Harlan Coben's Shelter (2023) s01e06 Episode Script

Candy's Room

[TROY] Previously on Shelter
[EMA] Holy shit, that's Mrs. Friedman.
So Dylan went missing after
one of his Little League games.
So she must know something, right?
[EMA] Yeah.
[MICKEY] Hey, maybe she was the
one who took him to Dr. Kent.
This is my new restaurant.
How does Ken feel about it?
I signed a two-year lease today.
- You did what?
- Go fuck yourself.
What the
What's Angelica Wyatt
doing in your house?
- [WHITNEY] So Angelica Wyatt's your mom?
- [EMA] Yeah.
I liked you before I
knew who your mom was,
and I like you just as much now.
[BUCK] Holy shit.
Angelica Wyatt is Ema's mom. [LAUGHS]
[MICKEY] I saw the butterfly tattoo.
Agent gave it to me.
They said the butterfly's
an abeona tisi-something.
That's the name of the
charity my parents worked for.
This is my father's final resting place.
I feel like he's not even here.
[SPOON] So your dad knew Octoface.
We need to run that
license plate number,
find Octoface, and get
some fucking answers.
Do you think that you could
run this license plate for me?
It says that the car is
registered here to Antoine LeMaire,
which I'm guessing is Octoface's name.
[MICKEY] We have to find a way inside.
There's no way we're going
inside without a plan.
[MICKEY] Then we wait
for him to come back out.

[RACHEL] Mickey, we should
go back to Kasselton now.
It's like an hour drive,
and your aunt is not gonna be happy
if you're not in your
bed when she wakes up.
Uh, come on.
Just a a few more minutes.
He'll be out any second.
Yeah, but he could
I don't know.
Maybe he could have snuck out the back,
or maybe he's passed out inside.
But he knows where Ashley is.
Yeah. But we don't know that, though.
She could be fine.
She could have run
away, for all we know.

What the fuck?
I'm spending a ton of fucking money here
to go to the fucking club!
[PERSON] Fuck off.
Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
Get the fuck out of here!
Fuck. Fine. Then let's go.
Oh, shit. Shit. Shit.
- Shit.
- What?
Mickey's here. You gotta go.
Oh. Okay.
I know the drill.
Just like old times.
Oh, yeah.
Fun stuff.
[MICKEY] Uh, Rachel and I were busy
doing a history school project,
and I fell asleep.
Yeah. That's cool.
Oh. Okay.
Yeah. No, you know what? I'm sorry.
That's not cool.
- You should have called.
- Right.
And no sleepovers with your girlfriend.
Still not my girlfriend.
And uh, yeah.
I said I would call next time.
You're acting a little weird.
No, I'm not.
You definitely are.
Well, uh, sleep deprivation is real.
Do you want some breakfast?
Yeah, I'm starving.
I'm going to Dylan
Shakes' memorial today.
Is there, uh, any
chance of you joining me?
Uh, yeah.
I'll, um, pick you up after school?
I, uh
I have to ask a favor.
I'm listening.
I, uh
I want to exhume my dad's body.
[SCOFFS] Why would you want to do that?
For closure.
Digging up a grave
is a pretty extreme way
to find closure, Mickey.
What aren't you telling me?
This is gonna sound crazy
It already does, so go on.
but I need to know that
my dad is in that grave.
What makes you think that he's not?
I don't know.
Uh, a feeling.
Like, I I stand at his grave,
and I don't feel anything.
I don't feel like he's there.
And some other stuff
that just doesn't add up.
What stuff?
Can you, uh, just trust
me on this one, please?

Good morning.
I spent the night at Shira's.
How do you think that looks to our son?
You think Troy can't sense
that there's something
wrong with our marriage?
Because until a week
ago, I didn't either.
Well, then you haven't
been paying attention.
I don't want to fight, Hannah.
When you didn't come home last night,
all the anger ran right out of me.
I just feel sad, mostly.
I should have backed
your restaurant idea.
And I'm sorry for that.
I've been a shit husband.
Tell me how to make it right.

So Octoface never came
out the front of the club.
Maybe he went out the back,
or maybe he's still inside.
So that's a dead end for now.
That just leaves us
with the good doctor.
So Dr. Kent was positioning
as Ashley's father.
But also, he was Dylan Shakes' doctor
and saw him the night
that Dylan disappeared.
All these missing kids
are connected to Dr. Kent.
Man, we really need to talk to him.
Yeah, we do.
Except we have no idea
where Bat Lady's man in black
took him, so that's also a dead end.
So are we still saying the same person
that took Dylan almost 27
years ago also took Ashley?
The Dylan Shakes memorial.
Maybe the kidnapper will show up.
- You think?
- It happens.
Perps get a kick out of seeing
the pain that they've caused.
[EMA] That's really messed up.
I'm gonna go with Shira,
so we can all go together.
- Yeah, I'm in.
- Me too.
- Hey.
- Hey.
What is up, my Camels?
This is Buck Renna here with
your morning announcements.
And before we get into anything,
I just wanted to say a major
congratulations to Ema Winslow
for landing the leading role
in Kasselton's fall production
of Phantom of the Opera.
Congratulations, Ema.
You know, I think it is so
great that we are obliterating
gender barriers for
this fresh perspective
on a classic Phantom character.
Go for the Tony, Ema.
It's called natural talent.
Seriously, congrats, Ema.
So happy for you, especially since
you'll be able to work with your mom.
That is right, Camels.
Ema Winslow's mom is none other
than superstar of stage
and screen, Angelica Wyatt!
Did you know that?
'Cause I didn't.
[MRS. FRIEDMAN] Where are
you going, Mr. Bolitar?
Break a leg.
You're gonna knock it out of the park.
Also, in other news, we
are gonna be finding out
who has made the men's
varsity basketball team today.
And I gotta say, my money's on Truck
Oh. What the fuck?
Can I help you?

Does your cousin Rob still work at
the Essex County Board of Health?
He does. Um, are you interested?
Because he's divorced.
Mm. So tempting.
- Mm.
Actually, I was [CLEARS THROAT]
hoping that he could
help me exhume a body.
Oh. Okay.
Um, whose?
My brother's.
You want to dig up your brother?
Well, I don't actually want to.
Mickey has doubts that Brad's
actually buried in the grave.
Why does he have doubts?
It's just a feeling.
So you want to do all this
based on the feeling of a teenager?
Because I have a similar
I don't know, feeling.
Okay. Based based on what?
It's Brad.
Uh, I can't get into it,
but we are back in the States.
I can't really say much right now,
but you are the only one that I trust.
Please look out for Mickey, okay?
Just please call me back,
and, uh, I'm so sorry.
And a few hours later, he was dead.
So wait, are you saying
that the car crash was
was not an accident?
I mean, look, Brad
was given to paranoia.
I think most likely
the crash was random,
and this voicemail
was just shitty timing.
But maybe exhuming Brad
will give us peace of mind.
I'll call Rob.
Thank you.
'Sup, Mayweather?
- Oh, you heard about that?
- Yeah.
Yeah, I guess you could
say I gave Buck a spoonful.
[STUDENT 1] Spoon, that was so awesome.
- That's your worst one yet.
- Yeah.
- [STUDENT 2] There he is.
- [STUDENT 3] There he is.
Wow, word travels fast.
I didn't know you had it in you.
- I've got rage.
Did you get suspended?
- Two days.
- Wow.
I know. I asked for five.
Why would you ask for more?
I'm just really bad at negotiating.
Hey, have you, um
have you talked to Ema?
All my calls go straight to voicemail.
Me too.
I guess she just needs some more time
to, like, process it, you know?
She's kept her mom a
secret her whole life.
Well, I guess that just leaves us
on our own for the memorial.
I guess so.
[STUDENT 1] It's her!
[STUDENT 2] She looks nothing like her.
Don't you even think
about posting that online.
I will flush your phone down
the toilet, I swear to God.
Okay. Bye.
[WHITNEY] Forget about them, Ema.
They're just a bunch of fake bitches.
You want to talk about fake bitches?
Ema, it's not like that.
Why'd you tell him?
Look, I know I fucked up, okay?
- I feel terrible about it.
- Then why did you do it?
I didn't think he would
tell everyone, okay?
He promised.
- He promised.
- Seriously, Ema, I
Buck blackmailed me.
What are you talking about?
Buck found out I bought my first
500,000 followers on uDOu.
He said he would expose me if
I didn't get some dirt on you.
- Why would you buy followers?
- I don't know.
I just did it, okay?
I mean, who gives a shit
about a makeup artist
with, like, two followers?
That's that's fucking sad, Whitney.
Okay, well, it happened, Ema.
Look, if they find out,
I'll get kicked off the app.
All my partnerships, my sponsorships,
everything will just be gone.
I thought you didn't care
about any of that stuff.
Of course I care, okay?
It's my art, all right?
It's my reputation.
And I'll be honest with you.
It feels really nice to
have millions of people
give a shit about you, okay?
I never want to talk to you again.
I never want to see you again.
- Ema, I'm sorry
- Stay the fuck away from me!
- I'm sorry.
- Stay away.
[Porridge Radio]

Waterslide ♪
[SHIRA] Mickey.
Do you remember when I told you
about the bullies who dared your dad
to go into Bat Lady's house?
[MICKEY] Of course.
He got locked inside.
I was the bully.
Why would you do that to him?
I don't know.
It's stupidity,
peer pressure, sisterly hazing.
I don't know. I was a shit, okay?
I just I was going
through my own stuff,
and I guess I took it out on Brad.
I've been wanting to tell you.
And with the memorial today, I
I felt I should.
I mean, hating me again
is totally reasonable.
I don't hate you.
Never have.
You said that my dad was,
uh, never the same after that.
[SHIRA] He just sounded so terrified
from inside the house.
And I couldn't go to him.
Open up!
So I ran to go get our parents.
But by the time we got back,
he was just sitting on the front porch,
as calm as can be.
He was almost too calm.
He never said what happened inside.
What do you think happened?
I don't know.
I know that it was something big.
Something that changed his whole life.
And it was all my fault.
So, um, we should get going.
Oh, thank you.
Thank you so much.
Oh, hi. Don't you look lovely?
Never would have guessed
that you were up all night studying.
What? I'm just saying.
Thank you. I hope we get an A.
- You should.
- Hey.
Do you have a second, Shira?
- Studying.
- [MICKEY] Yeah.
- That's really original.
- She thinks we're in love now.
Whatever works.
- Hi.
- Hi, Arthur.
- Oh, it's Spoon, actually.
- Oh. Why?
- I don't know.
- I love it.
- You guys want to sit down?
- Yeah.
- Okay. Bye.
- See you.
- Hey.
- Hey.
You look gorgeous.
And smart and funny and empathetic,
because your self-worth is
not bound to your physicality.
Someone's been doing some introspection.
Yeah. It's ongoing work, actually.
Mm. It is for everyone, Troy.
I really want to thank you again
for running that license plate.
Yeah. Hope you find Ashley.
Yeah, um, it definitely got us closer.
You're in a cute mood today.
I really want to be worthy of you,
so in 25 years, I'm not
creeping on you on Facebook.
I'm actually with you.
Hey, a child's memorial service
is probably not the best place for PDA.
So Hannah asked me for
a divorce this morning.
Oh, my God.
I'm I'm so sorry, Ken.
So you didn't know?
I definitely didn't know.
I appreciate you being a
sympathetic ear to Hannah lately,
which is why I was hoping
you would talk to her for me.
She listens to you.
Always has, since high school.
I don't want to lose her.
No, Ken.
Why not?
It's not my place.
[MRS. FRIEDMAN] Would you
all please take your seats?
Excuse me.
I want to thank you all for coming
here today to celebrate Dylan.
It's beyond comprehension that it's been
27 years since he left us.
I had the honor of being
his Little League coach,
and I can tell you
one of the most positive influences
in Dylan's life
was his friendship with Brad Bolitar.
[PERSON 1] Dylan!
[PERSON 2] Come on, Dylan! You got this!
Time out!
Come on, Dylan. You can do this.
Say this to yourself.
"You can't get a hit if
you don't swing the bat."
Say that whenever you
doubt yourself, okay?
You can't get a hit if
you don't swing the bat.
Can't get a hit if you
don't swing the bat.
Can't get a hit if you
don't swing the bat.
Strike three!
You're out!
[MRS. FRIEDMAN] It was a
very special relationship,
and now they are both gone too soon.
Dylan had it rough,
but he rose above it all
to be gentle and kind to everyone.
He brought out the best in all of us.
I'd like to believe that Dylan
is somehow here in this room.
You think I don't know
what you've been doing
to that poor boy?
Do the right thing, Billy.
And we gather here
today to remind ourselves
that we will not rest
until we find out for
certain what happened,
and to make sure the
person who harmed our Dylan
is brought to justice.

You have a lot of nerve
showing up here today.
I have a right to honor my son.
You should be ashamed of yourself.
You put that poor boy through hell.
Do I got shame?
Yeah, you bet I do.
But I didn't kill him.
Dr. Kent! Dr. Kent!
Dr. Kent, wait.
I'm sorry, I can't stay.
Why'd you come in the first place?
I wanted to honor Dylan.
Because he was your patient?
Look, I have to go.
You saw him the night that he vanished.
Did Dylan's father take him to you?
I didn't take him to any doctor.
But he was there that
night with an injury.
What do you know about it?
Billy, look at me.
It's been 27 years.
The time for secrets is over.
He came home that night.
Must have walked, I don't know.
I was still angry.
I can't even remember why.
He struck out, you know?
So what?
Then he started talking
about how he lost the game.
And he was so whiny and
and weak.
Oh, my God.
What what did you do, Billy?
Something unforgivable.
No! No!
I don't know how anyone could
do that to their own child.

Hey! Excuse me.


I know.
You're Dylan Shakes.
And what brought you to that conclusion?
A few things.
But the sunglasses, mostly.
I know what he did to your eye.
No! No!
- No!
Please, you told me to come!
Help! Help, please!
Please! Please, help
me! You told me to come!
- Please! Please!
- What?
Oh, my God.
It was Bat Lady.
She rescued you.
I guess you could say that.
I'm sorry.
Don't be.
It gave me purpose.
What purpose?
The same one your father had.
We rescue children.
All my life, my parents have
been working for Bat Lady
to rescue children like you.
Your father was the
bravest man I ever knew.
He did what was necessary.
She sees that same potential in you.
That picture she gave
me was photoshopped.
That's not the Butcher.
[DYLAN] The man in the
picture is the Butcher.
He's your Butcher.
That's what she wants you to see.
We all have our own Butcher.
Why don't you tell
anyone you're still alive?
Because it doesn't matter anymore.
It matters to Mrs. Friedman.
You got work to do, kid.
Saving Ashley.
Don't call me that.
We're gonna dig up my father's grave.
What are we gonna find?
The truth.

There's a hole in my window ♪
I was wondering how
the rain was getting in ♪
Was it from all this crying ♪
How are you?
How was the memorial?
Any word from Whitney?
I told her to fuck off,
and I have six missed calls.
Nice. As you should.
[EMA] Spoon, I, uh
I heard about what you did.
With Buck.
Oh, yeah. That.
[CRYING] I feel really stupid.
I don't know why I trusted her.
Ema, I'm actually really proud of you.
Well, I didn't know you
too well before this, but
what happened feels like something
the old Ema wouldn't have done.
Taking a risk and putting
yourself out there.
Hey, Ema?
Remember that time we kissed?
You just ruined the moment.
So I talked to Rob,
and I set up a call
tomorrow for the exhumat
I don't know. Is that even a word?
That's great. Thank you.
Hey, are you okay?
You seem a little off.
You asked Ken for a divorce?
You talked to him at the memorial.
Yeah. Yeah.
It was kind of a a big shock.
You know, I I hope that
you didn't do this for me.
What if I did?
No, Hannah.
Please don't blow up your life
because you and I are stuck in the past.
Oh, is that is that
all we're doing here?
You know, when you left that
summer after high school,
you just you slammed the
door on any kind of a future.
All right. Come on, Hannah.
Just let me finish, okay?
I never thought that we
would have another chance.
And then boom, you
fucking showed up again!
And and now we do.
This is insane.
You know what I think?
I think you're about to run away again.
So I'm gonna say now
what I didn't get a
chance to say 25 years ago.
I fucking love you.
I love everything about you.
I always have.
And this is what I want
for the rest of my life.
Do you want the same?

- Ashley.
- Huh?
[BOUNCER] You let him in?
- He had an ID.
- Yeah.
[BOUNCER] It's a fake, you moron.
Hey, hey! There he is! Get him!
[MANAGER] If you don't
fucking get him
- This way.
- [BOUNCER] Hey, you!
- Who are you?
- Candy.
That him?
We don't have much time.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
- What are you doing?
- Just play along, Mickey.
Do I know you?
No, but I know you.
Ashley showed me your picture.
She's my friend.
We're like sisters.
So she's here?
- Yes.
- All right. Then take me to her.
Mickey, listen to me.
You can't help Ashley.
It's too late. She's in the dungeon.
Dungeon? What the fuck is that?
It's where you go when you've been sold.
She's been sold?
Yes, to a very wealthy man.
For what?
Whatever he wants.
We gotta call the police.
If you call the cops,
Buddy will kill her.
But if you let Ashley get sold
No. That's not an option.
At least she'll stay alive.
- Well, take me to her.
- It's a suicide mission.
Let me get you out of
here while I still can.
I don't think you understand.
I'm not leaving here without her.
Make a right.
The dungeon is the
last door on the left.
- Thank you.
- But Mickey.
Please think this over, okay?
The door's locked.
Only Buddy has the key.
He has some code on his phone
that switches it every few minutes.
You won't get in.
- And if he catches you
- I'll be fine.
Thank you for being such a
good friend to Ashley, okay?
I'm the reason why Ashley's here again.
It's true.
After Abeona got her out the first time,
Buddy cloned my phone.
He knew how close we were.
When he saw Ashley was still texting me,
he ordered me to set up
a meeting with her, or
He'd kill you.
So I betrayed my friend.
This is all my fault, Mickey.
Listen to me.
You're making it up to her
right now by helping me.
It's not enough.
If I save her, it will be.
Good luck.

Ashley, is that you?
[KYLIE] What is this shit, Buddy?
[BUDDY] He's here to rescue
his girlfriend, Kylie.
You do what you want with
me, but you let her go.
Yeah, I'm afraid I can't, uh
I can't do that, Mickey Bolitar.
Ashley's new man is coming
to claim his prize tomorrow.
And you
you already know way too much
to ever walk out of here alive.
No. No.
Can I get started now?
Oh, no.
I'll handle this.
You guys get back to date night.
You got it.
I'm Abeona, Mickey.
- Let's get you out of here.
- No. No, no.
I'm not leaving here without Ashley.
No, you have to.
It's too dangerous here, Mickey.
You just said you were Abeona.
- So help me get her out.
- There's no time.
What do you mean, there's no time?
Ashley has no time!
Okay, Mickey.
Mickey, look.
This this is so much more
complicated than you know,
and I don't
I don't have time to explain it.
But your dad would
want me to protect you,
so that's what I'm gonna do.
You knew my dad?
Yeah, Lizzy introduced
us when we were teens.
Brad and I worked on a
lot of missions together.
Our final one was last year, in Europe.
The camping trip.
Dad? What happened?
[MICKEY] He was washing
blood off his hands.
We tried to save a dozen
girls from being trafficked,
including Ashley.
But the mission failed.
Mickey, let me help you, okay?
Wait. Hold on. Hold on.
Put your hands up.
Come on. Let's go.

You're gonna go out the blue door
at the top of the stairs, okay?
Promise me you'll get Ashley out.
I swear it.
There are rumors that
Brad's still alive.
- Are they true?
- No.
Because he was my friend.
I I just can't
stand the thought of him
not in this world, so
if you know something,
it would just put my mind at ease.
I wanted him to be
alive more than anything.
But he's gone.
Hello again.
Hey. Hey.

I had to be sure Brad was dead.
Buddy's in front.
Tell him to wait for my text.
- I want this problem gone.
- No.
You lied to me!
You fucking liar!

Thank you for coming, Martha.
I wasn't sure you would.
I missed you at, uh, Dylan's memorial.
You know me.
I have never been one for
sentimental reminiscing.
His father showed up.
He finally told me the
truth about what he did
to poor Dylan the night he disappeared.
That bastard took a
cigarette to that boy's eye.
You knew?
I warned you, Martha, that he
was going to try to kill him.
But you didn't listen.
You told me to wait.
I loved that little guy, and
I wanted to make him safe.
Safe? You wanted to adopt him.
I thought I could
give him a better life.
Better life? You lost all objectivity.
Why are you bringing this up again?
His father would have never
allowed you to adopt him.
How could you not see that?
The only safe place for Dylan Shakes
was far away from that man.
And that is where I sent him.
I gave him shelter.
I should have told you long ago,
but I could not trust
that you would not go
to the authorities.
So oh, my God.
Is Dylan is still alive?
Is he?
Is he alive?
Lizzy, is he okay?
Where is he?
Why am I here?
[SUNGLASSES] So I can thank you.

- Dylan?
- It's okay.
I'm okay.
Oh, there you are.
[CRYING] Oh, God.

Look, I know this sucks.
If it comes to that, I'll make it quick.

Wear my crown ♪
'Round a desolate town ♪
Holding on to situations
that can't be seen or found ♪
It's like clockwork,
the way my head hurts ♪
Thinking back on better days ♪
And maybe changing up my ways ♪
It's like clockwork, don't you think ♪
Circles 'round my head ♪
The ticking time bomb
keeps me out of bed ♪
It's like clockwork, can't you see ♪
I guess I'm romanticizing
nothing yet again ♪
What fun we'll be ♪
Found out by now,
the trickling sound ♪
Is a visualized adjustment
of my inner few pounds ♪
It's like clockwork,
the way my head hurts ♪
Thinking back on
how we used to laugh ♪
And even sometimes play ♪
It's like clockwork, don't you think ♪
Circles 'round my head ♪
The ticking time bomb
keeps me out of bed ♪
It's like clockwork, can't you see ♪
It's like clockwork ♪
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