Harlan Coben's Shelter (2023) s01e07 Episode Script

Sweet Dreams are Made of This

[MICKEY] Previously on Shelter
- Shit, shit, shit.
- What? What?
Mickey's here. You gotta go.
Just like old times.
That is right, Camels.
Ema Winslow's mom is none other
than superstar Angelica Wyatt.
I want to exhume my dad's body.
- Mickey has doubts.
- Want to dig up your brother?
[MRS. FRIEDMAN] I want to thank you all
for coming here today
to celebrate Dylan.
[MICKEY] I know what he did to your eye.
No! No!

You asked Ken for a divorce?
I'm gonna say now what I didn't
get a chance to say 25 years ago.
I fucking love you.
[CANDY] You can't help
Ashley. It's too late.
She's in the dungeon.
Dungeon? What the fuck is that?
It's where you go when you've been sold.

[BUDDY] He's here to rescue
his girlfriend, Kylie.
I'm Abeona, Mickey.
Come on. Let's get you out of here.
You fucking liar!

[BUDDY] I know this sucks.
If it comes to that, I'll make it quick.

[LIZZY] Brad?

My love, it's Lizzy!

Brad. Brad!

Is that you?
Is that you?
Brad, is that you?

[SPOON] I'm going to kill him.
Like, I'm seriously going to kill him.
What the fuck is he doing
in a Pennsylvanian river?
I just can't believe you put
stalker apps on our phones
without telling us.
No, no, they're not stalker apps.
They're bestie apps.
And sometimes, you need to
stalk your besties across state lines.
Aren't you, like, all against
invasion of privacy?
Yeah, I am.
Or I was.
Or I'm inconsistent.
Maybe I just love too much, okay?
Well, where is he supposed to be?
[SPOON] He's supposed to be, like, here.
- Mickey!
- Mickey!
Mickey! What the hell?
- What?
- Shit.

That's Mickey's phone.

Mickey. Mickey.
[SIGHS] Okay.
I'm going to hell.
I'm going to hell.
Oh. Uh, hey, Troy.
Come on in.
Is Bolitar here?
Not the one you're looking for.
Yeah, this is for him.
Oh, that's very nice of you.
Yeah, I mean, it's not from me.
Just every new kid on
the team gets one, so
Well, I'm sure that
he will appreciate it.
My mom is the team mom,
so she was supposed to drop it off,
but she's been a total
flake recently, so
Oh, I'm sorry to hear that.
I'm sure she's very
busy with the restaurant.
Or she's avoiding my dad.

Uh, well, I will make
sure that Mickey gets that.

Hey, what were you and my dad
talking about at the memorial service?
Just that we both knew Dylan
and how sad it was that he
Hey, Shira

Stay away from my dad and my family.


[QUIETLY] Oh, fuck.


I'll be right there.
[SPOON] I'm just beyond words.
I don't know.
I mean, it's horrible.
I mean
I'm so scared for him,
but also, I'm so angry at him.
What the fuck was he doing last night?
He should have told us.
He really should have told us.
You know what I think?
I think this is the Bat Lady's fault.
- It's definitely her.
- Okay.
Are we calling her Bat
Lady or the Bat Lady?
Shut up, Spoon.
No, it's important
for us to discuss this.
- Stop.
- You're right.
You're right. Okay.
I mean, all this shit, it
always goes back to her.
I mean, the old fuck
nearly got Mickey killed.
I'm not even gonna call out your ageism.
F that B.
Let's go.

Would you think I was crazy
if I told you I heard him again?
You've always taught me it's
best to leave the dead dead.
So many dead in my
life, and I never hear.

So why is Brad haunting me?

Maybe because of his son.
You you think he's sending
me a message from the beyond?
Or maybe you're sending
yourself a message.

To do what?
To leave Mickey alone.
Too late for that.
[DYLAN] We have visitors.
Too late for them too.

"Let us labor to make
the heart grow larger
as we become older,
as spreading oak gives more shelter.
Here lies E.S., a childhood
lost for children."

- It's just so fucking creepy.
- Yeah.
Maybe it's for a pet?
[LIZZY] I was wondering
when you would come.
Mickey's really hurt
because of all your bullshit.
Yeah, all your fucking mind
games and shit have to stop.
You need to stop.
My, oh, my.
The two of you swear so much.
I'm sorry.
Miss Fucking Bat Lady, are you deaf?
Mickey's in the hospital.
- I'm aware.
- [SPOON] You're aware?
Then why didn't you do
anything to help him?
I am doing things to help him right now
by having the both of you
here, Miss Emma, Mr. Spindell.
[SPOON] How do you know our names?
Oh, okay. Just more spooky
Bat Lady shit, right.
News flash, honey.
My name's Spoon, and her name's Ema.
I know all about changing names.
I chose the name Bat Lady
so that the children
would be scared of me.
And from what I understand,
you are, Mr. Spoon.
And so are you, Miss Timid Ema.

But perhaps
perhaps you are also
the bravest of them all.

Like, what are we supposed
to do with that, seriously?
- Think!


Holy shit, the grave. It's for you.
Yes, for a part of me,
my childhood.
But now
now I am Bat Lady.
And now you must go.
- Go where?
- [LIZZY] Mickey began a mission,
but I believe it is your
destiny to complete it.
And if you don't, she will die.
- [LIZZY] Yes.
- Okay.
Well, how are we supposed
to do that, though?
I mean, it's just the two of us.
No, the three of you.
No, we just told you.
Mickey's in the hospital.
Not Mickey.

Rachel Caldwell?
Was it you guys who
texted me to come here?
No, it must have been this
[SPOON] Okay. And she's gone.
Oh, sorry. Wait, is that a tombstone?
Can I get you anything?
It's just, um
I should have been there.
But I was too busy
dealing with my own shit.
I didn't protect him.
Maybe my mom's right.
Maybe I don't have
any maternal instincts.
I meant like coffee.
So this is why I never
see you guys at lunch.
[EMA] Yep.

Hey, Rachel, remind me.
You and Mickey staked
out that club, right?

You know, I knew that Mickey
was gonna go back to that club.
I should have stopped him.
I'm sorry. You knew?
Then yeah, you probably should have.
Well, I guessed.
Spoon, you know Mickey never
would have listened to her.
Okay, well, you're the
only one who's been there.
So can you tell us what it's like?
Well, I mean, it looked like a club,
but I don't really know what it was.
It just seemed like
there was something
something bad going on
there, like scary bad.
Well, we have to go.
I mean, if they're the ones
who did this to Mickey, then
And if they have Ashley.

Okay, I got these blueprints
off the JON network.
Okay, I'm pretty sure that this
door leads to the side alley.
Okay, so this vent looks like it
drops down into this room here.
So working backwards
someone would have to enter
through this thing out here
and crawl through to
let us in that door.
Okay, I want to do that.
That sounds like fun.
Wait. Shit.
I can't remember if I'm claustrophobic.
I no, I'm no, I'm not.
I'm not claustro
I'm not claustrophobic.
Do you want me to shove you
in a locker so we can find out?
How about I shove you up my butt?
[LAUGHS] Okay.
So we have the blueprints,
we have the address, and I have a gun.
Yeah. Honestly, that is
- yeah, that's huge for us.
- Yeah.
So we're gonna do this?
We are gonna do this.
All we need are clothes
we look super hot in
and then a way to get to Pennsylvania.
I'll drive.

Ema, so not a cheaper option or
This is the cheaper option.
Oh, my God, this thing is so sexy.
So I love road trips.
I brought snacks and La Croix.
Wow. You know what? I
love the coconut one.
Really? Oh, my God.
Everybody shits on it, but
it's, like, the best one.
I know. I completely agree.
- [SPOON] No, because
- [EMA] Guys?
Traffic is really light.
We'll be there in an hour.
You guys ready to do this?
- [RACHEL] Yeah.
- Yeah.
Yeah! Hell yeah! Let's fucking do this.
Yeah, let the criminal
ass-kicking commence.



We were worried about you, kid.
Oh, you have to get me out of here.
Have Ashley in that terrible place.
I need you to listen.

Not long after I, uh, disappeared,
your father came to Bat Lady's house.
You know about that?
Your Aunt Shira and her
friends dared him to go inside.
[BRAD] Shira! Shira!
Open up!
I'm so sorry, Brad.
I'm so, so sorry.
Please come out.
What stopped him,
what kept him from
running out the door

was that he saw me

and then her.

And she explained to
him what was happening,
about how I had been rescued
and that she was going
to take me somewhere safe.
Brad knew what my father was.
I remember the day of the game,
the same day that my father did this
Brad gave me some advice.
Didn't work out for
me in the game, but
Strike three!
I guess it did in my life.
We talked.
Your father listened,
and he understood,
and he promised to never say a thing.
And before your father left,
Bat Lady made us say goodbye,
explained that even if we
never saw each other again,
that we would always be bonded.

[LIZZY] Thank you, Brad.
You are so young, yet already,
you seem to understand
that personal sacrifice
is necessary to protect the vulnerable,
like our Dylan.

Abeona is calling you.
You come to me when you are ready.

This belonged to your father.

I've kept it with me all these years.

He kept yours too.

[DYLAN] Your dad helped save me.

He saved so many, Mickey.

And now it's your turn.

There is a power in friendship.
We cannot do what we do alone.

You need to trust those who are worthy.


How you doing, Spoon?

Guys, I remembered. I actually am
claustrophobic. Isn't that funny?
Okay, I'm at the three-way.
What what do you want me to do?
Okay, you're gonna take
a right and then a right.
And then you should drop
Take a right and then another right,
and then down here.
Ema, I can't hear you.
What are you saying?
[EMA] That'll get you into the room
- by the back alley.
- The outie?
- You want me to go
- No.
[SPOON] You want me to go outie?
- [EMA] Spoon, no.
- I'm right? I'm right.
Okay, I'm right. I'm gonna go out.
- Right, Spoon.
- Go right.


Um that's funny.
Oh, uh
Where's the bath
where's the bathroom?
[BOUNCER] Who the fuck are you?
Hey, don't fucking move.
Uh, maybe he just hit a
dead zone or something.
[SPOON] Bro, just get off of me, okay?
I'm just trying to find the bathroom.
Ow, stop no, just get
[BOUNCER] Pockets. Pockets.
What else you got?
Very good.
Where you going? Where you going?
Stay put, or I'll rearrange
your pretty little teeth.
Do you actually think they're pretty?
I get really self-conscious sometimes
- because my friends all have really
- Shut the fuck up.
Shut the fuck up. Shut the fuck up.
Face the wall, and don't move.
That wall?
- Fucking idiot.
- I'm I can do that, sure.
What the hell is this?
This kid just babbles like this, man.
He won't say why he's here.
I got his phone.
- [BUDDY] Hand it over.
He's got to be connected to that
kid we got rid of last night.
Find out how.

Don't turn around.
You here about Ashley?
I'm just
I'm just looking
wait, is she actually here?
You're not with Mickey?
I said don't turn.
Sorry. Yeah.
How do you know I know Mickey?
A teenage boy sneaks in
the day after he's here?
Of course you're with Mickey.
Where is he?
He's in the hospital.

[CANDY] I'm gonna try to help you, okay?
Do whatever it takes to
get answers out of him,
just not here like the other kid.
[BOUNCER] Got it. Say no more.

My friends are in the back alley, okay?
I was supposed to let them in.

- Move.
- All right. Okay.
- I bruise easily.
- Yeah, I'm sure you do.
[SPOON] So just okay, cool, cool.

Give me the gun. I'm gonna go in.
No. No, you can't just do that.
Yes fuck yes, I can, Rachel.
He's gonna get himself killed.
[RACHEL] Ema. Ema. Ema.
Whoa. Chill.
I know Mickey and Ashley.
You know Mickey?
- Ashley's here?
- [CANDY] Yeah.
And the guys here, they got your friend.
- They have Spoon?
- How do we help him?
[CANDY] You can't.
If they see you anywhere near him,
he's dead, and so are you.
Well, we can't just do nothing.
What the fuck? Are you serious?
I'll take care of him, I promise.
You guys focus on Ashley.
Do you know where she is?
- They have her stashed in the dungeon.
- [EMA] The dungeon?
[CANDY] Her buyer is going to be here
in less than an hour.
If he gets to her before you guys do,
she's gone forever.
The dungeon?
- What the fuck is this place?
- Hell.
This place is hell.
How do we how do
we get to the dungeon?
You need Buddy's phone
so you can get the code.
- Buddy?
- [CANDY] Yeah, Buddy.
He's probably in the VIP section.
The app on his phone, it's, like, orange
with a sort of combination lock icon.
It generates a new set of
numbers every few minutes.
Great. That's fucking annoying.
How do we get his phone?
[CANDY] Go in through the front.
Don't worry about the guys at the door.
They won't check your ID
if you're young and hot.
Whatever you do, do not make
eye contact with the clients.
Keep moving.
If they clock any fear, you're done.
Cut across the dance
floor to the far corner.
Buddy may still be there.
He'll be wearing a blue shirt
and enough cologne to gag a horse.
If you don't see him, he's already gone
downstairs into the VIP section.
That's gonna make this all much harder.

Head down. Act like you belong.

There's a nasty-ass bouncer there.
He won't let you in
unless Buddy gives him the okay,
which isn't likely.

You ready?

Mind me asking where we're going?
You'll find out soon
enough, sweet cheeks.
First you compliment my teeth,
now you're complimenting my cheeks.
What do you think about my hair?
Fucking sucks.
[SPOON] Whoa. What are you

Got your friends inside.
Thank you, Candy.
Thanks, Candy.
Of course.
Why do you look familiar?
I don't know. I just
have one of those faces.
Sorry, what are you doing here?
This is not safe for you at all.
It's not safe for you either.
That's why I'm gonna
get you out of here.

- Hello.
- Excuse us.

Me and my girlfriend here
want some time with
some of your best girls.
Yeah. Yeah, that's right.
We're lesbians.

I'm sorry.
Do you know who the fuck I am?

I'm Angelica Wyatt's daughter.
Yeah, that Angelica Wyatt.
And if that doesn't make me a VIP,
then what the fuck does?


Let 'em in.
After you.
Thank you.
Thank you.

All right.
Time to make it fucking rain, y'all.

[CHUCKLES] Looking good, ladies.

I'll have a whiskey.
And I will have a martini, please.
Keep the change.

You really Angelica Wyatt's kid?
Loved her in that dolphin movie.

Yeah, I am.
You want to know a secret?
She didn't know how to swim.
The dolphin taught her how.
No shit.

Is your real name Candy, or
No, but just call me Candy.
I don't mind. I picked it.
It's the one thing I got a say in here.
You know, I think you're
right, from earlier.
I feel like I've seen you before.
Is this one of those pickup lines
where then you're, like, in my dreams?
Uh, no.
I mean, we're in mortal
danger, so now is not
It's not.
I'm I'm sorry.
I I'm just not used to
boys treating me like
you know, human.
I'd probably be too old for you anyway.
Oh? No, come on.
We're the same age, aren't we?
All right. Well, how old are you?
Oh, shit.
I'm yes. Okay, sorry.
I'm I'm 21, Spoon.
Thank you.
Asbury Park.
- You know Asbury?
- Yeah. Yeah.
My grandparents have a place there,
and we would go over the summers.
And I remember that you would always be
sitting by the water fountains
under that orange umbrella, right?
Holy shit. Yeah, I did.
Yeah, yeah.
And you were always with
this really tall woman
who was wearing this striped sun hat.
And I remember I wanted
that sun hat so badly.
My mom.
God, yeah, that was bef
You're not 21.
I'm 16.

I'm 16.

How did you end up here?

Hey, look.
We're gonna get you
out of that place, okay?
Me and Ema and Rachel.
And Rachel has a gun, so
Let's just focus on getting
out of here first, okay?
And what'll happen
to you for helping me?

Candy, no.
You gotta get out of here, okay?
- Gosh, you're adorable.
- No.
Okay. Yeah, sure. I know.
But really, I'll be fine.
- Just
- I have an idea.
So you're a big Angelica fan, huh?
Oh, yeah.
I had all her bikini pics on my ceiling
when I was a kid right above my bed.
Wow! Um, you know what?
I think I should get a photo
of the two of you, right?

All right, yeah.
Okay. Just give me your phone.

Yeah, okay.
[SIGHS] Okay, smile, you two.
I don't smile in pics. It's off-brand.
Okay, then just do whatever you do.

A lot of tapping for a photo.
Oh, I'm just giving you all the options.
Uh, babe, this is my bad side.
I think we should take
more on the other side.

Love them. Love them.

What, are you blind, lady?
These pictures are shit.


Okay, okay. Okay.
Are you ready to talk now?
Look, I was really just
trying to find my gerbil.
- Shut up.
- I okay.
So here's how this is gonna work now.
First, I'm gonna shoot
your right kneecap,
and then you're gonna
tell me why you're here.
Wow, okay.
That was awesome.


This is what I get for
trusting pretty bitches.

You like this, don't you?
- You like it.



I'm Ema.
Mickey Mickey sent us.
You're gonna be okay.
It's nice to meet you, Ashley.
- We have to go.
- [EMA] Okay.
- We have to go.
- Yeah, go, go.

You okay? You okay?
We got to go back.

[SPOON] Okay. Okay. Okay. We're gonna
- Spoon.
- [SPOON] No, it's okay.
- I'm gonna find help.
- Spoon.
- No, I got it.
- Spoon.
No, I got it. I got it.
I got it.
just don't.
Just be here with me, okay?
No, but Candy, you're going
Don't look so sad.
Shh. Just stop.
Just stop it.
[CANDY] It's okay.
Can we go back to Asbury?
Sure. Yeah. Yeah, okay. Yeah, fine.
Yeah, yeah, we'll go. Yeah.
I wanna walk on the boardwalk
and go back to the pinball museum.
Yeah, we'll go.

See my mom again.

What else?

Candy, what else you want to do?

Candy, it's okay.
Just hold me, okay?

Yeah, of course.
I won't let you go.
I won't let you go.


[EMA] You guys okay?
Come on.

Where is Spoon?
We gotta find
Drop the fucking gun.
- Drop the gun.
- All right, all right.
[RACHEL] Let her go! Let her go!
[EMA] All right, all
right, all right, all right.
Don't hurt her.
I'm sorry, that's not
how this is gonna work.
Ashley, go. Get in the car.
Your buyer is waiting.

No, no, no.
She's she's not going.
No, no.

Okay, well, then your friend here
gets a bullet in the brain.

Just stop.

Ashley, stop!
Ema, it's okay.
No, we're not just gonna let you go.
I am not fucking playing!
Ashley, you want her
to live or not, huh?
You want her to live or not?

You mess this up for me,
you're gonna watch your friend die.

She's gonna kill me anyway, Rachel.

Ema, no.
Ema, no.
It's all right, Rachel.
[RACHEL] Just wait.
[SOBBING] Please stop.
Can we just please stop?

Let go of her, you fucking creep!

[RACHEL] Ema! Ema!
Are you okay?

Oh, Jesus Christ.
You guys gotta be fucking kidding me.
[RACHEL] Mickey.
- Hey.
- Hi, Mickey.
How did you how did you find us?
Spoon's stupid tracking
app, it goes both ways.
Hey, Spoon.

Are you okay?
Are you it's okay.
It's all right.
It's okay. It's okay.
It's okay.

What happened?
- [PERSON] Hey!
- It's okay.

God, this fucking guy.
- No.
- What?
He's on our side.
He's Abeona, like your dad, Mickey.

Go here now.
Go, go, go, go!
All of you, go, go, go, go!

Dad, are you all right?
All good.
Look, I know things aren't really great
with you and Mom right now.
She wants a divorce, son.
Okay, so why does she want a divorce?
Everything's changed
since Shira came to town,
your mom most especially.

Where you going? Troy!

Hey, are you okay?
Um, no, no. Everything is not okay.
I just got texts from Mickey's friends
that they broke him out of
the hospital for a movie night.
That sounds like a lie.
You think?
And also, Troy came
by here this morning.
Troy came here?
He thinks that I'm
sneaking around with Ken
and asked me to stay
away from his family.
Okay, I am not a home wrecker, Hannah.
The only reason I came back here
was because it was my
little brother's dying wish
for me to take care
of Mickey, my nephew.
And now I am fucking all of that up too.
Shira, no.
No, you're not.
Please don't.
Please don't go away again.
You have no idea what that did to me.
I can't go through that again.
I'll tell Ken. I'll
do whatever you want.

You're the only one I've ever loved.

- I have to go.
- But you just
I know, Mickey.

I don't know.
That's how this works.

I felt something the moment we met.
I can't explain it.
Me too.
Except, Mickey,
that wasn't the first time I saw you.
Your dad, he tried to save me
before they brought me here
your father's final mission.

Things got bad.
I got away, and I followed
him back to your camp.
I saw you and your dad together.
He was comforting you
and telling you that
Doing the right thing
doesn't make you immune
to all the bad things in the world.
Kylie's guys followed me,
and then they caught me again.

We were already connected.
I think we always will be in some ways.

I wish you could stay.
Me too.

We gotta move fast.
I'm sorry, but there's no time to waste.
Let's go.
You're gonna go with them.
They're also Abeona.
[MICKEY] Where are they gonna take her?
It'll be a fresh start
and a better life.
- Where?
- Even I don't know that.
Safer that way. [WHISTLING]
Let's go. Let's go. Go, go, go, go.

I'll always wonder what
could have been, Mickey.
Me too.

Maybe one day we'll find out.

I really hope so.

Does Agent do any real tattoos?
An octopus on my face would
have been extreme, even for me.
But it served its purpose.
They all thought that
I was a psycho criminal.
Well, you can say that again.
Last time I saw you, you were a baby.
How well did you know my dad?
He was the most loyal
and brave guy I ever knew.
I see where you get
your fight, your courage,
and that nasty right cross.
I wish I knew more about him and Abeona.
I thought you should have this.
It's all about you.
Hey, Mickey.

Are you gonna you
gonna be okay tonight?

Yeah. I'll be fine.

I just can't believe you
guys, uh, went out there
on your own, without me.

Now you know how it feels.

No, but you you did the right thing.
You saved her.
Thank you.
You saved me.
We're here for you, Mickey, always.

You got him too, right?

[EMA] Yeah. Yeah, I got him.

See you at school, yeah?



[BRAD] "Dear Antoine, it's
funny how a stupid prank
changed my life forever.
If Shira hadn't shoved
me into Bat Lady's house,
I wouldn't have known
about Abeona or met Kitty,
and we never would have had Mickey.
As important as the kids
we've helped have been,
no kid is more important
to us than Mickey.
Kitty and I want to leave Abeona,
and that's why I'm asking for your help,
because we both know
how hard it is to leave.
I hope Abeona accepts our decision,
but I fear what might
happen if she doesn't."
- You killed him!

You killed him!
You didn't want him
to leave Abeona, huh?
So you sent that paramedic to kill him?
That's why you knew
so much about me, huh?
That's why you've been
in my fucking head,
telling me my dad is still alive, huh?
[SINGER] Are all I know ♪

I will stay clear of
the drugs and the beer ♪
Keep my Bible close and ♪

All the gridlock ♪
Comin' in hot ♪
It's got me shell shocked ♪
Tell me why time's gotta stop ♪
Oh, oh ♪
Party's over, time to run it home ♪
And it's a slow burn, baby ♪

I did not kill your father.

[MICKEY] You wouldn't let him go.
It was you all along.
You know that's not true.
- In your heart, you know
- This whole time?
that I adored your father.
But people die.

And now you know all about that as well.
But look at you.
You saved Ashley.
You and your friends rescued her.

And you will rescue more.

That is your legacy.
Look around you.
Look at all the faces
of those we've saved.
Your father, he also rescued children

including Luther.

That's his name?
Dylan says he's my butcher.
He he is.
But yet my father rescued him?
That's what you just said.
So explain that.
It's it's a terrible story.

[MICKEY] Tell me.

Open this door!
Open the door!
Open up!


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