Happy Sugar Life (2018) s01e06 Episode Script

6th Life: We Revolve Around the Moon

Come to think of it,
how much do I actually know about Satou?
Do you know this girl?
Maybe Matsuzaka kidnapped this girl.
Never seen her.
I see.
Sorry to bother you.
Oh, it's you again!
Thanks for thinking of Taiyo.
Sorry, but he said he doesn't want
to see anyone today either.
Oh, really? I see.
And here's a message from work.
Please tell him to call us
when he feels like coming back to work.
Okay. Thanks.
It's nothing.
I've got a few things
I'd like to say to him myself too.
Well, see you soon.
Okay. Thank you, sweetie.
Oh, goodness!
Matsuzaka just brought--
Yeah. Thanks.
I talked to someone in the park.
A guy. Taiyo.
It has been over three months,
and I haven't made contact
with Satou Matsuzaka's aunt even once.
I'm sure of it now.
I was disposing of
Her aunt?
I don't care why she killed her.
All I have to do is get proof.
I wonder what kind of face she'll make
when I rub the proof in it.
Just thinking about it makes me
Thanks for your hard work.
Satou, you're late today.
Yeah. I had them give me a later shift.
Oh, Matsuzaka! Thanks for today.
Sorry to ask you.
No problem.
How was Mitsuboshi?
I didn't see him today either.
I see.
Maybe he's not coming back.
That's what the manager was worried about.
He wouldn't see you either, right, Shoko?
That's right.
I'm sure Mitsuboshi knows
he can't keep going on like this.
So I'm going to keep trying.
Then I'll leave that to you.
Now, let's hit the floor.
That reminds me,
Su-chan stopped coming at around the same time.
I think in Su-chan's case,
it couldn't be helped.
Well, no use talking about them if they're gone.
How are you and your boyfriend doing lately?
We're great.
We're so intimate and happy every day.
I see. I'd like to meet him once,
this lover who has you so head over heels.
Thank you for your order.
Thank you!
Oh, Mom? Sorry.
I'm studying with my friend at the library now.
Yes. Okay.
Hey, girl. You're so cute.
The two of us used to hang out around here.
Why are you always dating a new guy all the time?
I guess because I still haven't found it.
My one and only.
Once I find it,
I'll probably stop doing stuff like this.
One and only
A prince who's mine and mine alone.
I thought she was the same as me.
That's why I felt safe
and had fun when I was with her.
A dear friend.
Your buns are so cute!
Bounce! Bounce!
Here, I'll comb your hair.
Where is he?
You're sleeping under there again?
Wake up!
What--? Wait!
I don't have any money.
I'm giving it to you.
I'm fine.
Listen, I'm giving it to you because I bought it for lunch,
but couldn't eat it.
It'll just go to waste.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
I don't want you to go hungry and pass out again.
I was so surprised the first time I met him.
You're hungry, right?
You can have this if you like.
Take it.
He's finally eating next to me.
He looks like a hamster.
Maybe I should be giving him
something more nutritious.
Thanks for the meal.
Are you full now?
Well, good.
Hey. Don't sleep under the bench anymore.
It's dangerous.
I figured the top was more dangerous
so I picked underneath.
No! It's not a matter of sleeping on the bench or under it!
Go back home!
This kid has always seemed a bit sketchy.
Though his face is kind of cute.
Thanks for helping me all the time.
It's not a big deal.
Really, but
What happened to this girl?
I know you've been searching for her for a while.
What is she to you? Your family?
Asahi, I'm sorry.
The moon.
Shio is our moon.
Our one and only in this world.
Our irreplaceable
6th Life:
We Revolve Around the Moon
She's the moon that shines down on us.
I'm sorry, Asahi.
I'm sorry I couldn't protect you.
That's not true, Mom.
You've always protected me.
You've always held my hand.
Your hands are so warm.
They make me feel safe.
That's why I want you to hold Shio's hand now.
Shio is beautiful.
Her smile is so bright.
She's just like the moon.
No. I can't leave you behind.
If I leave too, he'll follow us for sure.
When the time is right,
I'll come and get you.
So protect Shio until then and wait for me.
Our vows.
In sickness and in health,
through happiness and sadness,
for richer, for poorer,
until death do us part,
I promise that
I will love the two of you.
I promise, Asahi.
No matter what.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry
What are you doing over there?
Are you waiting for those two?
Come over here!
You actually know where they are, don't you?
I don't know!
Your face looks just like hers.
But, you know
Your mom always starts crying
the moment I hit her.
She cries when I yell at her too.
She was a weak woman. Like she's made of paper.
Do you really think a woman like that
can live on her own with a kid?
Oh, well. She abandoned you,
so it shouldn't concern you.
Mom's not weak!
You don't understand Mom at all!
I like how you can really take a beating.
But, you know
I wonder how much
you can endure.
Hey, Asahi!
If you're not back from the store with booze
in 10 minutes,
you're getting hit.
Oh, are you okay?
You shouldn't get involved with that kid.
His father is really scary.
And I heard the wife took their younger child
and left them.
She abandoned this kid?
What a terrible mother.
You're wrong!
That devil.
How long do I have to put up with him?
Asahi, let's live together. The three of us.
I'll be waiting for that day.
Okay? It's a promise.
I promise.
I'll be okay.
I can bear this.
Five years later,
the devil suddenly died.
Yes! Yes! Yes!
Now I can finally
live together with them!
Where's Shio?
It was too late.
Everything was.
Hey! Are you okay?
I'm going home!
If you see her, let me know.
Before I'm too late for everything!
It's still only 9.
I'll just make something up.
It's a bad habit of mine.
I avoid troublesome things.
I feel ashamed of myself.
Satou and that kid are both working hard
for the person they love.
I doubted Satou just because
of what Mitsuboshi said,
but I'm scared to even ask her about it.
At this rate,
I'll lose the precious bond I have with her.
What I lack is the courage to face things.
Right, Satou?
Oh, there you are, Shoko-chan!
We haven't hung out in a long time.
But are you sure you have time today?
Of course. I haven't hung out with you in a while.
I missed you too.
This one is new!
Here you go.
It's so soft and delicious.
Then I'll have two.
-Oh, you're buying some? For your boyfriend?
-Thank you.
Yeah. It's a present.
Look! It says there's a new nail salon here.
And it would seem you haven't been keeping up.
Yeah. I don't care right now.
I want to save money too.
There you go again.
You're always wearing un-sexy underwear too.
It doesn't matter.
Shoko-chan, aren't you going to buy anything?
I have to ask her.
I have to face it.
If I don't, I'll lose her.
Hey, Satou.
I've been wondering about something for a while.
Satou, you don't have a boyfriend, do you?
-What are you--?
-I can tell.
I've spent a lot of time with you.
You're not the same as before,
and it doesn't seem like you have a man around.
To tell the truth,
when you told me you'd found someone special
and you'd quit fooling around with guys,
part of me felt lonely.
And I know you had always said
that when you find your one and only,
you'd stop doing things like this.
But I could feel it,
how uneasy you felt talking about it.
So I started thinking.
What's the reason you're lying like this to me?
To us?
I'm worried about you, Satou!
Worried you're involved in something weird!
You're my best friend!
No matter what it is, I'll accept it.
I'll even help as much as I can.
So I want you to tell me.
I want you to tell me the whole truth.
Sorry. I can't.
My situation's not exactly normal.
There are a lot of things I can't tell you.
I don't want to drag you into this.
Shoko-chan, you're a good girl.
I know that you care about me.
That's why I want you to stop
trying to get involved.
I don't want to lose you.
Don't get involved anymore.
Let's continue being good friends,
just like before. Okay?
She pushed me away.
This tea is delicious.
It's no good.
I can't bring myself to pry into my friend's heart
any more than this.
I'd just be acting selfishly.
--but I like hot chocolate more
She might start hating me.
I'm scared.
I'm fine leaving things like this.
I don't want to feel like this anymore.
Before I'm too late for everything!
I have to tell her.
Or else I could never be her true best friend!
All right, Shoko-chan.
Let's get go--
You opened the door for me
when I was stuck in a small world.
You led me, and shared a lot of feelings with me.
You're the only friend I can tell how I really feel.
I want nothing more than to be
involved in your situation!
You're special to me.
I love you more than I ever imagined
I could love someone!
I said it.
But I
You surprised me.
I never thought that Shoko-chan
would say all of this to me.
That? Which?
I feel like that was rude!
This is what I get for trying so hard!
I poured it all out for you!
I'll tell you the truth.
You've been so upfront with me.
I wouldn't be a real friend if I kept lying to you.
We're best friends, right?
Really? Really?
You're not just saying that to comfort me?
What are you talking about?
I was just glad to know you feel that way.
Friends, huh?
Thank you, Shoko-chan.
My best friend.
I'm glad I said it.
I'm no match for you.
You said you'd accept anything,
and I believe you.
I'll tell you the truth.
Can you come to my place first?
I think it'll be easier to talk there.
Thank you very much.
Why do I feel like averting my eyes?
Is it friendship? Lust?
Or is it love?
7th Life:
"What the Sugar Girl is Made Out Of."
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