Hard Sun (2018) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

1 Bring me the flash drive.
I haven't got it.
Renko took it.
It's gone.
We cut her a deal.
If she can bring you down, then her child stays out of prison.
- Did my dad rape you? - Yes.
But if you go to prison, then your family will have to face what's coming without you.
So what's taking so long? There's nothing to suggest that Hicks killed Butler.
He's sleeping with the man's wife.
- Do you think he killed your husband? - Of course he didn't! Jesus! For what it's worth, I don't think so, either.
She told someone where it is and what to do with it, someone she can trust, but I don't know who that is.
When she was 14, Renko's parents brought in a complaint of rape against a teacher.
Noah Underhill.
You fancy a cooked breakfast? Come on, I'm starving here.
No, I couldn't, babe.
Just woke up.
Oh, come on, have a proper breakfast.
I'll do the full works, how's that? RUMBLE OF TRAINS Have you found your son? No, sir.
And he's been missing how long? Just over a week.
- And you've been looking for him? - Very hard, yeah.
Your son is the sword that I've got dangling over your head, and then suddenly he's gone - bazinga! Penn and Teller, disappeared into a puff of magic.
There was nothing magic about it, I can tell you that much.
So you didn't suggest to him that he slice himself up - and get himself sent to hospital? - Why would I do that? Cos it's a lot easier for your boy to escape from a hospital than a secure unit.
And once he's free, so are you, of me, of Hicks.
- That's not what happened.
- Then what did? I don't know.
I'll tell you when I find him.
Choose a side, Elaine.
All right, I'll choose a side when you tell me what this is all about.
Because we both know that Hicks didn't kill Alex Butler.
So, come on.
Why do you want him so badly? What, you still think this is about me? That I'm set on revenge because Charlie Hicks shtupped my wife at the Christmas party? Well, I don't have a wife.
I have a husband.
And none of this has got anything to do with me and what I want.
This comes from above my head.
Someone on high wants Charlie Hicks defenestrated.
- Who on high? - KNOCKING AT DOOR - Sorry, guv.
Got a call.
- That's fine.
I think DI Renko and I have gone through this morning's agenda.
Thank you, sir.
- What have we got? - Victim's a Noah Underhill.
- OK? - Yeah.
- I'm out the door.
Send details.
- On their way.
- Morning, sir.
- Morning.
RADIO CHATTER What, that bad? - Morning, Keith.
- Boss.
He's divorced, lives alone.
We think the killer broke into the house while he was out running.
He liked to run at night.
Which is a thing people do, apparently .
for reasons.
The The killer took an ice pick to His genitals, Keith.
You can say it.
The killer took an ice pick to the victim's penis and testicles.
Well, someone was miffed.
I mean, why cant we all just get along and stop ice-picking - each other's wing-wangs? - THEY CHUCKLE Have we got a name? Underhill.
First name, Noah.
- Where's Elaine? - She's on her way.
The guvnor called her in for a talk.
Listen, just Just give me a tick.
- He's a tinker, isn't he? Who is? Elaine's boy, Daniel, who do you think? - What have you done? - I mean, an ice pick to the privates.
That's got to be a "ten from Len".
Wait a minute.
Are you here? Are you watching this? Listen to me, Charlie.
Stop looking for me and listen.
We turned the place over before the first responders got to the scene, but we couldn't find the flash drive.
Here comes trouble.
Elaine's about to do all she can to save her child.
She will dig her own grave in the process.
All you have to do is get that flash drive and she is out of our lives, safely, with no more blood shed.
Fuck, I can't just go blundering about into a crime scene.
Well, if it were me, I would follow Elaine.
She must know where it's hidden.
Just let her find it and take it from her.
And then what? What happens to Elaine? She's trying to hang you, Charlie.
Just let her hang herself instead.
Anyway, I've got to go.
- Hey.
- So, what are we looking at? - Morning.
- How's it going? Yeah, tip-top.
- Do we know what he did for a living? - He was a personal tutor.
For? - Rich people with dense kids.
- Any funny business? You know, with his pupils? - Nothing that we know of.
- But that doesn't mean no.
And revenge for sexual assault would explain the winkle.
Any forensics? Nice trainer print outside, size 8, but other than that, he was pretty cautious.
He? We like someone for it? - Not yet, no.
- So it's not necessarily a he.
Well, she'd have to be a strong woman.
- What, and women can't be strong? - Yeah, Keith, check your privilege.
- My wife won't let me.
- And nothing was taken? Well, the place has been turned over, but his computer's still here, the TV, the DVD player.
Haven't found the victim's phone yet, though.
So the killer took it? If he did, he had the presence of mind to power it down.
So it won't be much use without the password, then? Fingerprint detection's capacitive.
Even if the victim's bleeding out, the killer could have used his fingerprint, unlocked the phone, and reset the password.
Either way, the second he powers up that phone, we'll have him.
OK, good.
Well, hello there.
Boss, the victim's phone's been powered up.
Nice one.
Listen, patch it through, all right? He's turned on the phone.
We've got him.
- How long is this going to take? - Herbie? Not long.
We know the phone's still in London.
We're triangulating the signal now.
And boom.
Got him.
He's in here somewhere.
Sending you the feeds now.
What about this scabby little nutsack? Herbie, can you zoom into the blonde kid playing on his phone? - There.
- Moving in.
PHONE PINGS What's he doing? Herbie, has he seen something? Have you got uniforms on the scene? Not yet.
Officers are en route.
Phone's off.
We can still keep eyes on him.
Lost him.
Boss, can I have a word? Yeah, of course.
- What, now? - Yeah, outside.
I just got a text.
It's about my son, Daniel.
Sorry, I'll have to sit this one out.
- Is he OK? - Not really, no.
- Well, I need you here.
- Yeah, I know.
But he comes first.
Yeah, yeah, sure.
- Listen, you do what you've got to do.
- Right, cheers, boss.
I'll make up the time.
I think we can take it from here.
She hasn't got it.
Her son's got it.
Listen, Elaine's trying to get to him before the police can.
She is on her last nerves here, so let me handle this.
Because she trusts you? I wouldn't call it that.
You should be working for us.
All right, there's no need to get nasty.
It's a genuine offer.
We'll need people like you in the days to come.
And what is to come? Eh? What is it? Do you ever read the Bible? Only the rude bits.
"And I looked and behold a pale horse, and his name that sat on him "was Death.
" "And Hell followed with him.
" Then why does it even matter? Hmm? The file and Elaine? Cos whatever you do, people are going to know eventually.
I made a promise.
What, to the Government? HE SCOFFS - Sod the Government.
- It's not about the Government.
I just want to hang on to this for as long as I can, Charlie.
I just want to treasure what we've got, while we've got it.
You just keep your people out of my way.
I'll get you your flash drive.
And then we're done.
Sorry, have you got five minutes? Yeah, yeah, of course.
Come on in.
Oh, my God! Oh, congratulations! Thanks.
I mean, come in! Put your feet up.
- Hey, I've brought cake.
- Oh! I'm sorry I haven't been round.
You give someone space because you think they probably need it.
Then, before you know it, months have gone past and you feel like you've abandoned them.
Nobody abandoned anyone.
Life moves on.
Takes you with it.
But you still see 'em? The others? Sometimes, yeah.
Erm Keith makes the effort, drops round the odd shepherd's pie.
Erm, Herbie, sometimes.
It's hard for them, you know.
They see me and then they see this absence, next to me.
And Charlie? When's the last time you saw him? I don't know, really.
But you do still see him? Yeah.
I mean - yeah.
The reason I ask is cos every time I mention your name .
ask how you're doing or whatever, he he clams up.
He won't talk about you.
But I know he cares about you.
Yeah, I know he does.
I know he cares about us.
- It's just, the thing about Charlie - he likes to look after people.
It's like a nervous compulsion.
And you mean so much to him.
And he loves you.
But he thinks he let you down.
You, Alex and Owen.
But that's not true.
He didn't.
Could you just .
look him in the eye and tell him it wasn't his fault? Alex He died and it it was horrible.
But it wasn't his fault.
KNOCKING Fran? Hi, I'm Gretchen Ross from Social Services.
We spoke on the phone.
About Daniel Renko? Oh, of course, yes.
Come in.
- You'll have to excuse the mess.
- Oh, not at all.
So what can you tell me about Daniel? You were his last foster family? - That's right.
- How was he? How did he fit in? Look, there's usually a honeymoon period where a child is sizing you up.
It can be a very anxious time.
Rejection or abuse by the birth mother has proved that they're not worth loving.
Not worth trusting.
Not worth much of anything, really.
So they act out, trying to end a placement before someone else takes it away from them.
They're disruptive and violent.
They set fires.
Start fights.
And Daniel acted out like that? He was a very damaged boy.
We tried our best.
But he needed more than we could give.
You are aware that Daniel recently got placed in a secure unit? Apparently.
I think he attacked his birth mother? - That's right.
- How is she? She's fine.
She'll be OK.
I'm glad to hear she's all right.
Just over a week ago, Daniel absconded.
Is there anything you can tell us that might help find him? A place he'd go? A friend he'd rely on? Not really.
He was very private.
He barely spoke.
Actually, there was a place.
Somewhere he'd run to, basically, back when he was with his previous family.
And And where was that? Do you Do you remember? BIRDS FLUTTER I know why you did it.
It wasn't right, but I get it.
How'd you find me? It's my job to find people.
Is that why you're here, then? For your job? No.
He was a rapist.
He deserved it.
I know, but that's not how it works.
It should be.
Some people think so, yeah.
But not you.
Not me.
He gave me something.
He was lying on the floor.
He was bleeding.
He said, "I know why you're here.
" And he sent me to get this.
Have you looked at it? Why? Have you? Have you looked at it? No.
What is it? Look, it doesn't matter.
So, are you here for me? Or you here for this? I'm here for you, Daniel.
I'm here to help you.
BIRD FLUTTERS AND CHEEPS - Come on! - No! Daniel, run! DANIEL SHOUTS Charlie! Let him go.
I get the flash drive and we forget I ever clapped eyes on Jack the Ripper here.
Everyone's laughing.
You're doing this for them? No, Elaine.
My kids.
You think you're putting your family first but you're not.
Tell him to give me the flash drive! Or I'll break his arm.
Tell him! I saw the file you gave him.
How else did he get it? You do what you've got to.
But you were wrong.
Noah wasn't Daniel's father.
My parents thought he was.
But he wasn't.
He was a good man.
He was a really good man.
But he looked like me.
And now he's dead, not because of Daniel, because of YOU, Charlie! - But he looked like me! - No, it's all right, mate.
No, she's lying.
Yeah, we both know she's a liar.
I don't think she can help it.
He was my dad.
I know.
I know, mate.
MOBILE PHONE RINGS - You catch him? - Not yet.
But I will.
No, you won't.
What, is that supposed be some sort of a threat? - You've got no cards to play here, mate.
- You think? - If you had anything on Alex Butler - anything at all - - I'd know about it by now.
- But what about his wife? What, you think Mari's going to believe any of your paranoid - bullshit? - What I mean is, how's everyone going to react to know that you're screwing her? I mean, Charlie Hicks, right? He's not perfect but, Christ almighty, he's loyal.
So what will they think? Mishal, Herbie, George, Keith.
I mean, that's bad enough .
but what about Simone and Hailey? PHONE VIBRATES You get away from my house.
I can take it all away.
All the people you love.
I can make them detest you, and you'll have no-one.
What, so I get a taste of what it's like to be you? Don't pretend you're not terrified.
See, the funny thing is, Elaine, that you think you understand me so well.
But you don't even understand yourself.
See, the thing about loving someone and I mean really loving someone - is that it's not about them liking you.
It's about doing what's best for them, no matter the cost.
I mean, look at yourself.
Look at what you're doing right now.
- I mean, that's love, that is.
- Stay away from my son.
He's a murderer! There's a lot of them around, and in a few months it's not going to matter who's a killer and who's not.
You say one word to Simone .
one word - and I will end you.
- That's big words, Charlie.
No, no, no, no.
We're in a whole other level now.
You've just taken this to a new place.
I mean, they send you after me, what do I care? You're no threat to me.
It's not even like I don't like you, because basically I do, but if you take this to Simone and Hailey, I will kill you, stone dead.
I will finish you! Five years, Charlie.
Leave my son alone.
DOOR IS UNLOCKED DISTANT SIREN Is Stef here? Who? Stefan? Stef.
- You know him? - Yeah.
Just wanted to stay for a bit.
So stay for a bit.
MOBILE PHONE RINGS Hey! Listen, I can't talk right now.
I'm having a bit of a day here.
She's pregnant! Well, who told you? Was it Elaine? No-one told me anything, that's the point! - Well, how'd you find out? - Like that's what matters?! Look, I just Sorry, look, I'm trying to follow you here, all right? I'm I'm not following.
Simone came round.
- What for? - She wanted me to talk to you.
- About? - Alex.
Look, I don't get it.
What did she want you to say? She knows something's wrong! She's scared for you.
Listen I know we've never spoken about it, because we can't .
but I do know what you did for us .
and I know what it cost you.
I know it every second of every day.
But Simone asked me to talk to you, your wife .
so now I'm talking to you.
This has got to end, me and you.
It's not good, it's not healthy.
You need to be a husband to your wife and a father to your kids.
And I need What? What do you need? I need to be clear of it.
I need to stop looking back and start looking towards the future.
Yeah, well, what future? What, I can't have a future without you? No, sorry, listen, Mari, that's not what I meant! It's not Mari, listen! Mari! PHONE ACTIVATES Herbie.
HE GROANS MOBILE PHONE RINGS All right, good news or I hang up.
Victim's phone is back on the grid.
We are in business.
Right, that's great news.
All right, kick bollocks, scramble everything we've got.
I'll see you there.
I'm having that manky little plum for my dinner.
OK, let's go! RADIO: Whisky three, currently en root to apprehend.
Murder suspect, potentially armed and dangerous.
Armed response unit requested.
Proceeding to 13 Lombard Close.
Echo, one, three, Romeo, Charlie.
Which unit's closest? All right, tell her to get there as soon as possible.
We're en route.
I'm looking for Daniel.
I don't know any Daniels.
Do you mind if I pop in, have a look around, see if he's here? Hey, Daniel.
How are you? Can you tell me where it is, Daniel? Can you help me find a flash drive? Did you hide it somewhere? Give it to someone? Did you give it to Elaine? Is that what you did? You gave it to your mum? That was good, Daniel.
Very clever thinking.
Can I get some more of what he's having? How much more? A lot.
It's OK.
TYRES SCREECH LINE RINGING Renko's here for the boy.
She's got the flash drive.
Control the situation.
We'll be there shortly.
Roger that.
Herbie, how long before armed response are on the scene? ETA seven minutes.
Where are you? I'm en route.
I'll be there in ten, they'll have to start without me.
Where's Daniel? SHE GRUNTS GUN CLICKS - What did you give him? - Enough.
But he can still live.
There's still time, if you can keep him awake, get him to Accident and Emergency and give him a shot of naloxone.
You know what I want.
Give me that flash drive and he's all yours.
- So you'll just let me take him? - Absolutely.
- And I believe that? - Why not? I'll have forgotten you both by tea-time.
- How do we do it? - Have you got it on you? In my pocket.
Reach into your pocket.
Move slowly.
Throw it to me.
Daniel, Daniel, you stay awake, OK? I'm getting you out of here but we need that phone.
Daniel, it's got your fingerprints on it.
Your DNA.
Wake up! Where's the phone? 30 seconds, we're leaving.
Stay awake! DOOR SLAMS Phone.
What phone? That's all I've got.
So take it and give me the phone.
And your cards.
Take it and give me the phone and I'll let you leave this shitbox with the use of your limbs.
Mishal? He's powered off his phone.
- He may be moving on.
- We're five minutes out.
SIREN WAILS TYRES SCREECH OUTSIDE MEN GRUN What's this? Hey, I said that I would take care of it.
And so you did.
Now it's time for us to take over.
There's no time for this! Look, Armed Response are on their way! Then follow procedure and wait for them to arrive.
This will all be over in a moment, Charlie.
SHOUTING TASER CRACKLES VOICES ECHO AND FADE What happens to Elaine? We retrieve the flash drive, after which she's no threat and therefore of no interest.
In a minute or two, the police will arrive to find that Elaine has been protecting her son.
She'll be arrested and charged with I don't know withholding evidence? Perverting the course of justice? You've set her up pretty nicely.
And what about Daniel? Just let her dig her own grave, Charlie.
It's not here.
Tell me where it is, or I'll have to let Daniel pass away.
His breathing's very shallow.
It won't be long now.
Well, that's your plan anyway, isn't it? Get what you want.
Kill us, cover your tracks.
It doesn't have to be that way.
Your time is up.
I think we both know that.
But I don't see any reason why Daniel can't live.
BRAKES SCREECH HE CHANGES GEAR If you hurt me, or my son, your dirty secret's all over the newspapers tonight.
I've been doing this a long time, Elaine.
I know a bluff when I see one.
You've had no time to do anything clever with the file.
So it's no longer in play, is it? I think we're probably done here.
Take her back for interrogation.
Leave the boy here.
His story is over.
No, no, no, no, no! Daniel! Just don't! No! Daniel! No! Oh, no! Look! There's no way out! DISTANT SIRENS Except that noise you're hearing is a specialist firearms unit, tooled up with semi-automatics.
Now, you see, if that lot see you lot with a gun to a police officer's skull, they will shoot you dead ten times over.
Now, I don't care who you are.
I don't care who you work for.
You don't get to kill children.
Not even mad ones.
So go on, hop in your wanker tanker and piss off! SIRENS APPROACH Here they come.
Ready or not.
Armed police! Armed police! Armed police! Armed police! Do not move! Daniel! Stay with us, mate! All right, you hear me? You stay with us! Stay with me, OK? Stay with me! Do not fall asleep, you understand me?! The Queen was in the parlour Eating all the honey! The King was in the chambermaid And she was in the money - Wake up, wake up, wake up! - Balls to your partner, backs against the wall If you can't get laid on a Saturday night, you'll never get laid at all! Stay with us, Daniel! Balls to your partner, backs against the wall, If you can't get laid on a Saturday night, you'll never get laid at all! - Hey.
- Hi.
Any news? He's going to be all right.
Well, let's be fair - I don't know what "all right" actually means in this context.
Hey, listen, it's not his fault.
You know, the kid's Well, he's ill.
We'll take him back to the Secure Unit.
We'll tell them .
I don't know, we found him sleeping rough at Victoria Station or something.
And what about his dad? Noah? Yeah, well, we'll think of something.
And us? You do know she's going to come for us twice as hard.
Yeah, well, not if we've still got that flash drive.
No! No, no.
I keep my spare keys in that.
I know.
That is cheeky.
But good.
Very good.
Charlie You told me once You said you'd protect Daniel if I wasn't about.
Yeah, I know.
I thought you were threatening me.
I know.
I'm so sorry.
Hey, come on, don't be.
Look, you and me It doesn't mean you're not a problem.
You're just a problem I have to deal with in my own way.
OK? But I got you so wrong from day one.
Well, I don't know about that.
I honestly thought they were right.
Before I got to know you.
I thought you killed Butler.
Elaine, I I thought you knew.
Knew what, Charlie? It was me.
I killed him.
Are you ready for what comes next? I think someone's out there killing people who believe they want to die.
No-one trusts you, Charlie.
Why should I be the first? Did they arrest someone for killing Alex? Someone else? What kind of man are you? A sad man? A lonely man? A police man? What happens to a dirty spy who can't be trusted to keep a secret? And that's what you want, really, isn't it? Hicks on a plate!