like you said,
we can't have any more infected people.
Cut the power
and don't give them food.
The entire nation has their air conditioners on,
so we don't need to waste any more energy.
So you want to cut the power
and wait for the infected to die on their own?
There will still be problems even if there is a cure.
Anyone who has had a taste of blood
can't be forgiven just because it happened when they were sick.
You're the one
who's addicted to the taste of blood.
It's okay for me to be.
I'm telling you so that you know in advance.
Because you seem to have a plan.
Shouldn't we stop him?
If they cut the power, the water will come next.
Then even those who aren't infected will end up dying.
Find out when they're planning on cutting the power.
Why do you think I married you?
If you're my secretary, act like one
and follow my lead without me explaining it.
We're married now.
You and I can have different opinions.
I still don't think that I was wrong.
So will you take responsibility if we get infected?
This is why I shouldn't have married someone so uneducated.
I think
I made a mistake.
Dong Hyun.
- Give me my phone. - Gosh.
Mom. I need to finish filming to give it back to you.
Why are you nagging me so much today?
Do you have something on this phone?
What would I have on the phone?
Just wait a bit. Okay?
I'm going to go out to see if there's anything more to film. Okay?
Dong Hyun. Hey.
I'll give it back to you soon.
My gosh.
I need something impactful for my views to go up.
What is this old lady doing?
My gosh.
Excuse me.
Did you lose your phone?
How did you know that?
You dropped it when we came in. Right out front.
How did you know I was looking for it?
You were filming something with it on our way back yesterday.
You're filming right now as well.
I thought you might be looking for it.
Excuse me!
Ms. Lee?
Can you help me?
I'm not going to go outside.
I'll give you money.
Don't you need money?
Let me know if you need anything.
Can I ask you for a gun?
Do you think I'd give you one?
Why are you so interested in military goods?
I'm very interested in the apocalypse.
The Earth is in danger right now.
Even without a contagious disease, unusual weather,
global warming, nuclear war, artificial intelligence
The end of the world is nearing.
I see.
That's why
I'm in the process of collecting survival equipment.
I have combat rations from all over the world too.
Do you have a lot?
Of combat rations.
Do you want to
take a look at my collection?
You have a collection?
May I?
Can't you break it if you use a bit of strength?
I'm not sure.
If you break that, your life will break apart too.
If you don't want to be kicked out, you should be careful.
Are you here to tease me?
I'm here to clear up our misunderstanding.
I wanted to help you too.
But you're the one who took the drug.
When did you help me?
Drink it when you get thirsty.
Only when you can't bear it anymore.
I came because I was worried.
Why did you agree to come?
- Be quiet. - What?
Tell me if you need anything.
Sometimes it seems like you have a mental disorder.
Are you crazy? How could you say that to your little sister?
I'm telling you that you do.
I can't believe you're really my brother.
Think about it.
I told you to be quiet.
I comforted him as the resident representative.
I thought the young man would be having a hard time.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
I voted
to kick him out earlier.
Do you think he remembers?
There are others he hates even more, so you'll be fine.
The virus doesn't travel through the air, so don't worry.
Keep an eye on him.
If he shows signs of extreme thirst,
do not give him any water and come to the fifth floor. Okay?
- Okay. - Okay.
This is the key to his handcuffs.
You won't need it,
but just in case.
I'll have a word with him.
Hey. Aren't you scared?
Why would you vote yes when you don't live here?
What did you tell Ms. Oh?
Forget about that.
I know something you want to know.
There's a lot I want to know right now.
The buyer.
The guy in the Hazmat suit.
The last voter.
- Exercise increases muscles. - Yes.
If you take one of these,
you'll get double the result compared to just working out.
If you look, it's a small pill.
The 15th floor.
It was right there. I don't see it from here.
Hurry over there and get it. I'll stand guard from here.
Let's move all this.
(Fire Trucks Only)
Are you looking for something?
Shall I help you?
Sae Bom. Kim Seung Beom says
Seo Yoon. Where's Sae Bom?
She went upstairs with the guy from the 15th floor.
(We can chat if you're bored.)
Gosh. They're so cute.
Hyun Kyung. This is Jae Yeol.
He's such a good pianist.
When you write a novel about music,
he could help you out.
Then just lend me the money.
Aren't you worried about your wife and kids?
Talk about that when the lockdown's lifted.
I bet they're just fine. Would they not be?
I'm working.
Let's be frank. If you die in here,
then your apartment becomes mine.
I followed you down here to help you out.
That sounds like you'll kill me.
You tried to once before.
You pushed me off a swing and I ended up with this scar!
This is why I always have bangs!
Were you a great sister to me, then?
I had to retake the SAT because you gave me hepatitis!
Blame that on your weak immune system!
Do you know how it feels to have to bow to people your age?
Let's talk outside.
Darn it.
Hey. I'm sorry.
I'm not saying I'm making plans to do something to you.
I think it's unfair, that's all.
What do you think is so unfair?
You went to university,
and when you got married, you got an inheritance.
I only got tuition for one semester.
I worked and paid the rest.
But I didn't complain.
And now you're coming to me as if you left me money?
I'm sorry about all that,
but let's not be too harsh.
We're still family.
Family, my foot.
What's that noise?
- We're safe here, aren't we? - What?
What was that noise anyway?
(Community Center)
It's fine. We're safe here.
Don't Get over here!
What are you doing?
Go! Run!
Run away!
I don't hear anyone.
Don't open the door.
Don't talk like that to me. I'm your older brother.
Are you scared?
I'm right here. Don't be.
Darn it.
Did something happen outside?
Sae Bom.
Sae Bom.
She's in here, isn't she?
She's busy right now.
She'll be right out. Wait here.
Did you take the pill
you bought at the gym?
If you hurt Sae Bom
I will kill you.
Someone's missing because of you.
We have the power.
We need people.
Someone who will do as we say.
Water doesn't help with the thirst.
It's Na Soo Min's phone.
They'll cut the power tonight.
You stay here.
I'm here for Sae Bom.
I'm here for even the smallest possibility.
If need be,
I'll get that person bitten.
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