Happy Sugar Life (2018) s01e07 Episode Script

7th Life: What the Sugar Girl is Made Out Of

There once was a little girl.
The girl's parents passed away when she was young.
She grew up without experiencing the love
that develops between people.
"I want to know true love."
The girl tried to find love with lots of guys.
However, none of them were able to steal her heart.
She searched and searched.
She got hurt, but kept searching.
The girl finally found her one and only love.
However, her only family said:
"That's not love.
I'll never forgive you.
It's not normal."
The girl, angry that her love was criticized,
killed her aunt.
That's my imagination.
But I don't think I'm that far from the truth.
What is the truth?
Is it that?
Or something else?
I can't forgive her.
I'm the only one who should know your secret.
Right, Matsuzaka?
Are you calling home?
Oh, yeah. Something like that.
I didn't know you lived around here.
Yeah. It's close to where I work.
It's good to live somewhere convenient.
It keeps me motivated.
You live an hour away, right?
Yeah. It does take an hour.
Well, that was on purpose though.
I had a hard time at home and at school.
I always felt my heart was tied up.
But I felt different when I was with you.
I was able to be my real self.
That had never happened to me before.
Right now, I feel really liberated.
I'm glad I work where I do now.
Because I met you.
Thanks, Satou.
Me too.
I like talking to you.
I can relax.
And I'm happier now.
I was able to forget the unpleasant memories.
I thought, "Friends are great!"
We get along well.
I'm glad I met you too.
-Don't make me cry.
I'm really glad I worked up the courage.
Shoko-chan, you're so cute.
You're the one who's cute!
You're going to Matsuzaka's house? How--?
No, it's too dangerous!
My Shio-chan!
This is it. This apartment.
What? Isn't this?
You live here, Satou?
And your lover?
But no one answered when I rang the doorbell.
I'm sure of it.
I've been here before.
Do you live here?
The police?
Someone reported a strange smell
coming from this room.
No one answered when we rang the doorbell.
May we look inside?
The perfect place for cutting up a body.
Her own apartment.
That bag of trash Matsuzaka asked me to dispose of
I bet her missing aunt was inside.
If so,
there's a good chance there are traces
left inside her apartment.
I won't let you
share our secret with anyone else.
If you do,
I'll tell everyone!
But we're talking about Matsuzaka,
and she might be able to dodge this smoothly.
Right now isn't convenient for me.
There's been a report. We have to check.
Will you please cooperate?
No way.
No way. No way
That look on your face
Are you for real?
Are you so panicked
that you can't come up with a cover?
So does that mean
there's something in your apartment
that'll get you in trouble?
This is bad. Hold it in. Hold it in
She'll hear!
What's happening?
The same Matsuzaka who looked down on me,
stepped on me, and scolded me
I brought
her secret
to light!
Right now,
you must be desperately thinking
about how to get out of this situation.
This is bad, right?
If they find any traces,
I don't know what will happen to me
since I threw it away.
But I want to see this.
I want to see this! I want to see this!
I want to see her panic!
That's the only thing that'll bring me ecstasy!
I'll think about
everything else later!
Hey, Satou.
What was that just now?
I'm home.
It's me.
Who are you?
I'm her
I'm Satou's aunt.
No way!
Then what was in that trash bag?
I don't understand.
What is going on?
This is my sign for
calling her.
We rang the doorbell several times.
Can we talk to you right now?
Oh, I'm sorry I didn't notice.
What do you want to talk about?
Someone reported a strange smell
coming from this room.
We want to look inside.
Are you with the police?
That must be a hard job.
But there's nothing inside this apartment.
We want to check.
Come inside.
Excuse me.
Satou's aunt?
Who are you?
Oh, yeah, nice to meet you!
I'm Shoko Hida.
I'm her friend from work.
You come inside too.
Satou-chan, don't just stand there.
What? It's--
This place
It's dark.
It's not even night yet.
Come inside.
Why does it feel so damp?
And it smells kind of weird
I don't want to stay here long.
How was it?
I didn't find anything dangerous.
And no one else is here.
Where haven't we looked yet?
Excuse me.
What about this room? It's locked.
Oh, yes.
There's trash in that room.
I thought the smell might go away if I locked it.
Can you open it?
It smells, you know!
It'll make me gag! So I don't want to.
Can you open it?
Wait! I said no!
Excuse me. Stay back.
Excuse me.
-Stay back.
It opened.
We'll check here too.
Go ahead.
Watch your feet.
Hey, Satou.
Is this really
where you live?
That's right.
There was nothing wrong in particular.
But That room
Yes. I'll clean up.
Please do that.
That might be the cause of the smell.
And it's not sanitary.
It isn't a good environment for a child.
Why are you laughing?
It's nothing. Sorry.
You know
I just thought being a policeman was a tough job.
Hey, policeman.
How many days have you gone without?
Poor thing.
Don't you ever comfort yourself?
Hey. Let me go.
-I knew it.
You've always wanted to be a policeman
ever since you were a kid.
You were always studying and never played.
You didn't criticize the dirty room
and went in anyway.
You do lots of busy-work.
You're a hard-working, good boy.
But sometimes you get lonely.
That's why sometimes you wonder
if you're a boring person.
Being hard-working is your only strength.
You have nothing else.
You're a boring person.
Go ahead. Hit me.
Hit me, and you'll feel better.
You don't have to hold back.
It'll make you feel really good.
Hit my face as hard as you can,
punch me in the stomach, and yell at me.
And then rip off my clothes,
and do whatever you want to me.
It's nothing to be embarrassed about.
It's who you really are,
and it's the most important part of your heart.
I'll love you, even if that's the way you are.
You can use me as your outlet.
You're a good boy.
Forget about the world outside.
You can suck on them.
You can act like a little kid,
or you can be violent.
You can do anything you want to me.
It's okay.
I don't care what you do.
I'll swallow up any desire.
That's what love is.
See? Only me
What are you doing?
You're lonely too, aren't you?
If you're lonely, I'll accept you anytime.
No, thank you.
Let's go.
Don't hold back!
I'll always
be here.
You look a little lonely too.
Are you starving for love?
That's right.
I hope you find your one and only prince.
You never do change, Aunt.
Her voice is kind.
But her voice is also creepy
and sticks in my head.
Hey, Satou! Who is she?
I know she's your aunt, but
She's weird!
She acted out like that so suddenly
talking about love
I'm sorry.
To her, that's love.
She accepts all people's desires.
Violence, sex, anything and everything.
She feels happy accepting those things from others.
I was raised by her.
We're related by blood.
will you still be my friend?
you're the only friend I have
who I can talk to about what I really feel.
Stupid Satou!
Of course!
Sorry, Shoko-chan.
Sorry to surprise you.
Forget everything.
Let's be friends from work again tomorrow,
like always.
No, Satou.
I want to face you.
If you're hurting, I want to help you.
Satou! I
I didn't know
that my half-hearted courage
could hurt others so badly.
Hey, Satou.
Your aunt is weird.
Maybe you're weird too.
I remembered something painful again
after a long time.
It was always like that.
But it doesn't matter anymore.
That's how it is.
So stop following me
and trying to pry into my life.
Then what was in that bag?
An obedient dog should go straight home
and have his wife tell him, "Good boy!"
Or else,
I'll never give you a treat ever again.
Okay! Good boy!
Satou-chan! Welcome back!
I'm home, Shio-chan!
Hey, Shio-chan.
Do you know what a friend is?
Friend? Friend?
I don't know! What's a friend?
I don't really know either.
What is a friend?
You're weird, Satou-chan!
I don't care.
As long as Shio-chan is with me.
That's enough for me.
It's nothing.
It's because I don't want to go home.
You're letting me stay. I'll pay you back.
What do you want me to do?
Model for your art?
Do you know what love is?
I wanted to know what love was
and feel satisfied.
Hey, does it exist?
Love that isn't overbearing?
"8th Life: Apartment No. 1208"
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