Happy Sugar Life (2018) s01e10 Episode Script

Dissolving Rain

Satou-chan. Good girl.
It looks like there's nothing left
in Satou-chan anymore.
I wonder what happened.
I wonder if that girl
did something to her.
But she's not here anymore.
What should I do?
I've never seen her
like this before.
Satou-chan! Satou-chan!
She must be exhausted.
She's always protecting me,
even though this place is a castle
for both of us.
All right!
I'll take care of the house
for Satou-chan!
Here it is!
"I'll do it my way" curry!
Eggplant, pumpkin, meat,
and bell peppers!
It's delicious because
it has lots of different things!
The kids are useless
because of you!
Why don't you go earn some money,
damn it!
That's what you get
for being slow.
Someone once said,
"a person's heart is like a jar."
You can stuff lots of things inside,
but when it breaks,
that person breaks too.
-No, Shio.
Don't touch!
It's dangerous.
I'll take care of it. Don't worry.
Pon! Pon! Pon! Pon!
I have to tidy up before dinner!
Pon! Pon!
But it's not very dusty.
It's dirty.
Let's wipe it up!
It's clean now!
Isn't it pretty?
This is the only thing
I received from your grandmother
and grandfather.
But I don't know how to put it on.
So I've never worn it before.
It would look good on you, Shio.
I can do your makeup
and tie up your hair.
I want to take pictures of you
in this kimono when you get married.
Stop blabbing.
Hurry up and sell that junk.
I'll be okay.
I just have to put up with this
until he dies someday.
I'm not alone.
I've got the support.
I'll work hard.
My cute kids. Smile,
I'll stay and protect you.
We'll live a happy life.
No, he hits me!
I'm bleeding. It hurts.
I'm sad! No one's there!
I threw it all away.
Mom, Dad, I'm sorry!
It's my fault! I didn't know!
He's the devil.
I've been abandoned!
This is hell! I can't escape!
It's so dark!
What should I do?
I've never used this before.
But I remember
Satou-chan puts her laundry inside,
Mom, look at this!
Did you go outside, Shio?
I told you not to go see anyone!
I didn't see anyone.
You don't understand
how dangerous
and scary it is outside!
Everything turned out wrong
because of you!
And we ran out of money.
I can't take it anymore.
-It's all
Sorry, Mom.
I'm sorry I'm so stupid.
It's all my fault.
Good girl. Good girl.
Pain, pain,
go away!
Thanks, Shio.
I felt like I had many moms.
A scary one, a sad one,
and a kind one.
It'll be okay!
He'll come for us someday.
Then everything will be all right.
No If we don't do something,
you're going to break!
Where is it?
Where is the thing
that can fix this jar?
I want to go outside!
Take me!
I'll be fine
as long as I'm with you!
Okay. Just don't let go of my hand.
Shio, is there somewhere
you want to go?
You're right.
Staying inside all the time
is no fun.
There's so many people
and so many things!
There must be something here.
Something that can fix your jar!
Mom, you'll be fine!
I'll make everything okay!
That's right! We can replace it!
Mom! Look at that!
I want to make you smile, Mom!
Shio! You can't go outside
ever again!
Stay here forever and keep quiet.
You're going to break!
Stop saying things
that don't make sense!
Why don't you ever listen to me?
I didn't do anything! But you just--
Don't do anything ever again!
If you don't do anything,
nothing will ever happen!
That's no good!
Let's go.
Mom, where are we going?
Hey, Mom!
Goodbye, Shio.
Mom! No!
Don't leave me! Sorry!
I'll do what you tell me!
I won't act on my own!
Sorry, Mom!
I don't need you anymore.
I should have done this earlier.
Goodbye, Shio.
I'm not lonely.
I have Satou-chan, so I'm fine.
You too, Satou-chan, right?
You cried when I wasn't here.
You said you love me.
So we have to stay together forever.
Because we're incomplete.
There was always something missing,
and it hurts.
It hurts?
I see!
I was hurting this whole time.
Where do you want to go?
Yeah. For example,
how about up north?
It's cold, but the food is good.
It's nice in the west too.
I want to try living on an island.
It seems relaxing.
Maybe it's better to live
among lots of old people
in the countryside.
It would be nice to grow food
in our garden.
-As long as I'm with you--
Are you abandoning the castle?
You said so before, right?
This place is a castle
for us to live happily ever after.
As long as we're here,
there's nothing to be scared of.
So that's not true anymore?
Hey, Satou-chan!
I could work really hard too.
I'm going to work hard with you!
Here! Curry!
It's delicious since we let it sit!
Let's eat delicious food
and get better! Let's smile!
Here. Here.
Here. Here.
It'll be okay, Shio-chan.
Sorry to make you worry.
This castle is going to crumble soon.
Something dirty came in.
So we're going outside.
I know that you're afraid
of the outside world.
But don't worry, you'll be with me.
I'll protect you, Shio-chan.
I'll protect you from all the scary
and dirty things.
So you don't have to do anything.
Don't worry about anything.
Just call my name
like you always do,
and smile.
That's enough to keep me going.
As long as I'm with Shio-chan,
I can do anything.
As long as I have love
The pieces of love
that rain down from you
Why are you always like that?
What am I to you?
What am I to you, Satou-chan?
I love you more than anyone else
in the world.
You have lots of secrets!
You never tell me
anything important!
That's not right!
There are lots of things
you don't need to know.
That's why I don't tell you.
You just have to stay with me.
That's all I need to feel better.
So that means
I don't have to do anything?
That's right! Shio-chan,
all you have to do
is stay with me and smile!
Then, you don't need me here, right?
I'd be just like a doll.
"You don't need me here"?
What do you mean?
Why? That's impossible!
Shio-chan! Shio-chan, where are you?
She hasn't gone outside.
You're in there, right?
You took care of lots of things
when I wasn't feeling well.
I was really happy.
But I also felt bad about it.
-You had to work hard because of me.
-Hurry up and come out!
-I'm sorry to make you do that.
But it'll be fine now.
I'll never fall apart.
I'm going to fight for you,
Shio-chan. Okay?
No! No! No! No!
I don't want to be with you.
I hate you, Satou-chan!
Why? Why? Why?
Did I do something wrong?
What did I do?
I can't think about anything else
after what she said.
It's spinning
Her words are spinning
through my body, through my veins.
My heart
My brain is going to overflow.
-I can't stop shaking.
I don't have enough sugar.
I can't think.
I feel sick.
I'm going to become stupid.
This feeling
Is this
There's no meaning.
I have no reason to exist
if Shio-chan doesn't want me.
I can't do anything alone.
I can only go on if I'm with you.
I don't want to be alone.
I don't want to be alone!
She's leaving.
Aren't you going to chase after her?
Her jar is going to break
if I'm there.
I know that now. So it's okay.
Is that love?
Caring about someone,
and feeling drawn to them.
That's what they call love.
I wanted her to live
so that I could keep living too.
So it wasn't
It wasn't love
Your jar is empty,
but it's not broken.
You believe in something.
That's why it doesn't break.
I hope it fills up.
That emptiness.
With something that sparkles.
That's right. Satou-chan.
I don't want to be alone either.
That's why I was really happy
to be with you.
But you didn't feel the same way.
You're always working hard alone.
I always felt you were looking
at something really far away.
I don't want to just smile
and call your name anymore.
I worry about you.
I want to do what I can.
I'm going to do it.
Because this is about you.
So let's fight together.
I want to protect you too,
It hurts to see you get hurt.
We're one and the same!
So protect me, Satou-chan!
I'm going to protect you too.
When we die,
I'll be your partner in crime.
My senses are coming back.
The sugar is filling me up.
I'm so happy to be alive!
Is it really okay
to feel this happy?
I killed someone.
So we have to leave this place.
Deceiving, hurting,
and stealing from people
That's what I did this whole time.
Thanks, Shio-chan. Let's fight
and put our lives on the line!
Let's prove our love together!
Wherever you are, that's where
my happy sugar life is too.
Sorry I said I hate you,
Good night.
I feel like we spent
a lot of time here.
But it was much shorter
than the time I spent with my mom.
That's so weird.
I'm sad, but I also feel warm.
Maybe it's because
I know I have Satou-chan.
Wow! The stars are so beautiful!
I'll be okay! It's scary outside,
but it's different this time.
Satou-chan is different from my mom.
I want to be with Satou-chan!
That's what makes me feel
the happiest!
So please, God!
Don't take it from me!
Don't take away my life
with Satou-chan!
I don't need anything else!
I don't need you anymore, Mom!
Don't say that, Shio!
Who was that?
Shio doesn't know
about Mom.
About what happened that day.
That's why
I have to tell her.
Instead of loving in order to live,
what if we could live and die
in order to love?
11th Life:
An Eternal Moment with You.
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