Harley Quinn (2019) s04e02 Episode Script


So let me get this straight.
You guys are actually mad
that I killed Professor Pyg?
We don't kill people.
There's always another way.
You would rather have me stand by
while Nightwing dies a
brutal buttless death?
Yes, yes.
Gotham would mourn me and
my glistening apple bottom.
But the number one rule in
this family is "no killing."
Well, then, that's on you
guys for not telling me.
You know, I think it's
one of those things
that you never notice
until it's pointed out,
and now I can never not
notice it, so, my bad.
Don't kill, no killing ♪
Don't kill, no killing ♪
Songs stick in this old bean.
You should have started with the fish.
We're live with the
mayor and Poison Ivy.
Girl, what the heck is going on?
Um, so I'm, uh, leading an initiative
to replace all the male trees
in Gotham with female trees.
Big J, as a male, [CHUCKLES]
are you gonna stand for that?
[CHUCKLING] Of course, Tawny.
It's female trees that produce fruit
and free fruit for the
people is peachy keen.
But since this is a co-pro
with the Legion of Doom,
I'd appreciate a heads-up
on what the evil twist is.
Ooh, ooh. I mean, give us
the juice with extra pulp.
No twist.
You know, we're just a corporation
endearing itself to the city.
You can't leave me out of the twist!
I'm the mayor.
Ivy's not visiting with spectators.
Nora, it's me, come on, Harley,
the person who convinced
you not to get a neck tattoo
that said "queef queen."
see you on the list.
That's a Mama Macaroni's takeout menu.
Wait, garlic nubs are back?
[SHOUTING] Ivy, Mama
Mac's for date night?
What are you d No, you
can't blow kisses to villains.
Why are you even at an LOD event?
I am here romantically,
not professionally,
but I've got my crimey
eyes wide open, okay?
I just gave a very menacing look
to a guy who almost littered.
I am totally representing the Fam. See?
You have to earn your Bat outfit.
You can't just go buy
one at a Halloween store.
Well, this is from a sex shop, okay?
Not okay.
I'm getting texts about you
when we were this close
to luring Drunkula out of his coffin.
You know, this is on us for
never properly training you.
Oh, cool, cool, okay.
Am Am Am I gonna
train with a pack of wolves?
Take a vow of silence and live
with monks in the mountains
learning to gossip nonverbally?
I have to be Alfred's assistant?
It's the best way to
reshape your Bat instincts.
You'll get to know the Bat
Family from the ground up.
I am so excited for you, babe.
Don't you "babe" me.
- We gotta go.
Rainbow Raider's taken
over the Gotham Candy Expo.
God, that sounds awesome!
To stop.
Don't worry, we'll have plenty
of our own excitement here.
Let's begin by learning the
proper way to steep Earl Grey.
I'm Harley fucking Quinn.
There's nothing I can learn
from a saggy old butler.
Nora, Harley and I were
just making garganelli
and the handle popped
off the pasta maker.
Could you just call the
company and get it fixed?
Probably not.
[BANE] Why, hello, Nora.
[BANE GRUNTS] Oh, dear.
That was an intentional
goof to liven your spirits.
Bane, do you happen to
know any big, strong men
who'd want to help me
with a big, strong task?
[BANE] I do know one. It is me.
I need you to fix the handle of
this pasta maker for Ivy ASAP.
[BANE] Pasta maker! We meet again!
I will handle it.
Pun intended.
Now that Operation Lady Trees has begun,
let's Let's discuss the evil twist.
- [FRANK] That's the shit I'm talking about.
Wayne Pharmaceuticals
has been destroying
baby plants for use
in their medications.
So now, we are going to destroy them.
- I just got chills down my stem.
Back in the 1930s,
Gotham City only planted male trees
because they didn't
drop "gunky girl stuff."
But male trees cause allergies
because they are always
jizzing pollen everywhere.
So if we remove all male trees,
we destroy the allergy medicine market
and bankrupt Wayne Pharmaceuticals.
[FIREFLY] Okay, why not just rain
fire down upon them with a bomb?
Volcana, would you please
switch seats with Firefly?
Thank you so much. I
won't let you down, ma'am.
Wow. Everything's so much
bigger and brighter up here.
Oh, God. Sorry, sorry, sorry.
Nora, where Where were we with
the rest of the tree removal permits?
The mayor won't approve them.
Something about hating you?
Fucking purple ball sack.
It would be my greatest honor
to burn Mayor Joker alive
for you.
Hey, I got a doll
thing for a Poison Ivan.
"B Break Break the
glass ceiling, bitch!"
Jesus, didn't we move past this
kind of imagery post Hillary?
"The Evil Women in Business Collective
invites you to its monthly
luncheon this afternoon."
EWBC! My girl made it.
No, networking is,
like, my personal hell.
Yes, you are going, missy.
This is a big-ass deal.
Also, you need some peers
who are more at your level.
You You feel me?
All right, everyone. I have to go, ugh,
accept the support of other women.
Fucking, yes!
Hey, I I'm King Shark.
I'm gonna be heading up IT. [CHUCKLES]
Me and my mostly platonic wife, Tabitha,
are expecting nine babies any day now.
On a totally unrelated note,
I love parties.
[SIGHS] Fine, I'll
throw you a baby shower.
[LAUGHING] A baby shower? For me? Oh.
- Uh, sent you the link to my registry.
Come on. No, bad car, bad car.
Now, not to backseat polish,
but remember, upsie downsie
then side to sidesie.
I don't wanna make tea.
I don't wanna polish silver
or de-skin chicken breasts.
Master Bruce liked to smell it.
A little treat without
the cholesterol. [SIGHS]
I joined the Bat Family to
crush skulls and help people.
Not be stuck in a basement
with you chicken sniffers.
- Hey, you ready?
- Oh, my God, finally. Yes.
Oh, sorry. I was
talking to the batarangs.
I see now how I could have
phrased that differently.
Can you just sign my time card?
I'm gonna go scream in
the shower until EOD.
Cheaters only cheat themselves.
- Gah!
Clink, clink, ladies.
I'm Veronica Cale, social chair of EWBC,
and I want to start off
by welcoming ourselves
with a round of applause.
All right, enough. Let's not
damage those business manis.
It brings me much joy to
announce some new faces.
Livewire, Meg Whitman
and Poison Ivy, the first
lady CEO of the Legion of Doom.
I'd like to give some welcome
back snaps to Talia al Ghul,
who missed our last decade of luncheons
and my wedding [CHUCKLES]
while she was attending to
business in the Middle East.
"Attending to business"
is code for overthrowing
foreign governments.
Hmm. If you look in your tote bags,
you'll see I've brought
you bizfluencer samples
of my company's new youth serum, Lazaru.
- And my business card.
Call me if the burning doesn't stop.
[LIVEWIRE] Ow. Razor-sharp edges.
Ooh, here come the salads.
So, Ivy, sounds like you're
crushing it at the LOD.
Oh, um, you know,
everything's not fully crushed yet.
I think I'm gonna
have to kill the mayor.
You know, he's a real,
real thorn in my side.
Plant humor. [LAUGHS] Look at you.
Killing a low-level politician
is never worth the effort.
I still have central air
issues in my Maldives condo
despite beheading four
consecutive HOA presidents.
Yeah, I mean, I'm not I'm not
letting Joker in on my plan, so
Mayor Joker is a miserable cockroach
scouring your kitchen floor.
All he needs is a crumb
to make him feel important.
He'll still be a roach.
But he'll be your roach.
More rose?
Does everyone need my
approval on everything?
Just pour.
Actually, do you have a
A A Cab Sav kind of
Rose is an outdoor wine.
Right? I know. I was like, "What
am I, on a picnic over here?"
Ugh, time to deal with the
reason I came back to Gotham.
- My real number. Call me anytime.
I swear to God, if that's another
box of linens I have to iron
- Open up, Alfred.
Well, who is that cashmere goddess?
Oh, lovely.
Talia al Ghul.
- Eons ago, when Bruce and I were entangled
in our passionate love affair,
he appointed me conservator
of Wayne Enterprises.
He's in jail. The stock plummeted.
- So, here I am.
Oh, wow. You smell like those
expensive pears wrapped in foil.
Bruce's vigilante cosplay hobby
has pulled funds from important ventures
like creating shell companies
that control shell companies
that fund wars that
determine world politics.
So from now on,
all of your Bat
bullshit goes through me.
And there will be cuts.
Thanks, but I've got
everything under control here.
Actually, I've got
everything under control.
Think of me as your new Bat Daddy.
Hello. Harley Quinn, new member.
Do you have the power to approve
people for active Bat duty?
Were the scones not perfect?
- What else do you want from me?
Harley, you still have a lot to learn.
Will you be taking care of your
son now that you've returned?
Where is my handsome baby boy, huh?
I'm right here, Mother.
Damian? Out of diapers already?
How long has it been?
Benicio's going to be so jealous
I got to sit in the LOD box.
You know, he leads his
rec team in assists.
Like a young John Stockton.
Oh, yeah. I, like, love, like, hooping.
You know, just, like, looking
at the ball and, like
[CLEARS THROAT] So, circling back
about this whole, like, permit snafu
Um, about your plan's evil twist?
Oh, well, obviously, like,
I can't tell you everything,
If the mayor's office
approves the permits,
we can replace every male tree
by Wednesday and then we'll
[CACKLING] Wednesday, of course.
Hit 'em in the middle of the week.
So evil.
God, it feels good to
be on the inside again.
Happy to play my part
in your devilish scheme.
The tagline is "Your
mailman will appreciate it!"
to encourage people to ship more
by preying on their
love of their mailman.
- One moment.
The cockroach gave me the permits.
Sorry, who is this?
Oh, sorry. Um, this It's It's Ivy.
I'm fucking with you, Ivy.
Of course it worked.
He'll never notice you've got
your hand so far up his ass
that you're playing his vocal
chords like an upright bass.
Thank you, Talia, seriously, I d
You know, I almost didn't
come to that fucking luncheon?
Because of the dollhouse?
Yes, because of the d It was so
An embarrassing display of
outdated third-wave feminism?
Okay, so, exactly. [LAUGHS]
The EWBC women aren't intellectuals,
but they've all succeeded
in the world of men.
I respect that. And
the tote bags are fun.
I have to go. But let's revel
in the power of this conversation
for at least one deep breath.
- I hate it. You're all fired.
- [THUD]
- Clean this up.
Gah! Out of my way, Alfred!
I finished my chores and
now I'm off to fight crime.
Step aside or I'll have to fuck you up.
I wish a bitch would try.
Ah! Why?
Miss Harley. I understand
why Master Wayne chose you,
but the other people in this manor
- don't do well with impulsivity.
You have to show you
can do things their way.
Be a bitch.
Yeah, I tried that
and I just got maced
with all-surface cleaner.
Yes, but I'm talking about B-I-T-C-H.
Breathe. Identify the problem.
Tea break. Consider your options.
Handle it.
I use it when I'm
deciding whether or not
to give the long goodbye to any of
Master Bruce's unsuitable paramours.
Huh. Just be a bitch.
Thanks, Alfie. Wait a minute.
Didn't you say shortcuts
are the same as cheating?
[GASPS] Are you dying?
In a way.
Talia is on the brink of firing me.
And who can blame her?
My work has lost meaning
with Master Bruce in jail.
But don't worry about me.
This old goat always lands on his feet.
If you die, can I have your watch?
- There's the CEO with the Most-EO.
Ready for date night?
- Mwah.
- [SNIFFS] Wait a minute.
Did you just have two
vegan Guardsmen dogs
with relish and a side
of shoestring potatoes?
I'm sorry, but I had to go to a game
because my new business friend said
it would fix my permit problems.
And honestly, babe, it did.
You made a business friend?
Ives, this is huge. Aw!
Uh, I know
[SNIFFS] Wait a minute.
Did you eat a brisket
burrito extra guac, no salsa?
This conservator lady
from Wayne Enterprises,
Talia something, bought
us a bunch of burritos.
Hang on, Talia runs Wayne Enterprises?
Shit. [LOUDLY] Shit.
It's just, there's a
conflict of interest in
You know, I I don't know.
It's more of, like,
a villain thing. I
[GASPS] Okay.
Let me help kick some ideas around.
You got a whiteboard up in here?
No, honey. Remember, we can't
help each other work. You d
But thank you. I I just
I I'll meet you back at home, okay?
Right. No prob.
Yeah, I'll just draw a bath and text
some funny GIFs to my work friend.
- Wh Frank, what do I do?
First, I recommend not
waking me up when I'm in REM,
and second, what do you do about what?
"Derived from young ginseng"?
Ugh! Never mind. I'm good.
I'm not. You woke me up for nothing!
You damn near uprooted me!
- Huh?
[BANE DINGING] Mozzarella linguine ♪
- Pe-pe-paroni, ca-ta-to ♪
be with you, presto.
[CHUCKLING] Hello, yes.
Cool and normal. [SIGHS AND HUMS]
Excuse me. [SNIFFLES]
Seasonal allergies.
What size pacifier would you
recommend for a 12-year-old boy?
- What?
[MAN] All right. Haul it away, boys.
That there's the last
male tree in the city.
She did what?
Huh? [INHALES] I can breathe. [GASPS]
I'm me again!
[WOMAN] Won't be needing this anymore.
[MAN] Hey, hey. We don't need any more.
[BANE] Well, the man-shark of the hour.
Congrats on your impending little one.
I can't believe
my brand new coworkers threw
me this thoughtful party
without any prompting at all.
[BANE] Oh, Nora.
So what do you think of the shower
and the person who planned it?
Damn your thoughtful touches, Bane!
- Did I hear
- you're responsible for this fete?
- Yeah.
Captain Cold.
- "Ice" to meet you.
- Nora.
[SHUDDERS] Ooh, your hand is freezing.
Curse the warm blood in my veins.
[MAN ON PHONE] Grazie for
holding. Be with you, presto.
- [BANE] I must take matters
- into my own hands.
[BANE] Yes. Hello, AirClegg?
I demand one ticket to Italia, presto.
[MEEKLY] Yes, I can hold.
- You should tighten up security.
I walked right in.
Jesus, you have a soft step.
If I knew I was going to be
stabbed in the back today,
I would not have worn cashmere.
I'm sorry.
Actually, no.
I'm only sorry that I said sorry.
You tanked my fucking company.
I might finally be operating
with someone on my level.
[SCOFFS] Wait a minute.
So, you're not mad?
I'm furious.
Which, like all feelings,
is a temporary state
and generally leads to innovation.
Here. A token of my respect.
Cannot believe we're taking
Nightwing's boots to be reheeled
when you should be baking a
file into a scone for Bruce.
Well, let's put that aside for now.
I want to see if you can take
that corner at 60 miles per hour.
Are you nuts?
That is definitely
against Bat Fam rules.
Following rules is like
folding a fitted sheet.
Sometimes you do it.
But other times, you stuff it in
a drawer and say, "Close enough."
You're a real crumpet,
Alfie, you know that?
Floor it, Miss Harley.
My, it's getting nippy.
Friendship beanies.
[ALFRED] Okay, last errand.
I just have to put a gun
in a safe deposit box.
- Back in a jiff.
- See ya, loser.
Love ya, Ive. Damn, my
lady makes a juicy plum.
Hey, same hat. We're hat twins.
Ugh, okay? Uh, rude.
Wait a minute. BITCH.
B, breathe. [INHALES]
I, identify the problem.
Talia's on the brink of firing me.
I want to see if you can take
that corner at 60 miles per hour.
I just have to put a gun
in a safe deposit box.
Alfred Pennyworth,
you sneaky little minx.
You're robbing a bank!
[YELPS] And I'm the getaway driver, ah!
T, tea break. [SLURPS]
Damn, this is perfectly steeped.
C, consider your options.
H, time to handle this shit.
Would you be so kind as to add a
few more thousand to my attache?
The jig is up, Alfred. Drop the gun.
I'm afraid I can't do that.
Well, I can't let you
rob a freakin' bank.
I'm calling for backup.
I will not be stopped.
Desperate times call for desperate
Hey, look over there.
- Why are you doing this?
Alfred, stop!
Necktie, now!
Stop! What the hell are you doing?
- I was just
- You traitor. You robbed a bank?
I did indeed. Take me away.
Harley, I'd never expect
you to rat on a friend.
But that kind of
clear, decisive thinking
is exactly what hero instincts are.
You're back on the team.
Wow. And all I had to do was narc
on the only person who's
been supportive of me?
[CHUCKLES] Why didn't
you tell me earlier?
You've earned your Bat outfit.
Snitches get stitches.
You guys, it's gorge!
Wait till Ivy sees me
in this, which she won't.
Not in a personal sex situation,
only in an impersonal
work situation, of course.
Bye, bitch.
Oh, dear, wrinkle. That won't do.
Gramps, if you fold that
tea towel one more time,
your neck can kiss your head goodbye.
My apologies.
I'm just trying to fold it
exactly how Master Bruce prefers it
for our big reunion.
This isn't Blackgate.
Blackgate's for people
with stock portfolios.
Everyone else has to go through
the "social rehabilitation"
program at New Arkham.
Whoa, whoa, whoa. Leave
your tea towels on the van.
Oh, dear.
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