Happy Sugar Life (2018) s01e09 Episode Script

9th Life: Dissolving Rain

There you are!
I'm Mitsuboshi. I called earlier.
You're Asahi Koube, right?
Nice to meet you.
I told you over the phone. I found
a clue related to your flyers
-while I was traveling.
It was at Yokoshina station.
It's far, but you can get there
without changing trains.
It's not impossible.
What's your clue?
Hold on!
Shio Shio
Someone had turned that in
to the station.
I thought there might be
a connection with the girl
in the flyer.
Am I right?
But she's been missing
for three months now, right?
The most likely explanation
is that someone lured her
and took her somewhere.
In that case, that person
would try to run far away
instead of staying around here.
Your odds of finding her are
better there than here.
He's right.
This is real.
It's Mom's handwriting.
This is definitely Shio's.
This is my first clue!
This guy's story makes sense.
But there's still something
holding me back.
Why? Why?
Think! Think! Think!
Hey. I can help you.
-Can I ask you something?
How did you know I was the person
you called just by looking at me?
What are you talking about?
We met each other before, right?
I saved you when those thugs
were bothering you.
Then why didn't you
say that earlier?
You didn't say anything
about that until now.
That's weird! Something's off!
You're hiding something.
You're trying to trick me.
This is just a game for you, right?
You smell like a dirty grown-up!
You smell like a dirty, lying,
hopeless hypocrite of an adult!
I'm nothing like that woman!
I'm nothing like that woman
Stop saying I'm like that dirty woman!
No! I'm not like her!
Shio Shio
Shio Shio!
I'm an idiot.
That guy
is my real clue for finding Shio!
He's gone.
He's gone.
He's gone.
There are lots of threads.
I finally found a real one.
I should be happy.
But my heart feels
like it's about to be crushed.
If I pull this thread,
I might find the answer.
Shio might not be alive anymore
It's like I'm walking towards
the edge of a cliff.
The further I go,
the more scared I get.
But even so, I can't let go
of this thread.
No matter what the answer is
I won't give up!
My biggest fear
is not being able to find her.
So I'm going to find her!
No matter what!
How did it go?
I found a clue.
Who gave you the clue?
I don't know his name
or his address.
All I know is that
he was a young blond guy.
He looked
like a hard-working guy.
Did he wear a hairpin?
Do you know him?
Sorry. I don't know.
But I don't think
you should listen to him.
We're not even sure
if that's true or not.
I'm going to go anyway.
Thanks for everything.
You're a good person.
I'm forever in your debt.
I think we'll never see each other
Take care.
Why don't you just stop?
You look like you're in
a lot of pain.
You should take care
of yourself more!
You can't live on without feeling
any happiness.
Can't you find happiness
yourself first?
This is the only kind of happiness
I know.
They say there are many types
of happiness.
But I can't understand.
I can't imagine it.
Living together with my mom
and Shio is my happiness.
Everything else is meaningless!
So I'm going to get Shio back
for my happiness!
And I have to tell Shio
not to turn out like me! That's why--
Sorry for saying something
so mean.
I might be broken already.
That's not true!
You're amazing.
You really care about others.
You're shaking
You're scared,
but you're still moving forward.
You're amazing!
I hate it too.
I hate staying in the darkness
and having regrets.
Yeah. I hate it.
Oh. Don't cry!
There, there.
Hey. You have a phone, right?
-Let's exchange numbers.
Come on!
I'll message you, okay?
I'm sure
there's light at
the end of your journey.
So promise me
that you're going to smile
at the end. Okay?
Oh, man.
I wonder why
I'm jealous of her.
You're really weak
and not very manly.
And you're not my type.
But I wish you were my prince.
Just kidding.
You look terrible.
I said everything I was supposed to.
I'm not sure whether
he believed me, though.
I think he's suspicious.
Yeah. I got it.
I'll do what you
tell me to, Matsuzaka.
So when are you going to let me
see Shio-chan?
I see.
I'll do my best.
Tell her I said hi.
I want Shio-chan
to purify me soon!
Let's do this!
I knew it.
I knew he'd take the first train.
I'm glad I took action now.
The world outside
is filled with impurities.
People I hate.
People in my way.
Dirty people.
I need to eliminate all risks.
I was always alone.
Always numb.
Something was always missing.
I was always sad.
I thought I would end up
dying alone.
But I was wrong.
Shio-chan found me
and proved me wrong!
That's right!
The sky is sparkling.
Today's our anniversary!
An anniversary for celebrating
the day I eliminated that thing!
Thank you!
I'm back!
Huh? Satou-chan,
where did you go?
I smell something sweet!
Did you bring something?
Huh? I wonder what it is
Hey! No keeping secrets!
You're a bad girl!
Wait! Shio-chan!
No No, Shio-chan!
We're going to spend all day
together today!
Really? Yay!
Mille-feuille, Charlotte,
black forest, Sachertorte
and tiramisu.
Satou-chan, what's the occasion?
It's a tiny celebration.
This one's amazing! Black forest?
Sweet and soft! Black forest!
There are lots of different kinds
of cake!
They're all sweet, but they're all
a little different!
Satou-chan, cake is mysterious!
It's sweet, it's sweet
Hey. Let's split them in half.
Are you sure?
I have to protect this life.
I want to eat them together!
This is where I belong.
Hey, Satou-chan.
Is it good?
I'm going to protect her,
no matter what!
It's really good!
In this sweet, gentle
and pure castle.
-Hey, Satou-chan.
-Who made those cakes just now?
Maybe it was someone at the bakery.
-Think I could bake them too?
Satou-chan, you like cake, right?
But it won't happen anytime soon
I've never cooked.
But I'll work hard!
I want to bake a cake
for you someday
and make you smile!
-Yeah! Someday.
From now From here on
Tomorrow Next year
The future
What is this feeling?
I've never thought about the future
until now.
It was sort of You know
My life didn't have any taste.
My days weren't even rusty.
They were meaningless.
But it's different now.
What should I do?
I've never felt like this before!
It's fun to think about the future
with you!
That's right!
I want to share every moment
with you!
Forever and ever!
-Let's have a wedding!
A wedding is a promise
that you'll be together forever.
I heard about it.
So let's promise.
We'll be together forever! Okay?
I promise!
Let' have a wedding right now!
Let's get a veil and flowers!
Okay! Okay!
-I'll be right back, okay?
Satou-chan, I love you!
I'm so happy right now!
Oh, Shio-chan.
The little bird was abandoned
by the girl,
and sunk to the ground
in loneliness.
However, as if by instinct,
she flew again.
The little bird
tried to reach her heart.
The bird sang to her heart.
Her song
melted into the sound of the rain.
But she still sang.
She sang.
She sang.
She sang.
A gentle song.
The little bird won't give up
She's tired of giving up.
All that's left is to give it a try.
The cute little chick.
A cry-baby and a brave
singing bird.
Face me! I'm sure we'll understand
each other.
It's no use, Shoko-chan.
I don't feel anything
for you at all.
You're no different
from everyone else.
I don't care!
Even if you're the devil,
I still love you!
I'll bring you back to the light!
Did you really think
I'd buy your lie
that you're not telling the police?
You rejected me
that one time, remember?
How am I
supposed to believe
a girl like that?
The reason I can't hear
the bird anymore
isn't because of the rain.
Satou-chan, did you really do it
for me?
Are your eyes on me?
Or on yourself?
10th Life:
A Proposal under a Starry Sky.
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