Harrow (2018) s02e02 Episode Script

Audere Est Facere

1 HARROW: Previously on Harrow MAXINE: Welcome the new member of the Cliffham staff, Dr Grace Molyneux.
Hello, Grace.
You're Fairley's girlfriend?! He's my uncle.
Why aren't you in hospital? I thought I'd look over some old case files to see who might have an axe to grind.
There are thousands.
And I shot him.
- DETECTIVE: Shot who? - Daniel Harrow.
Mr Lincoln roses.
MAN: (OVER PHONE) Did you like my flowers? Who is this? This is the man who left those red roses because I'm the one who shot you.
The man who shot me has been arrested.
And has perished in Her Majesty's care.
I'm glad I didn't kill you with my first shot.
Now I will take away everything that you hold dear.
Everything that makes your life worth living.
(CAR ALARM BLARES) Argh! Well, that went better than I expected.
Were we in the same courtroom? She's going to trial.
Your daughter was caught with $20,000 worth of stolen pharmaceuticals in her flat.
We were lucky the magistrate met with our submission.
That I have to live with Mum or Dad.
Otherwise you wouldn't have been granted bail.
So who's it going to be? - I think you should stay with your mum.
- You should stay with me.
Well, what if I wanted to stay with you? I think you'd be more comfortable at your mother's.
Is this because of the shooting? Dad, they caught the guy, right? He's dead.
Well, that's fine, I'll stay with Mum.
Good, I'll let the magistrate know.
So, in the meantime, stick to your bail conditions.
Find yourself a job.
Stay out of trouble.
This is bullshit, I had nothing to do with any of this.
- Did Callan? - Mum Protecting him won't help you.
Can we go, please? Fern? We will make this right.
Do you think she'll be OK staying at yours? She's going to have to be.
Fish! What happened, hey? What what they say? Cal, they think I did it, and that I won't be seeing you anymore.
What? Why? Because you've got a criminal record.
If the cops see you and Fern together she'll be arrested for breaching her bail conditions, OK? But you didn't do anything wrong.
- They weren't her drugs.
- Were they yours? No.
No! - I I wouldn't do that to you! - We have to go now.
You know I wouldn't do that to you.
- Fish! - Callan You have to stay away from her.
Are you telling the truth? Seriously? (SCOFFS) You have no idea, do you? Who tipped you off? Fern said you knew exactly what you were looking for when you raided her flat.
Someone told you the fentanyl was there.
Who? You know I can't tell you.
I know what you think about Fern, but she's not a criminal.
And she's not the doe-eyed innocent you think she is either.
We both know she has form.
She has never been charged with drug offences.
So, what do you think happened, Daniel? Someone just walked into her flat and put $20,000 worth of fentanyl in her bag for safekeeping? She was working as a cleaner at the chemist where the fentanyl was stolen from.
She was on the premises the same day the drugs went missing.
She had keys.
She had access to the security system, and she knew where the drugs were kept.
Purely circumstantial, that proves nothing.
I also had Scientific check the bag, Fern's fingerprints are all over it.
Well, of course they are, it's her bag.
She's not denying that.
No other prints, Dan, only hers.
Your daughter broke the law and she's going to have to pay.
How's Jill McCloud? Heart-warming as ever.
And your daughter? Not guilty.
Every parent wants to believe their child is innocent.
I know how it sounds, but I'm not convinced it's as straightforward as Jill thinks.
What do you mean? I, uh, got a call late last night.
- It was a man's voice.
- Mm.
He said he was the person who shot me.
He told me that he was glad I didn't die because now he wants to destroy everything I care about.
And right after that, I got the call that Fern had been arrested.
You know Skene confessed to the shooting? He had the gun.
- I know.
- And now he's in your morgue.
I know.
And you were all over the news for a while there.
This wasn't a prank call.
This guy knew things.
He wants to make me suffer.
- Caller ID? - No.
Look, Harrow I know you've been through a lot, and this stuff with Fern can't be helping, but just think about what you're suggesting here.
That Skeme was a patsy? Someone set him up, and that same someone put stolen drugs in your daughter's flat all to get back at you? I know.
It sounds crazy.
OK, listen, we'll take it seriously.
We're still monitoring your phone so I'll look into it.
OK? Alright.
Come on, otherwise young Simon will do you out of a job.
You know, he's becoming a bigger pain in the arse than you.
Base jumpers.
Yep, broke into the building early this morning to access the roof for a dawn jump and now look at them.
I mean, this is why base jumping is illegal.
Any witnesses? Well, I mean, the guy whose car they hit.
Ray Gupta.
He stops in for a coffee and this happens.
- And that's a nice start to the day.
- Did he see anything? - Well, nothing useful.
- Have you ID'd the bodies? Luca Fandino and Tomas Fuentes.
Spanish nationals and, uh, and well-known YouTube stars, apparently.
What was the name of their channel? Live Life Now.
Live Life Now.
Fly around the world filming these crazy stunts.
They had two million followers.
His chute is still in its pack.
Who goes base jumping and doesn't pull their chute? Well, Tomas pulled his, it was fully deployed.
He still hit the ground pretty hard.
Maybe he pulled it too late.
Or the chutes were faulty.
I'll get Scientific to check them, but I think at the moment we're looking at death by misadventure.
No cameras.
Tomas wasn't wearing one, but Luka had a GoPro mounted to his helmet.
We're still accessing the footage.
And wife filmed some of it.
Anna Mechaud, Canadian.
Was she going to jump too? WOMAN: I couldn't.
How could I? And I realised what happened.
I couldn't bring myself to jump, so I ran back downstairs.
Luca's done this hundreds of times.
So has Tomas.
But for both of them to die, it doesn't make any sense.
- Did your husband pack his own chute? - Yes.
- And Tomas? - Yes, we always pack our own chutes.
Could anyone have tampered with them? No, we never let them out of our sight before a jump.
I hadn't even been married for a year.
This shouldn't have happened.
What are the odds that two parachutes failed during the same jump? I don't know.
But those guys were pros.
Maybe they were just unlucky.
I, uh I know how hard this must be for you, to come back here.
Do you believe me? About the drugs.
If you say you didn't do it then yes, I believe you.
I'm sorry you had to go through all this.
No I'm the one that should be sorry.
Ah, I like what you've done with the place.
Not quite as OCD as Fairley's, but borderline.
Oh, he did give me this to warm the place up with.
Said I might need it to disembowel nosy work colleagues.
Hm? They can be terrible around here.
So, is this smaller than your office at Royal North Shore? It's rude to google people.
Just curious about my new work colleague.
So, why did you leave neurosurgery? Aside from the charms of joining the great unwashed in pathology.
It was time for a career change.
Can I help you with something? Why didn't you come to the accident scene this morning? If the police needed me I would have come.
But I have the reports, the photos, everything I need, right here.
Sometimes there's more to learn than just what's in the report.
VIDEO: (JOYFUL MUSIC PLAYS) (ALL LAUGH) How does it feel to live life in the moment? In the present, in the now? To do what you want to do every second, every minute, every day.
Life isn't a prison.
You can choose to be free.
It's up to you.
- Just take the leap.
- Yee-ha! Live your life, live it free, live it now.
We're conquerors I'm surprised it's taken them this long to come to grief.
Are you saying you don't take risks? The last time I did, I discovered the guy lived on a boat at anchor.
Not a good prospect.
Don't you think it's strange? They had done over 100 jumps each, but one pulls his pilot chute too late, and the other doesn't pull at all.
Pilot chute? Yes, base jumpers don't use rip cords.
They have pilot chutes.
It's a small parachute they pull from their pack during freefall that drags open the main chute.
Now, the building they jumped from was over 300 meters high, which would have given them about four seconds of freefall before they had to pull their chutes.
Plenty of time.
But Luca's was still in his pack.
Why? What stopped him from pulling? Maybe he had a cardiac arrest when he jumped? An aneurysm stroke? Hm, that may explain one, but both? (KNOCK ON DOOR) Sorry to interrupt.
Spanish Embassy has given us the OK for the autopsy.
And Police Scientific? Checked both chutes.
Nothing wrong with them.
They said they were both packed correctly.
Ooh, sorry.
Well, cause of death won't take too long to pinpoint.
(SIGHS) Why anyone would throw themselves off a building expecting a flimsy piece of fabric to save them is beyond me.
You went skydiving in New Zealand though.
- You sent me that pic.
- Yeah.
Yes! Well, that was completely different.
It was a tandem jump.
My instructor had a lifetime's experience.
Why was that different? Well, knowing there was a man behind me who was that skilled made my first time feel very safe and very satisfying.
Quite transformative really.
Shall we get started? Multiple and severe fractures to his neck, spine, and limbs, as well as deep skin lacerations.
Fluids are done.
I'll order a full tox.
If he had any drugs or alcohol in his system, it might explain why he didn't pull his chute.
Oh, hello.
This is interesting.
Mm, yes? I was just about to complete the external and I saw this.
Skin lacerations.
Both bodies are covered in them.
Yes, but this one isn't consistent with impact injury.
- This one looks more like - A rope burn.
Friction abrasions, yes.
But from what? Well, perhaps he was trying to untangle his suspension line before he hit the ground.
Hmm, but at the accident scene his suspension lines weren't tangled.
Let's check the wound for fibres.
Shall we start internals? Yes.
What do you make of this? Dislocated vertebra? No, it's too soft.
It looks like a cyst.
This is no ordinary cyst.
That is a larval cyst.
A larval cyst of a tapeworm.
If the cyst was pressing on Luca's spinal cord it could have affected his motor functions.
It's a possibility.
Parasitic infections are known to cause nervous system disorders like seizures, blindness, weakness in legs and hands.
Enough to stop him from pulling his chute? Hmm.
The million dollar question.
You want to get this little guy off to the lab.
Er, Grace, are you heading out tonight or will you be staying in? - I'm staying in tonight.
- Ah.
- That OK? - Great.
(CHUCKLES) That's every night this week.
- Sorry? - Grace.
I said she could stay at mine until she finds a place.
But? Well, now she's put a bit of a pin in the old love-life.
Oh, you know how it is, Harrow.
You head out, you meet a single lady, a couple of Singapore Slings later you invite her back to your apartment for a bit of Please stop.
Oh, no, exactly the opposite.
But I don't feel comfortable doing that with my niece in the next room.
The walls in my apartment are paper thin.
- They're shoji screens.
- Exactly.
And I don't want Grace to think I'm some sort of insatiable lothario.
But a man has urges, Harrow.
Urges he cannot deny.
The sooner she's out from under my feet, the better.
So when did you sleep with Grace? What makes you think I've slept with Grace?! (SIGHS) The night before she started.
And for the record, I didn't know she was working here, or that I was her supervisor, or that she was Fairley's niece.
Oh, jeez, triple whammy.
Is it serious? We decided to keep things strictly professional.
(SNIGGERS, LAUGHS) Yeah, good luck with that.
Haven't you got something to sterilise? Sorry.
(PHONE RINGS) Hey, how's Fern? STEPH: (OVER PHONE) Have you spoken to her? Not since we left court.
Is everything OK? She's not here.
She hasn't been here all afternoon.
And she stripped out her room.
I'm worried, Daniel.
Have you called her? No! That never occurred to me.
Of course I have.
She's not answering.
Dan, what if she's with Callen? - If they're caught together - Let me call her, OK? Yeah.
Hi, Bum.
Where are you? Doing what my lawyer said, looking for a job.
Are you checking up on me? I got a call from your mum.
She's worried about you.
So am I.
Why didn't you want me to stay in the Betty with you? (SIGHS) Look, I told you.
Yeah, but I'm not an idiot, Dad.
What's the real reason? I don't know yet.
What's that mean? What's going on? (SIGHS) Dad? Look, it's complicated.
Worm results are in.
(EXHALES) Look, I've got to go.
Talk soon, OK? MAN: So, how'd you go? I'm sorry.
You were right.
Taenia solium, lava of a pork tapeworm.
I thought tapeworms lived in the intestines.
They do.
So, how did this one end up in his spine? Because Luca was infected by a human, not a pig.
We all know that Luca was travelling around the world, right? So, let's say he ate something from a street vendor who had a tapeworm in his intestine, and through poor hygiene was contaminating the food he was preparing with his own faeces.
Well, when the eggs hatch, the larvae thinks it's inside a pig so it enters into the bloodstream and ends up in the brain, eyes, liver, and the spine.
So, it took a wrong turn? In a manner of speaking, yes.
And as the larva grows, it can block the flow of cerebrospinal fluid to the brain.
Did the helminthologist say how long it was there? Mm-hm.
Based on life cycle, infection occurred two months ago.
There are only three species of tapeworm that can infect humans, and taenia solium can be found only in Latin America.
- Did Luca travel there recently? - Yes.
Yeah, I saw a video on their feed.
Look, Argentina a month ago.
They shot this just before they left.
- Hey, guapo, are you ready to fly? - I'm always Well, that explains where he picked up the tapeworm, but we still don't know if it was causing problems with his motor functions.
We do now.
Hey, Anna He can't grip properly.
get him to move his ass.
Move that sexy ass! And look, his pilot chute is packed on the left.
Well, it makes sense.
If you're having trouble with your right hand it'd be easer to grab on the left side.
Yes, but look.
right now.
If Luka was having trouble with his right hand, why did he pack his pilot chute on the right this morning? A tapeworm? Mm.
Pressing on his spinal cord.
I think it may have been causing problems with his hands.
Yeah, well that'd explain a few things.
OK This is what we pulled from Luca's camera.
MAN: (ON VIDEO) OK, three, two, one Espera, para! He failed to pull his chute.
Yeah, like you said.
The tapeworm.
OK, and this is the footage the wife shot from the rooftop.
OK, I'll go first.
- See you down there, man.
- ANNA: Go for it, babe! OK, three, two, one Espera, para! (SCREAMS) Luca! Tomas jumped after him.
So, maybe he tried to grab Luca in midair, and tried to use his own chute to save him.
Fairley did find an unusual cut on his hand.
Tomas said something in Spanish when Luca jumped.
I couldn't make it out.
- Can we turn up the volume? - Yeah, yeah.
- See you down there, man.
- ANNE: Go for it, babe! OK, three, two, one Espera, para! 'Espera, para' It means, "Wait, stop.
" Tomas was trying to warn him.
He knew Luca's chute was packed on the wrong side which means he knew about Luka's dodgy hand.
Did his wife know, too? I had no idea.
But Tomas seemed to know.
If I didn't know about the tapeworm, how could he? Luca was right-handed.
- Is that correct? - Yes.
And he always packed his pilot chute on the right? Yes, but he'd been complaining about a sore shoulder when we were in Argentina, so he started packing it on the left.
But this morning on the roof, it was packed on the right.
And you're certain Luca packed his own chute? Of course.
I don't get it.
If Luca was having problems, why didn't he tell me? What? Why would Tomas know about Luca's hand problem, but not his wife? (SCOFFS) Jesus, Harrow.
I could give you a list a mile long of the things I didn't tell my ex-wife.
Who's the ex? Look, what does it matter anyway? You found your culprit.
It's a bloody tapeworm.
(SIGHS) OK, Anna Mechaud is leaving the country tomorrow night and she wants to take the bodies with her.
Unless you have a good reason to stall.
(SIGHS) No Oh, well, then I'll close the case, Dan.
Oh, and, Harrow That call you got? I talked to the tech team about it.
You didn't mention it was one of those, uh, internet messaging apps.
Why is that a problem? Well, those apps are encrypted.
They're untraceable, so there's no way we can identify that number.
So what am I supposed to do if he calls again? You don't pick up.
Like I said, it's probably just a nuisance caller.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
(COUGHS) - Dan.
- Paul, hi.
- Summer cold? - No, it's just a flu I can't shake.
Hey, erm, listen, I'm sorry to hear about your daughter.
I hope the trial goes well.
Wait, you're not prosecuting her? Oh, no, I recused myself.
Oh Of course.
Listen, mate, I hope you got yourself a good solicitor.
Why? Fern's got no criminal record.
She's never been in any trouble.
At worst, we think it might be a suspended sentence.
Normally, yeah, but, Dan, this is a bad time to be caught with fentanyl.
The courts are making examples.
Fern's looking at charges of theft, possession, intent to sell And she could go to jail for seven years.
Seven years? Paul, she didn't do it.
I don't think it's going to matter, mate.
Unless you can prove someone else did.
I'm sorry.
I know what you and Steph are thinking, but I didn't steal those drugs.
I would never do that to Fern.
I believe you.
Really? I know how much you love Fern.
I do.
Callen where are you staying now that you've lost your flat? Here you go.
I didn't know you could cook.
I didn't know you knew anything about me.
It's delicious.
It's Fern's favourite.
Hey, thanks for letting me stay in, you know Stop thanking me.
It's fine.
It won't be for long.
You know, just until I can find my own place to crash.
Yes, you've already said.
Don't worry, I'll make myself very useful.
I'll, um I'll cook.
I'll tidy up.
Well no-one could tidy this place.
But I won't get in your face.
WOMAN: (ON VIDEO) That was incredible.
So, who are those guys? They're base jumpers.
Did one of them die or something? Oh, shit.
So, what are you looking for? (CLEARS THROAT) This guy had a problem with his right hand.
So I'm trawling through all these clips to find out when he started using his left.
There's, like, a thousand clips in here.
Which is why I think I might call it a night.
But it's only nine o'clock.
It's been a very long day.
Don't drink my whisky.
(SNORES SOFTLY) - Isn't this case closed? - Yes.
Want to give me a hand? You found something.
He's having trouble with his right hand, we know that.
Yes, but this video was shot in Madrid one month before Luca went to Argentina, one month before the tapeworm infection.
So the nerve damage to his spine Wasn't caused by the tapeworm.
- Then what caused it? - (PHONE RINGS) Mm-hm.
Hold that thought.
Hola, Dr Resende.
I have the blood test you requested for my patient, Luca Fardino.
- Could you send them to me, please? - Absolutely.
And can you confirm his CPK levels? We found they were unusually high, over 1,000 units per litre.
I found the same thing when he came to see me before he went travelling.
We did some tests and found that Luca was suffering from ALS.
I think you'd call it Motor neurone disease.
MND is an idiopathic neurodegenerative disorder that selectively affects motor neurons.
These control the body's effector organs, which carry out the nervous responses to external stimuli.
Anna, MND is a horrible disease.
It destroys the pathways that deliver messages from the brain to the muscles.
It starts with loss of muscle control.
Then difficulties with breathing, then paralysis, and death.
It's the reason Luca was having trouble with his right hand.
So his sore shoulder? It was just an excuse to hide his symptoms.
He never told you about his diagnosis? No.
And I know why.
Luca always said that if he couldn't live the way we lived then he'd rather not live at all.
Are you saying it was deliberate? I know my husband, Dr Harrow.
To end up in a body that was failing him.
Needing constant care.
He wouldn't have wanted that.
He wouldn't have wanted me to go through that.
He spared us all.
(DOOR CLOSES) Maxine said you'd be up here having a sneaky cigarette.
I don't smoke anymore.
I could do with a drag.
This from a girl who doesn't take risks.
Oh, for the record, you said that, not me.
You're not comfortable dealing with patients, are you? We all have our own thing.
So, what do you do up here if you don't smoke? Think, breathe.
Get away from your uncle.
And you're thinking about Luca.
You're not convinced, are you? If you were going to spare your wife the suffering of watching you die, why would you jump off a building in front of her? It doesn't make sense.
Is that your gut talking? - Yeah.
- The one that's been shot? I've seen what motor neurone disease does to people.
I've seen patients live with it and die with it.
It's not just them who suffer.
It's their families too.
They're the ones that have to nurse them to the end.
And if you had the choice, would you ever consider? Yes.
I would.
Anyway, looks like you solved the case.
So I'll see you tomorrow.
(TEXT MESSAGE TONE BEEPS) Dr Resende, soy Daniel Harrow.
I got your email and saw that Luca's wife, Anna Mechaud was listed as Luca's emergency contact.
That's right.
Did she know about his diagnosis? She was in the room when I gave Luca the results.
Of course she knew.
Why? Because she said she didn't.
BRYAN: (ON ANSWERPHONE) You've called Bryan Nichols, please leave a message.
Bryan, it's Harrow.
Anna Mechaud lied to us.
Call me as soon as you can.
This isn't a BMW.
It says here you drive a BMW.
It's at the shop.
I had a little accident.
Let me guess.
You got hit by a base jumper.
I know you're a fan, Ray.
I know you drove them to the building before they jumped.
And I know you waited for them when Luca fell and hit your car.
That's when you removed the Sadel sticker from your BMW and lied to the police.
And seeing as you didn't mention your involvement, that makes you an accessory to a crime.
What do you want? I want to see all the footage you have of them from your dash cam.
(SIGHS) You're going to wait for us, right? Drive us back to the hotel? Don't worry, I'll wait.
This is the building.
Tomas and I will try the fire-escape.
Take this.
(CAR DOORS SHUT) See you down there.
That's all there is.
It was Anna Mechaud! - What?! - She swapped the chute.
I've left a message for Nichols but he's not picking up, I need you to find him.
Where are you? I'm on my way to Anna.
She's on the roof of the building.
- Daniel - Tell Nichols to meet me there.
No, this is not your job.
Wait for the police.
(TYRES SCREECH) Harrow? Harrow? I know many of you have been asking what will happen now that Luca and Tomas are gone.
They started this channel, and they wouldn't want it to end with their passing.
So, This Life Now will continue.
I will keep their vision alive, and strive for the best life I can live now they're gone.
Better now that you don't have to nurse a husband with motor neurone disease.
You lied, Anna.
You knew Luca had MND.
I don't know what you're talking about.
You knew what was ahead, years of pain watching him fade away, trapped in a body that was dying.
And you'd be trapped too.
No longer able to live the life you love, the life he promised you.
So you swapped his pilot chute.
You wanted him to die.
How did it feel? To say goodbye.
I love you.
To stand here and watch your husband leap to his death.
But you weren't expecting Tomas to jump after him.
(GRUNTS) OK, I'll go first.
See you down there, man.
Go for it, babe! He saw the Luca's pilot chute was parked on the wrong side.
Espera, para! He even tried to warn him! It was too late.
So you killed him too.
That wasn't my fault.
Yes, it was.
And you are going to have to live with that for the rest of your life.
No I won't.
- Anna, what are you? - Seven seconds, doctor, - that's all it takes.
- Oh, no, no, no, don't do this.
Anna, please.
Stay away from me! Anna, please.
I can't go to jail.
I won't.
This isn't the answer.
I couldn't be a nurse to him for years and years.
I know.
It's no life, either.
Anna, please.
- Argh! - Oh, no, no, no, no - Argh! - Hold on! - (STRAINS) - (SCREAMS) It's OK.
It's OK.
It's OK, I've got you.
Thank you.
(GASPS) (SHRIEKS, STRAINS) You know, we should do this every afternoon.
- Every afternoon? - Mm-hm.
- Yeah.
- Mm? Sure.
- (PHONE VIBRATES) - Oh, for f Harrow.
Better be bloody good.
WOMAN: (ON ANSWERPHONE) You have one new voice message.
(PANTS) Anna! Please, don't! Please! Uh Urgh! Sorry, doctor.
No - No! - Hey! Argh! Je Need a hand? Before I ask you any questions, I must advise you that you have the right to remain silent.
That means you don't have to say anything - She almost had me fooled.
- Mm.
I was this close to believing her.
I did believe her.
Maybe that gut of yours is worth listening to.
(CHUCKLES LIGHTLY) You You busted your stitches.
Oh, it's nothing.
I'll get Nambo to take a look at it.
It's fine, I'll patch it up at home.
(STRAINS, PANTS) Call yourself a surgeon? Just shut up and keep drinking.
Is there anything stronger? (GULPS, STRAINS) When you leave the building, the safety net disappears.
You said that.
Remember? You could have died! But I didn't, thanks to you.
And we found the truth.
Are you OK? The shooting, now this.
All part of a day's work.
I could stay.
(EXHALES) You could.
But I shouldn't.
Call if you need me.
(EXHALES) (THUNDER RUMBLES) I thought I'd find you here.
You don't think I did it.
No, I don't.
I think someone did this to you to get to me.
- Why? - (SIGHS) Because I love you and they want to hurt me.
Do you know who? I have no idea.
But I'm going to find out.
Someone has a sense of humour.
Mr Lincoln roses.
Because I was shot, too.
(KNOCK AT DOOR) Is Bryan here? - What? - No, he's asleep.
Why? What's that? Do you remember these bodies? They were brought into the morgue 15 years ago, she'd been violently strangled and he'd been shot multiple times by this man.
Francis Chester.
There was a string of murders, just like this one, all linked to him.
Yes, yes, I remember.
Why Why are you looking at these? Because I believe that he was the man who shot me.
(SIGHS) Look.
(CLEARS THROAT) Mr Lincoln roses.
Do you remember when I was at the hospital? Someone sent me the same roses.
There was no name on the card, but it had to be Chester.
- Harrow - Don't you get it? I put away for these murders 15 years ago and now he wants to get his own back.
- Harrow - Could he have gotten out? - I mean, did he appeal his sentence? - Daniel! It can't have been Francis Chester.
Why? Is he still in jail? No, no.
He's dead.
He died in a prison fire six months ago.
Only he's dead.
Whatever it is, maybe I can help.
I won't be pleading guilty for something I didn't do.
I mean, we've got to find out who actually put those drugs there.
It's one of the worst parts of this job, wanting something and not being able to have it.
Looks like someone bricked up the asbestos sheeting, and shoved her in as well.
Maybe someone wasn't trying to kill her, maybe someone was trying to save her.