Happy Sugar Life (2018) s01e12 Episode Script

12th Life: Happy Sugar Life

We have to say goodbye to this castle today.
But, you know
A future filled with nothing but fun
is waiting for us.
It will only have sparkling,
sweet, and soft things.
I know!
Can I bring this too?
Of course!
Let's say goodbye
to all the bitter
and scary things.
Poor thing.
There's still some thick stuff
left inside you.
But don't worry.
eat it all.
I must do it.
For my and Shio-chan's bright future.
The disgusting past
The crime I committed
I'm going to bury it all away.
It's all for our love.
Satou-chan! Satou-chan!
What, Shio-chan?
Here. This is for you.
It's better if you had this, right?
I still love you,
the same way I did on the day I first met you.
Yeah. Goodbye.
It'll be okay. Let's go.
Satou-chan I wonder if you realize
how you look
when you're with that girl.
It's me.
How long are you going to keep me waiting?
I was abused again
I've become filthy.
Where are you right now?
I'm at Matsuzaka's apartment.
Apartment No. 305
-Are you sure?
-I am!
Hurry, or else I'll go insane!
What's wrong, Satou-chan?
I forgot something.
-Your ring?
How could I forget something so important?
Sorry, Shio-chan.
It's okay. Let's go back.
Do we still have time?
Yeah. It'll be fine.
Apartment No. 305.
-Are you sure?
-I am!
Shio's there too?
Please come. Hurry.
How dare you say that.
You tried to trick me.
Shio's not there.
I don't care what happens to you.
Wait, Shio!
-Thanks for waiting.
-Did you find it?
-Of course.
-Let me see.
-Satou-chan, hold out your hand.
I'll never take it off ever again.
This time, we really have to say goodbye.
Goodbye, our castle.
-Let's go.
I wonder if Satou-chan already left the city.
Well, then
Oh, no
I need to get out of here, now!
She's not here.
Here we go.
Here we go.
Shio-chan, let's eat breakfast at the airport.
Does the airport have someplace to eat?
I looked it up. There are lots of places to eat.
Goodbye, little bird.
I wonder if there's a cake shop.
You want cake for breakfast?
That sounds nice.
-Let's look for one together.
Oh, I want to eat Black Forest cake again!
It was really good.
I finally found you! I've come to get you!
Wait! Shio!
Give Shio back to me!
Let's run away.
Auntie should be on the move by now.
We can't go upstairs.
Let's go to Auntie's apartment first.
I knew you'd be here!
What are you doing here?
What am I doing?
I'm getting Shio-chan back from you, Matsuzaka.
It has begun
Shio-chan, this way! Hurry!
Wait, don't go!
Please wait! My angel!
That guy's down there.
Maybe I can still make it around from upstairs
That girl
Shio, where are you? Shio!
No. No
I'm sure there's light at the end of your journey.
So promise me
that you're going to smile at the end. Okay?
It's not opening!
-Shio-chan, go outside!
12th Life:
Happy Sugar Life
Satou-chan! Satou-chan, are you okay?
It's your fault, Satou Matsuzaka.
Let's go home, Shio.
Satou-chan! I'm not going.
I'm going to stay with Satou-chan!
What are you talking about?
She killed her own friend!
I know.
Mom is waiting too!
It's okay. I'm going to stay here with Satou-chan.
Let's go.
Don't hurt her!
-Get away from her!
I'm not going to let you take Shio-chan!
Shut up.
It's because of you
It's because of you
That's why Shio--
Don't hurt Satou-chan!
I don't care about my family.
I care about Satou-chan most!
Really? You
You must be mad at Mom
I heard from Mom.
She said she abandoned you.
She said she let go of your hand.
You're right. It's unforgivable.
But the reason Mom abandoned you
isn't because she hated you.
Mom realized this
when she hit you that day.
She realized she had started to become
just like that horrible man.
That's why she needed to be away from you!
She was afraid of turning into someone terrible
who would hurt you.
On that day
Mom came home right after abandoning you.
That kid's so late.
Come on.
Mom's the one who killed that devil!
She sacrificed herself to protect us.
I wanted to tell you.
I can't blame her.
Mom is a victim, just like us.
come with me.
Mom committed a crime. I'm sure they'll arrest her.
At least hold her hand in the end.
It'd be too cruel if you didn't.
Then what about when
she said she didn't need me?
"Shio doesn't need me anymore"!
That's what Mom said!
She'd never say she doesn't need you!
-Tell Mom
Tell her thanks for releasing me from an unhappy life.
That's why I'm going to live for myself!
Don't come any closer!
Why, Shio?
-I chose Satou-chan.
I need Satou-chan.
Wait, Shio!
Satou-chan, does it hurt?
I'm fine.
We can't go to our new castle anymore.
-No, it's okay.
I feel the happiest when I'm with you, Satou-chan.
Hey, Satou-chan. This is what I think
Back there, when my mom abandoned me,
I think I was dead.
I was sad and in pain.
I didn't care about anything. Everything was blank.
But then you came, Satou-chan.
I'm so happy I met you
and was able to live with you.
Me too, Shio-chan.
So I want to be with you, Satou-chan.
I want to be happy together with you at the end.
So let's die together, Satou-chan.
I didn't know
what warmth felt like
what kindness was
or what affection was.
And more than anything else,
I couldn't understand
what love was.
It's all thanks to Shio-chan.
It's because Shio-chan took my hand
that one time.
Shio-chan led me.
I learned what happiness meant
for the first time in my life.
I never understood love before.
But Shio-chan is the one who taught me
what love means.
I see!
This is an even deeper feeling for Shio-chan.
I finally
I hope you still love me when we're reborn.
I'm sorry
and thanks.
This is an update regarding the apartment
building that collapsed a few days ago.
The burned body found on the 12th floor
where the fire started, was identified as Shoko Hida.
The person who fell from the roof of the building
was identified as Satou Matsuzaka.
Matsuzaka's aunt is a suspect in this crime.
It was me!
No! No, there's been a mistake!
No! This is bad!
Beautiful Dirty Cute Ugly
Shio-chan, my angel
up in the sky.
The moon's still there in the blue sky.
It's so faint it looks like it's about to disappear.
It's doesn't light up anything anymore.
But from now on, I
I'm coming in.
Shio How do you feel?
It's okay. There's nothing to be afraid of anymore!
We'll be here forever.
Let's live together, Shio.
I don't do that stuff anymore.
I've been reborn.
My love My happiness
exists only inside of me.
I don't know why Satou-chan kept me alive.
I'm going to keep thinking about it forever.
Forever and ever and ever
We're together forever, Satou-chan.
This is my
happy sugar life.
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