Happiness (2021) s01e11 Episode Script

Backup Power

(All characters, locations, organizations, religions,)
(incidents, and groups in this drama are fictional.)
Why didn't you tell us Andrew's a murderer?
I thought he was just blackmailing.
You said you just needed supplies.
That you didn't care about anything else.
I only opened the door because Ms. Oh asked me to.
I had no idea something like this was going to happen.
I didn't either.
Because it was Mr. Oh's plan.
Who are you?
always wanted to have superpowers.
Sae Bom.
Jung Guk, wake up.
Look after him.
I'll take Seo Yoon.
I'll come for you later.
Hang in there.
You don't have a scar on your face.
Go to the gym.
I'll bring the two when they're ready.
Can we not get any food right now?
They're still inside.
Let's wait downstairs.
There's nothing worth seeing here.
The situation here isn't ideal for a child
Mr. Attorney.
You wait here.
There was a loud noise, wasn't there?
Is your brother doing okay?
You visit him quite often.
You didn't go with her, did you?
My brother is perfectly normal.
He's being very careful.
And his scratch is just the same.
Let's go downstairs. We must discuss Unit 501.
The others will join us when they're ready.
Let's go.
What a mess.
Yi Hyun, get the first-aid kit and some water.
Jung Guk. I'll have a look.
Hang in there.
You can see a doctor as soon as you get out.
If I end up dying,
tell my wife
I'm sorry.
And that I love her.
Tell her that yourself.
You can get help outside.
You really think I won't die?
You won't.
You just have a small hole in your side.
It's really small?
Are you sure?
Hang in there.
Sae Bom. Jung Guk
Yi Hyun.
Yi Hyun.
Look at me.
We will get out alive
and put
all those people away.
Stay strong.
(Episode 11)
Jung Guk got stabbed in the side.
And Seo Yoon has trouble breathing, so have medics on standby.
We can move in.
Don't. He has Seo Yoon.
It'll be dangerous if you come in.
Mr. Jung.
I thought about why you were doing this.
Sae Bom
has the antibodies, doesn't she?
What if she does?
You must give us what we want.
To make Sae Bom leave.
Mr. Attorney.
Watch her for a bit.
I'm not a bad man.
What's your name?
I know who you are.
Where are you going? We need to get tested.
I'm going to a hospital.
(Most Wanted Fugitives)
(Choi Jong Wook, Murder)
You killed the real Ahn Guk Jin,
didn't you?
How many people
did you kill with that mask on?
(Ahn Guk Jin)
That's what infected people do too.
They conceal their infection
and hide among regular people to look for their prey.
Those people are sick.
But you are crazy by nature.
How long have you known?
I heard you started this whole thing.
It's been a few days.
I saw Andrew getting rid of the cleaning lady.
Hold on!
The unit on the 11th floor is empty.
Wouldn't it be better to hide her body there?
Cut her throat or something.
They might think that it was done by an infected person.
I told the resident representative right away.
I am here to offer you a deal.
There's a way to get rid of people you might not be keen on.
And she got on board too.
So I told Andrew
that he could get what he wanted,
but in return, he had to help us.
You should all thank me.
I didn't want to bring this up.
But I'm the cream of the crop in our society.
I even had to put up an act to fool that couple on the fifth floor.
It was for your sake.
How did you get into
Mr. Kim's house?
He opened the door when I mentioned your name.
Ms. Yoon Sae Bom is hurt.
You have a first-aid kit, right?
I would have beaten you up less if you had done what I asked.
(I made a mistake I cannot fix.)
This is lime powder.
We can get rid of everything with this powder.
You can talk there.
It makes me uneasy whenever you move.
Jung Guk is injured.
He has to go to the hospital.
After you two do what I tell you to do.
You can get out of here, right?
are you in contact with anyone outside?
What are you talking about?
Explain it so we can understand too.
We already told the cleaning crew and the lawyer,
but we didn't have a chance to update you two.
You even talked to my husband?
We went to see him.
He was happy that there was a lot of food on the fifth
and 15th floors.
What's going on?
Jung Yi Hyun had it.
You've been reporting
to them about what was happening here the whole time?
You two must have gotten some special treatment from them.
In exchange for keeping an eye on us.
Is anyone there?
This is the resident representative of Building 101.
I am in charge of the apartment.
You can tell me everything.
Is anyone listening?
I already told them.
Told them what?
Did you spread rumors based on your ridiculous imagination?
Yes. I told them everything.
They will make decisions about your action.
The two of you
will go to prison for attempted murder.
How will you ever face your son?
I only agreed because they said they would give us food.
I really didn't know this would happen. I'm serious.
Food had to come from somewhere.
You must have known
someone was going to get hurt.
You only agreed because
you would get food if you turned a blind eye to it.
We don't have to worry now.
Right now, the most important thing is getting through the lockdown.
the couple from the fifth floor
will turn on the emergency switch-over in the Electrical Room.
Yes. Go and turn on the power.
So you can take the girl with you.
If anyone asks you later why this happened,
just say that a crazy guy with a gun was responsible.
are you telling us to condone this crime?
Am I wrong?
Don't hurt other people!
If both of us come after you at the same time,
you might die too.
Yes. You two have a lot to get done. I can't fight with you now.
Ms. Na.
You don't have to stay here. Go home.
You too, Ms. Shin.
Your husband
is probably with Seo Yoon in my house.
She must be in shock.
Can you look after her at your house?
Come back after you turn on the power.
Then I'll let Seo Yoon and the detective leave.
Want to come with us?
Seo Yoon.
I'm fine.
I'm all right.
Stay in the living room.
I'm afraid
I might've been infected.
Stay there. I'm fine.
Mr. Kook. Can you take Seo Yoon
to your house?
I don't think she should stay here.
Right, kid. Stop breathing so heavily.
Come with me.
If you stay here,
you'll see that scary man again.
You don't want him to scold you, right?
What are you doing?
I'm glad you're here. Her name sounds like yours.
Go talk to her.
Andrew has a gun, and he threatened the couple on the fifth floor.
That guy is completely insane. He must be a murderer.
Let's ignore it.
We just need to keep hiding until the lockdown ends.
Did you help him?
Who do you take me for?
Ms. Oh told me about it.
That I just need to help him.
You weren't this kind of a person.
When you were a public defender,
you took care of people who were unfairly charged.
You'd even split up your time to go investigate.
And what did I gain from that?
I need to find a way to live too!
Darn it. Where did the kid go?
Hey, kid. Let's go.
Hurry up.
I want to go with her.
Okay, Seo Yoon. Let's go.
But Mr. Kim
Seo Yoon said
she wanted you to come with us.
I'm sorry,
but I don't think I can take the stairs.
Please take care of Seo Yoon.
I'm sorry.
We'll go down.
Make sure you don't die in Andrew's hands.
Think about how you can live without being an embarrassment too.
Hey. Aren't you going to give us some kind of weapon?
Like a baseball bat.
You said that the infected were people too.
Resolve it with a conversation.
Come back here after you're done.
We should go check on Seo Yoon after.
I'll go with you.
That's where the senior center in Building 103 is.
- You should wait here. - What?
There's no need to expose yourself to danger.
Just stay here. When the lights go on, go up.
Would that be okay?
Why did you come with us?
You're not here to film either.
That's my car.
I have no place to go now.
I'm going to try to break through the shutters with my car to get out.
Good luck.
Thank you.
Let's go.
Hold on. Over there.
(Electrical Room)
(Authorized Personnel Only)
(DPF Regenerative Apparatus)
Yi Hyun.
(Emergency Generator)
(Emergency Power)
The infected are going to gather here because of the sound.
(Authorized Personnel Only)
This way.
(Lee Deok Soon)
Why did you bring us here?
Andrew might try to kill us if we go up.
He'll be waiting for us by the elevator or stairs
for Units 1 and 2.
He'll never think we'd come from the units over.
(Seyang Forest Le Ciel Apartment)
There was nobody in Units 3 or 4 on the 15th floor.
We just need to get out of here with Seo Yoon and Jung Guk.
(Seyang Forest Le Ciel Apartment)
Let's go.
What is this? What's wrong with this?
Darn it.
Why won't it start?
Andrew. You've been through so much.
Don't you think
the apartment should hold on to the gun?
When the couple from the fifth floor comes up,
will you get rid of them?
Once the lockdown ends,
will you leave right away?
Yes, I should look into a different apartment.
You were behind
everything that happened here.
We didn't know anything.
You understand that, right?
Are you guys okay with that?
Of course. We don't know anything.
Water? We'll go get some water.
Get on. We need to get food from Unit 502.
We're going to stop at the second floor first.
Go ahead.
What? Andrew isn't a bad person!
You must be out of your mind! What's wrong with you? You idiot!
Andrew, why did you cover up that handsome face all this time?
Go on up.
I'm going to kill the cop couple when they come up.
Let's go.
After we save the others,
can we get them out?
What if Mr. Han doesn't accept them?
He will take them.
You have
the antibodies.
I do?
So he used Seo Yoon as an excuse
to get you.
You're the only person in the world with the antibodies.
Stay in there!
Come on, Yi Hyun. Get in!
Yi Hyun.
I'm sorry.
I couldn't tell you.
Sorry for breaking our promise.
I always wanted to
show you my best side.
Don't come too close.
Whenever I see you,
my heart beats faster,
and I feel thirsty.
So do I.
Because I like you.
Come with me.
You'll get better.
I'll make sure of that.
There must be a reason you're so obsessed.
You locked the infected in freezer trucks
and even came in here.
I'm infected.
This will be the last favor I ask for.
What is it?
I think they activated the emergency power system.
Move the barricades to the parking lot.
Put them back after Sae Bom gets out.
Jung Yi Hyun is infected.
If he threatens Sae Bom,
tell them to shoot.
Bo Ram.
Lee Bo Ram!
Bo Ram. Open the door.
What'll you do now?
Do you have a plan for Andrew?
Future apartment representative.
The police can deal with him.
We can send him to prison when things get better.
We didn't even know he was a murderer.
Will you say you knew?
Gosh, no.
Do whatever you want.
You take all the food,
and you can be healthy and happy.
You must be
so pleased to have a plan.
Just like in the movies.
You won't take anything?
I want to get something else first.
Oh, right.
If you see any pills,
call me right away.
If you find any supplements.
I was just fooling around.
I only came in here to find the pills.
Do you want some if I find any?
If you take them,
you can survive almost anything.
Hyun Kyung, get over here.
Come and turn on the AC.
Did they cancel the lockdown?
There's a huge mess outside.
Andrew's a complete psycho.
What's wrong?
He threatened the fifth-floor couple to turn on the emergency power.
Didn't Andrew have a crush on you?
Don't be silly.
What now?
We can't just wait.
Why can't we just wait?
Hide in here and enjoy the AC.
What power do we have?
Plus, I'm infected.
But still,
they helped us.
(Welcome to OPbit.)
(No internet connection)
What were you doing?
Hey, you still haven't given up?
What can you do when there's no internet
Don't you need to charge your phone? Go get it.
Get some food and water from Unit 501.
Will you stay here with Seo Yoon, then?
There will be nothing left if the others get there first.
You can go next time.
Hey, So Yoon. What's this? What are you doing?
You take other people for granted.
And you only care about yourself, so all you do is complain.
Nothing is your fault.
And you say you don't have a choice and rationalize your mistakes.
I'm so sick of you.
Hey. So Yoon.
Shin So Yoon!
Be careful.
Don't worry.
Go and bring Jung Guk safely.
Hold on. Is this about Sang Hee?
I told you so many times that nothing happened between us.
Look. Oh Ju Hyung invested
the money he embezzled in a cryptocurrency.
She wanted to split it with me. That's all.
I wanted to make a lot of money for you.
The world is about to come to an end.
You think you can make money with that now?
No. Listen. You don't know what you're talking about.
You don't know what blockchain is, right?
That's the future.
The more chaotic the world gets, the more valuable they will
What was that? Hey.
Let go of me. Hey, that hurts. Fine. Let go of me.
Ms. Shin, it's me. Open up.
Sae Bom!
So Yoon. Tell her that this is all a misunderstanding.
I kept the girl safe. That's a fact.
- Come on. Darn it. - You can let him go.
He's too chicken to fight back.
Come on.
Sae Bom, that was quick.
I kept my promise, right?
Does your chest still feel heavy?
But Mr. Kim seemed really sick.
He'll come out with us.
What about Andrew?
He's probably waiting for us downstairs.
You two will never get out of here anyway.
We're all locked in here.
Are you going to kill me here?
Just like you killed my husband?
Help me.
He's going to kill me.
Don't worry. I'm not leaving.
Stay here for now.
If you let her take the girl,
that lunatic, Andrew, will be furious.
So you'll hand her over to a murderer to save yourself?
Ms. Shin, we're going to leave this apartment.
Do you want to come with us?
Mr. Kim!
Seo Yoon, I'm happy to see you too.
But I'm sick right now.
Be gentle. Okay?
So Yoon. Calm down.
Let's go back home and lock the door.
I saw the absolute worst in you.
We're over.
So Yoon.
It's yours.
Darn it. I said no!
You saw his eyes!
- Stop it! Calm down! - Let go of me!
We were trying to save a lot of money for our son!
Andrew. We were just
Stay here. And if you see the couple from the fifth floor,
keep them here.
Hey. Hold on. Andrew.
I'll pay you well. Please.
Please. I
Without the gun
Honey, you can do it!
Take the gun!
Get off him!
(SY Home Cleaning)
Oh, no. Should I pull it out?
Goodness. Should I pull it out?
Ma'am, don't pull it out.
He'll die.
What a crazy way to lose weight.
We're almost there. Hang in there.
Bo Ram, do you want to come with us?
Can I?
Yoon Sae Bom.
I'll stop him here. Go!
What are you talking about? You're coming with us!
I'm sorry I can't go with you.
Yi Hyun!
Sae Bom.
I was truly happy
to be with you.
Stop saying that.
Open up now.
Never give up.
Yi Hyun!
I hear someone coming up.
Leave him alone.
I'm coming right back.
Let's go. Jung Guk.
Darn it.
That's new. So it won't break.
Hold on.
Do you want it?
"Goodness, Jung Yi Hyun."
"The ball Jung Yi Hyun pitches goes straight down."
"And the hitter Andrew can't seem to do anything about it."
"It was a fast ball. Indeed."
"Jung Yi Hyun comes back after a long hiatus!"
"He makes the pitch of a lifetime!"
I would've joined the MLB if it hadn't been for my injury.
Your wife ran away. Are you cool with that?
She's the best.
I met her on a rooftop like this.
And I fell in love with her.
It was a clear day
with a beautiful blue sky.
Saying goodbye to her
on a clear day
on a rooftop like this
sounds perfect.
How boring.
Hey. Look at me.
My victims need to look at me for it to be fun.
What does this say?
Sang Hee.
So Yoon ran away.
That's good.
There's something I need you to do.
What about Oh Ju Hyung?
What is that?
He must have high blood pressure.
He collapsed out of nowhere.
Take a look at the letters.
What does it say?
- Honey. - Yes?
Oh, right.
Isn't that a doctor's script? When they write prescriptions.
Don't you know? I thought you worked at a hospital.
I only do consultations.
Don't you have your phone?
It's at home.
He's alive.
Hey, is that for your blood pressure?
Take a look at these letters.
If you get it wrong ten times,
we can't take out the money.
Okay. I'll try my best.
You have to get up.
Get up. Try moving your legs.
You have to get up.
Why can't I move my legs?
Get up!
Ms. Oh!
Please help him.
My husband is hurt.
Please help us.
What happened?
Andrew stabbed him.
Hurry up and bring it!
This is all your fault!
What about the others? Did you see them?
What about Andrew? Where is he?
On the 15th floor.
Hurry up and get in.
It's okay.
They're all on our side.
Give me a gun,
so I can get Yi Hyun.
Let go. Let go of me!
Yi Hyun.
Did you lift the martial law?
Without telling any of us?
I bet you said
each area was individually managed.
And then
you found my antibodies and got me out.
The counteragent I injected you with will make you dizzy.
Lie down.
This is your phone.
Who gave it to you?
Detective Kim Jung Guk.
He said Yi Hyun
told him to take it.
I have to get Yi Hyun.
Is he worth it?
Wasn't it a contractual marriage?
There are many more people out here that you can protect.
You told me that
the world we know could change.
I'm sorry about what happened to Yi Hyun,
but once we find a cure and get the situation under control,
everything you wanted
can be yours.
Tell the world to wait.
I need to get Yi Hyun back.
If I lose him,
I might really crumble.
There's someone I want you to see.
Is she infected?
Thanks to your plasma,
she no longer has outbursts,
but she doesn't have much time.
I had you brought here with the excuse
that I over-administered a sedative.
You'll be monitored until tomorrow, and if you're cleared,
the government will take you somewhere.
Where unauthorized personnel can't enter.
A biosafety level four facility.
What is it that you want?
She needs one more round of your plasma
to fully cure her.
Then let's help each other.
I'll give you my plasma or whatever it is you want.
Help me get home.
Keep the power on in the complex until then.
The emergency power
won't last too long.
Do you think Yi Hyun
will be alive?
You bet he will.
(Photo album)
(To Sae Bom)
Hello, Sae Bom.
I'm sorry I never proposed to you properly.
Back then,
it looked like I agreed for the apartment, right?
That's not true.
I kept saying I liked you.
In case you got the wrong idea.
I'm not an easy guy to nab.
Getting an apartment is important,
but who you're with is more important.
Mr. Jung, what are you doing with Sae Bom's phone?
Seo Yoon, pretend you didn't see that.
He's madly in love. Pretend he's invisible.
Let's go. Come with me.
I hope we get out
and get to watch this together.
When we do,
I'll say it properly.
That I like you.
Hello, Sae Bom.
I'm sorry I never proposed to you properly.
Back then,
it looked like I agreed for the apartment, right?
That's not true.
I kept saying I liked you.
In case you got the wrong idea.
I'm not an easy guy to nab.
Getting an apartment is important
(Wonjung University Student Dormitories)
I bit Andrew.
If he's alive,
we must get him.
He put Andrew somewhere and lied to me.
I will kill him.
Your antibody count is falling.
You want to kill a scholar?
You're infected.
You are the real monsters, not the infected.
I will deal with Yoon Sae Bom.
What about Yi Hyun?
Is he alive?
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