Harlan Coben's Shelter (2023) s01e05 Episode Script

See Me Feel Me Touch Me Heal Me

[RACHEL] Previously on Shelter
[MICKEY] They think whoever
did this kidnapped our friend.
[MRS. KENT] The man who
did this to my husband,
- he had a tattoo on his face.
- A tattoo of what?
[MRS. KENT] An octopus.
[EMA] Now Mrs. Kent is missing?
[SPOON] I have a plan.
How the fuck did you get the key?
Oh, my God.
[SPOON] Dr. Kent was
Dylan Shakes' doctor.
The last entry doesn't
have anything written.
That's the day that Dylan went missing.
- You good?
- Yeah, of course.
Of course. Why? Why wouldn't I be?
Did you forget something?
Uh, yeah, I did.

This year's musical is
Phantom of the Opera.
I had no idea you were such a songbird,
Ms. Winslow.
[SPOON] Ema, you're the Phantom.
Oh, my God, Ema, you're
a motherfucking icon.
We gotta talk.
Just meet me at my house later,
and I'll tell you everything.
Ashley came to cheer tryouts.
Some of the other girls
started laughing at her,
so I followed her off to say sorry.
- [MAN] Get her in the van!
- Ah!
- Ugh!
Come stay at my house.
So Ashley's here right now.
Yeah, she's in the pool house.
Wait, wait, Mickey, don't go outside.
Call 911.
[RACHEL] I don't have a signal.
[MICKEY] He's here for Ashley.
[RACHEL] Mickey, no!

- Ah!
Mickey, are you okay? Are you hurt?
[MICKEY] Ashley, Ashley.

Ashley. Where's Ashley?

Ashley, where is she?
I don't I don't
know. She was in here.
She was she was


- We tried knocking.
- We did.
So, Octoface, he starts fighting me,
and then Rachel pulls
out a gun and shoots him.
- [SPOON] What?
- Rachel shot Octoface?
[EMA] And she was hiding
Ashley the whole time?
That's fuckin' hardcore.
But now Ashley's on the run,
and we need to find her
before Octoface does.
Fuck. What about you guys?
we broke into Dr. Kent's office.
- Whoa, what?
- It was not my idea.
Okay, so he's a pediatrician, right?
And you're never gonna guess
who his patient was 27 years ago.
No, actually, we
literally don't have time
for guessing games.
Mickey, just shut up.
It was Dylan Shakes.
We got pictures of Dylan's medical file.
- Just check this out.
- [SPOON] Yeah.
So Dr. Kent would take
notes after every one
of Dylan's visits. Look.

Broken right arm, dislocated shoulder,
But Dr. Kent didn't put anything down
- for Dylan's last visit.
- [MICKEY] Mm-hmm.
September 8th.
The day he vanished.
Wait, I'm sorry, what the fuck?
Is that is that the photo
of Dylan's little league team
from right before he went missing?
My dad and Dylan were teammates.
[SPOON] Your dad knew Dylan?
[MICKEY] They were best friends.
- Wait.
- What?
[SPOON] Is that ?
[EMA] Holy shit, that's Mrs. Friedman.
- [SPOON] Yeah.
- [MICKEY] She was head coach.
Okay, let's talk about this.
So Dylan went missing after
one of his little league games.
A game coached by Mrs. Friedman.
[SPOON] Right.
Something happened
to Dylan at that game.
Maybe Mrs. Friedman
took him to see Dr. Kent.
We have to ask her some more questions.
Yeah, okay, okay, let
me take a run at her.
Mrs. Friedman and I, we have history.
- [SHIRA] Mickey, breakfast.
- Shit.
[SHIRA] Ah, don't worry.
It's perfectly edible.
Straight from the microwave.
I can tell.
I just thought you might want to fuel up
for the basketball tryouts today.
Right, tryouts.
So at the risk of incurring
a category-5 teenage fit,
I heard you come in
really late last night.
Do you care to share where you were?
- Rachel's.
- [SHIRA] Mmm
Is she your girlfriend?
No, no, we're just
just history class project partners.
Okay, okay, whatever.
I'm gonna take this downstairs.
- Well, good luck today.
- [MICKEY] Thanks.
And remember, you're a Bolitar.
Kinda hard to forget in this town.
- Hi.
- Mm-hmm.
- How are you, Arthur?
- Great, yeah.
Uh, I actually just have a
question about Dylan Shakes.
Oh, okay.
Um, what is it?
Well, I didn't realize that you
were Dylan's little league coach.
Oh, where did you get this?
It was Mickey's dad's.
Of course. I was both their coach.
So Dylan Shakes' doctor was a man
named Lawrence Kent, right?
Yeah, I was, uh, the first
to take Dylan to see him.
Right, because his dad
'Cause his dad abused him, yeah.
Dylan was very brave.
He once played a whole
game in horrible pain.
He was wincing the whole time.
He was trying to cover
it up, but I could tell,
and then Dr. Kent discovered
he had a cracked rib
from where his father had kicked him.
And was it you who took Dylan
to see Dr. Kent on
the day he disappeared?
No, I I did not.
Is that true?
No, I mean, um, I think I
just read that somewhere,
so it's probably it's
probably a rumor, so
Is there something
you're not telling me?
No. No, not a thing, really.
I'm, uh I'm sorry to
take up some of your time.
I'll see you later.
- Hello?
- [HANNAH] Hi!
what do you think of this space?
It's pretty cool, but why are we here?
Funny you should ask because
this is my new restaurant.
- What?
- Yes, I just signed the lease.
Uh, wow, well, uh, aren't we
all kinds of impulsive lately?
I know.
I mean, I can't believe
it's actually happening.
I'm kinda shitting a brick.
How long has this been in the works?
Uh, remember when I said
that I just signed the lease?
That was, like, um, an hour ago, so
What how does Ken feel about it?
I have no idea 'cause
I haven't told him yet.
[GASPS] What?
I know. He's probably gonna have a
He's gonna have a total
fucking conniption,
but what the fuck ever
because you know what? This is my life.
No, I I mean, it is.
It is. It is your life.
I mean, and lately, I've been like,
"Damn," you know?
Two seconds ago, I was 18,
and I had all of this stuff
that I wanted to do with my life,
and I haven't done any of it.
I'm just still living in the same town
married to some dude who
doesn't give a shit about me.
Well, come on, Hannah, I don't
think you really feel that way.
I mean, you know Ken loves you.
Okay, sure, but that's not the
same as giving a shit about me.
So we cut that part, okay?
- So just keep it up, yeah.
You know what?
I don't think that's quite right.
I think what we should do is
- Uh, Ms. Wyatt, Ms. Wyatt
- Find your trauma.
Ah, feel that, feel that. I feel that.
Ms. Wyatt, hi, I was
thinking about, for the riff,
um, instead of, like
Right, I was thinking
more modern, right?
Oh, uh, sure, that would be great.
Thank you.
Ah, what have we yes. This
is what I'm talking about.
These textiles are amazing.
Uh, what do I Robin. Robin.
- [ROBIN] Yeah?
- Where is the hat?
The one with the red feathers.
- [ROBIN] This one?
- Yes, yes, yes.
That is just what I'm talking about.
Okay, I need you to give
this to Marissa Z, all right?
- Okay.
- Okay.
Well done, ladies. Gorgeous.
Just gorgeous.
I downloaded uDOu.
You downloaded uDOu?
I mean, your cosplay makeup is nuts.
It's like next-level art.
Okay, so are your drawings.
You should definitely post them.
Oh, I'm not really
into that whole, like,
social media thing.
Not that it's, like, a bad thing.
- I'm sorry.
- No, I gotcha.
Like, let's be honest.
I just joined uDOu for attention.
- Really?
- Um, duh.
I mean, before, I was just
known as Buck's weird sister.
I never thought that.
Okay, well, everyone else did.
Just Buck had, like,
basketball and singing.
You know, I didn't really have anything,
so I thought I would give makeup a try,
and it worked out.
And now he's known as
Whitney's stupid brother.
[LAUGHS] You're the best.
I really didn't think I was
gonna be a thing on there.
By thing, do you mean,
like, the most followed
- makeup artist on uDOu?
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
It just feels weird to say.
You know, not that I'm not,
like, grateful for everything.
It's just people who used to ignore me
are now all up in my ass
trying to be my friend.
Just fake as fuck.
It really just messes
with your head, you know?
Like, would any of these people
really give a shit about me
if I wasn't famous or whatever?
It's almost as dehumanizing as
being known as Buck's sister.
I'm sorry.
That was way more than it needed to be.
[EMA] No, it wasn't.
I really get it.
And I mean
I think that you're awesome.
I thought so before I knew
about all your uDOu stuff.
I think that's why I like you so much.
You don't care about that shit.

You have really nice skin.
So do you.
What do you think?
It's perfect.
[LESLIE] Okay, tryouts, let's go.
[LESLIE] All right!
[VOCALIST] Just to
stay in the background ♪
- Gotta go hard ♪
- Keep it up, keep it up!
Let's hustle!
[VOCALIST] Bad as I want to ♪
Ain't cleaning my act up ♪
Okay, Camels, that's enough.
These are tryouts, not state finals.
[VOCALIST] Bad as I want to ♪
Ain't cleaning my act up ♪
[LESLIE] Let's go. Let's keep it moving.
[PLAYER] Hey, I got ball! I got ball!
Hey! Hey!

Dude, give me the damn ball!
[LESLIE] There we go.
Let's go, pick it up,
pick it up, pick it up.
[VOCALIST] Bad as I want to ♪
Ain't cleaning my act up ♪
[LESLIE] Right.
All right, unselfish
play. That's our game.
[VOCALIST] Bad as I want to ♪
Ain't cleaning my act up ♪

[LESLIE] All right, that's it, good job.
Guys, keep it together.
Eyes on the ball.
Basketball, that's what we're playing.

[VOCALIST] Came too far ♪
Just to stay in the background ♪
Gotta go hard, layin' a smackdown ♪
In a [ ], y'all might need backup ♪
[VOCALIST] Came too far ♪
Just to stay in the background ♪
Gotta go hard, layin' a smackdown ♪
In a [ ], y'all might need backup ♪
Yeah, boy! Come on, little boy.
What's up? [CHUCKLES]
What's your problem? You wanna go?
- You wanna fucking go?
- Fucking love to!
Mickey, behind you!
Fuck you! I'm gonna eat your heart!
I'm gonna eat your heart!
I'm gonna eat your heart!
- Stop.
- Stay down, pussy.
- Troy, stop!
- Stay down, Bolitar!
Grab some fucking floor, Bolitar!
Yeah, let me fuck you up!
[TROY] Grab some floor, bitch!
- [EMA] Stop, Mickey, Mickey.
Troy, what the fuck
is your problem, huh?
[LESLIE] Everyone, back off!
Camels to class, Camels. Let's go!
Just chill, Camels!
Guys, enough, all right?
Back to class.

Oh, no, you don't.
You and Troy in my office now.
I'm thinking about making this
a featured dish on the menu.
Take your time. Let
me know what you think.
so fucking good.
- Oh, come on.
- Illegally so.
- Are you fucking with me?
- No, not even a little bit.
It's it's amazing. You're amazing.
Oh, stop.
No, okay, shut up and let me
compliment you for a second.
Okay. Hmm.
I'm so glad that you're doing this
'cause you should be doing this.
Thank you.

- Oh.
- Oh, wait.
Simultaneous texts? How in sync are we?
The school wants me to come in.
Me too.
I honestly expected more
from both these young men.
Mickey Bolitar has been a troublemaker
since he got into town. The
fact that he shoved Troy
Hey, Troy was the one
who threw the elbow, Ken.
[LESLIE] It didn't look
like an accident to me, Troy.
Weren't you standing on
the other side of the gym?
Right, I mean, I
Coach, I don't even know
how you would've seen that.
Okay, Troy, just stop lying.
Troy, Mickey, I can't have
my two best players at
each other's throats.
You know, either one
of you breathes wrong,
you're both off the team.

Ooh, sorry, sorry.
- Hello, Arthur.
- Oh, it's actually Spoon now.
I go by Spoon. It's a cool nickname.
So you said you have news.
Marissa Zamboni got
kicked out of color guard
- for biting the teacher.
- Gemma, what? No.
- It pierced bone.
- No, Gemma, no, stop it.
I I meant about, like, the hospital?
Dr. Kent just woke up from his coma.
Fantastic, okay. Thank you.
Never mind thank yous.
You got what I asked for?
Oh, yeah, the key to PetSmart.

You can get us into
that hospital, right?
- You read my references?
- Yeah, they were impeccable.
So I'll pretend you didn't ask that.
Ge um, Gemma.
What do you need to do in
a pet store after-hours?
[SCOFFS] Sniff the gerbils.

[SPOON] Hey, you're here. Okay, good.
Uh, I have two pieces of hot goss.
- Me too.
- [SPOON] Okay.
The first is less important, but still,
Marissa Zamboni got
kicked out of color guard
for biting the teacher.
That's crazy. The second
Ema has the same butterfly
tattooed on her back.
Like the butterfly?
The same butterfly in Ashley's locker.
The same butterfly
tattooed on the paramedic
who took my father away,
and the same butterfly
on the Shelter album cover.
Mickey, you cannot think
that she has anything
to do with Ashley's disappearance.
Don't you find it a little suspicious
that she just pops out of nowhere
when I first meet Bat Lady,
a little suspicious
that she makes it a point
to talk to her tattoo artist alone,
a little suspicious that
we know nothing about her.
Tell me, how much do you
really know about Ema?
Mickey, she's on our side.
You know that.
There's a Russian proverb.
[SPOON] Okay, so now
we're getting advice
- from the Russians?
- Yeah, it says trust
but verify.
And that's all I'm saying we need to do.
[SPOON] Let's just talk to her.
No, no, hold on, hold on, hold on
No, Mickey, let's just go up to her
and ask about the tattoo.
We need to follow her.
We should follow her.
Okay, okay, you mean spy on her.
I guess, yeah.
- No, we can't do that.
- Why not?
Because it would be a complete
violation of her trust.
- Trust but verify.
- Yeah, no.
I fucking heard you the first time.
- It doesn't mean we
- No.
If she's hiding
something about Ashley
[SPOON] No, okay, yes, no, no, no.
First of all, she's just not, okay?
And second of all, have
you not heard the stuff
about her family?
Like, I feel really bad saying this,
but there is stuff about
them with, like, drugs.
Spoon, if any of that is true,
that could be the connection.
That could be the
connection between Octoface.
He could be, like, the leader of a clan,
a group or something,
and that's definitely
not something I'm staying away from.

Can't believe you guys followed me here.
- Jesus, fuck, fuck.
- Fuck.
How did you see us?
We were blending in.
Do you even know what that means?
I don't understand. Why
did you lead us here?
I live here.

[SPOON] What? Ema, what the fuck?
Oh, my God, Ema, Ema, this
is, like, my favorite Picasso.
I saw the real one at the Met.
No, you saw that on loan.
Emma, what a delightful surprise.
- You invited guests.
- I did not invite them.
Ema, Ema, Ema, what the fuck
is Angelica Wyatt doing in your house?
God, you are so dense.
Emma, why don't you
introduce me to your friends?
Uh, this is Spoon
and Mickey.
Guys, this
this is my mom.
Oh, my God.
[SPOON] Oh, Angeli I wow.
What? Oh, my God.
Uh, Angelica Wyatt. Ms. Wyatt, sorry.
I just I, uh I just want
I just want you to
I'm just such a big fan of your work,
uh, especially your
daughter. She's great.
Ah, well, she is the
thing I am most proud of.
- Very nice to meet you both.
- Wow, really great handshake.
[CHUCKLES] Well, I'm going to the pool.
I have a screenplay to read.
Wonderful dialogue,
character still unclear.
Right, well, uh, sorry, just,
I don't mean to be too forward
with you, I just want you to
like, uh, just 'cause I'm here,
if you need a scene partner
to try things out on,
- just to play with
- Spoon.
Just to mess around
just in with the
Spoon, Spoon.
- I just want her to know
- Stop.
- Stop.
- Right.
You are adorable.
- [EMA] Come on, guys.
- [MICKEY] For real?
Why wouldn't you tell
us that she's your mom?
[EMA] You know why.
People would treat me totally different.
Yeah, like a boss.
So no criminal drug clan making
moonshine in the woods, right?
- I started that rumor.
- [MICKEY] Why?
I just I don't want
people to be friends with me
just because of my mom.
I mean, there are worse things than
You know, you shouldn't
have followed me here.
That was a complete
violation of my trust.
Hey, hey, hey, trust?
You wanna talk about trust?
Let's talk about that
butterfly on your back.

- How?
- At the tryouts.
When you gave me your shirt,
I saw the butterfly tattoo.
I don't know what to say.
Really? All I want is the truth.
- Agent gave it to me.
- [MICKEY] Why?
I don't know.
That's what I went to
go talk to them about
when we were talking about Octoface.
And what'd they say?
They said some fucking spiritual shit,
and then they said that
they told me about this goddess
named Abeona or something like that.
Are you sure they said Abeona?
[EMA] Yeah, positive.
They said the butterfly's,
like, an Abeona Tisi-something.
Why? What is it?
That's the name of the
charity my parents worked for.
Okay, so is this the moment
where one of us has to say
this can't be a coincidence?
And they told me that Abeona's
the goddess of protecting kids.
That's kind of like what
my parents were doing.
And you know what's extra fucked?
All the tattoos that Agent gives me,
they're temporary, like,
they wash off really easily,
but this butterfly, I
mean, I've been scrubbing it
and scrubbing it for days,
and it just will not come off.
Wait, your tattoos are fake?
I'm 16 years old, Spoon.
Why wouldn't you tell
us about any of this?
Well, uh, I guess when I
found out it was connected
to your dad and to Ashley,
I think I just kinda
I just kinda freaked out 'cause I
I thought you guys would think
that I had, like,
something to do with it,
and you'd get mad at me, and, like
Shut up. Stupid, silly.
Come on, we're your friends.
We wouldn't think that about you.
Well, obviously I'm not so great
at the whole being friends thing.
Except you kind of are.
Okay, so what now?
We need to find out
what's behind that tattoo.
And how it's related to Ashley.
Yeah, something tells me Agent
knows more than they've said.
Yeah, but they'll just spout
that woo-woo mystical shit
- if you ask.
- Okay.
Well, what if we broke into their office
and poked around?
[EMA] Well, I can't go.
I mean, Agent will know something's up.
I mean, Spoon and I can go.
I can make that work.

Yeah, so, um
I was kind of just looking
for something slightly small
- and subtle.
- I hear you.
Just like that, actually.
Yeah, just like that.
[AGENT] Oh, you had your eye on that one
the last time you were here.
- You saw that?
I see all.
- It's an excellent choice.
- Right? Yeah.
- So tasteful.
- Yeah.
How old are you, anyway?
God, how old am I? I am
uh, I'm 36, yeah.
I am 16.
You have to be 18 to get a tattoo.
Right, I know that.
Um, I was thinking you could
maybe just make it temporary
like you do with Ema.
With Ema, spirit guides the design.
Is it okay if I do that with you?
Sure, yeah.

I sense a darkness in you, Spoon.
Oh, sorry, yeah, that's
gas. I have a funny tummy.
You joke to cover.
- Cover what?
- The loss.
You know loss.
I'm afraid you're gonna have
to experience more of it.
More loss?
- I don't
- What do you think?
- There's room for a name.
- A name?
Yeah, would you like me to put
someone special's name there?
No, no, I'm okay.
Come back when you do.
I'll be here.
I can't tell you how happy I
am that you had friends over.
I didn't know they were coming.
Well, maybe that's a sign.
Maybe it's a sign that it's time
to stop all this secrecy.
I'm good. I'm okay.
Well, if you should
decide you want to come out
of your shell a little
bit more, I'm all for it.
Those friends of yours were your friends
before they ever knew anything about me.
Yeah, I guess.
Hey, the people in your
school know you for you.
We could even have a party
for the entire school here
- if you wanted to.
Okay, now you're starting to overstep.
Okay, all right, one
little step at a time.
Mm, aww, I love you, Emma.
- I love you too, Mom.

Hey, did you find anything?

Wait, is that is that your dad?
Yep, with Octoface.
Whoa, hold on, okay, so
- so your dad knew Octoface.
- I guess.
Okay. Do you have any idea how?
- None.
- Right.
None, I fucking
Okay, okay, okay, okay.
I don't know what my mom and
my dad were wrapped up in,
and it's not like I
can go and ask my mom
because last time I
spoke to her about him
I nearly lost her too.
He left me alone with
no fucking answers,
and right now I feel
like I don't even know
who the fuck he was.
Hey, hey, look
whatever this shit is,
you knew who your dad was.
Will anything ever feel the same again?
I don't know, but you're not alone.
I don't even want to go see his grave.
I haven't visited since we buried him.
I'm too scared to.
Well, then I'll go with you.
No, it's fine.
Look, Michelous, you can lean on me.
You have people.
Thanks, Spoon.
We need, uh, to run that
license plate number,
find Octoface, and get
some fucking answers.
Okay. How do we do that?

- Hey.
- What's up?
What's up with you?
I've got a license plate
number for Octoface,
and I need your help to run it.
And how would I do that?
- Through Troy.
- Yeah.
The same guy who you got
in a fight with earlier?
Hey, hey, listen, he has access
to his dad's police stuff,
and I have a license plate number.
You know having Troy
run this license plate
would be, like, totally illegal, right?
But it could lead us to Ashley.
I met this girl a few days ago, okay?
And now I'm just
I'm shooting people,
and I'm lying to my boyfriend about it.
- But
- [RACHEL] No, Mickey.
I shot a man. I shot
a literal human person.
Don't you realize how
messed up this all is?
I know. I know. I'm sorry.
But we need to find her.
I lose people, Rachel.
What, now you think
that you're responsible
for all the stuff with
Ashley? Is that it?
- I guess, maybe.
- [RACHEL] Well, that's stupid.
You have a hero complex, Mickey,
and it's kind of dangerous.
I don't know if it's your
place or mine to get involved.
You know I can't walk away.
It's a recipe I've been working on.
- It's all right.
- Probably use more cheese.
Oh. Okay, great.
Well, then I'll just go fuck myself.
- Hey.
- Whoa.
What the hell's wrong with you today?
Oh, what's wrong with me?
You sold out Troy at that
school meeting, Hannah.
He's your son.
You're always supposed
to be in his corner.
I sold him out by wanting
him to tell the truth?
He was telling the truth.
We don't lie in this family.
Troy, look your father in the eye
and swear to him that you didn't elbow
Mickey Bolitar on purpose.
You don't see him, and you don't see me.
I don't see you?
Is this about your
ridiculous restaurant idea?
It's not an idea anymore.
I signed a two-year lease today.
You did what?
Guys, can we please just stop?
- Stay out of it, Troy!
- Go fuck yourself.

- Are you okay?
- Never better.
Do you want to go to the diner?
I could kill a burger
and fries right now.
I thought you just had dinner.
It's a long story. Come
on, what do you say?
I would love to, but I actually
came to ask you a little favor,
and it's kind of time sensitive.
Okay, what kind of favor?
Do you do you think
that you could run
this license plate for me?
I can't really get into the details,
but I promise you it's important.
You still have access to
your dad's database, right?
- Rachel, I
- What?
I know that you use it
to track down addresses
and phone numbers for your boys.
Yeah, you know why?
'Cause they're my boys!
They're actually my friends,
and they act like it.
- Unlike you.
- Oh, my God, okay.
What are you getting so angry about?
I'm sorry.
You've just been
blowing me off recently.
And you're being so secretive
every time I ask you what's up,
and then I see you
over at Bolitar's place,
and now you're asking me a favor,
and you're not even telling me why.
Are you serious?
Okay, okay, you're right. You're right.
I need to explain. Um
okay, I've been helping Mickey
find his missing girlfriend
Ashley, and I'm sorry
that I didn't tell you
before, but I couldn't.
Why not?
Because I gave Ashley my word.
I thought you said she was missing.
It's really, really complicated,
but I swear, tracking this license plate
could be the key to finding her.
That's why I'm asking you.
Okay, so you and Bolitar are, like..
Do you honestly think that
I would do that to you?
[SIGHS] I'm sorry.
I just
my parents aren't really
getting along right now
Oh, Troy.
Yeah, and I think my dad's
boning Bolitar's aunt, Shira.
Ew. Why? What would make you think that?
Uh, search history, how
they act around each other,
the fact that they dated in high school.
I know, but that still doesn't mean
Yeah, no, totally, I just
thought maybe if he is,
then maybe you could
No, no, okay? No. I promise you.

Yeah, I, uh
I'll call you when I track this down.
Thank you. Thank you.

[WHITNEY] So Angelica Wyatt's your mom.
[EMA] Yeah, she is.
So I, uh, really get
where you're coming from
with the whole, like, people
treating you differently
'cause you're famous, and, you know,
wanting to be your own person.
Stuff like that.
That's why I kept it a secret.
Well, thank you for telling me.

I liked you before I
knew who your mom was,
and I like you just as much now.
[SINGER] 'Cause nothing
ever shakes me now ♪
Thanks, Whitney.
I, uh
I've liked you for a while, actually.
- Seriously?
- Yeah, I
ever since you moved here,
I was like, "That girl."
The way you just sort
of observed everyone.
I don't know, I just
Just wanted to talk to you right away.
I, uh
I really like you too.
I really didn't


- You okay?
- Yeah.
I should feel something, shouldn't I?
I think you should feel
whatever you're feeling.
I stood right about here
with my mom, with Shira,
with my grandparents
Threw dirt on the grave.
My grandfather led the
kaddish of his own son.
And even then, I
I just felt empty.
This is my father's final resting place,
and I I feel nothing.
I feel like he's not even here.

I think it's a little weird
that you're not dressed the part,
but if anybody asks,
we'll just say that you're
one of my patients, okay?
Is this really necessary, Spoon?
Ema, do you know me? I
like to be overprepared.
Here, check these out.
Whoa, this is, like, really legit.
Yeah, they are.
- Where'd you get this?
- Gemma.
Oh, the 11-year-old girl
who's, like, a genius freshman.
She also likes to sniff gerbils.
Wait, what? No, I
don't need to know that.
What where do you
even know her from anyway?
The JON.
The Janitorial Offspring Network.
Ema, we've talked about this.
Her dad is head custodian here.
There's no place we can't infiltrate.
And she's gonna get
us in to see Dr. Kent.
- Yeah, precisely.
We might be too late.
[SPOON] Shit. Dr. Kent!
- [EMA] Dr. Kent, stop!
- [SPOON] Dr. Kent!
- [EMA] Stop, stop, stop, no!
- [SPOON] Dr. Kent! Fuck!
[EMA] Wait, wait, Dr. Kent!
[RACHEL] So this is Octoface's house?
[MICKEY] I guess crime does pay.
[RACHEL] Okay, it says
that the car is registered
here to Antoine Lemaire,
which I'm guessing is Octoface's name.

Rachel, the plan is just to tail him.
I don't know if you'll need that.
Uh, I feel better holding it.
You don't have to do this.
Yeah, yeah, I know.
I know, but you don't have a car, so
Hey, hey, sit down, sit down.

[RACHEL] Looking pretty good
for someone who just got shot.
Are you sure you want
to do this, Rachel?
- Yeah, I do.
Fuck that guy.

Well, this is sketchy as fuck.
Oh, my God, Mickey,
those are the same guys
who tried to grab Ashley.
- Hey!
We have to find a way inside.
- No. No.
- Why not?
Because Octoface could know
that we followed him here,
and this could all be a trap. No.
There's no way we're going
inside without a plan, okay?

I'm sorry to just
barge in here like this.
- What's wrong, Hannah?
I don't know where to start.
Everything is just
kind of falling apart.
I'm sorry.
It's okay. It's okay.
Thank you. [SIGHS]
Holy shit.
Angelica Wyatt is Ema's mom.
[CHUCKLES] You're fucking kidding me.
[LAUGHS] Thanks, sis.

[CHILD] Dylan, come warm up with us!
You don't think I know it was you
who called social services?
You think I don't know
what you've been doing
to that poor boy?
He's my son, Martha.
- Do the right thing, Billy.
- [BILLY] And what?
Give him to you?
Over my dead body.

[DYLAN] No, no!
No! No, no!
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