Happy Sugar Life (2018) s01e11 Episode Script

11th Life: An Eternal Moment with You

I put up with everything.
I believed
that if I put up with the pain,
there'd be light
at the end of the tunnel.
But, nothing changed.
The light just got farther away,
and darkness still surrounds me.
Nothing changes.
I can't change anything.
That's why
I'm going to stop now.
I can't come to the phone
right now.
Please leave your name
and message after the tone.
W-What's going on!?
Matsuzaka, what are you doing?
Didn't he leave for another city?
No! No! You're not the one
who's getting Shio-chan!
I'm the one who's going to be
Shio-chan's knight!
Why am I
My head hurts
Be quiet. There's something
I want to ask you.
This is the girl
who helped me with you, right?
So, you knew?
You gave me information about Shio
even though you knew?
You're an accomplice?
If you make a scene, I'll beat you.
Her name is Satou Matsuzaka.
She's protecting Shio.
Or keeping her locked up.
Anyway, she's with Shio-chan.
But that's all I know!
I don't know where Matsuzaka is.
It's true! Please, believe me!
I lied to you
because she told me
that if I did that,
she'd let me see Shio-chan.
That's right!
You're looking for Shio-chan, right?
Let's work together
and save Shio-chan!
I can talk to Matsuzaka.
If we work together,
we can get Shio-chan back!
Now that's a good plan!
What are you talking about?
What makes you think
you're worth that much?
You smell like a dirty adult.
I don't trust you anymore.
Get a hold of Matsuzaka's address
at work.
You'll help me?
I’m not helping.
I’m giving you an order.
I know that it hurts
when someone pushes hard
on your nails.
The sharp pain of having your nail
ripped off
Then, a dull pain ensues
and persists
Oozing Oozing
The pain controls your mind.
Can you stand
that pain?
I got it! I got it!
Find her address and contact me.
When we die,
I'll be your partner in crime.
Thanks, Shio-chan.
I was happy when you said
you'd fight together with me.
Thanks to you,
I was able to stand again.
Let's live together.
So we don't lose each other
in the darkness,
let's keep shouting "I love you."
That's what I'm going to live for.
That reason only.
Oh What happened?
Come on. Come inside.
Satou-chan, welcome.
Starting today,
this is your new home.
Love Love
Love is different for every person.
The way it shines is different.
But anyone can receive it.
Once you experience it, your heart
feels fulfilled in an instant.
I'm coming!
Welcome! I was waiting for you.
It'll be fine!
Love is something
that can't be seen.
Auntie, you're hurt again.
-Are you okay?
I'm okay.
This is also love.
There are many different flavors
of love.
Strawberry, lemon, apple, and mint.
There are also poisonous ones.
Taste it. Swallow it.
As long as there's some in the jar.
When they run out, you add more.
Over and over again.
When I do that,
I feel surrounded by love,
and I feel happy.
But, my heart still had a big hole
in the middle
all along.
Auntie. Will you hear me out?
What is it?
I killed someone.
For someone I love.
I’ll destroy the evidence
to pursue love,
and travel far away,
just the two of us. Help us out.
Satou-chan, you're so amazing.
Are you calling the police?
Some of the people that came here
also did things like that.
But I loved them too.
That's what my love is.
So, of course
I love you too, Satou-chan!
But I'm not your one
and only love, right?
You love everyone.
There’s no one you love the most.
I don't call that love.
I'm sure of it now.
Your love is wrong.
Ever since I was a child,
I wanted to experience love.
You can't see love.
I didn't know
what it looked like.
But I finally know
what it looks like now.
When I met her,
I felt fulfilled for the first time
in my life.
It was like a piece of snow.
I held onto it,
and tried to take care of it.
At times, I failed.
But still,
she continues to fulfills me.
It's strange.
It keeps changing.
I can't help but think
it's something sweeter than sugar.
It's priceless and special.
That's what my love is.
Oh. Good.
You found love.
I'm not going to criticize
your love.
But you're still a kid.
A kid who can't take responsibility
for herself.
You want to overstep your bounds?
Do it once you've grown up.
That's right. You're completely
dependent on adults, after all.
You sponge off
and cling onto them to live.
That's how it works, Satou-chan.
You can't pursue love alone.
That's the reality of things.
Don't worry, Satou-chan.
You'll grow up someday.
You'll grow up into a dirty adult
in no time.
keep acting like an innocent child.
Even if you can't get what you want,
you can still do your best.
That's all you can do.
You're just a cute kid.
You taught that kid the wrong idea
about love.
That's why you have a responsibility
to pay me back.
A responsibility to help me.
Take responsibility for doing this
to me.
You're a dirty adult.
Take responsibility, Auntie.
Responsibility, huh?
I've never thought about it before.
Okay, Satou-chan.
I'll help you.
Let me watch your love
until the end.
And what happens to you
in the end.
I'll come again.
Hey, Satou-chan.
You killed that little bird, right?
It's okay.
I won't do anything.
I'll help you.
I swear on my love.
But I see
She's gone now.
That's too bad.
Mitsuboshi! What a relief!
Sorry to make you worry.
I thought I'd say hi today.
I'm glad you came back.
Actually, we're in a tight spot.
Last night, Matsuzaka told us
she can't come in for a while.
I thought I'd ask Shoko
to work instead,
but I can't get a hold of her.
Sorry I can't help.
It’s not your fault.
We'll get through this today.
You're more than welcome
to start tomorrow.
There it is! This is it!
This is good.
They can't get a hold of her?
Stop. I don't have time
to think about it now.
I’m not helping.
I’m giving you an order.
That's right.
I don't have to take orders
from you!
-Shio-chan, are you scared of cars?
-A little.
It'll be fine.
-I'll hold your hand.
Satou-chan! Thanks for waiting!
Auntie, that was dangerous.
Can you really drive?
It'll be fine! Oh!
So, you're Satou-chan's love.
You're so small and cute!
I'm Satou-chan's aunt.
Nice to meet you!
I'm Shio Koube!
I've been together with Satou-chan!
Nice to meet you!
Shio-chan. She's kind of weird.
Don't talk to her too much.
Huh? But she's your aunt, right?
I want to be friends!
Oh, Satou-chan!
You look so cute when you're with
the person you love!
Well then, let's go!
My crimes are all in that room.
That's why I want to erase them
without a trace.
Good idea.
Kose Remember that policeman?
I asked him about it.
But no one has reported
that anything happened
to the little bird yet.
After I take care of this,
I plan to go somewhere
where no one knows us.
We're going to live together
in a new place.
What a nice honeymoon!
We have to buy time
until we can escape completely.
So, our story is that I'm the one
who died in that room.
I'm not at home right now.
Please leave a message
after the tone.
Hey! What's taking you so long?
Hurry up and call me back!
Shio-chan's on the other side
of this door!
Shio-chan's right here!
Just thinking about it
makes my body shiver in pleasure!
Shio-chan's voice, her smell
I can experience them again!
I've come for you!
Shio-chan? Where are you?
This isn't Shio-chan's
sweet smell
Are you starving for love too?
I hope today will be the start
of a good journey.
Let's make a vow.
An eternal vow.
Yeah. Let's begin.
Our vows.
In sickness
and in health,
through happiness
and sadness,
for richer,
for poorer
until death do us part
I wish to stay connected
with you forever, Shio-chan.
I wish to be together
with you forever, Satou-chan.
This is a symbol of our love.
I vow that I love you, Shio-chan.
I vow that
I love you, Satou-chan.
Tomorrow, we'll leave this place
and find a new castle.
But, I don't need a castle.
As long as you're with me,
that's enough for me!
I'd do anything for you,
I can feel the hole in my heart
filling up.
This love
is forever.
12th Life:
Happy Sugar Life.
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