Happiness (2021) s01e08 Episode Script


(All characters, locations, organizations, religions,)
(incidents, and groups in this drama are fictional.)
Are you sure it'll rain?
Yes, I am.
Trust me when it comes to the weather.
A friend works for the National Weather Service.
Even he asks me about the weather.
I'm more accurate than them.
I hope it rains a lot.
(Episode 8)
I can't guess how much it will though.
If the infected attack again,
we'll be the first to go down.
Even so, going into someone else's home
is just not right.
Hello, you two.
Can you hear us out?
(SY Home Cleaning)
The second floor is dangerous.
We're right above the lobby.
So we want to stay there instead.
Can you tell her it's fine?
Some fool left food waste on the first floor,
and it stinks so much.
You just need to talk to me, the resident representative.
You're saying you want to move to the 11th floor.
Isn't the door locked?
We cleaned Unit 1102 not long ago.
The passcode is still 8888.
We'll clean it up again when we leave in three days.
Are you against it, Ms. Oh?
There could be legal repercussions,
and the 11th floor is the Royal Floor.
It won't feel right to let the cleaners stay.
Wouldn't the residents mind?
Why don't we ask the other residents?
There's a lawyer among them too.
As a lawyer, I would like to say it's not recommended.
Entering someone's home without permission
is breaking and entering.
More than two is aggravated breaking and entering.
It's unrelated to the homeowner's will,
so anyone can report it even if the homeowner's lenient.
By the way,
and I do feel bad about having to say this,
but you two.
If you move upstairs,
my family will be the one on the lowest floor.
Why should we stand guard for you?
You're giving me that weird look again.
I live with my old wife.
If you young people were to stay below us,
what's so bad about that?
Listen. We
Mr. Oh, you joined us so reluctantly.
Why don't you speak up?
I think you can stay here, mister.
If you stand guard down here like a guard dog,
the residents can relax and everyone will be happy.
What are you saying?
- What was that? - Don't.
- Don't do it. - Relax.
Calm down and get back to your cleaning.
It's three more days at most.
Let's hang in there a little longer.
Everyone's struggling.
I can't give you two any special treatment.
Where should we leave our trash?
Even if we put it in the stairwell, it still smells.
You didn't
throw it out the window, did you?
Did someone do that?
I hope not.
If anyone needs more water,
leave some containers on the rooftop.
I told Unit 401,
but it'll rain tonight.
How do you know that?
Are you connected to the Internet?
He's a human weather service.
He could've been a major leaguer,
but he hurt his knee and
- Maybe not a major leaguer - Oh, dear.
You're still young. I feel sorry for you.
You should
exercise your legs every now and then.
I should do that.
You should exercise more.
Not you too.
Excuse me.
I have something to tell you.
It's about my brother.
He's not here.
He can't be here.
I got worried, you see.
My brother contacted me.
Yesterday, with that, before the power cut.
He looked okay.
He always had a strong immune system.
He rarely caught a cold.
Do you think
there's a possibility he's not infected?
I hope so.
Human weather service.
See? I said it would rain.
Go back to sleep. I'll rush up and back.
It's fine. I'm awake anyway.
Let's get some water and flush the toilet.
I don't like the feel.
We can put the container back too.
Who knows when it'll rain again?
When will it rain?
It's raining right now.
- You devil. - My gosh.
Get away from me.
He'll drive me insane.
What is this?
He has a religion now.
He even prays before going to sleep.
Does he pray properly?
Let's go.
Get away from me, devil.
It's raining.
Should we collect some water?
Heavy metals, fine dust, pollutants.
There's no way I'm drinking rainwater.
Or the water in the bathtub.
We'll be out in three days.
What's your problem?
You never know.
Soo Min.
Soo Min.
- My gosh. - Soo Min.
Soo Min.
- Is that you? - Hyun Kyung?
Hey. What are you doing down here?
You should go upstairs.
Wait. Don't go. Let's talk.
Is it serious?
Are you sure you are infected?
I'm not sure.
I just feel a bit
Did you eat? Did you have anything to eat?
That's ours.
Don't you have water in your unit?
You didn't even ask for our permission.
That's fine. Nobody owns rainwater.
If you want more water, go ahead.
Hey, you can't just drink that.
Gosh. It's fine.
I even filled up on muddy water during my tactical training.
(Unit 1501, Kim Se Hoon)
No one will steal yours at least.
Wait. Do you even drink rainwater?
After I purify it.
I have water purification tablets. Drop by if you need any.
Make sure to tell your husband beforehand.
I'll be going to his unit.
You cannot go there alone.
Don't worry.
He even purifies rainwater before drinking it.
No way he took the pills from the gym.
What should we eat for dinner?
We just ate.
When I have lunch, I think about what to eat the next day.
Anticipation for my next meal will make the food tastier.
- Hello. - Hi.
You're still working?
Staying at home feels stuffy.
And the resident representative
told me that I had to keep working if I wanted to get paid.
That woman is just so awful.
By the way,
I found something odd.
What is it?
Where did you find this?
In a trash bag.
The trash bag is only filled up halfway.
I guess they must have a lot of trash bags at home.
What is this?
Where did you find that trash bag?
On the staircase between the third and fourth floor.
She was fine up until yesterday.
Don't make it obvious.
I'll question her since I'm the detective here.
I'll use my advanced investigative methods.
Be nice.
She still must be in shock.
Don't worry.
Do you need anything?
I'm good for now.
What brings you here?
We came here because of the trash.
You threw this out, didn't you?
I didn't get hurt! I'm telling the truth!
- I'm fine. Look. - Gosh. You're fine.
I didn't get bitten.
I'm really not infected.
Advanced investigative methods?
Goodness. Unbelievable.
It's better to be blunt about it.
I don't think Ms. Na threw it out.
Her brother.
Where could he be now?
You should have brought Sae Bom. Why did you ask me?
You said you couldn't lend us your gun.
I'm sorry.
I feel anxious without my gun.
Right. So we should do it.
(Infectious Disease Emergency Relief Goods)
We gave that out.
Why is it here?
We're under martial law.
There are infected people all over this place.
- What's your point? - Is it necessary to find out
everything that happens in the building?
There might be more infected people inside.
What if we do?
What if we find more infected people?
Where are we going to lock them up? We're under lockdown too.
Yi Hyun.
We can get out after two days.
Don't stir things up in the name of investigation. Got it?
I just want us to be safe.
What if people get bitten and there are more infected people?
My wife
is very sick right now.
She got tested for breast cancer.
We're suspecting a cancer recurrence.
We got a call from the hospital.
We thought she was cancer-free.
So we opened up a rice cake shop.
Yi Hyun.
I need to get back to my wife.
You also know
how much she has gone through.
Don't you?
Jung Guk is right.
There isn't much
we can do.
I want the whole thing.
Let's hold out until the disease control team comes.
Let's do that.
I don't think I can.
Number 13 among all the materials for the clinical trial
seems to be working.
Give me the numbers.
Seventy-two percent of the severely-ill patients
have longer cycles
and fewer frequencies of their symptoms.
What's your thirst level?
I barely get thirsty.
What about my family?
They are well.
Sir, not yet
By the way,
did you always like meat?
I used to be a vegetarian.
You're recovering well.
Don't worry about your family.
Just focus on getting better.
They're not done analyzing Yoon Sae Bom's blood, right?
No, not yet.
Keep a tight lid on that.
But leak the progress about Number 13 to the higher-ups.
We're still in the early stage of our clinical trial.
We need a bit more data.
That's precisely why. We need more data.
Tell them the clinical trial is over,
and we're about to finalize it.
What did you do in there?
It's It's nothing.
I was just feeling a bit suffocated.
I heard this apartment was empty.
I'll go in with you.
- I was feeling suffocated too. - Wait.
I'm sorry. My brother's inside.
Mr. Na. You're inside. Aren't you?
Are you okay?
It's okay. You can talk.
They're the couple from upstairs.
Yes. I'm still okay.
Did you eat a packed meal at the entrance in basement level 1?
Did your sister give it to you?
No. The male doctor from the sixth floor gave it to me.
He knew that
I contracted the disease.
You must be hungry.
What did Oh Ju Hyung say?
He told me I should come inside the apartment,
but I refused. When I did,
he told me to think about it
and gave me the packed meal.
Why did you refuse?
I'm sure you wanted to come in.
I was scared
that I would end up biting people.
Even if the lockdown ends tomorrow,
just stay at home.
- Okay. - You and your brother both.
We'll go out and explain the situation
and bring in the doctors.
Thank you so much for understanding.
This isn't because we understand. It's because we have no choice.
We can't even kick you out.
But still, I'm grateful.
Thank you.
My gosh.
Bo Ram.
Come here.
Just a minute.
- Bo Ram. - Let me say this in advance.
I'm not going to take your money, so don't worry.
I don't want to get involved in this.
It's not that.
Did you hear the banging sounds last night?
That's the sound the infected make.
I think it's my mom.
I saw some photos my mom took, and she has wounds on her back.
She said she bumped into the infected woman on the sixth floor.
What do you mean "so"?
If my mom is infected, we could get infected too.
Are you afraid about that?
You're not worried?
If you're so scared, stay locked up in your room.
No, it's not that. I'm worried about you.
You're worried about me?
Be good to your parents.
I would want nothing more than parents like yours.
When the lockdown ends and things settle down tomorrow,
I should visit my mom first.
According to First Lieutenant Lee, they're taking good care of her.
I'm sure she's okay.
I had no idea I would meet my mom like this.
Oh, right.
Do you think things are okay in the US?
Thank goodness we didn't have a wedding.
I know. Imagine if this happened on her way here.
I almost became a bad son.
Did we do a good job?
About getting married? Of course, we did.
No, I'm talking about the fourth floor.
Oh, Mr. Na?
He seemed okay.
- Is it because it's too early? - Lieutenant Colonel Han said
you could control your thirst.
As long as you're determined.
Then I will never get infected.
You know how tough of a man I am.
I'm excited to see it.
What is this?
Is it edible?
For indigestion.
When I played baseball, I got stomachaches when I got nervous.
That's why I got it when I went to play in the Italian Championships,
but it tastes disgusting, so don't eat it.
I see.
I've never taken digestive medicine in my life.
I'm jealous.
You know,
I can eat everything here.
- That's a lot, isn't it? - Right.
It's because we have the food from Seo Yoon's place too.
Even still, we shared it with everyone else.
When the lockdown ends tomorrow,
let's put everything back.
What if the lockdown doesn't end tomorrow?
We could wait while we eat that.
You said you were a tough guy.
Thanks a lot.
(No service. Mobile network is unavailable in your region.)
Mr. Kim.
Do you want to go outside or stay here with Seo Yoon?
Someone should stay here with Seo Yoon. Don't you think?
Right. Then give me the gun.
Hey, Sae Bom.
I'm having a hard time these days.
Okay. Hold onto it.
I was just wondering. That's why I asked.
Sae Bom, my phone isn't working yet.
Do you think everything is okay?
Of course. Stay here with Mr. Kim.
I'm going to go outside and check out the situation.
If you think you might get hurt, make sure you run away.
Don't worry. I'm really good at sensing those things.
What is this?
It was here when I came in.
(You've been through so much.)
- Oh, my. - Goodness.
I didn't realize there was such a nice person in Seyang Forest.
I guess they have a lot of water at home.
I think it's the girl from the fourth floor.
She's very generous.
Did you enjoy living on the third floor?
Even after you almost killed us all?
I'm sorry.
What is this? It's like an oasis in the desert. No way.
Did you prepare this, Ms. Oh?
You guys have all been through so much.
Can we drink more than one?
What? Yes, of course. Go ahead.
here. Take it. We're neighbors.
When will the doors open?
Let's go out and check?
Who wants to go out with me?
Let's go.
We need to go outside to find out.
Don't drink it.
Who knows if someone spiked it?
No way.
Are we here too early?
This is not a drill.
Everyone. This is not a drill.
The martial law that was to be lifted today
will be extended indefinitely.
I repeat.
The martial law that was to be lifted today
- will be extended indefinitely. - Oh, dear Lord.
- Why? - Oh, no.
This is not a drill.
What now?
I repeat.
Everyone. This is not a drill.
The martial law that was to be lifted today
will be extended indefinitely.
I repeat.
This is not a drill.
Everyone. This is not a drill.
Ms. Woo said
she needed some legal advice.
Where is she now?
She was right here. Where did she go?
There she is.
You're back.
I lost a lot of money being locked up here.
I want to calculate how much.
Did you hear the broadcast?
Yes. We both were really surprised. Weren't we?
We were.
Are you done here?
Yes, I am.
Then go.
If you need anything else, like legal
- Sure. Goodbye. - Bye.
Don't drink that.
You left it in the gym to try to appease everyone.
We're no longer able to leave.
Did you have fun?
- With what? - The lawyer.
The legal stuff.
It was so-so.
Where were you? You said you'd stay at home.
I was with our neighbor.
I gave Sang Hee some legal advice because we thought we could get out.
But the martial law got extended.
I wasted my time for no pay.
What are we going to do?
What do we do?
Let's try getting out of here.
We can't stay here forever.
The martial law got extended. If you leave,
you could get shot on the spot.
The thumping sound from inside the building.
It could've come from outside or from the basement.
My mom.
I think she's sick.
She had a wound on her back.
I saw
a photo she'd taken with her phone.
Are you telling the truth?
You know Mom's weird, don't you?
It's psoriasis!
Your skin dries out when you get older,
and sometimes you scratch until you bleed.
I've been putting on her back
What is that called?
You know, that thing that you put on like this.
A moisturizer?
Yes, that. A moisturizer.
I helped her put on moisturizer.
I saw it too.
It's just cracked dry skin.
We shall go and check.
Let's hear them out first.
Who says you can come into my home?
Do what you want outside.
My wife and I
will not leave our house anymore.
Darn you.
We must discuss rations.
The food and necessities on the second floor.
We should distribute that.
What are you on about?
What are we to eat, then?
Should we starve?
Let's be honest.
It doesn't belong to you either.
You just brought it over.
Lady! How can you say that?
Listen, lady.
We risked our lives to get all that.
Who says we should share?
You're staying here for free.
- What are you so upset about? - What?
You spoke nonsense about the 11th floor being a Royal Floor.
Why don't you charge us to breathe too?
Shall we pay you for oxygen?
This is how I get betrayed for being considerate.
- "Considerate"? - Now, now.
Calm down, everyone.
You can leave if you want, lady!
- Calm down. - We risked our lives!
The resident representative.
We got it for ourselves!
- This won't do. - We got it all!
She'll only start more fights.
- How could you? - Please calm down.
Bo Ram.
You can't stay here anymore.
Go somewhere else.
I have nowhere to go.
Go to Unit 501. They're good people.
They'll find you a place to stay.
Why did they gather everyone?
For the same usual nonsense.
Set the table. I'm hungry.
- Where's Dong Hyun? - He's
He'll be somewhere in the building.
By the way,
the supermarket part-timer.
She found an empty apartment to stay in.
Good for her.
I thought
we'd be able to use the elevator from today.
I can't stand that cleaning crew.
They are so rude too.
But we can't kick them out.
Gosh. My arm!
My arm is stuck.
What's going on?
We need to talk.
Let's talk outside.
Thanks for inviting us in.
Gosh. We're already inside.
Let's talk comfortably inside.
Go inside.
We haven't completely settled in yet.
Are you guys really here to live?
We ordered our furniture and home appliances in sets.
But they haven't arrived yet.
The fridge and microwave look very modest.
We need to live here for now.
Or maybe, you never meant
to live here.
Isn't this yours?
(Muil Group Constructions)
Oh, right here.
It says, "In Celebration of Muil Group Constructions"
"as the Selected Builder."
This was given out when they announced
the selection of the builder.
All the residents who got a unit
in this apartment received one.
Residents from general sales.
Not the residents from free rental units.
I know that you gave water to Kim Seung Beom.
Who told you that?
Your job is to become the apartment representative
and embezzle the public funds, isn't it?
Kim Seung Beom got a job here to help you, didn't he?
Do you have proof?
Let's go.
I'll promise you one thing.
It's about the apartment representative.
You will never become one.
That was some nice advanced interrogative method.
It was pretty good today.
Did you see that? You need to ask them point-blank.
Otherwise, they'll keep playing innocent.
Jung Guk.
Are you here to pray too?
I'm an atheist.
I see.
What about Seo Yoon?
I asked Bo Ram to come upstairs and stay with her
for a bit.
She said she left Unit 302,
so she didn't have a place to sleep.
- Then Seo Yoon - Make it quick then.
Okay. I'll be home soon.
- Okay. - But
We'll see you downstairs.
What do we do with Bo Ram?
Should we ask her to stay in Unit 502 for a while?
Let's ask Seo Yoon first.
It's obvious they are con artists. I'm worried about him.
He needs someone to rely on too.
When I couldn't play baseball anymore, I was in the same place.
Did you pray too?
No. I had something else.
You have bottled beverages, right?
I don't want high-calorie drinks.
Here. Give me 50 dollars' worth of beverages.
You still haven't come to your senses.
I could just beat you. Beat it.
Hey. What
One hundred dollars.
You're still not going to sell?
It's 200 dollars for one 500ml bottled drink.
Are you trying to make a fortune by selling this stuff
at an apartment you don't even live in?
Am I not allowed to make a fortune?
I'll make a fortune and live here too.
You called me a guard dog.
Bring me money. You don't want to?
Fine. I'll go bring more money. Darn it.
That jerk. Did you see him getting scared and running away?
Did I do something wrong?
That jerk looked down on me first.
Since people don't carry a lot of cash these days,
we'll accept valuables too.
Gosh. Yes.
The resident representative might have a lot of jewelry, right?
I'm going to take her jewelry.
Given what happened,
we ought to make as much money as we can.
We need to pay for Seung Hoon's college too.
One, two, three
Ma'am. Hey.
Stop listening to Ms. Oh and cleaning the apartment.
Clean this house. Okay?
We're letting you eat that expensive bread and water.
So be grateful.
"He who acts unjustly, let him act unjustly still."
"He who is filthy, let him be filthy still."
"He who is righteous, let him do righteousness still."
"He who is holy"
My arm is stuck.
"let him be holy still."
- Amen. - Amen.
I have a question about Ms. Yoon Sae Bom.
Is she all right?
- Pardon? - I saw a scratch on her hand.
I was worried that she was infected.
And it looked like she had something going on
with the military guy that came before.
I'm right, aren't I?
We have flash grenades.
That's a lot.
And we have handcuffs too.
What's that? A walkie-talkie?
He said he couldn't give me a gun, so he gave me that instead.
How do we use this? Hey, turn this on.
Let's find out what's going on outside.
Hey, you. Have some snacks.
Later. If he sees this, he'll feel anxious again.
How did your prayer go?
What? It was good.
Are you worried that you can't go out?
No. It's not that.
You went outside with Han Tae Seok the other day.
There was blood all over your body.
Are you all right?
Are you hurt?
I'm fine.
When did you get that?
Oh, this? A long time ago, my friend
scratched me.
I see. When you were at the dorm?
Then that was a pretty long time ago.
It's not healing quickly.
Jung Guk, don't worry.
If something feels wrong with me,
I'll tell you.
Do you think I'll bite you or Yi Hyun?
- One, two, three, - One, two, three,
- four, five, six, seven. - four, five, six, seven.
- What's this? - It's
Why are you up at this hour?
Can you please let me live here? My mother is infected.
How can I trust you?
Go somewhere else.
I'm really not infected. Please?
I was out all day.
And look at this.
I'm completely fine.
I'll stay here, clean, and do all the chores.
And I brought
all the food from my house.
I know that you're both nice people.
Please. I know you have big hearts.
Please help me.
- Wait. - Okay.
The more food we have, the better it is.
We don't know how much longer we have to stay here.
Where is he going to sleep? We don't have a spare room.
What if he bites us in the middle of the night?
- Gosh. - I'll leave.
To go where?
I'll go to the fourth floor for now.
If not, I'll go to other units.
give me some food.
Excuse me, ma'am.
Will you be okay?
The other places might not let you stay with them.
If they won't, I'll go stay in the basement lounge.
I think I'll feel better being there alone.
Be careful.
People are getting meaner.
Thank you.
What do you want now?
I found something.
you'd really love to know.
What did you find here?
Something you need right now.
What's the passcode?
It's 8888.
Things are going smoothly since you're cooperating.
What's inside?
You don't even know the passcode, but you know that?
I saw someone bring something in here secretly.
The people on the second floor?
Did they hide food in here?
You'll be surprised when you see it.
Did you eat something?
Who's inside?
I told you nobody could live in here!
Who are you?
Look at me.
Can anyone hear me?
First Lieutenant Lee.
Hey, Han Tae Seok!
I'm sure they didn't give up on us.
They must need time to get things settled.
Right. The battery might die.
Let's try again later.
- Hey. - Yes?
Since we're up here,
can you tell me about when you played baseball?
When I won?
I went out as the relief player in the third inning
Not that. About you.
If you didn't rely on religion, what did you rely on?
You said that everyone
needed something to rely on.
- What? - To be honest,
I was really miserable.
I acted fine in front of you,
but who was I without baseball?
I wasn't anything.
But after hearing what you said
and falling down,
I thought to myself, "Is this how I'm going to die?"
Then I had a moment of clarity.
I thought, "Everything is futile."
Thanks to you, I felt better.
Gosh, you're embarrassing me.
Why would you say that to my face?
You should've thanked me in secret.
I was always grateful.
Why are you two together?
- What is it? - None of your business.
Na Soo Min
was infected and hiding in the apartment.
Did you really hide him there?
Can I come inside for a second?
Mr. Na?
Do you hear us?
I don't hear anything,
so it doesn't seem to have developed.
Mr. Na.
Are you okay?
Please save me.
I swear.
I swear I didn't bite anyone.
I just stared at that resident representative.
I swear.
I have to see my children.
We have to quarantine the infected. Right?
Just bear with it a little.
We'll figure out the situation and come back.
Can you protect Hyun Kyung,
so she doesn't end up like me?
I wasn't the one
who was banging around.
It's not too late.
You guys could get cornered for having been infected
since you've been in contact with them.
I even heard you had contact with the first infected person.
We should begin trusting each other
And support you so that you can become the apartment representative?
Is this the time and place for that?
When would I bring it up otherwise?
There's no right time to make money.
You know that Oh Ju Hyung is crazy. Right?
You guys are so soft.
How will you go up against Oh Ju Hyung?
Is Oh Ju Hyung at home?
Please step outside for a minute.
You won't see anything nice.
I heard
you're the one who found Na Soo Min.
Yes. I put in the effort for the safety of the apartment.
You should each
have a drink.
I heard the infected got thirstier when they drink water.
You guys were with Na Soo Min the whole time.
I'm just worried about you.
You're going to look for an infected person among us?
you should drink up too.
We three are healthy.
You must take action.
That is the only way
to prevent a mishap.
You want to see your family again in good health.
To do that,
you must do things you don't want to.
Why avoid the situation when there's something you can do?
What can I do?
Lock up the infected who are pretending to be human.
And restore order.
I think he's puking.
Shouldn't we too?
It did taste a little bitter.
I've never vomited before. How do you do it?
Let's wait a bit.
My wife got sick because of some pills, right?
These are the pills her trainer sold her.
Did you put this in the drinks?
Did you leave the drinks in the gym?
To get everyone here sick.
If everyone dies or gets infected,
you won't be charged with murder.
How do you even get such crazy ideas?
I just need you two dead.
The rest are a bonus.
The more infected there are, the sooner we'll find a cure.
This is unbelievable.
You're confessing, aren't you?
you have to go home and not come back out.
If you die of mad person disease,
that's just your loss.
Until a cure is found,
lie low,
and hide in your apartment.
You killed your wife, didn't you?
No. I didn't kill anyone.
Unless you want to kill someone,
go home, stay there, and keep your mouths shut.
If you won't do that, go outside
and ask that Lieutenant Colonel for help.
I'm so sorry.
What are you doing?
What's wrong with you?
Hey. Why would you do that? Spit it out.
It's bitter.
It's the digestive medicine I took when I played baseball.
What is this?
Is it edible?
For indigestion. When I played baseball,
I got stomachaches when I got nervous.
You bothered me so much,
I swapped out the pills.
Darn you.
The dashcam
caught you taking the pills.
Mr. Oh.
This time, there's no getting out.
What'll you do to me, then?
What else?
Murderers must be isolated too.
Sae Bom.
I'm really sorry.
I can't get sick.
Jung Guk.
Oh Ju Hyung killed someone.
That's none of our business.
Right now, whether you're infected or not is more important.
You two were exposed to the infected.
Yoon Sae Bom, you were scratched by an infected person.
I think you should be isolated.
This precious cure will heal us fast.
- Yes. - We should get better soon.
I feel better already.
- Me too. - It's a great feeling.
It is.
We'll be cured soon.
More people were infected than I thought.
Did you all take Next?
That shot definitely makes me feel better.
Good job.
Your wife should get the shot too.
She should.
I heard that Component 13 was hard to manufacture.
It is. We can't produce much of it.
I think it'll be best if martial law stays in place for now.
Keep everyone on lockdown
to keep the infected numbers low before releasing the cure.
The infected don't even know if they killed people.
If we let them live, they'll become a problem.
You are very right.
Whether the situation is resolved or not,
problematic people are best taken care of soon.
People like you.
What are you saying?
We'd just begun the clinical trials on the cure,
but you used money and power to take it.
You should pay for that.
What do you think you can do?
Thanks to you, we will have more data to work with.
Have a good time.
Make room!
(Wonjung University Student Dormitories)
Sir, there was an incident in the chairman suite.
High-up politicians were all infected.
Component 13.
They stole it and got injected with it.
That failed the second round of clinical trials.
We're throwing out all the samples.
I guess they didn't know.
They're important people.
Have them brought in alive.
We need them as test subjects.
I'm thirsty.
Young In.
We're almost there.
I'm running out of patience now.
Are you thirsty too?
They are good at concealing their thirst.
They don't look much different from regular people.
Be careful. You cannot
trust those people.
Should we look for infected people?
Just say that you also think
the woman on the fifth floor is infected too.
If things get dangerous, I'll take the medicine too.
There will be casualties.
I can only make one decision.
You're responsible for the death.
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