Harrow (2018) s02e09 Episode Script

Facilis Descensus

1 Previously on Harrow Do you know why Harrow was suspended? Maxine doesn't do anything without good reason.
MAXINE: He forged my signature.
No-one's digging up anything.
CHESTER: You wanted proof that I wasn't dead, right? HARROW: Whose body was it? It wasn't mine.
Despite your drunken friend, Laurie Badcoe, signing that it was.
Why are you doing this? You ruined my life.
Maxine and I found a piece of evidence that put Chester at every murder he'd committed.
MAXINE: Sometimes, we have to trust that the other is doing the right thing.
CHESTER: Are you curious how your daughter's doing? FERN: Don't go to the Bettie.
It's not safe.
I think that could be him.
I'm gonna send you a photo of him, OK? NICHOLS: Jesus Christ, Harrow.
What the hell has gone on here? No.
No, no, no, no.
Th This isn't right.
You'd better explain yourself, Harrow.
I was inside that coffin.
He put me in there.
- Who? - Francis Chester.
He injected me with something here, into my arm.
And when I woke up, I was in that grave.
He buried me alive, Bryan.
He wanted me dead.
So, Chester dug this hole.
No, I did that.
- Jesus Christ.
- I was right.
Chester's body's not in there because he's not dead.
Harrow Just look inside.
You'll see everything I've told you is true.
No! No.
No-one's to touch that until Scenes of Crime get here, alright? Get Harrow, get the hell out of there.
- Harrow - I'm telling you, he's alive.
- Have you lost your mind? - WOMAN: Get out of there.
Oh I'm gonna call for back-up.
(STRAINS) This coffin is empty! Harrow, don't do this! - OK, lock it down.
- I'm onto it.
You're coming with me.
He must have put the body back inside after he dug me up.
Hang on.
So, what, now you're saying there was a body in the coffin before you were put inside? I don't know.
He injected me before I had a chance to find out.
Look, I need a blood test.
Do you have any idea how much trouble you're in? Interfering with a corpse is a criminal offence.
You could do jail time for this.
What, that's what you're worried about? - You're what I'm worried about! - I'm not making this up! Look, I I want to help you.
But look at it from my side, Harrow.
It just doesn't make any sense! Why would Chester go to all the trouble of digging you up after burying you? Because he didn't kill Fern.
What? There was a phone with me inside the coffin.
He showed me footage.
He tried to kill Fern on the Bettie.
He wanted me to watch her die.
- Well, where's that phone now? - I don't know.
Look, Fern got away.
That's why he dug me back up.
He wants me to suffer.
He said he'd take away everything that I hold dear, and he meant it.
Bryan, please, you have to call her.
(PHONE BEEPS) Well, I don't need to.
She's already at CIB.
VOICEMAIL: Hey, this is Callan.
Leave a message if you're good-looking.
Cal, it's me.
Can you give me a call as soon as you get this? Thanks.
He's not answering.
We'll just get him in real quick.
Here we go.
Dad! Oh! Thank God! Thank God you're OK! I'm so sorry this happened.
- I should never have doubted myself.
- Fern? Why are you here? Because Francis Chester tried to kill me.
I need to speak to Fern alone.
But I need that blood test.
Whatever Chester injected me with is already being metabolised.
And we will get it organised, but right now, I need to speak to your daughter.
- You wait here.
- Dad - She's telling the truth.
- Come on.
What the hell? You smell! What's happened? - I dug up Chester's grave.
- You what? And was it empty? Look, I can't stay.
I need to get this blood test.
Look, I'll call you.
Don't let her out of your sight.
Dr Harrow? Detective Nichols asked you to wait here.
Am I being charged with anything.
Then I'm leaving.
Try being married to him.
Were you injured? No.
Did this man touch you? No, but he had a syringe in his hand.
It was Francis Chester! So, you got a good look at him? Well, it was it was dark.
But I'm pretty sure it was the same guy I saw on my dad's laptop files.
But you didn't see those files until after you got out of the Bettie.
Yes, that's right.
It was him! It was Francis Chester! Fern, I really want to believe you.
But I I don't have any proof.
Well, let's get to my dad's boat, then.
I'll show you exactly what happened.
Well hang on a tick.
I, um I locked the door behind me and then I got up, out of the top hatch.
OK, this door's unlocked now.
He was trying to open it from the other side.
I saw it turning, the lock.
Is that your father's phone? Yeah, it looks like it.
I thought you said Chester had your father's phone.
Well, yeah, he did.
He texted me from it.
I'm not making this up.
I never said you were.
Then do your job.
Dust for fingerprints.
Call the Forensics team in.
He was right here! Yes! Yes! Look, I told you Chester had a syringe.
But only one syringe, is that right? Yes.
Then whose are those? Well, they Chester must have left them there.
They're not Dad's.
Fern, I know how much you care for your dad, but if you're making this up, it won't help him.
Chester was here and he tried to kill me.
Well Fern Fern? What happened? What did he say? He thinks Dad's on drugs.
What?! (PHONE RINGS) Hello? - MAN: Is this Fern Harrow? - Yeah - Who's this.
- This is St Catherine's Hospital.
We have you listed as the emergency contact for Callan Prowd.
There's been an accident.
- I thought you were suspended.
- I am.
That's not his usual look, right? - I've seen worse.
- (KNOCKS) I need your help.
Francis Chester? I thought he was Dead.
He tried to kill Fern too.
She OK? Well, she's a little shaken, but .
she seemed alright.
She's with the police.
And you? I'm lucky to be alive.
But digging me back up wasn't part of his plan.
I just hope whatever he injected me with is still in my system.
So, what are we looking for? Any type of fast-acting sedative, midazolam, ketamine, chloral hydrate.
He knocked me out quickly to get me inside that coffin.
And you've told the police? Nichols.
Don't think he believes me.
That's it.
All done.
Thank you.
- Daniel - I take it Bryan called you.
I needed to check inside that coffin, Max.
Yes, and you were wrong.
But, Daniel I was wrong about it being empty.
- Daniel - That corpse isn't Chester's.
I've had a call from Roma Street.
There's been an accident.
Callan's in hospital.
They're not sure if he'll survive.
You took his bloods? When the results come back, I want to see them immediately.
FERN: He's still in surgery.
Do they know how it happened? The delivery rider said he came out of nowhere, just stepped onto the road.
He smacked his head on the pavement.
They did a scan, they say there's a bleed to the brain.
Dad, is he gonna be OK? I hope so.
Nichols found drugs on the Bettie.
Tell me what happened.
There was a used syringe and a whole stack of vials.
He thinks you're using.
Those are not my drugs.
Chester must have put them there.
Yeah, that that's what I told him.
But you can't prove it.
You you can't prove any of it.
I'm trying.
We just need to stay safe until they I.
that body.
Then they'll know that everything we've told them is true.
OK? So, where's the body now? It's still in situ, at the cemetery.
We've cordoned off the area to make sure no-one interferes with the corpse.
A little late for that, isn't it? - Yeah.
- Has he been charged? He claims he didn't touch the body, so I can't charge him with anything more serious than vandalism until we establish whether he did.
But either way, Harrow is adamant it's not Chester's body.
Is there any reason to think he may be right? No! No.
No valid reason.
And, yet, Dr Harrow forged your signature and dug up one of the state's most notorious killers because he thinks we buried the wrong body.
Can you imagine the fallout if the media gets wind of this? If we can't even bury the right person, what else might we be getting wrong? We didn't get it wrong.
We didn't.
Laurie Badcoe checked that body against the prison dental records.
It's him.
Well, it's technically a crime scene.
How do you want to handle it, Bryan? Uh, well, I think we should I.
the remains, to put this whole thing to rest once and for all.
Bring it in here.
Get it done.
But let's keep it quiet.
And if Harrow's right .
and it's not Chester's body in that coffin? Then we'll all have things to answer for.
Your Dr Harrow came to ask my permission to exhume Francis's body, and I said no.
But he did it anyway? I'm afraid so.
The, uh remains will be transported to the morgue, where we'll be performing another post-mortem.
Why? We know that Francis died in that fire.
Can't you just fill his grave back in? Well, there are some questions regarding the identity of the remains.
What are you saying? That there's been a mistake? That I buried the wrong body? Well, that's what we're looking into and we feel it's best for everyone if we confirm it once and for all.
Best for who? For me? I understand how distressing this must be, Mrs Chester No.
You don't understand.
My husband and I went through hell when Francis was on trial.
We lost our jobs.
We lost our privacy.
We lost our friends.
And all because the papers needed someone to blame.
What if they find out about this? We will do everything we can to keep this quiet.
No, what they put us through .
they killed my husband and they nearly destroyed me and I cannot go through that again.
I'm sorry but it's already under way.
This was your decision, wasn't it? Well, if that is my son, and you have dug him up for nothing, then I'll be the one going to the media, and this time, you'll all pay.
The impact resulted in a subdural haematoma.
So, we've managed to stop the bleeding, which wasn't easy, and we're keeping him in an induced coma.
Is he gonna be alright? The next 48 hours will be critical.
Could I could I see him? Of course.
What happened to you, baby? You should go back to our hotel and get some sleep.
I hate hotels.
I don't want to leave Fern.
I'll be here.
He's not gonna try anything with all these people around.
Call if you need me.
(BEEPING) Max, do you think Harrow could be self-medicating? I found drugs on his boat.
Injectable ampoules and a used syringe.
I've asked Scientific to check it out.
I don't know.
Uh, let's just get this done.
Well, this coffin is in worse shape than the last one.
You say Harrow did this? Yep.
He claims he was sedated, put inside and buried alive.
How did he get inside the coffin if there was already a body in there? I don't know, Lyle, but if Harrow touched this corpse, I want to know about it.
Right, I'm sure you're all aware of the sensitive nature of this, regarding Dr Harrow and the illegal exhumation of the deceased.
Bearing that in mind, I'd like this taken care of as quickly and quietly as possible.
The sooner we can confirm that this is, in fact, Francis Chester, the sooner we can put it all behind us.
Unless Harrow is right.
FAIRLEY: Alright, let's remove the body and get it measured and scanned.
Gloves and masks, please.
BESSIE SMITH: (SINGS) When it rained five days And the skies turned dark as night (SIREN WAILS NEARBY) Then trouble's taken place in the lowlands At night I woke up this mornin' Can't even get out of my door I woke up this mornin' Can't even get out of my door There's enough trouble To make a poor girl wonder where she want to go Then they rowed a little boat about five miles How about I get us a coffee? (SIGHS) EDWINA: Multiple murderer? Yes.
You know, I remember the case well.
Francis Chester was an anaesthetist who'd immobilise his victims, then strangle the females while their boyfriends watched.
(SCOFFS) Doctors And Harrow found the evidence to convict him? Harrow and Pavich.
- Maxine was on the case? - Oh, yes.
She was just as determined to put Chester behind bars as Harrow.
Quite right too.
This man was a monster.
- But it almost didn't happen.
- EDWINA: Why's that? Well, the key piece of evidence in the prosecution's case were the tiny traces of succinic acid that Harrow found in Chester's male victims.
He claimed that it proved that Chester injected them with succinylcholine.
But the defence argued that succinic acid naturally occurs in the body and, so, the evidence was dismissed.
So, Chester almost got off? Almost.
Until Harrow burned the midnight oil, conducted new tests and found tiny traces of propofol in the female victims.
That's a sedative, isn't it? Mm.
Fast-acting, very powerful.
But unlike succinic acid, it is not naturally occurring.
Where did Harrow find it? In the liver tissue of the female victims.
It was the final day of the trial.
Everyone thought that Chester was going to walk.
The propofol Harrow found is what convicted him.
It was really a very clever find on Harrow's part.
Quite brilliant, really.
Makes you wonder how things came to this.
You OK, sweetheart? No.
How how badly did the shooting affect him, do you think? Well, some blokes get shot and they're back at work in a fortnight.
Some get shot and they're ruined for life.
That's what I'm afraid of.
LAURIE: Rhonda? I need to talk to you.
Rhonnie? GRACE: That's our scan and this is the one Laurie Badcoe did immediately after the prison fire six months ago.
What are we looking for, exactly? Well, anything to indicate it's the same body.
Height's a match.
Rib count? 12 in both.
It says here that the deceased fractured his collarbone in a skateboarding accident when he was eight years old.
Check the right clavicle.
I see it.
That's it.
Present in both scans.
The CTs match.
You know, a lot of kids fracture their collarbones.
Let's cross-check with the prison dental records as well.
One-six removed.
One-five restored.
There's two amalgam fillings.
- Occlusal and buccal.
- Check.
One-four, ceramic crown.
Grace? Is that all of them? Yes.
Dental is a match as well.
Then it's conclusive.
This is the body of Francis Chester.
So, Dr Harrow got it wrong.
So it seems.
So, is it confirmed? The body Harrow dug up is Francis Chester? It matched Badcoe's PM and the prison dental records.
(SIGHS) What will happen to Daniel? I really don't think there's any coming back from this.
I don't get it, Maxine.
Harrow loves his job.
Why would he lie to you .
lie to the Deputy Coroner, risk criminal charges and his career to dig this guy up? Could we be looking at the wrong body? Could there have been a mistake? You really think that Laurie Badcoe got it wrong? That the prison got it wrong? No.
Harrow's mistake was forging my signature and digging up a man no-one wants to remember.
But he seems so convinced.
Grace, Bryan thinks that Harrow is suffering from PTSD.
OK, so, you said he hasn't been the same since he was shot.
Seeing Harrow throw away his career like this, I mean, that is not easy for any of us.
Listen, I suggest that we just learn from this and do our jobs.
- Are you OK? - Yeah.
Come on in.
Are my results back? From my blood test? Uh, not yet.
We've I.
'd the corpse you dug up.
We compared the prison dental records with Badcoe's post-mortem C.
It's a match.
It's a match with a body that's not Francis Chester's.
Those records have been altered.
That's impossible.
And, yet, a dead man buried me alive and tried to kill my daughter.
Do you know how I felt .
when I was locked inside that coffin? In the moments before I blacked out? I thought I'd be scared.
But I wasn't.
At least not for myself.
But I was terrified for Fern.
What he was going to do to her.
And in that moment .
all I wanted to do was put my hands around his throat and do to him what he wanted to do to Fern.
What he did to all those innocent people he murdered.
Simon I wanted to squeeze the last breath from his body.
And watch him die.
Chester is alive.
And I will end this.
But you're still not sure.
No, I'm not doubting that something happened to you But you are! It's really quite simple.
Either I've lost my mind and put everything I care about in jeopardy because of some insane delusion .
or I'm right.
It's Harrow.
You need to get yourself down here.
Sarge? Forensics have taken a look at Harrow's phone.
Only one set of prints was found.
Harrow's? What about those ampoules that were found on his boat? - Do we know what's inside? - Hopefully tomorrow.
Same with the syringe.
Thanks, Joan.
- Bryan, it's Grace.
Have you identified the body? Apparently.
And? And the records all matched.
They say it's Francis Chester.
What do you think? I still have questions.
Is there, uh .
anything else you can do to prove that it might not be Chester? Maybe, but it's a long shot.
We can compare the DNA with Chester's original arrest swab from 15 years ago, but it'll take time.
Do it.
How's Callan? Well, he's still not awake.
- (CAR HORN HONKS) - Where are you? I'm at the hospital.
Doesn't sound like it.
I'm just getting Mum a coffee.
Where are you? - (SEAGULL CAWS) - Hotel.
Doesn't sound like it.
Just don't stray too far, OK? Yeah, well, you be careful too.
Fern? - I love you.
- Love you too.
Hello? Is anyone here? (RUSTLING) (FOOTSTEPS) Who are you? Uh, I'm Fern Harrow.
Callan's girlfriend.
I'm Callan's boss.
How's he doing? We haven't heard anything.
That's actually why I'm here.
Um, I was wondering if there was anyone I could talk to about the accident.
- Right.
- Anyone who saw him get hit.
Well, I wasn't here last night.
- OK, well, who was? - Our other kitchenhand.
- Frank.
- Great.
Can I get Frank's number? We don't give out employee numbers.
I I just want to know what Callan was doing out there.
Was he going somewhere? Did Frank see him leave? We really like Callan.
We do.
But what happened to him, it's not our fault.
- I didn't say it was.
- Now, I think you should just leave.
OK, well, I'll give him your regards.
LAURIE: A body came into the morgue six months ago.
John Doe, it was .
a homeless guy, died in a fire.
As far as I knew, that body was sent to the crematorium.
But after you called .
I found a document signed by me saying that the transfer had been cancelled.
I don't remember signing that document, but on that very same day, there was a prison fire.
The fire that killed Chester.
So, who was transporting the bodies? Rhonda did most of the runs.
So, she somehow brought that body into the prison and left with Chester in the van.
You have to tell the police.
They can talk with Rhonda.
Rhonda's gone, Dan.
Packed up, shot through.
I don't know where she's gone.
There must be some other evidence, paper trail, something.
She knew about my drinking.
I relied on her.
I signed everything she put in front of.
She had my login I.
She had access to the archives.
There's nothing to prove any of this.
But you have to tell the police what you know.
They'll have no choice but to look into it.
And if I admit this, every single one of my cases will be questioned.
Evidence will be re-examined.
Convictions will be overturned and the victims and families will have to go through that pain again.
And your career will be ruined and you'd lose your reputation, your job, your pension.
My daughter was attacked.
Chester wants to hurt my family and all you want to do is protect yourself? You're a coward.
Even if I did tell the cops, all they'd have is the word of a drunk.
Get off my boat.
I thought you weren't rostered on today.
I'm not.
But I could use a hand.
CHESTER: Now I have the chance to do more than kill you once.
Now I will take away everything that you hold dear.
Everything you love.
Everything that makes your life worth living.
So, is it true, what everybody's saying about Dr Harrow? What is everyone saying? That he's lost it.
What do you think? Well, I hardly know the guy but it seems to me he's always been a bit on the loopy side.
But I kind of like that about him.
Me too.
Dr Molyneux, what are you doing? I'm collecting another tissue sample.
What for? To run a check against the national DNA database.
- No-one's done that yet.
- Because no-one needed to.
The prison dental records matched.
Badcoe's CT scan matched.
- What if Badcoe got it wrong? - Uh, I can't see how that's possible.
No DNA sample was taken from Chester's body after the prison fire.
The only DNA sample there is on file is the one taken from Chester when he was arrested 15 years ago.
So, I want to compare this new sample to that arrest swab on the national database.
- I need to be sure.
- About Harrow? Alright, Dr Molyneux Let's give it a shot.
I'll scrub up.
(WHISPERS) Steph? Steph? (GROANS) - Sorry.
- Where's Fern? I don't know.
She was just here.
I'll call her.
Uh She's at the hotel.
She shouldn't have left on her own.
It's OK.
I'll go.
You stay here, with Callan.
I'm sorry.
I should have told you everything from the start.
But we always seem to end up here.
Dr Molyneux? These just came for you.
Harrow's blood test results? They found high levels of propofol in his system.
Maxine It's a sedative.
The same one Francis Chester used Yes, I know what propofol is.
Thank you, Dr Molyneux.
How's he doing? Not great.
And you? I've had better days.
Your, uh your bloods came back.
- What did Grace find? - Propofol.
Chester used propofol to sedate his female victims.
Are you self-medicating? No.
You know propofol is highly addictive.
Yes, but I'm not using.
Bryan found drugs on your boat.
Syringes, ampoules.
They're not mine.
Chester put them there.
Chester's dead.
Grace positively I.
'd his remains.
He's alive.
What? This is my fault.
I let you go back to work too early after the shootings.
I I thought getting back on the job would help.
Maxine, I don't have anxiety or psychosis, and I'm not abusing drugs.
Then why won't you let this go? Because it's the truth.
And once upon a time, Daniel, I would have believed you.
But not this time.
You have gone too far! I'm scared.
You know, I'm I'm scared.
I'm scared for Fern, for you, for all of us.
You are too good a pathologist to throw away a career like this.
You're too good a friend to lose.
You're breaking my heart.
I I can get you whatever help you need.
OK? But please, please, tell me the truth.
I am.
The, um The Deputy Coroner is holding an emergency tribunal tomorrow to decide your future.
He's expecting you to be there.
As your boss, I advise you to turn up and tell them the truth.
Or the career that you love will be over.
Everything I hold dear.
- Listen, you really shouldn't be here.
- OK.
I've just got to ask you something.
Whatever it is, you need to go through a solicitor.
Just one thing.
Do you recognise the guy in this photo? Do you? That's Frank.
Our kitchenhand.
VOICEMAIL: You've reached Daniel Harrow.
Leave a message and I'll return your call at some point.
Dad, it's me.
I'm on the way to the hospital.
I need to talk to you.
Can you give me a call the second you get this? (SIGHS) (STARTS ENGINE) (CREAKING) (ALARM BEEPS) WOMAN: (ON RECORDING) There has been an emergency reported in the building.
Leave the building immediately - using marked stairways and exits.
- (INDISTINCT CHATTER) Do not use elevators.
(ALARM BEEPS) WOMAN: (ON RECORDING) There has been an emergency reported in the building.
Leave the building immediately using marked stairways and exits.
Do not use elevators.
(ALARM BEEPS) (BOTH GRUNT REPEATEDLY) Oh - What have you given him? - Succinylcholine.
It's a damn shame.
He would have made a great chef.
Bye, Daniel.
(GRUNTS) I'm not letting you leave.
Well, then, you have a choice to make.
You can either try and stop me or you can try and save the boy.
- (LONG BEEP) - (ALARM BLARES ON MACHINE) Did I mention it was a very strong dose? (BOTH GRUNT) Come on, Callan! Come on! MAN: Check out the lobby.
You guys head up into the lobby, we'll break out the hoses, get around the back and we'll get it all set.
WOMAN: (ON RECORDING) There has been an emergency MAN: You check the boards in the lobby.
RECORDING: Leave the building immediately using marked stairways and exits.
- Do not use elevators.
Next on Harrow She's in danger.
Bryan, please, you've got to help! You don't seriously think I'm making this up?! He's gone off the rails.
He is to be detained onsite and transferred to the mental health unit at South Side.
So, you agree Dr Harrow is a problem? - He's made his own bed.
- GRACE: I don't think he did.
I think Chester is alive.
NICHOLS: I honestly don't know where to start looking for a dead man.
CHESTER: If you're not out here in two minutes, you will never know what happened to Fern.
Dad, no!