Happy Sugar Life (2018) s01e01 Episode Script

1st Life: The Sugar Girl Eats Love

I didn't know
what warmth felt like,
what it meant to be kind,
or what affection was.
And above all,
I could not comprehend
the concept of love.
But I get it now.
I've finally
come to understand
what love really means.
This is the story of our love.
Satou Matsuzaka, please go out with me.
Sorry. I've already given my heart to someone else.
-You get rejected?
-Not even.
You said she'd let you bang her, dude.
Thanks for waiting.
-You're going to be late for work.
Those guys were hitting on you, right?
Are you guys hanging out after work?
No. I'm done doing that kind of stuff, Shoko-chan.
I've fallen in love.
You're kidding! You've got a revolving door of men!
We've started living together.
You're not wasting any time.
Don't tell anyone.
You're the only person I've told.
That's why I have to make more money.
He's a kept man?
I didn't know you were the type
who likes babying guys.
Hey, let's fool around with guys again together.
More importantly, Shoko-chan
What is it?
Did you gain weight?
I can tell you're 2 percent over your ideal body fat
just by touching your body.
Shoko-chan, if you want to land a man,
you have to maintain your figure.
How can you know just by touching?
Welcome home, master!
There, it's a cat!
It's so cute!
I hope it's delicious! I hope it's delicious!
Right. I found it.
My beloved.
I'm home!
Satou-chan! Welcome back, Satou-chan!
This nice, sweet smell.
The girl I found.
My beloved.
Were you waiting at the front door?
Wasn't it cold?
I'm fine.
I wanted to welcome you home, Satou-chan.
You're so cute, Shio-chan.
I met Shio-chan a few days ago.
Bubble bubble
Bubble bubble
Hey, Satou-chan, how come the chick floats?
She wouldn't understand
an explanation of Archimedes' principle.
The water is trying to help the chick.
Wow, you're like a professor, Satou-chan!
Shio-chan doesn't know about a lot of things.
Hey. Hey.
I'll be your water, Satou-chan!
Then I'm going to help you
just like this chick!
She's so innocent, so pure.
Shio-chan is so cute.
Satou-chan, here we go!
Go ahead, Shio-chan.
Our vows.
In sickness and in health
-This girl is the sweetest thing in the world.
-through happiness and sadness
for richer, for poorer
She fulfills my heart.
I promise to love you, Satou-chan,
until death do us part
This sparkling emotion must be
what they call love.
I'm so happy.
I want to stay like this forever.
But I can't.
We need money to live.
For food, utilities, furniture, and clothes
That's why I have to work.
Sorry, Shio-chan.
My new job starts today,
so I'll be home late.
Will you be okay on your own?
I know
that you're working hard for me!
So I'll stay here and pray
that we'll be able to be together forever.
Okay, Shio-chan.
I'm going to work hard.
I'm Satou Matsuzaka. I'm new here.
I'm going to work hard to learn fast.
Nice to meet you.
I'm so glad you came, Matsuzaka.
We're short on staff these days.
You've worked in customer service, right?
We're counting on you.
Matsuzaka. Let me teach you how to take orders.
I know how to work this.
Really? Then can you work the floor now?
Yes. If I do something wrong, just tell me.
Okay. Got it.
How's the new job?
The manager is young, kind, and pretty, right?
Yeah. The other employees are all nice too.
-I won't allow it, you know.
You can't spend all your time at your new job! Got it?
I wouldn't do that.
Shio-chan, we don't get that channel.
Work, huh?
as long as nothing troublesome happens
I like you.
Will you go out with me?
You can give me an answer after your shift's over.
I've already given my heart to someone else.
Satou, I saw you
rejecting Mitsuboshi.
Mitsuboshi's really cool.
If you rejected him,
the guy you've given your heart to
must be gorgeous.
He's not a gorgeous guy.
There you go again
You're lucky.
I wish I was pretty like you, Satou.
Then I would've been more popular with guys.
That's not true
I think you guys are cute when you're smiling.
So please smile more.
I love you, Satou!
I can see why she's so popular.
The guys are into her these days.
They were all about the manager up until now, though.
Thanks for your hard work.
Got to get home quickly.
Mitsuboshi stopped coming to work the next day.
Matsuzaka, can you work overtime today?
I thought you said there's no overtime.
We're short on staff.
And I can't get through to Mitsuboshi.
It's your fault he's not coming anymore, isn't it?
Mitsuboshi was crying.
He said you made a fool out of him.
So it's only natural that you take responsibility for this.
Okay, Matsuzaka?
Poor Satou
-Thanks for your hard work.
Oh, sorry.
-It was an accident.
-I see
Don't tell anyone that I snitched.
Do you understand?
I've been working here longer.
If you want to keep working here like nothing happened,
then you should do exactly as the manager says.
Thanks for your hard work.
The bathroom and break room too, thank you.
Things went on like that for a while
This can't go on
I can't go on like this.
The bottle inside me is breaking.
The sweet pieces are scattering.
Don't go anywhere.
Those are pieces of my love.
Pieces of my heart.
If this keeps up, I
I'll go crazy.
Thanks for your hard work today.
Don't forget to check your paystubs.
Excuse me, manager?
Can I ask you something?
Was there a mistake?
The payment doesn't match the hours I worked.
There's a mistake.
No. It's correct.
you know why, don't you?
No. I worked like I was supposed to.
Oh, that's too bad.
Really, you
You're just a little cute,
and you think you can get away with anything.
I bet people went easy on you
and made a big fuss over you
just because you're cute.
But life isn't that easy.
You caused trouble here.
That's why your pay was cut.
You understand, don't you?
Are you allowed to cut my pay whenever you want?
This place is my kingdom of love.
I'm the master.
I have no need for anyone who doesn't love me.
No matter who it is.
That's right, Matsuzaka,
I love you too.
I'll swallow any desire you have.
After all, Satou-chan
that's what love is.
I can't agree to this.
You can't. It's just wrong.
You're not supposed to go after underage kids.
-I saw it.
You brought Mitsuboshi here.
So what?
Enough with the false pretenses.
They're hardly false.
This place is thick with
the scent of you and Mitsuboshi's deeds.
It's like your gross, damp smell
swallowed up Mitsuboshi.
I'll just have to ask Mitsuboshi directly.
Well, you won't be able to.
Why's that?
I can.
I said I can.
What's going to happen after that?
The kind and pretty manager
is going to be charged with sexual misconduct.
Could your majesty endure
having everyone look at you with disgust?
Who do you think you are?
You're just a kid!
You're supposed to respect adults!
How come you weren't able to control yourself
with a kid?
-Did it sting that badly
for everyone to pay more attention
to a kid like me than you?
Of course it did!
You guys are supposed to love me!
But Mitsuboshi said he loved you.
So I taught him about my love.
I made sure to thoroughly teach his body.
Of course it did!
What an amazing face.
Give that to me!
I'll upload it somewhere.
Who do you think you are?
Are you threatening me?
Are you trying to destroy my kingdom?
I don't care about your kingdom.
I don't care what you do here,
or how you behave.
It really didn't matter one way or the other.
Then why?
Why didn't you control yourself?
I controlled myself.
I worked overtime and I cleaned up.
Because it was part of my job.
I had less time to spend with Shio-chan,
but I controlled myself and did it all.
What are you talking about?
You should have controlled yourself too.
Then neither of us would have had to go through this.
What--? What are you saying?
What you feel may not be love.
is something your heart feels by itself.
It's sweet, it sparkles,
and it makes you realize what makes you happy
without anyone telling you.
If you had to teach him about your love
If you ask for something in return
Something bad and bitter like that
That's not love.
Hey, manager.
Even if it doesn't interest me,
if it's unsightly I want to break it.
I'm sure you know the feeling.
It's okay.
Just pay me what I'm owed, okay?
Are you okay, Mitsuboshi?
Be careful.
Women have a strong desire
to keep people to themselves.
So bitter
So bitter
So bitter
So bitter
So bitter So bitter So bitter
Satou-chan, welcome back!
Shio-chan, I'm home!
It's so late. You stayed up?
I didn't like falling asleep
without being able to say "Welcome back!"
The sick feeling in my stomach went away.
I've never felt like this before.
I'm so happy.
I love you, Shio-chan.
I've never loved anyone before.
I've had lots of people tell me they love me.
But no matter what they told me
or what they did for me
I never felt anything.
But this is different.
Shio-chan gave me the gift of love.
I'm sure she's going to teach me more and more
about love in the future.
Hey, thanks.
Your house is pretty comfortable.
That's why I have to
protect this valuable emotion,
and create a castle so the love doesn't spill out.
The sweetest castle in the world,
where I can live happily with Shio-chan forever.
What I have to do
This is in the way. I have to throw it away somewhere.
happy sugar life.
I'm sure this is love.
I'd do anything to protect this feeling.
2nd Life,
"Shio's Miniature Garden."
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