Harrow (2018) s02e07 Episode Script

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1 Previously on Harrow FERN: Dad thought it was all connected.
The chemist must know something.
I'm gonna go talk to him.
He planted that fentanyl in my apartment.
MARKIDES: I had no idea what he was gonna do with those drugs.
- The less you know, the better.
- Who did this to me?! Now go! PAVICH: Laurie Badcoe conducted the PM on Francis Chester.
Is it possible he found a way out of that prison? BADCOE: That dangerous creature died in captivity.
You put people second to the job and they end up getting hurt.
HARROW: Simon was obsessing over my case.
I'll never forgive myself for what happened.
How many people have you told about Chester? Let it go, Daniel! Before somebody else gets hurt.
MARKIDES: Please, Francis! No! No! No! The doctors told me my tumours were inoperable.
They said .
there was no hope.
But I refused to give up.
Minerals for Living.
Conventional medicine couldn't save me but alternative medicine has.
Hey, Taylor, it's just me.
You can turn your back on cancer medicine.
It doesn't work.
Take control, start getting your life back.
(PANTS) She was in my office, on my computer, looking up autopsy STEPH: I know why.
She didn't come home Sorry about that! - Where were you? - (SIREN CHIRPS) - Shit.
- Fern, what's going on? Dad, someone's behind all this.
You were right all along.
- What do you mean? - (THUMP ON DOOR) Police! Open up! Well, I went and talked to Markides, the chemist, and he basically admitted that he set me up.
Fern, you're not allowed to be anywhere near him.
Ms Tolson, let us in.
Markides owns a horse with Ross Moran, who's dead.
- Simon went and visited Ross Moran - (KNOCKING CONTINUES) - and now he's dead too.
Dad! Dad It's all connected.
Fern Harrow, you're under arrest for arson resulting in the death of Timothy Markides.
Think very carefully about what you say.
The neighbour has your daughter coming out of Markides's house just before it went up in flames.
This is bullshit.
Fern is not a murderer! Just like she's not a drug dealer.
Dad, I didn't do it.
You need to tell me what's going on.
So, when it seemed Simon's death was an accident, I started to doubt everything else.
But Fern didn't.
She kept looking.
And this person you say is behind all this, you're saying he escaped from jail, so how do we know that Fern's gonna be safe in prison.
She'll be in a women's remand centre.
The new inmates will be watched closely.
What about you or me? I mean, are we in danger? You were shot, for God's sake.
I think you should stay somewhere else for a while.
And we need to talk to Callan too.
I mean, we've been trying to keep her out of jail this whole time and now, what, she could be facing murder charges? I mean, we can't just leave her in there.
We won't! I just need to prove that I'm right.
How? - PAVICH: An exhumation order? - No.
Absolutely not.
It's the only way to prove that autopsy was wrong and Chester is alive.
Hang on.
I thought you'd put this to bed.
What has changed? Fern's been arrested for arson.
What?! Arson? Markides? The body that's on its way here now? Maxine, you've known her since she was a baby, she didn't do this.
OK, look, Daniel, if I thought for one second Chester was alive, I would sign an exhumation request on the spot, but I cannot get past a post-mortem performed by one of the state's most respected pathologists.
Laurie Badcoe.
Who was once your supervisor and mine.
Do you really think he would have got it wrong? And even if I did put a formal request in, do you think the Deputy Coroner would agree? (BEEPING) Is that Markides's body now? Yep.
Daniel! Harrow Don't get any ideas.
I have assigned this one to Harrow, the cleaners are complaining about you again.
Why? You won't let them into your office.
That's because they throw away important things.
What? Like germ theory? Like my last coffee mug.
Which hadn't been washed since the Boer War.
I gave it a rinse in the late '90s.
Who have we got here? Maybe you should take a few days.
God knows you've got about three years owing.
There's nothing I can do until Fern faces court again.
Maybe it'll help if I stay and focus on work.
You can join Grace.
She's with Bryan at a crime scene.
Let Fairley do this.
If there's anything to be found, he'll find it.
And if there's a link to Chester, I promise I will sign an exhumation request.
That's done.
Enjoy your long weekend.
- MAN: I will.
Where do you want him? - Take him to exam room two.
Lyle, I need you to check the victim for succinylcholine.
Why would I do that? Because I'm asking and I'm desperate and I never once told anyone about that time you took hula hoop classes.
They were excellent for my lower spine.
Believe in yourself, yeah? Believe in what your body is telling you.
You can do what I've done.
You can turn your back on cancer medicine that doesn't wor OK, so I'm going to need you to take me through everything once more.
How's Fern? Homicide have been asked to prepare a preliminary brief.
Yeah, look, mate, I know you, I know Fern, but .
think how this looks.
Fern would never do something like that.
Well, who did? Dead men don't tend to light fires.
She's in jail, Bryan.
I have got to prove that Chester is still alive.
OK, well, I'm sorry to have to say this, mate, but you'd better do it fast.
Because if that fire wasn't an accident, Fern's got no chance of bail.
She'll be in prison for a very long time.
- (SIGHS) - Did Maxine send a babysitter? I think I'm the one she wants babysat.
Makes sense to me.
So, what happened here? Apart from the obvious.
This is Taylor Ford.
And I should know that name because? Oh, she's very big in the alternate therapy world.
Cancer cures.
Morning TV.
The podcast.
Nearly 2 million followers.
My interests are broader than what you give me credit for.
Significant cranial trauma.
Looks like she fell, landed here, never regained consciousness.
After all she's been through.
It's awful but, uh, what's the big mystery? Well, actually there is no mystery.
Courier comes in, sees a bloke bent over the body.
He does a runner, we pick him up.
Connor Harris, active on Taylor's website.
Active? Hate mail and death threats.
Why? Because his girlfriend is dying.
Stage four breast cancer.
He blames Taylor here for his girlfriend turning her back on conventional medicine.
And I presume he claims he found her this way.
Yeah, but he can't explain what he was doing here in the first place.
So, he pushed her.
And that, my friends, is the question.
Did she fall .
or was she pushed? TAYLOR: (ON TV) .
this incredible journey with me and I'll see you guys next time.
That's Taylor's home studio.
Did her video blogs from there.
my tumours were inoperable.
They said there was no hope.
But I refused to give up.
Minerals for Living.
WOMAN: (SCREAMS) No! No! POLICEWOMAN: Step back, it's fine.
- (SHRIEKS) - Just breathe.
- Who's that? - That must be her manager.
(WEEPS) I heard about Fern and the chemist.
She OK? I don't know.
They won't let me talk to her.
Do you want to talk about it? (SIGHS) Not right now, if that's OK.
(SIGHS) CALLAN: The chemist? Man, I told her not to go there.
Why doesn't she ever listen to me? She knew she wasn't supposed to approach Markides.
I mean, why would she why would she break her bail conditions and risk everything? Because no-one believed that she didn't steal the drugs.
Not even you believed us.
I'm sorry.
So where is she? Huh? Will I still be able to see her, at least? She's in remand.
None of us can see her.
Until when?! I don't know, Callan.
Until we get this whole thing sorted out.
(SIGHS) Look, Dan told me that he thinks that there's someone behind all of this.
It's a pretty complex theory, but, I mean, what do you think? - Is it possible? - I don't know.
But I trust Fern and I trust her dad.
- So, if that's what they think - OK, well .
until Dan sorts this all out, I'm gonna stay in a hotel for a few days - and you need to be careful too, OK? - Yep.
- I can give you a lift to work.
- No, it's fine.
I got a mate picking me up, OK? (CAR LOCK BEEPS) Stay safe.
Everything OK? - Not really.
- No? My girlfriend's been arrested.
Oh, mate, that's no good.
Shall we head to work? Yeah, mate.
HARROW: Low body weight for her age.
What sort of cancer did she have? Brain tumour.
Von Hippel-Lindau syndrome? What do you make of this? The whites? They're quite yellow.
Could be the effects of cancer or the effects of chemo.
She wasn't on chemo.
Apparently she just ate fruit, vegetables and that supplement.
Well, we need to get those ingredients tested.
Petechial haemorrhaging.
Could be as a result of body placement.
Was her head below her body when the police got there? Yes, but not long enough for that kind of vessel damage.
Asphyxiation? Perhaps her throat is obstructed? Jaw intact.
No external sign of being choked.
(DEVICE BEEPS) The lining is burnt.
That scar tissue is from frequent and violent vomiting.
I've seen that in bulimia sufferers.
- And her teeth are damaged.
- Mm.
Stomach acid.
Taylor was one very sick girl.
That explains the haemorrhaging but it doesn't tell us if she was murdered.
Let's see what our internals tell us.
I've seen better livers in 50-year-old alcoholics.
Mm? (CHUCKLES) I'm not 50, and my liver might have a few dents but not like this.
Grey matter is healthy.
What's the state of the rest of her organs? Also impaired.
Her kidneys were barely functioning.
Now, Von Hippel-Lindau syndrome shouldn't cause this sort of damage in the rest of the body, should it? She might have had tumours in her organs but her organs themselves shouldn't be damaged.
(SIGHS) How's her brain? Well, this is the injury from the fall.
There's certainly a brain injury.
You can see the contusions and a bit of localised bleeding.
But it's not necessarily fatal.
Well, something was fatal.
Going back to the cancer, what if the tumour was impacting her artery? She might have lost balance and fallen down the stairs.
There is no brain tumour.
The contusion is all that's here.
With VH-L syndrome, there should be tumours in her brain, on her spine, even her eye.
- Nothing.
- So, her alternative therapy worked? Didn't need to.
There's no evidence Taylor ever had a brain tumour.
NICHOLS: So, what are we dealing with here? One of those fake cancer video bloggers? Looks like it.
She looked sick.
More likely from the so-called health supplements she was ingesting to treat the cancer she never had.
We're getting a full analysis done of the product but preliminary testing is showing mercury, other heavy metals.
Mercury? God, even I know that's crook.
That's why I gave up eating fish and chips.
Not because Maxine wanted less to hug? Look, I've got a bloke standing over the top of a body who's sent her death threats.
Did Connor Harris killer or not? It's possible his story holds up, that he found her fallen, but we won't know more until tox comes back.
"Less to hug" I'd like to know how Taylor ever got a cancer diagnosis in the first place.
WOMAN: Yes, I treated her.
She presented three years ago, dizziness, headaches.
She was terrified that she had a brain tumour.
Why would she think that? Both her mother and her brother had died from Von Hippel-Lindau syndrome, so we took her case very seriously.
- She have scans? - Six months' worth.
CT, MRI, bloods.
Everything came up clear.
But she wouldn't believe it.
Kept asking for more tests.
In the end, she walked out, saying she wanted to get a second opinion.
And do you know who she saw next? I don't think she saw anyone else.
Why? One of her MRI scans came back after she stormed out, again all clear.
When she didn't respond to phone calls, we sent it to her, along with a letter confirming there was absolutely no brain tumour.
No response.
And no other oncologist has ever requested her complete file.
Then, a year later, I happened across her video.
Turning her back on conventional medicine.
Because it couldn't treat her condition.
She didn't have a condition.
You didn't follow up.
I tried but her manager wouldn't let me anywhere near her.
Her manager? I still can't believe she's gone.
She fought like crazy against her cancer, to die like this just You two must have been very close.
Did Taylor have family? She was only 11 when her mother and brother died.
No dad? Just a series of foster homes.
None of them great.
And then she came in for a modelling cold call.
She was gonna be the next big thing and then cancer killed her modelling career.
And launched her Minerals for Living career.
This was not just about making money.
This really works.
Taylor had a scan two weeks ago, her tumour had gone.
She never had one.
Taylor never had Von Hippel-Lindau syndrome.
- But I was there for all the tests.
- Which came up negative.
And then she got that final scan.
That gave her the all-clear.
What? That's not what Taylor told me.
It would be here somewhere, she kept everything.
Try this one.
"Connor Harris.
" Hate mail? Yeah, told her we should go to the police about him.
She said it was the price she paid for getting her message out there.
"Scans display no traces of brain tumour past or present.
" So, the whole thing was a lie? What about her symptoms? The fainting, the dizziness, the vomiting.
More than likely caused by the cure.
What do I do? People believe in this.
We're still mailing this stuff out to hundreds of clients.
(SIGHS) Then I suggest you stop.
Well, it's all over anyway.
Connor Harris killed her.
He killed all of this too.
CALLAN: So there's no proof this other guy you say shot you killed chemist? HARROW: Not yet, no.
So, her stay in jail is not temporary? - Callan - I don't know what to do! I don't.
Look at you, you have nine degrees and you don't know what to do! I'm doing everything that I can.
I know.
I'm just I'm just really scared that's not enough.
None of this none of this is Fern's fault! I know! It's mine.
And I'm gonna make it right.
I cannot talk to you about it.
I know why you need to know, I heard about Fern, but anything I say could compromise her as well.
Then just tell me that you ran the tests for succinylcholine.
I'm telling you nothing of the sort.
The only thing I could say .
from one colleague to another, hypothetically talking about scientific matters, is that a body that has been in a significant fire would not be a candidate for the testing of something in such minute traces as succinylcholine.
I am sorry.
Daniel! How are you, old bean? - Good.
- (LAUGHS) You would love this one, Jack Russell terrier versus a brown snake.
The owner got in between the two, poor chap.
Got bitten by both but you'll never guess which one killed him.
- Dog.
- Ah, well, exactly.
Snake's venom wasn't strong enough to kill him.
He got bloody sepsis from the dog bite.
'Cause he was too proud to seek help when he needed it.
Yeah, right.
Alright, what's going on? You remember when I came to see you in Port Astor? We discussed Francis Chester.
I'm sorry to bring this up again but is there any way that body you autopsied was not Francis Chester? This old chestnut.
We all make mistakes, Laurie.
The burnt body from the prison.
Well, if it wasn't Chester, then who the hell was it? - I don't know.
- Hmm? And that body miraculously .
completely matches Chester in every way, right down to the bloody dental records.
Which means someone would have had to alter those records.
Not incompetence then.
You're suggesting that I'm corrupt.
No, Laurie! I don't want it to be either.
Well, then I would suggest that we end this call before we say more things that we will regret.
Laurie, please (PHONE BEEPS) Laurie, you have got to sign these forms.
I filled in all the details but it has to be your signature Are you alright? Yeah, yeah, fine, fine.
I'm worried about you, Laurie.
You're losing weight.
Why don't you come over for dinner? Just the two of us.
Andy's away.
Till the end of the week.
Not tonight, sorry.
But thanks.
(DOOR OPENS AND CLOSES) (SIGHS) ('SPEAK LOUD' BY TRILLS PLAYS) You said you were going out But I heard you through the walls I said, "Don't go far" You had me searching for reasons But I was in the dark You and me after, you and me before Time splits in two On both sides of the door You and me after, you and me before Time splits in two On both sides of the door.
MAN: (ON MESSAGE) You've reached the office of the Deputy Coroner.
Please leave a message.
Doug, it's Dan Harrow.
I need to talk to you about something sensitive.
You've got my number.
(PHONE RINGS) Doug? WOMAN: This is the adult woman's remand centre.
- Is this Daniel Harrow? - Yes.
Will you accept a call from Fern Harrow? Yes.
(PHONE RINGS) - Dad? - Bub! You OK? Yeah, but the calls are timed so, won't have long.
So, you're alright? Yeah, I'm fine.
Dad, have you found anything about the file? No.
Not yet, but I will.
I'm getting in touch with the Deputy Coroner.
- He'll have - No-one believes you, do they? No.
Well, I do.
WOMAN: Time's up, caller.
Doug, it's Dan Harrow again.
I'm sorry to be annoying but it really is quite urgent.
Good morning.
- What are you doing? - Having coffee.
You don't drink coffee.
That's why it's untouched.
So, why are you really here? Who are you avoiding? Connor Harris, the man arrested for Taylor Ford's murder, his girlfriend, Rebecca, is here.
The stage four one? Where? REBECCA: The police wouldn't talk to me, uh, but .
I need to talk to someone.
My boyfriend didn't kill her.
He wouldn't.
(COUGHS) Pain? - Yep.
- Are you taking anything for it? How long have you got? Um, three months.
Well, two and a half now.
So the doctors told me.
I saw Connor's emails to Taylor.
He said he wanted her dead.
He was just frustrated.
With me.
He can't understand why I gave up on the chemo.
But MFL works.
It worked for Taylor.
It cured her.
It actually didn't.
Those supplements were making her sicker.
If you're taking them, I suggest you stop.
She posted her last scan, her brain tumour was gone.
She never had a brain tumour.
I'm afraid you've been terribly misled.
You're all in it together, doctors, big pharmaceuticals.
- Protecting your reputations.
- We're not.
It's Taylor who was deceiving people.
My boyfriend is not a killer.
So, if you think that he did it, you're wrong.
GRACE: You believe her? I believe her belief.
She's convinced her boyfriend is not the killer.
I don't think he is either.
Lab results are back.
Everything you'd expect, high levels of heavy metals in her brain and other organs.
No wonder she was so sick.
Mercury, lead, aluminium.
That explains the vomiting, the fainting spells.
I think Connor's defence will be able to argue that she fainted and fell, she wasn't pushed.
Only you don't think the brain injury from the fall is what killed her and Connor can't even explain why he was there at all.
Hovering over her body Hovering? Yes, why was he hovering? (SIGHS) I thought this inner lip damage was from the fall.
I was so busy concentrating on her throat, I missed it.
You see? It looks grazed.
Tissue damage from her teeth.
If someone pressed on her nose and mouth - .
that could explain the marks.
- Asphyxiation.
And if she was held tight enough to suffocate, the killer could have left DNA on her face.
Let's swab the skin around her nose - and her mouth.
What, she's here now? I'll be right out.
Taylor's oncologist.
- Dr Peterson.
- Hi.
Um, we had a practice meeting this morning and I mentioned in passing the death of Taylor Ford and your visit.
One of the other oncologists said that Taylor made an appointment to see her two weeks ago.
I was away at the time.
Why did she come back? Apparently, she was becoming increasingly worried about her symptoms.
She knew they didn't match what her mother and brother had.
Because they had a brain tumour and she was being poisoned.
Did the other oncologist run any tests? MRI.
Again, no tumour.
And I assume Taylor took this as evidence that her poisonous supplements were working.
Until my partner showed her the original letter and scan we sent two years ago, informing her then that she'd never had VH-L syndrome.
She claims she'd never seen them before.
What? How? I've seen them.
They're in her filing cabinet.
She said that all her mail goes through - .
her manager.
- Her manager.
You knew where to find that letter and scan yesterday 'cause you only put it there after Taylor was dead.
This is ridiculous! I'm busy.
I need to sort through Taylor's accounts.
Oh, yes, I'm sure you do.
Exactly how much money were you making from Taylor, the cancer survivor, and her miracle supplements? It must have been quite a lot, for you to hide that letter from her.
If you don't leave, I'm calling the police.
That's an excellent idea.
Why don't I do it? What's the penalty for corporate fraud these days? I'm guessing prison.
By the time that letter arrived, Taylor was well down the Minerals for Living path.
Her social media was going nuts, publishing and vlogging deals were rolling in, the money was enormous.
And that's all you cared about.
For her! Once her modelling career was over, Taylor had nothing.
All I did was withhold one letter.
But Taylor found out, didn't she? When she went back to the oncologist.
What happened? I'm imagining she was angry.
We argued.
- Why didn't you tell me the truth? - You didn't want to know.
The partnership soured because she wanted to go public.
I told her we'd look like frauds, we might both go to jail.
Did you push her down the stairs? No.
This happened days ago.
I was nowhere near here when Taylor died.
NICHOLS: That part checks out.
She was at a management meeting all morning.
Five other people confirmed she was there.
She deluded hundreds of people into buying a product that she knew didn't work.
She could be responsible for their deaths.
Yeah, and I'll be handing the whole brief over to the Fraud Squad.
But she didn't kill Taylor.
(SIGHS) OK? Which leaves us with Connor Harris.
- Mm.
- Any progress on that front? Still waiting for DNA to come back.
And here it is.
DNA? No.
But I did ask Scientific to run swabs through the mass spectrometer.
And? - Cannabinoids.
- Mm.
In the sweat around her nose and mouth.
Marijuana? Why is a clean-living, yoga-loving health guru smoking joints? She wasn't.
No trace in her tox results.
You were right.
She was smothered By someone using cannabis.
Door was open.
I walked in and I found her like that.
Now, you claim you didn't touch the body.
Not even to check if she was still alive.
I told you, no.
I could see she wasn't, so OK, well great.
If all that's true, we can clear you immediately.
(DOOR OPENS) - How? - Oh, we just need a blood sample.
OK, when? Well, as it happens, we have a doctor right here.
- Y-you're gonna do this right now? - Yeah.
Sooner we're done, sooner you're out of here.
How exactly is my blood gonna prove whether Taylor fell or was pushed? Oh, it won't.
Because the fall didn't kill her.
Taylor was asphyxiated by someone who was smoking dope.
So, if there's no cannabis in your system, you'll be clear to go.
Wait, wait.
Don't bother.
You'll find what you're looking for.
You smothered Taylor Ford? Yes.
Take care of it.
Don't you think that was a little too easy? God, I wish they were all like that.
I mean, why is he gonna cop to 15 years jail for a murder he didn't commit? What? - Congratulations.
- For what? Finally letting the cleaners into your office.
I'm sure they're traumatised.
Stop! (SIGHS) Gloves.
(EXHALES) WOMAN: (OVER PA) Dr Sharp to Maternity Ward.
Dr Sharp, Maternity.
I'm glad you've re-embraced conventional medicine.
Although that's not what you use for pain relief, is it? So, what, you're gonna arrest me for smoking dope? No.
When you covered Taylor's nose and mouth, your sweat left markers from the cannabis you'd been smoking.
Cannabinoids? (SIGHS) How did you find out she was a fake? You must have gone into her office to pick up your Minerals for Living package.
Was Connor with you? Um, no, he'd .
driven off.
Um We'd had a fight.
I don't understand why you keep taking this shit when it's not working! Look! If I don't have your support, then I may as well be alone! OK?! Fine.
I could hear her voice.
TAYLOR: That scan you saw posted on my website She sounded different.
Um Upset.
And I've just found out I've never had a tumour.
It was all a lie.
A confession.
And you confronted her.
What? No, no, no, no.
No, MFL works.
- You said - No, no, no, no, no I'm so I'm so sorry.
OK? I was so angry.
While I was getting sicker and sicker, she was getting richer and richer.
She blamed her manager.
She lied to me, she lied to to all of us.
The difference is that you're all clear and I've got stage four.
I I'm going to die.
Because of you.
You You .
killed me! You could have called an ambulance.
But you didn't because you were so angry.
And the confession video? I deleted it.
The only problem was Connor came back to get you but you'd already gone.
Bec? He's confessed.
He's prepared to go to jail for you.
Why? Same reason he sent those hate mails.
He loves you.
You have a decision to make.
(PHONE RINGS) DOUG: Exhumations are hugely distressing for the families of the victims.
The idea the man who killed their loved one might not be dead? And it undermines the public's faith that we can all do our job.
But if Chester isn't in that grave, then we haven't done our jobs, Doug.
And he's already killed again.
Twice, that we know of.
It's a big if, Dan.
No-one else believes this idea.
But I'm not happy with the level of coincidence.
Does Chester have next of kin? I think his mother's still alive.
She was at the trial.
If you can get her to agree, it would be hard to refuse.
- Louise.
- Mm? Louise Whitehall? Yes.
You're not one of my PhD students.
And you're not really Louise Whitehall, Louise Chester.
I think you must have me confused with someone else.
Mother of Francis Chester who killed three couples over 18 months.
You stop that.
You stop that! I'm with the coroner's office.
I really need to talk to you about your son.
What can you possibly need to know? My son committed awful, awful crimes and I've had to live with that for 15 years, but he is dead now.
I don't think he is.
You want to dig up Francis's body? It's the only way to know for sure.
Every day, every second, I have to live with the fact that my son ended six young lives.
Every year would be a year that they'd be older, they would have got jobs, they would have had kids, they would have been married and I lost a son too, by the way.
But how do I grieve for him? I can only grieve for a four-year-old .
who was sweet, who was the cleverest boy in his class.
But how do I grieve for a killer? - You became a professor - Criminology.
- .
to help you understand your son.
- Why he did what he did.
Was it me? His father? Where did all this darkness come from? If I can understand, then maybe I can stop some other mother's son from killing six people.
And if I'm right, we still need to stop this one.
Francis died in a prison fire.
If anyone was smart enough to pull this off, it would be your son.
I have spent 15 years trying to rebuild my life and I'm not gonna open it up again.
I can keep you out of it.
Oh, please! How could you promise that? I mean you found me.
I mean how long will it take the media? If I'm right, your son has already killed again.
And if you're wrong, then what? You just destroy my life again.
Oh, no.
My son is dead and he's gonna stay that way.
Leave a message.
No promises.
Maxine signed this? Turns out Chester's mother is dead.
And with no next of kin to object, Maxine's been convinced by other arguments.
Well, it'll take a few days to do all the paperwork but .
looks to me like you've got your exhumation.
Ah, Harrow? Good news about the hypothetical case we were discussing earlier.
- Markides? - Mm, let's not use names.
The hypothetical house-fire victim.
Yes, yes.
No succinylcholine.
But cause of death, smoke inhalation while sleeping.
- But that doesn't prove Fern - N Uh .
our hypothetical suspect didn't set fire to the house.
Well, no, but the Arson Squad has.
- How? - Well, apparently, Marki .
uh, our hypothetical house-fire victim fell asleep while smoking a cigarette.
So, the police won't be pursuing an arson charge against whoever the theoretical suspect was.
(GASPS) Alright.
Steady on.
- Good.
That's enough.
- Oh! HARROW: I spoke to Nichols, and Fern will be released in the morning.
Why not right now? Paperwork.
Jill McCloud is no doubt processing the release order as slowly as possible.
All you have to do is lay low for a few days while the grave is exhumed, then we'll work out the rest of it after that.
Because I'm not loving this hotel life.
You know they charge me $10 for a bottle of water.
Uh I'm gonna have to call you back.
Know why I'm here? Personal congratulations for letting the cleaners in? I need your ID and your access card.
You're leaving the building immediately.
Why? Do me the favour of not treating me like an idiot.
- Coroner rang.
- To check some details.
On the exhumation order .
I apparently signed.
Sorry, Maxine.
I had no choice.
When they dig that grave up and find it empty, I hope you'll forgive me.
No-one's digging up anything.
Coroner's not proceeding with the application.
What he is proceeding with is a tribunal hearing into your conduct.
Until then, you are suspended.
(SIGHS) SONG: You'll have to Forgive me My haziness It's late.
Just checking some files.
Well, don't stay back too long.
You need your beauty sleep.
Thanks, Rhon.
Uh Oh, Rhon? Yeah.
Remember that prison fire about six months ago? Of course.
There was another prison death around about the same time, yeah? Same day, I think.
An old inmate.
Heart attack in the showers.
- You went and brought him in? - Uh-huh.
Same day? - Mm-hm.
- OK.
Thank you.
- 'Night, Rhon.
- 'Night.
Wanting too much Needing your touch We Burn the Fire of love (GASPS) Jesus! No, not quite so ready to turn the other cheek but kudos for vigilance.
Now .
I need you to do something for me.
What is it? When Fern is released from prison in the morning, I need you to pick her up.
Don't bring her back here.
Do not leave her alone.
- Take her somewhere safe.
- Sure.
Wait, where are you going? To the hardware store.
Everybody Has gone.
- Next on Harrow - FERN: Not in jail, am I? If that was the guy's plan, then it failed.
CALLAN: And if that's true, then this guy's a killer, Fish.
And if your dad can't find him, I don't know how we can.
NICHOLS: But if your dad's right about this, he had reason not to tell you.
FAIRLEY: Mr Howard Hobson.
GRACE: Someone wrapped him up, put him in a coffin that was going far, far away.
NICHOLS: What in blue blazes is that? - Where's Dr Harrow? - I think he's been suspended.
Daniel's problems are of his own making.
(KNOCKS) Aaaaaagh!