Happy Sugar Life (2018) s01e05 Episode Script

5th Life: The Taste of Crime and the Taste of Punishment

Shio-chan, does it taste bad?
No, it's good.
Really? Good.
Cherry tomatoes are so cute.
Hey, Satou, you seem a little off today.
A little, but I'm okay.
Shio-chan is feeling down.
It has left me feeling so anxious.
Satou, your bag looks so sweet!
It's cute!
Right? I used to be into fake sweets.
Shoko's taking a day off today.
It's our first time working together,
just the two of us.
Let's do a good job, Su-chan.
Let's work hard, okay?
That's right! I have to work hard.
Because I have a dream.
Thank you very much!
Oh, I know! I should make a rice omelet today.
Shio-chan loves that.
What are you doing?
Man, now I'm all wet. How are you going to fix this?
Pretty sure it was your fault.
Bring me the manager!
I'm terribly sorry about that.
Are you hurt at all?
Excuse me.
I'll clean it right up.
It's okay.
By the way, sir
This is a non-smoking establishment.
Oh, is it?
No problem. Thank you for your understanding!
Satou, you're amazing.
You're super pretty, and you can handle any situation.
I wish I could be as perfect as you.
I'm not that perfect.
I made a mistake the other day
and things turned out really bad.
Right. I almost lost what's important to me.
So, I'm not going to make the same mistake again.
I'm going to face everything with all I've got.
Then you really are amazing!
Satou, I've always admired you.
Ever since we first talked at work,
I've never stopped watching you.
I always wondered why you're so amazing,
and what you're made of.
Hey, Satou, how were you made?
What is it, Mitori?
Satou's house?
She's popular. She's had a few stalkers before.
She may just not want people knowing her address.
Yes. I've been there once before.
But, no one answered when I rang the doorbell.
Even though it seemed like someone was home.
So you were the one who opened my locker
and looked inside.
I've always hated myself.
I'm so plain and clumsy.
Nothing ever goes right in my life.
That's why I want to be like you, Satou!
I went through a lot for this bag!
I looked for the same things you had
and bought them.
What I couldn't find, I made myself.
I'm even using the same makeup.
I copied the way you wear it too.
I work the same shifts, and I have the same handkerchief,
socks and underwear.
But it's still not enough.
I can't go to the same school as you.
And our hairstyles
My hair is still too short.
And I don't know what my dream is.
So I thought I'd at least try to have
the same home environment as you.
That's why I read through your résumé.
But, it looks like no one lives at the address you wrote.
Satou, are you keeping where you live a secret?
Won't you tell me?
-If you're not hiding anything, you can tell me, right?
-I want to know everything about you!
Because I love you!
This is also love.
Shut up!
-Shut up!
-I won't tell a soul.
-Shut up!
It's so bitter
Shut up.
Shut up!
Su-chan, your fingers are so thin and cute.
You're so small and skinny.
You feel so soft when I hug you.
It's because you're you that I love you.
Love? No way! There's no way!
There's no way you'd love me!
Why not? I think it's cute how you say that too.
No way! I--
I'm no good, and I'm defiant.
There's no way someone would love me.
That's why I'm going to try hard
to be just like you!
I won't be able to love you if you do that.
You're wonderful the way you are right now, Su-chan.
The way you were born.
You don't have to try hard to be anything.
You don't ever have to grow up.
Even if you're not so sharp,
you're fine the way you are.
I'll be the only one who loves you.
You're so unfair, Satou.
I can't
I can't say no to something
that makes me so happy!
I surprised you, didn't I?
It's okay.
But, Su-chan
Don't ever pry into my life ever again.
I'm kind of mad.
I'm sorry.
Don't hate me!
I'll do anything you tell me to!
This is also love, Satou-chan.
Your words
still echo within me.
It's still bitter.
It's because I told such a dirty lie.
I can't leave things like this.
Or else I'll
I want something sweet!
Shio-chan! Where are you? Shio-chan!
Or else I'll
5th Life:
The Taste of Crime and the Taste of Punishment
So is this
Mitsuboshi's house?
Your friend from work is here to visit you.
Oh, it sounds like he's in the bathroom.
Can you wait a little?
I'll make some tea.
His mom seems really nice.
I wish I had been born
into a family like this too.
I'm okay, Mom!
We're going to talk in my room
so you stay downstairs.
Hey. What's "family"?
Like my mom and my dad?
The people I care about who are always with me?
Spinning Spinning
Hey. Look at this!
Shio, I told you not to go outside!
S-- Sorry
I'm so lonely I can't move.
I can't breathe.
Is this "family"?
Shio-chan! Shio-chan, hang in there!
Shio-chan, does it hurt?
Are you in pain?
This is my punishment.
Satou-chan, I'm sorry.
I lied to you.
talked to someone else
just a little bit that one night.
So God must be angry at me.
Because I betrayed you.
I did something wrong again.
I have to say something! But
It's bitter
It's bitter!It's bitter! It's bitter!
I can't think straight.
Why is this so?
Is this my punishment?
But punishment for what?
Is it because I did something wrong?
I don't know why!
You came to visit me?
Thank you.
I'm sorry I didn't call you earlier.
-No problem.
-Sorry my room's a mess.
No problem.
Can you look out the window for a bit?
I'll clean up.
Don't step on my angel!
What is this guy talking about?
Who is that girl?
An angel.
She's the angel who purified me.
I received divine punishment that day
because I tried to keep her to myself.
What can my filthy self do in order to see her again?
How can I become pure?
I thought about it,
but I couldn't think of anything except her.
When I'm surrounded by her like this,
I feel like
I'm becoming clean.
Taiyo! There, there!
There, there!
I don't get what you're saying.
S-- Sorry, Mitsuboshi!
I'm going home!
If you're quitting, just let us know. That's all.
Has Matsuzaka been coming to work?
Does Matsuzaka have any family?
Does she live with her parents?
-I heard she lives alone with her aunt.
Does she really live alone with her aunt?
I saw her.
I saw her take this girl with her.
Maybe Matsuzaka kidnapped this girl.
If that's the case, we can't forgive her, right?
Matsuzaka is doing something unforgivable.
I've done whatever it took
to protect my life with Shio-chan.
I thought it was okay to do anything
if it was for my one and only love.
But that wasn't true.
I had it wrong.
Is this your love?
Does it hurt this much?
And make you nauseous?
And make you keep crying?
Is this the one and only love
you've been searching for all along?
What are you saying?
Satou would never do something like that!
What reason would Satou have to kidnap someone?
it's so she can keep the angel all to herself!
Help me!
Help me get her back!
-Let go of me!
-I beg you!
She might be hurting her!
-Stop it!
-She might be crying! I have to save her!
-With my own hands!
-That hurts!
-I'm sure that'd make her smile at--!
-I said, stop it!
-Don't touch me, you idiot!
You idiot!
Idiot! Idiot! Idiot! What's his problem?
You disgusting idiot! Even though you're hot!
What is this?
What's going on? Satou!
Shio-chan, I'm sorry.
I committed a crime too.
Did you do something bad too?
I'm going to tell you everything.
My crime
My voice is gone.
Can I really say this? It's just
If she finds out what I did
What if Shio-chan starts to hate me?
I might lose her.
My one and only love!
Satou-chan! Satou-chan!
I'm scared.
I can't look into Shio-chan's eyes.
That's right.
If I lie
If I pretend, so that no one finds out
I have to confess my crime.
Or else this bitter punishment
will never go away!
You know
abandon me!
told someone else that I love them.
Even though I promised you
I promised that
I'd love you forever!
Lie or not,
I told someone else that I love them!
I betrayed my love for you.
I betrayed my promise!
Sorry, Shio-chan! I'm sorry!
You're the one I love the most!
So much that I don't need anything else.
You're the guiding light for my love.
My one and only
Satou-chan, there, there.
Don't cry.
You know
I love you too, Satou-chan.
You'll forgive me?
I know
that you work hard for me.
So it's okay.
It's okay because it's you!
I love you.
Me too!
I love you more than anything and anyone
and even more than my family!
You're warmer and happier than my family!
It's sweet!
-Satou-chan, I'm sorry I lied too--
-It doesn't matter!
Thank you, Shio-chan.
Through happiness and sadness,
until death do us part,
I promise to love you, Satou-chan.
Even if it's for love,
it's wrong to deceive the people we love.
It's wrong to lie about love.
there's no need for me to tell Shio-chan about that.
Because it's not a crime.
Right, God?
I'll never let it cloud up again.
My dear, precious
happy sugar life!
Satou would never kidnap anyone.
Mitsuboshi is crazy.
It looked like the devil to me.
It looked like a monster to me.
-Because it was too scary.
-Because it was too kind.
6th Life:
"We Revolve Around the Moon."
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