Harrow (2018) s01e10 Episode Script

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1 ANNOUNCER: Previously on Harrow HARROW: A finger, severed.
SIMON: I don't know.
It looks mechanically cut to me.
I mean, look at these ridges.
It is an orthopaedic plate.
We can look this up and find out exactly who this guy is.
DASS: Who keeps the serial numbers on file? ARCHIVIST: You could track down all of the ortho-surgeons that worked here in the '90s.
Are you in trouble too? The police are coming.
I know what they're looking for, but it doesn't have to be here when they arrive.
NICHOLS: I want to check if Harrow was working here on October 3rd last year, the date Robert Quinn made his last phone call and his car went into the dam.
PAVICH: These asterisks.
They're only there on this day.
October 3rd.
TECH SUPPORT: You guys had an outage late that night.
Dr Harrow phoned through all the times.
JO: Dan, I'm so sorry.
Jack has a DNR.
[SIRENS BLARE] [THUD!] What a time you picked to go, Jack.
I know you said no confessions, but someone is going to have to hear this.
I wish it was you.
You might even get it.
You might even understand why I had to do it.
The thing is, he Sorry, Jack.
I'm the only one rostered on.
Public holiday.
Who declared death? Paramedics.
They took off in a hurry.
You knew him? Yes, blood specialist.
Good doctor.
So I suppose I can expect someone from homicide.
Not sure when, though.
Public holiday.
OK, well, I'll get these prepped.
You might have called first.
It's a holiday! On the afternoon of October 3rd, Quinn's phone received a call from this number.
It's a public phone booth located just Yeah, but we know where it is.
Quinn's mobile spent just over two hours in that area on the same night, - October 3rd.
- Yeah, we know that too.
Then it heads out west, it goes black And Quinn's car went into the dam.
What are you saying? This area here is within walking distance to the Bettie.
This is the state's most respected pathologist you are talking about.
Jesus, Dass, this is your boyfriend.
Harrow has a solid alibi.
He was at Turbot Street October 3rd.
He didn't clock off until 3am the following day.
That's what his work log says.
OK, look, we've considered all of this.
But not this.
This is four days before Quinn's bones were pulled from the river.
And here.
That finger bone was cut with a serrated blade.
These shears might be serrated.
Well, maybe.
I mean, it's beyond my poor bloody eyes.
What, have you seen these yourself? No, but I've seen the kit on his boat.
He keeps it locked.
It's not enough, Sergeant.
[CHUCKLES] Did a good job on that.
I really think you ought to sit down.
This isn't the hospital.
No, it's not.
It's the morgue.
Am I dead? Well, everyone thought you were.
I'd say the impact of your fall suppressed your heartbeat long enough for the paramedics to make the fair call that you were dead.
It's Tom, isn't it? I really think you ought to let me call you an ambulance.
Be quiet.
Those broken bones Be quiet! You know my name.
Now, what's yours? Please, let me call you an ambulance.
You're not going to save my life.
I don't want it.
What I want to know is - What's your name? - Daniel.
Daniel Harrow.
Well, it's not all bad news, is it? Do you know me? Oh, yeah, I know you.
Now I've just got to decide whether I stick this into your heart too.
I've told Nichols about this, I've told Daniel's new girlfriend about it and now you.
Why did you care about Robert's wedding band? When did you get it back? I'm taking you off the Christmas card list.
Do you remember when you got it back? Which day? No.
Why do you care? Was it late September, or early October? - Simon.
- Was it before or after you reported Robert missing? Wow! I know that Robert is dead and I know that you have his body in your morgue, but this is very personal.
It's really personal to me too, Steph.
Why are you asking me this? Why isn't Dan? You have to trust me.
I'm trying to do the right thing here.
It's funny.
This doesn't even hurt one little bit.
I guess there is an upside to falling five storeys.
The other is it lets me reconnect with the two people that ruined everything.
Do you want me to guess how you know me, Tom? I want you to feel like your whole life is in someone else's hands.
This is Bill Devlin.
A very good haematologist.
Why did you kill him? Well, you're supposed to be very good too, Dr Harrow.
Why don't you tell me? Very well.
Single stab wound heading up from under the sternum, probably straight into the right ventricle.
Likely died within a minute.
No sign of a struggle, no other wounds that I can see.
Did you surprise him? No, you were in his office.
So he knew you well enough to let you in.
He knew me well enough.
Did you have a blood condition? Did he misdiagnose you? Is that why you killed yourself, because you had nothing to lose? My blood is just fine.
But you still had nothing to lose.
Because you already lost it.
Parent? Child? Your wife? You lost your wife.
Very good, Dr Harrow.
I was in hospital on the third.
Robert hit me in the stomach .
And it was hurting a lot and I thought something was damaged and they kept me in, did an MRI.
- Broken rib.
- God, Steph, I - I'm sorry.
I didn't know.
- And the next day they discharged me and it was the day after that, I think, I'm sure, that I found it in the letterbox.
The fifth? That was two days after Robert's car was sunk.
You think it wasn't Robert who put the ring in there? [PHONE RINGS] What was your wife's name? It wasn't Pinfold, I would have remembered that.
Oh, come on, Harrow.
You can do better than that.
If it was a misdiagnosis, you would have tried to sue him.
And lost and appealed and lost again, so that would have taken time.
Fatal disease.
Wilkie? Wilkie, yes.
- Karen.
- Katie.
Kept her surname.
Katie Wilkie, yes.
I did a post mortem.
Yeah, you did.
You agreed with him.
You agreed that this great haematologist could do nothing to help her.
- Yes.
- You were wrong! I wasn't wrong, no.
Katie Wilkie.
Your wife had two serious diseases.
Hemochromatosis and HLH-Hemophagocytosis.
None of which should be fatal! Iron in the blood.
Thousands of people have these conditions.
Yes, but not together.
Devlin did everything Not enough! He is supposed to be the best.
But did he do his best? No! And what took him so long to order a course of phlebotomies? Or chemo, I don't know! You stuck together, you and him.
You let him get away with killing my wife! Admit it! It wasn't like that.
I'm sorry, Tom.
But Devlin was right.
- Bullshit! - [GROANS] That's bullshit.
OK, Simon, what do you know? I don't know what I know.
OK, well, what do you think? Alright, well, do you want to know what I'm thinking? I'm thinking about all the things that he did in the very beginning.
When those bones first came up from the river, he said that the bones had been in the river for between two and four years.
Maybe he was just wrong.
When is he ever that wrong? Why couldn't we find a match on Quinn's DNA? How hard did he try? Compared to any other case? You know again and again all these steps, all these little roadblocks.
I just accepted them.
You did too.
Then you found Quinn's car.
Harrow was at Turbot Street the night the car went into the dam.
What? OK, look, the servers went out in the early hours of the fourth.
I checked Harrow's work diary on the third.
Harrow didn't do any work on the third.
And I know all about Quinn's wedding band, that Steph got it back.
Except she thinks she got it back after Quinn's car was dumped, two whole days after.
There's an antique surgeon kit in there.
I want to know if the set of shears matches the finger bones.
- What if they're missing? - He dumped them? Yeah, and what if they're not a match? Then we were wrong.
How great would that be? I have a key.
Me too.
OK, wait, wait, wait.
It shouldn't be us.
If this is going to happen, we should do it properly.
You said you spoke to Nichols.
What does he say? He said we needed something more.
OK, more.
More, like what? Why could we never find the file on Quinn's orthotic plate? You and Harrow went to the hospital archives and Wait here.
I'm sorry about your wife.
But Devlin was thorough and methodical.
Katie just had two unfortunate genetic timebombs.
If she had one or the other, she would have lived, but both? It was just the hand that she was dealt.
She died, but you don't have to.
Stay there! No.
You have to let me pass you so I can get you some help.
Stay back.
Stay back! Argh! - Tom! - Argh! [GROANS] Hang in there, Tom.
Hang in there! [PHONE RINGS] I'm going to get some help.
STEPHANIE: [OVER PHONE] Hey, Dan, it's me.
Simon was just here asking about Robert's wedding band.
FERN: [OVER PHONE] Dad, Simon and your girlfriend, are on the Bettie.
They're arguing and it looks really serious.
SIMON: [OVER PHONE] I'm at the Bettie.
You really need to tell me about Robert Quinn.
Tom! Tom! Stay with me, Tom! Ambulance! You ever seen anything like this before? Someone coming back from the dead? No, I did read an interesting published account but it lacked the immediacy of the real thing.
So, can we sit down, get a statement? Do you mind if I just finish cleaning myself up? - Sure.
- Thank you.
I threw them away.
Well, dropped them, anyway.
Upstream, in the river.
- Why? - You know why, or you wouldn't be here.
I should have got rid of the lot.
Jack gave them to you.
And Soroya? I don't know where she is.
- Mrs Whittemore? - Oh! You're one of the police officers who came here looking for whatever you were looking for.
Did you find it? No, but I need to know if someone else did.
Did you kill Robert Quinn? Yes.
Why? Because he hurt Steph? - No.
- Then why, because he stole her from you? No, no, no! You know, for a while I was happy for them.
For Steph, especially.
It was good to see her smile again.
And for a while, she and he and Fern all seemed happy.
And I got on with my life.
So what happened? A couple of years later, you remember Fern went off the rails, left home? We thought it was a phase.
It wasn't.
But about a year ago, Fern called me.
And she wanted to catch up.
I was so excited.
I got there about an hour early.
And then I saw it.
Suddenly, it all made sense.
I could have done a number of things.
I could have called Steph.
I could have called Nichols.
I could have waited until I had a chance to speak to Fern.
Instead, I decided to ask Quinn himself.
I used a payphone up the road.
Asked him to come for a visit.
I kept it light and breezy.
Why did you use the payphone? Had you already decided you were going to kill him? No.
Though part of me might have been thinking what he'd say.
What I'd do.
And then I heard him knock and I said [KNOCK ON DOOR] Come in, Robert.
And I said, "Drink?" And he said Only if it's your good stuff.
So, this is where you live.
I suppose I'll have to get something like this for me too.
Now that Steph has kicked us both out.
The only difference is I bought the Bettie with my own money.
So that's what this is about.
Being hauled into the headmaster's office for a talking to about something that's really none of your business.
I saw you with Fern today.
You were arguing.
On Water Street.
What was that about? A watch of mine has gone missing.
And you know what she's like, so I figured she'd took it to hock it or Bullshit! Don't go calling me a liar, Dan.
She was terrified of you.
That wasn't about any watch.
That's what this has been about, isn't it? Her grades falling, her quitting school, her leaving home, her silence.
It's because she's terrified of you.
You should let this whole idea go.
But you won't, will you? No.
Not now.
What did you do to her? Why don't you ask what she did to me? Why don't you ask about the time that she invited me swimming when her Mum was out? Or about the time she walked into my office pretending to have trouble putting her necklace on? Or about the time when she accidentally walked in on me - when I was showering - I don't believe it.
Come on, Dan.
She's a smart girl.
And she's so grown up.
She knew what she wanted.
Don't you dare blame her.
She was a child.
You molested her.
You abused my little girl.
How the fuck was it abuse? She knew what she was doing.
She knew.
And I knew she didn't want it to stop.
[RETCHES] When did it end? She turned 15.
Got a boyfriend, or or realised what we were doing was Anyway, she said that she was going to tell, and I had to explain to her that ex-coppers don't really thrive in the corrections system.
Nor do paedophiles.
- So you threatened her? - No, no, no.
I didn't threaten her.
I simply told her that if she did tell anyone that I would cut her mother's throat in front of her.
And then I would cut hers.
I think that's why she left home.
Always looking after her mum.
Such a good kid.
You know you shouldn't have told me this.
It doesn't matter, Dan, 'cause you're not going to tell anyone.
And don't worry about Steph and Fern.
I'll keep an eye on them for you.
You're a slippery bastard now, aren't you? Argh! Argh! - Stop! - No! You didn't stop, did you? You should never have touched her.
She was just a child! SIMON: You could have called triple zero.
You could have told them what he did.
I know.
You could have claimed self-defence.
I know.
You might not have gone to jail.
It might not even have gone to trial.
I know! But maybe it would have.
And now I knew Fern's secret.
Her hurt.
And I wanted to be there for her.
I couldn't face the chance of being in jail, if she needed me whenever she was whenever she was ready.
I wanted to be there for her so I got to work.
I knew of a construction site upriver so I got the cement I needed.
And I knew a spot where it was very unlikely that any anchor would snag it.
I don't know what made me cut off his wedding ring.
I just figured he didn't deserve it.
I got rid of his car.
I cleaned up here.
I went to work, created an alibi and then it was done.
Please don't look at me like that.
I haven't changed.
I'm still the same person.
Not to me.
Well, I'm not sorry I did it.
I'd do it all over again.
The only thing I'm sorry about is lying to Soroya and lying to you.
I'm so glad I don't have to anymore.
Well, I've just got a few things I need to do.
And, uh, you should do what you've got to do.
Harrow visited the surgeon's widow.
He left with a file.
He knew it would identify the orthotic plate found in the river bones as Quinn's.
MAXINE: No, I don't know where he is.
Yeah, yeah.
I'm coming in now.
Hey, I've got to go into QIFM.
There's been some incident with Harrow.
Sergeant Dass? What's going on, Bryan? Yeah, Nichols here.
Put me through to Superintendent Khan.
I want to organise a search warrant.
STEPHANIE: [OVER VOICEMAIL] Daniel, I've just had a call from CIB.
Apparently you've left QIFM unattended.
FERN: [OVER VOICEMAIL] Dad, where are you? I'm really worried for you.
I don't know what's going on.
I'm outside your work, OK? At the back.
Just I'll I'll wait here.
Everything in his office, including his computer.
Bryan Bryan! You've known Daniel Harrow as long as I have.
And you've been in this game as long as I have, Max, and you know very well that normal can do abnormal.
Yeah, but Daniel is not normal.
No, he's not.
Maybe that's why he got away with it for this long.
You know, I would trust him with my life.
Do you really believe he'd kill someone? I really need to find out.
Sarge? Fern.
NICHOLS: Harrow.
Harrow! Stay right there, please! Let's see your hands, if you don't mind.
Hands, Harrow! Let's see your hands, Harrow! Before I ask you any questions, I must tell you you have the right to remain silent.
- Daniel! - Hey, it's OK.
That means you do not have to say anything, make any statement or answer any questions unless you wish to do so.
I imagine you have a few questions.
- Why did you do it? - Save it for the interview, Sergeant.
[PHONE RINGS] Detective Leichhardt.
Sarge, I'm looking at Dr Harrow's pathology work register.
No entries on October 3rd.
Not a single autopsy processed.
A few weeks ago, you visited the house of Dr Anthony Whittemore.
Why? Jack Twine was a friend of the Whittemores.
I thought Milly should know that he was ill.
Did you know he was the surgeon who put that bone plate in Quinn's wrist? That makes sense.
Did you remove Quinn's file? You make me sound very clever, Bryan.
We can wait for the warrant, if you like.
Hi, Maxine.
Er, this parcel came for Harrow.
Thank you.
Did you find Simon? Uh, no, but I left a voicemail, so How can I help you, Bryan? Is this yours? Yes.
Pull it down, please.
Have you had a look inside? We saw the security footage at Monte's when Fern tried to sell it.
Can you open the box, please? I don't think you're going to need that.
Let's have a look, please.
Oh, that's not even bloody close, is it? There's no serration.
They didn't cut that bone.
[PHONE RINGS] Leichhardt? Sorry, Sarge.
Uh, Dr Pavich would like a word.
I'm kind of busy, Max.
We have a letter here for Harrow, amongst Jack Twine's belongings.
It's dated October 4th last year.
What does it say? It says, "Thank you so much for spending the day with me" "at Turbot Street yesterday.
" "It was such a pleasure" "to go through the old place" "one last time," etcetera, etcetera.
4th of October? Yeah, so that's what Harrow was doing on the 3rd of October.
He was taking our old boss through QIFM.
[CLEARS HIS THROAT] Uh, can you put Leichhardt back on? Say please.
Yeah, we phoned the old age home.
Visitor log confirms that Jack Twine went out that day with Dr Harrow.
Uh, get a copy of that letter.
Sure thing.
Well, you might have mentioned that, Harrow.
Would have saved us a little bit of trouble.
I, uh I guess I forgot.
Alright, let's clear out.
Uh, we'll chat later, Sergeant.
It's OK.
DASS: I can't believe this.
I can't believe any of this.
What's going on? Fern said you'd been arrested.
Maxine's beside herself.
Are you OK? It was just a misunderstanding.
Do you know what happened to Robert? I wish I could tell you.
You know, you should get arrested more often.
This room has not looked this tidy in years.
I'm surprised Fairly hasn't moved in.
Why do you think I'm here? Stop him sneaking in and laying claim.
You know, I got him to finish the autopsy on Bill Devlin.
He was a good haematologist.
And Tom? Intensive care.
If he lives, I guess you saved his life to spend it behind bars.
Are you OK? Yes.
Yes, I'm fine.
- And you? - Oh, I'm not a happy camper.
Simon's meant to be on call.
I don't know where he is.
You turn up and all hell breaks loose.
I have a $3,000 glass door to deal with, and I I'm furious with Bryan.
He was just doing his job.
And Dass? Don't be mad at her, either.
I had to open this.
I figured if anyone had anything worth drinking, it would be Jack.
I'm glad that you did.
I suppose he forgot to post that.
Yes, uh, I I guess he was getting old.
To Jack.
To Jack.
You brought Fairly in on a public holiday.
Why? Have you decided about Geneva? I'm not going to Geneva.
- But? - We will talk about that tomorrow.
I see you're no longer in custody.
Look, I-I'll tell you this now.
That has got to stop.
When you're boss.
When I'm boss.
What, no amusing riposte? No.
Not today.
Well, I am sorry that you can't do this.
I know that you very much would like to.
He's in good hands.
His nursing home doctor was right to order the PM.
I got his bloods back.
Oxycodone overdose.
Enough to kill a horse.
Must have been stockpiling pills.
Look why don't I give you a minute with him and I'll do the internals later.
Pavich is looking for you.
I've been out.
There's a pair of shears in my Mathieu de Paris surgeon's kit.
Those shears are by Coxeter of England, a complete mismatch.
I know of only one complete Coxeter kit in the country.
The School of Anatomy.
It's not complete anymore.
You fool! You shouldn't have interfered.
You should have rung the police.
You knew what was the right thing to do.
I did.
You made your choice and so did I.
I just wanted to know the truth, and I found it.
Isn't that what you always taught me, to find out why? But now you've gambled with your career and you shouldn't have.
You're too good a pathologist.
Say that again.
You're too good a pathologist.
And now we're in it together.
So don't lie to me again.
It was you, wasn't it? I wanted to tell you.
I wanted to tell you everything.
I wanted to tell you I know what he did.
You should have told someone.
I was so scared.
You should have told someone.
I was so scared.
He said he'd hurt Mum.
And I knew he would.
I'm I'm so sorry about everything.
No, no! None of this was your fault.
None of it.
Does Mum know? What should I do, Dad? Whatever you want.
Whatever you choose I'll be here.
Bora Bora? No.
Not tonight.
I love you, bub.
Bye, Dad.
You want to come over? I don't think I can.
Goodbye, Daniel.
When the night comes And you lay your weary head to rest No more trials No tests When the night comes When the night comes You don't have to Be afraid Of any choice you made [BULLET WHIZZES]