Happiness (2021) s01e12 Episode Script

Happiness Is With You

(All characters, locations, organizations, religions,)
(incidents, and groups in this drama are fictional.)
I hope we get out
and get to watch this together.
(Type B Plasma)
When we do,
I'll say it properly.
That I like you.
The receiver cannot be reached. You will be directed to voicemail.
You will be charged after the beep.
(I'm His Lifesaver)
Seo Yoon.
Sae Bom.
Poor you.
Yi Hyun's still at the apartment.
I'll go and get him.
What about you? Are you all right?
I came to see Mom.
She's here.
How I wonder what you are
Up above the world so high
Like a diamond in the sky
Twinkle, twinkle, little star
How I wonder what you are
Seo Yoon.
Wait here.
(Unit 211)
- Seo Yoon! - Mom!
Seo Yoon.
Right. You should stay there.
I caught a cold.
You came here with the cop lady.
Is it serious?
No, it's just a mild cold.
But I don't want you to catch it.
- So you're getting the surgery. - Yes.
You can't get sick before the surgery. Okay?
Get the surgery like a big girl.
And listen to her.
That way, the three of us can be a family again. Right?
Seo Yoon.
You should listen to your mom.
See you after your surgery.
They told me that
Seo Yoon could get the surgery thanks to you.
And you gave them Seo Yoon's letter. Right?
I was able to get this far thanks to that letter.
Without that,
I would have been just like my husband.
I know I'm asking a lot.
Please look after my daughter for a bit longer.
I don't know what's going to happen to me.
You should go now.
Please go now.
(Final Episode)
This is just a formality. There is no need to get nervous.
How many people are infected in the apartment?
If Detective Jung Yi Hyun is infected too,
there are two.
Na Soo Min, a man from the fourth floor, was infected.
And two more people died after getting infected.
Tell me everything you know about the infected.
We might need this information to develop a cure for it.
Stay strong for the surgery.
I'll go visit you in the hospital with Yi Hyun. I promise.
My mom is infected, right?
My mom is just sick too.
Just like me.
Of course.
That's why
she will get better.
And so will you.
It's about Seo Yoon's mother.
She held out this long just to see her daughter.
She won't be able to hold out anymore.
She will be moved
to a freezer warehouse in a couple of days.
We made this with the sample of your blood.
Your antibody count is falling.
So what?
So this is the last effective shot of the disease.
We must amplify this to use it for research purposes,
so we can develop a cure.
So give this up
for the sake of everyone's safety.
A medical commander has come to take you.
They are planning to take you
and the cure to the lab.
you're breaking your promise?
What are you doing?
Stop him.
It won't take long.
Do you even know what you're doing?
You bet I do.
I'm done.
Where's Yoon Sae Bom?
Where's the leftover cure?
She just left.
Didn't you see her?
Go through the back gate on the first floor.
You'll see your car there.
I left a present for you in the car. Make sure to take it.
Can you do this, though?
I thought
you were ambitious.
I have a plan. Don't worry.
Just do what you need to do.
If you get caught,
I won't bail you out.
Don't worry.
You'll get better.
What are you doing right now?
That's the cure, right?
I was just going to leave.
But I couldn't.
Are you going to shoot me?
What are you going to do now?
Even if you get out of here,
you used up the cure.
I'm not that special.
There will be other people
with the antibodies.
Yi Hyun has me,
but Seo Yoon
doesn't have anyone.
Until then,
I just need to stay by Yi Hyun's side.
(General Service Center)
(Room 211)
Hurry up and leave.
They check people who are wearing protective gear.
Nobody will pay close attention to you.
I always knew
you and I had a connection.
You can't go like that.
No, not that. The gun.
People will get suspicious if I'm okay.
It's going to hurt a lot.
Hurry up. Before I change my mind.
Close your eyes and take a deep breath.
Wait! Not the face!
Hit me someplace that won't hurt.
People will get suspicious.
Plus, the swelling goes down on the face faster.
In one go.
(Access Authorization)
Thanks for the gift.
(Student Union)
Yoon Sae Bom got out.
You know this won't end with just you getting fired. Right?
Why? Are you going to sentence me to the death penalty?
I thought you were smart.
Why did you do it?
If you only gave one of the cures to your wife,
I could've let this go.
I did all sorts of things to lower the number of the infected.
Lockdowns, quarantines, killing.
I have enough blood on my hands.
Thanks to that, you succeeded.
You protected a lot of people.
I only saw people as a measure of efficiency and numbers.
But after seeing Yoon Sae Bom,
I realized there was another way.
Yi Hyun.
When you were next to me,
I didn't realize how special you were to me.
I will find you wherever you are.
I heard Yoon Sae Bom left with your uniform on.
Yes, sir.
- She forcibly - Forget it!
Where do you think she went?
It seems like she's planning to
run away abroad with the cure.
I think we should put out an APB for the airports in Korea.
She went to the apartment because her husband is there.
Keep going.
There's someone with the antibodies in the apartment.
Give me full authority.
Then I will bring you the cure.
Will it be okay to leave?
It's okay. Even the news said everything was okay outside.
Everyone but the detective left from Unit 501.
Even still. If we leave too
It's better if we're not here.
We'll be helping by leaving.
- Who is it? - Hold on.
- Hold on? - Who is that?
Hey! It's Unit 501! You're the wife in Unit 501!
- Hey! Unlock that! - Okay.
Are you okay?
- Did you get hurt? - Did they tell you to come back in?
Hold on, you guys.
Where's Yi Hyun? Is he okay?
Is he alive?
(One day ago)
Oh, gosh.
Yi Hyun.
Wake up.
We have to meet again.
Sae Bom.
Are you okay, Mister?
You're bleeding a lot.
I'm okay.
I'm going to get some sleep.
Are you sure?
You said it looked like it was right too.
I told you it'd be over if we got it wrong ten times!
You have to consider all the possibilities.
Darn it.
- Who is it? - Who's there?
Can you help us?
We need the doctor.
My husband got stabbed.
He's conscious, but he lost a lot of blood.
- Ju Hyung really isn't here. - Please.
We're sorry for everything. We really are.
I said the doctor wasn't here.
Hae Seong, say something.
It's really just us here.
- Doctor! - Go away!
Open the door!
Why does that guy always
Darn it.
- Shoot. - Help us!
Open the door!
Let us in!
Do you think you'll survive while the rest of us die?
I will set your unit on fire!
Darn it.
Open the door!
Are you all right?
Did you see that?
He was shot in the arm and leg,
but the bleeding already stopped.
That's a good thing. What's the problem?
The smell of his blood.
It disgusts me,
and I don't want it.
He's infected.
What about my blood, then?
Did you want mine?
When I'm talking, will you listen?
Don't change the subject.
He's infected.
You won't say no.
You wanted your sister's blood?
What kind of brother are you?
Are you okay?
- Get some water. - Okay.
There's some.
What are you two doing here?
You were bleeding really badly,
and I couldn't manage on my own.
I put that on him in case he had an outbreak.
Don't you feel thirsty?
It's not as bad these days.
I do feel thirsty,
but diabetes runs in my family.
Where's Sae Bom?
She's not in the complex.
The other detective and kid are gone too.
They left, didn't they?
The news said everything was fine outside.
Except for the places in lockdown, the martial law was lifted.
Isn't the door open or something?
I don't know what's going on outside.
You shouldn't move.
You have two gunshot wounds.
I bit Andrew.
An infected murderer is even more dangerous.
If he's alive,
we must get him.
Help him.
Let's look for him as we go down.
Before there are more victims.
The CDCH's speedy diagnosis and action
led to a lockdown that minimized infection.
It looks like mad person disease will soon become preventable.
An inside source says a vaccine that's being tested
is showing meaningful results in preventing the spread.
If the results are positive,
they will ask the government for permission to administer it.
- Those who were infected - Try to drink.
You must eat to keep your energy up.
Until a cure is ready, they will be left in quarantine.
The care homes and apartments that are
currently in lockdown will remain so for a while.
The local community
Look who's here.
It's the brave detective.
Did you get hurt in the Electrical Room?
Was someone injured?
The cleaner couple from the second floor.
Andrew stabbed him,
so I'm looking after him with a spirit of humanity.
I can't find Andrew or Ms. Oh.
Do you know where they are?
They must've gone outside.
Where's your wife?
Andrew's a risk.
Don't ever let him in.
If possible, my plan
is to make sure you three get punished.
My neighbor, Unit 602.
Sang Hee fell for the attorney.
Look at this.
She did this to me.
Shouldn't you lock them up first?
We were just at Unit 602.
The attorney showed us where you'd bit him.
Yes, that was me.
I have the disease.
But I'm not the only one.
Just because I bit someone,
would anyone charge me?
Mr. Oh.
You're not infected.
I know because I am.
I'm barely holding back the urge to bite you.
I took the pill too.
I took the pill!
Taking the pill doesn't mean you'll get infected.
Some show symptoms much later,
and some don't get sick.
- Hello. - Where's your husband?
In here.
He's getting worse.
Can you do anything?
He has a knife sticking out of him.
Of course, he'll get worse.
I'm fine.
I'll get better soon.
So tell him to get out of my sight.
Mister, this is my home!
How long can he survive?
He'll die as soon as the knife's removed.
If left as is, maybe a couple of days?
I'll find a way to get him out.
Watch him until then.
I gave him painkillers and my bedroom.
What more can I do?
That couple.
Are they here in case you get thirsty?
That's nonsense. What do you take me for?
You took that?
So you thought you're infected?
Yes, they're meant to be my packed meal.
So what? I took a pill because I thought I would die!
Look after them.
If you cause more trouble,
I'll lock you up in the basement.
What right do you have to lock me up?
Are you some kind of judge?
Hey, you!
Take this.
Swallow it.
This makes wounds heal right away.
Did you swallow it?
You love me, don't you?
You won't bite me even if you get infected, right?
Sir, are you all right?
Gosh. Of course, I'm not okay.
And you don't look so good either.
How's your wife?
Well, we're all right here.
Can you please look after my son?
He didn't come back yet?
Hold on.
Isn't he staying on the second floor?
He said he wanted to leave, but
If you happen to see him,
tell him to come back home. Tell him we're okay.
That's what a home is.
You come home when things get tough.
And if Andrew
If you see a man you've never seen before, don't open the door.
He's really dangerous.
I doubt that he would come here.
It's just me and my wife here.
Sir, do you have enough food?
Should I bring you some more food?
Why did you offer him food? We don't have enough for ourselves.
I'll give him my share of food.
How could you be so selfish?
You two should stay away.
He's infected.
I saw him bite Andrew.
I'm infected too.
Let's not fight.
It's highly likely that Andrew is still inside the building.
Andrew is dead.
I wanted to go out
and talk to the person in charge of the lockdown.
But there were infected people in front of the apartment too.
But now that we got rid of the murderer, we can just wait.
So where is his body?
Did you move his body?
It's on the rooftop.
You bit him to death!
No one was on the rooftop.
You must be trying to deceive me.
Do you think I'm an idiot? No!
I'm perfectly healthy. I'm not infected like you people!
It's dangerous to be alone now.
Goodness, that lady.
Do you think we should just let her be alone?
Her family died.
She just needs someone to hate.
Oh, my chest hurts.
That cop is hiding Andrew's body and lying to me.
I should kill him if he keeps messing with me.
I guess Andrew and Kim Dong Hyun must have left the building.
(Seyang Forest Le Ciel Apartment)
What are you doing?
What if the infected come into the building?
- Don't come out. - Okay.
Are you okay?
When did you get bitten?
Hey. Isn't that the unemployed guy from the third floor?
I think he's hurt.
He's not hurt. He got bitten!
Wait. Well,
isn't he infected?
He hasn't shown any symptoms yet.
He'll be able to hold out longer
if he stays with his family.
I'm sorry, Dad.
Hey. Oh, no.
Goodness. Honey.
Dong Hyun is back.
Hey. Moon Hee.
Are you all right? How are you feeling?
It hurts less.
Who gave you that medicine earlier?
Moon Hee,
should we pull it out?
Do you have more medicine?
Give me that.
Go ahead.
I'll pull it out.
You know what, Moon Hee?
After everything I've been through, I can't leave like this.
Let's take this house.
What is it?
Is your husband dead?
We pulled out the knife, and
My gosh.
I told you not to pull it out.
Did he get a lot of blood on the floor?
Why don't you people ever listen?
You don't have family, do you?
Hey. Do you think this looks more swollen than before?
How many times must I tell you it doesn't?
Are you sure?
That's what I said.
Stop touching it!
It's only getting more swollen because you keep touching it.
Are you sure it's going to be okay?
What should we do about the cryptocurrency?
We have the password, but we don't have a laptop.
- Well? - So
A laptop!
Sang Hee!
I'll give you the money, so open the door!
Sang Hee! Open the door!
- Sang Hee! - Is he here to bite us again?
I'll give you the money.
- How much are you going to give me? - Hey!
The cleaning guy is crazy. He has lost his mind!
Move your hand!
If Ko Se Kyu is in critical condition,
we need to get him out.
We can't leave him to die here.
Detective! Please save me!
I almost died!
What is it this time?
He gave us the medicine.
He said he'd get better if he took it.
Have you lost your mind? I didn't do it!
Why would I do such a crazy thing and increase the number of monsters?
Is Ko Se Kyu okay?
He's still having a hard time.
He's lying down.
Can you get rid of him?
I'm too scared to be with him.
If you're going to kick anyone out, it should be them.
You don't believe me?
We're neighbors. We live in the same apartment.
I've never heard you acknowledge we were neighbors before.
I warned you.
Let's go to the gym.
My laptop.
Tell them to give me my laptop!
Give me my laptop!
My laptop!
Get the elevator.
Are you glad I'm leaving?
- Oh, my! - Gosh.
What are you doing?
Where are you taking the doctor?
We're quarantining him.
If you don't want to end up like this, be careful.
Is all of this ours?
Of course.
He doesn't even have any family.
He almost killed me.
We could demand
this place from him as compensation.
He'll tell us he won't give it to us.
We can kill him before the lockdown ends.
They'll just assume the infected did it.
Gosh, that hurt.
That hurts.
Give me some water.
Take some of this too.
I feel really thirsty for some reason.
How many is this?
Why didn't you leave with your wife?
I need to watch the house until Sae Bom gets back.
We went through a lot
to get this place as a special provision for civil servants.
I know you were worried about us.
If it wasn't for you,
something big would've happened.
Thank you.
I'm going to get some rest and go look for Andrew again.
It could get dangerous, so you should go home.
We can help you too.
I could be dangerous too.
You seemed to be a lot better now,
but that's not the case for me.
Be careful.
Sae Bom.
Are you doing okay?
I miss you.
We're alive thanks to him.
He's infected, but
So he's home?
It's dangerous, so don't go outside and stay home.
The lockdown will end soon!
What? Really?
See? I told you! She said we shouldn't go out!
No way.
Sang Hee. I knew you'd come.
Honey. Let me go.
Let's talk after you let go.
What will you do without a key?
Ms. Oh. Help me.
I just came to help him.
Have you lost your mind?
Shouldn't we
get rid of that jerk of a detective?
Since that woman ran away,
we just need to get rid of that jerk.
Are you
suggesting we kill the detective?
He's infected.
We can use this to break you free.
Just do what I tell you.
Help me!
Mr. Oh.
Calm down.
Let her go.
Mr. Jung.
Kill all the non-infected people
and blame it on the disease.
That's it.
Blame it all on the monsters.
You are the real monsters, not the infected.
You feel thirsty, don't you?
Shall we see who the real monster is?
Jung Yi Hyun!
Jung Yi Hyun!
Don't you love the smell of blood?
Don't hold back! You must've held back your whole life!
Jung Yi Hyun!
Jung Yi Hyun!
Come on outside!
Come outside!
Get out here!
Why won't you listen to me?
It's my apartment. Listen to me!
Calm down! I'm not here to get you.
You killed my husband.
I caught an infected person, and I'm still clean.
I deserve to be a representative.
I'll vote for you when you get out of prison.
- Okay. - Get out here!
Come on outside!
Hey! I will change soon, you know!
I will show symptoms too!
You're dead.
Yi Hyun.
I'm back.
I realized when you said
that a home
depended on whom you were with.
I'll stay with you from now on.
Stay with me.
Whatever you're like,
I'm okay with everything.
Are you sure there's someone
with the antibodies in the apartment?
I got a statement.
Tell me everything you know about the infected.
I might need the information to make a cure.
I don't know much.
Na Hyun Kyung said that
her brother's wounds were the same.
They didn't get better or get worse.
You asked for full authority based on that?
Ji Soo.
Since when did we have anything to rely on?
Hae Seong. Please open the door.
I got the cryptocurrency.
I put you through a lot, didn't I?
I'm sorry for being a nervous wreck.
(Shin So Yoon)
I did it so we could all be happy.
(Message read)
Are you listening?
Hae Seong.
(Shin So Yoon)
Hae Seong.
Honey. We can be happy now.
- So Yoon? - Open the door.
I am so sorry for everything. It's all on me.
- Okay? - Hae Seong!
Don't contact me ever again.
- No, I really - Hae Seong. You're in there, right?
I really regret everything. I really do.
- Okay? - Do you hear me?
Open the door.
But I really do regret everything.
We can be happy.
Hae Seong.
The receiver cannot
- Honey. - Shoot.
Hae Seong. We had some good times.
It can get even better.
Let me in.
Open the door.
Something is better than nothing.
- Darn you. - Were you bitten?
(Shin So Yoon)
Is the Internet working?
I'll give you some cryptocurrency.
What's the password?
Oh, hang on.
(Welcome to OPbit.)
(Welcome to OPbit. Follow the steps.)
(Valuated profit or loss)
(Total 7,824 dollars, Loss of 99.98 percent)
All economic indicators show a bleak forecast.
Stock markets worldwide as well are in Korea are crashing,
and over 30 items on the Korean stock exchange plummeted.
Prices of crude oil, gold, and various raw materials are falling.
Crude oil went down from 80 dollars
They'll find a cure one day.
At this rate, they will find a cure soon.
I bet the people from the health center
will come here and ring the bell any second now.
- I'm sure of it. - The prices continue to plummet.
As of today, the market capitalization
has gone down by 97 percent compared to 3 months ago.
- Goodness. - Hey!
They are here! We made it.
- Didn't I tell you? - Gosh.
I told you that they would come.
- Did I tell you? - You did.
- Goodness. - Please be gentle.
We'll be okay!
Gosh, honey.
We'll be okay.
Thank you.
Wait. I never bit anyone.
I'm telling you the truth.
I don't even feel thirsty.
Give me water and see. I'm serious. I'm not thirsty.
I'm telling the truth.
I never bit anyone.
He was completely fine.
He might have recovered by now. No. I think he's fine now.
- You're fine, aren't you? - Yes.
I'm fine now. I don't feel thirsty now.
He's fine. Right?
- I'm not thirsty. - Don't talk too much.
I'm serious.
We found a man with the antibodies. I'll transport him now.
I'll handle
Yoon Sae Bom.
Just bring the guy with the antibodies.
Keep him safe.
Take Yoon Sae Bom and Jung Yi Hyun
to the dormitory.
This is my house! You can't come in!
No! Stop it!
Honey! Stop them. Come on!
- This is my house! - No!
- Honey, take them. - Oh, no.
- This is our house! - This is mine!
- No! - I'm taking everything with me!
- No! They are mine! - This is our house!
- This is our house! - Mine!
- No! This is our house! - They are mine!
I'm taking them with me!
- Let go of me! - Let go!
- This is our house! - I'm taking what's mine!
- Mine! - Honey!
This is our house!
Just stay here
even if it's hot here.
Don't you dare think this is the end.
I'm serious. Mark my words.
Sae Bom.
You'll vote for me, right?
Sure. Let's go.
We shouldn't leave
Mr. Kim Se Hoon here, right?
Let's move him to his house.
I'll open the door.
Call Yoon Sae Bom here.
Drop the gun, Ms. Yoon.
Just shoot him.
I can take a hit.
Drop the gun if you want him to live!
Never. Just shoot him now!
It's fresh blood.
Yi Hyun.
Yi Hyun.
I told you
that I was going to be the bad cop.
You should stay
as the good cop.
Yi Hyun.
Yi Hyun.
No. You can't
Yi Hyun!
No. Yi Hyun!
(Grand Courtroom 417)
(Attorney, Defendant)
Mr. Lee Seung Young.
Be careful.
Aren't you tired after all that running?
- I'm not tired at all. - Really?
Then shall we take it up a notch? What do you say?
How about the gym?
All the residents can use the facility now.
I have plans. So I have to go back home.
- Bye. - What plan?
Seo Yoon.
All right. Let's get going then.
What are you thinking?
Last year
during the lockdown.
It was tough, wasn't it?
Yes, but
it was bearable with you.
When did you start liking me?
I told you I fell for you the first time I saw you.
Why won't you believe me?
I knew you were my destiny.
I said to myself that you were the one.
So you never gave up?
Why do you think I became a cop?
Don't tell me you became a cop because of me.
I thought about going to the States.
But I couldn't stop thinking about what you said.
You said our future had so many options,
so I should take the plunge.
Then you went with the SOU.
Hey, I had no idea.
are you happy now?
Of course.
Only when I'm with you.
- I'm not happy otherwise. - Stop lying.
The first one there will be exempt from recycling duty for a week!
You're cheating! Hey!
Including the food garbage!
I refuse to lose!
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