Harrow (2018) s02e01 Episode Script

Abo Imo Pectore

1 Previously on Harrow - SIMON: Did you kill Robert Quinn? - Yes.
Why? You molested her.
You abused my little girl! She knew what she wanted.
[CHOKES] And now I knew Fern's secret, I couldn't face the chance of being in jail.
I wanted to be there for her.
So, I got to work.
Does Mum know? Oh, well, that's not even bloody close, is it? They didn't cut that bone.
HARROW: You shouldn't have interfered! SIMON: You made your choice and so did I.
Now we're in it together.
So, don't lie to me again.
['BLOOD' BY ALGIERS PLAYS] [SLOWLY] That was very expensive wine WOMAN: You're OK.
Stay with us.
Keep the pressure on.
He's losing a lot of blood.
Hang in there, mate.
How many bullet wounds? One.
But it's a bad one.
For all your love of soma Oh, my God! Daniel Daniel WOMAN: Please, we have to get him in straightaway.
All my blood's in vain You say your history's over Try to get an art-line in.
He's lost too much.
Into Trauma Bypass.
[MACHINES BEEP] I think his hepatic vein's been hit.
We need five units of O neg now.
Right now! BP's dropping.
We're losing him! - All my blood's in vain - [RAPID BEEPING] It's gone too far to change [RAIN PATTERS] All my blood is in vain Flash across your screen Got you in their hand 15 minutes of freedom - Still three-fifths a man - [SONG FADES] Hell is very floral.
You're assuming hell would have you.
Well, you're here.
I'm beginning to wonder why.
Do you want water, juice? Whisky.
It's contraindicated by the morphine.
Morphine? Mm-hm.
You were in an induced coma.
So, if it was attention you were after, you missed it all.
Well, at least someone has a sense of humour.
'Mister Lincoln' roses.
'Cause I was shot, too.
Clean through, apparently.
You no longer have a gall bladder.
Oh I was rather attached to that.
So, what happened? I imagine I rubbed someone up the wrong way.
Hard to believe.
Do you know who? I have no idea.
[CHUCKLES] Pretty funny, isn't it? [CHUCKLES] Oh Come here Ooh! Ahh! Ooh-ooh-ooh! I'm sorry.
That's OK.
It's OK.
It's OK.
What happened, Dad? It was probably just an accident.
Someone shooting on the river.
I'm sorry I had you worried.
I, uh I tried calling your mum.
She'll be OK now.
We both will be.
I'm on my way to work, so I can't stay.
I love you.
I love you too, bub.
It wasn't an accident was it? Someone tried to kill you.
The police will find out who.
Shouldn't you be in bed? Shouldn't you be chasing people who like to shoot pathologists? "A" pathologist.
You didn't happen to see your shooter, did you? I'm afraid not.
It was dark.
No death threats? No anonymous warnings? No-one you pissed off [CHUCKLES] .
lately? Soroya Dass wasn't happy with me.
Soroya Dass was boarding a flight to Melbourne at the time you were shot.
Will you pay me back like last time? Unbelievable.
So, do you have any suspects? Harrow, the list of people who'd like to shoot you would stretch from here to Hobart.
And I'd be on top of that list myself, were I not in charge of this case which, quite frankly, I need like a third armpit.
Oh, I am sorry.
I didn't plan on getting shot.
So, what about ballistics? Well, we haven't found the bullet.
We're looking.
So, to recap - you have no bullet, no witnesses, no theories and no leads.
I feel very safe.
Look, we're watching your boat, your phone, your email, and we are watching you.
And no-one's had another tilt at you.
And are my family alright? We're watching them too.
So, what am I supposed to do? Look, just go to bed and let us do our job.
[SIGHS] Sam, tell the divers to look further back.
It's raining.
You can't sleep when it rains.
Your memory's OK, then.
Everything's OK.
I thought you might come visit.
I spoke to Fern.
While you were in surgery.
She she told me what happened.
She told me everything.
About Robert.
What he did and what you I don't know what to say to you.
I Dan, I I I'm so grateful for what you did for our daughter, but [SIGHS] .
I don't know what to think about you.
You don't have to think anything.
I wanted to see you.
I just I I don't think I can yet, but I'm I'm glad that you're OK.
SIMON: I told you doctors make the worst patients.
Have you actually been discharged? [LOUD CRUNCHING] It's one thing to nearly die.
It's another to hear you killing my car.
Have you been using the rest of my belongings, too? No.
I mean, you know, I went through your albums, picked out the ones I wanted, in case you snuffed it.
I'm kidding.
You don't have any albums that I actually want! God! Is that third? I feel like [CRUNCH!] No, that's second, that's second.
Thank you.
I hate being cooped up.
That's why you choose to live in a 35-square-metre floating house.
And Nichols is going to kill me.
You should be going to a hotel.
It's fine.
Nichols himself said they're watching the boat.
Well, I'm glad you're OK.
You had us worried.
All for nothing.
I'm not finished learning from you yet, you know? I don't know what the lesson is here.
Call me if you need me.
Oh, and I may have broken your car's tail-light.
[BULLET WHIZZES, WINE GLASS SHATTERS] [INDISTINCT CHATTER] ['MURDER IN THE MIND' BY TASH SULTANA PLAYS] Tell me Do you feel? Are you real? Do you seem satisfied Within yourself? Mmm-mmm There were some times in my life Where I had to cut the strings loose I didn't know what to do I couldn't see the beautiful world that was in front of you And I was begging for forgiveness Not your type? [GROANS] Married.
Or so stupid he forgot to take off his ring.
No, not my type.
When did yours come off? [SIGHS] Quite some time ago.
I promise, I'm really only here to drink.
What are you doing? Deleting the dating app.
If an algorithm can't hit the basic criteria, I'm better off without it.
Out of curiosity, what were the basic criteria? Oh Must have half a brain and his own hair.
Must be over six foot, and over his ex.
Not a criminal and definitely not a doctor.
Doesn't sound that hard.
Ah, but the truth is it is.
Hmm, truth sucks.
What the hell.
Mr Truth Sucks, let's play a game.
We each tell each other four things, but only one is the truth.
Guess wrong, you buy.
I'm game.
I grew up here.
I'm a political advisor who recently lost her job, even though I was protecting my former boss from a sexual scandal involving under 21-year-old male back-up dancers.
I'm allergic to cashews.
And I still have recurring nightmares about reversing over my King Charles Spaniel, Colonel Mustard, even though I didn't.
He was killed by a possum.
How big was this possum? Every time I fall in love, it happens again And I told myself I wouldn't give in But I met this crooner with big blue eyes And he pulled me in with his lullabies I got a man, but you got me Tied in knots so I can't see - Sometimes I ask the God above - [GROANS] - You OK? - Absolutely.
Little love, little love Gonna have a little love, Little love Gonna have a little love, Little love - Am I always gonna have? - Only here to drink, huh? Little love, little love Gonna have a little love, Little love Am I always gonna have a little love? [ESPRESSO MACHINE HISSES] MAN: Medium decaf latte.
[BLENDER WHIRRS] [SIGHS] Large fruit frappe.
Oh, no, that's my drink.
I ordered a frappe.
No, that's mine! I need it.
I need it! Excuse me.
I don't like being stared at.
I think you may need to get used to it.
[BOAT HORN BLARES NEARBY] Where did you come from? Do you like mysteries? Here's one.
Recent surgery.
Gun running.
Failed circus performer.
Should we lie more? Would you like to? [SIGHS] The truth is Mm? - I really am - [ALARMS BEEP] Can we continue this tonight? Dinner? Mm-hm.
I have to go.
[CHUCKLES] First day.
First day for me too.
[GRUNTS] What are the cabs like around here? I can give you a lift if you want.
Where are you going? Not far.
Middle of the city.
Me too.
Turbot Street.
Where in Turbot Street? 83 Turbot Street.
Thank you all for coming.
It's lovely to see MOST of you here to make welcome the new member of the QIFM staff, Dr Grace Molyneux.
We've been looking for another pathologist for some time now, so I'm really pleased that Dr Molyneux has agreed to finish her final six months of supervised work here with us.
And I hope, after that, she stays on, as long as we don't scare her off.
Welcome, Dr Molyneux.
Oh, hello, hello.
Hell Hello! Hello, Grace.
You didn't come home last night.
I was worried.
Everything's fine.
OK, that's it.
Everyone back to it except for you.
Dr Harrow? Why do we need another pathologist? You know we've been needing more good staff.
Now we have one.
What is wrong with Dr Molyneux? Oh, she's rather tall.
- Why aren't you in hospital? - I don't like hospital.
- Why aren't you at home? - It's boring at home.
Why are you here? My coffee mug's here.
I thought I'd look over some old case files to see who particularly might have an axe to grind.
There are thousands.
Look, I've gotta do something.
Actually, uh, I'm probably good to start work again.
No! No, no, no.
I can't reinstate you until you've had a psych evaluation.
Can't we skip that? You were shot.
You need a psych evaluation before you can come back to work.
But if it makes you feel better, look over your old case files.
Reconnect with your mug.
But you're not working.
- Thank you.
- No worries.
Uh, we'll get you a computer and a login.
And maybe a Doberman.
You know she gets an office? That's because she's a pathologist, apparently.
Well, I imagine you have an office, because you are also a pathologist.
- Do you two know each other? - BOTH: No.
O K.
You were shot! You're Fairley's girlfriend?! Oh He's my uncle.
Why didn't you tell me you were shot? Well, you saw that for yourself.
I saw a neat bandage.
I didn't actually think there was a whole sordid backstory involving attempted homicide! And you're a doctor.
You're a doctor.
Did you have any idea who I was? I think I'd recall Fairley mentioning a niece who'd followed him into pathology.
Really? Do you recall anything my uncle mentions? He warned me to steer clear of you.
- As a pathologist.
- Yes.
Well, this isn't about me as a pathologist.
- This is about us as - Colleagues.
- I'm not your boss.
- You're my supervisor.
Well, one of them.
Come on.
You understand.
[SIGHS] No dinner then.
No dinner.
Get ready.
The police have shot a young woman.
I'll scrub up.
I meant Dr Molyneux.
You stay out of it.
[DOOR LOCK BEEPS] Can I help you? The police said someone would meet me here.
My my wife's been shot and I'm here to identify her.
Yes, I'm I'm sorry, it's all a bit hectic in there.
So, what do I do? Someone will be with you shortly.
Please Your wife is in there and she is dead.
Do you understand that? So, in a bit, you will see her and it will not be easy.
But then we will look after her, I promise.
Mr Diallo? I'm sorry, we're ready for you.
[WEEPS] Could you look after my daughter for me? Yes, yes, of course.
FERN: Not exactly the castle we hoped for.
Maybe not, but at least it's got four walls and a lock on the door.
And Da-dada-da! .
legit keys! - [BOTH LAUGH] - Legit keys, yay! And two weeks' rent in advance.
Oh, thanks to your Mum.
OK, but then what? I'm barely making enough.
It's OK, Fish.
It's sorted.
- Really? - Mm.
I just can't tell you yet.
You have to trust me.
- How's your Dad? Is he OK? - Mm-hm.
Yeah, he's gonna be fine.
Don't mind me, I'm not even here.
You shouldn't be.
Yes, I agree.
You shouldn't be.
You should be in the hospital.
- You're worried about me.
- Go to sleep, you little baby I absolutely am not.
Did you come and see me at the hospital? No.
And I will tell you why.
- Because you think I deserved it.
- No.
Because I think that you invited it.
Whoa, that's a little harsh.
No, it's OK.
Fairley's right.
When you go outside these walls, the safety net disappears, and you're just another person poking your nose where it doesn't belong.
You know, I was sorry to hear that you had been shot, but when I heard that you were going to pull through, I No need to visit.
I respect that.
Well, then, why don't you respect that this is my autopsy? - Because it's not.
It's mine.
- You're a sweet little baby - Music.
I like it.
- You're a sweet little baby - Oh.
Shall we start? - Honey in the rock and the sugar don't stop GRACE: Minor contusions on outside right kneecap consistent with a recent fall.
Small amounts of expressed liquid from both breasts.
- She has a three-month-old.
- Don't you weep, pretty baby I met her husband.
Do you know what happened to her? Apparently, she threatened a cafe customer and police with a cook's knife.
Their Tasers didn't work.
So, the police shot her? Go to sleep, you little baby Right.
OK, one puncture wound.
No burning of the skin.
Is her CT up? You and me and the Devil makes three Don't need no Well, there you have it.
One bullet stopped by her T5.
It appears to have passed Through her heart.
We'll confirm with internals.
While she's on her back, let's draw blood and urine.
- Can I help? - BOTH: No.
No obvious haematoma or embolisms.
I would like to know what went on in there, though.
- Don't start.
- What do you mean? I mean, since adolescence, she's been medicated for severe anxiety.
But no reported psychotic episodes, which sounds like what happened outside the cafe.
What was going on? We can't determine what was going on inside someone's mind.
Maybe not.
We can determine what caused that mind to die.
- The bullet through her heart.
- Yes.
- You're probably right.
- Well, what's the problem then?! The problem is we don't know why she acted in such a way that she got herself shot.
- Harrow - Gentlemen! My job is to complete this autopsy, and I can't do it with this kind of distraction.
Dr Harrow, would you mind leaving? Red bean mochi? What are you doing in Fairley's office? I just want to see if the police have emailed Fairley.
Why? Some officers wear body cameras and I thought there might be footage of Sherry's shooting.
But I can't crack his password.
[SIGHS] So, what do you think of the new pathologist? I don't think of the new pathologist.
Well, I think she's very smart.
I think that if I were that way inclined, I'd find her very interesting.
I think that's all about as hypothetical as your next pay rise.
- Good Lord.
- What? "Harrow Eulogy, Draft 1"? - Yeah, no, don't read that - Bup-bup-bup-bup-bup! "Daniel Harrow was a pathologist.
" "He wore size medium scrubs.
" "He did not have a pet that I was aware of.
" Why was Fairley going to do my eulogy? He asked.
Anyway, it's irrelevant now.
Any emails from the police? - No.
- Then, here.
Someone posted this online.
You can see when the Taser misfires.
POLICEWOMAN: Drop the knife! Drop the knife! SHERRY: She took my drink! I need my drink! She took it! - She took it! - Taser! - [CLICKING] - Misfire! OK, drop the knife! Drop the knife! - She took my drink! - [GUNSHOT] "She took my drink.
" This isn't your case.
Then what's the harm? WOMAN: [ON RADIO] Residents of a north Brisbane suburb are in shock after police shot a young mother outside a suburban cafe this morning.
[KNOCK AT DOOR] Mr Diallo, Daniel Harrow.
I'd like to ask about your wife.
[BABY COOS] Have you finished with Sherry? They'd be done by now.
It's OK, chicken.
Mr Diallo, what was going on with Sherry? Do you have any idea why she was at that cafe? I usually leave for work at about six in the morning, and Shez would take Bell for a walk.
And her anxiety? She'd had it since I met her.
Yeah, it's OK, chicken.
But it'd been, you know, kept under control.
Had been? Tell me about her meds.
Well, she was on Sertraline for years, and that worked great.
When she was on it, we could go out to the shops, to dinner.
But after Bella was born, the Sertraline stopped working.
She just kept getting worse.
And she just drank.
Alcohol? No, no, water uh, soft drinks, sweet drinks.
She kept needing smoothies, juices, all the time.
But only after Bell was born? Mm.
Did the birth go OK? Yeah.
I mean, it took the doctor four goes to get the epidural in but after that, it went fine.
And what'd Sherry's psychiatrist say? We couldn't afford a psych.
We just went to the local clinic.
And the GP prescribed Quint Quin - Quetiapine? - Yeah.
I'm afraid there wasn't any in her system.
She stopped taking that too? I'm not sure that's what caused Sherry's behaviour at the cafe.
What am I gonna tell Bell when's she older? That the police had to shoot Mummy because she was crazy? - [BELLA FUSSES] - It's OK, Bell.
You had me followed.
No, I told you we were watching out for you.
What the hell were you doing at Sherry Diallo's house? Look, I saw the footage of the shooting.
Yeah, we've all seen the footage, and it's a tragedy.
And not just what happened to that poor young woman but also for that young copper who had to do one of the hardest things any of us have to do.
I hope you're not starting some kind of witch-hunt.
No! Look, the victim looked like she had some kind of psychotic episode but her lifelong diagnosis was anxiety, not psychosis.
- So, I - You do know you're not working? Yeah, I know.
- I'm not allowed back until - Until you have a psych assessment.
- I don't have anxiety or psychosis.
- Look, mate, I get it.
Not wanting to have a psych assessment? I mean, guys like us, we don't want to admit we're scared of dying.
I'm not scared of dying! And guys like us get better by getting back to the job.
Hey, you need to pass that psych assessment.
So, here's what you say.
Are you serious? When they ask you if memories of your shooting are coming back - They're not.
- you'll be tempted to lie.
Say, "Yes, but they're less and less frequent" "and, frankly, they're becoming a bit boring.
" WOMAN: How have you been sleeping? No worse than before.
Meaning? Meaning, I used to sleep about four hours a night.
I still sleep about four hours a night.
How do you feel about returning to work? Fine.
And about reconnecting with your workmates? Great.
Except Fairley.
Sorry? Fairly happy.
I'm looking forward.
Well, that's just about it.
Have you been remembering your shooting? Have thoughts of it come into your mind uninvited? Images you just can't get rid of? Yes.
But they're less and less frequent and quite frankly, they're becoming a bit boring.
[PHONE RINGS] - Nichols? - We found the bullet that shot you.
Its trajectory dropped pretty quick after Well, you slowed it down.
- .
- Rare calibre.
Yeah, which means it's a rare gun.
So, you found it? Found it, and the bloke who bought it.
Harrow, this is a favour.
You don't get to say anything or do anything, OK? OK.
WOMAN: So, Brendan, you arrived at the park.
Then what happened? - MAN: You don't have to answer.
- BRENDAN: Mate, it's alright.
I parked me car and I checked that there's no-one about.
Then I got the gun I just bought out of the boot.
This Garand? - My client doesn't have to - Mate, I've told you, it's alright.
- NICHOLS: You remember this guy? - You can continue, Brendan.
That one.
Sss Skyde? Skene.
Brendan Skene.
He poisoned someone? Yeah, slipped rat poison into his annoying neighbour's porridge.
SKENE: The park was dark, right? So, I made my way down to the shore and I found a spot.
I had a clear view of his boat.
I just waited until he was on deck and I shot him.
Shot who? Daniel Harrow.
Why did you shoot Dr Harrow? 'Cause he proved it was me who put the Ratsak in that idiot's breakfast.
If it weren't for him, I would have got away with it.
Instead, I done 11 years.
I done 11 years.
I shot him, alright?! Can I get some water? Interview paused 2:26pm.
You can, uh, thank me whenever you're ready.
[SIGHS] - Thank you.
- You can go home and relax now.
It's over.
I'm sorry.
WOMAN: Dr Harrow? All done? MAXINE: So, did you peek? - No.
- Really? The Daniel Harrow I know would have looked.
The Daniel Harrow you know got himself shot.
What were you afraid that she'd discover in that head of yours? That the person I am might stop me doing the thing that makes me the person I am.
- So, do you want to see? - Yeah.
You can't.
But you can clear up your desk and you can resume work on Monday.
POLICEWOMAN: Drop the knife! Drop the knife! SHERRY: She took my drink! I need my drink! I need it! I need it! Drop the knife right now! Taser! Taser! [GUNSHOT] GRACE: It's not in there anymore.
Her brain.
It's with the rest of her organs.
Neat sutures, by the way.
What sort of doctor were you? You think I missed something in her autopsy? I do.
But I don't know what.
Illuminate me.
Sherry Diallo was drinking.
There was no alcohol in her system.
No, no, no, drinking water, soft drinks, a lot.
According to her husband, she was thirsty all the time.
Unquenchable thirst.
That explains her low blood sodium levels.
She attacked that woman outside the cafe for taking her drink.
Now according to her husband, this odd behaviour started three months ago.
When her new baby was born.
I checked her fluids.
She was off her anti-anxiety meds.
You see, this is what gets me.
If she was off her meds, she should have been exhibiting signs of acute anxiety, not psychosis.
- So, something changed.
- Could it have been a stroke? I mean, a clot in the hypothalamus could cause behavioural issues.
I checked her brain CT.
There was no cerebral embolus.
Besides, she was young, healthy, good cholesterol, no trauma in the arterial system that could have caused a clot to form and go up to her brain.
Besides, there was no clot.
Unless there was a clot.
- And it dissolved.
- Dissolved.
Was it neurosurgery you left? Which makes it all the more unforgiveable for missing this.
The clot's gone, but there's the degenerated tissue it caused.
And in the hypothalamus.
And this could be three months old.
Which is when her baby was born.
What are you thinking caused the embolism? Well, Sherry's husband did say she had trouble with her epidural.
Doesn't make sense.
A clot caused by a spinal catheter would have been trapped by the lungs.
Or the heart.
Here's the path of the bullet entering just below the pulmonary trunk.
Through the tricuspid valve, exiting right atrium.
A lot of damage from the bullet.
Which explains why no-one saw this.
A hole in her heart's septal tissue.
That's what I missed.
She probably had it her whole life.
But it's how the clot got from her spine to her brain.
The bullet killed her, but that's what set the dominoes falling.
That's her real cause of death.
A blood clot? Sherry wanted the epidural.
She asked me if I thought it was a good idea and I said, "Babe, anything that stops you being in pain.
" It wasn't just the epidural.
No-one knew that she had that little hole in her heart.
At least I can tell Bella that her mum wasn't crazy.
GRACE: Thanks for seeing me.
No problem.
You want to shut the door? - Have a seat.
- I'm OK to stand.
How can I help? I made mistakes in my first autopsy here.
Sherry Diallo? Well, I read your report, and to my mind, you did a really thorough job.
You not only determined cause of death, you determined why that poor young woman was suffering her behavioural problems.
But I only determined those because of your Dr Harrow.
Ah, OK.
Now I insist you sit.
You know, you can learn a lot from your uncle.
And as for Harrow, well [CHUCKLES] I don't approve of his methods, I don't.
But I do approve of his results.
And he's going to be around, so it's up to you whether you want to learn from him or not, - OK? - Yes.
What's going on? I'm afraid your shooter's not going back to jail.
Brendan Skene, found dead in his cell.
SIMON: Apparently, he had severe Type-2 diabetes and didn't tell the watch-house he needed insulin.
Diabetes? Why didn't he tell? Well, maybe he didn't want to do another 11 years for attempted murder.
Grade two or three.
You know, you should be grateful.
If his eyesight was any better, it might be you in this body bag.
Anyway, saves us all a trial.
Hey? Are you OK? Yeah.
What's up with you? Fairley Oh, did you tell him I was on his computer? Listen, you know how Fairley likes to rehearse his speeches? If you tell him I gave you this, I will start singing along to your records.
[HUMBLE & KIND BY LORI MCKENNA PLAYS] You know there's a light that glows by the front door Don't forget the key is under the mat When childhood stars shine, always stay humble and kind [FAIRLEY SIGHS] That's that's enough! [SNORTS] SIMON: And rolling.
Dr Daniel Harrow was well, he was an extraordinary pathologist.
He was intuitive, dedicated and inventive, and committed to giving a voice to those who had lost theirs.
But he was also my friend.
And, uh And I Oh We'll just pick this up later, shall we? - SIMON: Yeah.
Yeah, we'll fix it.
- Right.
- Hi.
Sorry it's taken a while for me to call back.
I've been working and stuff.
- And you've got yourselves a flat.
- Yeah.
When we're settled, I'll invite you over.
What about you? I heard the police got the guy who shot you.
They did.
He died in custody.
Well, that means I don't have to kill him.
Karma did the job.
I didn't think you believed in stuff like that.
I'm not sure what to believe anymore.
What's wrong? Nothing.
- How's Callan? - He's good.
He's out, working and stuff.
Busking, I guess.
And are you OK? [LAUGHS] Yeah, I'm I'm fine.
And you? If you're fine, then so am I.
Well goodnight.
When those dreams you're dreamin' - [SIGHS] - Come to you - [SIGHS] - When the work you put in Is realised Let yourself feel the pride But always stay humble and kind, yeah [SIREN WAILS] [PHONE RINGS] Hello? MAN: Did you like my flowers? Who is this? This is the man who left those beautiful blood-red roses.
You know, the 'Mister Lincoln's.
Who is this? Dr Harrow, please, where's the fun in that? You left me flowers because you heard I was shot.
No, I left you flowers because I'm the one who shot you.
Unfortunately, my friend, the man who shot me has been arrested.
Yes, yes, found, arrested and has perished in Her Majesty's care.
There are a lot of people who know I've been shot and who'd like me to feel a bit anxious, but, frankly, I'm not in the mood.
But you are in the mood for another glass of Crianza Tempranillo.
- Where are you? - Don't worry.
I'm not gonna shoot you again.
Not tonight.
I'm glad I didn't kill you with my first shot.
Seeing you there, in your hospital bed, your bedside table covered with missives of affection from those who care for you, because now I have the chance to do more than kill you once.
Now I will take away everything that you hold dear, everything you love, everything that makes your life worth living.
Hands! Hands behind your head! Drop the backpack.
Step away from it.
And once I've done that, then I will kill you.
And I promise you, when that happens, you won't want to live.
Before I ask you any questions, I must tell you, you have the right to remain silent.
So, get ready, Dr Harrow.
And you remember, everything you hold dear.
Next on Harrow Your daughter broke the law and she's going to have to pay.
I think someone did this to you to get to me.
- Do you know who? - I'm going to find out.
NICHOLS: Think about what you're suggesting.
- That Skene was a patsy? - I know.
It sounds crazy.
When did you sleep with Grace? We decided to keep things strictly professional.
Who goes BASE-jumping and doesn't pull their chute? SIMON: I don't know.
But those guys were pros.
Or maybe they were just unlucky.