Happy Sugar Life (2018) s01e04 Episode Script

4th Life: The Sugar Girl Doesn't Notice

Take this!
He's so loud!
Want to bring him to the john?
Yeah, we can't let anyone see us.
It hurts again My head
Is it because I saw the red thing?
Red No
It hurts
I'm scared
Someone, help me!
It's the person from before
Is she my family?
Someone I care about who's always with me
Hey Are you going to help me?
Shio, I thought I told you
not to let go of Mommy's hand.
But you let go of Mommy's hand.
You know, Shio
I'll never ever
forgive you.
Where are you, Shio?
-What was that for, all of a sudden?
Isn't she the girl from
the missing-person flyer?
She's alive. I'm amazed.
Doesn't that make us amazing for finding her?
Think we'd get a reward or something
if we told the cops?
Man, I doubt it.
Hey, I have a plan.
That dirty guy with the hood
was looking for her, right?
Let's call him over and beat his ass.
I'm still pissed off.
Good call.
Rise and shine, girlie.
Hey, boys!
If you're not busy, I could sure use some playmates.
Yeah. Sure.
Doesn't she look dangerous?
No. She's a good catch.
I can smell it from here.
You never change,
you womanizer.
Now then, sweetheart
Don't tell me, you're a runaway?
Is it because of your parents?
I know how you feel.
Always saying, "It's for your own good."
"It's because I love you."
Grownups think they know it all.
It drives me crazy.
You can come crash at my place.
No one's going to tell you what to do there.
And if you treat me right while you're there,
I'll even give you money.
You want money
Do you have anything you care about
more than money?
I do.
Something tells me you wouldn't get it, though.
Hey, you!
I'll freaking kill you!
You think you can beat me unarmed?
You bit--
I learned it the hard way.
When the person you care about is gone,
the world looks monochrome.
that night is over now.
Let's all go home, okay?
Wait What are you--?
So warm
So soft. It feels good
It's really warm
I love this feeling.
But then why
did everything go black
all of a sudden?
It smells like Satou-chan
The real
Satou-chan! Satou-chan! I'm sorry!
I was scared being alone.
I broke our promise.
I went outside to look for you,
but then I got confused.
And then And then
Shio-chan, listen.
I'd never leave you and go somewhere else.
That's why this castle exists.
A castle for you and me
to live in together happily, forever.
As long as we're here,
there's nothing to be afraid of.
I might be late sometimes,
but I'll always come back here.
So it'll be okay.
You don't have to think about anything.
I'll protect you.
Shio-chan, don't cry.
You didn't do anything wrong.
Right. This was all my fault.
I shouldn't have believed what Shio-chan said.
When it comes to Shio-chan, I can't help it.
Love really is strange.
Love Love
Auntie, you're hurt again.
I'm okay. After all
This is also love.
But I won't screw up anymore.
I'll never make the same mistake again.
No matter what.
Satou-chan, good morning.
Shio-chan, good morning.
Today we're having
fried eggs for breakfast.
Your favorite!
I put tofu and aburaage in the miso soup.
What do you think?
I'm so happy!
Your fried eggs are so soft and delicious!
Thank goodness.
She's the same Shio-chan as always.
-Thanks for the meal!
-Thanks for the meal!
It's sweet when Shio-chan smiles.
But it's also a little
Hey, Shio-chan.
Last night, did you talk to anyone
other than me?
I didn't.
I see.
It's soft
There's something just a bit off.
Maybe something scary happened
when she went outside.
It might not be good to dig into things right now.
I did take care of that.
But I'm sure someone must have seen us.
Satou-chan, are you going to be late today too?
I was just lucky yesterday.
Shio-chan, sorry.
I'll come home as soon as I can.
Then let's spend lots of time talking.
Let's take a bath together,
eat dinner, and keep each other company.
I'm going now.
Be careful.
Welcome back,
my happy sugar life.
Good, good. I got paid.
I've saved up a lot.
Cooking at home really does work.
Good morning!
How are things between you and Kitaumekawa recently?
Mr. Kitaumekawa?
You guys talk alone sometimes.
How suspicious.
I've told you before.
Mr. Kitaumekawa is just worried about me
because I don't have parents.
It's not like that.
Impressive, Kitaumekawa.
What a nice guy.
I should go after him.
I don't recommend that.
There you go again.
If that's what you say
Take this! Tickle, tickle!
-No! Stop!
-You live alone with your aunt, right?
I've never seen her before.
What is she like? Is she pretty?
She never says a word
about anything I do.
What? That's great, right?
Well, I guess.
I'm not at home right now.
Please leave a message at the--
She didn't answer today either.
I've been calling every day.
I got rid of that trash
she gave me the other day.
I didn't ask what was inside,
and I didn't check.
None of the teachers, including myself,
have ever met her aunt
or heard her voice before.
Is she just refusing to meet us? Or
But could that really happen?
No. That girl's not normal.
That look in her eyes when she scolded me
I'll never forget
that thrilling feeling she gave me.
How could I ever forget?
Insult me more. Step on me.
Give me more pleasure.
I made it in time.
Satou, they're going to close early today.
I heard there was a violent crime near here last night.
The victim
had both eyes gouged out.
According to the rumors!
That's why they're telling us
to go straight home after work today.
I see.
Maybe I'll clean the house today.
Really? That's your priority?
You know
I saw some guys fighting last night too.
Men can be so scary sometimes.
Satou, marry me!
Hey, you guys.
Chatting and you're late for work?
You guys know it's payday today, right?
Mitori! We're not late yet!
We're safe!
I wish you'd get ready for work earlier
than your seniors.
Am I wrong?
Sorry. We'll work extra hard, though.
Matsuzaka, you're working quite a few shifts.
Are you okay?
I mean, it's not like you have money problems, right?
I have a dream.
And it happens to require lots of money.
That's why I want to keep giving it my all.
A dream?
That's wonderful, Satou.
Yeah. It's good to have dreams.
All right, let's get to work!
-Oh, by the way, Matsuzaka
-A package we sent to you was returned.
-Let's do this!
We tried sending it a few times,
but no one accepted it.
Did anyone tell you?
I'll take it home today myself.
Sorry to cause trouble.
No, it's no problem.
By the way, where's Mitsuboshi today?
He's taking time off.
We're short staffed, but let's work hard.
Taiyo? How do you feel?
Are you okay?
Yeah. I'm okay!
Oh, good.
Rest well.
She was really cute.
Small Warm
and soft
My angel.
But Shio-chan is a missing person.
Her family must be looking for her.
Despite that, Matsuzaka
What in the world are you up to?
Are you talking about your family?
They're looking for you.
Your mom and your dad.
Spinning Spinning Spinning
Shio-chan, I'm back!
Welcome home, Satou-chan!
That tickles.
It's nothing.
Tell me what you said.
I said you're really good at this.
All right, let's switch.
You be on this side.
I'll wash you next.
You can't, Satou-chan!
Your breasts would get squished by my head
and that's not good.
My breasts will go back to normal. It's okay.
Satou-chan, you're so heavy!
Wow, hamburger steak!
Make sure you chew your food.
Here, Satou-chan! Say "Ah"!
You're a cutie!
There we go.
Good night, Shio-chan.
Oh, we didn't say our vows tonight.
Too bad.
Shio-chan is already asleep.
I've got to ask her to say them for me tomorrow.
Without it, I feel so weak.
This blood
really won't come off.
Oh, well. We're not using this room anyway.
That's enough for today.
Account Balance
I have to work harder.
I have to build a wonderful castle
where I can be with Shio-chan forever.
Those who violate love must pay the price.
Such a sin can only be atoned for with punishment.
5th Life:
"The Taste of Crime and the Taste of Punishment."
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