Harlan Coben's Shelter (2023) s01e08 Episode Script


[MICKEY] Previously on Shelter
Shira, please don't go away again.
I'm not a homewrecker.
Buck found out I bought
my first 500,000 followers.
He said he would expose me if
I didn't get some dirt on you.
I never want to talk to you again.
So many dead in my life.
So why is Brad haunting me?
[EMA] Mickey!
You and Mickey staked
out that club, right?
[RACHEL] So we have the blueprints.
We have the address, and I have a gun.
[EMA] So we're going to do this.
[CANDY] The guys here
they got your friend.
- They have Spoon.
- How do we help him?
I'll take care of him, I promise.
You guys focus on Ashley.
[CANDY] Spoon?
Let go of her, you fucking creep!
- Mickey?
- You saved Ashley.
Your father also rescued children,
including Luther.
[MICKEY] Open this door!
Open this up! Open the door!


Leave me.
- Leave me.
- [MICKEY] No.
- Save yourself.
- No!
- Go.
- I'm not leaving you.







[MICKEY] Have they found any bodies yet?
[MICKEY] What about
Luther? Any sign of him?
This fucking lady.
And we're sure Bat Lady
didn't start the fire herself?
Yeah, I'm pretty sure. She
was too busy being stabbed.
Maybe she got out, too, somehow.
Not possible. That fire was everywhere.
I mean, I couldn't even get to her.
You did what you could.
She was going to tell me
something about my dad.
Tell you what?
- [MICKEY] I don't know.
- And I never will, will I?
'Cause she's gone.
- It's all my fault.
- Mickey, just stop it.

I-I'm sorry, but I got to go.
Troy's mom is freaking out, texting me,
asking where Troy is.
I'll I'll give you updates, okay?

- Okay, so, uh
- I guess we should all
head home now.
She was probably looking for me, right?
Yeah, she was.
She texted me, but I
told her you were fine
and we were just watching
all of the Twilights.
Can we actually soon, though? [CHUCKLES]

So I guess we all just go home now.


[WHITNEY] Oh, my God. Rachel!
Hi! You made it!
Yeah. Do you know where Troy is?
Yeah, I think over, like, there.
- Okay.
- Wait, wait, wait, wait.
You're friends with Ema, right?
Uh, yeah.
Does she hate me, for the
thing with Buck and her mom?
Wait, you're the one who told Buck?
She does hate me. Okay, fuck.
- Can you talk to her for me?
- Uh, no.
I'm not getting in the
middle of your shit.
Okay, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
I think I love her.
That's how you treat someone you love?
Whitney, you fucked up.
Just leave her alone.
She's way too good for you, anyway.
Want this? I'm gonna fuck you up, bro.
Let's go. All-in.
- Mm.

Hey! Ray!
Ew. Ew. Stop. Where's your shirt?
What, this shirt? Oh, I forgot.
Fucking kill me, bro.
Your mom keeps texting me.
She's really worried about you.
Fuck that ho.
What's wrong with you?
Come on.
Whoo! Fuck it up.
Babe, babe, seriously,
tell me what's wrong.
You hate drinking.
No, now I like it. It's my milky.
Okay, it's me. It's me.
Just tell me what's going on, please.
- Honk, honk!
- Okay.
All right. I'm going.
It was a compliment!
- Hey!
- What?
You're gonna break up
with me, aren't you?
No! We'll talk about
it when you're sober.
No. Fuck that. I'm done.
We're done.

See you later ♪

Bye-bye ♪

Alligator ♪

Don't cry ♪



[EMA] Maybe she got out, too, somehow.
Oh, my God.
[MICKEY] Thanks for meeting me here.
It's where we became besties.
Minus Rachel that
happened in Ema's Lamborghini.
Aw, I'm honored to be a bestie.
It's also where Ema and
I had our first kiss.
It's probably appropriate to
burn it to the ground, then.
You guys kissed?
Why are we here, again?
I need to show you guys something.

This is the entrance to the tunnels.
[EMA] Holy shit.
It's how they would get in and out
uh, Bat Lady, Dylan, supplies.
It's why no one would ever
see her enter or leave.
They would pull a car
into the garage, close
the door, and, uh
Create the myth of the scary Bat Lady.
- Exactly.
- That's so extra.
Wait! What if Luther's down there?

Ooh, that reminds me.
I forgot to give you guys my present.
So I get these for my cheer girlies.
It gets dark by, like, four
at the end of the season.
You can pick your color.
Uh, thanks, Rachel,
but we definitely already have phones.
Uh, yeah. Hit that little
trigger thing at the bottom.
- Oh, fuck.
- What the fuck?
- 60-million-volt stun guns.
- Are these legal?
- Duh.
In, like, Nevada or something.
Okay, so not to do that thing
where I'm like, "This
is super dangerous,
and I don't want anyone to get hurt,"
but I just want to get
it out there that I
don't want anyone to get hurt.

There should be a switch somewhere.
There were lights before.

Ugh, guys.
Oh, I really, really wish
Ashley let me keep her gun.

Bat Lady must have gotten out.
[EMA] Or somebody took her out.

There's something down there.


[RACHEL] Hey. Whoa.

[SPOON] Somebody was down here recently.


There's film in here.


They're just labeled with dates.

[SPOON] What are these?

Hold on.
[EMA] What is this footage of?
[RACHEL] This is creepy.

I do not like this at all.
Holy shit, that's Luther.
[RACHEL] He's bleeding.
[PERSON] Our doctor is coming in
to take a look at your face.
Don't touch me!
We want to go home, now!
[PERSON] We are not going
to let you or your brother
or any of you get hurt ever again.
Why would I believe
you? This is his fault!
[TEEN] There was a nail on
the inside of the window sill.
[PERSON] I understand.
I know how scary this must be for you.
But you need to know that
you are safe now, all of you.
- [TEEN] Someone's coming.
- [PERSON] It's the police.
I will stall them.
You must get them into
the soundproof shelter,
- immediately.
- [TEEN] Everyone, now.
Hurry, hurry! Come on. Come on.
[LUTHER] We aren't going anywhere.
[TEEN] Everyone, hurry.
Come on! Come on.

I'm moving!
[TEEN] Come on!

Oh, my God.
What? What is it?
That's my dad.

[MICKEY] It's official.
I can't play today.
The doctor won't clear me.
Of course they won't.
You were in a coma, like, 12 hours ago.
Everything okay?
Whitney posted something
wild on uDOu, apparently.
Just the facts. I fucked up, big-time.
I sold my soul
to keep what I'm about
to tell you all a secret.
So, when I first got on
here, I bought followers,
like, a shit ton,
with money that I stole from my brother.
He found out and
threatened to tell everyone
unless I helped him
do something to a girl
that I really care about,
a girl that I still
really, really care about.
And now she wants nothing to do with me,
which is so right by her.
I haven't really been a good person.
[SIGHS] Also, um, since we're
just putting it all out there,
I hooked up with my
brother's best friend,
like, a minute after he broke
up with his ex, so, yeah.
Okay, bye.
Oh, my God, Rachel, does she mean Troy?
I guess.
You guys broke up?
Kind of. Kind of.
But, yeah.
You know what? Yeah, we did break up.
Rachel, I'm sorry.
It's fine. It's fine.
Well, no, it's not.
But I'll be fine.
How are you? Are you okay?
Yeah. I'm fine.
I mean, Troy what
the fuck was he thinking?
I don't know.
So stupid.
- So stupid.
[RACHEL] Yeah, a long fucking time.

[WHITNEY] I hooked up with
my brother's best friend,
like, a minute after
he broke up with his ex.

Dude, my sister?
- Sorry, bro.
- Hmm.
I was basically blacked.
Yeah, it doesn't really matter.
It's still weird.
That's my that's my twin sister.
It's never gonna
happen again, seriously.
Actually, I-I don't
want to talk about it
or think about it.
So let's, uh
yeah, let's focus on the game, cap.
All right?

How'd you get my number, anyway?
She's waiting.

Sorry about all the Whitney stuff.
Oh, I don't I don't really care.
I mean, I feel worse for Rachel.
She's been with Troy for,
like, years, you know?
Time is an unfair way
to qualify a connection.
How are you doing with the Candy thing?
I don't know.

She was really sweet,
and she was really kind.
She had a mom.
And I can't even tell
her mom what happened.
Like, I can't tell anyone what happened.
Nobody knows, and
nobody cares.
And nothing has changed,
and I just I can't
I don't I don't under
Like, how can nothing have changed?

But she saved my life,
and she deserved her own,
and then she just didn't get it.
And I don't even know
what happened to her body.
What if I left her too early, and
the tide took her away?
What if she's just floating?
What if she's lonely?
And she saved my life.
And I'm happy it wasn't me.
I'm happy I didn't die. I am.
I'm fucking happy.

We got to go to the game.
Straight to the
top, never going down ♪
Don't wait for the drop ♪
Never stand still,
that's the motto, yeah ♪
Brand-new Benz for the auto, whoa ♪
Foot to the ground, full throttle ♪
Big energy for the
night like Latto, damn ♪
Y'all talk lots, never did squat ♪
Life like a Seinfeld plot, mm ♪
Vault full of songs,
all of them bombs ♪
Something like a minefield got, boom ♪
Get it, get it, tickets
runnin' out quick ♪
Bet it, bet it, never gettin' outbid ♪
Said it, said it,
never had to shout it ♪
They said I couldn't ever
do it, okay, how's this? ♪
Fit a week worth of work in a minute ♪
Machine well oiled, you
know how I stay efficient ♪
To-do list written,
I do this different ♪
Hold up, wait a
minute, I ain't finished ♪
Flow's the same, the same,
the same, the same now ♪
Paved a way, the snakes
and fakes are chase out ♪
Back to back to back,
I change the pace now ♪
Had to stack the cash
until the bank's out ♪
Straight to the top ♪
Never going down,
don't wait for the drop ♪
Never stand still,
that's the motto, yeah ♪
Brand-new Benz for the auto, whoa ♪
Foot to the ground, full throttle ♪
Big energy for the
night like Latto, damn ♪
Foot to the ground, full throttle ♪
Big energy for the
night like Latto, damn ♪
Y'all talk lots ♪
- [SPOON] Oh, boy.
- You were almost late.
Shut up.
Vault full of songs,
all of them bombs ♪
Something like a minefield got, boom ♪
- Let's go!

[SPOON] Attention, attention.
And welcome to your season opener
between your beloved Kasselton Camels
and our archrivals,
the top-ranked Westbridge Westies.
Bark, bark, boo.
Now, Jim, with Troy Taylor
and most of the starters
returning for this year,
I'd say people are expecting
big things from this group of rascals.
[JIM] That's right, Arthur.
These Camels are sure to hump their way
straight to the finals.
But can they secure this first W
without their new underclassmen
sensation, Mickey Bolitar,
of Camel basketball royalty?
[SPOON] Jim, I don't know. I don't know.
And speaking of gyms, and
this is actually a funny segue,
have you ever thought about
how everyone in this gym
is going to die one day?
I can't stop thinking about that.
Sure, um, if you mean gonna die
for the thrill of game day!
[SPOON] And Taylor wins the tip-off.
He sends the ball to Buckley Renna.
That's his best friend and twin brother
to Kasselton's scammiest thot,
that would be Whitney Renna
you can quote me on that
who hooked up with Taylor last night.
Did you hear about that? Are
you keeping up with this, Jim?
Oh, yeah, I [CLEARS
THROAT] I'm keeping up.
- Camels!
- [ALL] Camels!
[SPOON] And the Westies make a steal.
I guess that's what happens, Troy,
when you hook up with
your best friend's sister.
This, I can say, is a stupid
beginning to a stupid game.
Someone is spicy today.

[SPOON] Oh, what a steal.
Buck sends a fantastic pass to Troy.
Now, anyone with an iota of talent
could score on this one.
What the hump? Troy blew it.
Well, I guess the rumors are true.
Troy really is nothing without
his ex, Rachel Caldwell.
[PLAYER] Push it! Push it!
Time-out! Time-out! Time-out!
[COACH LESLIE] Hustle, hustle, hustle.
Come on, guys. Let's go.
All right, all right.
Troy, I need you here
right now, all right?
- I need you here. You good?
- Yeah.
[COACH LESLIE] Everyone,
I need everyone in here.
110%, you got it?
That is time-out,
with the Westies absolutely
crushing our beloved Camels
in the first half 36
to a pathetic ten points.
Now's when we wonder, if
Mickey Bolitar were here,
would things be going different?
I really don't know, but, also,
I don't see how any of this
could be going any worse.

I'm sorry you're missing the big game.
It doesn't seem all that
important to me right now.

- What?
- It's okay to care.
We don't save lives so
they can't be enjoyed fully.
You need joy, too, Mickey.

The moment we've really
all been waiting for,
no offense, fellas, the
Yasselton Camel cheer squad,
led by captain Rachel Caldwell!
Uh-huh, this my shit ♪
All the girls, stomp
your feet like this ♪
A few times I've
been around that track ♪
So it's not just gonna happen ♪
Oh, they're doing Hollaback Girl.
Whoo! It's giving.
I ain't no hollaback girl ♪
A few times I've
been around that track ♪
So it's not just
gonna happen like that ♪
'Cause I ain't no hollaback girl ♪
I ain't no hollaback girl ♪
Ooh, this my shit, this my shit ♪
So that's right, dude,
meet me at the bleachers ♪
No principals, no student-teachers ♪
Both of us want to be the winner ♪
But there can only be one ♪
So I'm gonna fight,
gonna give it my all ♪
Gonna make you fall,
gonna sock it to you ♪
That's right, I'm
the last one standing ♪
Another one bites the dust ♪
A few times I've
been around that track ♪
So it's not just
gonna happen like that ♪
'Cause I ain't no hollaback girl ♪
I ain't no hollaback girl ♪
Ooh, this my shit, this my shit ♪
[BOTH] Ooh, this my
shit, that's my shit ♪
Ooh, this my shit, this my shit ♪
Ooh, this my shit ♪
Let me hear you say
this shit is bananas ♪
- B-A-N-A-N-A-S ♪
- Whoo!
This shit is bananas ♪
B-A-N-A-N-A-S ♪
This shit is bananas ♪
B-A-N-A-N-A-S ♪
This shit is bananas ♪
B-A-N-A-N-A-S ♪
A few times I've
been around that track ♪
So it's not just
gonna happen like that ♪
'Cause I ain't no hollaback girl ♪
I ain't no hollaback girl ♪
[JIM] Tens. Tens across the board.
An incredible, incredible performance.
I want to see those
basketball boys do that.
- Champions are made where?
- [ALL] On the court!
All right, let's see
it! One, two, three
- [ALL] Champions!
- [COACH LESLIE] Let's go!
- Dude, what's going on, man?
- Mind your own business.
- Don't lock me out.
Not right now.

[BUCK] Bro, where are you going?
What's going on with you?
You're totally out of control.
I'm out of control?
Are you fucking kidding me?
Troy, what?
I know.
What are you talking about?
I know about you and Bolitar's aunt.
I don't know what
We don't lie in this family?
I saw you two at Shira's house.
- Troy
How could you?
the hell is going on?
I asked you a question, son.

I have something I need to tell you.
[SPOON] Welcome back to the second half.
Your Camels have got 23,
and those damn Westies have got 53.
Come on, Camels!

[SPOON] Oh, there is something joyful
about watching people you've
gone to school with for so long
do so terribly at the
thing they really love most.
[JIM] The other shoe has dropped,
and it's not us getting
humiliated anymore, assholes!

- Let's go!

[SPOON] And the Westies win, 71-33.
Now, I don't know about
you, but I don't care.
[JIM] Looks like these Camels
had a bit too much Camel-mile tea,
because that [BLOWS RASPBERRY]
was a flop.
I'll say this was a shit show.
I will say that. It was chaotic.
It was abysmal.
I really I don't understand
what we're doing here.
I don't understand the
point of us being here.
I'm literally suspended,
and nobody gives a shit.
People care about this,
but nobody gives a shit.
I think we're all having an
off day here today, folks.
Uh, let chaos reign.

You were way funnier than the game.
It's all the existential dread.
[RACHEL] Ema! Spoon!
That was a shit show, wasn't it?
- Rachel, that dance
I think it might have changed my life.
You're very sweet, Spoon.
- Can you teach me how to
- Hmm?
- Um, that one?
- Oh, yeah, that one.
- Feels very me.
- Use the shoulders.
- Yeah.
- [GIGGLES] You're everything.
Why weren't we friends before, again?
Well, I wore a cape to
school till last year.
[SHIRA] Uh, hi, Mickey's friends.
I got him a cake, a
basketball cake before
well, you know, before
we all didn't know
he wasn't gonna play,
and I just think that maybe he
would still want some cake.
And I was just wondering if
Would all of you come over
for a party for him tonight?
- [EMA AND SPOON] Yeah, sure.
- [RACHEL] Yeah, absolutely.
Okay. Uh, great.
What Say around seven?
- [RACHEL] Seven's cool. Great.
- [EMA] Seven's fine.
Uh, cool. Thank you. Thank you so much.
Um, and-and there will be sodas there.
And, uh, Rachel, your dance was amazing.
- Oh, thank you.
- [SHIRA] All right.
Well, I'll see you later.
- [RACHEL] Bye.
- [SPOON] Bye.
I was gonna go to Agent's,
but I guess I can
probably just go tomorrow.
- Agent?
- My tattoo artist.
- [RACHEL] Hmm.
- I want this off, for good.
Like, I'm done.
Oh, yeah, the the butterfly. Why?
Because of what they're doing.
- It's not right.
- They're rescuing kids.
We we are rescuing kids.
Then what the fuck was that
film in the basement, then?
I can't get it out of my head, Rachel.
That was that was really messed up.
But think about Ashley.
Think about Dylan.
Abeona saved them.
[SPOON] And Candy?
What about Candy?
Why did we save Ashley but not Candy?
- I'm sorry.
- Oh, no, it's okay.
I'm not it's not I just
I just I'm asking.
Actually, I-I think I'll
I'll meet you guys at Mickey's.
- Okay?
- No.
- Spoon, where are you going?
- No, it's fine.
I'll just see you later, all right?
[RACHEL] I'm sorry, Spoon.
plastic sunrise, you ♪
For you and me for me, yeah ♪
Ooh, ooh-ooh ♪
Ooh, ooh-ooh ♪
Ooh, ooh-ooh ♪

Walk along, walk along eggshells ♪
I'm done, I'm done ♪
Yeah ♪
Better off, better off ♪
You're alive.
It takes a lot to kill me.
They should have
figured that out by now.
Mickey, you saved me.
I dropped you.
You got me out of that burning room.
Dylan was able to do the rest.
Through the tunnels.
Speaking of which, I believe you took
something which belongs to me.
My father is on that
film. It's mine, too.
But you need to know
what happens at the end.
You need to know what happens
after the film stopped.
We did an emergency evacuation
of six boys in a foster home.
Luther, he had suffered enough,
but now his abuser was
starting to focus his attention
on Luther's little brother, Ricky.
Luther did not want to go.
And in the rush, your
father pushed the boys
through a window,
and a sharp nail caught
Luther on his cheek
and ripped his face.
He screamed.
There was a big commotion,
and, of course, somebody
called the police.
I went upstairs to deal with them,
but your father had
already hidden the boys
in a shelter room in the tunnels.
[BRAD] Come on.

[LIZZY SOBEK] It had food rations.
It had a sink, toilet, beds,
but, most importantly, it
was completely soundproof.
The police could have
walked right past that door
and never even known
that anyone was inside.
Your father was in
charge of this operation.
- How old was he?
- Your father?
He was the same age as you are now.

What happened next?
When we locked those boys
in that shelter room to save them,
we did not realize
that Ricky had asthma.
he had an attack,
and, of course, he did
not have his inhaler.
Come on. Come on.
Please, somebody help him!
Somebody help!
Help him! He can't breathe!
Somebody help!

[LIZZY SOBEK] And by the
time we got rid of the police
and we unlocked that door,
was gone.

After that, we welded
the shelter door shut,
and we decided to put
the rescued children
in other temporary situations instead.
- Like you did with Ashley.
- Exactly.
We got Ashley the Kent identification,
and we planned to
hide her in plain sight
until we could find
her a permanent home.
But Luther he was inconsolable,
and he blamed your father for all of it.
And he wanted revenge.
So he bided his time,
and he waited for your father to return
to the United States.
He wanted your father to suffer
the same way Ricky had.
How did he pull it off?
[LIZZY SOBEK] He stole the ambulance,
and he got someone else who hates Abeona
to drive the truck.

This is why I showed you
that Butcher photograph.
Not only to gauge your reaction
but, more importantly, to warn you.
That he was my butcher.
Luther is your butcher.
Why did you tell me my
father's still alive?
I have lost so many people in my life.
I have lost everybody I have ever loved.
And my curse is that I survive.
But dead is dead.
There is no reprieve.
None of my loved ones ever visited me
from the great beyond.
I never saw their ghosts,
and I never heard their voices
except for your father.
I hear him.
I hear his voice in the night.
He calls to me.
And then all of a sudden,
you show up in my life?
That is no coincidence, Mickey.
That is fate.
So he's really dead, isn't he?

I'm afraid so.
But you, you are alive.
And Abeona, it existed
long before I was born,
and it will go on and
survive long after I am gone.
But the torch was passed to me.
And one day the torch will be passed
to one of you.
One of us?
Forgive me, but I must go.
Luther, he is not done with us yet.
Will I ever see you again?
Even I cannot answer that question.
It's cold before dark ♪
With five-month skin ♪
It's just what I like ♪
But doesn't fit in ♪
Oh, I guess it's like me ♪
Weather like this ♪
Your cup of tea ♪
Foreign ♪
But friendly ♪
He's gone.
- He's really gone.
- Oh.
I wanted so much for it
not to be true, but
Oh, I know.
Me too.

I miss him so much.
Oh, I am so
He would have been so
damn proud of you, Mickey.

What am I gonna do without him?
We'll find a way.
I promise.

Well, um

life goes on, whether
you like it or not.

You okay?


- Oh, you did?
- Yeah.
There you go.
- [SPOON] Oh, my God.

[ALL] One, two, three.
Come on.

[SHIRA] Is bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S ♪
[RACHEL] Wow, look at her hips
move when she's singing that.
God, she loves that song.
Gwen Stefani, the idol of a generation.
Hey, where were you
during the game today?
Tomorrow, okay?
Tonight, uh, let's just forget all that
and just be this.
Of course.
Hey, can you get me a soda?
Go, Camels. Think fast.
Got, uh, grapefruit and lime.
Lime, please.

- What's that sound?
- [SPOON] Teachers.
This pipe that runs straight to the sink
in the teachers' lounge.
I hear the craziest stuff.
his voice in the night.
He calls to me.
He wanted your father to suffer,
the same way Ricky had.

Hey, Mickey.
Mickey. Mickey.
- [RACHEL] Uh, where you going?
- Hey, wait!
- [EMA] Just follow him.

- Um
Hi, Hannah.
Cousin Rob came through.
What do you mean?
They dug up Brad's casket.
[STAMMERS] Wait, what?
It's at the morgue now.
They can wait to open it in the morning.
No. No, I'm I'm on my way right now.

[MICKEY] Bat Lady heard my dad's voice.
What are you talking about?
That's why she told
he he was still alive.
She said she never hears
the voices of the dead,
but she heard his.
And it's true.
Because see? Even down here,
even in a soundproof room,
there's pipes, pipes that carry sound,
like when we hear the
teachers in the boiler room.
See, killing my dad for revenge,
that was too easy for Luther.
But grabbing him and making
him suffer like Ricky

This is the room that Ricky died in.
[SPOON] Holy shit.

This welding looks new.


Dad! Dad!

Holy shit.



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