Happiness (2021) s01e10 Episode Script

Kim Se Hoon Disappears

(All characters, locations, organizations, religions,)
(incidents, and groups in this drama are fictional.)
Mr. Kim.
Jung Yi Hyun.
Does Sae Bom have the antibodies?
Unfortunately, she does not.
Then why did you suddenly contact us?
Send Seo Yoon to us. As a humanitarian act,
we decided to release all the underaged
from the lockdown.
It must be dangerous outside as well.
We'll take them where the risk is minimum.
However, the problem is helping her leave the complex safely.
Can I send Sae Bom out with her?
If those two are willing, I will take them in.
But she must cooperate with my demands.
I'll talk to Sae Bom and get back to you.
Must you keep it from Mr. Jung too?
Don't you think something was off?
He said, "It must be dangerous outside",
then asked if he could send Ms. Yoon too.
If it were dangerous, he would've volunteered himself.
(Episode 10)
What's that?
We found this in Seo Yoon's apartment.
I was a Jenga master in school.
I'm a Level Nine.
Do you want to play too?
No, I have to go to the 15th floor.
Maybe later, okay?
Sae Bom?
You just saw her.
The more I see her, the more I want to see her.
I can't stand him.
Yi Hyun, something's wrong.
What is it?
Look. It was on the table.
I made a mistake I cannot fix.
I tried to stay at home
and hold my ground for as long as possible,
but I can't do this anymore.
I will leave the complex and go outside to ask for help.
The leftover food and water,
you can share with the rest of the residents.
(Unit 1501, Kim Se Hoon)
It's different, isn't it?
when you feel anxious,
your handwriting does change.
We need a sleuth.
Do you believe him, though?
"I'll go outside and ask for help."
"Share the food."
It's weird.
What is the mistake
you can't fix?
If you don't leave your home,
can you do any wrong?
You can.
The gym.
You're still on about that?
He's not the type to take that pill.
What's this?
(White Lime)
Does he grow stuff?
That eliminates the smell if you put it in the urinal.
I'm with the SOU.
We did that for field training.
What happened to him?
There are a lot of medicines.
All these are safe for home use.
We're finally
- Oh? - My gosh.
What's going on? You two were inside.
- Where's the guy? - Why are you here?
We're here to continue where we left off yesterday.
We're all suffering.
He gave you something.
- Oh, this is - We're in this together.
We should help each other out.
I am still negotiating with him.
Give him some time.
It's all still here.
There are no signs of an intrusion,
and we found Next pills.
The mistake he can't fix might mean that he's infected.
I'm not so sure.
He took selfies and seemed so pleased.
Even if he were infected, he'd just stay indoors.
There's no way a homebody would've gone outside.
Then where is he?
Someone locked him up.
What about the note saying we're to share?
He was forced to write that note.
He's not in the building, and the door was open.
He could've actually gone out.
There are soldiers all around the complex.
He's rich. Someone could've agreed to let him out.
Will you open the door?
Why don't I hear anything? Are you home?
What are you doing?
You're here too, Ms. Oh.
Everyone came to me to ask for help.
I heard there was a lot of water here.
Wouldn't it be nice to share?
Yes, it would.
We at least want to talk about it.
Someone saw him leave the building.
We also need to check if he's infected.
- Who saw him leave? - I did.
I saw him leave from the first floor this morning.
Are you sure?
Are you sure it was Kim Se Hoon?
I didn't see his face.
But he's the only one who wears the biohazard suit.
I'm sorry to say this,
but we do need a plan because there's not enough water.
And the couple on the second floor keeps offering ridiculous prices.
Come on.
So you had a key?
I saw her leave with a shopping bag earlier.
This is mine.
It says he wants us to divide his stuff in the house.
Then the house owner gave us his permission.
Why didn't you say anything earlier?
But more importantly
What is this mistake he cannot undo now?
Did he have a legal problem?
So basically, it's finders keepers.
- Honey, take the water first. - Yes?
Take it.
- Let go. - Calm down.
We should only take some of the food for now.
We'll only take some, not all.
Mr. Kim might come back.
And we'll also share this with people who are not here.
Who says you can do that? Who do you think you are?
Fine. I got it.
Call everyone.
Detective, I need some help here.
Call everyone.
Call them. I got it. Just get your hands off me.
That's so heavy.
It's nice to have some water now.
Let's put some candles in the bathroom too.
What's wrong?
Hey, this is all we got.
I saw a lot of survival equipment in his house.
But still. The fifth-floor detective was fair in distributing the water.
Hey, to make this really fair,
some of us ought to get more water.
We paid hundreds of thousands of dollars more to buy our unit.
So we deserve more water!
Isn't that common sense?
- Think before you talk. - Right.
By the way, that guy from the fifth floor
looked a bit off today. Right?
He was glued to his wife.
I guess he loves her a lot.
You too.
- You love me a lot too, right? - Hey.
It's hot. Don't get close.
There was a lot of food on the 15th floor, right?
His unit was spacious.
And there was a lot of weird stuff too.
What are you looking at?
What brings you two here?
It's about Unit 1501.
The house owner is gone. Only his stuff is in his unit.
We can't just let it sit there.
The residents in our apartment
are suffering due to the shortages of daily necessities.
Hey, stay outside.
You want me to leave?
Then should I leave?
Go outside.
Come on in.
So Mr. Kim left the apartment, right?
He's not inside the apartment.
He must have been lonely.
I saw on TV that some people died alone in their house
because they didn't have any friends or family.
That must be why he left.
My parents will be okay because they are together, right?
Of course.
We would've been so lonely without you.
Look at your cute dimple.
Isn't it spicy?
You're a big girl who can eat spicy things.
You're going to eat that much sauce?
- Isn't it spicy? - No.
I think it might be spicy.
Jung Guk.
Jung Guk.
Yes? What is it?
I don't see Yi Hyun here. When did he leave?
I don't know.
Hey, you too? You miss him even when you see him all the time?
Go back to sleep.
I know that. I've been there too.
Shall we get married?
I wanted to change the floors to a herringbone pattern,
but it doesn't feel right to take apart new floors.
But this is nice and neat too.
I can't believe it.
Our own house.
I thought I was all alone.
Where have you been? You should be sleeping.
Well, you see
Does the walkie-talkie work?
Let me see that.
Lieutenant Colonel Han.
Lieutenant Colonel Han.
- Hey, Han Tae Seok. - He's probably asleep.
What did you talk about?
Do I have the antibodies?
I knew it.
I've never even won fifth place with lottery tickets.
But I'm lucky that I didn't get infected.
Did the wound open up?
No. It's getting much better.
As if. If it gets infected, this wound will get much worse.
Hey. I
It looks like it has gotten a lot better.
I told you. I'm a human vitamin and a human antibiotic.
Did you get hurt anywhere else?
You can tell me right now.
No, I'm fine.
What did Han Tae Seok say?
He said to bring Seo Yoon out.
He said they'd accept her on humanitarian grounds.
- Really? - Yes.
I told him I'd discuss it with you.
I see.
Isn't that dangerous?
So I was thinking
What if you went out with her?
If she's with you, Seo Yoon would feel safe too.
If we're going to go, we should all go together.
You should go out and get a shot of antibiotics too.
I don't think
it would be good for Seo Yoon to leave now.
We need to know exactly what's going on outside.
Oh, right.
Kim Se Hoon. Is he outside?
Not officially,
but someone might've snuck him out. He said he'd look into it.
I thought about it,
and he could still be in here.
We looked everywhere inside the apartment.
There's one place we didn't look.
He was planning on leaving,
but the soldiers and the infected scared him,
so he came back in.
He's hiding in here.
I doubt he knows the passcode.
We should still check.
Sae Bom.
(Kim Se Hoon, Unit 1501)
Was it good?
You're the best.
No, you're the best.
That's enough. Come out.
You just need to keep that in mind.
I was just giving her some legal counsel.
Don't do it in places where there aren't any people.
You know, legal counsel.
If you sneak around, you might bump into an infected person.
Will you keep our secret?
You should tell your wife first, Mr. Kook.
Once the trust is broken between a married couple, it won't last long.
Can we leave now?
You two.
Don't come here ever again.
Hold on. Take this with you.
This isn't ours.
Kim Se Hoon?
Kim Se Hoon?
Do you hear me?
Are you doing this
because of your thirst?
- This powder - It's lime.
The one that was in Kim Se Hoon's home.
Oh Ju Hyung. Are you really a doctor?
Can you come out? There's someone I need you to look at.
My license has been suspended.
Who is it? Who's sick?
You'll find out if you follow me.
We really have no idea. We just
I was just giving her legal counsel.
You don't need to tell me about that anymore.
Just tell me the circumstances of when you came in here.
Did you sense anything strange when you came in?
Well I don't really remember.
You didn't go into the main bedroom?
No. We went in. We did, but
How should I put it? It smelled like cement,
and there were flies flying around. So we left right away.
If we knew there was a body here, we never would've come.
Do you think that we're murderers?
I'm an attorney.
Please recognize that I'm not that stupid.
What about Jung Guk?
I told him the situation. He'll bring the others.
What are you doing here?
Over here.
Please wait here.
Oh, my.
(Do not enter. You could get infected!)
(Seyang Forest Le Ciel Apartment)
What are you looking at?
I feel a bit better when I look at this.
I can't become a dad they're ashamed of.
Gosh. I only took a quick glimpse, but it used up so much battery.
- Here. - But if you want to write,
don't you need it?
I can use a pen and paper.
That's the beauty of being a writer.
It doesn't cost money.
Thank you.
I'm always getting things from you.
As your older brother, I don't know what to say.
Hyun Kyung, even still
If something happens to me,
can you take care of my family for me?
I can't do that.
Just focus on staying healthy and getting out of here.
Hey. I'm sick.
I'm asking you for this favor. Can't you
You must feel a lot better now.
Yes, hello.
You gave me food last time.
I'm returning the favor.
I see.
What is this?
Is it okay for you to give me all of this?
Of course. This is all mine.
I see you guys were here.
You guys have to follow me to the 11th floor.
Why? What's wrong?
Someone died.
What? Who?
What are you doing first thing in the morning?
I was so shocked. How annoying.
You're the only doctor in the apartment.
Then you should've told me what was wrong.
Hold on. What is this?
You suspected me?
You thought I killed her,
so you just pushed me in there?
I guess you didn't kill her.
You're such a great liar.
Do you take me for a murderer?
As a doctor,
what is your opinion?
She died of a bite.
Her neck was ripped out.
I stink.
Don't you have a more expert opinion?
An expert opinion?
Based on the coagulated blood and lividity of the corpse,
she has been dead for over two days.
Lime powder was used to eliminate the smell.
It's the same powder
we saw in Unit 1501, right?
Darn fruit flies.
They're the first to arrive when there's a dead body.
To lay eggs in the eye and nose cavities.
That's why they say even if you have to roll around in the muck,
it's better to be alive than dead.
Go outside and tell the others.
Don't mention the fruit flies.
What a scare.
Darn it.
were these two the first to find the body?
At the same time?
- You're mistaken. - Well,
I had a weird feeling,
so I suggested we check it out.
I dreamed of the cleaning lady crying her eyes out.
It's true.
Of course it's true.
It's fine.
It's fine by me,
but I'm worried about you, Mr. Kook.
Your wife will have the most horrific shock.
Won't she?
That punk stabbed us in the back.
Oh. Detective.
Andrew ran off with all our food.
Can't you catch him in the act?
Shouldn't you arrest him right away?
Calm down.
A resident died.
That's not important right now.
Our food is gone.
The cleaning lady who stayed with you is dead.
Lee Deok Soon.
- What - Seriously.
- Oh, dear. - So
I took a look at the body.
I think an infected person killed her.
Her neck had been bitten and chewed out.
It must be the guy from the 15th floor.
He'd written on the note that
he'd made a mistake he couldn't fix.
You're right.
That was his confession.
Then the leftover food in his apartment
can be shared, right?
There's nothing yet to prove it was Mr. Kim's doing.
Who else would it be?
There are no other infected people in the building.
From what I see,
we have a victim and someone on the run.
That's a natural cause to suspect.
Mr. Jung's a detective and must know that much.
It needs more looking into.
Especially on how the victim left the second floor and ended up here.
I'll get your witness statements later.
It was really scary.
Unit 1102 is a crime scene.
Don't enter the unit for a while.
We changed the code to the door.
When will you hand out the 15th-floor supplies?
Andrew took our food and ran!
Stop it.
Sae Bom, Yi Hyun.
I got Guk Jin and the writer.
It's so far up.
What happened?
Is the cleaning lady really dead?
You dirty thief.
How dare you?
- Get back up! - Stop it.
Honey. You might kill him.
Why would you punch him like that?
- Darn it. - Are you all right?
(Wonjung University Student Dormitories)
(Student Cafeteria)
Young In.
Young In.
Her breakout won't stop.
The sedative.
We gave her the maximum dose.
Her body can't take any more.
We have leftover samples of Sae Bom's plasma cure.
Just one and our superiors want it.
They want a sample of everything we're running trials on.
You said you'd keep Ms. Yoon in the dark.
If you use this sample,
our superiors will realize it's important.
I know that.
Put it down.
Drop your gun.
Drop your gun!
Calm down.
We're all on the same side.
Lieutenant Colonel Han is in charge here.
Ask the prime minister.
He's doing what needs to be done.
Get out of the way.
Check her condition
and call immediately if there's a problem.
What just happened.
Our superiors will find out.
And the fact that you didn't tell Ms. Yoon.
Not if we report it first.
- What? - Tell our superiors
that Ms. Yoon developed antibodies.
And that we tested it on my wife
and confirmed it's effective.
Say we'll get Ms. Yoon tomorrow.
You're only buying some time.
They'll begin to suspect you.
That's what I need.
Andrew's the last witness.
No one saw her after that.
Her estimated time of death is around that time too?
It means she was attacked on her way upstairs.
Do you
really think it was Mr. Kim?
Sae Bom, can I have some water?
I'm dying.
I'm drained.
I'm getting such a workout.
I'm so thirsty.
How are the others?
They're making a fuss.
They're wondering why we aren't doing anything
when we know it was Kim Se Hoon,
and that we should go and break into his unit
and share his stuff.
Let's go. They'll just get more agitated if we let them.
I just got back
We're only here for the food.
Don't take anything else.
And just in case,
we'll leave some food behind.
We'll divide them equally. You can take turns coming in.
Come on in.
I wonder if he has any potatoes.
Everyone gets an equal share.
Then shouldn't we get Andrew's share too?
We can just take his share of the stuff.
Since we all get the same share, we can take Andrew's, right?
Of course, we can.
By the way, shouldn't they give us Andrew's share?
Why won't they?
He took all of our food, you know?
- I won't let this slide. Watch me. - Gosh.
How could he have taken all of our food like that?
Is Dong Hyun here?
What? Well,
he was here. But he left.
I carried all of this heavy stuff by myself. Goodness.
So Yoon.
About what happened with that woman
I was just giving her a consult in a quiet place.
Stop it.
I cannot listen to your lies anymore.
Are you sure I can stay here?
Just for the time being.
Don't wander around the building.
The guy from the second floor is out to get you.
I don't think he'll come up to the 15th floor.
It's quite the trip from there.
Thank you. I'll only stay until Mr. Kim comes back.
If he comes back.
Get some rest.
And when you're alone, take off your goggles.
It must be so stuffy.
Try not to leave the house.
Seo Yoon.
Seo Yoon. What's wrong, Seo Yoon?
Seo Yoon. Does your chest hurt?
What's wrong?
I just had to cough a bit.
This helps with the coughs.
But why did you hide under the blanket to cough?
Do you have any medicine?
I get a shot when I go to the hospital.
But it hurts a lot.
I just have to cough a bit. Then I feel better.
We should send out Seo Yoon, right?
I know it's dangerous out there, but there are doctors and medicine.
I'll talk to Han Tae Seok.
Don't worry too much.
I'm sure my husband wants me to do something for the apartment.
He was worried about you until his last moment.
You know that an infected person
killed the cleaning lady. Right?
The killer might still be in the building. So be careful.
If possible, try not to leave your house.
And if you can,
pairing up when going out will be helpful.
From now on, we ought to discuss how to secure the main entrance
and distinguish the infected people from the healthy residents.
If we knew
that my husband was infected sooner
More importantly,
we must proactively find infected people among the residents.
We must do our best to convince
even those residents who won't leave their houses to check.
I see.
We should check if any other people are infected.
Well, whose blood should we use this time?
Should we do a random draw?
I think we can use your blood this time.
No. The doctor ought to volunteer.
- You can cut and fix yourself! - Hey.
- Gosh. - Come here.
- Hey, stop it. - I could really get hurt.
- What are you doing? - I could get hurt from that!
Stop it.
- He can do it himself. - That's enough!
- Stop it. Come on. - What are you doing?
Calm down!
- Stop it. - He's a nutcase!
- This is crazy. - Come on!
Before that, shouldn't we talk about the food and water?
If you have any suggestions, do share them with us.
We are thinking about going out.
If Mr. Kim from the 15th floor indeed left,
there is a way out of this apartment complex.
So we want to check if we can
bring food or water from outside.
There's the emergency switch-over in the basement of the building.
Instead of going out which is dangerous,
we can go down there and turn that on.
We can cook food once the power is back on.
Then we'll have water too.
Building 103.
In the Electrical Room under the senior citizen center,
there's an emergency switch-over called EPS.
It's there to control the lights and elevators during emergencies.
If you power that up,
power and water will come back on.
You know what? I'll be honest with you.
You two might leave and not come back.
I see. Right.
You were pretty cozy with that military guy.
Like Mr. Oh said, we should try to solve this within the building.
We'll go down there and turn on the switch.
Mr. Oh.
How did you know about the emergency switch-over?
Everyone who lives in apartment buildings knows that.
I know that you have it out for me.
But this is an emergency. We're in a crisis.
So why don't you stop hating me for the sake of everyone's benefit?
We need to live like civilized people.
Are you really going down to the Electrical Room?
He does seem a bit suspicious.
But it is true we need power and water.
It's a chance to send out Seo Yoon.
Before we go down to the Electrical Room,
we should send her out.
What should we say to Seo Yoon?
We can keep it a secret for now.
If she finds out she's the only one leaving,
she might not want to.
Right. She's mature for her age.
Well, we can go down without a problem.
But how will we come up?
Remember how it gets really loud when the electricity is running?
When they hear the noise, infected people will flock there.
They'll come to our building.
And if the main entrance gets compromised,
it can get more dangerous.
We can take a different path.
Let's go.
Sleep some more.
Prepare to infiltrate too.
If we don't hear from him by morning, we're going in.
There are a lot of patients with severe mutations in there.
If we go in without scoping the place out first,
someone will end up dying.
As long as Yoon Sae Bom is safe.
Lieutenant Colonel Han.
Have you decided?
I'll send out
Sae Bom and Seo Yoon.
I'll go down to the parking garage at 1pm,
so be prepared to take them.
What about you?
Aren't you going to come out too?
Someone needs to stay home.
We may have had our differences,
but I'm well aware that you tried to stop the spread of the disease.
Please help Sae Bom
and Seo Yoon
stay safe.
Jung Yi Hyun is infected.
That's why he wants to send Yoon Sae Bom out.
Let's play again.
You want to play again?
Until I win.
- Yi Hyun. - Yes?
Can we talk?
Oh, I talked to Han Tae Seok,
and soldiers are going to come to the basement garage.
We'll send Seo Yoon out and then go down to the Electrical Room.
You've got something in your eyes again.
Remember how we told each other
that we should tell each other if we get sick?
If I feel the thirst and I want to bite people,
I will tell you.
if something happens to you, tell me.
Are you okay?
Of course. I'm fine. Why?
Are you worried that my cut is infected?
I thought about it,
and the cut on your hand
healed too quickly.
You don't drink water either.
It looks like it has gotten a lot better.
I told you. I'm a human vitamin and a human antibiotic.
It's not true.
It still hurts a lot.
I didn't realize it
because I was so shocked from seeing Lee Deok Soon's body.
but I think it popped open again.
That's good.
I was so worried.
You should've said something instead of worrying.
What else could I do? There's no cure.
What if it gets infected?
I told you to be careful.
I'll be careful from now on.
Lieutenant Colonel Han.
I know you're there.
Can you prepare plenty of
antibiotics, antiseptics, and bandages for us?
Yi Hyun got hurt.
I'll get that ready.
It's so nice to hear your voice.
What about Kim Se Hoon?
He might be infected, so you need to be careful.
Kim Se Hoon isn't outside.
It's highly likely that he's hiding inside the apartments,
so be careful.
Once he's had the taste of blood,
he will keep going after people.
Thank you.
Let's look for Kim Se Hoon one more time.
Jung Guk. Don't open the door for anyone.
Kim Se Hoon might still be in here.
Okay. Don't worry.
I have my gun.
- We'll be back. - Okay.
Kim Se Hoon
might still be in here.
He said he was making a bunker somewhere.
He might have a secret hiding spot inside his home.
Even still Do you really think so?
He could be hiding in here.
We don't even know the layout of this place either.
Let's send Seo Yoon out first.
We can always look into it later.
What if someone gets hurt?
I'll look for Andrew on my way down,
so take a look around here.
Sae Bom. Do you hear me?
First Lieutenant Lee.
It's nice to hear your voice,
but I'm a bit busy right now.
This is really important.
We got the background check back on the people inside the apartment,
and we found something weird.
Ahn Guk Jin
was found dead in his home.
(Ahn Guk Jin)
Oh, I scratched it out.
Administrative Affairs has been on hold because of the disease.
It took a while for the report to reach us.
What about his face?
Does he have a scar?
No, not at all.
How dangerous is it?
It'll take us four or five hours to get there.
Stay at home until then.
We'll come over and sort things out.
Ms. Yoon, are you listening?
(Kim Se Hoon)
(Lee Deok Soon)
Kim Se Hoon.
I found him.
Hang on.
Take your time and relax.
- What is it? - I saw Kim Se Hoon.
Open the door. He might come after me.
Is he sick?
I'll call if we need help. Wait.
Go on. It's your turn.
What are you doing?
My husband.
He died because of you two.
Jung Guk!
Jung Guk. Wake up.
It's me, Yi Hyun.
Who are you?
I have a suggestion.
About how to deal with the people we don't like.
I know who you are.
Turn the power on and come back.
Then I'll let Seo Yoon and the detective go.
The infected will attack!
We will get out alive
and put all those people away.
Close it up after Sae Bom gets out.
Jung Yi Hyun is infected.
Tell them to shoot.
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