Happiness (2021) s01e09 Episode Script

Dwindling Water

(All characters, locations, organizations, religions,)
(incidents, and groups in this drama are fictional.)
(Episode 9)
Ms. Oh went somewhere with Mr. Kim.
They both seemed a bit weird
Mr. Kim.
Do you feel thirsty too?
Don't you dare go after her.
Talk to me if you must.
You too.
Sae Bom. We must figure out who's infected.
You could've gotten sick without knowing.
Stand up straight. You're enforcing order.
You still have a lot of water and food.
We'll stay indoors.
Can you stop all this and leave?
Right this moment.
My patience
is running really thin.
Do you see that glare?
Why won't you aim your gun at her?
He's really out of his mind.
Hey, mister.
What are you looking for?
What do you need?
I was just
It doesn't look like a newlyweds' home.
It's much better without you around.
But about that kid.
Shouldn't she be staying somewhere else?
What if either of you bites her?
Where should she stay, then? At your place?
She can do that.
I'm good with kids.
I can tutor her too.
You're here for the pills, aren't you?
The pills that cause the disease.
Give me all you have,
and lie low in your apartment.
Then I'll let you stay.
What do you need them for?
You already failed trying to infect everyone.
I did some thinking.
Those pills kept my wife alive
even after her head was bashed in.
I'll take the pills if I'm ever in danger.
That will eliminate the chances
of me dying of blood loss even if a freak bites me.
I can get sick but feel no pain.
Aren't you afraid of the disease?
Why should I be?
The infected feel no fear.
This isn't a narcotic.
What were you doing in there?
Weren't you on the third floor?
The detective in Unit 501 said I could stay there instead.
Is something wrong?
Well, the others are saying these people are infected.
Did they come at you like this, trying to bite you?
No, they didn't.
Honey. Are you sure they're infected?
I'll explain later.
All that happened is on you.
Since you're all here, let's talk about this.
We need to figure out
what to do with the people in Unit 501.
You lot!
Have your talk in the resident representative's home.
It's practically empty with lots of room!
Every one of you can get inside
and still have room to spare, right?
Sae Bom. What are you doing?
Don't, Sae Bom.
Take a deep breath.
Be calm.
You can all go now.
Come with me.
(SY Home Cleaning)
Sae Bom.
Are you all right?
Don't you feel thirsty?
I'm really disappointed with you.
She's right. Ms. Oh's home is a good spot.
Let's check out the Royal Floor.
That's right. Our Unit 201 is too shabby for important people.
My apartment isn't very clean.
I don't mind that at all.
Ms. Oh's apartment would be a great place to meet.
Let's check it out.
- Let's go. - Let's go upstairs.
Come along. Let's go.
- But - Let's go.
Are you okay?
Do you think I want Sae Bom to get sick?
I was just worried. You saw the cut on her hand.
That's really nothing. It's just a cut.
You're worried about nothing.
You go inside.
I'll stand guard outside the door.
If nothing happens after a few days,
I'm sure the others will calm down.
Jung Guk. Be careful. Those people
can't be trusted.
It's really high up.
My goodness.
It is.
The Royal Floor isn't all that great.
I made a huge sacrifice by going down to talk to you.
Next time, we can talk downstairs.
Gosh. There's nothing here.
Are you sure you live here?
It'll cost quite a lot to clean this whole apartment.
What reverend drinks so much alcohol?
What should we do with the infected people?
You saw what Ms. Yoon was like.
She could suddenly barge in here.
Didn't the lawyer from Unit 601 talk about an emergency evacuation?
Why haven't I seen him today?
I'll talk to him about it.
I don't think it applies, though.
Unit 501 is their rightful home,
and they haven't shown any symptoms.
She's right. They haven't caused a nuisance.
There's proof that Unit 501's female detective
is infected.
It might be better to kick them out entirely.
People who have nothing to lose
become surprisingly brazen.
The infected show symptoms once they drink water.
Isn't it dangerous to leave them with so much of it?
You're right.
They had a lot of water.
We can't throw it all out.
The lockdown got extended, and we're all short on supplies.
The rest of us
can split their supplies equally.
My gosh.
I think they're all terrible.
They're not bad people, though.
They're just afraid.
The man from Unit 601 too?
He's an exception.
Don't go anywhere near him,
and don't even answer him.
Pretend he's invisible, okay?
- Don't even look at him. - Right.
By the way, what Jung Guk did was really messed up.
You know, we've known each other for over a decade now.
I'm not taking his side or anything.
He hasn't been able to go home for several days now.
Imagine how much he misses his wife.
And he must be worried sick.
You know that I grade people, right?
I give a point for a good deed
and deduct a point when they mess up.
He's in the negative now.
Then give some of my points. I'm sure I have a lot of
I have points. Right?
The detective went upstairs with them.
Go up where?
They are coming up with a plan to kick the two of you out.
When he heard that, he went upstairs.
And send us where?
They are going to take your water and food too.
Stay with Seo Yoon for a bit.
Hey, Sae Bom.
Sae Bom. Don't get so worked up!
Are you worried?
Not about her.
But the residents.
She's a civil servant. If she bites people,
she'll lose her house. I'm sure you all know that.
Sae Bom was so happy that she could buy an apartment.
Come on. You're her neighbors. Why are you so harsh on her?
Hey, Sae Bom.
Why are you here?
I'll explain everything to them. Go stay in your house.
Come on, Detective. She has a knife!
What were you all talking about?
- My gosh! - What are you doing?
Oh no!
What? Are you going to shoot me?
Are you going to kill everyone here?
Hey, Sae Bom.
Calm down. Please?
That's fine! Don't stop her.
She doesn't even have the guts to shoot me.
Go ahead!
The first one is always a blank for cops.
So what are you going to do now?
You're going to threaten us
and continue to leave here when you are infected?
I came up because I was furious.
Since everyone is here,
should we really
see who's infected?
Is there a way to check?
I'm sure you all know that the infected people get thirsty.
What do you think will happen to them if they see blood
after they have been suppressing and hiding their thirst?
Where's the blood?
Right here.
Darn it.
I'm fine.
She calmed down just now.
What do we do now?
We should wait
until we can talk to her.
Since Jung Guk is here now,
you go upstairs and treat your wound.
If she keeps smelling blood, it will be harder on her.
Can you stay here, Jung Guk?
We must find out if she got bitten or took the drug.
Okay. I'll ask her later.
Let's hurry back.
I don't want your wound to get infected.
Calm down. Okay?
You might not know, but my immune system is pretty strong.
Bo Ram is moving.
I'll go by myself. You should go back inside.
I know how to treat a cut like this.
I just need to stop the bleeding.
Apply some ointment.
And put a new towel on it.
Keep your hand elevated.
And lie still.
Give me some water too.
Gosh. That scared me. Give me some water.
Is this your water?
You should all go back.
I don't think we can continue our discussion now.
Honey, let's go.
Gosh. You're still here.
What is it?
Not so fast.
Not after what you did to Sae Bom.
Shouldn't we check if there are more infected people?
For all we know, you could be infected too, Mr. Oh.
Don't you agree?
You too, ma'am.
I'm coming in.
Get out now.
I might turn again.
Don't worry.
Your symptoms went away just now.
So you won't have another fit for some time.
I came here to talk about something important.
We need to find out
how you got infected. So with that information,
we can prepare ourselves too.
Did you
take any drugs from the gym?
I got infected at the supermarket.
When I hid to stay away from the other infected people,
they must have scratched my leg.
If I told you the truth,
I was worried that you wouldn't let me into the apartment.
I was scared.
No one is going to come down here.
Get some rest.
Thank you.
If it weren't for you,
I might have bitten anyone I could.
We don't know that.
You might have been able
to hold out without biting anyone.
Did you throw out the blood-stained towel
in the emergency staircase? It was in the trash bag.
That wasn't me.
What is it? Is someone outside?
(No Entry, Risk of Infection)
I can hear sounds from outside.
From the indoor driving range.
Mr. Na Soo Min in there?
I just need you to say that you think
the woman on the fifth floor is also infected.
- What is it? - I heard
some kind of sound from there.
Who would come down here where the infected people are?
Oh, right.
Do you play golf too?
I play screen golf occasionally.
I see. Then you can practice while you're here.
You'll leave here as a single player.
You should get the treatment once it's made
and go home safely.
If people find out you had mad person disease,
your family wouldn't be happy.
Is it because of that woman on the fifth floor?
Because she works for the Police SOU?
I served in the military too. KATUSA.
I was in the defense force in Kentucky as well.
I can tell when I look at people,
and that woman is no threat.
Are you sure?
Did you really serve in the military?
I was a military chaplain.
Go home. I'm sure your wife is in shock.
Oh, right
Leave the golf club.
When you get back, tell the others about the situation
and be careful.
When you meet people, always meet in groups.
Thank you.
Be careful you don't catch it, Mr. Oh.
Don't worry. I'm always careful.
You should change your pants when you get home.
They look a little wet.
Can you please leave? So that I can be alone?
You should stay home for the time being too.
It might still be in the incubation period.
What the
What on earth is going on?
What happened?
Oh, my.
Oh, dear
- What are you doing? - There's blood here.
The couple on the fifth floor did something crazy again.
We have to get the residents together again.
This time, we're going to get rid of all the people who were infected!
Where were you?
I'm pretty sure you said you'd stay at home.
I did. While keeping my hand up and laying down.
But I had a really good idea on my way up.
How good was your idea?
I'm already bleeding,
so it would be good to find more infected people.
So did you find any infected people?
Well, that's a good thing.
This isn't.
You could put some ointment on it for me.
It'll get better really quick.
Let's go inside.
What are you doing?
I'm too embarrassed to face you.
I'm really gullible, so I ended up causing you more trouble.
I'll stay on the second floor or the gym.
I don't think I can face Seo Yoon either.
It's fine. Just come inside.
We have to treat Yi Hyun's cut.
Jung Guk.
Cheer up.
If you have any worries from now on, share them with us.
Don't betray us.
I didn't
It was my first time betraying anyone.
- Let's go inside. - Okay.
What? Thanks.
I'll work hard.
Hurry up. Let's go inside.
Did you get hurt badly?
What? No. It's just a tiny scratch.
Not from an infected person but from a knife.
- Hey - Nobody did it to me. I did it.
Seo Yoon. He needs to get treated, so let's go out.
- I hurt myself - Hey.
- Let's go. - Sit here.
How could you
You look totally normal,
so how could you cause trouble like that?
What should I do? Just watch you cut yourself?
Should I have praised you and said it was pretty?
Are you and I the same?
I would've given myself a small cut. A couple of drops.
You could've just scared them, but you were gushing blood.
It's because I have a strong heart.
I just bled a lot.
All of my veins and muscles are all intact. See?
Do you think I'm that dumb?
See? It's fine. Isn't it?
It's not?
Will I not be able to use my hand again?
You won't need stitches.
Don't do this again.
I don't feel good because you got hurt.
My stomach hurts,
and I don't think I can eat dinner.
I feel the say way.
All of those people were glaring at you,
and you were holding a knife threatening to cut yourself.
So how can I sit by and do nothing?
I can do this, but you can't.
- Why not? - Just don't do it.
My gosh.
I thought she was infected. Why is she still there?
Stop overreacting.
You said she was infected.
Are you sure they tied her up?
Can you move?
I'll take her out.
Take care of the situation in here.
Oh, my.
Darn it.
Where do you want to go?
There's a room in the golfing range.
I feel suffocated.
I want to go anywhere that's open.
Everyone who needs to be here is here.
The 15th floor never comes,
and the old couple on the third floor
want to stay at home.
The reverend isn't here.
He's not feeling well, so he wants to stay home.
Check to be sure he isn't infected.
Come on.
Calm down, everyone.
The cleaning lady's not here either.
Is she
at your place?
No, she didn't come to my place.
Didn't she go to the basement?
She said there was a staff room down there.
Let's get this done quickly without wasting more time.
You said they went crazy when they saw blood.
It's really not me.
Detective, can you speed it up?
- Get me a cup. - Okay.
you can
do the honors, Mr. Kook.
You have a knife there too.
Fill the cup halfway like you would with urine.
This is something a cop should do.
You already have a cut.
Yes, he's right.
Should I cut it back open?
I'm not here to donate blood,
so volunteer yourself.
No one?
Will this do?
Stop the bleeding.
Do you feel better now?
If someone here is infected,
they should react to this.
Oh, come on.
Come here.
Be careful.
Look into the cup.
You're fine, aren't you?
Do you mean
none of us are infected?
Then now we can talk about rations.
You on the second floor, are you trying to extort us?
I heard you were demanding a nonsensical amount.
How is it nonsensical?
Supply and demand. Don't you know capitalism?
You live in such a nice apartment
and you can't afford that much?
You're a bit rude.
Where are your manners?
We're being very polite.
You talked down to us just now.
What do you know about capitalism?
We observed a mutation among critically ill patients.
What's the difference?
They can adjust the interval between the outbursts.
They suppress the thirst,
then show symptoms only when they're sure they're safe.
The disease is as cunning as humans.
Our superiors want another contingency plan.
But we can't find enough mutation samples.
How is he now?
We just gave him a cocktail of sedatives.
He'll stay normal for about ten minutes,
but it's likely
once he turns, he will never recover again.
Ten minutes is enough.
How have you been?
You caused me a lot of trouble, so I took my time.
Your funeral
went smoothly.
Some cried to hear you dropped out of the clinical tests.
When things go back to normal,
you'll get a medal for exemplary service.
Your children wept a lot.
You didn't tell them about your slush fund, did you?
Do you think I'll go out like this?
Of course not.
We're still running tests.
The authorities
are making you make the tough decisions, aren't they?
Do you think you'll become famous
if you hold your ground until a cure is found?
You won't.
Once the hunt is over,
there's no use for the hound.
Your wife and your child.
They'll all end up like me.
You have about five more minutes
to talk like a sane man.
I'm a hound?
Once I find a cure,
who do you think will be treated like a dog?
Where is Sae Bom's blood panel?
They'll be out tomorrow at the earliest.
- We need more critical mutations? - Yes.
They can hide their thirst well,
and you can't tell them apart.
We can't just wait until infected people develop a mutation.
Seyang Forest.
That's where
a lot of the critical cases are.
They went into lockdown ten days ago.
They must have a few cases of mutations too.
Is that why you insisted on keeping them in there?
To trace any mutations?
We need to find out how the virus changes over time in nature.
They're like a container where you cultivate a virus.
You must've thought that, if lucky, they'd develop antibodies too.
Crack open the gate
enough for just one person to escape.
The infected will try to get out.
Grab them and continue the research.
You told your husband
you will be here, right?
I need to ask for a favor.
You have some stuff needed
for outdoor survival, right?
Could you share some water and food too?
It's not for me.
Someone else
is on the rooftop.
Stay here for now.
I'll lock all the doors that lead downstairs.
Thank you so much.
I brought some food and water too.
(Unit 1501 Kim Se Hoon)
I'll bring some of our stuff too.
Don't bring any water.
The more I drink, the thirstier I feel.
It's better to just wet my lips.
The cooler
You didn't drink then either, did you?
- I didn't. - Who else didn't drink
any of the drinks?
(Cream Bread)
I brought only a little water on purpose.
Drink just a little,
and tell us if you feel the thirst.
I'll untie you while you
Don't come close.
If you get closer,
the thirst gets worse.
It's fine. I'll eat with the handcuffs on.
Were you okay yesterday?
The reverend from the 12th floor was here.
Didn't he stay for a long time?
with him, I didn't really
Do they pick their victims?
Mosquitoes target just one person in a group.
Jung Guk.
You said the infected didn't attack the reverend.
He's a very devout man.
He's holy.
Our Father, who art in heaven,
hallowed be thy name,
thy kingdom come,
thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread,
You didn't clean up all the blood yet?
Did you find more infected people?
Not yet.
I should check on the people on the 3rd and 15th floors too.
I should win them over by keeping the apartment safe.
Sounds good, right?
We need blood to check and catch these infected people.
It's from that guy with the mask from the second floor.
Gosh. He's an oddball too.
Bite me if you want to.
Am I losing hair?
Yes. A bit.
Oh no.
Tell me which part is thinning out.
No. You look fine.
- Hey. - What about Bo Ram?
She's okay.
By the way, remember the water in the icebox?
The reverend didn't drink water from the icebox.
I was thinking the same thing too.
The infected people didn't go for the reverend.
Right? He's a fake reverend too.
- It's odd, isn't it? - We should go check.
The point of the virus is to spread it.
So they stop sucking blood when they know the victims are infected.
Then do you think infected people will go after each other?
- Probably not. - Right. It only makes sense
when they don't crave each other's blood.
Then the reverend is
We should check.
It's a misunderstanding.
Yeon Ok.
Why don't we
talk face-to-face?
Why do you want to see me face-to-face, you jerk?
When did you get infected?
Seung Beom gave me the drug.
I guess something was wrong with that.
Then you should have told me!
Then you wouldn't have let me stay.
I tried so hard to hold myself back.
I tried drinking my own blood.
But that wasn't helpful.
Gosh, come on.
I only got thirstier.
This is tough on me too!
Should I
just go downstairs to the gym too?
Woo Chang, you and I have been through a lot together.
If people find out that you are infected,
becoming the apartment representative will be difficult.
Are you going to give up everything just like that?
Then what should we do?
Go inside your room. Then I'll bring you food.
Let's say that you're sick.
Just hold out for a few days. Then the soldiers will be here.
You can hold out until then. You can do that, right?
Woo Chang.
Woo Chang!
Are you home?
Should we break down the door?
Hey. Calm down.
If I get hotheaded, you're supposed to calm me down.
Sometimes, we should switch roles.
Ms. Oh!
The reverend is inside, right?
He went outside.
He's really not inside?
Reverend, I would like to pray
What are you doing here?
There were a few things I forgot to go over.
And it's hot today
Oh no.
Hey. The reverend
Wouldn't my blood be tastier?
I need you to apply the ointment again.
Let's go.
When they smell blood,
the onset of the disease is stronger.
Go inside when he calms down.
Has your idea about the infected
changed now?
You killed him.
You did this.
Were you here the whole time?
I thought there were infected people outside.
was the situation handled?
You must've been scared.
I should've protected you.
You're going to do that from now on.
I trust you.
Oh Ju Hyung was with that reverend.
He might've contracted the disease.
What should I do?
I can't even stay at your place.
I'll talk to my wife.
She'll figure out our relationship.
But still
I told you Oh Ju Hyung's bankruptcy is a lie.
He invested everything in cryptocurrency.
If we find out that passcode,
all of that money is ours.
Where were you?
Did you know that the man on the 12th floor died?
I did. I was so surprised,
so I went to the roof for some air.
The roof?
Lee Bo Ram is there.
I sat in front of the door for a bit.
Imagine how surprised I was to do that.
His eyes suddenly turned white
You should've seen it.
By the way
Let's say, for example,
you have an important passcode.
It's long and complicated. Nobody can know where it is.
If you had something like that,
where would you hide it?
I would memorize it.
Or write it down somewhere where nobody can find it.
So that only I can find it.
Are you thirsty? You're not feeling sick, are you?
Did you wash your hair when we don't even have water?
What choice did I have? I felt itchy and gross.
Don't worry.
We're going to get water soon.
Don't do this ever again.
We don't even have antibiotics.
I'm the human vitamin and the human antibiotic.
I'll be fine.
The reverend on the 12th floor
That wasn't our fault.
I know.
But I don't feel good about it.
He should've told us he was sick.
It's hard to admit that you've contracted the disease.
I'm sure he was afraid of the urges he felt to bite people.
I'm sure he thought that
if he endured it a little more, they'd come up with a cure.
He was probably afraid that
the person closest to him would be afraid of him.
That would've been hard too.
What is it?
Do I have a fever?
You're incredible.
We have fever reducers in the room, right?
Take some just in case,
and let's take a break tomorrow. Let's not do anything.
Good night.
Good night.
Am I okay?
Hurry up and go to bed.
We had no idea.
How could that be?
We heard the reverend on the 12th floor was infected.
He's dead. Please pray for his soul.
The couple duped us completely.
I think you two should keep order around here.
You came here to say that?
That, and to ask for water.
You know we're all short on water, right?
We saw that you had quite a lot.
- You want some? - Yes.
It's you and the guy on the 15th floor.
The others went to the 15th floor.
We went to the rooftop,
and the girl said she didn't need water.
She gave us this.
You didn't hurt her, did you?
Why would we touch her?
The infected are really scary.
This is water from the 15th floor, right?
He has a lot, doesn't he?
He does.
We should ask him first.
We should've gone there first.
When will it rain?
I don't feel anything.
Do you think
we should share our water?
We can manage, but what about Seo Yoon?
What about the 15th-floor guy?
The others went to him to ask for water.
Can you open the door?
- We - Oh, my gosh.
- What's this about? - You have water, right?
We're all struggling.
Let's share.
We can leave in a few days anyway.
What if we can't?
I'll pay you for what you have.
The cleaner couple wants 200 dollars for 500ml of water.
That's way more expensive than oil.
Then you can sell what you have too.
Guys, let me talk to him.
- You can go. - But
This won't solve anything.
Residents should help each other out.
- He could need legal advice. - Hello.
You know the doctor on the sixth floor has a temper.
He could start a fire.
Why would you say that when I'm right here?
- Calm down. - Let's talk.
I apologize.
I keep asking for help.
Since they know,
how about you share if you have enough?
Just a little. They won't need much.
You don't have to,
but think about it.
If it gets too tough,
we'll go outside and get more.
You don't have to go outside.
Building 103.
In the Electric Room under the senior citizen center,
there's an emergency switch-over called EPS.
It's there to control the lights and elevators during emergencies.
If you power that up,
power and water will come back on.
But it runs on a diesel generator.
It will make a massive noise.
The noise will attract the infected.
We'll talk about it.
In the morning.
I'll pick out what I think I can hand out.
You'll share some stuff?
- Great. You'll be blessed. - Thank you.
You'll be blessed.
- I don't get why - I know.
Will he give us some water?
What about some other stuff? It looks like he has lots of food.
It's common courtesy to give us some water.
Tell him to share with us.
Calm down.
We'll give you a bit of what we have.
Unit 1501 will think about it until tomorrow.
Don't bother him.
- Let's all go downstairs. - He will share, right?
- Will he change his mind? - Let's go.
Leave him alone.
- What if he changes his mind? - Let's go.
That's enough.
Still nothing from Han Tae Seok?
No. I guess he'll call when he wants to.
- What are you looking for? - Well
I got it when I trained with the FBI's Quick Reaction Force.
It's a large.
What is this for?
I want to thank the guy on the 15th floor.
He grumbles, but he does what we ask.
I have a T-shirt from the Italian Championships.
- Shall I bring that? - No, you keep that.
(Wonjung University Student Dormitories)
Yes, Young In. I'm here.
Everything feels like a dream.
I think I'll be at home when I wake up.
How is our Wriggly?
Wriggly's fine.
Can't we take out Wriggly first?
It might come out infected.
Because it shares your blood.
- Honey. - Yes?
Our Wriggly.
Don't give up on Wriggly, okay?
I won't.
We can't
postpone the birth any longer.
You must make the call.
I'd have had the baby aborted if I could.
Young In is unstable and if the baby's taken out,
her condition could worsen.
You still have to choose.
If you can save only one,
who will it be?
I have only one option.
Sae Bom's blood panel is back.
She has antibodies.
See you later.
Shall I come with you?
No. He gets antsy when you're around.
That's how shy people are.
I won't be long.
Stay safe.
Jung Yi Hyun.
I'm listening.
What is the mistake you can't fix?
We ran background checks on the people in the apartment.
And we found something odd.
Was Mr. Kim Se Hoon really behind it?
A resident died.
That's not important right now.
Our food is gone.
How dangerous is it?
Tell the infiltration unit to be on standby.
Please help Sae Bom,
so she can be safe.
This will be my last favor to you.
Yi Hyun!
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