Happiness (2021) s01e07 Episode Script

The Intruder

(All characters, locations, organizations, religions,)
(incidents, and groups in this drama are fictional.)
She's in here, isn't she?
She's busy right now.
She'll be right out. Wait here.
Did you take the pill
you bought at the gym?
If you hurt Sae Bom
I will kill you.
There's a misunderstanding.
Then open it.
Where's Sae Bom?
Sae Bom!
Yi Hyun.
Are you hungry too?
I came here because I missed you.
- Help me out. - What?
- Help me out. Get up. - What?
Just get up.
We're newlyweds.
I just miss her so much.
When I'm out of his sight just for a moment,
he worries about me.
You must
love her a lot.
Of course.
What happened? What is it?
Do you want one?
He has a lot of cool stuff here. Look.
And he has a lot of food too.
So nothing happened?
Are you okay?
(Episode 7)
Thanks for the food.
Hey, why did you do that?
I think he's the type to hold grudges.
The trainer said
he sold the pills to that guy.
Don't turn around. He might be watching us.
No way.
He's not some spy.
Let me see.
Did you get hurt?
Did you get scratched? Like on the back of your neck.
It's taking a long time to heal.
It's almost healed. I can barely see it now.
By the way, did you see anything weird inside?
Other than the interior props.
His father is a diplomat.
So he's been to Africa and the Middle East as a kid.
And he realized that the world was coming to an end soon.
He is odd.
But he's a nice guy.
He gave us food.
These taste amazing
when you are hungry.
Everything tastes good when you are hungry.
Who is it?
Are you alone?
Who are you?
Don't you know who I am?
I'm your mother's friend.
Can you open this?
You should
Kid, what's wrong with you?
You hurt my arm!
Sorry. Can you open the door?
I'm not a bad man.
Are you
Do you have any medicine?
What do you need it for?
How did you get in here?
The door on the first floor
was open.
I'm not here to cause any trouble.
I didn't bite anyone.
I was just lonely and frustrated.
Wipe the blood off your face before you lie through your teeth.
Who did you bite?
It was a small bite.
It wasn't a deep one.
The man didn't die,
so he ran away.
Get out before I count to three.
Seo Yoon, it's me.
Seo Yoon. It's Sae Bom.
Did he go away?
Where's Jung Guk?
On the second floor.
He went down to get the dishwashing soap and toothpaste.
I'll be back soon.
Don't open the door for anyone.
Like you did before. Okay?
Good job, Seo Yoon.
Have some of this, and calm down. Okay?
- I'll be back soon. - Okay.
- It won't take long. - Okay.
How did he get in here?
There might be more infected people inside. I need to check.
More importantly,
whose blood is that?
I'm not infected.
I'm telling the truth. I'm not.
I only came here because the woman from Unit 1202 said she'd pay me.
But the disease broke out, and I'm locked in.
I can't believe this is happening!
Hey. I can help you.
I can help you get out of here.
Think about it.
Did you see me acting crazy? I didn't.
I've been here the whole time. Right?
You're not thirsty?
I look fine, right?
I'm completely fine.
I look fine. Don't I?
I'll help you. I promise.
- Hey. - Gosh.
You can't get out of here alone. I'm telling you.
Help me out just this once.
Thank you.
I'll trust you just this once.
Are you okay?
I drank water.
But I'm still thirsty. What am I supposed to do then?
I'm all better now.
Come here. We should go upstairs together.
You're just going to stay there?
Until the infected people come in here?
Just trust me!
Yi Hyun.
Let's hurry.
It's Na Soo Min's phone.
(Muil Group Constructions)
I drink so much water,
but my throat is dry.
Where's Na Soo Min and Na Hyun Kyung?
I don't know.
Mr. Kim.
Inhale deeply, then exhale.
Even if you breathe properly,
your desires can subside.
The more I drink water, the thirstier I get.
Do you know how hard that is?
I already know what I need to drink to quench my thirst.
What do you think will quench your thirst?
Human blood?
How do you know that?
Who told you?
I just know.
When I look at someone's throat,
I get even thirstier.
Did you think I didn't shoot because I didn't have a gun?
What are you doing here?
I came to help you two.
Where's my brother?
We'll look for him.
Don't think about anything else and get some sleep.
He must hate me right now.
I was the one who said we should go.
It's just a disease.
We just need to endure this until the cure comes out.
Lieutenant Colonel Han, are you almost done with the cure?
They're sleeping pills.
Take one pill whenever you need one.
Take one right now and get some rest.
There you go.
Why don't we go outside to talk?
Couldn't you have just comforted her?
Why did you shoot him?
Kim Seung Beom
was capable of having a conversation.
The outside is filled with people who have lost their families.
Moms bite their children, and husbands bite their wives.
If you don't want to lose those close to you,
you shouldn't hesitate either.
Why won't this heal?
I know you looked at me when you gave her water,
so be honest.
It means that the virus is still in your system.
It's like the remnants of it.
Could I end up biting people like this?
That's why I wanted to test your blood every two weeks.
We had to monitor you.
Is that why you came?
You wanted to take my blood?
Seo Yoon's parents
Did something happen?
We verified that her father has been infected.
Her mother is still okay,
but she misses her daughter deeply.
So you came to get Seo Yoon?
The mad person disease is getting worse.
Not on in Korea, but across the world.
I have follow-up measures to tell people in the apartment.
After verifying that it's safe,
let's gather for a meeting.
Oh, Lord.
It's not over yet.
They said if they drank blood, they'd get back to normal.
Maybe they bit someone, got back to normal, and went home.
Is everyone inside okay?
Open the door!
Is there nobody inside?
Yi Hyun. Are you okay?
Are you lying to us after getting bitten?
Do you think that this is "The Wolf and the Seven Young Goats"?
Stop with your nonsense and open up the door!
It could be a lie.
You can't fall for that annoyingly handsome face.
Oh, Lord.
Sir. I can hear you.
Can you open the door for me?
What took you so long to open it?
What's with you?
I almost died!
- Darn it! - This is driving me crazy.
But Jung Guk.
What's going on here?
Well, the thing is
I came to get some detergent and toothpaste,
but a bunch of people with white eyes ran at me
from the emergency staircase.
Did anyone get hurt?
Thanks to the reverend.
The reverend has spiritual powers.
What are you talking about?
I'm telling the truth!
No way.
I didn't have a gun with me
Oh, right. Where's my gun?
Don't be like this. Calm down.
Who opened the door to the first floor?
The jobless kid upstairs.
He and the girl from the supermarket opened the door and ran up.
Hold on, Yi Hyun.
Who shut the door on us earlier?
(Enduring is the answer. Until I make 1,000 percent profits!)
The people downstairs Will they be okay?
What if someone got hurt?
We just need to be on the same page.
We ran away from the infected too.
Then nobody can hold us responsible.
You look
so pretty.
What's your name?
It's Lee Bo Ram.
Thanks for the snacks.
Mom, take this.
We're busy. Get out.
Tell me if you need anything.
I will.
Don't they make a nice couple?
Wake up.
Who would like a jobless fool like him?
Who cares?
I married you, didn't I?
I think someone's here.
Remember what I said? Tell the same story.
Don't go off and talk nonsense.
Don't, okay?
Let me talk to them. Wait here.
- But - We're
The door downstairs. You opened it, didn't you?
What door?
We were here all along.
What? What is this about?
We went downstairs and the door was open,
so we got scared and ran. That's it.
Were you bitten or scratched?
I just got scared and ran off. That's it.
I'm fine too. Look.
Why did you go downstairs?
- You went to get this? - Give it to me.
I have to broadcast with that.
I risked my life to get it
Because of you, someone's missing.
If you're a decent guy,
you should feel some sort of responsibility.
Are they okay?
For now.
I so wanted to punch him a few times but didn't.
Where's Han Tae Seok?
He's on the rooftop
to look for infected people.
Is something wrong?
Seo Yoon's dad.
He got infected.
That's why Han Tae Seok's here.
I'm here to help. You can relax.
It looks like it.
Did any infected people come up here?
Two people did,
but I told them to go downstairs that way.
Oh, I smashed it.
You told him to leave,
and he just left?
There are no infected people here.
I think Na Soo Min
got infected, then left.
You know his name too.
Did you study us?
Why are you here?
Ms. Yoon must've told you.
She did.
You're here for Seo Yoon.
But isn't it odd?
The Han Tae Seok I know isn't a humanitarian.
You just shot a guy.
I don't know what you think,
but I'm doing this to shut down the mad person disease.
I'm pretty sure
you want that too.
Is Sae Bom really okay?
Her wound won't heal.
You don't have to worry until it starts to change color.
The virus is harmless
until it reaches the brain.
Other than Sae Bom,
lots of people in her condition healed, right?
There were four.
The most recent test results showed that they were been infected.
It was a matter of time.
Eventually, they succumbed too.
When will you have a cure?
We're looking for an antibody that can get into the brain.
Until then, a cure
can't be made.
What you're saying is
The situation
will get worse.
Until we find an antibody.
What are you doing here?
I gathered the residents. Come downstairs.
I'll talk to Seo Yoon first.
Seo Yoon's mother asked me to pass a message.
Can I speak with her alone?
Are you Seo Yoon?
Aren't you the guy from TV?
You talked about the mad person disease.
You're pretty smart.
I get that a lot.
Can we talk for a bit?
Do you want something?
I have some rations.
Let's have the rations later.
Today, I came to see how you're doing.
I promised your parents.
Do you know my mom and dad?
Park Yong Chul and Kang Eun Ji.
I saw them just this morning.
Do they miss me?
Very much.
Do you want to see them?
If you want,
you can go outside.
Can Sae Bom come with me?
Of course.
Her mother is outside as well.
Sae Bom
must miss her as much as you miss your mom.
It's up to you. I'm here to help.
- Yi Hyun, you - If Seo Yoon leaves
You go first.
What'll you do
if you get sick?
Sick with what?
Mad person disease.
There's a possibility
you'll get infected.
There is.
I could get sick too.
It's not a crime.
I get infected,
and I feel the thirst and I want to bite people,
I will tell you.
if something happens to you, tell me.
I will.
I'm done.
Let's meet the residents.
Your son almost got us all killed.
How dare you glare at me when I'm way older than you?
Are you sick with the disease too?
Do I have those eyes?
- Is that all you can say? - How dare you?
Who on earth
gathered us all here without going through me?
I heard we have an outsider.
Did anyone see them?
Did you see them? Who was it?
A soldier.
Aren't you mistaken?
I doubt you can see clearly.
Was that meant to be a joke?
Can you get out of the way?
It's the guy on TV.
Lieutenant Colonel Han Tae Seok of the Crisis Management Center.
Sir, is the lockdown over?
- Really? - It's over, right?
- Can we get out now? - Can we go home then?
- Is it over? - Can we leave now?
- When can we leave? - Really?
The entire city is under lockdown.
And the power for the apartment will be cut off tonight.
- What? Why would you do that? - What?
Are you trying to get all of us killed?
I plan to resolve this crisis
as soon as possible.
Then you should at least lift the lockdown.
At least let healthy people get out of here.
You're infringing on our human rights.
Hey, we don't even live here.
Forget about the lockdown. At least let us go home.
Sir, a lot of residents are fatigued.
I don't think the lockdown is the answer.
Hey. You know, one of my juniors is a one-star general.
Give me your phone. Let me make a call.
- Sir. - Okay.
- A phone call would end this. - Come on.
- That's not important right now. - That'll clear things up.
- What? - What's this sound?
- What's going on? - What?
What's happening?
This is not a drill.
Everyone. This is not a drill.
As of now, the entire city of Seyang is under martial law.
The martial law?
This is not a drill.
Everyone. This is not a drill.
- What? - Come on!
I'll go check on Seo Yoon.
I'll go down to the gym.
- Should I go with you? - No.
I'll take Jung Guk with me.
Be careful.
If you're in danger, don't hesitate.
I'll take responsibility for everything if anything happens.
This makes no sense. What do you expect us to do?
- Are you serious? - Come on. Answer our questions.
Don't worry.
- What's going on? - Are you serious?
- Tell us what's going on. - Come on.
- What is happening? - Explain this to me.
Due to the spread of the mad person disease,
people have been spreading false rumors,
panic buying, stealing,
and assaulting others. There has been a hike in crime.
As public order has severely been disturbed,
to restore peace and order of the country,
protect people's lives and properties,
resolve this crisis to maintain order,
we declare Seyang is under martial law.
Sae Bom.
This is an announcement for the residents.
- Do not leave your house. - It's all right.
- Do not - They are just trying to scare us.
You may have heard,
but things are dangerous outside the apartment too.
Four days.
The martial law will be lifted in four days.
And the degree of the lockdown will be relaxed.
Why are you cutting off the power?
There are infected people at the power plant too.
Only the buildings with priority
will have electricity.
- Your apartment is not one of them. - What?
Just like the residents in this apartment,
other residents in Seyang will be restricted to leave home.
Wait. Are things that bad outside?
We are facing a shortage of food and water overall.
Assault cases are springing up all over the city.
Then staying inside might be better.
All right. We've been doing well so far.
Four days?
Four days could go by quickly. Don't you agree?
Trust me, and let's stay strong a bit longer.
The mad person disease.
I heard that you only get that disease
from taking certain pills.
Is that true?
We are still checking any related facts about the disease.
- Oh, no. What should we do? - Gosh.
I was right.
Please go home and charge whatever devices you need to.
Fill up the sink or the bathtub with water.
Once the power is cut off,
there won't be any water.
Don't worry.
Our people are known to be good at overcoming national crises.
Thank you, sir.
I'll go and fill up the bathtub at my house too.
Seo Yoon.
You talked to the military guy. Right?
I don't know how things are outside.
It could be better than this.
Or it could be worse.
Do you want to see your parents?
I don't drink a lot of water.
I'm not asking this because I want you to go.
If you want to stay here,
I'll protect you the best I can.
And I'll help you meet your parents.
I'm just
asking you how you feel about this.
I want to see them,
but that military guy was weird.
Why? What was weird?
It's just a feeling.
I think he's interested in you.
He asked me how you had been.
And he asked me if you were sick.
I see.
Will this do?
It might be dangerous outside.
I'll be back soon.
What about Seo Yoon?
That's for her parents.
If you're worried about her leaving alone,
you can come out with her.
I don't know when she will have the chance to see her
Why are you here?
I came here to find a possibility
no matter how small to resolve this situation.
It looks like you came here to get me.
But I don't get why.
Does it have to do with this?
You can say that.
We found an antibody in your body.
We must check first if the antibody will work.
If need be,
I'll even make you get bitten.
Don't shoot!
Didn't you hear a gunshot just now?
We're under martial law.
It might have been a warning shot.
Yi Hyun.
Aren't you close to Han Tae Seok?
Hey. Can you ask him
to take me with him when he leaves?
This is getting to me.
Are you worried about your wife?
Okay. I'll ask.
I'm sure she's fine. Don't worry.
Didn't you say Kim Seung Beom was dead?
Yes. He's
(Seyang Forest Le Ciel Apartment)
What the
They cut out his brain.
Why would they do that to a dead person?
We're looking for an antibody that can get into the brain.
Until then, a cure
can't be made.
It's taking a long time to heal.
You don't have to worry until it starts to change color.
The virus is harmless
until it reaches the brain.
They took Sae Bom
to find the antibody.
You stay here.
If Han Tae Seok comes, stop him.
Seo Yoon.
Why are you out here? It's dangerous. Go back in.
I heard gunshots.
Is Sae Bom okay?
She grabbed a pair of scissors before leaving
to hand over my letter.
Let's go inside.
Sae Bom is a better fighter than me.
You know that, right?
So you don't have to worry.
Go home and lock the door.
I'll be right back. Okay?
Sae Bom.
Sae Bom is sick. Move over.
Sae Bom got hurt.
Han Tae Seok took her.
Darn it.
Target secured. I'm going up.
Don't pity
the infected.
They can control their thirst
if they want.
If you laid a hand on Sae Bom,
I'm going to kill you.
Stay still, if you don't want to die.
That tranquilizer was strong enough to put an elephant to sleep.
I guess I'm better than an elephant.
I'm letting you off because you didn't kill that man.
Sae Bom. Let me look at you. Did you get hurt?
It's okay. I'm fine.
Calm down.
First Lieutenant Lee.
It's been a while.
Tell them to put their guns down if they don't want any trouble.
Put your guns down.
Ms. Yoon.
What will you do to get tested?
Why you little
I'm not doing this because I like you.
I'm doing this because you said it would help find a cure.
Thank you.
Hold on.
Can you
prepare some packed meals for the residents?
One with a lot of meat.
And I heard that you took
Kim Seung Beom's body.
I know you need to get rid of it because of protocol,
but please tell his family.
The situation outside isn't good, so it'll take time to contact them.
And my mom
Your mom is well in a nursing home.
Lieutenant Colonel Han took care of it. Don't worry.
Why did you cut into Kim Seung Beom's brain?
Were you looking for the antibody?
I told you that the mad person disease affects the brain.
When we examine an infected person's blood,
we sometimes find the antibody.
However, it can't get through to the brain.
Their body has the antibodies,
but they can't get through to the brain which is the problem.
So that's why you cut into the infected people's brains?
To see if the antibody is in there?
What about Sae Bom?
Were you going to cut into her brain?
I needed to get a blood sample.
I can do that test with her blood.
Can you
make the cure with Sae Bom's blood?
We found a new monoclonal antibody in Sae Bom's blood.
We need to run some more tests,
but there's a chance it'll make its way to the brain.
That means that Sae Bom is very important for the sake of Korea.
There's a possibility.
Then can you give me some weapons?
So I can protect Sae Bom.
Will you be okay?
About what?
We're not sure about the antibody yet.
Sae Bom can exhibit symptoms at any time.
That's why I need to keep her by my side, so I can watch her.
Right next to me.
Yi Hyun!
Hey! I'm done!
I'm done taking her blood.
Let's go. I'll get you everything you want.
Why are you going to these lengths?
You even snuck into our apartment.
Don't give me that nonsense about how you want to save
everyone who's been infected.
It's because of money.
A lot of wealthy and powerful people have been infected too.
That's why I'm doing everything in secret.
If word gets out,
they won't hesitate to take all the blood in Sae Bom's body
to find a cure to save themselves.
If that happens,
the manufacture of the really profitable drug will be delayed.
For you, it's money.
For me, it's Sae Bom.
Don't come after us again.
And when this is over,
I will expose you for what you are.
Be prepared.
You do that.
I'll pay for what I did.
- Guys. - Mister.
You can't smoke here.
Let us in.
Are you okay?
Sae Bom had blood on her face.
It wasn't hers.
Don't worry, Jung Guk.
- Yi Hyun. - Yes?
My gun.
Oh, right.
Thanks a lot.
I heard something big had happened in the gym?
Is the fourth-floor lady okay?
I'll come over if we need help.
This will be enough.
Can't you just eat what you're given?
I'm checking the date of expiry.
(Infectious Disease Emergency Relief Goods)
(Infectious Disease Emergency Relief Goods)
I thought he'd kill him,
but he shot a grazing blow on the shoulder and stopped.
And he didn't wait until I got bitten.
Don't shoot!
He's still a jerk.
I know that,
but he
seemed desperate too.
Four days. That's how long we have to survive.
Then everything will go back to normal.
The sixth-floor weirdo.
Will you cooperate with him?
No. He's a real nutcase.
We need someone.
One with power
who will do as we say.
There's no such person.
Is the reverend in?
I want to thank him for saving my life,
and I'd like to pray too.
Come in.
Will you just watch dramas?
What else can I do in here?
Take out the trash.
You said you didn't like the smell.
Oh, my gosh.
I'm the best husband in the world.
Hello, Mr. Kook.
Oh, hello.
Are you taking out the trash too?
You're staying with Oh Ju Hyung, and he makes the guest work?
I'll take it.
- But - Come on.
We can't throw it out properly while we're under lockdown.
What's the matter?
Shall I take it down another flight?
I'm so scared.
Oh, dear.
What's the matter?
Does Mr. Oh bother you?
Can you help me?
Where should we put the food waste?
In the freezer?
The fridge isn't a trash can. Give it to me.
Do you know where to leave it?
Are you crazy?
We pay the maintenance fee.
Oh Ju Hyung
killed his wife.
- Did he really? - Yes.
He told me.
If you don't help me, he'll kill me too.
I thought I'd be fine if I just got out of here,
but now we're under martial law.
Of course, I must help you.
I will protect you, Ms. Woo.
I knew you wouldn't turn me away.
Yes. You'll be okay.
What took you so long?
I took out the trash.
In that fancy dress?
This is my dress.
I can't keep wearing your wife's clothes.
Are you thirsty?
Don't worry. I'm not infected.
(Infectious Disease Emergency Relief Goods)
What should we do with Ms. Yoon's blood sample?
Run it only at a lab that has level-three biosafety.
Yoon Sae Bom
woke up after getting a tranquilizer shot.
But that much tranquilizer should have put anyone to sleep.
The virus could have gotten into her brain.
Being able to recover quickly is what the infected have in common.
But the test results came out clean.
It's possible that her body has working antibodies.
Proceed carefully, so the higher-ups don't get wind of this.
No one can go after her before we can develop the cure.
- Got it? - Yes, sir.
How are
Park Seo Yoon's parents?
Her father's symptoms have advanced.
But her mother is only showing mild symptoms.
Give this to him when he feels better.
(To Mom and Dad)
It will help a bit.
Seo Yoon.
Yes. I'm coming!
Hey. This
Can I eat this?
Will they really cut off the power?
Yes, they will.
You know,
you took care of the fridge as if you were taking care of a shrine.
Hey, it's nice to have this much food at times like this.
We can eat doenjang out
on the balcony, right?
I made it myself.
It's better than the store-bought ones.
Sir. Ma'am.
I'll get going.
Dong Hyun isn't coming out.
By the way, do you have a place to go?
I should go to the second floor.
I heard you caused trouble there.
Are you sure you're welcome there?
Stay safe then.
Gosh. You
Then take care.
Goodness. You are so heartless.
Dong Hyun is just like you.
We have an empty room.
If you want to stay here, you can.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
Soo Min!
Hey, Hyun Kyung.
Hey. I'm all right.
I just wanted to let you know that.
Do you have a place to sleep?
just scared a bit.
But I can't go in there.
I don't know what I might do to you.
Soo Min.
I'm sorry.
Hey, don't say that.
Why are you sorry?
Why are you sorry?
It's all my fault.
Hyun Kyung.
Can I
ask you one thing?
If I
If I end up
If something happens to me,
please look after
my family.
Soo Min.
You're going to be okay.
They said the cure would be ready soon.
Hang in there
Soo Min. What?
(Wife: Come back quickly. I got a message from the hospital.)
(But I'm scared to go alone.)
(Wait for me.)
(Give me a bit more time.)
Just a bit more.
Give me a bit more time.
It's so good.
Let me taste some too.
It's pretty good.
I told you.
I know best when it comes to food.
Watch your fingers. It's still hot.
You're eating with gusto.
Isn't it good?
It's good.
There might be more infected people inside.
I saw something weird.
Where did you find this?
She has a wound on her hand.
Mom is acting strange. You know that, right?
He's inside, right?
You're secretly harboring an infected person.
It's better to get rid of the infected quickly.
Did you drug the water?
I only need the two of you to die.
The rest of them is a bonus.
How could you come up with a messed-up thought like that?
I'm Ryu Su Yeol.
Do you think I'm working hard just to get a promotion?
(Ryu Su Yeol, a social climber and detective)
Come back here now!
I want to beat you to a pulp.
But I'm busy. Okay?
Bad and Crazy premieres on December 17.
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