Hard Sun (2018) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

- Now how long does it say we've got?! - Five years.
- Bring me the flash drive.
- I haven't got it.
Renko took it.
It's gone.
They cut her a deal.
If she can bring you down, then her child stays out of prison.
So, what is taking so long? There's nothing to suggest that Hicks killed Butler.
He's sleeping with the man's wife.
I know we've never spoken about it, because we can't, but I do know what you did for us.
Tell me where it is, or I'll have to let Daniel pass away.
Now, I don't care who you are.
You don't get to kill children.
There's no evidence that Hicks killed Butler.
He's innocent.
Which Elaine is this? My investigator, or Hicks' loyal right hand man? Elaine, I I thought you knew.
Knew what, Charlie? It was me.
I killed him.
It's not true! It's not! I saw you, Alex! I saw what you did.
In a video on that laptop you just lied about.
Reflected in a mirror in that horrible bedroom.
Look, we can't ever let them find out about this.
Alex? No-one can ever find out about this.
I know it went out of control but now it's over, I swear.
No more.
No more.
Agh! Hand to God, it's true.
God doesn't want your hand.
He knows where it's been.
So why the wait? I mean, I set you sniffing around this one maybe a year ago.
Yeah, well, I can only do what I can do.
I'm not a magician.
People like magicians.
So? - So, a mate of mine - What mate? A mate.
He's just done a stretch, and he got talking to one of the Nicholson lot.
The accountant.
The bloke hates coppers, and I mean, like, pathamalogically.
- He hates coppers pathamalogically? - Gosh.
So, they're having a laugh, and they get talking about coppers being killed on the job, and he starts talking about your boy, Butler.
Are you telling me you know who pulled the trigger on DCI Butler? I'm telling you, I know everything.
Right down to where you can find the gun that killed him.
- How'd it go? - Yeah.
- Hey! - One word about this, ever, to anyone, and no-one ever sees you again.
- Do you understand me? - Yeah.
Do you understand me? Yes.
You've pissed yourself.
I know.
Get out before you ruin my upholstery.
Morning, Dad.
Morning, sunshine.
- What? - What? Seriously, what have I done? Nothing! No, it's just that I wanted to ask you a favour.
- Is it about cleaning my room or something? - No! Look, er, what it is, it's my birthday coming up in a couple of weeks, and I've thought of something that I'd like.
So, what do you want? To adopt you.
Well, what do you think? No sign of a body? Nothing.
No body.
No eyewitnesses.
Dog walkers? Joggers? Nothing.
Are you all right, George? What's up? OK, I hope you girls have nearly finished your breakfast because we need to get moving and I can't be late.
Anyone who wants a lift to school this morning has got two minutes to be ready.
Two minutes and I'm out the door! Has everyone got everything? Naomi, you've got violin practice today.
Claire, you've got to remember that permission slip.
What permission slip? The permission slip your mum's been reminding you of every morning this week, for the school trip.
I think I took it in already.
Mum told me to, so I did.
Morning! Where was it?! On the floor, by your bed.
If you don't take it in today, you don't get to go.
- Where are they going? - Globe Theatre.
Kill me now.
We'll have less of that, thank you! Shakespeare, though.
She's got a point.
What she's got is an incomplete education.
What's your excuse? - Coming! - Come on! You're done.
Get a move on! Grace Morrigan? Detective Chief Superintendent Roland Bell.
We have a warrant to search these premises.
- I'm sorry? For what? - May we step inside, please? How are you keeping? Daniel, so, listen.
You don't need to worry about your dad.
That's all in hand.
And the woman that did this to you, Charlie Hicks and I are going to make that right today.
She'll never bother us again.
Now, there's something I need you to understand before I go.
The way you thought things were between me and you, Daniel, it was never like that.
You were wrong.
But here's how it's going to be from now on.
You will never hurt anyone again, ever, for any reason.
Do you understand that? Yes, Mum.
OK, good.
Now, rest and get better, all right? All right, Keith.
The honour's yours.
Nick her.
Shall I call someone? A lawyer? No, don't call anyone.
The emergency contact? No, don't call anyone.
Darling, honestly, I don't know what's going on, but someone, somewhere has made an error.
I'll be home by tea-time, OK? In the meantime, you look after the girls.
You tell them not to worry, because there's nothing to worry about.
And tell Claire to remember that permission slip.
Will do.
I love you.
I love you, too.
They'll be here pretty soon.
Are you ready for what comes next? She tried to kill my son.
Of course I'm ready.
- Trish Leabourne.
Benjamin Willis.
- Sarah Brooks.
Liam Mcllveney.
Kamal Babra.
And now Moira Gallagher.
Six suicides in just over seven weeks - different ages, genders, races, from different parts of the South East.
In each case, a handwritten note was left on the dashboard, weighed down by the pen that was used to write the note.
In each case, no body's been found.
I think someone's out there killing people who believe they want to die.
Well, it's a bit early to assume that, innit? - Not really.
- No? How come? Because I've spoken to him.
Wait Where? On a message board.
What kind of message board? A suicide message board.
Well, how long have you been doing that? What, weeks, months, what? - It's a while.
- George Boss, this man is real, and he's killing them.
This is him.
He signs his messages U+1F728.
It's used in computer programming.
Denoting this symbol What is that? Sniper's scope? Some sort of Nazi thing? Yeah, both.
It's an alchemical symbol.
The Sun Cross.
It's the solar calendar, the sun dies in midwinter, gets reborn in spring.
So, yeah.
"Hard Sun".
Yeah, OK.
Yeah, I think you're right.
I think you've got something here.
Hey, what's going on? That woman we just brought in.
It looks like it was her.
Her that what? Killed DCI Butler.
Can I get you anything? Tea? Coffee? Water? Boss, boss, have you got a minute? 30 seconds.
I know you spent a lot of time thinking that Alex's death was down to me, but you were wrong, and now you know it.
Well, if I hurt your feelings, I honestly couldn't give a shite.
What I care about is, this is my house, and Alex Butler was my boy, and I'd like to know what happened to him, but I'm tacking close to the wind, here, because that woman works for the Security Services, and whatever she did, we'll never see a prosecution, because that lot take care of their own.
They'll find her.
So we need her to cough before MI5 pitch up.
Which means I need you to reel her in and put the fear of God into her.
Land her, gut her and fillet her.
Boss? Can I borrow you a minute? - What now? - I know it's a big day, but she's not going anywhere for two minutes, is she? George, I'm on the clock.
Just let me do this, I'll be right with you.
There's a vulnerable woman out there who needs our help.
Do you think this is how Alex would want you to play it? Well, we'll never know, will we, George? What with him being dead and everything.
I'm DCI Hicks.
This is my partner, DI Renko.
Now it says here that you have declined the offer of a phone call.
In fact, you specifically instructed your husband not to call a lawyer.
Why would that be, Grace? Why wouldn't you want anyone to know you were here? Not even a lawyer? Now, as I understand it, you, er, you work for the government.
You're a civil servant in the Ministry of Defence.
Well, does that mean what I think it means? I mean, God only knows how they're going to react.
Your bosses, you know, to all of this.
I mean, for someone in your line of work, that's got to be, er What's the word I'm looking for, DI Renko? Compromising.
That's it.
For someone like you, with the job that you do that's got to be very compromising.
I wonder if you can tell me what this is.
Do you need some reading glasses or something? What you're not looking at is a picture of a Beretta 9mm PX Storm SubCompact.
I can't help but wonder what you're doing with it.
Ah, could be that it's not even yours.
Maybe it's your husband's.
Isn't it? Come on, Grace.
Help me out here.
I mean, we both both have daughters.
Help me to help them.
This is DCI Alex Butler.
He's a good friend of mine.
Or at least he was until someone shot him in the head.
They used the gun we found hidden in your kitchen.
Well, I've got to say, I wish I had your discipline.
Although God only knows, there are things I've seen I wish I hadn't.
You see, the thing is, it's not looking All right, so here's how it looks.
You go off book, earn yourself a few quid selling intel to criminal organisations DCI Butler hears about it.
He doesn't tell anyone he's investigating you, cos, well, he's paranoid.
He knows who you work for.
He's got a right to be paranoid.
Because you kill him for it.
So what are your bosses going to do when they find out about this? What happens to a dirty spy who can't be trusted to keep a secret? You see, right now, here, you're safe.
But sooner or later, someone is going to call Security Services.
Now, the number's publicly available.
It's easily done.
Five minutes after that, they take you away and they make you disappear.
Gun to the base of the skull.
Now, they hate to be embarrassed, the Security Services and they hate it when people can't keep their secrets.
I mean, what if they leaked something big? Really big.
You've got ten minutes to think about your confession, or we make that call and you take your chances with the people that you betrayed.
All right, Elaine, look, before you make the call All right, you have to know, there was no doubt here.
You know they would've killed us.
They tried to kill Daniel, and they will kill Grace.
Now, if they think she's selling intelligence, they've got no choice.
What, and if we don't do it? We take pity on her and let her go? You know what she does, not just to us.
We've got an issue.
What kind of issue? George.
We need to find him before he does something stupid.
I've tried everything.
We're not going to find him if he doesn't want to be found.
I can.
I can find him.
How? I bugged his car.
Why would you do that? Because she was placed on this unit to investigate the murder of Alex Butler, so she bugged all of us.
- Bollocks.
- You're serious?! Look.
You can burn me as a witch when George is home.
Aye, let's do that, yeah.
- I'll bring the matches and a party hat! - All right, all right.
- Look, Elaine's right.
- Fine.
Let's go.
No, no, no, no.
I need you here, running point.
Keith, Mishal, I need you watching Grace Morrigan.
She doesn't leave until we're good and ready.
She doesn't move.
She doesn't speak to anyone, anyone, unless I say so.
Is that clear? Mari.
Sorry to intrude.
Do you mind if I step inside a moment? Obviously, I can't go into detail.
I shouldn't really be telling you anything at all.
Not yet but I know how exhausting it is, emotionally living with the uncertainty.
So in the matter of Alex's death, your dad's death, Owen we have arrested a suspect.
Who? I can't go into detail.
Is it someone we know? No.
No, from what we know, it looks like Alex was investigating well, a corrupt civil servant.
What What does that mean? The long and the short of it is, he died in the line of duty.
Your dad died a hero, Owen.
That's why I'm here.
Everything else is just details.
It won't make things easier in the days and the months and the years to come, living without him but your dad died a hero and I think it's a fine thing for a young man to be proud of his father.
I'm sorry.
I know, I know, it's a pain in the neck - but Grace is one of our own, you see, and we're very keen to find her.
I don't suppose you know where she's gone, do you? George? Are you ready? Do you believe it? The stories about the sun? I don't.
The sun is life.
You can actually feel it.
Can I ask you a question? Please do.
What happens to me? After? What happens to my remains? There's no need to be afraid, George.
I only want you to be happy.
I'd just like to know before I commit.
Well, look at us.
Here we are.
Surely you've already committed.
What kind of man are you, George? A sad man? A lonely man? A policeman? Nah.
Herbie? No, we're too late.
The car's here.
No sign of George.
Oh, shit.
Go! The car is registered to a Herbert West but he died four years ago.
Right, what's the dead man's last known address? Borely House, listed as abandoned, last used by some religious commune.
I'll send you the details.
Look, I know we need to talk, but I can't speak right now.
Well, I don't need you to speak.
I need you to listen.
Oh, well, that doesn't sound promising.
I know you lied to me.
What about? Roland Bell came round.
Is it true? Did they arrest someone for killing Alex? Someone else? All right, listen.
He shouldn't have come round.
All right? Not yet.
Did you lie to me? To get me into bed? Because if you did All right, we are not having this conversation on the phone.
We'll talk later.
What kind of man does that make you? All right, not another word.
Not to anyone.
Not until we have spoken.
Or what? You'll shoot me? All right.
That's enough, all right? - You need to calm down.
- No, don't you Don't you tell me what I need to do.
All right, listen, look, if we can talk Gah! Mari? Yeah.
She pissed off? Yeah.
Cos she thinks you didn't kill her husband.
Mate, it's always the way.
The place looks deserted.
All right.
What is that? Moira? Are you all right? What happened? Is she drugged? It's not that.
I don't think it's that.
Shit! Elaine! Wait, it's them.
They're here.
They're all here! How many victims were there? Six.
There's seven in the room.
There must be another way! Why would you do this, George? They're alive! Isn't that better? Despair is irrational.
A dysfunction of your brain, and it's so easy to correct.
I'm about to perform a procedure called a a transorbital lobotomy.
There's no pain.
No blood but your unhappiness will just evaporate.
You're going to love it.
Don't be afraid.
Put it down.
I'm dying.
Big deal.
Put it down.
But it's sad, though, isn't it? How you only really appreciate the value of something when it's about to be lost.
Put it down, now.
Life is so wonderful.
I'm really going to miss it.
- No! - No! Oh You are just horrible.
I'd like a moment with the suspect.
What's going on? The boss killed the cameras, threw us out the room.
He's speaking to the suspect alone.
No, no, no, no, no.
She cannot leave the building, whatever happens, she has to stay in the building! Is that clear?! Right, got that.
Grace is pulling something.
Make the call.
Charlie Hicks killed DCI Butler.
I can establish that for you very quickly and that's what you want, really, isn't it? Hicks on a plate.
I have important information on the whereabouts of your missing field agent.
Uses the name "Grace Morrigan".
She's being held at Lethe Road police station, on suspicion of selling sensitive information.
And what you don't know is that Hicks is killing me, too.
They're seeing to it that MI5 has no other choice.
What's happening to me, this second this is a murder.
Mm? Mm.
They found her.
Lucky old you.
You're not listening.
Oh I'm listening but what I'm not doing is believing you.
You want out of here, you've got to give me more than hints and allegations.
You keep me here, you make yourself an accessory to murder or you get me to a safe house and let me deliver Hicks to you on a platter.
I can give you Elaine Renko's head, too if you'd like that.
Boss? Step aside, DS Ali.
Listen, I can't talk right now, sunshine.
I'm not your sunshine.
Hailey? Are you all right? You said you loved us! I do love you.
I love you very much, why? Why, what's happened? Hailey, talk to me.
What's happened? What What have I done? You know what! You liar! All right, listen, put your mum on the phone.
I hope you die! Hailey! Please! I spoke to Mari.
All right, Simone, listen Don't you come back here, Charlie.
I don't care where you go.
Don't come back here.
Listen to me, Simone.
Simone, listen! Listen, Simone! Shit Boss! - Boss? What are you doing? - We'll discuss this later.
We'll discuss this now.
Stand aside, DCI Hicks.
Look, she killed Alex! You're going to let her go? I think we all know who killed Alex, Charlie.
I told you to say nothing.
- If you let this woman go - What? It doesn't end well for you? No, for all of us.
Trust me.
No-one trusts you, Charlie.
Why should I be the first? Boss! You need to stop.
No DCS Bell.
This is a warrant mandating this woman's immediate release into our custody.
If you do not comply with this mandate, you may be subject to a disciplinary hearing that may result in your prosecution under the Official Secrets Act.
Now uncuff her and stand back.
Officer down, we need assistance now! All right, Grace.
That's enough.
So, what's the plan now? This is the plan.
Police think you're a spy who's been compromised and disappeared into a new identity.
MI5 just think that you're dirty and that you ran.
That's actually not bad.
You should've stayed away from my son.
I couldn't, Elaine.
You know I have a family, too.
We'll make sure they're well looked after.
You actually mean that, don't you? Yeah, of course I do.
This isn't their fault.
You think you're a good man, Charlie but you're not.
You're a moral abomination.
Well, I'll live with it.
Do you see what he's turned you into? No.
That was your doing.
Are you ready? Can I Can I Can I Please, can I have a moment? Oh, not yet I thought we had more time.
Yeah, well, we always do.
They lied to me, Charlie.
They lied.
It's already here.
Daniel I'm sorry.
I am so sorry.