Harry Wild (2022) s01e02 Episode Script

Samurai Plague Doctor Kills for Kicks

1 Please, please, don't Don't hurt me.
I don't want to play anymore.
You'll forfeit the money.
I don't care.
I don't want to die.
Fair enough.
What, I I can go? Of course you can.
- But I thought you said - It's just a game.
Off you go.
No, no, no! Don't! Please! And that little piggy went splat! Bad luck, losers! "Harry and Fergus, they're the real heroes.
Found me when no one else could.
If it wasn't for them, I'd be dead now, and my little Kylie-Marie would be an orphan with just her dad.
" And, look, there's a nice photo of the three of us.
The three of us? Where are you? That's my hand there on the glass! Don't let the fame get to you.
Or you.
Tomorrow we'll be wrapping up fish and chips.
When was the last time you bought fish and chips? You've done amazing, both of you.
You saved that woman's life and you caught a killer.
Bloody brilliant! Let me get you a drink.
June, another round here for the heroes of the hour.
Uh, lend us 20, will you, Harry? I'm a bit short this month.
My name's Rita Duffy.
Kayleigh Connor told me where to find you.
- Oh, you know Kayleigh Connor? - Well, no.
But I live over in Kimmage and one of the other mother's at my daughter's school, her cousin works in the hairdressers near the chip shop where Kayleigh works, so I asked my friend to ask her to ask Kayleigh where to come.
I'm gonna have to have a word with Kayleigh about that.
Oh, don't be annoyed with her.
When she found out she knew you were the only one who could help me.
Help you with what? A year ago, my husband, Ross, died.
He fell from a 10-story car park.
Look, I don't want to be rude, but - She will anyway.
- Shut up, Glenn! The guards said it was suicide, said he jumped.
We were having money troubles, but he would never have done something like that.
He wasn't the sort.
And when the guards gave me back his possessions, first thing no note.
Well, that proves it, doesn't it? Does it? Well, if he did you know He would've left a note explaining.
He was very thoughtful like that.
Every time he committed suicide? Thanks.
This is one of those bodycams that the guards wear in documentaries, but Ross didn't have one.
I'd know.
So that's weird for starters.
And then there's this.
Found it in his bedside table.
"Baker, Sheep; Gardener, Pig; Dentist, Rabbit.
Games begin Thursday, April 29th, at noon.
" What's it mean? I don't know.
Ross was a gardener.
I don't see what this has to do I didn't either, until this morning.
I was reading the papers, and I found this.
"Bus Driver, Sheep; Florist, Pig; Butcher, Rabbit.
Games begin Thursday, April 28th, at noon.
" Here, that's three days from now.
That's a bit interesting, right? So will you take my case, then? I am very sorry for your loss, Mrs.
Duffy, but this isn't what we do.
I've no one else to ask.
Kayleigh was a one-off.
I'm sorry.
The answer is no.
Harry! I'm sorry, all right? I'll try and talk to her.
- Has she gone? - Yeah.
But I think we should help her.
She needs help.
Half the world needs help.
Don't I get a say in any of this? No.
We're not Cagney and Lacey.
Who? You want to know why I'm shouting at you? I'm shouting at you because I've had the deputy commissioner on the phone shouting at me for the last 10 minutes.
Any idea why? Do not interrupt me, Raymond.
I am not done.
And the deputy commissioner had the commissioner shouting at him before that.
And do you know what they were all shouting about? - My mother.
- How the hell did your mother find Colin Fountain? - It was a fluke.
It - A fluke! There is a four-page spread in the bloody newspaper making us look like a bunch of incompetent idiots! She knows obscure plays that no one else remembers, but it's not like that's going to happen again.
It was a one-off.
For your sake, I bloody well hope so.
Have you considered what a difficult position this puts me in? You think I like this, having to reprimand my own husband? Well Do not say something facetious, Raymond.
Now is not the time.
says that if they find out you showed her confidential files, you'll be in front of professional standards.
Career over Charlie, do you understand? I do.
It won't happen again.
Come on, Viv, you know as well as I do that Charlie would never do something like that.
He has my complete backing.
As touching as that display of esprit de corps may be, he goes, you go too.
And how do you think that'll look for me, huh? Keep your mother on a very tight leash.
Harry? - Harry, are you there? - Oh, shit.
Oh, shit.
Stupid bell! Harry, open up! I've found something! Ugh.
You actually look green.
What are you doing? Hangover cure.
I don't get hangovers.
Oh, sound, yeah.
Whatever-you've-got cure, then.
You got any Tabasco? Are you just trying to torture me? No.
That is just a bonus.
Did a little research on the Internet when I got home yesterday.
Looked up the newspaper's website.
Found the advert from last year.
The baker, gardener, dentist one.
Oh, no.
Not that one.
No, no, I'm so not interested.
You're about to be.
That's from two years ago.
"Chemist, Sheep; Guard, Pig; Teacher, Rabbit.
Games begin Thursday, April 30th, at noon.
" I went back further, but there weren't any more.
So? One on the left is about the death of Ross Duffy, and that was written a few days after he died.
The one on the right, that was published on the exact same day as the one on the left.
Now, this one's about a man called Trevor Farrelly, drowned in the Liffey.
Please, would you just get to the point, or stab me? Just pick one.
Third paragraph down.
Look what he did for a living! So he was a dentist.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Three people listed in the ad A baker, a gardener, and a dentist.
Two of them died on the same day.
In the newspaper two years ago, when that advert was chemist, guard, teacher Two stories, right? One about a teacher who was stabbed in a local park, and on the same day a chemist was found hanging from a tree in the woods.
In the last two years, three people identified by their jobs were listed in an ad, and every year two people with matching jobs die on the same day! That's not a coincidence.
Yes, you're right, but what's with the sheep, pig, rabbit? - What's that supposed to mean? - No idea.
But now are we going to take the case? Oh, God, listen to you! Take the case? We're not private eyes.
Oh, hang about.
We found Kayleigh Connor.
I found Kayleigh Connor.
And I saved your arse! For which I am extremely grateful but we're not starting a detective agency.
We're not Batman and Robin! Okay, now, that reference I get.
At least more than "Candy and Larry.
" - Cagney and Lacey.
- All right, whatever.
But come on, Harry, you've got to admit, it is interesting, right? Yeah.
But I'm not doing it.
Ohh! I get it, okay? You can't face it right now.
Drink that.
All in one go.
It's easier that way.
If you stop, you'll never take a second sip.
- Oh! - Yeah, it's absolutely horrible.
But it works.
I made loads of those over the years.
10 minutes, you'll be right as rain.
Call me when you're ready.
Charlie's not home yet.
Oh, I'll wait.
Do you know, I'm not sure how long he's gonna be.
I can always give him a message.
It'll just save you hanging around.
No rush.
You know, we never seem to chat these days.
Chat? What about? I don't know.
Done anything interesting? Ever? I think we have rather different definitions of interesting.
Mm, probably.
Oh! How's work? You've never asked me about work before.
- Do you even know what I do? - Course I do! You're a person that does that thing people need.
I'm a senior actuarial analyst.
I mean, of course I knew that.
Must be fascinating.
It is actually, yeah.
So I work with insurance companies to assess risk using mathematical and statistical analysis Which reminds me, is my granddaughter home? Sorry, no, it's Tuesday, so Tuesdays is gymnastics.
She won't be back till later.
How did that remind you of Lola? Oh I I was thinking about careers.
I mean she's that age, isn't she? I thought I should spend some more time with her.
Why would you want to do that? Well, a girl should get to know her grandmother.
And she'll be looking for direction, and I could be very useful there.
I could, uh, nudge her on the right path, hmm? No, Lola knows exactly what she's doing.
We've We've planned it all out.
What, her entire life? We're in here! Oh, hello, Charlie.
Just five minutes of your time, then I'll be out of your hair.
It's not a good time.
Can it wait? Uh, two people are about to die, so no.
Oh, not this again.
I am begging you.
Look, I am absolutely not getting involved this time.
I am just going to tell you what I know, and then you can go ahead and do your job.
Oh, the job I almost lost today.
- What? - Remember my boss, Ray, and his wife, the assistant commissioner? She's not best pleased with me.
She can't understand how you found Colin Fountain and thinks I helped.
Well, I'm very happy to tell her you did sod-all.
This happens again, I'm up in front of a disciplinary board.
Well, I'm very sorry, Charlie, but this is not my fault.
If you'd just listened to me the first time.
Only time! This never happens again.
Are you listening? Yes, fine.
But there's one thing you No! Why can't you understand! If you keep doing this, I'm gonna lose my job.
Your job is to stop murderers.
There are two murders are gonna happen.
Stop talking! You don't know that! You couldn't possibly know that! You look very stressed.
You know, I think I'm gonna have another glass of this delicious wine, and then Orla can take you to the bedroom and sort you out.
- Oh! - What? Stress.
It's the number-one killer of men in your age bracket.
And then when you come back down all loosey-goosey, and then I can tell you what I know and make you listen to me for once.
You wouldn't listen when I tried to tell you about the last killer! Ahh! Don't look smug.
Smug? Moi? All right, come on.
What are we doing here? I went to the newspaper office this morning.
A very nice young man looked up the records for me to see who had placed all those adverts.
Now, you wouldn't think they'd give out that kind of information.
Well, I can be very persuasive.
Plus the 40 euros I gave him didn't hurt.
The adverts were placed by one Bradley Gillen, lives at number 60.
Ah, okay.
So, what are we thinking? What, like a serial killer? - No, I don't think so.
- Oh.
I I saw him go in a little while ago.
He strikes me more like an errand boy.
Question is, errand boy for whom? Bradley.
I want to talk to you about the adverts.
The ones you've been placing in the local paper these last three years.
Care to comment? Look, piss off, okay? I have nothing to say to you.
Besides, I don't know what you're talking about.
Confession is good for the soul! Who is this? Yeah, it's Bradley.
Look, I just got doorstepped.
Some woman there asking questions about the advertising.
You what? - Who was she? - I don't know! She was asking me to make comments on you know, different Oi! Bradley? Bradley, you eejit, are you there? Playing to your strengths, I see.
He phoned someone called Gary Whelan.
Told him about you.
- Who's Gary Whelan? - I don't know.
But I know someone who might.
You know the Canary Islands? It's not named after the birds.
Named after dogs.
Canary dogs? No.
Latin, innit? Canariae Insulae.
"Islands of the Dogs.
" - It's where "canine" comes from.
- What, Doctor Who's dog? - Da.
- Ferg.
- What are you doing home? - Can I talk to you in the hall? How are you, Fergus? Do you want a drink? Nah, you're all right, thanks.
I'm actually in a bit of a hurry, Da, please? Go on, Malky.
The boy looks like he's gonna piss himself.
We can redeal these when you come back.
I was gonna win that one.
Jesus, Da.
What are you doing playing cards with bleedin' Happy for? What, you've forgotten what he was gonna do a couple of weeks ago? No.
Now, he wouldn't have done nothing.
I had that under control.
Just forget it, all right? Look, do you know a guy called Gary Whelan? Course I do.
Why do you wanna know about Gary Whelan for? - Who is he? - Well Bit of a mad yoke, isn't he? Makes all his money from gambling.
But you don't want anything to do with Gary Whelan.
He's a nasty one.
It's all right.
I just wanted to know who he is.
How do you know him? I don't.
I know his accountant.
- You know an accountant? - Yeah.
Eric Murray.
Nice fella.
Races pigeons.
Has a lovely French Cumulet called Lisa.
Works out of an old furniture shop up the road from the snooker hall.
All right.
How did you find out about Gary Whelan? Did you call your fence? I did, yeah.
Yeah, he's an old fella.
Looks after us street urchins, you know, teaches us how to pick a pocket or two.
It's not normal, kids your age knowing how to find gangsters.
Yeah, and this is normal behavior for a woman your age? Normal's overrated.
Excuse me.
Sorry, we're closed.
Just caught you in time, then.
What do you have in the way of ottomans? - I don't do ottomans, sorry.
- I'll tell you why I need one.
Yeah, please don't.
Oh, Gina Lollobrigida.
Never heard of her.
You've never heard of Gina Lollobrigida? Italian actress.
Huge big knockers.
Excuse me.
Did they never teach you any manners as a child! I am talking to you! - Piss off! - Oh! No ottomans.
I'll try elsewhere.
Yes? Oh, yes, Gary.
I have the number here for you.
It's That's odd.
My laptop is closed.
I was just working on that.
Uh, no, I have No, I have the number here.
There was a box of those, same make as the one Ross Duffy had on when he took a nosedive off the car park.
And I got the laptop, but there's a problem.
It is password protected.
Three wrong goes and the hard drive erases itself.
And the password is not Linda.
Well, how do you know it's only three goes, and why would it be Linda? I had a go in the office after he left, and Linda because he had a pigeon called Ohh.
It's not called Linda.
It's called Lisa.
Okay, so the password isn't Lisa either.
So we have one last try? I have a good idea.
Why don't you go home and look after your sister? What? I'm not leaving you.
Well, let's face it, he's already seen me.
It's better if he doesn't see you.
All right.
Lose something? Oh, God, not now.
We're closed.
Laptop, maybe? I am going to be your best friend today, Eric.
What happened to your voice? How do you know my name? Your employer has upset some people in very high places.
I think you know who I am.
Wait, you're not saying that you're, uh Mm-hmm.
I am going to be your best friend because I'm going to give you a head start.
South America's lovely this time of year.
One of those nonextradition countries.
I'm not sure what's going on, but I am not a man to be messed with.
Thirty seconds, and the offer will be rescinded.
You will go to prison for the rest of your life.
Maybe you'll share a cell with Whelan.
- I don't believe you.
- Well, that's your prerogative.
20 seconds.
Who Who has he upset? Did you really think there wouldn't be any consequences for your actions, Eric? People died.
10 seconds.
Three, two, one.
All right, all right.
What do you want to know? Let's start with the password for your laptop, tell me how the game works, and then start running.
You really shouldn't be here.
You're gonna get me sacked.
Don't worry.
I won't hang about.
Harry, you can't just I'm out of it, I promise.
Gary Whelan.
He's been running a snuff game for the last three years.
People volunteer to be hunted to death, if you can believe it.
Three start, two die, 100k to the last man standing.
People gamble their lives for 100 grand? The person I spoke to said they'd do it for a lot less.
It takes a certain type, apparently.
They think they're indestructible.
Well, most do.
Occasionally they're just desperate.
People follow it on the dark web.
I suppose you've heard of that.
I hadn't.
It is live-streamed rather than recorded.
People bet on the outcome, and that is how Gary Whelan makes his money.
Iovelylisa74, all lowercase.
Everything you need is in here, including how you can catch them all at noon tomorrow.
Bloody hell, Harry.
The only thing I haven't been able to discover yet is who does the killing.
Only Whelan knows that.
But I do know the killer wears a plague doctor mask.
- A what? - A horrible hooked-beak thing.
You'd recognize it if you saw it.
I'm done, I promise.
I wanted to make it up to you for getting you into trouble with your boss.
This is all for you to do with as you please.
Use it or chuck it in the bin, as you see fit.
Only don't do the second thing.
Nobody has to know that I was ever involved.
No need to look worried.
I'm not here interfering.
I came here to apologize to Charlie.
I heard you had to reprimand him because of me.
I know you and Charlie are close.
He speaks very highly of you.
Not to my face he doesn't.
Well, no one likes a suck-up.
Ha, quite right.
He says that you're the reason he's as good a copper as he is.
Funny, we've never met before.
Well, we still haven't really met.
Briefly that time at Charlie's, and you said you'd never heard of me.
Well, I had a lot on my mind that night.
Yeah, don't we both know it.
Well, let's hope our paths cross again sometime soon, Chief Superintendent.
Call me Ray.
I'm so sorry.
Did you have any idea You know what, if there's anything, anything at all that we can do These are to be worn at all times.
The rules are simple You can run but you can't hide.
For the next 24 hours, you'll keep out in the open and you'll keep moving.
Because remember You are being hunted.
And you see this guy? My condolences because you're already dead.
Two of you I won't see again.
But whichever one of you survives, I've got 100,000 euro with your name on it.
So, let's get this show on the road, shall we? You have an hour's head start, which begins - Stand still! - Freeze! Everyone stay right where they are! On your knees! Hands behind your head! Stand still! Well done, dear.
I saw it on the news.
Good bust.
Is that the right lingo, or have you changed that? Tell me exactly where you are, right now.
What are you what's going on? - There's a new advert.
- What? Hold a sec.
Whelan lawyered up almost immediately.
He's refusing to cooperate.
I want you at the station.
You'll be safe here.
I don't think that's true.
Now, there's something I missed.
Look at the first advert.
A guard was listed and two men died.
The contestants are complicit, Charlie.
It means that there's a bent copper out there somewhere.
Could still be working today, could even be at your station.
No way.
How did they know that I'm involved? Who did you tell? No one.
I kept you out of it like we agreed.
Maybe someone overhead us when I was there yesterday.
Not a chance.
I vouch for every man and woman in my station.
I know you do.
And that's why I can't come in.
I'm sorry, Charlie.
Hello, and good morning.
I'm looking for a Professor Wild.
My name is Cian O'Mara.
Hello? Yes, yes.
I'm here.
Who's this? Ah, good, excellent.
Look, I won't beat around the bush.
I'm a journalist over at The Times, and I've been tracking these people too.
What? Yes, the snuff game, Gary Whelan, all of it.
But you've got a lot closer than me, and, well, I've been at it for over a year.
Listen, maybe we can help each other.
Hello? Is anyone there? It would be great if we could meet up.
Maybe over at the café.
What's up, Harry? Listen, no time for questions.
I'm being tracked! What? Who's tracking you? "Who" isn't important right now.
How does someone track me, and how do I stop it? Your phone probably.
I mean, loads of apps can track phones.
Nothing's so precise he can pinpoint your exact location, but if he calls, don't answer.
It'll be to flush you out.
Oh, shit! Well, how can I turn it off? Switch off your phone.
Or put it in airplane mode, right? If it's not transmitting, he can't track it.
Okay, yeah.
I can do that.
All right.
You got anywhere to go? I parked a good distance away in case they're tracking my car.
They do this in films all the time.
Ah, don't worry about it.
Just me da.
Be careful what you say around him though.
I mean, he wouldn't say anything to anyone on purpose, but he does know some dodgy types, which is how I knew where to find Gary Whelan.
You remember Miss Cassidy from social services.
She's here to observe us for a few days.
We got the letter, remember? Ohh, yeah.
That's today, is it? Nothing to worry about.
As long as you haven't broken any rules.
Well, rules are rules.
It's just that I got to see a man about a Yeah.
Don't worry about it, Da.
I'm sure I can deal with everything.
That okay, Missus uh? Mm-hmm.
Just, you know, bad timing.
No problem, Mr.
There we go.
Some nice people here, you know? It's like a community.
Always someone to look after Liberty if I need.
I don't need looking after.
I'm almost eight.
- Are you Harry? - I am! How did you know? He's always going on about you "Harry says this, Harry says that.
" Shut up, Libs! Pleased to make your acquaintance.
Oh, you are very polite.
My teacher Mrs.
Webb says that manners are important.
She sounds like a really great teacher.
She's not.
She's a right old bitch most of the time.
Oh! Excuse me?! Go and get ready please, stinker.
See you later, Harry.
What happened to your mum? Left.
And you never heard from her again? It's okay.
Me Granny Jeannie came to live here.
Yeah, that was great.
But, um, she died a couple of years ago.
Then it was just the three of us again.
I need to ask you something.
You're not a mugger.
Why did you do what you did that day? Look, don't judge him, all right? One day I got home and there was a fella called Happy sitting where you are.
Happy lends people money.
A loan shark.
Da owes him a lot, and Happy was there to collect that week's repayment.
But Da was short by 13 euro and 26 cent.
Happy was drinking a cup of tea.
He said to Malky he had until he finished his tea to find the money, or else Happy was gonna go upstairs into Liberty's room and break her arm.
Jesus! I yelled at Malky to do something, but he just kept waffling on like Like he could talk him out of it somehow.
Turns out alcoholics aren't really good in pressurized situations, you know? Anyway I had a few minutes to find a solution, and you were the first person I saw.
Look, Harry, I'm sorry.
I know.
And you never have to say that to me again.
But your dad's a moron.
Here, you're in his house.
Don't go slagging off me da.
- All right, he does his best.
- It's not very good.
Yeah, but it's his best.
He's still here.
Just need to help Libby with her homework, then maybe we should think about what to do next, you know? We need to find him before he finds you.
- Agreed.
- What about your son? He'd just call in his squad.
He trusts them, and any one of them could be on the inside.
And if he didn't, it would scrap his career.
No, I have to sort this out without Charlie, somewhere that I control things, somewhere I know that Mr.
Plague Doctor Psycho Nutcase doesn't.
Yeah, we'll work it out.
Back in a tic.
Harry? Worked it out, but you can't be part of it.
Too dangerous.
What would happen to Liberty if you weren't here? I know what I'm doing.
You're a good man, Fergus.
These blades are 600 years old.
We were up to a descendant of a real-life samurai master.
This steel has been folded a thousand times.
It costs a fortune.
And we've been saving it for a special occasion.
Tell me, why are you running around hunting people? Teach you that at St.
Edmund's, did they? "Up to a descendent of a real-life samurai.
" Anyone else would've said "taught by.
" "Up to's" so drearily St.
Lucky guess.
Not here afterwards, uh, over the water.
Balliol College.
Now, that that was a guess.
It's your voice.
I can hear that overprivileged sneer.
Although it is somewhat muffled with these ridiculous masks you're wearing.
Do take them off.
Enough of this foreplay.
Let's get to the stabbing and the cutting.
Move! Go! Go back around! Go! That way! Oi, oi! Ah! Oh! Oh! My leg! Where are you, you interfering bitch? Oh, rude.
Has somebody been watching too much "Scooby-Doo"? Aah! Uh! Why couldn't you just mind your own business? What? I can't understand anything you say.
You're mumbling.
Look, if you're going to kill me, just just take off that bloody ridiculous mask.
How would you ever know someone like Gary Whelan? You know the saying The only way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it.
Whelan is a man who helps one yield.
Don't get excited.
They're not for us.
But they are.
Didn't I mention? It's been live-streaming ever since the lecture hall.
You have about a minute's head start if you're lucky.
- Aah! - Oh! Jesus! This thing's really sharp! What are you doing here? How did you find me? I told you! Loads of apps track phones.
Keep the cuffs on him.
Hang on till we get this lad loaded up.
Then we'll bring him in for processing.
Déjà vu, anyone? Nah, you're all right, thanks.
Don't really like foreign food.
Look, I'm sorry if this causes any trouble.
I really didn't mean it to happen.
Yeah, I know, but this is what happens when you interfere in things that don't concern you.
People were dying.
I couldn't just pretend that it wasn't happening.
No, of course you couldn't.
So is the commissioner gonna come down on you? We'll see.
I don't know what you said to Ray, but he's all gung ho, ready to stand up to anyone for me.
Maybe even his wife.

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