Harrow (2018) s02e08 Episode Script

Sub Silentio

1 Previously on Harrow JILL McCLOUD: Fern Harrow, you're under arrest for arson, resulting in the death of Timothy Markides.
Our house-fire victim fell asleep while smoking a cigarette, so the police won't be pursuing an arson charge against the theoretical suspect.
When Fern is released from prison, I need you to take her somewhere safe.
Is there any way that body was not Francis Chester? The burnt body came from the prison.
If it wasn't Chester, then who the hell was it? You want to dig up Francis's body? My son is dead.
And he's gonna stay that way.
- Maxine signed this? - Turns out Chester's mother is dead and Maxine's been convinced by other arguments.
Looks to me like you've got your exhumation.
No-one's digging up anything.
You are suspended.
I've got to prove that Chester is still alive.
Ah Well .
this all looks in order.
Put it through.
You must be happy to see this going home to Egypt after so long.
He is 4,000 years old.
120 years in this country is nothing.
But we are grateful to Mr Hobson for arranging his return.
Mr Hobson will also be pleased with outcome.
What is it? Call the police.
What seems to be the problem? The problem is that dead ancient Egyptians shouldn't have titanium hip joints.
It's so early.
My coffee needs a coffee to wake up.
Hmm? Mm.
Well, what have we here, then? Ooh.
That's no prince of Egypt.
No, but it is the golden king.
Howard Hobson.
Mining magnate? Didn't know he was dead.
Yeah, well, no-one does.
So, until we find out why he was found in this Cairo-bound casket this morning, we're gonna keep it under wraps.
Hilarious pun intended.
So, this coffin, and the body that was in it, is part of a collection accumulated by Hobson's grandfather.
Hobson here was sending it back to Egypt.
Someone decided he should go with.
Looks to me like Middle Kingdom period.
Faint Nubian influences, around 1800 BCE.
- What? - You sound like Harrow.
Oh No! Eugh! Sorry.
I'll just So, the mummy that was in here Uh, yes, well .
that's something these two seem very keen to find out about.
They are not happy that it's missing.
He's from the Egyptian Office of Antiquities.
She's his translator.
They've been helping Mr Hobson prepare his private Egyptian collection for transport.
Someone helped Mr Hobson.
He didn't put himself in these bandages.
Hey, where's Harrow? I thought he'd be keen as mustard to check out an old coffin like this.
God What the f? Shit.
Aaagh! Harrow's suspended? Why? He forged my signature.
Yeah, well, I forged your signature with the postman when I signed for your lingerie the other day.
A work document.
Yeah, but why? Does it matter?! He went over my head to the Coroner with a signature I didn't sign.
- But what did he want to authorise? - Bryan It's irrelevant.
We tell each other stuff, Max.
And sometimes, we have to trust that the other is doing the right thing.
Dr Pavich? Edwina.
Come with me.
You've reached Daniel Harrow.
Leave a message and I'll return your So, where is Dr Harrow? "Doctor Harrow" now, is it? Hmm? Trouble in paradise? Not paradise, Uncle Lyle.
We had sex.
- Before I started work here.
- Right.
I find Harrow interesting and attractive.
- But he's very irritating.
- Mm.
I'm not sure if it's because he has a gift for finding flaws in my work or because I keep finding a billion flaws in him but still can't fault his work.
- So, where is he? - I think he's been suspended.
- What?! - Mm.
Ooh, hello.
Fancy seeing you here.
Edwina Gharam, this is Dr Fairley.
- I've met Dr Fez.
- Oh, of course.
And Dr Molyneux.
Edwina is a registered nurse who's joining us for probationary period as a forensic assistant.
OK, so, suit up and you can get to work.
- Maxine? - Daniel's been suspended.
- Yes, I heard.
- So, what will happen to him now? Just do your job today.
Daniel's problems are of his own making.
Hello? Help! I'm Chester.
Hello to you too, Dr Harrow.
What do you want? It's "What did you want?" You wanted proof that I wasn't dead, right? Now you've got it.
Only I'm afraid you can't really share it.
I'm sure you've discovered the phone doesn't make outgoing calls.
That is just for you and me to while away the time.
And I know you tried to get an exhumation order, and I know you failed.
So, I know it's gonna be some time before they find you.
Maybe weeks.
Maybe months.
Or maybe never.
Why are you doing this? Because you ruined my life.
There was no way I was going to jail until you miraculously found the evidence that changed everything, So, that's what this is? Shitty, cheap revenge? The same motive as your patsy, Brendan Skene? Oh I left that little breadcrumb trail for you and you did find it.
Or, rather, Simon van Reyk found it.
You bastard.
It was me you wanted to hurt.
You didn't have to kill him.
I did warn you.
"Everything you hold dear," hmm? I'm gonna kill you.
Oh, Dr Harrow, I do admire your optimism.
So, you left Euralla.
I did.
I'm not the only one.
And you're from Euralla too? I heard you were a great neurosurgeon until something went wrong.
It is fun, poking around in people's pasts, Ms Gharam.
Should I autopsy yours? Nah.
Everyone's got a story, right? - What's this guy's? - Mr Howard Hobson.
The mining magnate.
How appropriate.
Why? Embalming was the purview of the wealthy in ancient Egypt.
Now, did you know that the embalming process took 70 days.
Firstly, they would remove all the organs.
Then they would pack the body in a lake-bed salt called natron.
Uh What? You're sounding like Harrow.
Let's just get the bandages off, shall we? Wait a second.
Is this how he was found, with his face uncovered? Why go to all the trouble of wrapping him like this, but not his mouth? Unless he was still alive when he was put in there.
- Haemorrhaging.
- Possibly.
Meaning? Possibly he did suffocate in there.
- Meaning? - Hobson didn't wrap himself up.
If he was alive when he was put in the coffin and cause of death was asphyxiation, then - It's manslaughter.
- Or murder.
If he was still alive when he was locked in that coffin, how long would he have lasted? Well, if he was unconscious and breathing shallowly, several hours.
But if he was panicking and hyperventilating If he couldn't control his breathing .
less than three.
Oh, God What do you want, Chester? I just want to chat.
Don't you think we have lots to chat about? How are you? Great.
Wish you were here.
How does that smell? - Whose body was it? - Well .
it wasn't mine.
Despite your drunken friend, Laurie Badcoe, signing that it was.
I am gonna get out of here.
The mathematics of oxygen depletion say otherwise.
So, why don't you save breaking your nails on coffin-maker pine, sit back, relax, and enjoy the movies? Movies? Fish, baby? You're out! Fish.
Cal, get back.
She's a cop.
She wants to arrest me again.
Why? Arrest her.
Arrest her.
Put her back inside.
Fish, what's going on? Get in! Suspended? Why? I imagine it's got something to do with this latest crazy theory that this is all supposed to be about.
You still don't believe it? I've never met a man who's so right about things as Daniel.
And so wrong about people.
He can see the tiniest detail in a millimetre of flesh .
and miss a mile of loneliness right in front of him.
And now it's got to the point where I don't know what to believe.
But .
you do.
Anyway, I have to go to work.
So, stay here, OK? Just in case your father is right.
Yeah He looks 3,000 years old already.
I heard he's had, like, two or three wives.
And about 100 mistresses.
- Money! - Right? How much is he worth? Well, his grandfather was a contemporary of Cecil Rhodes.
So, billions.
Skin damage consistent with age of the deceased.
It's very thin.
Explains why there were so many bandages to hand.
No contusions around his neck to suggest strangulation.
- But - What? Does his tongue look dry to you? Yes.
It does look quite dehydrated.
Almost damaged.
Let's get all the fluids we can, see what they tell us.
And a full tox.
- Shall we check posterior first? - Let's.
Be aware, the dead can often flatulate when they move.
Three, two, one - Oh.
- Oh.
Oh What the hell caused those? That's what I'm here to find out.
Well, there's plenty to look through.
Uh, Dr Grace Molyneux from the morgue.
Ufa Sabry, Nenet Botro, from Egypt's Office of Antiquities.
And Clayton Pike, Mr Hobson's lawyer.
And professional staller on providing a copy of Mr Hobson's will.
Well, you'll see it for yourself once you produce a warrant.
I'm simply protecting my client's interests.
We don't understand why you are stalling.
We also need to see the will.
There is a great deal of publicity in our country concerning the return of these artefacts and the missing mummy.
It will be hugely embarrassing for our government if they do not arrive in Cairo.
We're doing all we can.
Um, so, is this where the sarcophagus sat? Yeah.
SOCOs found fibres on the floor, presumably where the old mummy was removed.
No security cameras? They were switched off.
Do you see anything that might have caused those marks on his back? Let's keep looking.
We'll be back presently.
- Hey, Scotty.
- Detective.
I don't think he just slept in here.
I don't think I'll sleep for a while, having seen those.
There's more down here.
How does that bloody work? What's the story with Hobson's wife? The current one that's trying to divorce him or the former one that succeeded? They're both proving a bit slippery today.
- What? - Grab that side.
What? What in blue blazes is that? Well, that is an 18th-century wheat-threshing sled.
Wasn't wheat being threshed up here.
That explains the marks on Hobson's back.
And the need for all the bandages.
Getting old's something to look forward to, eh? Has Scenes of Crime inspected this room yet? Not fully.
Why? Cocaine? I don't think so.
- Who's this? - Who's that? It's me.
What? I'm Grace.
No, me, Edwina.
Oh, gotcha.
Is, uh, Dr Fairley there? - Tell her I'm here.
- I can hear him.
- She can hear you.
- Tell her I've got my hands full.
- He's got his hands full.
- I can hear him.
Um, can you ask if he has blood results? Oh, tell her I've got the blood results back.
I'm not enjoying this.
Look, can't you just put him on.
What? No, I'm busy here.
Just tell her I can hear you.
Oh, good.
Now now, listen.
I've got the blood results back.
Anything to suggest he didn't suffocate? No, but here's the interesting thing.
The bloods reveal HS troponin.
You know what troponins are? Proteins released when a patient has a heart attack.
So, maybe whoever wrapped Hobson up thought he was already dead, but he was only unconscious after the heart attack.
I want you to look for one more thing.
What, apart from cause of death? What? - Sildenafil.
- What's sildenafil? Oh! Oh? Oh, quite a lot.
What is sildenafil? - Viagra? - Yeah.
That's one brand name for it.
How much did he have? Four times more than his doctor's recommended maximum.
Ohh So, Hobson took a stiffener, hoping for kinky sex, and instead Had a heart attack and appeared to have died.
And someone wrapped him up, put him in a coffin that was going far, far away.
I think we'd better speak to Hobson's wives.
You want to explain what you and the former Mrs Hobson were fighting about? Well, I'd hardly call that a fight.
We were just having a friendly discussion.
We're great friends, Alice and I.
Arguing the day before your husband was found dead.
I was shocked to learn of Howard's death.
So, you don't know what he was up to in his bedroom? No, I don't.
But I can imagine.
We sleep in separate bedrooms.
So, you don't sleep together, you don't have sex, you put up with his infidelity.
What, are you just marking time until he dies so you get his fortune? - Have you seen his will? - Not yet.
I only get half of Howard's estate.
Who gets the other half? Oh, I had no idea.
Well, his current wife doesn't seem too happy about it.
Well, Isabella, of all people, should understand.
I imagine it's compensation, for the indignity Howard's behaviour caused.
I, of course, coped a lot better than poor Isabella.
She wanted to leave him but she was afraid he'd find out and he'd write her out of the will.
I imagine that's why she killed him.
She told you that? - Were you planning on leaving Howard? - So what if I was? Can you imagine what it's like to be married to a man who cheats, and everybody knows? It's embarrassing.
And it's heartless.
Speaking of heart, you would have been aware of how much sildenafil would stop that heart.
Well, that would require me to care about Howard's health.
Well, you cared about being written out of his will.
The only person who knew that was the woman who was so pathetically broke, she would do anything to get her hands on that money.
Oh! How gauche! Isabella should know that a woman's finances are as personal as her age.
Yeah, well, we've checked your finances and you're all but bankrupt.
And that's why I went there, to ask for a 'tide me over'.
But Isabella stopped you coming in.
Maybe you knew she was a heavy sleeper and you came back later.
Where were you last night? I don't recall.
Sometimes, I have a drink or two, to forget the joys of matrimony.
Joys that include bondage bars? Well, you've seen Howard's body.
It's like an overbaked radish that rolled under the fridge for a month.
There are pills to pump up those radishes.
It's sad that you should know that, dear.
I haven't heard that many lies since my ex-wife's wedding vows.
So, we'll get a DNA swab on both of them and see if we can find traces on those bandages.
That's the thing, I don't get why either of them would want to hide the fact Hobson died.
His death means they're each worth a fortune.
Well, they're both lying.
They were both there.
They both had a motive.
One of them did it.
Who's that? Hobson's grandson.
All this talk of sex and money and betrayal makes me think I should have gone to seminary college.
Oh! But think of Maxine.
Speaking of, do you know why Harrow was suspended? Maxine doesn't do anything without good reason.
Part of why I love her.
You've reached Daniel Harrow.
Leave a message and You'd almost look cute with a dog.
I'd like to have a dog.
One day.
I'd like everything to be normal one day.
I'm sorry.
It's not your fault.
Have you packed? I'm not going.
Your father told me to take you to my uncle's.
I'm not going.
Your dad is so sure that you're in danger, Fish.
I'm here.
I'm not in jail, am I? If that was the guy's plan, then it failed.
Yeah, and if that's true, then this guy's a killer, Fish! And if your dad can't find him, I don't know how we can.
- Well, maybe Dad and I can together.
- Oh With what we know and what Dad knows, I really think we could find him.
Plus he needs me.
I need you too.
Do you know where he is? He's not answering his phone.
Cal, I have to find him.
What do you want, Chester? Just want to hear how you're doing, Daniel.
No need to be hostile.
Well, then, don't bullshit me! Alright.
I wanted to hear the fear in your voice.
Well you're out of luck.
Hey, are you curious how your daughter's doing? You leave her alone, you What the f? Aaaagh! You're gonna put that in a bin, aren't you? - Who are you, the litter police? - Ha.
Well, I'd be doing a better job than the actual police.
I can't talk to you about the Markides case.
It's current, so It's not about me.
It's about Dad.
OK, I'm gonna put it out there.
Dad told me that he doesn't think that the guy who died in custody shot him.
He thinks someone else set him up, and that same person set me up and that same person killed Simon and Moran, the guy Simon visited.
Moran knew the chemist whose drugs got me arrested.
And now the chemist's dead too.
So, either the world took one giant coincidence pill or Dad was right.
I don't expect you to do anything, but I do want to know who Dad thought was behind all this.
I'm not saying he is.
But if your dad's right about this and he didn't tell you .
he had reason not to tell you.
So, you're not gonna tell me? No.
Well, I don't know where Dad is.
- Do you know where he is? - No.
Make a choice.
Port Astor Morgue.
Uh, yeah, g'day, Rhonda.
It's Bryan Nichols, Brisbane CIB.
I'm just wondering if Dr Badcoe is there.
I'm sorry, Sergeant.
Laurie's having a personal day.
Can I take a message? No, look, uh, just tell him I called and, uh, maybe give us a tingle when he gets back on deck.
I will.
Bye, then.
Thanks, Rhonda.
It's already a disaster that the mummy is missing.
Has Mr Hobson's will been released? Um, I'm afraid I don't know.
Why? Having a man like Mr Hobson supporting our government by returning these objects is very important, especially with elections coming.
We need to make sure that his will does not affect that.
I'm sorry, but the police have put the casket in our care until my pathologists have had a chance to finish their work.
Have you finished your work? We've determined cause of death.
Great, well, maybe I would like to keep a hold of everything just a little bit longer.
Why? I'm not sure yet.
- How'd you go? - Great! He's every bit as attractive on the inside.
Well done on finding that wheat-thresher thing.
The cops have provided DNA of the two exes, the bandages are at the lab.
But .
you're not sure a missus did it.
He did die of oxygen starvation.
I have seen a few choking victims.
Can you pull up the first photo of him? Sure.
Someone had him naked, restrained and dosed with enough sildenafil to stop his fragile heart.
So promise of sex but no intention.
Well, promise of sex but intention of death.
When his heart stopped Ahh .
he looked dead, but he wasn't.
And he was unconscious long enough to be wrapped up and put in this casket.
But he wasn't dead.
Then he regained consciousness and he worked his mouth free.
You saw this last time.
I know.
But I just thought he'd freed his mouth to breathe.
But, actually .
look at that damage pattern.
It's distinctively up, down.
Can you turn the lights down, please? What are you looking for? I'll tell you when I find it.
Oh, wow! W-I-L 'Wil' He'd freed his mouth not to breathe but to leave a message.
What is that? I think it's lipstick.
Why are you smiling? Because I know whose it is.
And she's been asking all about Hobson's will.
Because I convinced him to change it.
What were the changes that you convinced Mr Hobson to make to his will? That his fortune would go entirely to the Youth for Democracy Movement.
The Egyptian opposition party? My mother is from Egypt.
You have no idea how women still struggle for rights there.
So, I wanted to humiliate my government.
I wanted Hobson's antiquities to arrive and, on the same day, the press to hear how almost all his money would help topple the rats in charge.
Almost all? He wanted some to go to his grandson.
So, once he told me he would change his will, I said I would reward him.
So, I did.
And once he was dead .
I left.
If you wanted the money for your political party, why did you put Mr Hobson in the casket? Because she didn't.
But I think I know who did.
I was actually on my way over to .
tell Howard I couldn't work for him anymore.
Then I found him like that.
Trussed up like a pig.
It's true what they say.
There are some things in life you just can't unsee.
And that's how he could have been found.
You had other ideas? Yes, so .
I got busy.
I knew where to find the bandages.
I prepared him.
Made space for him.
And set things to unfold.
So, you didn't know Mr Hobson was still alive? No.
You must have known you couldn't have got him through Customs.
Of course.
And I knew she'd be there.
And I couldn't wait to see the look on her face.
I knew that with the mummy missing and Hobson being in there that she wasn't gonna slip away so easily.
There would have to be an investigation.
She said that Hobson changed the will so that the opposition party in her country inherited pretty much everything.
Such a will would leave Isabella penniless.
Isabella Hobson? The only happiness I've felt in the last 10 years is being near Isabella.
Now, I don't know if she'll ever love me, but at least now she's knows I love her.
How long is he away for? At least eight years.
Oh, thank God.
I thought I might have to take him to dinner.
That wasn't about money at all.
It was politics.
And love.
Yeah, well, that's a big chunk of the day gone.
Time flies, eh? OK.
Light-headed, disoriented, thirsty? Unpleasantly disposed.
You know, it's a shame you couldn't apply your brain to being an anaesthetist instead of to being a psychotic menace.
Forget about the analysis.
Nobody's got it right.
I got it right.
I put you in jail.
Yes, but you don't know why.
Why you made the mistakes I found? Why I deserved to be put in jail.
You killed those young people.
I did.
But are we born to kill, Daniel, and suppress the instinct or are we born to protect and learn to be killers? What do you think? I think you learnt it.
Now, I don't know from where.
Learnt lessons.
Yes, that's what happens in the malleable brain, isn't it? The wiring is changed by circumstance, but then it becomes fixed and that's that.
What happened, Francis? What did you see? It's not what I saw, Daniel.
It's what you're going to see before you die, before your air runs out.
My phone What? Shit Shit! I wanna buy me a pistol Hey, it's me.
Wants me 40 rounds of ball Shoot Crow Jane just to see her fall She gotta fall Hey, Dad.
Oh Oh, yes, you bastard.
She got to fall, she gotta That's the reason I begged Crow Jane Not to hold her head so high Dad? Some day, baby, you know you got to die You got to lay down Oh, no Oh .
God, no.
That's the reason I begged Crow Jane Not to hold her head too high Some day, baby, you know you got to die Hi, Fern.
No Don't do it Fern! Oh, well done, Bub.
Well done.
How did he die? No-one will tell me.
Well As one ages, one's heart tends to enlarge slightly, and the artery walls and arterials become thicker, and then the elastic tissue within those walls and arterials is lost.
So, a condition that appears regularly in the elderly is something called isolated systolic hypertension and Your Pop was old.
He had a lot to live for.
Especially you.
But his heart just gave out.
What's your name, hon? Will.
Will? Listen, we think it was you your Pop was thinking about before he passed on.
So, let's just sit with him a while? You've reached Daniel Harrow.
Leave a message and I'll return your call.
Yeah, get me the Deputy Coroner.
Hinton speaking.
Doug, Bryan Nichols.
- Bryan, how are you? - Yeah, good, mate.
Look, mate, sorry to put you on the spot but I was just speaking to Maxine about Harrow and, uh, I need to know why he forged her signature.
What exactly was he trying to do? Well, he's been trying to get permission to dig up Francis Chester.
- Will? - Yeah.
I guess we'll never know.
What was that? What was what? The worst bedside manner I've ever seen.
I used to be a neurosurgeon.
Brain tumours, they were my specialty.
I didn't talk much to the patients.
I talked to the radiologists.
Till a boy came in.
A boy about his age.
He had a .
a tumour entangled in blood vessels.
Inoperable, everyone thought.
And this boy .
his name was Christopher, he had three months to live.
I didn't talk to patients, but something made me talk to Christopher.
He was scared.
He didn't want to die.
So, I thought .
I'm good.
"He doesn't have to die.
" So, against everyone's advice, I convinced his parents to let me operate.
11 hours, every hour, new blood vessels to navigate and more tumour to find and remove.
About eight hours in .
I realised there was healthy brain tissue that I had to remove.
So, I did.
Did he die? No.
He lived.
But Christopher was gone.
The boy who woke up, he had lost speech, he'd lost movement, he couldn't feed himself, he couldn't recognise a soul.
So, I saved his life but the three months he could have had with his family I stole.
After that .
I found it really hard to go with confidence into a brain.
So, here I am.
I didn't think I'd have to care here.
But apparently, I still do.
Tea? I'll go tidy up.
You've reached Daniel Harrow.
Leave a message and I'll return your call.
- Big.
I didn't see him.
- Well, if you saw him again - Mum, I don't know! - OK.
- But we're still going to the police.
- What if they don't believe me?! Yeah, well, they're gonna believe me.
I'm calling Nichols.
He's not answering.
- What are you doing? - I'm checking Dad's files.
I think I know who it is.
Jesus Christ, Harrow.
What the hell has gone on here? We are not leaving the police station until Bryan Nichols tells me, to my face, that we are safe, OK? I think that could be him.
What? The guy who attacked you? Cal, where are you? - I'm at work.
- Don't go to the Bettie.
It's not safe.
The Bettie, why? There was a man on there and Listen, I'm gonna send you a photo of him, OK? Fish, what's going on? Cal, I think he wanted to kill me.
What? - Hey, mate.
- Hey.
Sorry I'm late.
I had a thing.
That's alright.
What's wrong? Ah, just Nothing, just worries at home, you know? Nothing serious, I hope.
Hey! Oh, my God.
Next on Harrow Is he gonna be OK? The next 48 hours will be critical.
He buried me alive, Bryan.
He wanted me dead.
Why would Chester go to all the trouble of digging you up after burying you? He thinks Dad's on drugs.
Either I've lost my mind or I'm right.
Why won't you let this go? You are too good to throw away a career like this.
Chester's alive and I will end this.
I'm afraid you're too late, Daniel.
You can either try and stop me or you can try and save the boy.