Happy Sugar Life (2018) s01e02 Episode Script

2nd Life: Shio's Miniature Garden

The angelic being who suddenly appeared before me
and saved my loveless heart
I have to protect my life with Shio-chan.
Because I want to know more about love.
That's why
Turns out he had a wife and kids.
The jerk told me he was single.
Seriously? No way.
Makes me want to kill him.
Don't kill him.
I was just joking.
Who would kill someone just for love?
I see
But I do wish my life could be like
an exciting love story.
Like dating a teacher
Like our homeroom teacher, Kitaumekawa?
That could be nice!
-He's single and he's hot.
-You're right.
Do you have a moment?
Speak of the devil
I called your house yesterday to
talk academics,
but no one answered.
Was something wrong?
I think I was asleep already.
No way. It was about seven o'clock.
I was at work
and my aunt goes out at night a lot too.
I had heard your parents passed away,
and you're living with your aunt.
-Excuse me.
If you're in trouble, just tell me.
You're How should I put it?
Less stable than the other girls.
I'm worried about you.
I'm an adult.
I'm sure I can help you.
I've already quit fooling around with boys.
I'm fine.
I fell in love for real.
But Yeah
There is one thing.
I feel like
someone's stalking me.
But I'm probably just imagining it.
Thanks, teacher.
A stalker?
Are you sure you're not imagining it?
You're cute so you have to be careful.
Remember that customer
who wouldn't leave you alone?
Satou-nyan, can you meow on my lap?
Sir, this isn't that sort of business!
What do you mean?
What if it's him?
I'm worried about you, Shoko-chan.
You're pretty harsh.
It's because you never say anything,
so I have to.
Just be careful.
The thought of something happening to you
I can't bear it.
I love you!
Okay, you two.
You don't have to show off.
But we are having that new guy start here soon.
It'll be like having a bodyguard.
Will it?
But I'm worried, so be careful!
Get your boyfriend you live with to protect you.
Not my boyfriend.
But that girl's the person I love.
It's so confounding.
She fills the holes in my heart
like a puzzle,
her sweet pieces complete me.
Wait for me just a little longer.
Satou-nyan, you're too fast!
So you noticed?
You had the upper hand.
Why, then, would you come to an alley like this?
I want you to stop.
I thought you'd show up if I did this.
You know everything.
This is who I really am.
What's going on? He's bitter.
I can see it in your eyes.
You're a smart girl.
You're different from those drones.
That's what attracted me to you.
This guy is so bitter.
You're a teacher.
Is it really okay for you to stalk a student?
You're right.
It's not okay.
Isn't that what's great about it?
It's like walking on a tightrope.
Like almost crossing that line.
Isn't it profound?
I've had my eyes on you
since the school entrance ceremony.
You're my type of girl.
This whole time.
This whole time.
This whole time.
I wonder how sweet
your soft hair smells.
I want to caress
your smooth skin
and make it mine.
Just imagining you opening up your body,
I can't resist.
I can give you so much pleasure
that you'd forget about all other men.
You're a terrible adult.
Now, Satou
Take me to where your roommate is.
-How do you know--?
-Adults know a lot of things.
Especially when it comes to their beloved.
And knowing you're going home to someone
drives me rather mad.
Bitter Bitter
If anyone finds out, you'd be in trouble, right?
It's okay as long as no one finds out.
I'm good at controlling myself.
So bitter I feel like throwing up.
-So how should I do it?
What do you like about him?
-His face?
-His voice?
-If it's his face, I'll smash it.
If it's his voice, I'll dry it up.
Oh, well.
It can wait until next time.
It's still bitter
I hate bitter things.
Satou-chan! Welcome home!
You're late.
I want something sweet
Okay! Kiss!
-It's sweet
-I was eating chocolate!
Do you feel better now?
Hey, do you feel better?
It's too sweet.
That's weird
Sweetness is all I can feel now.
Shio-chan, I love you.
I love you.
You fill me up inside with sweet pieces.
This is what love is.
That's why
Anyone who gets in our way
Well, I'm off to work.
Bye, daddy!
Be careful!
Teacher, good morning.
Are you a student
from the school?
Yes. I'm Satou Matsuzaka.
I had a question about class
that I just had to ask.
Sorry to disturb you early in the morning,
but I couldn't wait another minute.
Well, well.
What a passionate student!
-Nice to meet--
Nice to meet you.
Matsuzaka. Let's talk while we walk.
You have such a cute wife and kid.
Despite being single.
Why are you hiding the fact you're married?
Just one isn't enough to satisfy me.
I want to have relationships with many women
and love them and be loved.
That's what I call love.
-This is love too.
You've had several partners too, haven't you?
I don't get that at all.
You just want women to give you pleasure.
You just like the excitement
of the risk of being found out.
If you want excitement that bad
then shall I back you into a corner?
Do you want me to tell your wife
and tear apart your family?
Do you want me to tell the school
and have you disciplined?
I'm not even the first student you've touched, am I?
You're trash.
This is bad
This is bad
This is bad
Do you understand now?
Teacher, that's not love.
You're just a masochistic pervert.
This is bad.
Why does it feel so good?
I've finally found
my one true love.
A man drunk on his own lust shouldn't
be comparing himself to me.
There's one thing I want to ask you about, teacher.
I have some trash I don't know how to get rid of
I'm going to work hard around the house
for Satou-chan!
I know how to do this! Yeah!
Are you having a bad day,
Mr. Vacuum?
I have to fluff this room too.
It won't open.
Oh, well.
I feel reborn because of my love for Shio-chan.
I want to know more about this love.
So I can't let anyone get in the way.
I'll protect our love no matter what.
Our happy sugar life.
Please take this.
Please take this.
Please take this.
Now it's time to cook!
But I don't know how to cook.
I can't get it
It won't reach
I don't get it
My head is spinning
It's not stopping.
I don't know what I should do.
-It hurts
-It's okay.
You don't have to do anything.
She'll come to get you someday.
And then, everything will be just fine,
I'm sure.
Satou-chan I
You took such good care of the house.
Hey, Shio-chan.
There's something I want to ask you.
Who's the person you love the most?
Satou-chan, do you feel sick?
Want some chocolate?
-Do you want to kiss?
It's too sweet. I'll melt.
Satou-chan, you're so cute!
-Oh, but can I say something?
I've said this before,
but there really are so many dangers outside.
So you mustn't ever go out there.
-Hey, let's do that thing we always do!
Our vows.
In sickness and in health,
through happiness
and sadness,
for richer, for poorer
I promise to love you,
until death do us part
Everything's okay.
Shio-chan's acting normal.
She's not lying either.
Satou-chan, you're so pretty!
Shio-chan really is my Shio-chan.
That's enough for me.
Shio-chan's family doesn't matter.
I should be worrying about tomorrow's meals.
So pretty.
Please throw this trash away
without anyone noticing.
What's inside?
It's better that you don't know.
That off-putting sensation when I touched it
It's trash that you can't just throw out
That faint rotting smell
I'm working here starting today.
I'm Taiyo Mitsuboshi.
Nice to meet you.
He's hot.
-Do you guys know each other?
From my old job.
I swear this was a coincidence.
if you have any questions, just ask.
I'll teach you anything.
let's go to the break room.
Are you okay now?
Ever since that day,
I couldn't handle being around older women.
I feel like throwing up whenever one touches me.
I didn't leave the house for a while
because of that.
I see.
Are you going to be okay here?
Almost all the employees here are women.
Someone helped me realize
I can't leave things like this.
I have to move on.
I want to become a good person for that person.
-That's why
-I see.
Mitsuboshi, you fell in love with someone, didn't you?
-I know I told you I liked you just recently.
-It's okay.
I think it's great to work hard
for the person you love.
Thanks, Matsuzaka.
I'm off. You rest here for a bit.
Dad, Mom
I'm sorry
Shio Koube
She's so cute.
Little girls
are so cute.
Then does that mean I shouldn't approach him?
-He seems okay with girls his age.
-Oh, really?
Yeah. But Mitsuboshi already has someone he likes.
Oh, sorry, Mother.
I'm going to eat dinner with my friend.
-Did I sound okay?
It's hard having a strict home.
But I have to meet their expectations.
At least on the surface.
You're a good girl, Shoko.
Even though I'm off to fool around
with guys again today?
A good girl with lots of energy!
What's your deal? Filthy little
What I really want is my own prince, just like Satou.
Take that!
No, thanks!
Damn. He's no good.
He doesn't have any money.
And he's so dirty.
How useless.
What exactly is this?
If she's still alive,
I'm sure she wishes she wasn't.
You're right.
-Poor guy
-In sickness
and in health
What are you mumbling about?
What are you doing?
Who the hell are you?
-Thanks for your hard work today too.
You're really amazing these days.
You do the work of five people alone.
And you're even taking care of the new employee.
It's nothing. He's my friend.
By the way,
you live pretty close to me, don't you?
Can I come over sometime?
Don't push your way into my life.
Sorry. My aunt wouldn't like it.
Excuse me. Can you give me a hand?
It's not as bad as it looks.
Thanks for helping.
Can I go home now?
-Yeah. Go ahead.
Excuse me.
What happened to him?
He was getting beat up in the park.
Should we call the police?
Don't tell the police.
They're the same.
They won't do anything.
Every last one of them
Adults are all repulsive.
I can't trust them.
I'm going to call the manager.
-Can you stay here?
I want to go home soon.
I want to feel Shio-chan soon.
-And then
-Our vows
In sickness
and in health,
through happiness
and sadness,
for richer,
or poorer
I promise to
-love you
Those words!
Even if I cry,
even if I scream,
even if I cover my ears,
or close my eyes
There's this vision that never disappears.
3rd Life:
"A Long Monochromatic Night."
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