Happy Sugar Life (2018) s01e03 Episode Script

3rd Life: A Long Monochromatic Night

Our vows.
In sickness and in health,
through happiness and sadness,
for richer, for poorer
I promise to
love you
Satou-chan isn't back yet.
I wonder what's wrong
What if
she never comes back
Satou-chan's outside, right?
But Satou-chan
told me it's dangerous outside.
It's okay.
I'll go with you.
That's right
Satou-chan, where are you?
Where are you?
Why aren't you coming home?
I have to destroy him.
No! No! Don't leave me!
I have to hurry and
Oh, Matsuzaka. Sorry to leave you here.
I just got ahold of the manager.
No worries.
I'm okay. Don't worry about it.
Asahi. Asahi
Come get me soon.
Oh! You're back! Thank goodness.
Are you okay?
You shouldn't move around yet.
At least you didn't break any bones.
Anyway, the manager is coming now.
-I'm going home.
But Wait!
I'm sure there's a hospital that's open where
I'm guessing you live nearby, then?
Oh, I see! Let me take you home.
I'm worried, you know.
-It doesn't matter.
Sorry for giving you trouble. And
sorry for dirtying your sofa.
Is he going to be okay?
I hope he makes it home.
I know I shouldn't be too pushy.
Let's go home too, Matsuzaka.
I couldn't control my emotions.
That was close.
I had destroyed that thing right there
But what is this feeling?
I'm not new to bitter tastes.
But this was on a totally different level.
Just remembering it brings back the bitter taste.
What is this?
What is this feeling?
Anger? Pain?
A warning sign?
It's different from any emotion
I've ever felt before.
It's bitter. Bitter.
No, stop thinking about it!
If I lose control,
I'll lose my life with Shio-chan too.
I have to understand it to control it.
Back there,
I imagined that
Shio-chan and that thing
said those vows to each other.
And then
I felt a bitter taste spreading through my mouth.
I couldn't stand it.
I can't stand
having the person I love be with someone else.
Is this jealousy?
I'm glad! Because
this emotion,
this pain,
was born from my love of Shio-chan, right?
My first emotion.
Hey, girl.
Heading home?
Want to hang out with us?
The person I love is waiting for me at home.
Thanks, Shio-chan.
I feel like I've been reborn again.
Ah, I can't wait to get home!
Back to my dear
happy sugar life.
You're just so cute,
Shio Koube.
But what happened, Shio-chan?
Were you kidnapped?
No way.
Huh? I feel like
I saw this flyer lying around in the park too.
I thought it didn't matter, but
I'm going to make sure
that thing and Shio-chan never meet.
If he gets in our way
I'll have to eliminate him strategically.
It's okay.
Next time, I'll endure it, no matter how bitter it is.
Right now I just want Shio-chan to know
how I feel.
I'm home, Shio-chan!
She's not here.
No. No.
No. No.
I'm sorry. Asahi.
Where are you?
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'll be fine.
I'm tough.
-take care of Shio.
It'll be fine.
God will look after us.
Just go. I promise
I'll come to get you some day.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
where are you?
What are you doing? Huh?
You need to be punished.
If the devil exists in this world
then I'm sure this is what it would look like.
I don't know if
she's alive or if she's safe.
I have to find Shio!
Where are you, Shio?!
There are lots of people. I'm scared.
If I go from that way
Satou-chan, I'm scared.
I'm lonely.
I don't want to be alone.
Spinning, spinning, spinning
It's like my head is being twisted.
What should I do?
Who are you?
Over here.
My foot hurts. It's cold and it hurts.
I'm lonely, but
Huh? What's that?
Who are you?
I've been here before.
Wait! Wait!
But I feel like she was always holding my hand.
It feels nostalgic.
Just a little more.
Did I forget something?
Hey, answer me.
Who are you?
No way.
I never imagined I'd find you here.
Shio Koube!
So warm.
That means she's the real thing.
Cute little hands
and fingers. The warmth of a child
Cute little lips.
Pure, innocent, big eyes.
She's so cute. She's so cute.
That's right, there's something
I've been wanting her to do for me.
Do me a favor.
I want you to kiss my boo-boo and make it go away!
Be gone, boo-boo. Be gone!
Be gone, boo-boo. Be gone!
Be gone, boo-boo. Be gone!
Be gone, boo-boo. Be gone!
How come he knows my name?
Shio Koube.
Are you crying?
I'm dirty.
Ever since that woman toyed
with my body that day
But when you touch me,
I feel like I'm being purified.
I feel happy, really happy.
There, there.
Your hair is a pretty color.
There, there.
My name is Taiyou.
Taiyou Mitsuboshi.
Then you're Taiyou-kun.
There, there, Taiyou-kun.
Crying will make you sad, so no crying.
She's an angel.
She's an angel.
She's an angel who comforts me.
I wasn't wrong.
The feeling I felt
when I first saw you
The feeling that you're the girl
who will purify me
it wasn't wrong.
Shio-chan, I never imagined
I'd actually meet you.
God must have noticed my hard work!
I want you to touch me more!
More! More!
Make me pure.
What's this?
I did the same thing for that person
That person?
Why can't I remember?
I feel like I wasn't supposed to forget.
It hurts. I'm sad.
For some reason
really sad.
I wonder why
I don't understand.
What's wrong?
I wonder if Satou-chan would know.
Are you talking about your family?
Are you lost?
They're looking for you.
Your mom and your dad.
The people you love, who are always with you.
I don't know!
You're right. Sorry.
Then, how about I bring
the people you love here?
So you'll be okay.
Right. Satou-chan!
I see! Taiyou-kun,
you knew who I am.
So you must know Satou-chan too.
I'm counting on you!
Can you stay at my house until then?
Right. Until I find her
I want this girl
to purify me even more.
Taiyou-kun, are you okay?
I'm fine.
In order to do that,
maybe I should be the one
touching her next time.
We could do lots of things.
If I miss this chance
I might never see her again.
Well, let's go.
Oh, God, forgive me.
Just a little longer.
It's just for a little longer, so
Goodness. Now, there's a blondie that sticks out
like a sore thumb.
Didn't expect you to come back here.
Are you an idiot?
Oh, well.
Now we can pay you back
for bothering us earlier.
-He's so loud.
-Want to bring him to the john?
Yeah, we can't let anyone see us.
It hurts again. My head
Is it because I saw the red thing? Red
No. No.
It hurts. I'm scared.
Someone, help me!
Ever since I met Shio-chan, I just keep changing.
See? I learned a new emotion tonight too.
4th Life: "The Sugar Girl Doesn't Notice."
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