Harlan Coben's Shelter (2023) s01e04 Episode Script

Phantom Threads

[BAT LADY] Previously on Shelter
[SPOON] Dylan Shakes,
missing kid from Kasselton.
Ashley Kent, missing kid from Kasselton.
What does one have to do with the other?
Mrs. Kent, your daughter,
Ashley, is she okay?
We lost Ashley, but I will find her.
[BAT LADY] You've done enough.
Is this where you buried him?
[MICKEY] We think whoever did this
kidnapped our friend.
We have no idea where Ashley is.
Okay, look, I'm gonna tell
you what I told the police,
and then I want you gone.
The man who did this to my husband,
he had a tattoo on his face.
[OCTOFACE] That doesn't belong to you.
[MRS. KENT] An octopus.
[OCTOFACE] Stop right there!
This year's musical is
Phantom of the Opera.
I'm gonna destroy his world.
Buck, Buck, Buck, Buck, Buck!
[ELLEN] Surprise.
[TROY] Didn't you have,
like, a thing with my dad?
In fact, we were a thing.
And you were friends with my mom.
Best friends.
[TROY] You're not answering my texts.
You're ignoring me at
school. What's your deal?
I can't believe I could even talk
- I was joking.
- Get the fuck away from me!
- Guys.
- [SPOON] Oh, they clearly knew
the combination to Ashley's locker.
Oh, my God. Mickey is gonna shit.
You're Lizzy Sobek.
You said my dad is still alive.


Holy shit.

[SINGER] All you need do is catch me ♪

When I'm back on the real scene ♪

And all the things that I don't do ♪
Just make me laugh
because they irritate you ♪

Oh, go fuck yourself!
Uh, what are what are you doing?
I'm going to school.
That's good.
[MICKEY] You know,
you look a little red.
It's a it's a genetic thing, okay?
From from exercising.
I didn't even know you exercised.
You know, what is
with the 800 questions?
I didn't even ask one.
- You good?
- Yeah, of course. Of course.
Why why wouldn't I be?
I'll see you at the
basketball pancake thing.
[SIGHS] Basketball pancake thing.
Yeah. Yeah. Mm-hmm. I'll meet you there.
[MICKEY] Yeah.
[SHIRA] All good?

There's no way they're the same person.
It's the same exact guy.
They even have the same scar.
But how?
There's no way a Nazi from the 1940s
that killed Bat Lady's dad is
now a paramedic in California.
No, it's just like all
the retinol in the world
couldn't keep a face this young, right?
So you don't believe me.
No, I believe that you believe it.
It's just, like it's not possible.
He had a butterfly tattoo.
And my dad recognized him.
[EMA] Yeah, but you
only remembered that,
like, an hour ago.
Mickey, you're just
seeing what you wanna see.
Do you feel the same way?
yeah, I mean, memory's a
really weird thing, right?
I mean, when I was younger,
I was really completely convinced
that I was an extra on The Wire.
But then I got older and I realized
that I wasn't even alive
when the show came out.
It was a real shock to my system.
So you both think I'm crazy.
- No. Not at all, Mickey.
- No.
That's not what we're saying at all.
Sure sounds like it.
Yeah, we're the bad guys, Mickey,
not the batshit old lady
that thinks she's Terminator Anne Frank.
She's done nothing but fuck with you.
Okay. Okay.
I'm just gonna get a
photo for the murder board.
- Oh, come on, man.
- [SPOON] Just for the
- [MICKEY] I'm not
- You can't get mad at us now.
- We're just being logical.
- Whatever.
[EMA] Where are you going?
We actually have something
really important to show you,
and it's about Ashley.
Wait, yeah, no, you're gonna
shit and piss and throw up.
It's really good.

We gotta talk to Rachel.
I'll talk to Rachel.
But Mickey Mickey Mickey
[MICKEY] Send me that video.
That wasn't very nice of you, Ema.
What, so you believe him?
It doesn't really matter.
We're all friends.
Send me the photo.

[MICKEY] We gotta talk.
Yeah. Of course.
Is everything okay?
[MICKEY] I don't know.
Why'd you clear out Ashley's locker?
Uh, this is actually my locker.
You know what I'm talking about.
I don't, though.

Okay, look,
I know you're coming
from a good place and all,
okay, but you need to drop it, Mickey.
Tell me what the hell is going on.
Can you just, like, let this go?
Just let it go. Please, just trust me.
You know what happened to Ashley.
Okay, um um, just
meet me at my house later,
and I'll tell you everything.
- You're kidding, right?
- No, I'm not kidding.
- I'm serious. Not here.
- Fine. When?
I don't know. Like, 6:00.
- Hi.
- [TROY] Hi.
I'm really, really
sorry about last night.
Yeah, it was really fucked up.
I know. There's just
there's just a lot going on right now.
- Okay?
- Then just tell me about it
rather than freaking the fuck out at me.
I know. I know.
And what are you doing
talking to Bolitar anyway?
Like, what is hap

[RACHEL] Not to be toxic or anything,
but it's really cute
when you get jealous.
- Yeah, I'm always cute.
- [RACHEL] Mm-hmm.

Stop right there!
Get the fuck away from me!
[ANNOUNCER] Welcome to
the Kasselton High School
basketball orientation breakfast.
[BUCK] My boy!
[ANNOUNCER] Grab some food, take a seat,
and we'll be starting in a minute.
[SINGER] Honey ♪
Everyone else you
used to know is running ♪
Can I go home now?
[HANNAH] What the hump is up, my Camels?
We love you, Troy's mom!
As Team Mom to this
year's Humping Camels,
I would like to open
by giving a shout-out
to an extra special guest
that we have with us today.
Is it Buck?
- Uh, no, it is not Buck.
- Aw, damn it!
[HANNAH] This person was
the point guard to my center
and Kasselton Camels'
all-time leading scorer.
Please give a hoofy holler
to my former teammate,
Shira Bolitar!
[SHIRA] Thanks. Thanks. Thank you.
Thank you.
So, Shira, maybe you
have a few words of advice
for our team about your
time here as a Camel.
Oh, it's completely unnecessary.
Come on, speech!
[CLAPPING] Come on, Shira.
Come on up here and
show 'em how it's done.
- Come on.
- Whoo!
Basketball. [LAUGHS]
I know, right? Me?
I'm petite.
But, you know, I'm short but mighty!
[EXHALES] Uh, yeah.
Uh, I'm here with my nephew,
also really great at basketball too.
Um, yeah.
So it was a lot of good times
in the gym
and a whole lot of memories.

- [PERSON] Shh, stop.


You will win some,
and you will lose some.
But in the end, none
of that stuff matters.
It's the connections that you will make
with one another.
That's the stuff that lasts.

Hi, Shira. Hi, Hannah.
[HANNAH] Hi, Babs.
All right, babe.
Why don't we take this
to the bathroom, hmm?
- Wanna make out there?
- [SHIRA] Yeah.
Ken, you smell like ass.
[MOCKINGLY] "Ken, you smell like ass."
- Is that supposed to be me?
- That was spot-on. Uncanny.
- He is such a dumbass.
- Ugh.
Why are you dating him, again?
Because he's a hot dumbass.
- No.
- Yeah.
- No.
[ANNOUNCER] And here it comes,
the last song of the night.
Well, since your date
got swiped by whiskey
and mine didn't make it
past the parking lot
[SINGER] You sweet thing ♪
may I have this dance?
- Of course, madam.
Right this way. Right this way.
- Oh, thank you.

[SINGER] Got you where I want you ♪
Yeah ♪
Ah-ooh ♪
I'm gonna miss you so
fucking much next year.
[SINGER] Got you where I want you ♪
Yeah ♪
Hey ♪
Maybe just a smile ♪

Don't stop. You're hot.
- [SINGER] Oh, hey ♪
Did you know that I can dance? ♪
Could we talk for a while? ♪
Do you wanna get out of here?
[SINGER] Well, I think you're smart ♪
Yeah. Let's go.
[SINGER] You sweet thing ♪
Tell me your sign ♪
I'm dying here ♪
[HANNAH] Hey. Wait up.
What a speech.
You know what? That was not cool.
Very inspiring.
- You still got it.
- [BABS] Hi!
[SHIRA] Wait, is that Babs?
[HANNAH] Yep. That's Babs.
"Hi!" that launched a thousand traumas.
Oh, my God.
I had no idea that Bully
Babs still lives in Kasselton.
- She looks exactly the same.
- She is.
She is exactly the same.
You see those glasses?
Well, I mean, they take
up half of her face.
- You can't miss 'em.
- [HANNAH] So the rumor is,
she got a Groupon for some Botox
at a strip mall in Staten Island.
So she's got, like, a serious droopy eye
hiding out under those sunglasses.
Is it bad that her
misfortune is my drug?
- Ugh, I would never judge you.
Hey, uh what are you doing later?
Um, just just some work.
[HANNAH] Mm, that sounds fun.
Well, I have an alternate proposal.
Just some ice cream, with me,
at the Hoboken Waterfront.
It's a lovely day.
I don't I don't know, Hannah.
I don't think that's such a good idea.
What do you mean?
[SCOFFS] What do you
mean, what do I mean?
[HANNAH] It's ice cream.
Yeah, but after last night?
You're married with a family.
Yeah, well, I mean, that was
I got that out of my system.
It's one and done.
I just wanna be your friend. Please.
I've missed you.
Okay, don't make up your mind right now.
Just think about it.
I'm gonna be there at 4:00.
Maybe you show up, maybe you don't.
But if you like happiness,
I'll see you there.
If not
you decide.
Up to you.

Hey, remember,
your projects are due next week.
[RACHEL] Thanks, Mrs. Friedman.
Mrs. Friedman, can I ask you a question?
Of course. Go ahead.
But I only have a second.
Phantom auditions are today.
Oh, yeah.
It's just gonna be a second.
So Rachel and I are doing
our project on Lizzy Sobek,
and we found this Nazi.
His name is the Butcher of Lodz.
And we couldn't find
anything about him online
except for this picture,
and we just want to know if
you knew anything about him.

[FRIEDMAN] Uh, where
did you get this photo?
At the library.

This is the Butcher of Lodz.

Who gave you that photo, Mickey?
Uh, I don't know, but
someone's messing with me.
Thank you.

Turn your face away ♪
From the garish light of day ♪
Turn your thoughts away ♪
From cold, unfeeling light ♪
And listen to the
music of the night ♪
- That's what's up!
- Yeah, go, Buck!
Close your eyes and surrender ♪
To your darkest dreams ♪
- [TROY] Yeah, Buck!
- Spoon, what's going on?
[SPOON] Ema, I've been fucked.
I've been bent over and
fucked like a goddamn fool.
What are you talking about?
Marissa Zamboni, she's
decided to do the color guard
instead of the musical,
but we had rehearsed the song
as a duet instead of a solo
Spoon, your text said someone died.
Yeah, no, my career.
Ema, I'm so in my head right now.
I mean, look at Buck up there
crooning like a fucking Jersey Boy.
As you've never lived before ♪
[TEAMMATE] Yeah, Buck!
[TROY] That's what's up!
Give 'em the bars!
[EMA] Well, what do you
want me to do about it?
I don't know.
I I I don't know.
- I don't know.
- Spoon, it's okay.
It's gonna be okay.
- [FRIEDMAN] Okay.
- Killed it.
- [FRIEDMAN] Arthur Spindell
- [SPOON] I can't do it.
Ema, I can't.
I'm gonna be right here, okay?
- Come on. Go.
Oh, we're definitely staying for this.
[TEAMMATE] No, it's gonna be sick.
Mom wants to know what time we're
[TROY] Oh, yo, here.
[FRIEDMAN] Where's Marissa Zamboni?
Uh, she she couldn't make it.
Well, we're happy you're
here, Mr. Spindell,
so go right ahead.
[VOICE CRACKING] Night night ♪
- Night ♪
- [BUCK] Yeah, right?
Nighttime sharpens ♪
- Heightens each sensation
Darkness stirs and ♪
[BUCK] Hey, get your head in the game!
Wakes imagination ♪
[TEAMMATE] Choking onstage, man.
Sorry. Sorry. I don't think I, um
Turn your face away ♪
From the ♪
[BOTH] Garish light of day ♪
Turn your face away ♪
From cold, unfeeling light ♪
And listen to the music ♪
Of the night ♪
Close your eyes and surrender ♪
To your darkest dreams ♪
Purge your thoughts ♪
Of the life you knew before ♪
Close your eyes ♪
Let your spirit start to ♪
Soar ♪
And you'll live ♪
As you never lived ♪
Before ♪
[FRIEDMAN] That was
wonderful, both of you!
I had no idea
you were such a songbird, Ms. Winslow.
And Mr. Spindell,
well done.
Okay, this is it.
You bitch. You can sing too?
I was I was just trying to help.
Shut the fuck up and never stop singing.
- [SPOON] Ema
I love you. Okay? I would kill for you.
And I would fucking die for you, okay?
Wait, hold up.
Did you just call her Ema?
It's her name, idiot.
Yeah, no, you're joking, right?
Did Emma not tell you
that we were the ones
who gave her the name Ema?
Dude, you gotta tell 'em the story.
This is no, this is, like,
a top five Truck moment, bro.
- Truck?
Yeah, Troy/Buck. Duh.
Dude, also another top
five Truck moment for sure.
So anyway, we're all in
Spanish class together, right?
Emma was new, acting all
emo, so we were like
[BOTH] "Ema!"
'Cause her name's
Emma and she's a chick.
Barely. [LAUGHS]
Bro, you always take
it a little too far.
Hey, Buck?
Shouldn't be called Buck.
Should be called Fuck.
- Dude.
- 'Cause fuck you, Fuckley.
That was fucking weak, bro!
Ignore him.
He's only being an ass because
he's easily intimidated.
That's what Mom says.
Fuck you, Whitney. She does not.
Whatever, Fuckley.
Find another ride home.
Can't believe I shared
a womb with that asshole.
Yeah, you absorbed, like,
all of his decency up there.
Well, I love that you
reclaimed their dumb boy shit.
You are Ema.

[HANNAH] I'm glad you
came and chose happiness.
- [SHIRA] Glad I did.
Just don't do that. [LAUGHS]
I wasn't sure.
I was really mad at
you for a while, though.
Now you're here, and it's hard
to stay mad at you now, so

You know, I've
I really missed you.
[HANNAH] I missed you too.
I just wish you told me that
you didn't want to be with me
instead of fleeing across the country.
I mean, big girl. I can handle it.
Is that why you thought I left?
Well, it is, isn't it?
Am I wrong?
left because
all I wanted was to be with you,
and I had no idea what to do about it.
Now you tell me.

Hey, I found a new kid.
She's gonna try out for cheer.
I'll see you later, right?
3:00 p.m. on the field.
- [ASHLEY] I'll be there.
- Yeah?
[MICKEY] Did you hear about Ashley?
- [RACHEL] Who?
- [MICKEY] The new girl.
She withdrew from school.
I don't know, maybe we, like,
scared her off or something.

Hey, do you wanna come inside?
Uh, yeah. Sure.
I've got some, uh seltzer.
Cool. Thanks.
What's what's that?
[MICKEY] Oh, um oh, that's
just my dad's old stuff.
Shira brought it down today.
[EMA] Oh, that's your mom.
[MICKEY] Yeah.
She was, like, our age there.
Just, you know, world-famous.
I thought her last name was Hammer.
[MICKEY] She started
playing as Kitty Martillo,
but her coach said that she
would have better success
if she had a white name.
This planet is so goddamn broken.
Listen, um
I was a jerk earlier.
And, uh, I'm not really used to, like,
the whole, like, having friends thing.
and so I'm sorry.
I'm really sorry.

I'm sorry too.

Oh, I, um
the photo I looked up the photo
that Bat Lady gave you.
Doesn't matter.
Why are you always so
sketchy all the time?
'Cause I'm staying on-brand.
Anyway, I just look.
What Bat Lady gave you is
completely photoshopped.
- I figured that much.
- But that doesn't mean
that something fucked isn't going on.
Look at the accident report.
I found photos
of every single
paramedic listed that day,
and not even one of them look
anything like the Butcher photo.
He was there.
- I saw him.
- I know.
I believe you.
Do you remember anything else?
About this day? Anything at all.

[MICKEY] The logo.
On the ambulance. It
it was it was different.
Describe it to me.

[TAYLOR] Hello?
Kasselton Police!


[BAT LADY] Hello.
I apologize, ma'am.
We just received an anonymous tip.
About me?
It's ridiculous, I know.
But we were told, um
that there's a body
buried on the property.
A body.
I know. I know.
Just following up on a tip.
So the Kasselton Police follow up
on every unsubstantiated tip?

Mind if I ask what that is?
Of course not.
I came upon a deer in
my yard who had died.
And I felt that the
poor creature deserved
the respect of a proper burial.
I hate to do this.
Could I verify that?
I'd really rather you didn't.
I could come back with a warrant.

- Buckley ♪
Fuckley, you're so fucking ugly ♪
Inside, outside ♪
I hate you ♪
[DISPATCH] Stand by for dispatch.
Car found abandoned on
North Maple and Glen.
Registered to a Charlotte Kent.
[OFFICER] Got it.
[DISPATCH] Unable to reach Kent.
- Signs of foul play.
- Mrs. Kent.

- [MICKEY] Yeah.
That's exactly what it looked like.
[EMA] I have some matches.
[MICKEY] Let's call.
What's the number?
Hi, I'd like to enquire about a
paramedic's assistance at an accident.
[OPERATOR] On which date?
On June 15th.
[OPERATOR] Of this year?
Yes. June 15th of this year.
- [OPERATOR] Okay, got it.
- One second.
- Okay.
- Hold on, one second.
[SPOON] Hey, can you
meet me at the school?
No, I'm busy right now. What is it?
It's kind of bad.
I'd rather just tell you in person.
Did you get cut from the musical?
Ema, the cast list doesn't
go up for another hour.
Why would you put that
energy into the world?
Yes, in Santa Monica, right?
[EMA] Seriously? I
don't have time for this.
Are you sure?
Whatever. I'll meet you in a few.
- [MICKEY] Thank you very much.
Holy fuck.
[EMA] What?
That ambulance service didn't
have anyone at that accident
or any accidents that day.
Because one of their ambulances
was stolen the night before.
What the actual fuck is going on?


[TAYLOR] Jesus.
I'm really sorry, ma'am.
I had to check.
Will that be all?
I'm sorry. I'll just
Don't bother.
Are you sure?
I'm sure.
Goodbye, Ken Taylor.

You've lived in this
town your whole life.
Of course I know you.
Haven't changed much, have you?
Sorry to have bothered you, ma'am.
Now Mrs. Kent is missing? The hell?
Okay, so I don't think we
should jump to conclusions,
but it doesn't feel like a coincidence.
I mean, maybe the Kents know
more about Ashley than
they're letting on.
Maybe this whole disappearance thing,
it's just to throw off the scent, or
Well, what are we supposed to do?
Okay, I have a plan.
What plan?
Do you trust me?
Okay, sure.
- [STUDENT] No, you deserve it.
- [STUDENT] Oh, my gosh, yes!
- [SPOON] That's the cast list.
Oh, my God. Duck and
weave, my short queen, okay?
[EMA] What? Oh, geez!
- I'm sorry. I'm really sorry.
- [SPOON] Sorry, sorry, sorry.
[EMA] Spoon, geez.
- [SPOON] Ema.
Ema, you're the Phantom.
Oh, my God, Ema, you're
a motherfucking icon.
Oh, your talent, it transcends
all traditional gender roles.
It's incredible. I
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God, I'm playing Raoul!
Oh, fuck!
Oh, my God, we're playing enemies.
That's so incredible
because we're friends
Ms. Friedman obviously gave me Christine
'cause she knows I have range,
and you're more believable
as a creepy freak, so
also, I'm not kissing
either of you, so
Okay, it's not ideal that we're
gonna be fighting over Buck,
but but but when you
really break down the show
I'm not doing it.
No, I mean, you have to do it.
It's, like it's part of the story.
No, I'm not doing the play, Spoon.
Ema, what? You need to do the show.
Yes, Phantema.
Your audition was insane.
You totally deserve it.
Can't wait to dive
into those cheekbones.
I'm in charge of makeup.
You have, like, a literal dream canvas.
I mean, look at those saucer eyes.
You should've seen my brother's face.
It was beautiful. He was like
I'm excited to spend more time with you.
Yeah, it's it's gonna be awesome.
Shut up.
It's gonna be awesome, okay?
What's the plan with Mrs. Kent?
- [SPOON] Okay.

[EMA] Spoon, what are you doing?
- This is trespassing.
- [SPOON] Shh.
How the fuck did you get the key?
Okay, look, never tell a soul,
but I secured it through this thing
called the Janitorial Offspring Network.
We trade keys to places sometimes,
but don't ask me to
elaborate any further, okay?
What happens in the
JON stays in the JON.
- [EMA] Spoon.
- Ema.
You need to stop asking questions,
or the guild will have me hanged.
Dr. Kent's office.
[EMA] Did you just say "bingo"?
What are we looking for?
Ties to Ashley.
Signs of sketchiness.
There's gotta be a reason
why he and his missing wife
were listed as Ashley's parents.

Are you gonna help me,
or are you gonna keep on
checking out my ass?

- I hate you.
- [SPOON] Come on.
Ashley, Ashley, Ashley, Ashley.
Oh, my God, Spoon. Look.
[SPOON] What the fuck?
Dr. Kent was Dylan Shakes' doctor.
"Abdominal bruising.
Father states patient
fell down the stairs.
Signs of asphyxiation.
Father says due to a sports injury."
That piece of shit was
abusing Dylan on the regular.
This is so fucking dark.
Everyone always knew it was the father.
I mean, how is this dude not in prison?
I don't think they ever could
specifically pin it on him.
But how messed up is
all of this, though?
We have years of proof here
that this kid was going through hell,
and no one in the
town did shit about it.
How could no one say anything?
I mean, it's all right here.
This is fucked.
The last entry doesn't
have anything written.
Oh, my God.
Dr. Kent saw him the day
that Dylan went missing.
[FRIEDMAN] Come on. Come
on. Come on, sweetheart.
Good boy. Okay, let's go.

[BAT LADY] Hello, Martha.
The police paid me a visit today.
[CHUCKLES] They should've dug deeper
to find that scum rotting in my yard.
You have to stay away
from Mickey Bolitar.
He's still grieving for his father.
You think I of all people
don't understand that?
You you know what Brad meant to me.
So let his son be.
Why did you photoshop
Luther's face onto that photo?
Him of all people.
You especially should know better
than to question my methods.
By all means, proceed with
your twisted mind games
and murdering of drama teachers.
Your Mr. V, as you so fondly called him,
trafficked in children.
He sold a young girl for money.

[FRIEDMAN] Ashley Kent.
And do you know how many other
children suffered and died
because of his greed?
Believe me, I did the world a favor.
Murder is still murder, Elizabeth,
no matter how you wrap it up.
[LAUGHS] There it is.
- What?
- That self-righteousness.
You know, I am surprised
that you still cling to it
after poor Dylan Shakes.
Don't say that name to me.
Do you think this memorial service
will help relieve your guilt?
You didn't do anything for him.
Get the hell away from me.

Listen to me.
I'm going to let this one pass
because once we were friends.
We were friends.
But fuck with me again,
and I will put you in the ground too.

It's time to talk about Ashley.

I'm gonna need you to stop
staring at your boyfriend.
Ashley came to cheer tryouts,
which you knew already.
She was a good dancer,
but her moves were a bit
I don't know, like, a bit risqué.
And, well, some of the other
girls started laughing at her
and calling her slutty
and stuff like that.
- Including you.
- No.
No, but I didn't stop them,
and I felt like shit about
it afterwards because, like
because, like, I'm the
captain and I'm supposed
to make the girls feel
comfortable and safe,
and I didn't do that, and
I felt like I failed her.
So I followed her off to say sorry.

Hey! Let go of her!
- Get off! Let go!
- [GOON] Come on, you gotta go!
Shoot her!
[GOON] No, we need her alive.
Let's get outta here. Come on!

Are you okay?
We have to get out of here.
They found me.
Ashley, who were those guys?
I don't wanna tell you.
I just feel like the
less you know, the better.
We have to go to the police.
You know that, right? You're just a kid.
Whatever it is you're worried about,
you're not gonna get
in trouble, I promise.
Please, Rachel, no police.
They're in on it too. Please.
Okay, okay, okay.
No police, but, like,
what can I do to help you?
You can't. They'll kill you, Rachel.
I have to get out of Kasselton.
That's what I have to
do. I have to leave.
Come stay at my house.
- Fuck no.
- Yes. Yes.
My dad's always away.
He travels for work.
No one's gonna be home.
No one else has to know.
Okay? And you'll be safe there.
Please. Please let me help you.
You don't have to do this, Rachel.
I know, but I want to, okay? I want to.

So Ashley's here right now.
Yeah, she's in the pool house.
[RACHEL] Wait, wait.
Mickey, don't go outside.
- What?
- Someone's here.
Call 911.
Um fuck, I don't have a signal.
I don't have a signal.

Fuck. This one's dead too.

He's here for Ashley.
Mickey, no!
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